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chocantoHi :)09:14
davmor2morning all10:51
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alourieif I a the bug that was opened on iso tracker and was already fixed, what should I do?18:22
alourieif I see ^^18:22
charlie-tcaNothing to be done then18:22
charlie-tcaUnless you want to thank the developers for being so quick about it.18:22
alouriecharlie-tca: oh, I'm definitely thankful. I also wanted to make the launchpad quicker, as those bugs are still in NEw18:23
alouriewow, I'm dislectic today18:24
alourieI meant to say to make the Launchpad cleaner18:24
charlie-tcanp.ISO tracker gets wiped clean each test week. Alpha3 is coming, we start over again18:25
alouriecharlie-tca: oh, I didn't know that18:29
alouriebesides, unfortunately it doesn't clean bugs on Launchpad automatically, does it?18:30
sbeattiealourie: no, it does not, because they might still be existing bugs.18:30
alourieoh, sorry, I didn't explain myself well enough18:30
alouriethe bugs are opened in Launchpad on ISO Tracker itself, meaning bugs in ISO tracker :-)18:31
sbeattiealourie: ah, if it's been fixed, then close it marking fix released (if you can)18:32
alouriesbeattie: ok, let me see for a sec18:32
alouriesbeattie: oh, wow, I can :-)18:32
alourieyea!, 2 bugs less now18:33
charlie-tcaYay! nice job, alourie18:33
alouriecharlie-tca: thanks :-)18:35
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