puffOccasionally my mouse pointer will just get stuck.  If I have an external mouse plugged in, *that* will work.  I'm running ubuntu (edgy and now lucid, problem occurred on both) on a circa 2005 thinkpad t43p.  Is there any way to test whether this is driver related or possibly hardware related?00:23
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trinikronohey triagers02:24
nigelbbug 20489803:21
ubot2`Launchpad bug 204898 in alsa-lib (Ubuntu) "Better (non-linear) volume control (affects: 10) (heat: 68)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20489803:21
nigelbcrimsun_: ^ this one :)03:23
crimsun_nigelb: I haven't actually inspected the patch yet, so I don't think adding a tag is appropriate at this moment.03:32
crimsun_don't let the process block on me, of course :)03:33
nigelbI can't make sense of the patch since audio is totally not my thing ;)03:34
nigelbhggdh: poke, around?03:35
hggdhnigelb: preparing to hit the bed, what can I do for you?03:37
nigelbany luck with the evolution hook you were working on?03:38
hggdhnigelb: yes, it is being worked on again, but now as a generic stack trace cleaner03:47
nigelbhggdh: oooh, cool03:47
nigelbI marked it as patch-needswork03:47
nigelb(with great pleasure of course)03:47
hggdhnigelb: ddecator and kermiac are doing the hard work03:48
nigelbhggdh: btw, did you get to know what the bug squad secret is? :D03:48
hggdhnigelb: yes, I will update (tomorrow morning) the bug with the new focus03:48
nigelbhggdh: I know. I got them into writing hooks ;) More evil band of followers :p03:48
hggdhnigelb: I did not. I *know* Pedro is pulling my leg, though03:49
nigelbI wish he had a camera03:49
hggdhbut this is it, heading for the bed03:49
nigelbheh, good night!03:49
nigelbI'm heading to get ready to face monday ;)03:49
kermiacoi :P03:52
kermiacthat reminds me hggdh, I need to ask you some questions re the arsenal script you discussed with dray. I hate timezones, I think I'll just email you03:55
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nisshhbdmurray: you there?09:34
nigelbnisshh: what is this about? may be one of us can help?09:36
nisshhnigelb: maybe, i was just going to let one of the bugsquad team admins know that there are a bunch of people (including me) that are waiting to be approved09:37
nisshhjust been waiting for a few days now, thats all09:38
nigelbnisshh: you need to poke pedro or ara.09:39
nigelbThe last one week they were all in prague at a sprint09:39
nigelbI'm sure everything will be done today :)09:39
nisshhnigelb: thanks for the info :)09:39
nigelbnp :)09:40
vishnisshh: also , we can poke hggdh for that ;)10:26
nisshhvish: right10:27
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tbsdyhi folks, is there a way of reporting firefox bugs that I've logged in launchpad upstream?14:40
tbsdyI'm finding that the latest update to Firefox crashes every 3 minutes14:43
tbsdynow I've logged a bug in launchpad after enabling apport, but not sure if there is something further I can do to get to the bottom of this issue14:43
tbsdyactually seems to be an issue with sqlite14:44
tbsdyBug is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/61003914:44
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 610039 in firefox (Ubuntu) "firefox-bin crashed with SIGSEGV in sqlite3VdbeExec() (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Medium,New]14:45
tbsdyif anyone is interested14:45
tbsdyI've installed the dbg package also, so it should have a full stack trace14:45
hggdhvish: I will check the wait list for bugsquad now15:04
vishhggdh: yay ~o~ :)15:04
hggdhvish: all backlog for bugsquad worked on17:10
vishhggdh: thanks. :)17:10
headbusterI need guidance17:35
headbusterI am new to the bugsquad team17:36
hggdhheadbuster: please ask your questions/express your doubts. Anyone here will help (given time)18:11
* hggdh is rebooting on new Maverick kernel18:11
abhijitom26er, you there?18:21
om26erabhijit, wasnt here, now I am ;)18:22
abhijitom26er, ok can you come in im?18:22
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