nwidgerhello, has anyone had problems with mysql not starting on boot up?  i can start it manually with 'sudo start mysql', but it's really annoying to do that everytime.  anyone know what might be wrong?  i've performed a 'sudo update-rc.d mysql defaults' and that didnt help01:18
tateOi, fresh mythbuntu installation and now I can't seem to get mythfrontend to see the backend unless I stop the backend and run it from the command line.02:06
tateThis is run on the same computer, localhosted backend.02:07
wootini have an imon ipad and each time i do a left or right press it jumps multiple times10:05
wootinany ideas?10:05
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JoshT76anyone run mythbutnu across subnets?15:03
rickabillieHi, has anyone had any luck getting the nvidia 8400 svideo out working?15:40
rileypIm looking for ffmpeg settings to use in mythexport to use on mythtv's mpeg2 recordings to convert for an ipod  touch /Iphone all links Ive found thus far are for avi conversion..15:50
rileyperr thats avi to .mov  not mpeg2 to mp4 or mpeg2 to mov15:51
rileypI dont know if the seetings even need be difernt but It would benice to know what to use jsut the same15:51
JoshT76anyone run a backend and frontend from different subnets?16:32
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JoshT76how can you configure x11vnc to be headless?17:46
JoshT76i want to run a backend with no monitor, but still vnc into the bix17:46
JoshT76anyone here?19:01
rickabilliehas anybody here had luck with getting svideo out to work with a 8400gs?23:19
rickabilliecan anyone recommend a reasonably (<$50) priced nvidia video card that does svideo out?23:42
mrandrickabillie: If you are wanting new, Newegg has decent filters that might allow you to identify one.  Otherwise you'd need to search online (possibly mythtv wiki) and buy via ebay or someplace.23:53

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