dholbachgood morning07:07
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dholbachnigelb: at least I got to hear some noise from sweet India :)15:32
dholbachnigelb: no need to go crazy :)15:32
nigelbyou heard the echo from germany :p15:32
dholbachbut it was FROM India :)15:32
dholbachalright, whatever15:33
dholbachso there's a few things I wanted to talk about15:33
nigelbanyway, so we're way out of track15:33
dholbach1) Ubuntu Global Jam coming up soon15:33
dholbach2) Patch Days + Tuition Sessions15:33
dholbach3) Interviewing current contributors about their experience with the process15:33
dholbach4) Reaching out more generally15:33
dholbach5) Reactivating Bobbo! :-D15:34
* vish thinks the review process needs to be review first :(15:34
nigelbI thought it was fine with no complaints15:34
nigelb('cept for nitpickers like you :p)15:35
vish1: we dont need so many tags ;p15:35
dholbachI think it's just important to hear what our new contributors have to say in any case15:35
nigelbYes, we do.15:35
vishno.. :s15:35
nigelbhow else doo you intend to keep track of the buckets?15:35
dholbachshall we go through them one by one?15:35
vishWe need only 4 statuses:15:35
vish- forwarded [this will work for all patches debian/upstream]15:35
vish- needs-work  [these three are for patches which are lp projects]15:35
vish- accepted15:35
vish- rejected15:35
nigelbvish: but if a patch is marked rejected we might still goo with it15:36
vishnigelb: we cant keep baby sitting patches for ever :(15:36
nigelbfor example the ayatana does a lot of stuff rejected upstream15:36
vishnigelb: rejected is for an Ubuntu task..15:36
nigelbtags are per bug reports not per task15:36
vishplus we need to do what bgo does , status of the patches , rather than tag bug reports15:37
vishme need to get that in lp :)15:37
nigelbstatus of patches was discussed at uds15:37
nigelbIf i remember, you were there :p15:37
vishyeah , thats what i'm saying ;)15:37
nigelbjcastro had an acition item and he updated it recently.15:37
nigelbwhile its a good idea lp team thinks its too much of work to implement right now15:37
nigelband they suggested that we use tags which we're already doing15:38
nigelb(this is the result of the action item)15:38
vishnigelb: why do we need patch-fowarded-upstream + -debian ? why not just patch-forwarded?  if a relevant patch needs to to upstream/debian it is evident15:38
nigelbWe can have a patch forwarded to upstream and debian at the same time15:39
nigelbhow do you track that?15:39
* vish never saw such a bug yet :s15:39
nigelbI did.15:39
dholbachI feel like we should have that discussion separately :)15:40
nigelbI shoulda been at uds15:40
dholbachin terms of feedback I can imagine that there's a lot of other stuff coming up15:40
nigelbthis would have been so much easier if we could sit down and discuss :/15:40
dholbachbut we need to start reaching out to those new contributors first15:40
nigelbinstead of having reports maybe we need to blog about examples15:40
nigelblike what effraim does for packaging.  that would seem interesting15:41
vishdholbach: thats the first complaint any new contrib keeps whining about , too many patches :( , thats why i brought it up :)15:41
dholbachI did a blog post like that already, anybody else wants to have a go?15:41
* vish fades aways15:41
nigelbdholbach: I do.  Its my turn for reports today.  I'll do some.15:41
dholbachvish: sorry, I didn't mean to rebuff your comments15:41
dholbachvish: I think they're important, but I felt that it was part of a longer conversation15:41
dholbachand tried to go through the quicker pieces first15:42
vishcool.. :)15:42
nigelbdholbach: we need to have a patch day soon :)15:42
nigelbshall we bug pedro about it today? next thursday perhaps?15:43
dholbachpedro is at GUADEC right now15:43
nigelbahhh.  Oh no.15:43
dholbachso maybe the thursday afterwards15:43
dholbachwhich would leave more time for organisation15:43
dholbachI'm happy to send him a mail about it15:43
dholbachregarding http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam15:44
nigelbSame system as last time, 1 person in the channel provides support for questions etc15:44
dholbachit's going to be quite a big event, happening in a month15:44
dholbachit'd be nice if we could integrate info about Cleansweep into either http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam directly or maybe http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Bugs15:44
dholbachdo you think that makes sense?15:44
nigelbyes.  it does15:45
dholbachdo you think you can have a look and see where it fits in well?15:45
nigelbI was planning on having a bug jam in our city.  May be I could organize it towards patches15:45
dholbachI'll also mention it as part of the UGJ announce15:45
dholbachsounds awesome15:45
nigelbI will. I will either fix it or talk to pedro about it first15:45
dholbachthat's two discussion points off the list already :)15:45
dholbachlet's talk about the actions in a few days again so we can see where we stand15:46
nigelbI'll go compose that blog post now15:46
dholbachhow can we reach out more generally and also reach out to existing contributors about their experience with the process?15:46
dholbachshall we maybe just ask during the patch days?15:46
nigelbyeah.  good idea15:46
nigelbjust 4 questions would do15:47
nigelbsmall enough for people to spare 5 minutes15:47
dholbachare you going to draft something up so we can ask them immediately during the event?15:47
nigelbyep, I will :)15:47
dholbachand maybe we should think about reaching out more after those events again15:47
nigelbyeah, have a list of people who participated and poke them often15:48
dholbachI think I'll CC bobbo in all those discussion mails too15:48
nigelbyep, good idea15:48
dholbachmaybe he's interested in helping out15:48
nigelbalso, you could display that counter on your site15:48
nigelband also poke and push other community folks like jono to display it15:48
dholbachI'll have a look and see15:49
nigelbtorture them if you have to :D15:49
dholbachnigelb: sent the summary15:54
dholbachnigelb: let's re-review in a few days15:54
vishdholbach: there is one item jcastro was supposed to do during UGJ16:02
* vish finds blueprint16:02
vishnigelb: poke..17:10
nigelbvish: ouch17:11
vishnigelb: right , so back to the reduce tags17:11
vishnigelb: is there any way , we can reduce ,them , seems a bit much .. we can make it a lot more simpler17:12
nigelbvish: I'm thinking of it now that you say it so vehemently17:12
vishwe have nearly 11-12 tags , and the first thing anyone sees that list they go .. awww :s17:13
nigelbbest part...17:13
nigelbwe always use only 3 :/17:13
nigelbpatch-needswork, patch-forwarded-upstream17:14
nigelbwell, the othe one is "patch"17:14
nigelbvish: I've asked doctormo to take a look at the process17:15
vishNicke: i say , we combine the tags and reduce to just 4.. and we dont ask anyone to babysit the patch , we need to make the submitter  more familiar with upstrea/debian17:15
vishwe cant keep reporting back , upstream says "so so.."17:15
visherr , nigelb ^17:15
vishNicke: unping ;)17:16
nigelbcan give me a few days to talk to others?17:16
nigelbvish: unping is so LOL.  Now you've pinged him/her twice >D17:16
vishnigelb: no probs for me ;)17:16
nigelbvish: also, bug me next week.  I might get overwhelmed. :D17:18
vishnigelb: hehe , alteast he wont keep wondering whaaaaat! :)17:18
vishnigelb: meh , i forget more than you ;p , thats why i mention now ..17:18
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massimo_evening all !21:55
massimo_somebody got some tips for a newcomer?22:01
massimo_having trouble finding my fingerprint? command : gpg --fingerprint does not return anything, any help plz?22:28

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