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macolook alive, folks20:52
czajkowskimaco: tis on me to do list :)20:57
czajkowskipleia2: did you want me to send out the doodle poll or was that up to you to do ?20:58
macoczajkowski: if you were in the usual channel, youd know i meant "hey look people just joined that look like trolls!"20:58
czajkowskifair enough20:58
czajkowskipleia2: heading for a wee bit, that mail should go out today as using this weeks dates so as not to confuse folks re voting for new meeting20:59
pleia2czajkowski: oh sorry, I thought you would :)20:59
czajkowskipleia2: http://www.doodle.com/pt3c3dwy87rcb53f21:00
pleia2do you need me to?21:00
czajkowskipleia2: just not sure how to word the mail without confusing folks with the date thing21:00
czajkowskiI want folks to disregard the DATE and focus on DAY21:00

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