doctormocjohnston: As a favour, could you go to http://art.ubuntu-owl.org/ and submit a piece of work? any svg will be fine.01:27
cjohnstonyour wanting my work?01:29
cjohnstondoctormo: ^01:30
doctormocjohnston: Just your test please.01:30
cjohnstonoh.. not something to keep on there01:30
cjohnstonadmin, setup a new users page :-P01:35
cjohnstondoctormo: done01:38
doctormocjohnston: Great, although something is causing a mystery javascript error, are you any good at js?01:52
doctormoAre you getting the same error?01:58
cjohnstonim not seeing any errors02:04
* cjohnston is off for a bit02:04

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