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vaporstunhi all, i installed ubuntu server and it will not boot. just shows cursor blinking with black background00:53
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vaporstunwhen i boot into ubuntu server cd, i can tell it to boot from first hard disk and it works fine00:53
vaporstuntried re-installing grub, installing lilo, etc. to no avail00:53
vaporstunany ideas?00:54
vaporstunoh, i am using a 2.2TB hardware RAID array which is properly recognized by the installer and is formatted as ext400:54
doolphwhat package do ubuntu 10.04 server has for Qos?? I want to use it as internet gateway01:03
KurtKrautdoolph, I don't belive this could be achived by just installing a package. You'll have to configure from ground to top a firewall with QoS,01:04
doolphdo you know where to start?01:05
KurtKrautdoolph, yes: studying iptables firewall.01:06
KurtKrautdoolph, you'll spend a great effort reading, studying, trying, but at the end, you'll be able to have the most 'cirurgical' QoS and other complex firewall settings.01:07
Saturn2888I upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid and now when logging in, I find it takes at least 50 sec just to authenticate me to user and also a long time to authenticate me as root. Why is this?02:38
Saturn2888I /did/ notice something like 60 console-kit-daemons loaded. I wonder if they load up every time I log in02:42
Saturn2888yes, it's starting them up every time I login. Second, I noticed if I've already authenticated as root, it doesn't take any time to log me in. Something about entering in a password correctly is triggering the creation of all of these02:44
aitdSaturn2888: going on memory here, not at work to check my logs, but I had the same problem and I modified the /etc/sshd_config file, appending "UseDNS no" (unsure of correct syntax. Google it. After doing so, the logins returned to a more normal time period.03:02
Saturn2888apt-get remove consolekit did not fix the problem,03:03
bogeyd6Saturn2888, which authentication method are you using, PAM, LDAP, DOMAIN?03:03
Saturn2888PAM I think. I didn't know you could use Domain or LDAP actually bc I'd rather prefer adding domain in :P03:04
bogeyd6Saturn2888, change your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file to "UseDNS no" and restart the service using sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart03:05
Saturn2888"UsePAM yes" Could I even add "UseDOMAIN yes" ?03:05
bogeyd6second you should be using SSH keys to login with SSH and not passwords03:05
Saturn2888meh, it's not online, it's my home network, and I use PuTTY, and it's a bit of a pain to do the key thing. The 1 security flaw about keys is that someone gets the key and no password is needed.03:06
Saturn2888is the DNS thing commented out or should I add it? Second, why didn't I have these issues in Hardy?03:07
bogeyd61 security flaw is anyone sniffs your connect and you lose03:07
bogeyd6You should add it03:07
Saturn2888What do you mean about sniffing the connection?03:07
bogeyd6we need to fix the obvious and lay a good base so we can further troubleshoot, right now you got two big problems03:07
Saturn2888login is still slow. I need to restart ssh don't I?03:09
Saturn2888yeah, still slow03:09
bogeyd6i meant "sudo /etc/init.d/sshd restart"03:10
Saturn2888wait wait. That's not the whole file03:10
Saturn2888ok referesh03:10
Saturn2888it's ssh restart. sshd isn't a service in init.d03:10
bogeyd6does the delay occur after you type password?03:11
bogeyd6ok now we need to debug03:12
bogeyd6ssh -vvv user@server03:12
bogeyd6after that we will need to take a look at if you have the update motd script running03:14
bogeyd6im out03:18
Saturn2888after the password. Does it for root too, but does NOT do it when I do sudo su - right after having logged in as root meaning, if I do not authenticate again, I do not have the issue03:19
Saturn2888bogeyd6: http://pastie.org/private/1ih8lnt1o9vaal6yuosfaa03:20
Saturn2888I also keep seeing domainadmin@grubber:~$ debug2: tcpwinsz: 263536 for connection: 4  at the prompt and can't get rid of it03:22
bogeyd6*** System restart required ***03:22
bogeyd6*** System restart required ***03:22
Saturn2888bogeyd6: ? Where is that? And it does the password thing in tty03:23
bogeyd6dude, "sudo shutdown -r now"03:23
Saturn2888or just reboot :p03:23
bogeyd6line 14403:23
Saturn2888great, well darn. I wish I'd seen that before03:23
Saturn2888Wow, the great feat of Windows tech support03:23
bogeyd6hopefully, just hopefully03:23
Saturn2888I don't think that's it. I'm almost sure it did that after a restart03:24
bogeyd6it will solve it, because your next step is to start PAM trouble shooting and changes lots of things03:24
Saturn2888I'm getting a keyboard03:27
Saturn2888finally, now it's going down. I lost my DHCP lease in the process....03:32
Saturn2888logging in on the host machine itself was fast.03:34
Saturn2888but it didn't reboot from terminal03:34
Saturn2888only from tty03:34
Saturn2888but I can't acces sit03:34
Saturn2888access* it03:34
Saturn2888aw great.. I restarted the wrong server.03:37
Saturn2888that was my router. The reason i can't access it is because I'm at the grubrescue> screen. I dunno what to do.03:37
Saturn2888booting now. I need to update-grub then grub install into the compact flash drive I have in there. I must've forgotten. then I'll swap out the USB drive with the Compact flash and should be okay03:41
Saturn2888if you're wondering, grub2 wouldn't embed into /dev/md0 so I mad /boot on a USB, it worked bu it's so slow. I ended up moving it all to an IDE Compact Flash drive I had sitting around but must've forgotten some stueps03:42
bogeyd6sounds like you got alot of work ahead of you03:42
Saturn2888yeah, slow in tty1 for sure03:42
Saturn2888well this should be about 1 min (after login) to fix GRUB03:43
Saturn2888the rest is logging in being slow. It's not SSH-related03:43
Saturn2888rebooting it. hoping this time it'll use the compact flash. Maybe it did last time and grub was like "WTF?" Hmmm. The USB isn't large enough to use anyway.03:49
Saturn2888bogeyd6: yay works. Ok, back to this problem03:50
Saturn2888I think it has to do with something in /etc/pam.d04:18
twbSaturn2888: what are you trying to do?04:18
Saturn2888login in both ssh and tty is extremely slow taking 30sec to 1min. I am trying to figure out why. I restored an old snapshot of the /etc/pam.d directory, no fix. I wonder what's causing it. Before, i noticed everytime I authenticated, I got a ton of console-kit-daemon --no-daemon processes which I used apt-get remove consolekit to kill. Then I also noticed that if I logged in as root, hit CTRL D, and did sudo su - before the tim04:21
qman__Saturn2888, the default motd in jaunty and newer takes some time to process04:24
qman__it checks system load and then checks for updates04:24
Saturn2888qman__: oh ok. Where is it? I have it not to load over ssh, but that probably just stops it from being displayed04:28
qman__Saturn2888, /etc/motd.d04:29
Saturn2888hmm only motd.04:31
qman__hmm, must be the wrong path04:32
qman__ /etc/update-motd.d/04:33
twbSaturn2888: what auth methods do you want/try to use?04:33
twbSo you aren't using, say, LDAP, or kerberos?04:33
Saturn2888I dunno what you mea04:33
twbThis is a single-user single-host machine without a network connection?04:34
Saturn2888oh oh, no no. I wish. I only found out today it was possible in SSH, didn't even know it was possible for tty04:34
Saturn2888I get into it via SSH almost always. it is a single-user machine in that I am the only one using it, but some apps have their own users.04:34
twbOh, you said it's still only taking a minute to boot04:35
twbUnless this is a brand new machine, one minute is *good*04:35
qman__yeah, all those scripts run to generate the motd04:35
Saturn2888only? no no, boot is a different issue. I'm talking about login04:35
Saturn2888like "Ubuntu 10.04.1 Login: "04:35
qman__if any one of them takes more than a couple seconds, you're going to notice it04:35
Saturn2888after typing in my pass it's like "let's go to sleep now"04:35
twbSaturn2888: You mean the delay is after you enter your username and password?04:35
qman__and they do on every system I've installed04:35
Saturn2888qman__: ok. So I check them all?04:36
Saturn2888twb: it's the delay after entering a correct password to getting to the prompt04:36
qman__move the ones you don't care about out of that directory04:36
Saturn2888which ones are which? Why are they there?04:36
qman__they generate the info that shows up in the motd04:36
twbSaturn2888: then the problem is most likely in your .bashrc, .bash_profile, .profile, or other login scripts.04:37
qman__system status, updates, zombie processes, that sort of thing04:37
qman__it's a convenience feature04:37
twbChecking motd is also a good idea, although I *thought* those were updated at boot time, not at login time.04:37
qman__not sure when it updates, but I notice with fresh installs that logging in takes longer because of it04:37
qman__even on fast hardware04:38
qman__and even when logging in long after booting has finished04:38
Saturn2888qman__: do I restart something after doing this?04:39
Saturn2888I'm moreso thinking it's in bash then like twb says04:39
qman__just log in and see if it fixes the problem04:39
Saturn2888didn't fix it04:39
Saturn2888well lemme move more things.04:39
Saturn2888yeah,  no fix from even completely moving the update-motd.d folder04:40
qman__ok then, must be something else04:40
Saturn2888The only thing I changed in bashrc is something I changed on all my other systems, I added the colors04:41
Saturn2888maybe something else went screwy. I want to try copying files from one server to this one and see what happesn04:41
Saturn2888hmm. did anything change from hardy to now?04:43
Saturn2888in the bash rc files04:43
qman__they have changed, but I don't think any of the configuration itself has changed04:44
qman__just the order and the comments04:44
qman__if your question is whether a hardy .bashrc will work on lucid without issues, the answer is yes04:44
Saturn2888ok good04:45
Saturn2888lemme try swapping the files now. Unless you guys can point me to some default ones04:45
twbSaturn2888: put "date --rfc-3339=ns" at the top of your .bashrc04:50
twbThen, when you next log in, you'll know how quickly it reaches that point04:51
Saturn2888why's that?04:51
Saturn2888ooh cool!04:51
twbYou can also try something like printf "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}:$LINENO"04:52
twbI forget the exact syntax04:52
Saturn2888For what?04:53
Saturn28882010-07-25 22:53:50.296067986-05:00   if it's saying it only took 10 sec, that's a lie  so this is saying it's probably def bashrc?04:55
Saturn2888I had pasted it in the wrong chat :P04:55
twbFor when you have a dozen such timestamp lines; it prints out which file/line the timestamp belongs to.04:55
Saturn2888oh I see, i want that. I dunno how to lookup the syntax for it. Never done  bash scripting myself04:58
twbgo onto #bash and ask05:00
Saturn2888haha oh yeah05:01
Saturn28881 min05:01
Saturn2888gonna swap out the file first05:01
Saturn2888swapping out the .bashrc file didn't fix it either05:04
Saturn2888qman__: haha, it's not fixing that way either05:04
Saturn2888do you guys know what scripts run when you login? Maybe that's killing it05:05
twbSaturn2888: /etc/profile.d05:13
Saturn2888nothing in there05:15
twbI find that hard to believe05:16
Saturn2888twb: http://pastie.org/private/orjqbjlsjizbpw4h9j32pw05:16
Saturn2888was there supposed to be stuff in there?05:16
twbbash_completion, at least05:16
twbMaybe ubuntu moved it somewhere "helpful"05:17
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Saturn2888I have some things in /home/user05:17
Saturn2888twb: Something looks off to me: http://pastie.org/private/3plvoir17bujn2lpljrsha line 1905:25
Saturn2888I see something, the if /etc/bash_completion part. That file is in /etc05:29
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Saturn2888although, this is commented out for root login05:29
Saturn2888twb: Oddly enough, it gives me enough time when it's logging in to switch out the .bashrc file.05:44
Saturn2888so it's whatever executes before bash05:45
Saturn2888lemme log back in, I wanna also try changing the password05:48
twbWhatever; I'm not hanging on your every word.05:48
Saturn2888np np, sorry. I might wanna note ,if I type in my password wrong it does that normally05:49
Saturn2888the speed that is05:49
Saturn2888oops, that was my fault05:50
Saturn2888does bash have anything to do with password authentication?05:50
Saturn2888if not, that's the new place to look for this because authenticating this password to change it took forever05:51
qman__that's pam05:51
Saturn2888back to pam then?05:52
qman__probably /etc/pam.d/common-auth05:52
Saturn2888What could be the issue now?05:52
qman__well, there you have it05:53
qman__you're attempting to authenticate with winbind05:54
qman__it's probably failing05:54
Saturn2888oh ok, I am?05:54
qman__winbind and ldap05:54
Saturn2888wait wait, so I can auth as a samba users?05:54
qman__what specifically do you mean?05:54
Saturn2888oh, this machine is the LDAP server, now I remember. But LDAP stopped working after the upgrade. Ah ha! so I should comment it out05:55
qman__that's not going to solve the problem05:55
qman__that file is now automatically generated05:55
qman__you need to fix or remove ldap05:55
qman__and winbind05:55
qman__otherwise, next time the pam update script runs, it'll be slow again05:56
qman__you can comment as a temporary solution05:56
Saturn2888it's okay. I'll just remake my samba users again05:56
Saturn2888I have no clue why it's not working anyway05:56
qman__winbind/ldap is a separate thing from samba05:56
qman__what exactly are you trying to do?05:57
qman__you CAN authenticate samba users via ldap/winbind, but they don't by default05:57
Saturn2888or was I trying to do. Does uninstalling those fix pam?05:57
qman__might, though you might need to purge them05:57
Saturn2888I had this as an LDAP master and my other server as an AD server which got users from LDAP on this machine05:57
qman__the reason it's taking so long is it's timing out attempting to authenticate against winbind or ldap, or both05:58
Saturn2888one of them is gone, the pam-ldap.so use_first_pass is still there. Commenting it out05:58
Saturn2888no fix though05:59
qman__you only commented it out in one method06:00
qman__it more than likely exists in others06:00
qman__and when pam updates again, it'll uncomment06:00
qman__you need to fix/remove ldap06:01
Saturn2888 pam-auth-update , ran that, didn't fix it though06:01
Saturn2888oh oh! fixed06:01
Saturn2888I forgot to uncheck samba. weird, at least now I have more control over this06:01
Saturn2888Thank you guys so much!06:14
Saturn2888I'm heading out06:14
mase_wkhi lwizardl06:44
lwizardlI know Landscape is a payware type of service but does there exist something similar to it for free usage ?06:44
twbDepends if you want to babysit both ends06:44
lwizardltwb, what do you mean?06:45
mase_wklandscape is a service06:45
lwizardlwell what I am looking for is something that will let me manage everything from a single location06:46
mase_wki think it's proprietary, not entirely sure. But even if it was free, they would still charge for the service.06:46
lwizardlI know I could use stuff like cpanel, ebox, webmin, etc to do most of it06:46
mase_wki don't think landscape does what you think it does06:47
lwizardlyeah I am not looking for someone else to do the work. more a just a single program versus using shell to handle this, then that, etc06:47
lwizardlah ok06:47
lwizardlthen I must have been confused06:47
mase_wklandscape will let you manage a pool of VM's06:47
mase_wksystems etc..06:47
mase_wkso packages etc.. on the boxes06:48
lwizardllast time I looked at landscape was around the first advertisement date on the server download site06:48
mase_wkcpanel and lanscape do have some crossover in terms of functionality but i think they are fairly different beasts.06:49
mase_wklandscape is probably what you want if you ahve a number of servers to manage06:49
mase_wkand you want to administer/ provision them automagically06:49
lwizardlok yeah I just have 1 server and 10 domains on it06:50
mase_wkyou probably don't want ladnscape.06:50
lwizardlthat I manage manually06:50
lwizardlyeah i don't think so06:50
lwizardlnow if i had like 5-6 servers then yeah06:50
mase_wkwhat are the main issues for you wrt to managing the server via CLI ?06:51
mase_wkis it just unfamiliarity or do you need to give other people access to things?06:52
lwizardlmase_wk, I am fine with the cli just sometimes people ask for access to this or that06:57
lwizardland then i have to remove it etc06:57
lwizardlalso would like to be able to have printable charts of usage etc06:58
lwizardlthere are a few things here and there I don't know how to do but a quick google search usually helps for those06:59
mase_wkyeh i understand what you mean. i've had to do something similar with some of my servers  however I basically just created an ldap server, and hooked apache/ postfix / everything else up to the ldap server for auth06:59
mase_wkand then wrote a web frontend to which ever parts of the ldap records i wanted people to be able to change07:00
twblwizardl: cfengine, puppet, chef, etc. provide a centralized mechanism for managing a network of heterogeneous systems07:00
lwizardlyeah what I was doing was more setup a temp ftp and link to those files needed. and then after the login and they got that file i remove the account07:00
Roxyhart0hi there, i need to control which user are accesing p2p connection from internet. Somebody have any idea about any tool?07:00
lwizardlRoxyhart0, that seems to be a firewall relationship issue. I would look into ipcop07:01
Roxyhart0i mean, p2p is open...i just need to control when the user are downloading stuff with copyright issues07:03
mase_wkRoxyhart0: thats pretty hard to do unless you know which files have copyright issues in advance07:03
lwizardlRoxyhart0, ah ok I thought you was trying to stop all p2p on the network07:03
Roxyhart0no yet07:03
lwizardlRoxyhart0, that program i listed has a option to block all p2p traffic on the network, and lots of other stuff. I haven't set one up yet but it will be done this week after my network is installed at the location07:04
twbmase_wk: the other problem with landscape (apart from being proprietary) is that the client is only available on Ubuntu07:05
mase_wktwb: ah ok so it handles stuff at the application level etc.. too ? i dont use landscape ( b/c it's proprietary )07:05
twbAFAIK landscape is basically just a cfengine-type system with the server side, and its web ui, being proprietary07:05
Roxyhart0thanks...at the moment identify user who download material with copyright issues. It is more "after" the problem as we still are not going to block p2p07:06
mase_wktwb: ah ok. fair enough.07:06
mase_wkRoxyhart0: how do you handle encrypted p2p ?07:07
mase_wkis this for an office / corp environ or something like a wifi hotspot ?07:08
Roxyhart0this is a educational institution07:08
Roxyhart0and i dont know, but the most of the traffic p2p is not encrypted i suppose?07:09
mase_wknot really sure i guess it depends on your users. the most useful way i've managed to combat p2p in an office is by heavily shaping everything that isn't a service we actively use07:11
mase_wkand offering to download torrents at high speed on behalf of users. For those that want new distro torrents or other legal things07:11
lwizardlI don't think so but most p2p today seems to be torrents and most clients are setup to use encryption07:12
mase_wkwe had alot of encrypt on our network07:12
mase_wkhence why i couldn't really stop it per se07:12
mase_wkbut i could make it annoyingly slow07:13
mase_wkand those that want something quick know they can get it quick if it's legal.07:13
lwizardlthe ipcop program one of my friends used when he did a bunch of network setup installs for a church community center07:13
lwizardland set it to block stuff like kazaa/limewire/frostwire bittorrents07:14
Roxyhart0i will check it, i leasen about ipp2p and Dante(as proxy) as well...but doesn do that im looking to do now07:14
lwizardlonly thing that still works for what he told me was stuff like megaupload etc and he just added those to the blocked sites07:14
lwizardlplus that has a option to setup cache for updates so if you have say 10 computers on the network that all need to get updated it only grabs it once from the internet and the other 9 computers grab a cached version from the firewall07:15
Roxyhart0mase_wk, how you can do slow the traffic if you cannt detect if it is p2p? i mean encrypted traffic?07:16
lwizardli think its just a modded version of monowall/shorewall but has lots of nice features07:16
mase_wkRoxyhart0: i dont' detect it's p2p , i just shape everything and unshape the protocols we actively use, ssh, http, ssl etc..07:16
Roxyhart0ah ok...07:17
mase_wkthe shaping works well because it's not like it doesn't work. so people just assume the torrents are slow07:17
mase_wkesp when generic web access etc.. is quick07:17
mase_wkso most of the time they just give up07:18
mase_wkif they complain, they usually complain about a legal torrent, in which case i explain that it's shaped etc..07:18
mase_wkand then download it for them07:18
lwizardlmase_wk, yup but the more tech people will try and use a proxy and see if that will bypass and get faster07:18
mase_wklwizardl: proxy won't help in this scenario unless it tunnels the p2p over http07:19
mase_wkwhich means your downloading it twice07:19
lwizardlah true07:19
mase_wkonce remotely and then pushing it through the proxy07:19
mase_wkwhich people who run proxy's don't like either07:20
mase_wksame applies to an ssh tunnel07:20
mase_wkin both cases people who understand it realise it's easier to do it from home :)07:20
lwizardlyeah just saying if someone wants it bad enough they will try other options07:20
lwizardlor look for another wifi spot and try with that instead07:21
mase_wkyeh just makign it easier to do something else is usually enough07:22
lwizardlyup and then if something happens you have tried to stop people from doing it07:23
lwizardlme I plan to offer internet lan access in my store and I want to make 100% or as close as possable to stop any p2p downloading07:24
Roxyhart0i read dante works with p2p07:25
lwizardland I also want to try and block access to adult related sites which is both something that the ipcop program does and then it has more options that I can make use of also07:25
Roxyhart0i will have a look at ipcop07:26
lwizardlyeah the only issue I have seen is that your box you install it on will need to have atleast 3 nic cards installs07:27
lwizardlso you can set them for how trusted the network you want Red/Blue/Green07:27
lwizardlbasically Internal network only, external network only, and both07:28
Roxyhart0so, the nic with both is going the trusted traffic?07:30
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mase_wkthe adult sites can be handled by blocking dns requests to anything other than your dns servers07:32
lwizardland has full access, external only can visit web sites like google etc, and internal only is for computers you need to do other stuff on like your backend server keep track of POS cash registers etc07:33
mase_wkor you can use a service like openDNS07:33
mase_wkand only allow dns requests to those dns servers07:33
lwizardlmase_wk, yeah I was going just display a generic "sorry these types of pages are not allowed on the network"07:33
lwizardland then also disable the usb ports so people can't bring files from home and save them onto the computers to cause problems07:34
lwizardlI want to set the machines to do like the computers at my old college did. after you reset the computer it booted a set system and automatically removed any files a user may have left or installed07:35
Roxyhart0can you do that with linux? I know with AD form windows ypu can do, i mean reset policies in clients (windows) but i am not sure if it is possible with linux server, could be great07:36
qman__lwizardl, should be pretty straightforward if you build an image and set them to netboot it07:36
qman__most of the trouble in setting up a netboot system is the persistent data07:36
lwizardlqman__, yeah I think that is what they did07:36
qman__but since you don't want any that takes that whole bit out07:36
qman__in absence of adequate network resources, you could build a custom live CD07:38
qman__but then you'd have to burn a new CD every time you patch it07:38
lwizardlyeah and that would be a waste07:39
mase_wkRoxyhart0: depends if your clients are linux or windows. I don't believe you can give the windows clients those sorts of profiles from a openldap etc..  like you can with AD07:39
mase_wkbut if you have linux / osx clients you can07:39
lwizardlI will look into that because the computers I am running as internet terminals aren't that great of machines but for just net access they work great07:40
lwizardlthey are running Ubuntu 10.0407:40
EvilPhoenixany idea why when I try and add this to iptables it fails: http://starfleet.pastebin.com/gQtgRsfg07:41
Roxyhart0yes the most are windows and mac07:41
lwizardlI'm using old Compaq IPAQ desktop computers 550mhz with 256mb ram, and a 10gb hdd07:41
EvilPhoenix#netfilter says its the kernel07:41
EvilPhoenixi'm not sure what to look for to fix it07:41
mase_wkRoxyhart0: well the mac ones with auth against openldap. I don't / haven't used windows clients since 98 so i'm not sure how they will deal with an openLDAP server.07:42
qman__mase_wk, they won't07:42
lwizardlI keep 1 windows desktop around and thats just for editing commercials from my ReplayTV DVR other then that I'm fully Ubuntu only on the other machines07:43
qman__you need samba, and some serious hacks07:43
mase_wkqman__: ye figured as much07:43
qman__and even then it's only partially working at best07:43
qman__upgraded to lucid, it picked a resolution out of range07:43
Roxyhart0in the most of the suff are ok, but for apply policies...no unless there are some way that we dont know07:43
lwizardlI have 1 windows machine, 1 server, 4 terminals, 2 linux pos computer cash registers, 1 office pc, 1 soon to be firewall, and 1 backend server07:44
lwizardland 3 computers that are soon to be installed into MAME arcade cabinets07:44
mase_wkcan anyone remember where hardy stored it's getty configuration ?07:45
Roxyhart0Hi EvilPhoenix, look this page http://www.shorewall.net/OpenVZ.html07:46
Roxyhart0"if you see annoying error messages as shown below during start/restart, remove the module-init-tools package from the VE"07:47
EvilPhoenixRoxyhart0:  the issue isnt with OpenVZ, the issue is iwith the kernel image loaded on it07:47
qman__mase_wk, the per-TTY configs are in /etc/event.d07:48
EvilPhoenixits not reading the modules necessary to detect ESTABLISHED,RELATED connections on iptables07:48
mase_wkqman__: thats it . thanks. don't suppose you can copy/paste your getty line from /etc/event.d/tty1 ? I am de-xenifiying a virtual machine07:49
qman__exec /sbin/getty 38400 tty107:49
mase_wkthank you07:49
qman__no problem07:50
qman__now to figure out why my video mode changed07:50
qman__so, for some reason08:05
qman__video modes that worked fine in hardy, now show 'out of range' after upgrade to lucid08:05
qman__if I remove the modeline it works, but obviously it's low resolution08:05
qman__video card is an ATi Rage XL08:06
qman__don't tell me I need to install grub2 to get more than an 80x25 terminal :/08:13
KurtKrautHow can I detect the fastes Ubuntu mirror to set in my sources.list file?08:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #570456 in qemu-maemo "Unimplemented cp15 register write (c9, c12, {0, 0}) with Ubuntu OMAP image" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57045608:37
Roxyhart08hi there, there are someway to identify users by IP address?09:25
Roxyhart08i mean who is using an IP?09:26
binBASHRoxyhart08: google for host based authentication09:27
twbIt depends on a range of factors, like whether you have control of the network and all the machines that use it.09:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #609979 in mysql-5.1 (main) "aptitude install mysql-server freezes at dpkg" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60997909:37
kim0Hey folks .. when is the 10.04.1 release10:04
jcastrokim0: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule looks up to date10:25
kim0jcastro: you're da man :)10:26
hari__after getting ip from dhcp server.. and only ubuntu lucid image10:55
_rubenhmm, speaking of 10.04.1, my desktop vm just announced itself as 10.04.1 .. that's odd11:40
=== TREllis_ is now known as TREllis
silentwhispergood day12:18
silentwhisperhow can is send mail to jigsneth@yahoo.com12:18
silentwhisperhow can i send mail to jigsneth@yahoo.com?12:18
larsemilsilentwhisper: assuming you have a mailaccount, in the to field of your client(webbased or other) you paste the adress. If you prefer you can write something in the subject line. In the usually bigger square you write your email and press send. Some clients require you to press send & recieve button or similar. If your question is about some more server-side stuff like postfix i prefer you alter your question12:27
DatabaseHowdy. I recently replaced the motherboard in my Ubuntu Server 10.04 install, and now the network isn't working - is there any way to get Ubuntu to redetect and reinstall the correct drivers without having to reinstall the whole OS?13:00
SharchoAny idea why a fresh install of mysql on a fresh installation of 10.04 gets stuck when running "start mysql"?13:00
Jeeves_Database: Do you have an onboard NIC?13:08
matttDatabase: did your NIC get detected as eth1, or eth2 or something?13:11
remix_tjDatabase: are you sure you nic is invisible? ifconfig -a what says?13:11
Jeeves_Database: Your new NIC is probably mentioned in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net13:12
Jeeves_The old one will still be mentioned there, probably13:13
DatabaseJeeves_, yes, it's onboard.13:13
Databasehang on, I'll go check to see if it's detected as eth1.13:13
matttit's probably mapped your old NIC's mac address to eth013:13
matttnot sure what the 'official' fix is, but i usually just grab the new mac address and replace what's mapped to eth0 ... and then remove reference to the newly added device (eth1, eth2, whatever)13:15
Jeeves_mattt: Removing that file and rebooting works too :)13:16
matttJeeves_: does it just recreate it?13:17
mattti like that option better ... cuz when i'm adjusting that file, it's usually over KVM, or something ;)13:17
Databaseokay, so I can just delete /etc/udev.rules.d/70-persistent-net?13:19
DatabaseI've found my new NIC is mapped to eth2, so you are right.13:19
matttDatabase: do the needful13:20
Jeeves_Database: Removing it is ok. It will be recreated on the next reboot13:20
Jeeves_altering it is also ok13:20
Jeeves_(and might help you to understand what happens better)13:20
DatabaseIt works :D13:39
DatabaseThank you all :)13:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #610066 in commons-io (main) "Sync commons-io 1.4-3 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61006614:01
ivoksalright, got my laptop back14:03
chrismatHow do I mirror packages between two systems14:17
chrismatthere was some command to dump the package list14:17
chrismatand to get it on the other system14:17
Pici!clone | chrismat14:17
ubottuchrismat: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate14:17
chrismatthanks ubottu14:20
PiciYou're welcome ;)14:20
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate14:21
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning14:22
a_okI have an active connection to an iscsi target. I have added an extra lun to this target, however the added volume does not show up at the server with the active connection. How can I make it recognice the change without breaking the connection?15:04
TuxSaxhi all15:10
ivokskirkland: ping15:10
TuxSaxping you too!15:11
TuxSaxI have a question about UEC15:12
TuxSaxanybody home?15:12
jiboumansTuxSax: just go ahead and ask the question; if anyone here has the answer I"m sure they'll share15:13
ivoksjiboumans: hi there15:14
ivokslong time no see15:14
jiboumansivoks: hey15:14
ivoksi know you hate me :)15:14
jiboumansivoks: hah, yeah i dodge the channel ;)15:14
jiboumansivoks: kirkland's boarding a flight right now15:15
jiboumanswith a little luck he's back online in ~3-4 hours15:15
TuxSaxI was thinking about setting up our own private could at our company, and I'm trying to understand how exactly can we benefit from it's use15:15
TuxSaxI still don't get a simple answer to what exactly a could is15:15
jiboumansTuxSax: well that depends a lot on your needs i suppose15:16
TuxSax* cloud15:16
TuxSaxlet me tell you what I was thinking and you can tell me if I'm in the right direction15:16
jiboumansTuxSax: out of curiousity, did you see http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud and cloud.ubuntu.com/ yet?15:16
TuxSaxwe have needs for linux servers, from time to time we need to add a server, or to upgrade/reinstall an old one15:17
TuxSaxYes, but the "human readable" information I was trying to confirm doesn't exist there, a lot of buzz but not a real simple answer to what I need15:17
TuxSaxI was thinking about setting up a initial setup of two or three servers, according to ubuntu documentation a basic cloud consist of one controller and one or more nodes15:18
TuxSaxso I was thinking about setting up a couple of servers, and be able to add more nodes as I migrate some of the services I already run, to virtual servers, and then some of the hardware that get's free will become new nodes15:19
jiboumansTuxSax: yeah, you can set up the management components on a single machine and then add single servers as nodes15:19
jiboumanstuxsax: this talks you through it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/CDInstall15:20
TuxSaxmy question is, if I set up, let's say five nodes servers, does it mean they all run as a kinda big single server sharing their hardware and storage or I've got the wrong concept?15:20
TuxSaxI don't have problems with the setup or the howto, I know the documents online, I just want to be sure I understand the concept15:21
jiboumanstuxsax: if you use s3 and ebs, yes you can consider the storage as one big shared pool15:22
TuxSaxwhen they talk about running an "instance", does it mean I can run a LAMP server in one instance, and an FTP server on another instance and so on?15:22
ivoksyou have multiple servers15:23
ivoksit's not one big server, like HPC cluster; it's pile of virtualized servers on top of couple hardware servers15:24
TuxSaxis an ubuntu cloud comparable to VMWare ESX or Citrix ZenServer hypervisors?15:24
ivoksall independet15:24
jiboumansTuxSax: UEC is actually exactly comperable to Amazons EC215:24
jiboumansthe virtualization is one part of that15:24
ivoksit's much more than ESX :)15:25
TuxSaxwhat I'm trying to gain is scalability, so if I run 5 virtual servers and let's say I feel a bit of load in the system, I can add another node to share the load?15:25
TuxSaxYEah, also Amazon EC2 is something I'm trying to understand, it's the same concept15:25
jiboumanstuxsax: if your system benefits from more hardware, then yes of course that works15:26
jiboumansif you add a node, you can run more virtualized servers basically15:26
TuxSaxwhat I didn't get about Amazon was that in the howto they said "remember to stop the running instance, you're paying as long as it's running"15:26
jiboumanstuxsax: amazons billing scheme is based on the amount of hours the instance is 'up'15:26
jiboumans(idle or not)15:26
jiboumanstuxsax: with UEC, your system is in house so you don't have to pay amazon ;)15:27
TuxSaxbut if I run a server to server files for other people, what good can be to close the instance?15:27
TuxSaxI can't imagine what service could I possibly want to run for only several hours...15:27
jiboumanstuxsax: if you're using an instance, obviously you wouldn't turn it off15:27
TuxSaxanyway, I prefer to run my own cloud, I was just trying to understand Amazon's service15:28
TuxSaxso, the work load of all the instances is load balanced among all the "available hardware" of nodes?15:28
Jeeves_TuxSax: I still don15:29
Jeeves_'t get it..15:29
TuxSaxso if my five instances are running a little slow and I add two new nodes, all of them will benefit from this "processing power" addition?15:29
jiboumanstuxsax: it's not balanced automatically, no15:30
TuxSaxmmm, then? who decides on what node every instance runs?15:30
TuxSaxJeeves_: what exactly you still didn't get?15:31
schweppphi guys. have a weird problem. virtualbox on win7 host, guest os is ubuntu server. pinging the server on sometimes replies from
Jeeves_TuxSax: The whole use/idea behind this Cloud stuff15:33
TuxSaxJeeves_: That's exactly what I'm trying to understand too...15:34
Jeeves_TuxSax: Please, do keep on trying. Maybe I'll get the picture too, some day :)15:36
TuxSaxjiboumans was trying to help me out here but he dissapeared on me... ;-)15:36
jiboumansTuxSax: sorry, i'm on calls for the next 90 mins15:37
TuxSaxoh, you're on duty...15:37
jiboumanstuxsax: if you're only looking to virtualize your current hardware, you may want to look at just running KVM15:38
jiboumanstuxsax: beyond that, and the UEC/EC2 feature list is the best explenation at the moment, a personal cloud may make sense15:38
TuxSaxyou mean to run KVM on top of a cloud?15:40
jiboumanstuxsax: no, just kvm on the hardware16:02
TuxSaxjiboumans: I think that what I actually need is http://www.beowulf.org/overview/index.html16:06
TuxSaxa cluster that allows me to share the load of a few virtual servers that run on top of the cluster16:09
TuxSaxand then having the option of adding processing power, if needed, by adding more nodes to the cluster16:09
TuxSaxI was sure that a cloud could give me the same...16:10
TuxSaxguess not...16:10
ivoksthat's hpc cluster16:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #610103 in migrationtools (main) "package suggests editing an installed non-conffile for normal operation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61010316:11
ivoksTuxSax: note that your app would have to be cluster aware16:13
ivoksTuxSax: if you plan to have web server, then you just need lots of hardware to set up apache load balancing16:13
TuxSaxI don't actually mind what exactly to use as long as it gives me what I need16:14
ivoksyou need to scale load on multiple servers, right?16:14
TuxSaxright now I have a few servers that run several tasks, not only apache16:14
TuxSaxa couple of apache servers, a couple of DNS, a network tool server, a backup server, and similar16:15
ivokswhat's the load? is it network connections or cpu load?16:15
ivoksyou basically need high availability cluster with load balancing option16:15
TuxSaxso I was thinking about taking one or two and start a kind of cluster or cloud and move to there those services, and then, once a service is moved from a physical server to a virtual server on the cloud/cluster16:16
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
ivokslet me guess what you want :)16:16
TuxSaxI could take the free hardware, reinstall and make it join the cluster/cloud as a new node, thus adding more power to the main system, then I can migrate another services to there and free up another box16:16
ivoksyou have multiple services?16:16
TuxSaxand so on, get the idea?16:17
ivoksok, let's say you have 4 servers, each 4GB of RAM and two cores16:17
ivoksthat means you have 16GB of RAM and 8 cores to use16:18
TuxSaxyep, that's more or less the kind of servers I have16:18
ivoksyou can set up cloud on top of that16:18
TuxSaxbut instead of running 4 different ubuntu servers that each one does something16:18
ivoksmeaning you can have 8 virtual machines, each could have its own core and 2GB of RAM16:18
ivoks(more or less)16:18
ivoksyou could have 16 servers, with each 512MB of RAM16:19
ivoksor you could mix16:19
TuxSaxok, but what you're saying is that the load distribution is kinda static and predecided16:19
ivokstwo servers for DNS, each with 256MB of RAM16:19
ivoksnothing would scale automaticaly16:19
ivoksand beowulf isn't for DNS/web/etc...16:19
ivoksit's for computing16:19
TuxSaxon what stage do I have to decide? when creating a new instance?16:19
ivoksinstance = running operating system16:20
ivoksso, you could do with it what ever you want16:20
ivokshaving cloud for just scaling apache on multiple machines is pointless overhead16:20
AndyGraybealis there documentation on Ubuntu-Server 10.04 for RAID... i see this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID  <--- which is for ubuntu 9.10 -- is htis also applicable to 10.04?16:20
ivoksthink of cloud as a pool of hardware16:21
ivoksif you have 4 hardware servers, you could set up multiple machines on top of it... 4, 8, 16, ... 25616:21
jiboumanssmoser, ping16:21
ivoksbut of course, 256 virtualized machines won't work as good as just 4, since hardware is limited16:22
TuxSaxbut it has to be a multiple of a total16:22
smoserjiboumans, here.16:22
jiboumanssmoser: hi, you're tough to get a hold of16:22
ivoksno, it can be any number :)16:22
smoserthis morning has been a bear16:22
ivoksTuxSax: you know what KVM is?16:22
ivoksor vmware16:22
jiboumanssmoser: sorry to hear =/ is now a good time for a call, or should we try later in the week?16:22
TuxSaxyeah, just played around a bit with it on my PC16:22
ivoksvmware manages multiple virtualized machines, right?16:22
smosernow is good. jiboumans16:23
ivoksso you can have 2,3,4... virtualized machines on one server16:23
ivoksso, cloud would be the same thing with one exception16:23
* ccheney brb, rebooting irc box16:23
jiboumanssmoser: cool, join me on mumble?16:23
ivoksit wouldn't be one server, but 4 or how many of them you have16:23
TuxSaxbut when you run an instance from the cloud, what really happens? the server runs a kvm session on one of the nodes?16:24
TuxSaxwell, not exatly KVM I guess16:24
ivoksit's kvm16:24
TuxSaxwhat runs in beneath?16:24
TuxSaxkvm itself?16:24
ivokskvm is virtualization layer16:24
TuxSaxbut I don't have to care much about it, right?16:24
ivoksbellow it there's eucalyptus that decides where to run what16:25
TuxSaxthe cloud manager makes it happen16:25
TuxSaxkvm is the so called "hypervisor" ?16:25
ivoksnow i'm sorry, but i have to go16:25
TuxSaxfine, so what the cloud actually gives me is the ease of managing?16:25
TuxSaxok, thanks for your info!16:26
ivoksit merges all your hardware16:26
ivoksthis isn't something you can achive with kvm by it self16:26
ivoksyou have pool of ram, cpus, etc...16:26
ivoksand it has potential to automaticaly start an instance once your load is high16:27
TuxSaxso it does merge the sum of all hardware, so if I move a service to a new cloud instance and I get a free server, I can add a new node and gain more power to the pool?16:27
ivoksbut i'm not that much into cloud to know if that's available now16:27
* ccheney back16:27
TuxSaxcool, then it does give me what I planned!16:27
TuxSaxyou've been a real aid, ivoks!16:28
TuxSaxnow it all makes sense16:28
TuxSax10x a lot16:28
ivoks(i have never used cloud in my life)16:28
TuxSaxI'll try and tell you how it feels... ;_016:28
ivoksmore power = more available cpus and ram16:29
ivoksit won't automaticaly add cpus to instances :)16:29
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
hggdhDaviey: morning/late afternoon16:46
Davieyhggdh, Hello sir, good trip back?16:47
hggdhDaviey: fantastic, slept about 8 hours of the 10-hours flight :-)16:47
hggdhDaviey: you were going to upload a new euca 2.0 -- did you?16:47
AndyGraybealanyone want to help a newb through raid configure in 10.04?  i did this back in 8.10, i got it to work without much pain.16:48
Davieyhggdh, Hmm.. not today.. nothing urgent changed.16:48
AndyGraybeali can either start after i install the server or before i install the server, i got 5 drives, 4 of which need to be part of the array, and the first 1 is the boot drive.16:48
AndyGraybeali got 4 300gb drives, and ultimatly i'd like to get like 10 raid, w/ 500gb16:49
hggdhDaviey: OK. I will go back to the basics, and will start trying it on Maverick, from all-in-one16:49
DavieyAndyGraybeal, Install time is much easier IMO.16:49
Davieyhggdh, Good idea.. i'm doing the same16:49
AndyGraybealDaviey: okay thank you for the insight.  i'm a little confused by the partitioner program.  i go to "Configure Software RAID" and it says i's gonna change the partitions on the first drive (which is not necessarily what i want, i think atleast)  is this correct procedure?16:50
AndyGraybeali want the first drive not in the array, but the next 4 in the array16:51
Cubberfor some reason I cannot get any of my scripts that use sendmail to send mail when they are run via cron16:51
Cubberthey work perfectly when ran at the CLI16:51
DavieyAndyGraybeal, it's a two stage process...  Ignore the first drive to start with.. and create a new raid partition on the others.16:52
Davieythen you get the raid device as a block device (ie, the installer sees it as a disk)16:52
AndyGraybealDaviey: thank you agian,16:53
Cubbera basic script I am trying to test with to send the mail, if I use a proper email it works from CLI not cron, cron will run the script and do the commands within however it just wont send the mail and there is no log of an attempt in any of the /var/log/mail.* files16:54
Cubber00 5 * * * bash /scripts/test >/var/log/backup/test >/dev/null 2>&116:55
Cubberthat is the entry in crontab16:55
Cubberthese scripts work perfectly on my gentoo server16:56
TuxSaxCubber: when running a script from crontab you need to be sure the full paths for all commands are exact16:58
Cubberso sendmail for instance16:58
Cubberinteresting that they work fine in gentoo as is but I will edit it with the full path to sendmail and try16:58
hggdhDaviey: \o/ we now have access to ppa.lp.net under tamarind!16:58
TuxSaxCubber: if you run the /scripts/test script and on the script it says "command bla bla bla" it should be "/path/to/command bla bla bla"16:59
TuxSaxwhat cron program you use on gentoo? vixiecron?16:59
TuxSaxperhaps the difference comes from there17:00
Cubberprobably thank you for the info I will test17:00
Cubberlooks like sendmail is in /usr/sbin/sendmail17:00
Davieyhggdh, Yes!  I was going to say - but i saw they CC'd you \o/17:00
DavieyMakes life easier, eh? :)17:01
hggdhindeed it does :-)17:01
\shhey hggdh...17:01
TuxSaxI always put all the commands with full paths under a variable on my scripts, so when calling them I don't need to worry17:01
hggdh\sh: cheers, how are you?17:01
\shhggdh: fine so far...a bit tired after a hard weekend of datacenter work (moved 4 racks from one city dc to another city dc)17:02
TuxSaxso for sendmail I'd set a variable called MAILER=/usr/sbin/sendmail or whatever mailer is used17:02
TuxSaxthen later on on the script I'd use $MAILER bla bla bla17:02
hggdh\sh: and I had a bout of insomnia last week, and netted just under 20 hours of sleep in 7 days...17:03
TuxSaxok, I'm outta here, see ya all17:03
AndyGraybealokay.. i got it.. it was confusing because i have to first 'partition' the drives... geesh17:05
\shhggdh: oh but looks like that I have to force myself to not sleep tonight, because I have to deploy some machines till tomorrow morning...17:05
hggdh\sh: then... Welcome to the Sleepless Club. We are glad to have you here, and all that ;-)17:06
\shhggdh: btw...the tool I talked about is released...launchpad.net/dc217:06
hggdh\sh: looking at it now17:06
\shhggdh: on my blog there are more informations...and on dc2.sourcecode.de17:07
hggdh\sh: cool, thank you. Any intention of packaging?17:07
\shhggdh: more docs are coming this and next week when I'm back on normal sleep schedule17:07
AndyGraybealDaviey: thank you for the hand holding.17:09
\shhggdh: it's not ready for packaging, but we are planning to finalize V1.0 and to do packaging for debian and ubuntu,we need some more deps packaged before we can do the real upload :)17:09
hggdh\sh: no prob. I am really interested in checking it17:09
DavieyAndyGraybeal, awesome17:10
\shhggdh: people from the FAI group already got some hints...http://michael-prokop.at/blog/2010/07/08/report-from-fai-developer-workshop-072010/ <- this is the report from the FAI developer workshop there are some infos about the tool17:10
hggdh\sh: so I understand you will eventually deploy FAI/(DC)^2 at work?17:13
\shhggdh: it's already deployed here at my company17:13
\shhggdh: it's already working since more then a year :)17:14
hggdh\sh: heh. Feedback from the field is good, I guess :-)17:14
\shhggdh: I already have a lot of feedback several admins from dif. companies do want to have this...they are eager to test it :)17:15
hggdh\sh: cool. I will bring this up here then17:16
silent1mezzoHey, I just installed Ubuntu Server onto an old server.  Everything worked fine until I restarted.  Now I'm getting this error: "I9990301 Hard disk drive boot sector error" and then "I9990305 Operating System not found17:43
RoyKsilent1mezzo: might be there's a bad sector or two on it...17:51
silent1mezzois there a way to test this from Ubuntu?17:52
RoyKsilent1mezzo: boot on the cd and use badblocks17:52
silent1mezzook thanks17:53
RoyKif the system is just installed, using _destructive_ read/write might be a good idea17:53
RoyKjust keep in mind you'll need to reinstall afterwards17:53
silent1mezzowhats _desctruve_read/write?17:53
RoyKbut boot on the live (desktop) cd - I don't know if badblocks is on the server cd17:54
RoyKsilent1mezzo: it overwrites data on the harddisk to check for bad sectors17:54
RoyKnon-destructive testing may not find errors that easily (or at all)17:55
RoyKbut destructive doesn't mean it messes with your hardware17:55
RoyKthat is - if you have data on a drive that you want out, don't do anything like that - just get the drive out and as fast as possible and don't write to it, but then, this doesn't seem to be the case - right?17:56
silent1mezzothis is, I've formatted my disk, installed the os and tried to boot it17:57
RoyKhow much memory do you have in the box?17:57
RoyKoh - that'll suffice :)17:58
RoyKwhat sort of drive is this?17:59
silent1mezzoolder 3.5" sata drive...don't remember the make/model17:59
RoyKok - try badblocks17:59
silent1mezzook, will do17:59
RoyKman badblocks once you're running on the live cd18:00
silent1mezzoaye, I'll have to download/burn the desktop cd first18:00
silent1mezzothanks RoyK18:02
RoyKnp :)18:02
RoyKmind, if the memory isn't ECC, it might be a good idea to run memtest86 to see if something's wrong18:03
RoyKwell, even if it _is_ ECC, if it's an old server....18:03
Jinxed-I have been trying to get simple vlan trunking working for the past 5 hours, and thus far all i have managed to do is make my wireless "not managed"18:05
Jeeves_Jinxed-: :)18:05
Jinxed-note: currently im using the desktop version, not server edition18:05
Jinxed-I installed vlan18:05
Jeeves_Jinxed-: And that's about it :)18:05
Jinxed-and set net.ipv4.ip_forward = 118:05
Jinxed-I also edited the /etc/network/interfaces configuration18:06
Jeeves_add interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces like so 'auto ethX.<vlanid>'18:06
Jeeves_And that should be it.18:06
Jinxed-Here is my current config: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469425/18:07
Jinxed-a diagram of my simple setup: http://imgur.com/MJm6t18:08
Jinxed-two laptops on different vlans and one laptop to route between them18:08
RoyKwhat sort of switch is this?18:08
RoyKthere are several trunking protocols - does yours support 802.1q?18:09
Jeeves_ 'auto eth1'18:09
Jeeves_that shouldn't be there, you're not configuring that one18:09
RoyKyeah, but cisco what?18:09
RoyKany letters after that?18:10
RoyKcisco has lots of different software versions18:10
Jeeves_RoyK: Cisco2960 is a normal switch18:10
Jeeves_the 2960 is new, and supports dot1q18:10
Jinxed-I already checked the config on the switch it is setup for 8021q18:10
RoyKjust asking18:10
Jinxed-haha no i appreciate it18:10
Jeeves_Jinxed-: And what interfaces do you get on the machines?18:11
Jinxed-Not sure I understand your question18:11
RoyKon ubuntulap, what does 'ifconfig' say?18:11
Jeeves_Jinxed-: What RoyK says :)18:11
RoyKno vlan interfaces are up there18:12
RoyKan interface can be in 802.1q mode or non-802.1q mode - not both18:13
Jeeves_Jinxed-: And what happens if you type 'ifup vlan10' ?18:13
RoyKimho eth1 shouldn't be up at all18:14
RoyKperhaps that's what's blocking it18:14
Jeeves_RoyK: That's true.18:15
Jeeves_But it may be up18:15
Jeeves_I mean, it's allowed to have a untagged interface18:15
RoyKif an interface is in 802.1q mode, it will need vlan tagging. if you send untagged frames to a switchport defined as a trunk port, the frames will be discarded18:16
Jinxed---sorry that last command got me kicked off18:16
Jeeves_RoyK: That's not true.18:16
Jeeves_You are allowd to configure an native vlan on a trunk18:16
RoyKJeeves_: what should the switch do with those packages then? send them to all vlans?18:16
Jinxed---I have not seen anything after when Jeeves asked what happens if you type ifup vlan1018:16
silent1mezzoRoyK: it was the disk :P I just tossed it and installed it onto a new disk...Runs fine18:17
Jeeves_untagged packets will be send on the native vlan18:17
Jinxed---My wireless device is now not managed again18:17
RoyKsilent1mezzo: :)18:17
Jinxed---and it said18:17
Jeeves_Jinxed-: You're not trying to do vlan's over your wireless interface, are you?18:17
Jinxed---Set name-type for vlan subsystem should be visible in /proc/net/vlan/config18:17
Jinxed---added vlan with vid == 10 to IF -:eth1:-18:18
Jeeves_Jinxed-: That's ok.18:18
Jeeves_That means that it created eth1.10 for you18:18
Jeeves_(so it works)18:18
RoyKJinxed---: what is eth1 - the wired or the wireless interface?18:18
RoyKsilent1mezzo: remember to remove those supermagnets from the dead drive :D18:19
silent1mezzomost definitely, already got a use for them18:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #610150 in mysql-5.1 (main) "autocompletion doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61015018:22
Jinxed---RoyK how do I tell?18:23
RoyKJ3ckyl: why do you have an IP set on eth1?18:23
J3ckylRoyk, why do I? or why do you?18:23
RoyKJ3ckyl: lshw will show you the mac address assigned to each interface iirc, and ifconfig will show the mac address18:23
RoyKJ3ckyl: sorry - wrong guy18:24
RoyKJinxed---: on most laptops I've been out for, eth1 is _usually_ the wireless card18:28
RoyKcan't be sure, though - the actual numbering is defined by udev18:28
RoyKthat is - wait - the wireless shouldn't really be ethx, it should be wlanx or something18:29
RoyKeth0 for the wired one18:29
RoyKbut then again - check /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules18:30
Jinxed---ok im confused what am i looking for18:30
RoyKJinxed---: can you pastebin /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and the 'lshw' output?18:31
RoyKthere's another potential issue I've ran across - that the GUI network manager overrides /etc/network/interfaces18:32
RoyKthe latter isn't meant to be used on a desktop18:32
RoyKand iirc you're running this on a desk- or laptop setup, right?18:33
Jinxed---ok i got back online with my ubuntu laptop18:35
Jinxed---about to send links18:35
RoyKJinxed-: if you can use something else than ubuntu desktop for this, it'll help a lot18:35
Jinxed---that is what this computer is for18:35
Jinxed---but it's hard to pastebin the files not on the ubuntu laptop18:36
RoyKJinxed---: wlan0 and eth1 has the same mac address, so that's your wireless interface18:36
RoyKeth0 is wired18:36
Jinxed---ok, so in the /etc/network/interfaces18:37
Jinxed---i should change everything that is eth1 to eth018:37
* RoyK has never used VLAN tagging with linux18:37
RoyKJinxed---: try18:37
Jeeves_Jinxed---: Yes, that would work better, I think :)18:38
RoyKJinxed---: looks ok18:38
Jinxed---ok now when i do ifup18:41
Jinxed---it kills my wired connection18:41
Jinxed---guess it's time to ping18:41
RoyKJinxed---: pastebin the config again18:41
\shRoyK: vlan tagging is easy18:41
RoyK\sh: not my problem - Jinxed---  is the one trying :)18:42
Jeeves_\sh: Yes, it it. But not if you're trying to trunk on your wireless :)18:42
Jinxed---everyone keeps telling me it's easy18:43
Jinxed---im not trying to do my trunk on wireless18:43
\shJeeves_: well, I wonder why someone wants to do that18:43
Jeeves_Jinxed---: It is easy. If you understand what the hell you're doing ;)18:43
\shapt-get install vlan18:43
\shvi /etc/network/interfaces18:43
Jinxed---did that18:43
\shauto vlan<vlanID>18:43
Jinxed---did that18:43
Jinxed---did that18:43
\shiface vlan<vlanID> inet static18:43
Jeeves_\sh: Barking up the wrong tree  here :)18:43
\shaddress bla18:43
RoyKJinxed---: I didn't say it's easy - just pastebin the config again18:43
\shnetmask foo18:44
\shgateway foobar18:44
Jinxed---one sec18:44
Jeeves_\sh: I guess we're just too smart ;)18:44
\shvlan_raw_device <your real trunking interface like eth0 bond0 or whatever>18:44
RoyK\sh: we have the docs as well18:44
Jeeves_\sh: Shall we create #ubuntu-server-experts and charge admission fees? :P18:44
\shJeeves_: why? it's written all over the googlenet...e.g. http://www.mysidenotes.com/2007/08/17/vlan-configuration-on-ubuntu-debian/ ;)18:45
\shdirect hit..."ubuntu vlan"18:45
RoyKJinxed-: still eth118:45
Jeeves_\sh: Why? To make money, duh :P18:46
\shJinxed-: you have to s/\-/\_/g18:46
\shon all vlan_raw_devices lines18:46
Jinxed-old pastebin18:46
Jinxed-current interfaces18:46
\shthen you need to check your switch that it has all allowed vlans for trunking18:46
\shJinxed-: again - instead of _18:47
RoyKJinxed-: and as \sh said, s/-/_/g18:47
Jinxed-current trunk setup18:48
\shhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/469447/ <- thats a vlan trunk interface with source based routing (or policy based routing)18:48
RoyKJinxed-: did you change - to _ ?18:48
Jinxed-in what file18:49
\shJinxed-: /etc/network/interfaces18:49
\shJinxed-: and I don't see any vlan config on your switch just the already enabled vlan 118:50
\shwhich is a default18:50
RoyKJinxed-: sh vl18:51
RoyKJinxed-: conf vl ....18:52
RoyKcan't see any tagged ports there18:53
Jinxed-that first paste was just a detailed look at interface f0/418:53
Jinxed-if you look18:53
Jinxed-f0/1 is vlan 2018:53
Jinxed-f0/1 is vlan 1018:53
Jinxed-f0/2 is vlan 2018:53
Jinxed-f0/3 is vlan 3018:53
RoyKsure, we can read18:53
RoyKbut I don't see any trunk ports18:53
Jinxed-the trunk port doesn't show in a show vlan18:54
RoyKthey don't?18:54
Jinxed-it is f0/418:54
Jinxed-you will notice it is missing18:54
Jinxed-it is subtle18:54
RoyKanyway - did you change - to _ in /etc/network/interfaces?18:54
\shJinxed-: on f0/4 there is no alloweded vlan18:54
Jinxed-Trunking VLANs Enabled: ALL18:55
Jinxed-RoyK, yes18:55
\shoh my f...god..what switch is that? ;)18:55
Jeeves_Jinxed-: Can you copy an show running config please?18:55
\shwith tcpdump you can even see tagged packages btw18:56
RoyK\sh: cisco 296018:56
Jeeves_only port 1 and 4 can be trunks18:57
\shJinxed-: you know the difference between access and trunk?18:57
RoyKI don't think you can mix access and trunk18:57
Jinxed-switchport mode access will make the port on a vlan18:57
\shJinxed-: what you configured is native vlan 10 on f0/1 and no alloweded trunked vlans18:57
Jinxed-switchport mode trunk makes the port a trunk18:57
Jeeves_\sh: If you configure no vlans on a trunk, it accepts all.. Right?18:58
Jinxed-eh sorry im not using f0/118:58
Jinxed-you can ignore it18:58
\shJeeves_: not on our switches18:58
Jeeves_And indeed 'switchport mode trunk' is needed18:58
Jeeves_On fa0/1 and fa0/418:59
\shswitchport mode access18:59
\shPuts the interface (access port) into permanent nontrunking mode and negotiates to convert the link into a nontrunk link. The interface becomes a nontrunk interface regardless of whether or not the neighboring interface is a trunk interface.18:59
\shtable 12-14 Layer 2 interface modes18:59
\shand I do think that cisco "switchport mode access" rules over "trunk"19:00
Jinxed-I just got rid of all the config on f0/119:00
\shJinxed-: if you want to have a default vlan for untagged packages on a trunk port, you need to set switchport trunk native  vlan <native vlan id>19:00
RoyKJinxed-: your linux box is on fa0/4?19:00
Jinxed-current setup: http://i.imgur.com/MJm6t.png19:00
RoyKJinxed-: ok, pastebin /etc/network/interfaces and 'sh run'19:01
\shJinxed-: your config needs to be : interface fastethernet 0/1 \n switchport trunk allowed vlan 1019:01
EtienneGhey guys!  libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap ... are they still being looked after by the server team?19:02
Jinxed-\sh, by default with cisco all vlans are allowed on a trunk line19:02
EtienneGI see zul triaged my bug earlier, just wondering who I should poke ...   /me whistle innocently19:02
zulnot me :)19:02
\shJinxed-: yeah I see that19:02
Jinxed-if I do that only vlan10 will be allowed, (not vlan 20, 30.. etc)19:02
AndyGraybealshould i partition using GUID or MBR  (this is a raid array)19:02
zulEtienneG: but yes I think they are still being maintained by us...you might want to poke mathiaz19:03
\shJinxed-: anyways, it works here with the setup I gave you on the linux side19:03
\shJinxed-: you don't need to bring up eth019:04
\shvia auto eth019:04
Jinxed-show run19:04
RoyKJinxed-: what does 'ifconfig' say?19:04
Jinxed-\sh,  ok taking it off19:04
\shJinxed-: and you loaded the kernel module 8021q19:05
\shJinxed-: and installed the vlan package19:05
RoyK\sh: shouldn't that be loaded automatically when configuring a vlan?19:06
EtienneGzul, thanks zul.  Our friend mathiaz is offline :(19:06
Jinxed-I did sudo modprobe 8021q19:06
Jinxed-and installed the vlan package19:06
EtienneGzul, but no harm, there is no rush19:06
RoyKJinxed-: can you ping anything now? overthe vlans?19:06
RoyKJinxed-: lsmod | grep 8021q19:07
Jinxed-i can ping from the laptop to itself, and both vlans on the switch19:07
Jinxed-but not the other laptop19:07
unit3Hey all, can someone tell me where the apt mirror prevu uses is configured?19:07
Jinxed-same for the other laptop19:07
\shRoyK: to be sure it's there I'm including it in /etc/modules all the time19:07
Jinxed-8021q                  22232  019:08
Jinxed-garp                    7689  1 8021q19:08
RoyKhm. config looks right19:09
RoyK\sh: what do you think?19:09
Jinxed-(also I have both firewalls off on the laptops)19:10
RoyKis there a way to show vlans?19:10
RoyKas in 'sh vlan' the linux way?19:10
Jinxed-do you want me to show vlans on the switch?19:10
RoyK\sh: any idea?19:10
RoyKJinxed-: just pastebin all config once more - it looks ok to me, but then, others may have input19:11
Jinxed-network interfaces: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469435/19:13
Jinxed-computer hardware: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469434/19:13
Jinxed-trunk port f0/4 info: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469446/19:13
Jinxed-cisco show vlan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469448/19:13
Jinxed-/etc/network/interfaces: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469453/19:13
Jinxed-cisco show run: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469455/19:14
RoyKJinxed-: Access Mode VLAN: 1 (default) on f0/419:14
Jinxed-ifconfig: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469456/19:14
RoyKJinxed-: what happens if you ifdown eth0? do all vlan devs go down?19:14
RoyKor ifconfig eth0 down19:15
Jinxed-all the vlans go down as in when i type ifconfig19:15
Jinxed-they aren't there any more19:15
Jinxed-cisco switch has link lights still19:16
RoyKjust curious19:17
RoyKprobably not the right thing to do, then :)19:17
Jinxed-ok, so I can ping from my laptop that is to the vlan20 which is
RoyKJinxed-: switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q19:18
RoyKtried that?19:18
Jinxed-sorry laptop was
Jinxed-not directly (not possible), but i double checked to make sure it was configured for 802.1q19:19
Jinxed-ok, so i can ping from the laptop ( to the vlan20 on ubuntulaptop (, but I can't hit vlan30 ( on the ubuntu laptop19:20
RoyKJinxed-: show version19:20
RoyKon the cisco19:20
Jinxed-so ubuntu isn't forwarding the packets19:20
RoyKnetstat -rn19:20
Jinxed-Cisco IOS Software, C2960 Software (C2960-LANBASEK9-M), Version 12.2(44)SE6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)19:21
RoyKJinxed-: ok, so from the trunk, you can ping machines at boths VLANs?19:22
Jinxed-netstat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469465/19:22
Jinxed-from ubuntu laptop i can ping both external laptops on vlan 20,3019:23
Jinxed-i can also ping the ip addresses of both vlans on the cisco device19:24
RoyKsysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward19:24
Jinxed-net.ipv4.ip_forward = 119:25
Jinxed-so both the ubuntu laptop and switch can hit everything19:25
RoyKcheck sysctl  -a | grep forwa19:27
RoyKsee if packets are forwarded at the device given19:27
RoyK_mc is just multicast - normally not needed19:28
Jinxed-looks like they are mostly forwarded19:29
RoyKJinxed-: also, if this is on a private net (rfc1918 addresses) you will ned NAT to reach the internet19:29
RoyKor anything != RFC 191819:29
Jinxed-RoyK, i don't want to get online19:30
Jinxed-(at least yet)19:30
RoyKcan you ping from the client to the server you're on?19:30
Jinxed-not sure what you mean19:31
RoyKexplain where ping works and where it doesn't work19:31
Jinxed-From the external laptops (vlan 20/30) I can ping itself, and BOTH vlan on the switch, and the associated vlan on the ubuntu-laptop(server)19:32
inveratuloI am having a problem getting the /etc/init.d/apache2 script to recognize my User= and Group= directive within my apache2.conf, so the web server continues to run as root, which is certainly not what i want.  am I overlooking something?19:33
Jinxed-RoyK, so in this picture19:33
RoyKJinxed-: and I guess you can ping the 'external' laptop from those other ones?19:33
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
RoyKinveratulo: the initial apache server will always run as root19:34
RoyKinveratulo: without that, it can't open port 8019:34
RoyKinveratulo: but then, all child processes are changed to the apache user19:34
inveratuloRoyK: that's fine, but the damon should fork right19:34
Jinxed-Laptop 1 can ping: switch (,, Ubuntu-lap vlan20( It CANT ping or
Jinxed-The switch/ubuntup laptop can ping everything19:35
RoyKJinxed-: then what is it the other laptops can't ping?19:35
Jinxed-laptop 2 ( CAN'T ping or
Jinxed-so the same things19:36
RoyKand how is the routing table on laptop 2?19:37
Jinxed-how do i display that19:39
RoyKnetstat -rn19:40
Jinxed-eh ok?19:41
Jinxed-i can't copy/paste the laptops aren't online19:41
RoyKwell, is that linux box their default router/gateway?19:42
RoyKor do they have static routes to the other networks they want to access?19:42
RoyKor is RIP or OSPF enabled somewhere?19:42
RoyKJinxed-: any box on IP will try to reach its networks through its default gateway - if the gateway doesn't know the network, it'll send back an ICMP network unreachable19:44
Jinxed-i just made the vlan they were connected to on the switch their default gateway19:44
RoyKis the linux box their default gateway or the switch?19:44
RoyKthe switch is a layer two switch, not a router19:44
Jinxed-you sparked a thought19:46
Jinxed-i just changed the laptops default gateway to the interfaces on the ubuntu laptop instead of the switch19:46
RoyKJinxed-: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_protocol19:47
RoyKstart there19:47
RoyKa switch works at layer two, not three19:47
RoyKthat is, unless you have a L3 switch, which costs a wee bit more19:47
Jinxed-not this one, although i do have some19:47
Jinxed-that i could have used19:47
Jinxed-this was pure l219:48
Jinxed-now to try to stream videos19:49
Jinxed-with xbmc19:49
Jinxed-thank you thank you thank you19:49
RoyKmulticast? or unicast?19:49
Jinxed-RoyK, /sh, and Jeeves_  and everyone who helped19:50
Jinxed-I want to set it up so the laptops(1 and 2) could request a video from the ubuntu laptop19:50
Jinxed-and stream it19:50
RoyKmulticast or unicast?19:50
Jinxed-well its requested, so it would be unicast19:50
RoyKif doing multicast, check the IGMP settings19:51
RoyKAFAIK most switches come with IGMP disabled19:51
Jinxed-multicast would  be like if I decided on the ubuntu laptop that i was going to stream19:51
Jinxed-and started a multicast stream19:51
RoyKmulticast is used if streaming live video on a LAN19:52
RoyKfor VoD, unicast is what you'd use19:52
RoyKfor live video for < 10 machines, unicast will do ok19:52
Jinxed-RoyK, have you ever done VoD19:53
RoyKlarge-scale, yes19:53
RoyK100 concurrent views19:53
Jinxed-how do you do that19:53
RoyKfrom a couple of cheap boxes with some cheap ATA drives19:54
Jinxed-what software did you use for the vod part19:54
RoyKwe wrote a video streaming server on top of Linux RAID-0 (with sufficient servers for failover)19:54
RoyKjust make the chunk size large enough so that the disks won't spend time seeking19:55
Jinxed-you wrote a video streaming server?19:56
RoyKyou can do it with RAID-5 too if you want to - just keep lots of processes reading and have sufficient memory for the read-ahead - linux can do most of this alone19:56
Jinxed-I was thinking about trying to use ssd with xbmc19:56
Jinxed-I would be very interested in your work19:56
Jinxed-sounds very similar to what I want to do19:57
RoyKJinxed-: it's simple - the problem with VoD is concurrency - lots of clients wanting to read at different places on different drives.19:57
Jinxed-i take it ssd would help, but not solve the problem?19:58
RoyKthe solution to this is to have enough memory to use LARGE chunk sizes for Linux software RAID, and clients that can fail over to another server if the one they're on fails, which of course implies a good buffer on the client side19:58
RoyKforget about the SSD19:58
RoyKwe wrote a system on which we had four cheap servers with some (at the time) large ATA drives in Linux software RAID-019:59
RoyKchunk size 1MB, meaning mostly no seeking, mostly just reading linearly19:59
RoyKthe software was simple, an HTTP server20:00
RoyKwe tried with Apache but got hung up with memory issues, probably fixed by now (this was around 2003)20:00
RoyKanyway - with a cheap box with four 120GB drives, we could sustain >80 clients, each watching a movie with a bandwidth of 4Mbps20:01
Jinxed-so then you also had file sharing capabilities?20:02
RoyKwe tried at the (current) Compaq lab, and with a truckload of fast SCSI drives, we could do about 100 concurrent reads20:02
RoyKthat wans't in the picture20:02
Jinxed-I want to do vod20:02
Jinxed-file sharing20:02
Jinxed-and eventually play with asterisk20:02
Jinxed-in that order20:03
RoyKjust sit down and do some calculation - with today's SATA drives, you get something like 100-120 IOPS20:03
RoyKmeaning I/O operations per second20:03
RoyKthe problem is seeking20:03
RoyKso if you read a LOT before seeking, even $120 2TB drives are blazingly fast20:03
RoyKwe just had 120gig drives back then, today it'll be far faster20:04
Jinxed-would ssd eliminate seek time20:04
RoyKbut then, you'll want a client that can read an XML file with a randomized list of available servers from which to fetch the video20:05
Jinxed-random access - no seek motion20:05
RoyKsure, but SSDs cost a LOT20:05
RoyKperhaps ZFS with SSDs in front will help20:05
RoyKwell, it will help20:05
RoyKI have a couple of 50TB setups on ZFS on opensolaris with SSD caching and they perform better than we need them to20:06
Jinxed-haha, i think that is larger than what i need for space20:06
RoyKwell, to cut it short - most filesystems aren't made for streaming20:07
RoyKthat's why we did this, seven years ago20:08
RoyKif you want to push the limits, go low20:08
Jinxed-Do you see any major disadvantages to using20:08
RoyKif not, use ZFS, it'll work well20:08
Jinxed-or some other software that is designed to stream videos?20:08
RoyKI don't know that product20:08
Jinxed-xbox media center20:08
RoyKIMHO it's not the streaming software that's the problem, but the filesystem and/or storing architecture20:09
giovanixbmc is just a gui wrapped around mplayer -- it doesn't usually do "streaming"20:09
RoyKLinux doesn't have anything that can compare with ZFS20:09
Jinxed-it was originally developed for xbox, it now is a cross platform system that has the ability to do vod afaik20:09
giovanibtrfs will be there some day20:09
RoyKgiovani: some day, yes, I've been following the progress for more than a year, but it still doesn't have anything like raidz20:10
RoyKgiovani: and no SSD caching20:10
RoyKJinxed-: how much data will you be serving?20:10
giovaniRoyK: absolutely -- and ZFS didn't appear out of nowhere -- give it time :)20:10
RoyKgiovani: sure, I'll give it time, but meanwhile I'll stick with ZFS20:11
giovaniare you running it on Solaris, or FreeBSD?20:11
Jinxed-Well right now, not too much experimenting to try to get it to work20:11
RoyKgiovani: opensolaris20:11
Jinxed-i don't even understand what zfs is20:11
RoyKJinxed-: how much? 1TB 10TB?20:11
RoyKJinxed-: http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/download/Community+Group+zfs/docs/zfslast.pdf20:12
Jinxed-you mean the overall size of the video20:12
RoyKJinxed-: scan through that presentation20:12
Jinxed-the videos that would reside on the server20:12
Jinxed-or the overall amount of data going out at one time20:12
RoyKJinxed-: data size - the total20:12
Jinxed-1 tb would be much closer20:12
Jinxed-maybe 300-600 gb20:12
RoyKyou can do that on any system, really20:13
Jinxed-down the road, possibly more20:13
Jinxed-I would like to make it so I could add on if I wanted to20:13
RoyKhow many concurrent clients?20:13
Jinxed-most likely about 420:13
RoyKany system will handle that20:14
RoyK[21:12]  <RoyK> Jinxed-: http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/download/Community+Group+zfs/docs/zfslast.pdf20:14
RoyKread that, and you'll understand a few new things about storage20:14
inveratuloI am having a problem getting the /etc/init.d/apache2 script to recognize my User and Group directive within my apache2.conf, so the web server continues to run as root, which is certainly not what i want.20:16
Jinxed-RoyK, looks very interesting, i don't think I have ennough background to fully appreciate it though. Im new to the whole server thing20:17
Jinxed-RoyK, what do the additional server components of ubuntu get you if you install them?20:23
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uvirtbotNew bug: #609743 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60974320:51
Jinxed-RoyK, so I restarted and now when i do ifconfi21:25
Jinxed-i don't see anything21:25
Jinxed-how do i get everything back up and running21:25
ssureshotwhats jot running jinxed21:28
Jinxed-ssureshot, so I had vlan trunking working earlier21:29
Jinxed-i have vlan20,30 etc set up in the /etc/network/interface21:29
Jinxed-but it doesn't show up when i do ifconfig21:30
Jinxed-infact eth0 seems not to be working at all21:30
hggdhyo Daviey, still awake ;-)21:41
Davieyhggdh, sadly :)21:42
RoyKJinxed-: is the 8021q module loaded?21:42
hggdhDaviey: I figured so... I see groovy errors in the cloud-debug.log21:42
Davieyhggdh, Interesting.... can you pastebin?21:43
hggdhDaviey: just a sec21:43
Davieyhggdh, Ok.. i'm not fully here.. just passing - but i will read it! :)21:43
hggdhDaviey: I frankly do no texpect you to be fully awake at this hour ;-) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/469518/21:45
ccheneyDaviey, do you have problems with recent iso having syslinux crash due to low dos memory?21:47
ccheneyDaviey, er well the syslinux on recent iso when used with pxe crashes for me i meant to say21:51
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RoyK 22:58:15 up 3 days,  7:57,  2 users,  load average: 24.26, 24.20, 24.1221:58
Davieyhggdh: Ahh.. i think i know what has caused that groovy issue.. it's an upstream bug if my prediction is correct.21:59
Daviey(introduced by refactoring)21:59
Davieyccheney: Interesting... not seen that yet21:59
ccheneyDaviey, ok21:59
Davieywill experiment tommorrow21:59
jpdsRoyK: Nice.22:00
RoyKall 24 cores running stably22:00
RoyKclose to no system time or wio22:00
DavieyRoyK: My record to date (obtained over ssh) http://daviey.mooo.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/top.png22:01
RoyKDaviey: http://karlsbakk.net/top-24.png22:02
RoyKwe have another 16 core working on that too22:05
RoyKEyjafjallajökull ash movement inversions22:06
hggdhccheney: which package is implementing your uec provisioning?22:17
ccheneyhggdh, uec-provisioning-*22:17
hggdhccheney: already in Maverick?22:18
hggdhk, thanks22:18
lwizardlhey is it possable to setup email accounts to auto cc/bcc to another address ? I want the emails to stay in the correct box but I would like to have it also sent to the main email of the person in charge of that so if that person leaves we still have all the old emails22:45
lox_Hi guys22:46
lox_I have an emergency here22:46
ivokslwizardl: always_bcc?22:46
lwizardlyeah I want it to always do it22:46
lox_I add to change sda in a raid1 array, so I hot removed it with mdadm, shutdown, chnaged the disk22:46
lox_buit it won' boot on sdba22:47
lox_I only get a blinking cursor22:47
lox_I had a look to sdb using live cd and boot flag is correctly set on the boot partition (sdb1)22:48
ivokslox_: wait for it22:48
ivokslox_: it will bring up busybox22:48
lox_is it supposed to be so long ?22:49
ivokscouple of minutes22:49
ivoksi think it's 522:49
lox_Ok so I wait more ....22:49
unit3Just a ping on my previous question, can someone tell me where the apt mirror prevu uses is configured?22:49
lox_ivoks, thks22:50
lwizardlivoks, basically I am hosting a site for a convention and the staff members tend to be replaced. example if sam is incharge of costumes and advertising, I would like to have costumes@ & advertisment@ bcc a copy of all emails sent to those emails be sent to her main address but also keep a copy of those in there original email box also. so if she quits we don't have her personal emails mixed in with the convention emails22:50
ivoksalways_bcc is for all mails sent and received22:50
ivoksso, i guess that's not an option22:50
ivoksyou could setup procmail as a delivery agent22:51
ivoksand have /etc/procmailrc22:51
lwizardlivoks, because we originally thought about just forwarding but then they don't stay in the main boxes22:51
ivoksthey can22:52
ivoksyou can forward a copy22:52
ivokseasiest thing to do would be with /etc/aliases22:53
ivoksfor example, if you have user steve getting the mail22:53
ivoksand you want forward a copy to mark@gmail.com22:53
ivoksyou would add:22:53
ivokssteve: steve mark@gmail.com22:54
ivoksto /etc/aliases22:54
ivoksif you use postfix22:55
lwizardlI thought that it would never reach a box for the other emails and just push the mails to the new location22:55
ivoksi'm not sure with other mtas22:55
lox_ivoks, the cursor has been blinking for ten minutes, still nothing else22:59
unit3Oh, I've figured it out. /usr/bin/prevu-init is hardcoded to override the mirror in my /etc/pbuilderrc with archive.ubuntu.com. That's terrible.23:01
unit3Guess I'll file a bug report shortly.23:01
ivokslox_: alt+f1, alt+f6?23:03
lox_ivoks, no go ...23:03
lox_ivoks, I had replace sdb the same way with no problem23:04
lox_ivoks, is the blinking cursor from grub ?23:04
ivoksdid you see grub menu?23:04
hggdhccheney: this is really something, it seems euca-* commands output changed on 2.023:10
hggdhccheney: and I am getting 100% failure now :-(23:11
AndyGraybealokay, i made a raid array with mdadm; i'm trying to get LVM on it.  i do a: "pvcreate /dev/md0" and it returns: "Device /dev/md0 not found (or ignored by filtering)"  i checked "ls -l /dev/md0" and it's there.  it's my raid array.  has anyone run into this before?  am i doing something wrong?23:31
ivoksAndyGraybeal: check /etc/lvm/lvm.conf, search for 'filter'23:33
Davieyhggdh: Hmm.. something seems inconsistent - i had that stage last week... left it, and it worked again.23:33
AndyGraybealivoks: it says: filter = [ "a/.*/" ]23:34
ivoksif that's the only filter, then it's not filter at all :D23:35
AndyGraybealivoks, then that' sthe filter - do yoiu know what might be happening?23:35
ivoksno idea23:36
hggdhDaviey: this is really not kosher23:36
AndyGraybealokay thank you ivoks.23:36
ivoks /proc/mdstat23:36
ivoksis that ok?23:36
hggdhDaviey: my euca-run-instances stay in pending for a while, then go to tesminated23:36
Davieyhggdh: *sigh*, that *was* working23:36
Davieyhggdh: Feel free to keep prodding, can you email me your findings?  I'm going afk now :(23:37
hggdhDaviey: I am opening bugs on all I find ;-)23:37
hggdhwe will chat tomorrow, go hit the bed, don't go my way last week ;-)23:38
lox_ivoks, no grub menu appeared23:42
ivokslox_: then it doesn't boot from disk at all?23:42
AndyGraybealivoks: i decided i run the installer again before you wrote that, sory23:46
AndyGraybealivoks: the installer says the same thing about /dev/md0 ... even after i deleted and recreated the array23:47
ivoksso, in previous life, you were a windows sysadmin? :)23:47
AndyGraybealivoks, yes, yes, 10 yrs ago.23:47
AndyGraybeali'm still fumbling with this linux.23:47
AndyGraybealivoks, i'll take your queues next time though, sorry.23:47
ivoksyou would have erase superblock before creating new md23:48
AndyGraybealanyway - my goal is to end up with 1 80gb boot drive with linux on it and one raid array with 4 disks, 320 each.23:48
hggdhDaviey: apparmour, it seems23:48
AndyGraybealivoks: okay - i don't know what really that means, erase the superblock, does that require a reboot?23:49
ivoksthere's nothing on the disks?23:49
Davieyhggdh: Not suprised by that - it's bitten us a few times23:49
AndyGraybealivoks, no there's nothing on the disks.. i'm just starting from scratch.23:49
AndyGraybeali got all my data backed up safely23:49
ivoksAndyGraybeal: and you are in the installer?23:49
hggdhDaviey: yes... for the record, bug 61026523:49
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 610265 in eucalyptus "cannot successfully start an instance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61026523:49
AndyGraybealivoks: yes, it's unpacking softwares as we speak, i can restart it if you recommend.23:49
ivoksAndyGraybeal: er... didn't you just said that it doesn't work?23:50
AndyGraybeali'm very confused and scared a bit by this whole manual partitioning.  i've been doing this for 10 years, but that doesn't mean i'm nearly anywhere good at it.23:50
ivoksoh, you have one partition just for /23:50
ivoksone disk23:50
AndyGraybealivoks, the plan is one disk holds all of linux and assorted softwares; but the raid array holds /home and /srv (and data for my business)23:51
ivoksthen finish installation23:51
AndyGraybealsory for the confusion and run around.  i feel like i'm never going to get good at this ... in 10 yrs.. it's been longer than tear years honestly; but we won't get into that.23:52
AndyGraybeali gave up a high paying job with windows to take the time to really learn linux.. and here i am :)  still learning.23:53
AndyGraybealbut it's good, it's in a real business setting.23:54
AndyGraybeali feel more in control that's for sure.23:54
ivokswhat ubuntu is that?23:55
ivokswhich version23:55
AndyGraybealit's 10.04 server23:55
AndyGraybealokay, it's still moving, i'm going to get a bite to eat; brb23:59

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