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un214now I'm finding all kinds of crazy packaging bugs that only happen when the system lives in a chroot jail00:54
un214some of these also affect system rescue scenarios00:55
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pittiGood morning05:48
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vorianmoses, it's still night here06:13
dholbachgood morning07:07
bilalakhtardholbach: good morning07:16
dholbachhey bilalakhtar07:17
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mantiena-baltixev: hi08:36
dokoogra, ScottK: OOo still hasn't sane build-deps. kde4libs did fail to build with an error in a qt4 header08:52
mantiena-baltixev: are you Evan Dandrea ?09:15
mantiena-baltixAnybody can tell me what should I do to fix bug #606134 before Ubuntu 10.04.1 ?09:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606134 in Ubiquity Slideshow for Ubuntu "ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu package has outdated translations in Ubuntu 10.04.1" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60613409:19
mantiena-baltixThere is a branch with updated translations already, see09:20
mantiena-baltixReady for review for merging into lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/lucid09:20
mantiena-baltix    Ubiquity Slideshow: Pending requested 2010-07-1909:20
mantiena-baltixWho should review this and who can merge into official lucid package ?09:22
dpmmantiena-baltix, ev or cjwatson might be able to tell you more about it. I'm not sure if they're in yet, so please be patient while waiting for a response. thanks! :)09:22
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mantiena-baltixdpm: ok, I will wait ev or cjwatson09:32
bilalakhtardpm: Are you a core-dev? Are you free ?09:33
dpmbilalakhtar, I'm not a core dev, I simply coordinate Ubuntu translations09:34
bilalakhtardpm: aha09:34
LucidFoxAre there any plans to make the Software Center, rather than Synaptic, the default handler for apt: links?09:47
mvoLucidFox: yes09:53
LucidFoxIn maverick, or maverick+1, or...?09:53
mvoLucidFox: the goal is maverick09:57
mantiena-baltixdpm: I must go away for 2 hours, could you tell ev or cjwatson about bug #606134 when they come back?10:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606134 in Ubiquity Slideshow for Ubuntu "ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu package has outdated translations in Ubuntu 10.04.1" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60613410:01
dpmmantiena-baltix, you can still remind them when you're back, don't worry. I'm a bit busy right now, and I cannot guarantee I'll remember in 2 hours10:03
mantiena-baltixdpm: maybe ev or cjwatson will come back quicker than 2 hours ;)10:04
mvodid anyone has ldtp working inside a xvfb-run environment? I struggle with that and wonder if I miss something obvious (starting at-spi-registryd manually has not helped)10:14
mantiena-baltixev: hi, are you online?11:35
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dpmhey mvo, I hope you had a nice trip back home. You told me I should remind you of updating the ddtp translations for 10.04.1, so here's the reminder :)14:07
dpmmvo, I've also got a couple of questions: 1) What's the 'packages' template here -> https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/ubuntu/+lang/fr? 2) Would it be possible to have an update of aptdaemon with only translations? If I'm not mistaken, that's the package that contains the .policy strings shown in SC when installing a package. They are quite visible, but they are not supported in language packs, translations need to be rebuilt with the p14:09
chrisccoulsonpitti - would you mind accepting the firefox binaries? (it's sat in NEW atm)15:17
pittichrisccoulson: done15:22
chrisccoulsonpitti -thanks15:22
chrisccoulsonpitti - i've just seen how big the breakpad symbols that i need to push to mozilla are15:24
chrisccoulsonthat's going to be painful when i'm doing it for the daily builds too ;)15:24
pittichrisccoulson: do you need to?15:25
pittichrisccoulson: anyway, the upload should happen from chinstrap15:25
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, that's the biggest benefit (so mozilla can spot issues before they actually do a release)15:26
pittichrisccoulson: sounds like some shell scriptery and a cronjob might be helpful then15:26
pittii. e. remember which one you sent last, check the current version, and upload it there if there's a new one15:26
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i'll try and look at that this afternoon and see if i can make something which works15:27
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slangasekdoko: I have some doubts about the interaction between gcc-multiarch.diff and biarch architectures; is that something we could talk about, or do I need to track down Arthur?15:35
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mvodpm: weh, thanks! it was a bit busy today, I put it on my list for tomorrow16:51
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mvodpm: re aptdaemon> do you mean for 10.04.1 ?16:52
dpmmvo, no worries, thanks for coming back to me!16:52
dpmmvo, yes (or post-10.04.1 if that's no longer possible)16:53
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mvodpm: I think it still is, I just wanted to make sure. I will also need to manually get the latest po files from LP. right?16:54
dpmmvo, yes, you'll need the latest translations from LP and rebuild the package with them, only then the translated .policy files for the languages which did not make it for the pre-release Lucid translation deadline will be built16:55
mvothanks dpm16:56
dpmno worries, thanks to you. mvo, and what's the new 'packages' template on https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/ubuntu/+lang/fr?16:57
mvodpm: uh, that looks like a error, I am not sure where it comes from17:02
mvodpm: can I delete it again?17:02
mvodpm: can you :) ?17:02
dpmmvo, let me see if I can disable the template17:07
dpmmvo, ok, sorted. I've disabled the 'packages' template and it is no longer visible in LP. It seemed to came from a packages.pot upload17:10
mvothanks dpm17:10
mvodpm: probably my mistake, it would not take my automatic curl based pot uploads recently for some reason17:11
mvodpm: so I did a maual upload, probably that broke it17:11
dpmno worries :)17:12
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froudAnyone know where the users last session type is stored?18:03
ansgarfroud: Something like ~/.dmrc?18:09
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EtienneGhey guys.  Is the "Essential: yes" actually being used for something meaningful in Ubuntu?  I noticed some pretty important packages, such as upstart, are not being flagged essential.  I was wondering if/when it was appropriate to use it.18:45
EtienneGslangasek, I understand you are the original (and current maintainer?) of auth-client-config and pam-auth-update.  I reported bug #608930, about libnss-ldap and libpam-ldap being indirectly coupled together.  I have a case where I do not want libpam-ldap, I want libnss-ldap + libpam-krb5.  This bug is not a show-stopper, but it is complicating setup.  If you have a sec, can you have a look and advise on whether a relevant bug that should b18:51
EtienneGe "fixed", and if not, how to work around it?18:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 608930 in libnss-ldap (Ubuntu) "libnss-ldap needlessly (and indirectly) depend on libpam-ldap" [Medium,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60893018:52
slangasekEtienneG: I have never been a maintainer of auth-client-config; you want jdstrand18:57
EtienneGslangasek, ah, sorry about.  But you are the author of pam-auth-update, correct?18:57
slangasekEtienneG: the only changes I made to auth-client-config were to detach it from pam config when pam-auth-update went live18:57
slangasekcorrect - but that doesn't much help you with the LDAP packages, which I don't understand deeply :)18:58
slangasekas for Essential: yes, it *is* used with the same meaning as in Debian18:58
slangaseksee debian-policy for the meaning :)18:59
EtienneGslangasek, ok and understood about the lib(pam|nss)-ldap problem.  i will poke the server team about it, as I think they are the one looking after it (although it might just be the foundation team now)19:00
EtienneGslangasek, I have looked at the Debian policy, and it is not quite clear how it is being interpreted, and by what.  Does it impact the way APT/dpkg works?  Is there a command to display all packages tagged Essential?  (apt-cache doesn't do it, it seems)19:01
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slangasekEtienneG: the package manager uses Essential to determine correct handling of upgrades19:02
slangasekand use of the field imposes certain requirements on the packages that declare it19:02
slangasekdisplay all packages: grep-available -sPackage -FEssential yes19:03
EtienneGslangasek, thanks a bunch for the information!19:04
slangaseksure :)19:04
smosercjwatson, ping.19:22
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kelelsaihi, I'm new here. I missed the section or documentation that says where to get the code from to Fix bugs. Does anyone here know the link that references how to do so?19:36
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Teodoradoes anyone know how to watch a blue ray files in ubuntu 10.04?19:54
micahg!support | Teodora19:56
ubottuTeodora: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Please be aware that this channel is for development only.19:56
Teodoraok sorry19:56
sladenkelelsai: type   apt-get source $name_of_package20:07
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ftakirkland, /wrt your last blog entry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469493/  (thanks for the idea btw)20:48
kirklandfta: you're welcome ;-)20:49
fta*csh could be tricky with $ and "20:53
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philsfEverytime I boot my netbook, the bluetooth applet is on. I'd expect it to remember the last state. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?23:48
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