cjohnstondoctormo: i updated to the new version. ;-)00:19
doctormopleia2: Ah actually can we get imagemagik installed on the server?00:43
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
cjohnstondoctormo: you need a maverick repo ;-)00:56
doctormocjohnston: Nah, not yet :-D00:56
cjohnstonbut im on maverick :-P00:56
cjohnstonI'm hoping I can get GC working on my desktop again.. will make what I'm wanting to work on much easier00:57
doctormocjohnston: Let me just package it up, you are my gc saint after all, if you need it on maverik then it goes on maverik01:06
cjohnstonI'm running it off the lucid ppa just fine. ;-)01:07
doctormocjohnston: too late, I've submitted a mav' ppa item.01:08
cjohnstonyour the best01:08
doctormocjohnston: So does it work? did you login ok?01:10
* cjohnston loves gc01:11
* cjohnston is creating a bug.. then will fix bug, upload fix, request merge! hehe01:11
highvoltagepopey: pingey01:52
doctormopleia2: ping02:30
pleia2doctormo: done re: imagemagick02:57
doctormopleia2: Ah I was just sending you an email, thanks!02:57
pleia2sure thing02:57
doctormopleia2: Right off to bed for me!03:06
pleia2night :) talk to you tomorrow03:07
dholbachgood morning07:07
kim0Morning dholbach07:07
dholbachhey kim007:07
dholbachhow are you doing? did you get home alright?07:08
kim0Yeah all fine .. back to the shinny Sun :)07:08
dpmgood morning everyone!07:25
dholbachhey dpm07:25
dholbachhow are you doing?07:25
dpmmorning dholbach, fine thanks, did you get home allright?07:26
dholbachyep, all good, now I'm just drowning in emails and even more work items07:27
dholbachI'll survive though :)07:28
dholbachand managed to go for a run this morning :)07:28
dpmgood morning kim0, how are you doing after meeting so many crazy people at the sprint? :)07:30
dholbachdpm: therapy - it's the only way07:31
kim0dpm: hehehe :) still surviving :D07:31
dpmgood to hear :)07:31
kim0very cool seeing you guys07:31
kim0a good team is a crazy one07:31
dpmsame here!07:31
kim0Is Jono flying back to US07:32
dholbachkim0: I think he goes to GUADEC first07:33
kim0ah ok07:33
dholbacheven I'm glad to be back home again, I enjoyed the time with you there too :)07:34
sensegood morning from the Haagse Hogeschool!07:42
dpmgood morning sense :)07:42
sensedpm: Spanish invasion in The Hague!07:43
senseAlmost the whole of Igalia is coming, I've heard.07:43
dpmsense, so I've heard as well - pedro told me :)07:43
nigelbafternoon folks!07:54
dholbachhey nigelb07:55
nigelbdholbach: call in 7 hours from now is fine? :)07:55
dholbachnigelb: when do you have time for a call today?07:55
dholbachnigelb: yes07:56
dholbachnigelb: because now I'll need to head out - more fun with the dentist :)07:56
nigelbok, then 7:30 IST it is :)07:56
dholbachsee you later07:56
nigelboh right, torture room again.07:56
dholbachnigelb: whatever that is in UTC :)07:56
jcastrogood morning!07:59
dholbachhey jcastro07:59
jcastrosense: I'll get there tomorrow08:03
sensejcastro: Hey! OK, great.08:03
sensejcastro: Still in Prague?08:04
jcastroavoiding getting checked out of the hotel a day early!08:04
senseFun city.08:05
sensejcastro: It's getting more and more dark in The Hague. It's summer, dammit!08:07
sensesupposed to be, at least.08:07
dpmhey morning jcastro08:16
dpmmorning czajkowski :)08:17
czajkowskiohh yer all back :) life in the channel in the morning again08:17
czajkowskidpm: dholbach jcastro morning :)08:17
dpmhey czajkowski, how's things? :)08:18
czajkowskigrand :) thanks08:18
jcastroheh, not really back yet08:20
czajkowskijcastro: morning what you at?08:21
jcastroczajkowski: I am in prague08:21
czajkowskisprinting still ?08:21
jcastrono, just working here until guadec08:22
czajkowskiahhh ok makes sense really08:22
jcastrowoo, I see we got the stackexchange goal08:25
senseRick Spencer, Sebastien, and Jono just arrived at the building.08:31
czajkowskisense: have a fun week at GUADEC08:31
jcastrosense: how is the internet?08:32
sensejcastro: Still good, but then again it is not so busy yet. :)08:33
sensePretty fast.08:33
popeyhighvoltage: pong08:36
dpmmorning jono09:01
jonohey dpm09:03
dholbachhey czajkowski09:22
jcastrohi jono09:25
jonohey jcastro09:26
jcastrojono: when you get to the hotel can you ask about the signs, etc.09:26
jcastrojono: they should be addressed to both of us09:26
jcastrojust need to confirm that they're there.09:26
jonojcastro, will do09:26
czajkowskijono: elllo, that was the longest lunch ever :p I poked you last week09:26
jcastroczajkowski: he's really let himself go09:27
sensejcastro: Do you know of any people staying in IBIS Hotel Scheveningen? Yesterday morning it was evacuated because of smoke in the lobby  with an unknown cause. I think it is operational again, but there could be some problems there.09:29
jcastroI am not sure09:29
jonoczajkowski, let's try and talk to today09:29
jonoalthough I am at a conference09:29
jcastrosense: the canonical people should be at the Hotel Mecure09:30
senseWith the network still building up on strenght!09:30
sensejcastro: Mercure, is that the one next to Café Dudok? That's right in front of Parliament. Interesting place these days with government formations going on for almost two months now and recent developments.09:31
jcastroI am not sure where it is in relation to other things09:31
senseCafe Dudok is the cafe where all the Dutch politicians go.09:31
czajkowskijono: tis just an email I need an answer on.09:32
jcastrojono: he's finished off ibus now, that's it for those, getting him spun up on notify-osd now09:33
jonoczajkowski, no worries, I will respond today - my inbox is a mess09:34
jonojcastro, awesome09:34
czajkowskijono: that's all I need it's just re an action item09:35
popeyMorning The Community!10:52
nigelbmorning "the popey" ;)10:57
nigelbI see that you're using your new iphone well :D10:57
dpmhey popey :)10:57
nigelbthe photos were very clear btw10:58
nigelbawesome cam :)10:58
popeyyes, exactly as good as the camera I had on my Nokia N82 about 3 years ago :)10:59
jcastro<----- lunching11:32
doctormoHey jcastro11:38
* dholbach hugs dpm13:49
* dpm hugs dholbach :)13:49
jcastrohey dholbach13:53
dholbachhey jcastro13:53
jcastro2 things13:53
jcastroI find the js link on holba.ch, but how do I get the stats for cleansweep?13:54
jcastroalso, for my debian presentation I could use a screenshot from evolution opportunities13:54
jcastrodo you happen to have a working local harvest?13:54
dholbachyes, hang on13:54
jcastrodholbach: just a screenshot of evolution opportunities would work!13:59
dholbachjcastro: working on it14:00
dholbachjcastro: I'm updating the local database - will take a bit14:00
jcastrono worries14:00
jcastromy slides are coming  out pretty great!14:01
paultagGah! Slides!14:01
paultagI was going to do a Beamer theme for user days, and I keep forgetting to do it14:01
dholbachjcastro: http://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/harvest.png14:04
jcastrothank you!14:05
dholbachde rien14:06
doctormojcastro: Can we see your slides?14:18
jcastroI am not done14:19
doctormojcastro: The design? Just curious because I noticed a couple of different people working on slide designs at UDS with the new branding.14:22
jcastrois that not public?14:22
AlanBellmost of the new branding is public14:30
dholbachjcastro: I think most folks just came up with their own slide template14:30
dholbachand no "official slide template" was released publicly14:30
dholbachbut I might be wrong14:30
AlanBellI made this one http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/en/material/presentation/6-slide-presentation-template14:30
dholbachmight be worth adding them all to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations14:31
czajkowskiI used dholbach slide theme as I like orange :) http://cypher.skynet.ie/Leeds/14:34
dpmyeah, I did my own one at http://people.ubuntu.com/~dpm/Presentations/UOW-Ubuntu-Translations.pdf, that's where the orange one comes from :)14:44
nigelbdholbach: give me 5 mins for call15:00
dholbachnigelb: sure sure15:00
dholbachmaybe 10 :)15:00
nigelbdholbach: may be.  triaging mic not working.15:01
dholbachI need at least 10, so take it easy :)15:03
dholbachjust sorting out a few things I promised to do15:03
nigelbdholbach: oh no! then its going to take *days*!15:03
dholbachno no :)15:06
dholbachnigelb: doing a test call now15:12
nigelbdholbach: same here!15:12
paultagJFo: I feel that I have to whine at you :)15:12
JFouh oh15:13
paultagJFo: I'm having all sorts of kernel issues15:13
JFoI saw some of your chat in the #u-k channel15:13
paultagJFo: .. and they are all regressions :(15:13
JFolet me read back a bit and we can chat15:13
paultagyeah, I'm still trying to isolate15:13
paultagJFo: OK, Here's what I've been able to work out.15:27
paultagJFo: I'm starting to think it's hardware. Issue was not present before I played with it two days ago. Issue first poped up on an install of the latest ISO of Kubuntu 10.04. I tried Xubuntu, same issue. I just made a SD card with the 10.04 official CD image on it, same issue present now.15:29
JFointeresting. what hardware are you thinking?15:30
paultagJFo: M kernel has more of a chance of botting, but issue is still present. Old kernel is almost 90% failure rate15:30
JFoi see15:30
paultagJFo: I'm not sure. When I go single user it always fails on Broadcom, but this is going on before I have the b43 module in place15:30
paultagJFo: I also think it's a race condition ( random boot / non boot , but that's just opinoin15:30
paultagopinion *15:31
paultagI'm going to try Debian and their kernel to see if I can reproduce it. If I can, I'm going to have to get this netbook repaired... after 2 months.15:31
JFook, I'm going to see if i have any similar issues reported15:34
JFoI think it is odd that it is failing as you describe15:34
JFobut it seems oddly familiar15:34
paultagJFo: it's really unsettling me. It's really really odd that it would pop up as I did a re-install.15:38
JFoyeah, that seems very odd15:38
paultagWell the only thing that I did differently is use an SD card, but once it's loaded, it should be loaded, right?15:39
paultagTrying with a USB key now.15:43
nigelbdoctormo: poke?15:51
doctormonigelb: re-poke-facebook-kapow15:53
paultagJFo: still present off USB key.15:56
paultagJFo: I think it might be hardware. What do you think?15:57
JFoI tend to agree15:57
JFowhat kind of manipulation did you put it through paultag? :-015:57
czajkowskithink I'm gonna upgrade to Maverick this week, this machine on lucid just is rather buggy and there is no reason for it15:57
paultagJFo: Jesus, I have no idea. wow, and just out of the blue it's booting now, after 5 hangs. Something bad went on. I'm just going to have to wipe the drive and send it into HP, I think.15:58
JFoit figures it would give you one good boot15:59
JFoout of about 2015:59
czajkowskipaultag: oh I've the same bug!15:59
czajkowskiJFo: I've the same bug on this machine - lucid15:59
czajkowskisometimes can take 5 boot ups to get my mahine to actually get past grub15:59
paultagwait, really czajkowski ?15:59
czajkowskiyup not every day but at least every 3rd day my machine will not boot up on 1st go16:00
paultagczajkowski: what type of computer?16:00
czajkowskiand every time I go to recreate the isue to log a bug I can't16:00
* nigelb says a prayer for JFo 16:00
paultagczajkowski: Can you dump lspci, and see if we have any hardware in common?16:00
JFoheh, thanks nigelb16:00
czajkowskican do16:00
paultagczajkowski: thanks :)16:00
czajkowskinigelb: oi that's rude!16:00
JFoactually, I think I know what it is16:01
JFoor rather remember16:01
* paultag perks up16:01
nigelbczajkowski: kernel regression.  Not rude. :)16:01
JFowe have a race condition for the framebuffers with plymouth16:01
JFowhere the kernel is punting the fb before plymouth is done16:01
paultagJFo: I was able to have this happen for single user boot and I also changed boot params to boot without splash16:01
czajkowskipaultag: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469375/16:01
JFopaultag, did it behave better without splash?16:02
paultagczajkowski: we've got the same gfx card, I think16:02
paultagJFo: no, same error16:02
paultagsec, let me dump my lspci16:02
JFomay not be the same thing, but could still be affected16:02
czajkowskipaultag: when it evtually boots up, sometimes I then either have a duplicate sound volume or my pwer off button is gone or more annoying it refuses to see my wireless driver http://pix.ie/czajkowski/1778021/size/80016:02
JFonow that is odd16:03
paultagczajkowski: b43 ?16:03
czajkowskipaultag: b43?16:03
paultagczajkowski: it's not in your lspci16:03
paultagczajkowski: what's the wifi card on it?16:03
nigelbczajkowski: oooh.  I have the double power button on my work computer at times!16:03
nigelbI generally ignore and get on with it.16:04
czajkowskinigelb: power button would be better than me menu twice16:04
vishdholbach: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/design-m-papercuts , jcastro has a todo there ;)16:04
nigelbczajkowski: wait, me menu.  sorry16:04
czajkowskiRealtek  wireless card16:04
paultaghttp://pastebin.com/TJGAPmVv <-- my lspci on the netbook16:04
nigelbit hides the power button16:04
czajkowskinigelb: more annoying is the wireless as I've to reboot it as it wil not pick it up16:04
JFoboth have DRM iirc, so they could be still affected by the fb issue16:05
nigelbI dont have wireless on that system.  Just wired.16:05
paultagOK, czajkowski, JFo, We both have the same graphics card16:05
JFoI see16:05
paultagand that's it16:05
JFothat probably means you are hitting this16:05
paultagI think so too16:05
* nigelb ewwwws at paultag's wifi16:05
paultagnigelb: dude, tell me about it...16:06
paultagnigelb: I can't even take my own advice...16:06
nigelbBroadcom is evil!16:06
paultagnigelb: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1962 <-- #916:06
JFoe-vil? :)16:06
jcastrovish: I've brought it up already, it'll be in the announcement (mentioning papercuts)16:07
jcastrosame with cleansweep16:07
vishjcastro: sweeeeet! :)16:07
nigelbpaultag: hahaha16:09
paultagnigelb: figures. :P16:09
nigelbvish: how did you manage to be at uds with no action item :o16:09
* nigelb wasn't even there and has a truckload16:09
vishnigelb: haha , finished any? ;)16:10
nigelbif you have a secret I'd like to know! :D16:10
vishnigelb: just kidding ;p16:10
nigelbfinished a few.  working on others16:10
vishnigelb: see the bluepront above ^16:10
nigelboh crap16:10
nigelboh yeah, I just took that action item ;)16:10
vishnigelb: also , i can trade your items for running papercuts instead ;)16:11
vishnigelb: getting to be too much :(16:12
nigelbvish: do you really want to do acessibility, ngo, reviews team, and bug jam stuff all at once?16:12
nigelbaccessibility one is a big job which needs to be done in stages16:12
vishnigelb: sure :)16:12
nigelbI got through like phase I.  Phase II has been delayed for some time now :(16:12
vishnigelb: if you think trying to get someone to do a session is tough , try getting someone to fix a bug :)16:14
vishnigelb: sometimes , feels easier to dive into the code myself ;p16:14
nigelbvish: wait, you haven't?16:14
nigelbI know how its like.  Even getting it packaged is a pain.16:14
nigelbvish: oh, may be you should conduct interviews with all members of the hall of fame16:15
nigelbwow, http://ubuntutam.wordpress.com/kovai-senthamizh-manadu/16:17
nigelbvish: ^ you should go for things like these :D16:17
vishnigelb: heh , i'v been trying you to get a bug fixed with no luck :(16:18
nigelbvish: cheese?16:18
vishnigelb: cheese , papercut any ;)16:18
nigelbvish: Don't tell anyone, but I'm not great at code per se.16:18
vishnigelb: you wanted to fix the lernid one .. and faded away ;p16:18
doctormonigelb: Where did you go?16:19
nigelbLernid is like dead :(16:19
nigelbdoctormo: see PM?16:19
nigelbI didn't see any response16:19
doctormonigelb: I responded16:19
nigelbvish: no commits since march :(16:19
doctormonigelb: What would you like reviewed?16:19
nigelbdoctormo: err, to me?16:19
nigelbI don't see any response16:19
doctormoI responded to you, yes16:19
* nigelb kicks irssi16:20
doctormonigelb: OK I responded again, I take it your not getting anything?16:23
doctormoI wonder if I've been logged off.16:23
doctormoakgraner: what's the irc server for logging on?16:24
nigelbdoctormo: nothing16:24
nigelbdoctormo: are you identified to network?16:24
doctormonigelb: Do I have my whois cloak?16:24
nigelbdoctormo: no16:25
nigelbthat explains that.16:25
nigelbI've set the user mode that blocks PM from unidentified users16:25
doctormoBah, I blame Empathy16:28
doctormoIt's a rubbish IRC client.16:28
paultagWell, back to square zero czajkowski, JFo16:29
paultagapw says it's most likely not a race condition for the graphics card16:29
paultagczajkowski: how long does it take to fail, for you?16:29
czajkowskipaultag: ever have issues with your wifi driver loading ?16:30
paultagczajkowski: no, but we have different wifi cards16:30
czajkowskipaultag: when you are booting up, where does it stop and hang16:31
paultagczajkowski: as soon as it gets passed to GRUB16:31
jcastro<- EOD16:32
paultagczajkowski: I don't see text, or anything. When I go single user it hangs in the initrd16:32
czajkowskiso you see - and it just sits there16:32
sensejono, jcastro: Don't forget about the GUADEC trip (this night to Madurodam) and if you think you'll be using public transport a lot during the conference you might also want to consider to buy a three or five day 'Conference card' at the registration desk.16:32
czajkowskipaultag: so sometimes it can take3-5 times to kick it into a full boot up but then when I do that i get the issues on top and it takes one more boot up to get it all working16:33
paultagugh, ok, we have the same issue16:33
czajkowskiJFo: any ideas ?16:34
JFounfortunately no :-(16:34
* paultag is downloading 9.1016:35
JFosounds completely new to me16:35
paultagI'd like to test an old release16:35
czajkowskinever happned on karmic16:35
JFoand I haven't seen anything in my quick audit yet to say I have seen it16:35
senseAlso, yesterday we went to the 'British multicultural experiment' (their own words) Scallywags. A really good restaurant in the centre of The Hague, 20 euros for four coures, including a very nice soup!16:35
JFobut then I am behind in my bug mail16:35
czajkowskibut lucid for me was more stable as a alpha and beta as a stable release it does my noggin in16:35
paultag+1100000 czajkowski16:35
czajkowskipaultag: logged a bug ?16:35
paultagczajkowski: I was running beta2 and it was fine16:35
JFoactually, could you both log me one?16:36
paultagit's when I just a few days ago "upgraded"16:36
paultagJFo: dupes or one one report?16:36
JFoone report each please16:36
JFothat way I can comb through a bit16:36
paultagOK, sec16:36
jcastrosense: I get there around 4ish tomorrow I think?16:36
paultagJFo: thank you :)16:36
sensejcastro: Ah, forgot.16:37
sensejcastro:Of course for you the three day ticket is then probably the most suitable! :P16:37
senseI should stop trying to be a sales person. ;)16:38
jcastrosense: how do you recommend getting from the train station to the hotel?16:38
sensejcastro: You're in Mercure, right? What Mercure, I believe there were two.16:39
jcastrospui 180, 2511 BW16:41
jcastrowhatever that means, heh16:41
senseThat's the street, the number and the zip code.16:42
sensejcastro: Maybe <http://maps.google.nl/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Station+den+Haag+Centraal,+Koningin+Julianaplein+10,+2595+Den+Haag,+Zuid-Holland&daddr=Spui+180,+2511+BW+Den+Haag+(Mercure+Hotel+Den+Haag+Central)&hl=en&geocode=FbixGgMdYPlBACmJc6ibF7fFRzGSNYjSLX7CdA%3BFVefGgMdj-FBACFukKbzZPMuPCmv0k02IrfFRzEi9Cb7l-heog&mra=ls&dirflg=w&sll=52.079222,4.31929&sspn=0.003231,0.009645&ie=UTF8&ll=52.078622,4.319601&spn=0.006462,0.01929&z=16> helps.16:43
senseOtherwise, do you notice the 'Hofvijfer' in the top left corner?16:43
senseThat is the pond in front of the 'Binnenhof', the location of the Senate, Parliament and the office of the prime-minister. You can probably follow the signs pointing to anything of those at first.16:43
sensejcastro: Note: the route I linked to is from Den Haag Centraal, the end point of the train from Schiphol. But the venue is right next to the other main train station: Den Haag HS.16:45
senseThat is an important difference. :)16:45
paultagbug #610124 | JFo16:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 610124 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel locks up with no feedback on initrd passoff (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61012416:45
paultagJFo: I'll log more as I test more16:45
JFoexcellent, thanks so much paultag :)16:45
paultagJFo: thank you :)16:45
jcastrosense: looks like a short taxi ride16:46
sensejcastro: Or a walk? ;)16:46
jcastrosense: right, so I should avoid the Central one, and concentrate on HS16:46
jcastrosense: not with this suitcase, afterwards though16:46
jcastrounless I run into someone who knows better16:46
sensejcastro: European cabs are expensive. Den Haag Centraal is the end point of the train from Schiphol and you'll have to change trains anyway. Not sure how far the hotel is from HS.16:47
sensejcastro: Wait, not necessarily it has to stop at Centraal.16:48
sensejcastro: Sorry, am confusing you a bit here. When will you be ready for train transport at Schiphol?16:48
czajkowskiJFo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/61012616:48
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 610126 in linux (Ubuntu) "Booting up lucid machine doesn't always work the first time (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]16:48
paultagczajkowski: I'll note they could be related16:49
sensejcastro: I think the train from Schiphol actually stops at both Den Haag Centraal en Den Haag HS. Sorry for the confusion!16:49
jcastrosense: the instructions say I can take a train to either den haag HS or den haag central16:49
sensejcastro: Den Haag HS is almost right on top of the venue, but I think it is easier to get to Mercure from Den Haag Centraal.16:50
jcastrosense: maybe the best thing would be to just stash my luggae at the venue, and then when we're finished follow my peeps back to the hotel16:50
sensejcastro: That would be possible too.16:50
sensejcastro: We'll find some space for it.16:50
sensejcastro: Although I do have to say that the people from the venue can whine a lot.16:50
sensejcastro: Walking route from Den Haag HS to Mecure: <http://maps.google.nl/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Den+Haag+HS&daddr=Spui+180,+2511+BW+Den+Haag+(Mercure+Hotel+Den+Haag+Central)&hl=en&geocode=FXCGGgMddvJBACnt39XWH7fFRzH2qrnuroB_XQ%3BFVefGgMdj-FBACFukKbzZPMuPCmv0k02IrfFRzEi9Cb7l-heog&mra=ls&dirflg=w&sll=52.078622,4.319601&sspn=0.006462,0.01929&ie=UTF8&ll=52.071699,4.327755&spn=0.025851,0.077162&z=14>. Virtually the same for the venue.16:53
* czajkowski throttles sense 16:55
dholbachhave a great day everybody - I'll head out for dinner now - see you tomorrow!16:59
czajkowskidholbach: bye16:59
dholbachbye czajkowski17:00
dpmsee you dholbach!17:00
dholbachbye dpm17:01
doctormowoot: http://doctormo.org/2010/07/26/how-to-ask-for-translations/17:02
paultagJFo: OK, I've installed 9.04, issue is not present so far.17:09
paultagczajkowski: try installing 9.04 UNR and see if it helps17:09
czajkowskipaultag: issue only arose in lucid17:09
paultagczajkowski: I'm doing a series of reboots to test17:09
paultagczajkowski: aye, kk17:09
czajkowskithis machine has been intrepid -> jaunty -> Karmic -> Lucid17:09
paultagHopefully this means I don't have to send in my box to HP17:09
dpmdoctormo, that's awesome. If you want to lower the barrier for translations, you could put the text in an e.g. docbook file, run xml2po through it, obtain a .pot file and upload it to Launchpad. Then translators will be able to do online translations17:11
doctormodpm: It already has a pot file, svg files are xml.17:15
doctormosvg > docbook, like fitting wheels to a tomato, time consuming and completely unnecessary.17:16
vishdoctormo: hey , heard you were reviewing the review workflow.. [irony ;p]17:24
doctormovish: I've got someone writing a script for it, yes17:24
vishdoctormo: cutting down the tags too ?17:25
doctormovish: What tags?17:32
vishdoctormo: well , we have nearly 11-12tags here http://is.gd/dsy7v , and we can cut them down to just 4.  1 - forwarded [this will work for all patches debian/upstream] , and for lp project 3 > needs-work , accepted , rejected17:34
vishdoctormo: we cant keep reporting back from upstream bug to lp saying"upstream rejected your patch because..." and asking the submitter to update the patch , we rather need to encourage the submitter to work with upstream directly17:35
doctormovish: to be honest, those things need to be launchpad code changes, not tags.17:35
vishdoctormo: yeah , +117:35
czajkowskijono: ping17:59
jonohey czajkowski18:00
czajkowskitime for a quick pm?18:01
jonoczajkowski, sure18:03
cfeddecan charitable donations be made to support ubuntu development?  where can they be made?18:03
cfeddenever mind ww.18:04
AlanBellcfedde: not as such (i.e. in a tax deductable way), but you can contribute resources to your loco if you want18:45
paultagczajkowski: our issue is upstream19:24
doctormoThe community channel is so boring!20:48
* highvoltage hangs his head in shame20:50
cjohnstonliven it up doctormo !20:51
doctormook, cjohnston I see you've been doing a bunch of loco website work. Nice.20:51
doctormopleia2: I thought you were going to comment on each page of howtoask, I was rather looking forward to the critique :-D20:51
pleia2doctormo: yeah, I thought I would too, but then I thought it would be too verbose and no one would read it20:52
doctormoWhere _is_ jono this cycle, I have rarely seen him and even then he's been too buy to talk. Canonical must only be paying him for half days IMO.20:52
highvoltagedoctormo: now now, no need to be nasty20:53
doctormopleia2: Maybe something you can do just for me :-) Or you could do me a much better favour and critique my Heavy Artillery scripts.20:53
doctormohighvoltage: Is that nasty? sorry, just wanted to bring up a concern about the visibility of the community/canonical liaison.20:54
highvoltagedoctormo: well, it's a long standing problem. jono is indeed very busy with lots of things though. it is kind of tough when he never responds to any e-mails20:55
highvoltagedoctormo: but if it's anything important then there's probably someone more appropriate to talk about it anyway20:56
czajkowskipaultag: got an update on it ?20:57
doctormohighvoltage: I've had good record with email, but I think this is more of a queens dilemma. The head of state doesn't need to do anything in particular, just be there, visible.20:57
highvoltagedoctormo: indeed20:58
jcastrodoctormo: we've been travelling21:07
jcastro he's at guadec21:07
doctormojcastro: I ssssssssssssaw the photos21:18
akgranergrrrr - is anyone else having trouble with qwibber?21:24
akgranerI can't get it to even open :-(21:24
paultagczajkowski: yeah21:25
paultagczajkowski: turns out it's upstream kernel later then the* series, I was able to reproduce on Archlinux21:25
czajkowskipaultag: add that to both bugs?21:26
czajkowskiakgraner: nope working fine here21:26
paultagczajkowski: Added to mine, you'd have to test your hardware :)21:26
paultagczajkowski: present in archlinux 10.0521:26
paultag2010.05 *21:26
czajkowskiakgraner: back in NC21:31
akgraneryep finally21:31
akgranerOSCON rocked21:31
czajkowskiand you met Noirin21:31
akgraneryeppers :-)21:34
akgranershe rocks21:34
highvoltage'lowa czajkowski21:34
czajkowskihighvoltage: aloha how's you21:35
czajkowskihighvoltage: all settled into canada21:35
highvoltagemesa fina!21:35
highvoltageeek! you made me talk like jar-jar!21:35
highvoltageczajkowski: mostly! today is the first day in the last month that I feel totally relaxed (which is kind of weird for a Monday but I'm going with it)21:36
highvoltagea lot of my stuff still needs to get here and go through customs but it's non-essential so I'm not going to worry about it21:36
highvoltageczajkowski: how have you been? considered taking the emea secretary job? :)21:37
czajkowskidude you should see my inbox :)21:38
highvoltageI hear you! I'm kind of getting mine under control. I unsubscribed from about 50 mailing lists I never read yesterday21:40
czajkowskioh mine is under control I went mailing like crazy last week , poor loco  council are going to kill me one day21:40
czajkowskiand this week following up on stuff21:40
czajkowskihighvoltage: also popey said he'd do it in a mail21:41
akgranerczajkowski, take a look at my inbox I'll let you deal with getting it under control again :-P21:41
czajkowskiinbox 021:42
czajkowskihas been since Friday :)21:42
pleia2I got mine down to 2 the other week, that's *never happened*21:42
pleia2but now it's back at 7521:42
akgranerbbiab   - just finished my part 1 post on OSCON on Ubuntu User :-)  woo hoo21:43
greg-gpleia2: holy cow, 75? I would go insane21:50
pleia2greg-g: I wish I could say that's mailing lists too, I get a lot of email :\21:50
greg-gyuck, good luck with that, pleia222:04
doctormonhandler: You haven't been recieving any of my messages, have you?22:38
nhandlerdoctormo: What ones? the ones about bindtextdomain? If so, I've gotten them (just multitasking and reading them)22:39
doctormoAh ok, just had some trouble before with irc22:40
sensegood night everyone! :)23:37

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