doctormoIs there anyone interesting is having a look at packaging ktoon? http://www.ktoon.net/portal/node/63 The devs are asking for help and art users are asking why ktoon doesn't work for ubuntu.00:08
voriansure doctormo00:09
voriandoctormo: I take it it's having trouble on lucid?00:10
voriansistpoty was the last to upload it, to debian unstable00:11
doctormovorian: Seems to be something of a mystery, some users get it to work if the grab a specific version and compile it, others can't be arsed.00:11
vorianso are they not using the package in our arhives?00:11
vorianarchives too :P00:12
doctormovorian: Looks like two parts, ktoon and kom, 0.9a00:12
voriancompiling requires every little tasty bit to work right00:12
voriani see00:12
vorianhrm, is the ubuntu/debian version causing trouble, or just the compiled versions?00:13
kklimondawell, developers are recommending us to provide a weekly builds as the project is in constant development..00:24
doctormokklimonda, vorian: Isn't that something new in launchpad for the maverik cycle? weekly building?00:39
kklimondadoctormo: so I've heard but I haven't seen much info about it00:41
doctormovorian: The problematic version I think is the repo one in Ubuntu.00:41
doctormobut then again, I wonder if it should be in the repository at all, considering it's very experimental nature.00:42
kklimondaif developers believe their users should use weekly builds then we should remove it from archive and provide a ppa with builds for lucid and maverick00:43
kklimonda(well, we can't remove it from lucid anymore but we can probably still remove it from maverick)00:43
doctormokklimonda: I wonder how we can start a dialog with Ktoon devs, debian and motu to get it sorted?00:44
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kklimondadoctormo: normally I'd say to just contect the debian dev and ask if he needs help maintaining it (as the 0.9 has been released 3.. months? weeks? ago) but as ktoon devs have voiced their opinion that we should provide weekly builds instead of stable releases I'm not sure. It's hard to expect debian maintainer to provide a weekly releases or create a service to release them automatically.. and00:54
kklimondaLaunchpad can't create debian packages :(00:54
doctormokklimonda: Could just make a cron job though, with a simple email if it goes wrong. then he can get to fixing the package when he likes.00:55
kklimondathere is also a question of how alive the ktoon project itself really is00:57
* kklimonda has just tried to browse ktoon's bugzilla00:58
kklimondaneither do I see a link to the repository..01:00
kklimondadoctormo: we should contact Labtoon and help them make ktoon a nice, opensource friendly project. Then, if they are interested in make it more friendly for us to work with, we can start worying about getting weekly builds and collaborating with debian maintainer. Of course we should find some MOTU interested in pushing it forward so we don't end up with a situation where they provide a working01:06
kklimondabugtracker, a svn repository and we ignore them..01:06
kklimondaI can probably help with maintaining it in Ubuntu and working with Debian maintainer from a purely technical side - I'm not an artist myself but images on their homepage made me interested ;)01:07
squarebracketwhere can i disable -nolisten tcp for X?01:08
doctormokklimonda: I'm more of an artist and non-packaging programmer, so I can only prod people on this. there was actually an interesting discussion we had on ubuntu-artists about ktoon vs synfig.01:09
doctormokklimonda: My face on planet ubuntu was made in inkscape and synfig for instance.01:10
kklimondathe animated one? :)01:12
crimsun_would a member of ~ubuntu-sponsors please unsub the team from lp#609758?01:14
ajmitchcrimsun_: ok01:33
doctormokklimonda: Yes the animated one.01:53
doctormokklimonda: Although I'm willing to ignore a project that uses svn if you are ;-) I'm not a fan.01:53
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crimsun_ajmitch: thanks!03:31
easter_eggHi, someone can help me with this question:04:24
easter_eggAnd.. how can I proceed to report an abandoned package?04:30
ajmitchmost packages are maintained in debian rather than ubuntu, which is most likely the case here04:32
ajmitchyou can get an updated package into ubuntu, but it appears that there's not even an upstream release of blobwars, which makes it a little harder04:34
ajmitch& looking at the upstream git repository, the author is also the debian maintainer04:35
vorianthats not good04:36
ajmitchat least it's still being worked on upstream, but it's probably not ready for a release04:37
vorianah, missed that part04:46
dholbachgood morning07:07
Rhondaeaster_egg: Please keep in mind that the version has no sound because the sounds used in there didn't had compatible licensing so they had to get removed.07:53
Rhondaeaster_egg: And there is no concept of "maintainership" in Ubuntu as I understand it. :)07:53
* Rhonda will add an answer instead of continuing here. ;)07:54
easter_eggRhonda, all the extra packages that are in debian will be maintained in same conditions in Ubuntu?07:55
RhondaThere is no ubuntu diff for blobwars, so it's encouraged to do the move within Debian.07:57
RhondaAs Games Team admin I wasn't though aware about a new upstream release, and the history with licensing of the sounds has shown to be careful with such updates.07:57
micahgRhonda: are the sounds non-distributable or just violate DFSG?07:58
Rhondamicahg: From what I perceived non-distributable because no licensing information at all.07:58
micahgRhonda: ah, that's bad...07:58
RhondaThey were claimed to be "taken from the net" without any information from where and how.07:58
easter_eggRhonda, I could send an e-mail to game creators08:19
RhondaWhy game creators?08:19
RhondaPlease notice that they did react extremely unhelpful when being addressed last time about these issues.08:20
RhondaSo I'm not sure what good that would be to ask them.08:20
easter_eggRhonda, what them reply?08:22
Rhondaajmitch: Hmm, it might though be that the sound files are indeed distributable, only non-commercial and non-modifyable.08:26
Rhondahmm, or not08:27
Rhondaajmitch: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=515541#2708:28
ubottuDebian bug 515541 in blobwars "nonfree package nonexistant?" [Normal,Fixed]08:28
Rhondaeaster_egg: I highly doubt that upstream has replaced the music given the discussion we had with them. So an updated package won't have sound neither, I fear.08:30
easter_eggRhonda, I'll put the right package in my PPA for the friends that wants to play08:33
easter_eggRhonda, or the sound files has a problem with the launchpad rules too?08:33
RhondaThey have a problem with everything.08:37
RhondaNot knowing wether you are allowed to distribute them is a problem.08:37
RhondaSo you should rather remove the music sound directory before doing anything with it.08:37
RhondaThe 1.17 version seems to only have something like a MedalServer code addition, and translation updates/additions.08:38
RhondaI'm unsure about what the Medal thing adds to the game, so I'm uncertain what an update really would gain.08:39
easter_eggRhonda, ok, thanks for all the informations08:41
ajmitchRhonda: ok, I didn't look too closely at it :)08:41
easter_eggI will close the related bug08:41
RhondaI think there were discussions on the debian-games list going on about it in the past. That shouldn't though hinder an update …08:46
Rhondaeaster_egg: Just so that you are aware: I filed a "new upstream version" bugreport in Debian so that it's not lost. Not sure though wether this would be able to get in for maverick.08:49
RhondaPeople are busy these days.08:49
easter_eggRhonda, Really thanks. Because thats is not a high priority question is good to know that it's not lost yet.08:53
easter_eggI will translate some things for maverick now, thanks =]08:54
Rhondaeaster_egg: http://bugs.debian.org/590430 for your convenience.08:55
easter_eggRhonda, grateful for the concern08:57
LucidFoxOoh, got a woman interested in packaging for Ubuntu - not now, though, but when her work rush recedes and she can take a breather09:10
LucidFoxthose interviews do inspire!09:11
LucidFoxwrong channel09:11
easter_eggRhonda, I received a reply of Gus. Mantainer of blobwars, I commented with the e-mail contents in https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/blobwars/+bug/561182 if you want to know09:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 561182 in blobwars (Ubuntu) "Blobwars has no audio" [Wishlist,Confirmed]09:36
easter_eggI will change the description of bug09:36
easter_eggwith him informations09:36
RhondaI was told that Guus is also involved in upstream development, he commits to the sourceforge blobwars git repository.09:42
RhondaBut then, 1.17 isn't really what would give you sound, it's still the old (unlicensed) stuff in there.09:43
Rhondaeaster_egg: http://blobwars.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=blobwars/blobwars;a=summary09:46
easter_eggRhonda, well... at least we have a bug report with good details09:48
RhondaAnd partly misleading ones. :)09:48
bilalakhtarRhonda: hey there! did you license a packaging as WTFPL license or something ?09:50
bilalakhtarRhonda: see conflicts in this file during a merge http://ubuntuone.com/p/Ad7/09:51
bilalakhtarRhonda: is such a license permitted ?09:53
RhondaWhy shouldn't it be permitted?09:57
RhondaWhy is the versioned depends on libqt4-opengl-dev needed?09:59
Rhonda… and on libphonon-dev?09:59
easter_eggRhonda, I been changed the description. If you want to review: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/blobwars/+bug/56118210:00
RhondaI would think that the diff can get dropped from my last upload and simply get synced?10:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 561182 in blobwars (Ubuntu) "Blobwars has no audio" [Wishlist,Confirmed]10:00
Rhondaoh gosh, bug #35839110:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 358391 in zblast (Ubuntu) "Window games should start in the centre of the screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35839110:07
jpdsThat bloke plays too many games.10:09
RhondaAnd it's not something that all those games has to tweak, unless there is a clear instruction set like "set wm hint", mind you.10:10
Rhondaeaster_egg: I wouldn't know how that one is "In Progress" when Guus clearly stated "Replacement music has10:11
Rhondabeen found and a version of blobwars that contains it might be released in a10:11
Rhondafew months, sound is next."10:11
Rhonda… "in a few months" isn't that much in progress to me. Though, it might still be correct, I was wrong about launchpad status before once. :)10:12
easter_eggRhonda, you think that is better change to only "Confirmed"?10:14
lifelessin progress should be used when someoine *is working on it*10:14
easter_eggI hope so10:16
RhondaYes, but someone within Ubuntu, not someone external. :)10:17
RhondaThis depends on a new upstream release.10:17
easter_eggwell... I will change for only "Confirmed" so.10:18
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bilalakhtarjono: Aloha!11:45
bilalakhtarHi there! if a package has Standards-Version upgrade as an Ubuntu change, when merging, should I take the ubuntu s-v or the debian one ?11:47
jonohey bilalakhtar11:50
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* Rhonda nibbles on bilalakhtar …12:09
Rhondabilalakhtar: A diff just for the standards-version doesn't make much sense, if it's only in debian/control anyway.12:10
Rhondabilalakhtar: You did ask me before about qcake but didn't answer my question to you about it?12:11
bilalakhtarRhonda: I went somewhere12:14
bilalakhtarRhonda: I have already requested a sync. What did you actually tell me? Should I have requested sync orr ... ? bug #610024 please ack12:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 610024 in qcake (Ubuntu) "Sync qcake 0.7.2-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61002412:15
* bilalakhtar doesn't have a log of what Rhonda told him :(12:16
Rhondabilalakhtar: Yes, sync would be proper, I don't think that a diff is warranted here anymore. And I was curious why you think that the WTFPL might not be permitted.12:16
bilalakhtarRhonda: because it has the F word on it12:17
bilalakhtarand I never heard about the license12:17
RhondaIt's not that uncommon anymore. :)12:17
bilalakhtarI have heard about all types of FOSS licenses, but this one was a new one for me :)12:17
bilalakhtarRhonda: Can you ack, please?12:17
RhondaIf you go to hunt for F words, get the linux kernel removed. ;)12:17
bilalakhtarRhonda: why?12:18
RhondaComments in there are known to contain various levels of profanity.12:18
bilalakhtarRhonda: So bad!12:18
RhondaThe WTFPL is a FSF approved free software license. :)12:18
bilalakhtarBut, don't the Linux Foundation people regulate the people in their development team ?12:18
bilalakhtarok, enough of the F12:19
* sebner waves at Rhonda :)12:19
* bilalakhtar hopes Rhonda is free and will ack his sync 12:19
umangbilalakhtar, I think even some debian changelogs aren't very so nice about language. And at least with DWTFYL, it's in a well meaning way.12:19
bilalakhtarThis was the first time I saw the F word in a package. I have worked on over 50 packages before this, but this was odd12:20
umangbilalakhtar, http://bugs.debian.org/47745412:20
Rhondabilalakhtar: http://sam.zoy.org/wtfpl/ has a FAQ, "Can’t you change the wording? It’s inappropriate / childish / not corporate-compliant."12:21
* bilalakhtar is shocked at the bug umang gave him12:21
RhondaUh yes, the quodlibet bucket issue. Sweet. :)12:21
* Rhonda waves at SEJeff_home12:21
Rhondaerm, sebner12:21
RhondaSEJeff_home: unping, sorry. :)12:21
* bilalakhtar waves at Rhonda sebner and umang 12:23
sebnerbilalakhtar: holaa :)12:23
umanglike I said, when these kind of things happen, you shouldn't at all mind it when a four letter word is used with a (very) good intention12:23
* umang waves back12:23
RhondaI really should get added to the sponsors team …  Again in the situation where I can't remove the sponsors team from subscribers. %-)12:25
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sebnerRhonda: unsubscribed sponsors-team for you + set to "Confirmed", don't forget that :P12:41
Rhondasebner: Oh, forgot setting Confirmed, right, sorry.12:43
nboltonHi all, if I remove a plugins table from my database, isn't `rake db:migrate_plugins` supposed to re-create it?12:43
sebnerRhonda: np, yw12:43
nboltonOops, wrong channel!12:44
* nbolton sighs12:44
vorianwe should not exceed debian on standard versions Rhonda13:04
vorianjust a freindly fyi :)13:04
Rhondavorian: Did I suggest that? If it sounded like, I didn't.13:05
Rhondavorian: The question was about a package that already has that from what I understood - for whatever reason.13:07
vorianRhonda: ah, ok13:10
vorianit just looked like you said it didn't matter13:11
Rhonda"A diff just for the standards-version doesn't make much sense, if it's only in debian/control anyway." - doesn't sound in any way encouraging to me. :)13:17
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lfaraoneWhat's the recommended way to get the most updated version of lintian for use when checking packages? (I take it rebuilding from debian source locally isn't the best idea)14:14
RainCTlfaraone: install it directly from sid? :P14:17
sebnerhoi RainCT :)14:19
sebnerlfaraone: maverick just got an lintian update14:19
RainCThi sebner14:20
RainCTbbl, getting some lunch14:20
lfaraonesebner: mk, so I'll just have to arrange a backport then.14:21
RhondaAren't there ubuntu specific patches to linitan that are relevant?14:27
RhondaSo pulling it from maverick should rather be the proper answer, not unstable. :)14:28
lfaraoneRhonda: yeah, one, related to CDBS symlinks.14:28
lfaraonesebner, Rhonda, if you're interested in a lucid backport, see bug 610082.14:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 610082 in lucid-backports "Please backport lintian" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61008214:34
sebnerlfaraone: so you want me to testbuild and install that thing? :P14:36
Rhondalfaraone: Not really - I use Debian's lintian and do my packaging in Debian, too. :)14:36
sebnerRhonda: I hope you at least testbuild with a ubuntu chroot :P14:37
Rhondasebner: You mean with respect to the wesnoth-1.8 backports that I requested? Sure thing.14:38
RhondaAnd I just noticed that I don't have a maverick chroot yet.14:38
sebnerRhonda: pfffff :P14:38
* Rhonda . o O ( sudo cp -a /var/cache/pbuilder/cow/lucid /var/cache/pbuilder/cow/maverick; sudo sed -i -e 's/lucid/maverick/g' /var/cache/pbuilder/cow/maverick/etc/apt/sources.list; sudo cowbuilder --update --basepath /var/cache/pbuilder/cow/maverick )14:39
RhondaWhat pffff?14:39
lfaraonesebner: I testbuilded it.14:40
lfaraonesebner: feel free to install it :)14:40
sebnerlfaraone: Making a deeeeeeep backport test means building and installing on my own :P14:40
Rhondalfaraone: testbuilt, btwl. It's a irregular verb. Even if it's nitpicking it's meant helpful. :)14:40
lfaraoneRhonda: meant to be helpful* :P14:41
Rhondameant in a helpful way? :)14:41
lfaraone"meant well" is the idiom, I think.14:42
RhondaThanks. :)14:43
lfaraoneRhonda: do you ever get "Help me Rhonda" jokes?14:43
RhondaWhat do you think? There's always someone to be found to consider it extremely funny, yes.14:44
* lfaraone doesn't find it funny, just was curious. 14:45
RhondaEven though when thinking about it they would have to realize that it's the least original thing they could come up with.14:45
lfaraoneRhonda: almost less original than "Luke, I am your father."14:45
* lfaraone points to the L in lfaraone.14:46
RhondaI like the Beachboys, but I started to grow a hatered for that song. On the other hand, it's just understandable because I am known as a helpful person and people often seek my advice, so …14:46
jpdslfaraone: I thought that was a 1.14:46
* lfaraone stabs jpds, hard. 14:46
RhondaAnd jpds is shorthand for jeopardys?14:46
jpdsRhonda: Potentially.14:47
sebnerlfaraone: commented on the bug + improved descriptions stuff ;)14:47
lfaraonesebner: much appreciated.14:48
proppylifeless: ping15:24
proppyHi, I just found out about your patch to add xrandr support to xvfb15:25
ubottuFreedesktop bug 26391 in DDX/vfb "RandR support for Xvfb" [Normal,New]15:25
proppyI forwarded them to debian bts15:25
ubottuDebian bug 590468 in xvfb "xvfb doesn't support xrandr" [Wishlist,Open]15:25
proppyit seems a proper submittion to xorg-devel need to be done in order for it to be applied upstream15:26
proppydid you follow ? http://www.x.org/wiki/Development/Documentation/SubmittingPatches15:26
proppysee http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=590468#1015:29
ubottuDebian bug 590468 in xvfb "xvfb doesn't support xrandr" [Wishlist,Open]15:29
RhondaHmm. cowbuilder --update from lucid to maverick doesn't seem to work. :(15:32
proppylifeless: I would be happy to help thought15:36
proppysince I'm also interested in getting this patch pushed upstream15:36
lifelessi have to fly nowish15:38
lifelesswill talk in a few days15:39
proppylifeless: thanks15:43
RhondaAlright, great notify-send blog entry - now I wonder how to tweak the look of the notifications.  %-)15:49
nigelbLucidFox: re: interviews we should make a list :)16:15
LucidFoxMake a list?16:16
LucidFoxOh right16:16
LucidFoxthe Behind MOTU ones16:16
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statikmicahg, thanks for forwarding the couchdb1.0 request upstream to debian. i've done that work upstream in pkg-erlang team in debian already, it's just stalled waiting for review and so i went ahead and uploaded to ubuntu so we get it in before the freeze17:28
micahgstatik: awesome, I didn't know, so wanted to imply less urgency upstream, thanks, were there any problems with xulrunner and couchdb?17:29
statikmicahg: it's a hassle that we don't have libmozjs in ubuntu but debian still has it, thats one of the only remaining deltas that we have to carry in ubuntu. I've pushed everything else upstream.17:30
micahgstatik: ok, does it still have issues when a new xulrunner is uploaded?17:30
statikmicahg: i think so, couchdb wants to compile against and load libmozjs.so in order for the javascript view engine to be able to execute.17:31
micahgstatik: k, can we add a wrapper around the daemon so it can find mozjs dynamically?17:31
micahgstatik: congrats on MOTU BTW :)17:32
statikmicahg, thanks! so it looks like right now we call xulrunner-1.9.2 --gre-version at build time in order to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, it seems quite possible to set that up so it's done at run time instead17:33
micahgstatik: ok, that's what we've done with gxine and edbrowse and will be doing for mediatomb17:34
statikmicahg, unfortunately i don't have time to work on that personally this week, but i will file a bug and see if someone on the desktopcouch team can write a patch for it17:34
statikthanks for the suggestion and pointers to the other packages that have solved it17:34
micahgstatik: ok, if I can help let me know, I can try to do it a little later in the cycle if it falls through the cracks.  The only issue I can think of is what happens when xulrunner is upgraded and coundb is running17:35
statikhmm yeah, could be tricky if couchdb itself keeps running but reloads the child process that links against libmozjs.so17:36
statiki think we have that problem already though17:36
j3sui search a french motu team17:37
james_wj3su: you can find francophones in #ubuntu-fr-devel I believe17:37
micahgstatik: maybe we can trigger a restart during xul upgrades?17:38
statikmicahg, ooh, that just might work. I'll write all this into the same bug report17:40
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MuscovyWhat's the correct way to version a non-maintainer upload?18:06
micahgMuscovy: we don't have maintainers18:08
micahgMuscovy: what's the current version?18:09
micahgMuscovy: dch -i usually does the right thing except for SRUs18:09
micahgMuscovy: which release, which package?18:09
MuscovylLcid, I'm backporting opengtl-0.9.1418:10
micahgMuscovy: it's done already18:10
MuscovyOh? I couldn't find that package in lucid.18:10
micahgMuscovy: did you enable -backports?18:10
Muscovy...no, I don't think I did.18:11
micahgMuscovy: you can check versions available with rmadison in devscripts18:11
MuscovyOk, thanks.18:12
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fabrice_spmicahg, got five minutes? It's about mediatomb19:46
micahgfabrice_sp: well, I can answer a few questions19:47
fabrice_spI'm blocked  because of Bug #46581119:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 465811 in xulrunner-1.9.1 (Ubuntu) "code including expat.h won't compile" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46581119:47
fabrice_spis it something you're familiar with?19:48
micahghmmm, the file is there in the includ dir19:49
micahgbut there's no unstableanymroe dir19:49
micahgfabrice_sp: how are you trying to include it?19:49
fabrice_spyeah: xulrunner also contains expat.h, and don't define XML_Char19:50
fabrice_spmicahg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/469474/19:51
fabrice_spI had to do that, because otherwise, configure fails19:51
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micahgfabrice_sp: that looks goodf19:53
micahgfabrice_sp: expat_config.h defines XML_Char19:53
fabrice_spmy guess is that xulrunner is not compatible with libexpat19:53
fabrice_sphmm, let me check19:53
fabrice_spI missed that, I think19:53
micahgfabrice_sp: that could be19:54
micahgfabrice_sp: there's not much difference between the 219:55
fabrice_spthe message is different now: missing nspr.h19:56
fabrice_spso I have to check the includes. Thanks!19:56
micahgfabrice_sp: k, let me know if I can do anything else19:57
fabrice_spI hope I'll be able to fix it ;-)19:57
fabrice_spthanks for your help19:57
micahgfabrice_sp: np19:58
chilicuilgood afternoon, how can I know what changes went from 1 version to another? e.g. I can see $ rmadison qamulator output 2 different versions from lucid to maverick20:05
chilicuilI'd like to know to see if X bug is still there20:05
highvoltagechilicuil: I guess you could check the software name under /usr/share/doc, there are usually changelog files in there20:07
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chilicuilhighvoltage: ok, but then how do I download the maverick version if I'm in lucid?, do u have any clue?20:07
highvoltagechilicuil: there are quite a few ways, packages.ubuntu.com should provide for maverick one of these days then you could look at package versions and changelogs from there20:10
highvoltageI guess the easiest would just be to change your sources.list file to use maverick, install what you need and then change the sources back to lucid. (note that you can't downgrade the package again though)20:11
chilicuilok, I think I'll use the packages.ubuntu.com url, thx highvoltage , btw I've seen the behing motus site, thx for develop Ubuntu :)20:13
zookoiulian: did you see my upgrade-tahoe-lafs ticket?20:13
highvoltagechilicuil: I do very very little but thanks anyway :)20:14
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fabrice_sphmm, anyone knows what's happening there: "error: corrupted profile info: profile data is not flow-consistent20:30
fabrice_sp( http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52551431/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-i386.stockfish_1.8.0-4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz )20:30
micahgfabrice_sp: do you have time to sponsor something for me?20:31
micahgfabrice_sp: bug 608940, thanks20:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 608940 in gjs (Ubuntu Lucid) "No change rebuild for xulrunner- update" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60894020:31
fabrice_span easy one :-)20:31
BlackZhey fabrice_sp20:35
fabrice_sphey BlackZ ;.)20:40
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fabrice_spmicahg, uploaded20:55
micahgfabrice_sp: thanks20:55
fabrice_sp(sorry for the delay: I had to rebuild my lucid sbuild)20:55
fabrice_spyw :-)20:55
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RhondaAbout the UbuntuOne iPhone client and the GPL issue, good news for all these things: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2010/07/26/technology/AP-US-TEC-Digital-Copyright.html21:15
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ari-tczewI see in some patches a files /.pc/ what is it?22:32
Laneyquilt applied patches directory22:33
Laneyreminds me to write that lintian check22:34
* Laney checks out22:34
ari-tczewdoes maverick support armel and sparc?23:05
zookoFolks: if someone could look at this before the imminent freeze for Maverick I would appreciate it:23:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 609755 in tahoe-lafs (Ubuntu) "please upgrade to tahoe-lafs v1.7.1" [Undecided,New]23:07
micahgari-tczew: armel yes, sparc ATM, but most likely will be dropped23:08
ari-tczewhi and thanks micahg23:21
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