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AceLandoes anyone know how to generate the dmi info in the last part of the bug report # ex. in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/585520 , dmi.bios.date: 02/13/2009 ...03:58
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 585520 in linux (Ubuntu) "Unable to resume from second consecutive suspend (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Medium,Triaged]03:58
cooloneyAceLan: you mean, you wanna generate the dmi info from the dmesg.txt of that bug?04:18
cooloneyAceLan: i don't think we can do that. i just know 'dmidecode'04:19
AceLancooloney: yes, dmidecode don't have the same info as that shown on the bug report04:44
AceLancooloney: I need dmi.bios.vendor: INSYDE and dmi.board.name: ZQ1B04:45
AceLancooloney: do you know where can I get such info?04:45
cooloneyAceLan: i think you can get that from dmidecode.04:54
cooloneyBIOS Information Vendor: Intel Corp.04:55
cooloneythat's mine04:55
cooloneyBase Board Information -> Product Name: DG45ID04:55
AceLancooloney: got it, thanks04:56
cooloneyAceLan: no problem, man. i am still very sleepy due to the jetlag05:04
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devurandom_I have a problem in my 9.04 rootstocked ARM ubuntu-desktop image08:06
devurandom_no user but root is allowed to use networking08:06
devurandom_I tried it in several rootfilesystems with different network devices08:06
devurandom_so I suspect it is a kernel configuration matter08:06
devurandom_something in .config level that breaks permssion system08:07
lagdevurandom_: Which board are you running it on?08:08
jk-devurandom_: how do you mean 'allowed to use networking'? what is failing?08:13
lagMorning jk- :_)08:13
jk-heya lag08:13
lagjk-: Did you use terminator to extinguish your decoration? 08:14
jk-lag: I have this in CompizConfig Settings Manager -> "Window Decorations" -> "Decoration Windows" = "(any) & !(class=Gnome-terminal)"08:15
jk-heh, snap08:15
jk-could probably simplify that to just "(!class=Gnome-terminal)"08:16
lagOkay - yeah, I've done that before when I made an invisible web browser :)08:17
lagCheers 08:17
devurandom_lag: htcleo08:17
devurandom_jk-: non root can't ping08:20
devurandom_jk-: or use networking in any other way08:21
jk-devurandom_: what error does ping give?08:22
devurandom_permission denied08:23
jk-that's odd, as ping is setuid root08:23
devurandom_I've seen it in several rootfilesystems08:24
lagdevurandom_: What is the result of: ls -l /bin/pin08:24
devurandom_think I can't blame ubuntu arm08:24
devurandom_lag: I will check once I booted again. but it will not work with any problem. always some permission err08:25
jk-devurandom_: can you give us a little more info about how you're testing this? you're logged into a desktop session as a normal user, opened one terminal and 'ping foo.com' doesn't work, but sudo ping foo.com' does work?08:25
devurandom_jk-: exactly08:26
devurandom_on the tty08:26
devurandom_and same is reconstructible in gnome08:26
devurandom_$ firefox --- no joy08:26
devurandom_# firefox internet fun08:26
jk-devurandom_: ok, check the output of lag's command there08:26
jk-ls -l $(which ping)08:27
jk-hey cking :)08:28
devurandom_I'll check that in a minute.08:29
lagMorning cking08:29
devurandom_somebody got a fully known working with 9.04 ubuntu ARM .config ?08:30
lagFor the kernel?08:31
lagMaverick or Lucid?08:31
lagI have two08:32
lagOne for OMAP3 and one for OMAP408:32
lagActually, I may be able to dig out an armel one too08:32
devurandom_I have a cortex-a8 device08:32
lagOMAP3, cool08:32
devurandom_so gimme the omap308:32
devurandom_want to look and see if something striking is in the diff vs my local config08:33
lagnp - give me a minute 08:35
devurandom_you have a beagle ? or some phone ?08:35
lagOMAP3: Beagle XM 08:36
apwisn't omap3 a standard build in maverick08:36
jk-devurandom_: this doesn't seem like a kernel config issue :/08:37
devurandom_I destroyed a beagle board with 12V on the supply line08:37
devurandom_jk-: how do you know ?08:38
lagapw: -^08:39
devurandom_jk-: since I was spending two days trying to figure what inside my rootfs breaks apt to find out I had file locking disabled in the kernel I never exclude kernel problem08:39
devurandom_<apw> isn't omap3 a standard build in maverick   <- maverick has any neon & vfp optimization ?08:40
* apw has not idea about neon/vfp ... but it does have a config08:40
lagdevurandom_: How big is your rootfs when bzipped? 08:41
amitkdevurandom_: why are you on 9.04?08:41
devurandom_around 600M08:41
devurandom_amitk: because the rootstock tool is very broken08:41
lagCan you make it available to me? If so, I can test it for you08:41
devurandom_amitk: it will only succeed with 9.04 for me08:42
lagIt will save you diffing configs, which can be laborious 08:42
amitkdevurandom_: were you running 10.04 when runnning it?08:42
devurandom_lag: that would be marvellous08:42
lagdevurandom_: np08:42
devurandom_amitk: no - I tried lucid rootfs in lucid and maveric rootfs in lucid. both fail08:42
lagI think 10.04 works fine though?08:42
devurandom_amitk: also lucid and maverick fail in the karmic08:43
lagdevurandom_: Then you're doing something wrong08:43
devurandom_amitk: so I can only to karmic rootfs in karmic.08:43
amitkdevurandom_: ogra would be interested in rootstock bugs08:43
devurandom_amitk: all of my bugs are documented on launchpad for many months.08:43
devurandom_amitk: and all in the changelog is a broken gui-08:44
amitkdevurandom_: but have you tried the pre-built ubuntu images for omap?08:44
devurandom_amitk: I am aware of them but no08:44
devurandom_lag: as mentioned I documented all failures I got and all of them are reported08:44
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devurandom_lag: and not marked fixed08:44
lagdevurandom_: Thanks for reporting08:45
lagdevurandom_: Where are the bugs?08:45
devurandom_lag: I did not update any08:45
devurandom_I was happy with the current situation of documentation launchpad as non of the stuff I've seen was marked to be solved08:46
lagdevurandom_: Ah, I see. Would you mind pointing me to the bug inanycase? If they are still causing issues, I would like to either help, or gee the necessary people up.08:47
devurandom_lag: if you think it will still be helpful I can retry lucid rootstock from lucid host08:47
devurandom_I don't remember. all I know it was sth during qemu08:47
lagdevurandom_: Are you uploading your rootfs to a place where I can access it?08:47
devurandom_download works08:47
devurandom_I think dependency trees are broken!08:47
devurandom_maybe the full desktop-image s are not sufficiently tested ?08:48
amitkdevurandom_: lucid on lucid works for me08:48
amitk(for rootstock)08:48
devurandom_amitk: ubuntu-desktop ?08:48
lagLucid rootfs and lucid kernel works for me08:48
lagAnd 08:48
lagLucid rootfs with Maverick kernel also works for me08:48
amitkdevurandom_: full desktop images have the problem of running out of memory - too little on beagleboard. 08:48
amitkTry the netinstall one08:49
devurandom_I am excited on here people are way more interested in rootstock status than in #ubuntu-arm chan08:49
lagdevurandom_: That's a worrying factoid - the author is very busy in #ubuntu-arm08:49
devurandom_amitk: I don't have any target performance problems.08:49
amitkdevurandom_: I'd suggest you first try the pre-built images : http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/lucid/release/ubuntu-10.04-netbook-armel+omap.img08:50
amitk(assumin you're after a beagle image)08:51
devurandom_lag: can you pastebin that config ?08:55
* apw bounces to take a new kernel08:56
devurandom_maybe have a 2.6.32 one available ?08:56
devurandom_ping localhost08:57
devurandom_socket: Permission denied08:57
lagThere is working everything in: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/current/maverick-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap.img.gz 08:58
lagdd bs=4092 if=<image> of=/dev/<sdcard>08:59
lagAnd help yourself to everything08:59
lagWorking rootfs08:59
devurandom_is it an ext3 ?08:59
lagWorking .config08:59
lagIt is an entire SD card image08:59
lagVFS and EXT309:00
lagYou'll need an sd card with ~2GB09:00
devurandom_I work with .ext3 filesystem files I loop mount as /09:01
devurandom_no direct partitions on card for more flexibility09:01
devurandom_anyway I have to run09:02
lagYou can loop mount it once on an SD card#09:02
devurandom_thank you guys a lot. I will let you know how things developed09:02
devurandom_hold on09:05
devurandom_wait a sec09:05
devurandom_I don't need to try that09:05
lagdevurandom_: We'll be here all day :)09:05
devurandom_I forgot to mention that I tried various rootfs09:05
lagThere is a working kernel in there too09:05
lagThere is working _everything_ for OMAP309:06
devurandom_yea I can't bot a random omap kernel on my qualcomm SoC09:06
lagThe requested .config is in there also09:07
devurandom_lag: do you have the config from that thing available ?09:07
lagNope, I've just downloaded it though, so I can dig it out if you like?09:07
devurandom_ok I will take it from there then09:07
devurandom_taht would be nice as I have very slow link09:07
lagYou know that it's our latest one though? i.e. Maverick09:08
devurandom_wondering if it has neon mplayer09:09
amitkdevurandom_: we don't yet support the qualcomm SoC09:10
devurandom_amitk: in that case it was nice to meet you ;)09:10
lagdevurandom_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469224/09:12
lagNot the latest, but it works09:12
lagdevurandom_: Good luck09:12
devurandom_lag: thanks. but I need to be in the club to download it raw09:13
lagIf that doesn't work for you send me your email address09:16
lagOr just highlight it and copy/paste 09:17
devurandom_I think I even have a launchpad account but I don't see the neccessity to login for a pastebin09:18
lagEither copy/paste the one you can see, or send me your email address09:21
apwogasawara, morning ... early isn't it ?12:52
lagikepanhc: ping13:14
lagDoes anyone know where I can get the slide templates that ike used at the rally?13:15
hrwmorning 13:20
ckinglag, i've asked for them too13:20
lagYou asked ike? 13:20
hrware there any chances that ubuntu will get working 'apt-get source linux' one day?13:20
ckinglag, email'd him this morning13:24
lagAre you going to use them at the summit? 13:25
ckinglag, no, I just wanted to re-read it and stash it somewhere13:25
lagI might use that one :)13:26
lagOooooooooooo: http://www.tuxresources.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/10/4.png13:26
th1hi, I'm packaging a special kernel for use in a Xen environment. I need it to cause some extra modules (xenfs.ko and a couple others) to be added to the initramfs automagically somehow on the target system, how can I do this13:44
tgardnerth1, /etc/initramfs-tools/modules13:46
th1tgardner, yes that's how I do it but I need it to happen automatically on a system when the kernel-image I'm making is installed13:46
th1ie. without the user editing that file13:47
th1I could do it in the postinst script of the kernel package but if I edit that file and then the user uninstalls my kernel package and switches back to a standard one, it's going to break13:48
* vanhoof waves13:57
th1tgardner, I think I found what I needed by creating a hook like there is for lvm2..14:11
tgardnerth1, in /etc/initramfs-tools/hooks ?14:13
th1in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks 14:13
th1so I put that in my kernel image package and call manual_add_modules for the modules I need14:15
tgardnerogasawara, you should uncomment the backports entries in Maverick -meta before you upload Ubuntu-
paultagHey kernel guys. After a quick exchange with cndougla ( howdy! ) I've decided to test the -M kernel. Is it safe to fetch the dsc and run a pbuild against Lucid? I have a driver regresson from 31-21 to 31-24, B43 issues on boot locking up initrd14:21
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cndpaultag, I *think* you should be fine to build the kernel in lucid14:23
cndbut the toolchains are quite different now, so you never know14:23
tgardnerpaultag, there is already a kernel build for lucid in https://edge.launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa14:23
paultagtgardner: you've saved the day :)14:23
paultagcnd: I'd love to test this to see if it's an issue for 10.10, and if it can't get squashed before +114:23
paultagI'll do my bit and homework :)14:24
cndpaultag, the other route you could try is the maverick kernel backport to lucid14:24
cndtgardner would know more about that than I though14:24
tgardnercnd, which is just what I suggested, i.e.,  there is already a kernel built for lucid ...14:25
paultagswaping over now14:26
cndoh, I thought that was in a different repo14:28
cndnm then :)14:28
paultagWell, it booted, but it's a random chance thing ( I'm fairly sure it's a race condition ). Let me test a few times to get a nice sample pool14:31
cndtgardner, there were some b43 fixes a few weeks ago14:31
cndare they in lucid yet?14:31
cndmaybe apw or smb know?14:32
apwcnd, i don't think i know specificially ... if you have a reference to the fix i can find out14:32
paultagOpp! Still locked up. Two good boots, one failure14:32
cndapw, I don't have a reference, I just remember you looking at a fix for b43 that made it actually work14:33
cndsomething about disabling dma14:33
cndcause it just doesn't work14:33
apwpaultag, we a14:33
apwwe have some boot hangs due to a unrelated graphics issue which is being worked on, so it might be that too14:33
rsalvetidevurandom_: can you report the problems you're facing with rootstock? also let me know what version you're using14:34
cndapw, he's hitting issues in lucid14:34
cndand he's testing maverick right now14:34
rsalvetidevurandom_: I'm maintaining it now, and fixing bugs everyday14:34
apwcnd that rings some kind of bell, i would have to defer to smb with such thin memory though ... think smb is off today, sounding like he was ill14:34
apwcnd right, i mean if you have boot hangs in maverick kernels it may not be the same hangs you have in lucid14:34
paultagapw: when I boot single user, it's always the last line -- and since it's single user I am not so sure it's a graphics thing14:34
apwas we know we have some in maverick which are all new14:34
apwpaultag, good enough then14:35
paultagapw: it's present on current lucid to ppa kernel team <14:35
paultagerm, M14:35
ikepanhclag: those slide at chinstrap.canonical.com:/home/ikepanhc14:35
paultag2.6.32-24-generic to nightly, not present in 32-2114:36
lagikepanhc: Did you make them?14:36
paultagFailure line off the initrd is :14:36
paultagb43-pci-bridge 0000:01:00.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 1614:36
paultag(level, low) -> IRQ 1614:36
ikepanhclag: which slide you ask?14:37
paultagHumm, I've just had about 8 good boots in a row. The issue looks to be harder to reproduce. This just screams Race Condition to me :/14:39
lagI'm after the templates that you used for your presentations whilst in Prague 14:39
ikepanhcyou mean the template for presentation? I think they comes with lucid14:41
lagOh okay14:43
lagikepanhc: So it does14:44
lagikepanhc: What's the time there/14:44
ikepanhclag: ya, the name is GlossyUbuntu14:44
paultagcnd: OK. I'm going to reinstall from scratch. I'm going to try and reproduce with another driver to try and isolate. Are there any special steps I should take to aid in tracking it down?14:47
ikepanhclag: oh, the time, it is 21:48 in Taiwan :)14:48
cndafter you reproduce we can look at debug steps14:48
cndbut there's nothing I would worry about for now14:48
dcordes__rsalveti: it is good to see rootstock is being fixed. I will retry a lucid rootfs soon and report any bugs found. I've been using the latest version from 2 weeks ago when I encountered the errors14:54
dcordes__amitk: may I ask if you are working for canonical ?14:55
amitkdcordes__: yes I am14:56
rsalvetidcordes__: cool, I'll try to release another version this week, and get it uploaded in maverick14:56
dcordes__rsalveti: ok seems like I will ugprade to maverick on my workstation15:01
dcordes__amitk: I am very excited about all the ARM work done at canonical these days. you mentioned that qualcomm is not _yet_ supported and I have noticed that in fact quite som work is being done for the qualcomm SoCs. Is there some official documentation on the development process available?15:02
amitkdcordes__: we've carried the tree from android, but there is no ready-to-use image being created for qualcomm socs15:03
dcordes__amitk: I am very familiar with the msm7xxx msm7xxxA and qsd8xxxx (snapdragon) platforms and would like to help out15:03
dcordes__amitk: tree being kernel ?15:04
amitkdcordes__: right. You should talk to tgardner/rtg when he gets online. But we're didn't have a contract for qualcomm work like we did for TI, Freescale and Marvell.15:05
dcordes__amitk: I'm sure such things can also be achieved on community level :)15:06
tgardnerdcordes__, qualcomm isn't gonna happen for Maverick. You might look into the ChromeOS project if that is the HW you're really interested in.15:06
dcordes__no thanks I'm not so anxious to promote all the google projects. enough people do.15:07
paultagcnd: It's slowly getting worse. I can't rule out hardware.15:07
dcordes__tgardner: that's why I am here15:07
amitkdcordes__: the rootfs will be usuable as-is, so you only need a kernel15:09
cndapw, for the next three weeks (or until multitouch is off my back), could you or someone else handle my bug triaging responsibilities?15:10
apwcnd, we'll find someone yes15:11
* apw gets his monkey tongs ready15:11
* apw yanks that monkey off cnd's back15:11
apwJFo, that reminds me, seems you broke the links on the tagging page making them all 'OR' so that we had 50 in each category!  fixed it up15:12
dcordes__cnd: is this any tslib related ?15:12
* JFo looks15:12
apwJFo, the 'To Review' links we cleaned up and made nice and short, which unforuantly made them into 'any of these tags' searches ... so all of the links showed all bugs marked kernel-needs-review15:13
apwJFo, i added a stanza to say we want 'ALL' of the tags to each15:13
JFook, I can fix that15:13
JFoI know what i did15:14
apwalready did after i noticed i had 54 in therm15:14
cndapw, thanks!15:15
cnddcordes__, tslib?15:15
JFoi see your fix15:16
dcordes__cnd: the multitouch worked on your back. is it related to touchscreen driver or tslib implementation ?15:18
apwJFo, some arsenal script is using https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMainlineBuilds ... which is doubly out of date i think15:23
JFoindeed it is. i have an item to update some of the links as there is another that is old, but still gets you to the right place15:24
apwJFo, indeed, more a 'is this on your todo' than anything else15:24
dcordes__cnd: I am interested because I have a multitouch screen15:24
dcordes__I think many nice things could be done e.g. with mpx15:25
JFocool :)15:25
JFoI have added it specifically15:25
cnddcordes__, I haven't looked at tslib15:32
cndI'm mostly focused on drivers and work to enable applications15:32
dcordes__cnd: are you using tslib to interface your drivers ?15:33
cndI'm focusing on figuring out proper ways to interface with X15:33
dcordes__what options are there ?15:34
dcordes__ah a whole new approach15:34
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paultagcnd: JFo czajkowski and myself did a differential diagnosis. current theory is that it's the graphics card + fb issue16:10
paultagcnd: czajkowski has the same issue, and the only hardware in common is intel vga ( 945GME / GM965 )16:11
JFoapw, did we get any kind of fix in for the fb issue? my memory indicates no, but I could be wrong16:13
JFoactually, looks like you may have answered that already16:14
JFo<apw> we have some boot hangs due to a unrelated graphics issue which is being worked on, so it might be that too16:15
* apw is working on it at the moment16:15
paultagIs there anything you would like me to run on the hardware that can reproduce this?16:16
paultag( to help identify anything you might need )16:16
apwif you are seeing the issue i am working on you should see panics associated with fb_release triggered by plymouthd16:16
paultagapw: will the kernel panic?16:16
paultagand will this present it'16:17
apwfor the issue i am tracking, it commonly emits a panic yes, though often it continues16:17
paultagand will this present it's self even if I don't try and run Plymouth? 16:17
paultag( read: remove splash from GRUB )16:17
apwnope, it would only be tickled by plymouth running, removing splash from the command line is not sufficient to stop it16:18
apwas plymouthd still opens the framebuffer and closes it even if it does not paint the splash16:18
paultagapw: I'm not seeing a panic16:18
apwi see a variety of symptoms as it is a rave condidtion16:19
paultagOK. Would you like me to document anything apw?16:19
apwmostly though its either a hard hang with blank screen or flashing a lot16:19
paultagapw: Hard hang16:19
apwthen dropping to low res mode16:19
apwnow the hard hang comes with a blank screen normally16:20
paultagapw: It does not change kernel display modes16:20
paultagapw: blinking cursor16:20
paultagunresponsive to keyboard input, REISUB or Ctrl+Alt+Del16:20
apwnot sure i had a blinking cursor or not16:20
paultagapw: would you like anything documented and posted anywhere to aid in your work?16:21
apwif you cannot confirm the panic, i suspect you have a different issue16:21
paultagapw: There is no numlock or scrolllock LEDs, but the Caps Lock is not blinking16:21
apwthats not sounding 100% like my issue ... cirtainly mine is more random, not 100% hard lock16:23
apwif i had something which fixed it i'd suggest testing it, but i don't16:24
paultagapw: it's random16:24
paultagapw: it just always hardlocks16:24
paultagapw: e.g. no blinking screen, etc16:24
apwrandom and always are not really something you can put in one sentence are they ?16:24
paultagapw: sure they are16:24
apwi randomly always sneeze16:24
paultagwell, you could say, when I randomly sneeze, I always see spots16:25
paultagwhen I randomly crash, it always hard-hangs ( no other symptoms )16:25
apwdo you ever get to the point where the machine is up long enough to look for an oops in the dmesg16:25
apwas the issue i am tickling is a boot only issue16:25
paultagapw: this is boot only16:25
paultagapw: in the first second after grub hands off execution16:26
paultagit's always in the initrd16:26
apwdo you have a regular setup ?  no encryption etc ?16:26
apwas the driver at fault here doesn't load till we get into the main root for a normal setup16:27
paultagapw: I've wiped this four times in the last two days trying all setups. No encryption, present in all Lucid images I've tried16:27
apwthat sounds like it rules my issue out16:27
paultagthanks apw 16:31
ogasawaratgardner: you didn't put nouveau in ubuntu-maverick-lbm right?  ie I'm still gonna leave linux-backports-modules-nouveau-RELEASE_NAME-generic commented out in linux-meta.16:43
tgardnerogasawara, uh, right. nouveau is mainline in Maverick16:44
ogasawaratgardner: maybe I'll just delete that entry all together16:44
tgardnerogasawara, ack16:44
sconklinJFo: If I find a bug for which a patch is already in proposed, but isn't connected by having a buglink in the patch, is there any way I can set it up to automatically change to fix released when the SRU is released?16:45
apwcrap the locking is all buggered in fbcon ... there is no locking whatsoever on the 'registered_fb' list ... so it can cause random panics if one ever goes away16:47
apwwhich is exactly what happens when drm starts up16:47
ogasawaraJFo: we having a bug chat this morning?16:48
JFowe are if you like16:48
JFoI can cancel if needed16:49
JFosince we were all gone last week16:49
ogasawaraJFo: I'm indifferent, whatever the group wants to do is fine with me16:49
* apw abivalent16:49
JFolets have it then and see what we can accomplish :)16:49
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ogasawaraJFo: my mumble is horked, I can't year you.17:02
tgardnerogasawara, well, get unhorked17:02
ogasawaraJFo: continue on without me while I try to get it fixed17:02
ogasawaratgardner: you sound sick17:04
tgardnerogasawara, <sneeze>17:05
paultagOK, just an update cnd, apw: Issue not present in 9.10, I'm calling this a regression. Bug filed ( ask JFo asked ) #610124, #610126.17:13
JFothanks paultag :)17:15
paultagno problem, thank you guys for putting up with me all day17:16
paultagI'll be here if you need anything more out of me. I'll leave 9.10 on here if I need to do anything more for you guys.17:16
vanhoofJFo: ping17:17
vanhoofJFo: you mentioned in an email a while back about having a few wifi/usb dongles17:17
JFoI do indeed17:17
vanhoofJFo: I assume these are all external devices? ... do you have anything that can connect to the mobo?17:17
JFothese are external17:18
vanhoofkk I assumed so17:18
JFopete may have some that connect to the mobo17:18
JFoas I had to swap mine out at the kernel sprint in january\17:18
JFovanhoof, anything in particular you need?17:18
vanhoofJFo: just seeing what we have in hand to do some testing 17:18
JFoI see17:19
JFoI'll get with pete to see if we have any chips for mobo17:19
JFoand if so, what17:20
vanhoofJFo: that would be awesome17:20
JFowho loves ya baby? ;)17:20
vanhoofJFo: this is all in reference to that thread for usb/wifi recommendations we had last month17:20
JFoyeah, I remember17:20
JFoI'll get you a list of what I have as well17:20
vanhoofJFo: that'd be cool17:22
vanhoofJFo: just cc'd you in the thread for frame of reference17:22
cndpaultag, sounds good :)17:24
JFovanhoof, cool, thanks17:25
JFoI'll send back my list to that group of folks17:26
JFoso tgardner any ideas what days you paid for dinner?17:46
JFoI want to make sure my per diem is correct :)17:47
tgardnerJFo, yeah, hang on.17:47
JFok, thanks17:47
apwtgardner, lbm was turned off for maverick in -meta, did you handle that, or does someone need to do so?17:48
JFothink he pinged ogasawara earlier about that17:49
ogasawaraapw: doing so now17:49
tgardnerapw, I bugged ogasawara about it just this AM17:49
JFoman, I'm good ;)17:49
apwheh ... and the circle is closed ... :)17:49
tgardnerJFo, I don't have you on any of the receipts for when I paid.17:50
JFohuh, ok17:50
JFooh right, because that sushi place didn't take plastic17:50
JFodang, what night was that?17:51
tgardnerJFo, right, that was just per-diem17:51
* JFo has to take better notes17:51
tgardnerJFo, 7/2017:51
JFoah, thanks17:51
jjohansen7/21 was pizza after bowling17:52
JFoI didn't go17:52
JFocan't remember where we went that night17:53
jjohansenJFo: ah, I couldn't remember for sure17:53
JFoyeah, you guys ditched the fat kid :-(17:53
apwJFo, you didn't go to place with the accordion didi you?  seem to remember you went somewhere like that17:53
JFothat was the last night17:53
JFowhen we took 'the photo'17:53
apwyeah i think pete went there another time, and you went with him somewhere on bowling night right?17:54
JFomay have been the fat koala17:54
ckingJFo, I'd like to see that photo. I heard it was quite amusing to say the least18:19
apwJFo, we need to get you a little book of calm18:50
* tgardner lunches18:54
paultagJFo: Just an interesting note for you guys19:15
paultagJFo: I just tried installing arch to the box. I downloaded 2010.05 ( archlinux ), same exact error line with b43. Breathe easy, it's upstream, not Ubuntu diversions19:15
JFoapw, indeed we do19:22
JFopaultag, while not good news, at least we know it is universal19:23
paultagJFo: yessir, and at least it's not your guys's fault.19:23
JFoindeed :-D19:23
paultagI think I might just try and debootstrap it, and compile an old kernel19:24
paultagand test every few releases19:24
apwpaultag, there are older .debs for mainline kernels in the mainline kernel archive19:25
paultagapw: Oh? I only saw the recent series in my apt-cache. Do I have to install the debs by hand and divert upgrades on it?19:25
paultagAnd are they "safe" with 10.04 ?19:26
apwthey install in their own namespace, so they are unaffected by other kernel19:26
paultagAh, even better19:26
apwsafe is harder to say ... they are upstream as i comes19:26
paultagthanks for your help guys :)19:27
paultagthanks apw, I'll try it19:27
paultagcan't be worse then compiling your own kernel19:27
apwquicker for sure19:27
JFooh yeah\19:27
paultagaye aye19:27
ogasawarasconklin: I just submitted a patch to upstream stable which should resolve bug 544740 assuming upstream stable accepts it19:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 544740 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "fix for iSight cameras not being recognized (affects: 4) (heat: 24)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54474019:32
ogasawarasconklin: I tagged it 2.6.32.y, is there a different tag you guys are using to track bugs that will possible get fixed with future stable releases?19:33
sconklinogasawara: I'm not aware of any tag that's being used, but there probably is one. I want to ask Stefan, and get it documented on the tags page. Thanks for the patch!19:35
vanhoofsconklin: did you hear back on that email you sent last week to intel-gfx?19:40
sconklinvanhoof: Manoj heard back from upstream. They rejected that patch, and are working on a real fix.19:41
vanhoofsconklin: this was the two liner?19:42
sconklinvanhoof: Yes. Manoj will be the interface person between OEM and the kernel team on this (and all kernel issues)19:43
vanhoofsconklin: https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/109959/19:43
vanhooflooks like it was applied19:43
sconklinvanhoof: talk to Manoj about it, I haven't seen any of the emails that were exchanged with upstream about this19:44
vanhoofsconklin: k19:44
sconklinmanjo:  ^^19:45
manjovanhoof, I just emailed you 19:45
vanhoofmanjo: right saw that ... thats the bug for failure to return from suspend19:46
* vanhoof was referring to the two liner for the x201 w/ no graphics at all19:46
* manjo so many intel video issues... 19:46
* ogasawara lunch20:00
JFosigh, now I'm sneezing... all I had before was a cough. :-/20:00
* JFo hates rallyflu20:01
ayanugh.  bummer.20:06
jjohansen-> Lunch20:08
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
tgardnerogasawara, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=commit;h=00f7ee15c69a78ba2551322b184b5b337dca2e4e is obsoleted by Linus' e7b96f28c58ca09f15f6c2e8ccbb889a30fab4f721:42
ogasawaratgardner: ack, I'll replace it.21:44
=== sconklin is now known as sconklin-gone

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