gen_cornwallisshould i upgrade from Windows ME to ubuntu?00:00
EdLesMannA quick Nautilus question. I am on Ubuntu Lucid and I have a need to have the sizes displayed in 2  decimal precision instead of 1 (eg 5.36K vs 5.4K) . I can't find anything on Google that tells me how to change it. Does anyone know if it is possible?00:00
jimi_What is the current ubuntu version?00:00
Ryan08I have a question. Can you run the netbook version alongside windows00:00
gen_cornwallisyes ryan00:00
indigo747Ryan08: easily, as far as I know00:00
linxehjimi_: lucid, 10.0400:00
EdLesMannjimi - Lucid 10.04 LTS00:01
aeon-ltdRyan08: yes its called dual booting00:01
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Ryan08ok thanks00:01
indigo747EdLesMann: I had a project where I needed really accurate file sizes so I used wc through the command line00:02
michaelxqaeon-ltd: what dual booting fails?00:03
michaelxqaeon-ltd: is there a way to overlap it?00:03
EdLesMannindigo747 - That is how I am doing it now, but it would be really _really_ nice to have it shown in nautilis if possible00:03
EdLesMannI just couldn't ind an option00:03
ilovefairuzEdLesMann: not likely00:03
FlomasterJordan_U, here is my pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/469073/00:04
aeon-ltdmichaelxq: what do you mean?, you mean overwrite?, cos dual booting is running in parrallel00:05
indigo747EdLesMann: in Thunar, if you right click and select properties you can see how man bytes it is, nicely comma'd00:06
bidaboyhow to create a DNS?00:06
indigo747bidaboy: do you mean a DNS server?00:06
Jordan_UFlomaster: Ok, that looks correct. Is your user in the admin group? (look in or pastebin /etc/group)00:06
michaelxqaeon-ltd: with dual booting you mean choosing between the two which one to start or working both together?00:06
Dr_Willisbidaboy:  you mean run your own dns server? See 'bind' and the books written on its ussage. :)00:06
aeon-ltdbidaboy: you don't but you can run your oen00:06
AndyGraybealhow do i found out what filesystem i'm using?00:06
bidaboyjust the domaine nme00:06
fengshaun_how can I change the time it takes for my laptop to suspend?  I have put inactivity for suspend in power manager to never, but it still suspends after half an hour or so.00:07
Dr_WillisAndyGraybeal:  in what situatuion? 'sudo fdisk -l' shows filesystems and what they are.00:07
Jordan_UAndyGraybeal: "mount"00:07
aeon-ltdmichaelxq: dualbooting, when your machine powers up you are given a menu to choose between your OSes00:07
AndyGraybealDr_Willis: okay thank you; i'll try it00:07
ilovefairuzbidaboy: a domain name needs to be bought from a registrar00:07
Jordan_UDr_Willis: Actually fdisk doesn't show filesystem information, only partition table info (which includes some limited information about partition type that somewhat correlates to filesystem type most of the time).00:08
AndyGraybealJordan_U: thank you!00:08
EdLesMannindigo747 - nautilis will show byte size but I just need two decimal place and at first I was doing it manually, but now I wrote a script to do it using wc. again, it would just be nice to have it in the file manager. are there other file managers that might do it?00:08
Jordan_UAndyGraybeal: You're welcome.00:08
bidaboyilovefairuz,i heared that bind can do it, no?00:08
ilovefairuzbidaboy: no00:08
indigo747EdLesMann: I don't know, but if MidnightCommander might do it00:08
randy_bidaboy: you're trying to get your own domain name right, but you don't know how it all works?00:08
EdLesMannOK, well thanks for the help guys. I appreciate it. I will go bug the nautilis directly. :-)00:09
bidaboyrandy_, yes00:09
michaelxqaeon-ltd: if you installed windows at an external drive and ubuntu at your primary disk you can't boot your pc without your external drive..that's my problem...do you know any command to overlap that menu and start ubuntu?00:09
orshsoreau thnx solved the problem00:09
soreauorsh: I figured it would ;)00:10
orshsee u man and thnx a lot again00:10
randy_bidaboy: ok, here's the deal: you go to godaddy.com (or whatever is cheapest) and you find the name you want.  if its taken, you can auction for it if its available, otherwise, your out of luck00:10
michaelxqaeon-ltd: is there any command to start ubuntu, like 'start ubuntu'?00:10
randy_bidaboy: once you've got a name, you can assign a DNS server to your domain name through your registrar00:10
orshsoreau have a nice day,i must to go now00:10
randy_bidaboy: most registrars provide their own DNS services, though, and they are usually free00:10
ilovefairuz!ot | randy_00:10
ubotturandy_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:10
Jordan_Umichaelxq: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the output?00:11
randy_ilovefairuz: fine.  i was getting to the point, but ok.00:11
aeon-ltdmichaelxq: no, but i assume GRUB is on your external disk which is odd. you should have installed GRUB on your primary with ubuntu, then have windows on the external without the grub bootloader, or have both oses on one disk00:11
Jordan_Umichaelxq: Actually, I don't think I need that info.00:11
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FlomasterJordan_U,  here is paste bin of etc/group http://paste.ubuntu.com/469075/00:11
bidaboyrandy_, i create a server using my own ip adresse, and now i want to change it to a word, bind cant do that?00:11
Jordan_Umichaelxq: Run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc", it will ask you some questions, one of which is where grub should be installed.00:12
shawncm217 Flash plug in works fine in Chromium, but not in Firefox. Any tips on how to resolve or where best to submit a bug report?00:12
randy_bidaboy: forgive me, but speaking any further on this topic will irritate ilovefairuz and i'm not interested in that.  good luck!00:12
KB1JWQbidaboy: Time to research how DNS works.00:13
KB1JWQbidaboy: At a minimum you'll need to spend a few bucks for your domain name, and set up an A record pointing host.domain.com to your IP.00:13
Jordan_Umichaelxq: Select only your external drive (and *no* partitions), for the other questions leave then at their default (some will be blank, that's normal).00:13
ilovefairuzshawncm217: what's the issue in firefox ?00:13
michaelxqJordan_U: can i pm you?00:13
Jordan_Umichaelxq: I prefer to keep the conversation in channel, but yes.00:14
Flomasterilovefairuz,   here is paste bin of etc/group http://paste.ubuntu.com/469075/00:14
bidaboyKB1JWQ, im sure that possible, any way, i will search again00:15
jribbidaboy: you may also want to check out free services like dyndns.org00:15
samIIbidaboy: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc772774%28WS.10%29.aspx00:15
ak5I don't have to add myself to the sudoers file if I am in wheel and have %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL in that file, right?00:15
ilovefairuzFlomaster: why are you pasting this?00:15
jribak5: right...00:15
shawncm217ilovefairuz: One example, the player controls on the YouTube video player do not work.00:15
ak5jrib: ok, it doesn't work though00:15
Flomastertrying to fix my users sudo privileges00:16
jribak5: then ask that, sheesh00:16
ak5jrib: does the user have to log out for group changes to take effect?00:16
jribak5: yes00:16
ak5ok, thats it then00:16
ZykoticK9shawncm217, are you using 64 bit Ubuntu?00:16
ak5jrib: THANKS00:16
jribak5: you can check with the « groups » command00:16
shawncm217ZykoticK9: Yes.00:16
ilovefairuzFlomaster: what's your problem ?00:16
Jordan_UFlomaster: For some reason you don't have any users in the admin group. Add your username after the last ':' on the line beginning with admin (see other entries in the file for reference)00:17
ak5jrib: well, it shows my user to be wheel00:17
jribak5: but you know that in ubuntu sudoers is setup with the "admin" group, right?00:17
ilovefairuzshawncm217: 64bit?00:17
ZykoticK9shawncm217, you might want to see if this appies/works for ya.  good luck http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/clicking-in-flash-not-working00:17
eduardiyoIn first time sorry for my bad english, in the second place I have a problem with my wireless interface "eth3: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device", I received this message when I was reboot forced, some help?00:17
shawncm217ilovefairuz: Yes.00:17
eduardiyoat ubuntu-es nobody can helps me00:17
ilovefairuzshawncm217: check the link by ZykoticK900:18
FlomasterJordan_U, I will do that  and reboot into desktop00:18
ilovefairuzeduardiyo: ask your question here but all in english00:18
soreauilovefairuz: he already did00:18
soreaueduardiyo: When or where do you get this message?00:19
OutanaI a t il quelqu'un  qui parle français ici ?00:19
eduardiyoilovefairuz, the system ignore my interfaces, eth0 and eth3 (my wireless device)00:19
jrib!fr | Outana00:19
ubottuOutana: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:19
ilovefairuzsoreau: eduardiyo: sorry didn't see it00:19
eduardiyosoreau, when I try to modify /etc/network/interfaces file00:19
FlomasterJordan_U,  my line now looks like this [admin:x:119:xbmc]00:19
michaelxqi installed Ubuntu at my primary disk and mint at my external and GRUB is shown only if i boot with my external because GRUB is installed at my external. what can i do?00:19
shawncm217ilovefairuz: I will do that. However, the link says it will work for Firefox & Chrome/Chromium. Everything seems fine in Chromium. That still leaves me with the question of where best to submit a bug; Ubuntu, Mozilla or Adobe?00:20
soreaueduardiyo: Does ifconfig and iwconfig show your interfaces?00:20
ilovefairuzmichaelxq: boot the livecd and install grub on internal disk00:20
eduardiyosoreau, wait00:20
aeon-ltdmichaelxq: install grub on your primary :)00:20
ilovefairuzmichaelxq: pastebin, fdisk -l00:21
aeon-ltdmichaelxq: i can't guarantee perfect automagic-ness though00:21
randy_soreau: yes.  ifconfig shows you all the interfaces on your system.  iwconfig will show you the same interfaces + the additional information regarding wireless00:21
ilovefairuzshawncm217: ubuntu00:21
ZykoticK9ilovefairuz, you need to use "sudo fdisk -l" to see anything.  michaelxq00:21
eduardiyosoreau, wait, I need to post the query to show you00:21
shawncm217ilovefairuz: Okay. Thank you.00:21
Jordan_UFlomaster: That's correct (minus the []).00:22
soreaurandy_: I'm helping eduardiyo ..00:22
randy_soreau: oh oooooh, haha, i get it now ;)00:22
Flomasterok Jordan_U  rebooting now *crosses fingers* I didn't actually have [] in my file00:22
eduardiyosoreau, http://pastebin.com/fUisgNsE but after was be eth3, why now eth1 and how can I resolve the problem please?00:23
shawncm217ZykoticK9: No luck with the instructions in the link you sent.00:23
ZykoticK9eduardiyo, eth3 would "typically" mean the fourth ethernet card in your system.  Do you really have multiple ethernet adapters?00:24
ZykoticK9shawncm217, sorry, no other suggestions.  Good luck.00:24
soreaueduardiyo: I don't know but you probably need to find whatever file is telling it to look for eth3 and change it to the correct value. Perhaps try 'grep -Rn eth3 /etc'00:24
eduardiyoZykoticK9, no, but Ubuntu detect the broadcom bcm4311 like eth300:24
eduardiyook soreau wait and thanks00:24
ZykoticK9eduardiyo, interesting, hopefully that eth3 will work with wireless!00:25
shawncm217ZykoticK9: Thanks for the suggestion.00:25
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eduardiyonot now ZykoticK9 , now its on eth1 but I can't make it run00:25
randy_!hi | mas00:26
ubottumas: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:26
eduardiyosoreau, I only have the lines modify at interfaces file, how can I do configure it to get wireless on at startup ?00:26
mashello, how can i install cover gloobus from ppa or deb??00:26
masi have ubuntu karmic00:26
UberN00bhey guys, does anyone know how to install real player on ubuntu 10.04 and incorporate it into a browser, firefox for be more precise ?00:26
soreaueduardiyo: What do you mean 'get wireless on at startup'? You mean connect to the access point automatically?00:26
eduardiyosoreau, yeah, sorry for my english00:26
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shawncm217ilovefairuz: No luck with the instructions in the link ZykoticK9 sent. Is my only option to submit a bug?00:27
ZykoticK9shawncm217, the non-working click in flash on 64bit is already WELL reported.00:27
eduardiyosoreau, I modify the file as http://pastebin.com/JuPBZeqg do you think that will run?00:28
its-me-againhi all is ffmpeg a good audio and video converter00:28
ilovefairuzshawncm217: i suspect the issue is because of the plugin wrapper (since there are no 64 bit versions of flash any longer) you may try installing the 32bit iso!00:28
soreaueduardiyo: No problem but the only way I knwo to get it to connect at boot time is to stop nm-applet and NetworkManager from starting, then write your own script to connect and put it in /etc/rc.local00:28
ilovefairuzits-me-again: you asked before and yes it is00:28
flomasterJordan_U, thank you very much it worked I was able to sudo apt-get update  and my password worked like a charm. I have no idea how my user got removed from the admin group00:28
ZykoticK9shawncm217, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/41040700:28
Jordan_Uflomaster: You're welcome.00:28
corpsegrindrI am getting very slow data transfer speeds on my ubuntu box. going from sdd1 to sda1 im transfering at about 200kbps. would that have anything to do with the OS its self? (sdd1 is 72000rpm sda1 is 59000rpm)00:29
randy_mas: i don't know what cover gloobus is, but, for all installations of that sort, there needs to be an entry in /etc/apt/sources.list ; if you found the site for that on launchpad.net, there should be a section indicating what to put in that file00:29
eduardiyosoreau, and what can I do to make the new interface (older eth3) on?00:29
its-me-againilovefairuz:  is there a graphical frontend for ffmpeg00:30
shawncm217ZykoticK9, ilovefairuz: I guess my hang up is that it works under Chromium, but not Firefox.00:30
soreaueduardiyo: I don't know00:30
randy_mas: once the line is added to sources.list, you simply need to add the key (also noted on launchpad.net if its a ppa), and install it from Synaptic (etc...)00:30
eduardiyosoreau, well, wish me luck00:30
hoelkHi! I have an annoying issue, apparently the keyboard of my laptop is broken and one key gets stuck (not physically, i already removed the key, its an electrical problem, maybe some short circuit). Is there a way to disable the key on a software basis? meaning telling ubuntu to completely ignore the key? i know its a dirty fix but i would help a lot!00:30
puffI recently installed lucid.  In my old install (several releases back), if my mouse pointer froze (as it has now), I could hit alt-f1 to bring up the gnome panel Applications menu, then key over to the logut/shutdown/suspend menu.  Now it appears that doesn't work.  Is there a hotkey to bring up the logout/suspend menu?00:30
Mr_SonomaUberN00b, sudo apt-get install realplayer00:30
ilovefairuzshawncm217: they have different code bases00:30
masthanks randy, cover gloobus is a mac style browser (3d coverflow) in nautilus00:30
ZykoticK9its-me-again, winff if a frontend to ffmpeg.  FYI ffmpeg can't do MP4 right now (due to AAC audio issue)!00:31
Jordan_UIf michaelxq comes back could someone tell him that he needs to run "sudo apt-get install mbr" then "sudo install-mbr /dev/sda" to get windows booting from his internal hard drive?00:31
Mr_Sonomaand he's gone lol00:31
its-me-againzykes-: so it cant convert aac files00:31
squarebrackethow do i disable -nolisten for X?00:32
randy_its-me-again: fyi, Handbrake is a fantastic video conversion tool that works from a frontend00:32
ZykoticK9its-me-again, the AAC is due to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/faac/+bug/374900 Handbrake is an excellent encoder for MP4/MKV files (it won't do AVI anymore)00:33
its-me-againRanakah: so ffmpeg dont do video00:34
ZykoticK9its-me-again, ffmpeg does lost of video!  just not currently capable of exporting to MP400:34
its-me-againman y are all the good apps loosing options its annoying00:34
MisterK85Hey all, having issues with Ubuntu and VirtualBox. Getting BIOS 0xaddr errors... any idea?00:35
shawncm217ZykoticK9: Thanks for the link to the bug.00:35
puffIs there a key combinatoin to make lucid suspend?  Or perhaps a shell command?00:35
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edbianMisterK85, BIOS 0xaddr errors are probably talking about the ram.00:35
massorry by my bad english but,please someone can helps me to install the realtime kernel, its for fast reaction in usb midi devices00:35
ZykoticK9shawncm217, glad to help ;)00:35
edbianMisterK85, Surprised you know what a hexidecimal number is an address but not that it's an address in ram.00:36
MisterK85edbian: Only starting getting the errors since I installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions, if I ignore it it throws X out of whack and into low graphics mode.00:37
cincyknightA question, I have a Lexmark X5495 attached as a network printer going through another computer,  I am able to recognize it, but can't seem to find a driver for it.  Any help would be appreciated.00:37
edbianMisterK85, It throws X in the virtual machine or the host?  (Which are what OS btw) ?00:37
ZykoticK9MisterK85, did you install the Guest Additions before or after the kernel update (in 10.04) the other day?  Did you install dkms prior to installing GA?00:38
squarebrackethow do i disable -nolisten for X?00:38
moj0risingHi. I'm having a bizarre problem -- I can't connect to my ubuntu server remotely though the ufw says it's deisbled. Can anyone help?00:38
MisterK85Throws X in VM. Running Win7 as the host.00:38
moj0risingdisabled, that is00:38
konq90 how can I improve the performance of X-window when using ssh -Y?00:38
fengshaun_how can I start a daemon on startup?  I want sshd to start automatically.00:38
randomguyilovefairuz: no activity there. assuming it is not the kernel, any idea what to check ?00:39
randomguyilovefairuz: some user/group thing or so?00:39
edbianfengshaun_, It does by default.00:39
edbianfengshaun_, ps -e | grep ssh00:39
Hilikuscan i password protect a tar.gz file?00:39
fengshaun_edbian, ouch, so installing sshd makes it startup by default?00:39
fengshaun_edbian, thanks!00:40
edbianfengshaun_, sudo apt-get install openssh-server  should install sshd which starts by default yes.00:40
edbianfengshaun_, No problem! :)00:40
ilovefairuzrandomguy: try #kernelnewbies00:40
MisterK85edbian: The error I get when I try to boot is:   piix4_smbus 0000:00:07.0: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr00:40
edbianMisterK85, When you boot the virtual machine or the host machine?  What OS is each?00:41
MisterK85edbian: I am using the latest stable release of Ubuntu in Virtual Box. The host OS is Windows 7 32-bit.00:41
chrissharp123MisterK85: I get the same error in Ubuntu on VirtualBox00:42
chrissharp123MisterK85: seems harmless00:42
ZykoticK9konq90, i don't think there is a lot you can do to improve the speed of X over SSH.  If you are doing a lot of remote GUI stuff you might want to try NX remote desktop stuff (i'm only tried it a tiny bit, but it's known for it's speed) Good luck.00:42
MisterK85chrissharp123: I can't get into a GUI, throws X into low graphics mode.00:42
chrissharp123MisterK85: I don't think that error is related to the issue you're having because I'm able to run fine00:43
chrissharp123MisterK85: might be a red herring00:43
Hilikuswhat do i need to install to be able to use 7zip?00:43
MisterK85chrissharp123: a red herring?00:44
ilovefairuzHilikus: p7zip00:44
kostkon!info p7zip | Hilikus00:44
ubottuHilikus: p7zip (source: p7zip): 7zr file archiver with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.04~dfsg.1-1 (lucid), package size 350 kB, installed size 1000 kB00:44
ZykoticK9MisterK85, i'm pretty sure you can ignore that error.  i believe i've seen that in my vbox as well.00:44
chrissharp123MisterK85: sorry - that's an expression that means you might be focusing on something unrelated to the problem at hand :-)00:45
ZykoticK9MisterK85, it is the 32bit version of Ubuntu that you're trying to install right?00:45
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MisterK85I can't get into an actual GUI, just low graphics mode. Can't edit the config, only go to bash.00:46
MisterK85And yes, 32-bit version is installed.00:46
MisterK85(even though my CPU is 64-bit)00:46
ZykoticK9MisterK85, ya but you'd need a 64bit host OS WITH virtualization support in CPU.00:46
MisterK85I know. I rather 32-bit lol.00:47
ZykoticK9MisterK85, actually i think a 32bit CPU with virt support can do 64bit guests in Vbox now.00:47
nerdy_kidmy mouse lags while playing games -- ubuntu lucid nvidia geforce.  help anyone?00:47
=== Mac_Man is now known as LinuxMint
ZykoticK9nerdy_kid, does turning compiz off prior to starting the game make any difference?00:48
nerdy_kidZykoticK9 using kwin - no.  it is just the mouse, the gfx themselves arnt laggy.  furthermore it happens at intervals of about 10-20 seconds.00:49
ZykoticK9nerdy_kid, i only ask because compiz has some very strange effects on the mouse in 10.04.  mouse pointers in particular (not really laggy issues though)00:49
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nerdy_kidZykoticK9 yeah not compiz...im messing with my xorg conf currently -- managed to disable my synaptic (mouse) drivers but still no change.....00:50
ZykoticK9nerdy_kid, ?  sorry no other suggestion.  What's "kwin"?  What game(s)?00:50
soreauZykoticK9: kwin is a window manager like compiz or metacity00:50
squarebracketwhere's the gdm config file?00:51
soreaunerdy_kid: Does it make a difference if you use a different window manager other than kwin?00:51
nerdy_kidZykoticK9 kwin == kde window manager.  basicly any game that uses the mouse lol00:51
ZykoticK9squarebracket, what are you trying to do?00:51
nerdy_kidsoreau i actually killed the window manager all together and ran some games with no change00:51
un214with upstart/mountall broken due to incorrect design and no hope in site, I had to replace the entire boot sequence with something else00:51
squarebracketZykoticK9, disable -nolisten on X00:51
dedWith google chrome I'm getting "missing plugin" error for pdfs. How do I fix this?00:51
SicklerI am useing ubuntu as a host and xp as a guest, does anyone know how to get xp to be reconized as the os in vmware, whenever i use windows update it says os not supported00:51
squarebracketZykoticK9, error with friend's tablet, need access to his X00:52
un214now I'm finding crazy packaging errors due to dpkg not owning the kernel or drivers or boot sequence00:52
soreaunerdy_kid: Have you tried gnome?00:52
ZykoticK9squarebracket, if you're trying to do remote Xorg login, my advice would be to stop.  It's been disabled through the whole system for a few versions of Ubuntu now.  Good luck man.00:52
cincyknightAny fix for a lexmark x5400 series printer, can't get mine to do anthing except spit paper.00:52
nerdy_kidsoreau dont see what that has to do with it.....(yes i have; i switched to kde though 'cause i like it better ;) )00:52
un214ZykoticK9: talk about a bad idea00:53
ZykoticK9squarebracket, use ssh +x and just open apps as needed :|00:53
soreaunerdy_kid: Then it might be a bug in the mouse driver00:53
tigerx1078i was wondering are the bugs worked out in 10.04?00:53
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
nerdy_kidsoreau ok, not the nvidia driver you dont think?00:53
ZykoticK9tigerx1078, no operating system is free of bugs!00:53
its-me-againhi how do i install the mp3 encoders so i can convert other files to them00:53
lux``what's tar's default behaviour when there is already a file in the directory with the same name of one getting extracted?00:54
hiexpotigerx1078,  no00:54
ZykoticK9its-me-again, lame00:54
its-me-againZykoticK9: oy its not00:54
lux``overwrite or ignore or filename.1?00:54
tigerx1078sorry i was searching on filesharing and seen that it has bugs for that00:54
soreaunerdy_kid: anything is possible. You could test if it's the nvidia driver or not by changing nvidia to Driver "vesa" in the Device section of xorg.conf00:54
hiexpotigerx1078,  9.1000:54
ZykoticK9its-me-again, lame is the name of an mp3 encoder00:54
its-me-againi want to convert to mp3 and i cant ok i need to nstll the ability to do so00:54
tigerx1078ok can i still get 9.1000:54
its-me-againzykes-: oh how do i install that00:55
hiexpotigerx1078,  yes00:55
nerdy_kidsoreau not really cause then i wouldnt be able to run the games.....00:55
ZykoticK9!info lame | its-me-again00:55
ubottuits-me-again: lame (source: lame): An MP3 encoding library (frontend). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.98.2+debian-0ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 161 kB, installed size 264 kB00:55
squarebracketZykoticK9, "Unable to connect to X server"00:55
FREDOMalguien de chilee!!!00:55
ZykoticK9squarebracket, X forwarding does have to be enabled server side (default in 10.04 i believe)00:55
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:56
hiexpotigerx1078,  get u the link brb00:56
ZykoticK9squarebracket, try using "ssh -Y name@machine" and see if it's any different00:56
xoveri am using 10.04 64 bit, the vnc is extremely slow and uses loads of bandwidth. I am only using 64 colours. even over wifi its lagging bad. on my 256kbps WAN connection i am getting 1 frame per 10 seconds.00:56
xoverwhat is the issue here?00:56
its-me-againZykoticK9: lame is a front end00:56
xoverI have compiz turned off.00:56
lux``xover, low bandwitch :D00:57
un214I got a notification "a restart is requried to finish applying updates" only its wrong00:57
un214however it disabled the hibernate button00:57
un214how do I get it back?00:57
squarebracketZykoticK9, this is besides the point, i need HIS xserver00:57
squarebracketNOT mine00:57
ZykoticK9xover, check out NX something-or-other, known for being faster then vnc00:57
Daekdroom!FreeNX | xover00:57
ubottuxover: FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX00:57
squarebracketZykoticK9, what you're saying to do is run apps using my xserver, i need his xinputs00:57
ZykoticK9Daekdroom, thanks00:57
xoverfreenx, on it.00:58
its-me-againZykoticK9: are there any more stuff i need to convert to mp3 or mp4 or the common video file format  (whats the file)00:58
hiexpotigerx1078,  http://noncdn.releases.ubuntu.com//9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso00:58
ZykoticK9squarebracket, ? good luck man.00:58
squarebracketZykoticK9 I just need to know where that line in gdm is :(00:58
ZykoticK9its-me-again, ubuntu-restricted-extras?00:58
stercorI have hard drives that I don't know anything about: O/S particularly.  How can I find about them?00:59
tigerx1078thanks hiexpo know the links on how to set up filesharing?00:59
its-me-againZykoticK9: that allows things like playback for mp3 not converting i know that00:59
ZykoticK9squarebracket, i have no idea of gdm config files (are they in gconf perhaps?)00:59
its-me-againZykoticK9: encoding and decoding are 2 different things00:59
hiexpotigerx1078,  sorry nope01:00
tigerx1078ok np guess thats what google is for lmao01:00
xoverDaekdroom, where can i get the package for it?01:00
ZykoticK9its-me-again, for encoding lame is used for mp2/3 i believe.  I don't do a lot of encoding anymore, handbrake for mp4, dvdrip for dvd2avi...01:00
doolphwhat package do ubuntu 10.04 server has for Qos?? I want to use it as internet gateway01:01
ZykoticK9its-me-again, audacity for audio conversions mainly01:01
sebsebseb!server | doolph01:01
ubottudoolph: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server01:01
its-me-againZykoticK9: i have ffmpeg adn winff frountend01:02
its-me-againffmpeg cant copnvert to mp301:02
dexterwhats a good open source html php javascript editer that displays what i am doing01:05
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Mr_Sonomacan ubuntu mount tivo's mfs filesystem natively?01:05
Stamenii created splitted zip file using "zip 3.0" 'zip -s 670m -r fuu file' but when i wanna unzip it with unzip 6.0 it reported me an error01:05
kostkonits-me-again, give:  sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-52 libavdevice-extra-52 libavdevice-extra-52 libavfilter-extra-0 libavformat-extra-52 libavutil-extra-49 libpostproc-extra-51 libswscale-extra-001:05
Gimpedanyone in here knows how to detach vlc controller from its screen?01:05
Gimpedhttp://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=2&id=45987&file1=45987-1.jpg&file2=45987-2.jpg&file3=45987-3.jpg&name=Truth+for+linux <<< like this01:06
Stameniis there some other terminal utility that can help me with it ?01:06
Sicklergimped: what theme is that01:06
GimpedSickler: theme of desktop or the vlc?01:08
BluesKajMr_Sonoma, try a TiVo for linux app called pytivo http://pytivo.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Armooo_Redirect01:08
Sicklergimped: desktop01:08
GimpedSickler: truth01:09
ZykoticK9Gimped, try VLC - Tool / Preferences - Interface checkbox "Embed video in interface"01:09
GimpedZykoticK9: do i check it or uncheck it?01:10
dgaHow can I change my screen resolution?01:11
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, trying to recover recorded data for a friend who had his tivo die. will this allow me to put the drive into an usb encloser and recover the data?01:11
ZykoticK9Gimped, uncheck it if you want it detached01:11
Mr_Sonomatrying to figure out what i'm getting myself into before actually starting LOL01:11
GimpedZykoticK9: ah..thanks a bunch =)01:11
ZykoticK9Gimped, you're getting vlc advice from a mplayer guy ;)01:12
fridgeratorany sites that i can buy stuff cheaper than newegg ?01:13
shiv_Is remastersys the same as mklivecd? I mean can I use the remastersys cd to install on other hardware?01:13
ZykoticK9!ot > fridgerator01:13
ubottufridgerator, please see my private message01:13
konq901which open source TTS engine is the best?01:13
BluesKajMr_Sonoma, I think so but they'll need an another app to reconvert the .tivo files to make them watchable on a different format01:13
fridgeratorbut nobody is ever talking in #ubuntu-offtopic01:14
j800ri left a msg in there for people who use gwibber01:14
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, thanks, i'll do some looking for a way to reencode the .tivo files into something else01:14
j800rthat's about it01:14
xoverDaekdroom, can i connect using nx from windows?01:14
xoverI need to connect remotely from a windows machine.01:14
Daekdroomxover, I'm not sure.01:15
ilovefairuz sorry wrong channel01:15
xoveri found nomachine for windows, cool01:15
GimpedZykoticK9: ok so that works in unskinned (default) mode, any idea how to get it to work in skinned mode?01:15
xoverwhich port does it use?01:15
ZykoticK9xover, freenx is the open source version of "remote desktop" or some other well known remote-web-company name01:15
ZykoticK9xover, nomachine that's it!01:15
BluesKajMr_Sonoma, there is a pytivo forum which has that info ...i used to use a tivo and founr the pytivo forum extremely helful01:16
KoshieWhy when I run in a shell : "" that work but when I paste it in my cron it doesn't work ? :/01:16
ZykoticK9Gimped, sorry no idea.  good luck.01:16
Koshiersync -avzH --delete /home/ koshie@koshie.irlnc.org:/media/Neo-Cloud/Coquillage/01:16
GimpedZykoticK9: np ty much01:16
Koshie(Hi all)01:16
Gimpedhi =)01:16
Koshie(I've forget that :))01:16
ZykoticK9Gimped, :)01:16
alexxvillehi, i have a dell dimension 2400 with Intel 82845G/GL/GE Chipset graphics and i can't seem to boot into the gnome GUI after the splash, it just turns black or it just makes my monitor go on standby. thanks and help is appreciated :D01:17
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, unfortnately i dont have a tivo of my own. this is one of those "your the computer guy, can you help me?" things01:17
puffMr_Sonoma: what's your tivo questoin?01:20
BluesKajMr_Sonoma, understood , I suppose he has tivo desktop on windows01:20
puffMr_Sonoma: I can't say I'm expert at it, but I've been mucking with tivo stuff.01:20
puffBluesKaj: Yeah, that's what we ended up using.01:20
puffBluesKaj, Mr_Sonoma: I had coded up a script to fetch and reencode tivo files, but the big problem was the fetching... large files, and for some reason very, very slow...01:21
BluesKajpytivo works well on linux as well, puff...better actually , it gives more options for tivo file storage on one's pc01:21
puffBluesKaj, Mr_Sonoma: We theorize that you're not actually getting the raw file, but rather that the tivo is doing some on-the-fly reencoding, on a fairly lame CPU...01:22
puff BluesKaj: Good to know, but as I said, the problem was I'd use curl to fetch the file, it would run for a couple of hours and then time out.01:22
BluesKaji used curl isn't a01:23
nwidgerhas anyone else been having problems with mysqld not starting at boot?  ever since i did an update on (i think) thursday, mysqld is no longer started when i turn on my server.01:23
BluesKajpuff , curl isn't an app I'm familiar with, pytivo does all that01:24
nwidgerive ran 'update-rc.d mysql defaults' but that didnt fix anything.01:24
jpdsnwidger: What does typing: "runlevel" show?01:24
nwidgerjpds: 201:24
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ilovefairuznwidger: can you start it manually ?01:25
nwidgerilovefairuz: yes, 'sudo start mysql' works fine01:25
ZykoticK9!runlevels | jpds01:25
ubottujpds: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.01:25
nwidgerilovefairuz: and i havent seen any weird error messages in /var/log/daemon.log or /var/log/mysql/error.log01:26
jpdsZykoticK9: I know that.01:26
nwidgerjpds: any clue what might be wrong?01:27
ZykoticK9nwidger, do you see mysql listed when you run "service --status-all"01:27
jpdsnwidger: No, I was wondering if it was related to bug #554172.01:27
jpdsZykoticK9: ↑01:27
jeraldhello guys.. can anyone help me on my wubi installed ubuntu my graphics is running slow Help please01:27
ilovefairuznwidger: you can check its run levels with sysv-rc-conf.01:27
nwidgerZykoticK9: yes i do01:27
ZykoticK9nwidger, with a +01:27
wiesshundeh does ubotu have an info about asking for questionable things?01:28
snoopyis there a autohotkey for linux?01:28
nwidgerZykoticK9: it says ' [ ? ] mysql'01:28
ZykoticK9nwidger, i'm not sure what that means...01:28
nwidgerZykoticK9: sweet01:29
jeraldhello guys.. can anyone help me..?01:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:29
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trojan_spikejerald, whats the problem?01:29
nwidgerZykoticK9: a bunch of the other services are marked as ?01:29
edbianjerald, O my god it's only what we love to do here!01:29
ZykoticK9nwidger, mine too01:29
jerald trojan_spike on my wubi installed ubuntu my graphics is running slow Help please01:29
trojan_spikekeep it for all to see please jerald01:30
nwidgerZykoticK9: any other ideas?01:30
Cobra36093is anyone familiar with UBUNTU 4.10 (WARTY WARTHOG)?01:30
ilovefairuznwidger: try the tool i mentioned01:30
edbianCobra36093, Kidding right?01:30
nwidgerilovefairuz: ok01:30
jeraldedbian, I just install wubi ubuntu.. and after I instaled compiz, my grapics is running slow..01:30
trojan_spikejerald, have you downloaded the drivers from hardware drivers??01:30
Cobra36093wish i was01:30
aldougHello, I am running 10.04 on a Toshiba Satellite A215 with a PA3613U-1MPC wireless card, and can't get wireless to work. Any ideas?01:31
ZykoticK9nwidger, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1475460&page=2 for details :)  good luck.01:31
ilovefairuzCobra36093: what's your issue?01:31
shaunoCobra36093, used it at the time, but couldn't really advocate supporting it anymore.  that's not just old, it's /old/01:31
edbianCobra36093, Yeah, I've heard of it.  Why?01:31
jeraldtrojan_spike,  yeah.. it all works well at first but after I installed this compiz setting manager it slows down01:31
wiesshundjerald>>  compiz is pretty heavy on the video hardware depending on what you set up, can you tell us your specs?01:31
nwidgerilovefairuz: ok, with that tool mysql is checked on for runlevels 2, 3, 4 and 501:31
Cobra36093came across a laptop that really only runs it01:32
massomeones help me please, i have a synaptics touchpad in my laptop and in windows 7 i can make gestures like rotating images, zoom, with two fingers, but in ubuntu 9.10 i cant make these, 3 days ago i type a comand in the terminal for view the touchpad information and in the fingers tab show only one finger detected when i have two or three, please help me. I saw last week that synaptics make the linux gesture suit but i cant find the download link in the synaptic01:32
mass page. Sorry by my bad english01:32
edbianjerald, You need to try different drivers.  Be aware that many people when asked a question about wubi see the answer as "install linux for real"  because wubi is sometimes a very convoluted nightmare.01:32
jeraldwiesshund, my desktop has much higher specs than my mobile.. but my laptop runs very well01:32
puffBluesKaj: curl is just a generic network client for doing scripted network actions, like ftp, http, etc.01:32
craigbass1976How is the process of getting IE8 running in WINE?  I had 6 going before I got my new laptop, but I haven't tried it since about March01:32
nwidgerZykoticK9: that is the opposite of what i want :P01:33
ilovefairuznwidger: check the boot logs01:33
craigbass1976My wife needs it for work01:33
trojan_spikemust be laging somewhere,, have u used compiz before with ur current graphics card?01:33
wiesshundjerald>> ok check what edbian said then01:33
jeraldedbian, yeah , because I don't have any problem with my laptop having ubuntu full installed..01:33
nwidgerilovefairuz: i have, and havent seen anything noteworthy.  there's a statement from apparmor where it loads the mysql profile but that's about it01:33
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ZykoticK9nwidger, true but just reverse the couple of steps.  the details should all be there.01:33
jeraldhow can I check my hardwares? because I checked for drivers.. but there are no issues.01:33
xoverguys which port do i connect to neatx server?01:33
nwidgerZykoticK9: true, ok ill see where this leads me01:34
aldougHello, in case this got missed:   I am running 10.04 on a Toshiba Satellite A215 with a PA3613U-1MPC wireless card, and can't get wireless to work. Any ideas?01:34
trojan_spikegig u get to download any drivers?01:34
ilovefairuzcraigbass1976:  http://www.tatanka.com.br/01:34
Searaymanhey i try running entertainer and am getting this error ImportError: cannot import name cluttergtk01:34
jeralddebes, I removed the compiz but the problem keeps on going..01:34
ilovefairuzaldoug: pastebin: lshw -C network01:35
j800rdoes anyone use Vuze on Ubuntu Lucid and know how to get subscriptions working?01:35
ilovefairuz!wireless | aldoug01:35
ubottualdoug: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:35
jeraldedbian, I removed the compiz but the problem keeps on going01:35
nwidgerZykoticK9: however it seems that this should have affected more users than just me.  i did not mess with any of the init/upstart/mysql config files and this began happening immediately have i performed an update.  seems strange...01:35
edbianjerald, Did you turn compiz off or just uninstall it?  There is a very big difference:)01:35
jeraldI removed the compiz.. uninstall it..01:35
jeraldedbian, uninstall01:36
xoverhas anyone setup neatx?01:36
Searaymanhey i try running entertainer and am getting this error ImportError: cannot import name cluttergtk01:36
ZykoticK9nwidger, VERY strange indeed.  remember what was updated!01:36
edbianjerald, System -> Preferences -> appearances -> desktop effects tab.  What is it set to?01:36
nwidgerZykoticK9: do i remember?  not particularly, this happened last thursday01:36
edbianjerald, uninstalling software does not stop the current instance from running.  It essentially makes it so that the system can never start that process again until that software is re-installed.01:37
rewatihi i have these installed on my system and i am not able to remove it and its giving me error when ever i want to install some thing01:37
rewati libumfpack5.4.001:37
rewati libblas3gf01:37
rewati libgfortran301:37
FloodBot1rewati: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:37
jeraldedbian,  hold on..01:37
EliteXRayIs unbuntu better than fedora?01:37
Searaymanits name01:37
EliteXRayOh cmon01:37
trojan_spikeEliteXRay, it depends on the user01:37
jenny-48less resource intensive01:37
Searaymani can not honestley say i was just beign a fan boy sorry01:37
slidinghornEliteXRay, that's a very subjective question...what do you look for in a distro?  what do you need it for?01:37
EliteXRayI read on a forum that lots of engineers are on ubuntu01:38
jeralddebes,  it's ok now..01:38
Searaymanhey i try running entertainer and am getting this error ImportError: cannot import name cluttergtk01:38
jenny-48more user friendly, lots more reference material online , lots more support01:38
edbianEliteXRay, Is an blue better than red?01:38
trojan_spikealot of works is being done on ubuntu ,, but fedora is still a good o.s01:38
jeralddebes, it works back to it's original state.. hmmm wubi issues... tsk tsk..01:38
edbianEliteXRay, It's only better if you like it more.01:38
pancakezjoin #default01:38
ilovefairuzEliteXRay: try for your each01:38
ZykoticK9nwidger, i'm really not too good with mysql and services under upstart right now :(  and my google-fu is fail so far :(01:38
rewatiwhenever i am trying to remove any of them i am getting this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/469097/01:38
wiesshundUbuntu is better than redhat because ubuntu has cooler version names :)01:39
EliteXRayI just figure that there would be distinctive difference between the two linuxes01:39
masalguien sabe como instalar el centro de software de lucid en karmic (ya que muestra los ppa)01:39
Mr_Sonomapuff, BluesKaj sorry got called away by family. my question was what utilities i would need to mount a hard drive out of a tivo in a hard drive enclosure and recover the data into a playable format01:39
jenny-48what I need are answers to how to get the 'pop ups' I use in mIRC over to Xchat01:39
ZykoticK9wiesshund, "ubuntu is better..." is an off-topic channel discussion01:39
jenny-48how can I store short one line messages , like my description file as a pop up using XChat ?01:40
ilovefairuzEliteXRay: package management and system configuration tools01:40
aldougilovefaruz: http://pastebin.com/YX1z30S001:40
edbianEliteXRay, fedora is more "pure" because red hat does not develop for it alone.  Ubuntu does develop for only themselves.  The notifications are a good example of this.01:40
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, he wasnt able to see the drive in windows and thats the reason he is bringing it to me. the drive can be "seen" but isn't readable through windows01:40
nwidgerZykoticK9: sadly that post hasnt been much help.  ive already looked at /etc/init/mysql.conf, /etc/init.d/mysql and the files in /etc/rcN.d/ and everything looks fine.  i looked at the config files in /etc/mysql and they also look ok.  i tried changing the bind address in /etc/mysql/my.cnf to '' as some other people said that has fixed their problems with mysqld not starting up but sadly that didnt nothing, too.01:40
EliteXRayPure insinuates a good quality of fedora?01:40
wiesshundjenny-48>>  Xchat uses perl. youd need to rewrite the scripts01:40
ZykoticK9nwidger, you're currently using both the old and new methods of starting services!01:41
nwidgerZykoticK9: the fact that i see no error messages in any of the log files is also really frustrating01:41
edbianEliteXRay, The developments that red hat make are contributed to kernel mostly which is used jointly by every distro.  Although fedora does have a custom little differences.  I don't know about them as much because I don't use fedora.01:41
ilovefairuzaldoug: pastebin: lspci01:41
edbianEliteXRay, They're of equal quality in my opinion.01:41
EliteXRayI just want to understand why engineers chooses ubunutu over fedora heh01:41
ZykoticK9nwidger, i'd concentrate on the /etc/init/ file for sure (that "should" be upstarts config)01:42
EliteXRayexcuses my typos01:42
nwidgerZykoticK9: i dont know which files are actually being used by upstart.  the /etc/rcN.d/mysql files are just symlinks to /etc/init.d/mysql, which is just a wrapped to 'service start msql' it looks like01:42
slidinghornEliteXRay, only advice I can really offer is to give both a try and see which works better for you :)01:42
EliteXRayI'm currently on fedora. Works pretty nice imo01:42
aldougilovefairuz: http://pastebin.com/xdYtbQ3901:42
edbianEliteXRay, Do you mean engineers as in people with engineering degrees?  Where did you get this statistic?  I'd like to research it as well?01:42
ilovefairuzEliteXRay: you'd have to be more specific about what you're trying to compare and join #ubuntu-offtopic01:42
EliteXRayI came across this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-644448.html01:42
nwidgerZykoticK9: *just a wrapped01:42
erkmanedhi everybody! i'm french and a ubuntu user :)01:43
aldougoops, I have to go right now - i'll probably be back later tonight; not sure.01:43
ilovefairuz!hi | erkmaned01:43
ubottuerkmaned: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:43
slidinghornerkmaned, salut!  The #ubuntu channel's English only, and you're welcome here... there's french support in #ubuntu-fr as well01:43
nwidgerZykoticK9: here's my /etc/init/mysql.conf: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/Ya3gwSAu01:44
trojan_spikeilovefairuz, does that control the bot??01:44
slidinghorn!bot > trojan_spike01:44
nwidgerZykoticK9: since im now at runlevel 2, it SHOULD have been started.01:44
ubottutrojan_spike, please see my private message01:44
ilovefairuz!brain > trojan_spike01:44
ZykoticK9nwidger, runlevels don't matter in ubuntu01:44
trojan_spike:) thats a yes then01:45
alexxvillecan anyone help?01:45
nwidgerZykoticK9: then why talk about them in upstart scripts?01:45
erkmanedslidinghorn thank's :) sorry, I don't know very well the irc-commands :) I'm a newbie on irc =)01:45
ilovefairuz!details | alexxville01:45
ubottualexxville: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:45
alexxvillehi, i have a dell dimension 2400 with Intel 82845G/GL/GE Chipset graphics and i can't seem to boot into the gnome GUI after the splash, it just turns black or it just makes my monitor go on standby. thanks and help is appreciated :D01:45
alexxvilleubuntu version 10.0401:45
ilovefairuzerkmaned: write, /join #ubuntu-fr01:45
ZykoticK9nwidger, backwards compatibility i imagine01:45
jenny-48how can I store short one line messages , like my description file as a pop up using XChat ?01:45
slidinghornerkmaned, no problem :)   do you have an ubuntu-related support question that we can help you with?01:46
erkmanedilovefairuz thank's, it's great ^^ and to send a private-msg ? :D01:46
ilovefairuzerkmaned: write /msg username your-message01:46
ilovefairuz!pm | erkmaned01:47
ubottuerkmaned: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.01:47
ZykoticK9jenny-48, try #xchat good luck :)01:47
trojan_spikesame for here ilovefairuz  pm's01:47
ilovefairuztrojan_spike: pardon me?01:47
trojan_spikesending pm's.. how to01:48
ilovefairuztrojan_spike: scroll up and read01:48
nwidgerZykoticK9: ok well ive checked all the sanity checks in the 'pre-start script' portion of the config file.  /etc/mysql/my.cnf exists and is readable, and /var/run/mysqld exists and is a directory with size of at least 4096 bytes.01:49
trojan_spike.?? yea??01:49
jeralddebes,  another question. How can I change my log in window? I can't see login window configuration on my adin01:49
puffMr_Sonoma: Ah, well... I don't know much about the tivo's internals, but there are communities out there about that.01:50
enav1V.I.S.T.A. == Virus, Infections, Spyware, Trojans, Adware01:50
ilovefairuz!ot | enav101:50
ubottuenav1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:50
jeraldhow can I change my my log in window..01:50
puffMr_Sonoma: Assuming that the files are stored internally as .tivo files, you can reencode them with ffmpeg.01:50
enav1give me a little break mom01:50
massomeones help me please, i have a synaptics touchpad in my laptop and in windows 7 i can make gestures like rotating images, zoom, with two fingers, but in ubuntu 9.10 i cant make these, 3 days ago i type a comand in the terminal for view the touchpad information and in the fingers tab show only one finger detected when i have two or three. I saw last week that synaptics make the linux gesture suit but i ca01:51
mas<mas> nt find the download link in the synaptics page. Sorry by my bad english01:51
puffMr_Sonoma: Though if pytivo can do it, you'd probably be better off.01:51
ilovefairuzjerald: change what? theme?01:51
jeraldyeah.. theme for my log in01:51
ilovefairuzmas: the gesture suit is not released yet01:52
jeraldilovefairuz, yeah login theme01:52
Mr_Sonomapuff, thanks. if i can simply mount the drive and use ffmpeg to re-encode then that'll work. I've saved the link to pytivo just incase. this is a one time thing so even if i have to use CLI utilities to get this done that's ok.01:52
ZykoticK9nwidger, does "sudo service mysql start" work properly?01:52
Mr_Sonomapuff, the object is solely to recover the saved data01:52
ilovefairuzjerald: not possibly in gdm 2, i think only the background can be changed01:52
masthanks, do you know when??01:52
nwidgerZykoticK9: yes it does01:52
ilovefairuzmas: no i don't01:52
erkmanedSee u, everrybody, I'm gonna to the #ubuntu-fre chan's :)01:52
nwidgerZykoticK9: im assuming when the pre-start script in /etc/init/mysql.conf is executed, it's executed as root?01:53
ZykoticK9nwidger, lol.  i got nothing man.  hopefully someone else has a suggestion!01:53
puffMr_Sonoma: well, like I said, this is assuming that the files on the drive are in the same .tivo format that you get when you download them with tivo to go or tivo desktop.01:53
ridini can't get to any websites01:53
jeraldilovefairuz,  yeah.. because when I used ubuntu 9.04, I can easily change the them..01:53
BluesKajMr_Sonoma,is the drive from his tivo or his pc?01:54
ilovefairuzridin: open a terminal and type: dig google.com01:54
masok thanks01:54
Mr_Sonomapuff, i understand. thanks hopefully that's the situation.01:54
jeraldilovefairuz,  is there any tweak or something?01:54
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, from the tivo01:54
ridinilovefairuz, it's working now, but thanks anyway01:54
ilovefairuzjerald: not in newer version01:54
ZykoticK9nwidger, i really miss System / Administration / Services right now ;)01:54
ilovefairuz!who | mas01:54
ubottumas: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:54
Hilikusis it possible to burn 2 ISOs to a single disk?01:56
Hilikusthey fit, but i don't know if the hierarchy will get screwed01:56
Searaymanhow do i rebuild python-clutter01:56
ZykoticK9Hilikus, not if you want them both to work ;)01:56
LorgonJortleDoes anyone else using Empathy experience a huge lag and sometimes a non-responsive period when opening an IRC channel/account?01:57
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, PM?01:57
ZykoticK9Hilikus, that would require some sort of 3rd party boot mechanism to select which to boot01:57
BluesKajMr_Sonoma, I suggest you ask for more advice on #tivo, it's actually the best pave , because tivo discussion is cpnsidered offtopic here.01:58
Filipp-bncI just installed the server edition, but i cant seen to get a picture on my screen, anyone knows what causes the problem?01:58
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, that channel's been dead for hours. first place i went01:58
=== Filipp-bnc is now known as Filipp
ZykoticK9Filipp, server is text only by default01:58
SGA|DiabetikCryswow there are a lot of ppl in here01:59
Filipphow do i access it?01:59
jeraldilovefairuz, I hope the next release they will put it back where it belong.. hmmm there are too many packages that I love on ubuntu 9.0401:59
BluesKajMr_Sonoma, is the tivo connected to your network?01:59
ilovefairuzflipp: install the desktop version01:59
ZykoticK9SGA|DiabetikCrys, yes there are, do you has an Ubuntu support question?  or want to help?  If not use #ubuntu-offtopic for just general chit-chat ;)01:59
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, thats honestly the only reason i asked here. figured it was semi-ontopic since my question was the possibility of being able to mount the FS. I understand that the tivo FS is a modified ext202:00
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, wish it was but its not.02:00
Hilikusthanks ZykoticK902:00
BluesKajyes afaik02:00
Filippk, but shouldnt i get some picture on my screen, it just stands there blinking the on button02:00
ZykoticK9Filipp, that sounds like plymouth might be failing!02:01
BluesKajMr_Sonoma,that's why pytivo works so well02:01
ilovefairuzflipp: you'll get a picture if you install the desktop version, not server02:01
ilovefairuz!hi | pickle_02:01
ubottupickle_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:01
=== Filipp is now known as Filip0
pickle_i accidentally removed my audio button from the taskbar, how do I add it?  thanks.02:02
ZykoticK9Filipp, to be clear - if you want a GUI interface install desktop then simply install services on it!  (much easier usually)02:02
ilovefairuzpickle_: alt+ f2, the type: gnome-volume-applet and press enter02:02
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, ok thanks, when he gets the drive to me i'll check it out. might have to ask a few more questions once i see what i've got. like i said right now i'm asking questions to prepare for what i'm getting myself into since its a tech i've not played with before.02:02
ZykoticK9pickett_, to use the default.  right click / add to panel / indicator applet02:03
Filip0ZykoticK9 but since i have installed it, i figured i could give it a try02:03
pickle_owe thank you!02:03
ZykoticK9Filip0, you might have the same issue with Desktop as well!02:03
DareDevil01i can not use youtube and amarok at the same time02:03
MBG1987hello evey body there02:03
konq901hello, is there a open source C++ interpreter?02:03
BluesKajMr_Sonoma,to be clear, it's best he sends you the whole tivo , not just the hdd02:04
enav1hi bro02:04
MBG1987single and easy question about iptables02:04
DareDevil01when i listen to amarok i have to close amarok and restart firefox to watch youtube any solution02:04
ZykoticK9DareDevil01, are you using KDE?02:05
daleany one know how to get a USB Keyboard to work?02:05
BluesKajso you can network it and test the the pytivo app and use it to transfer  fikes from now playing if02:05
pickle_1 more question, is there a way to change my theme to have minimize and close in the upper right side of the window.  thanks02:05
BluesKajso you can network it and test the the pytivo app and use it to transfer files02:05
ilovefairuzkonq901: g++02:05
ZykoticK9!controls | pickle_02:05
ubottupickle_: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side02:05
tate\join #mythbuntu02:05
Maarten_Hello, does anybody happens to have experience with installing ubuntu with network booting (espacially the error ""The specified Ubuntu archive mirror is either not available or does not have a valid Release file on it")02:05
ZykoticK9pickle_, the alucidfs site is mine ;)02:05
Mr_SonomaBluesKaj, ok yea i'll ask him to bring the whole unit02:05
enav1MBG1987: itables is just a file you need to shutdown the server like UFW02:05
enav1MBG1987:  i mean the service UFW02:06
BluesKajI'll repeat, Mr_Sonoma, so you can network it and test the the pytivo app and use it to transfer files02:06
DareDevil01ZykoticK9, gnome02:06
DareDevil01but i installed amarok02:06
DareDevil01because i like it02:06
pickle_i run it in a terminal?02:06
slidinghorn!caps | MBG02:06
ubottuMBG: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:06
dgaHello. How can I adjust my screen resolution?02:07
ilovefairuzMBG1987: don't use caps, and use: sudo ufw disable02:07
enav1MBG1987: but are you clear?  IPtable is a file  the active services maybe is UFW02:07
MBG1987ohh i'm sorry about caps02:07
ilovefairuzpickle_: run what in a terminal ?02:07
enav1MBG1987:  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/firewall.html02:07
ZykoticK9dga, System / Preferences / Monitor02:08
pickle_the instructions from that page02:08
MBG1987enav1 i'll try02:08
ZykoticK9pickle_, the gconf thing?  yes in a terminal without the $ is you paste!02:08
konq901 ilovefairuz, g++ is a compiler but not an interpreter02:08
enav1MBG1987: that is a kick ass guide02:08
ilovefairuzpickle_: yes02:08
pickle_ow wow thats awesome.  thank you02:08
dgaThanks ZykoticK902:08
ZykoticK9dga, :)02:09
daleAny one know how to get a USB Keyboard to work? My laptop key board is working but I have an external keyboard so I can use the Laptop as a media server.02:09
MBG1987enav1 done, thanks02:09
enav1dale: normally is just plug matter02:09
Filip0I just installed the server edition, but when i boot the screen turns off, does anyone know what the problem can be?02:10
wiesshundFilip0>>  you should mention that your power light goes into sleep mode immidiately as well02:11
ilovefairuzkonq901: http://root.cern.ch/drupal/content/cint02:11
ZykoticK9Filip0, you might want to cross post to #ubuntu-server (although cross posting is generally frowned upon)02:12
ZykoticK9Filip0, my money is still on an issue with Plymouth ;)  good luck man.02:12
korokosI want to install xfce and remove gnome interface how do i do this?02:13
jeraldguys I think I have problem with my audio..02:13
ZykoticK9!purexfce | korokos02:13
ubottukorokos: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »02:13
daleThat is what I though but the OS is not recognizing it, it is a nano usb, when i do lsusb it is showing up but the keyboard keys don't register02:13
jeraldI already check the sound level but I can't hear any sound..02:14
korokosthank you for an answer02:14
konq901ilovefairuz, thank you very much, I'll test it02:14
ilovefairuz!sound | jerald02:14
j800rjerald, are you using Gnome or KDE?02:14
ubottujerald: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:14
nimbioticsHi guys. I just upgraded to 10.04 on this laptop. All seems allright, except that once i connect my z-merc mouse, OS starts acting weird; accepting mouse input in some areas of the interface but not in others. Please help. TIA!02:14
* er0s is away: volto dps02:14
jeraldj800r,  how can I check if I am using Gnome or KDE?02:14
=== er0s is now known as er0s`UiuI
ZykoticK9nimbiotics, is this related to flash clicking?02:15
j800rok. nevermind that. are you using a default ubuntu install02:15
meeman2010have malaysian citizen here02:15
meeman2010chat dengan saya02:15
j800rj800r, which applications are you trying to play sound through02:15
nimbioticsZykoI have no idea...02:16
j800rwhy did i tab myself. let me try that again02:16
ZykoticK9!tab > nimbiotics02:16
ubottunimbiotics, please see my private message02:16
ZykoticK9nimbiotics, ok just checking02:16
j800rjerald, which application are you trying to play sound through02:16
jeraldj800r, anything like mp3, movies, youtube..02:21
j800rhave you installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras?02:21
jeraldj800r,  I am still installing lspci -v | less02:21
j800rit may not be an audio issue if you haven't installed the restricted extras, it may be a codec problem02:22
j800rone of the first things to do after installing ubuntu is to install the restricted extras. it doesn't come with support for proprietary formats out of the box02:23
jeraldj800r,  what is that installed the restricted extras?02:23
jeraldj800r, How will I install this restricted extras?02:23
j800ropen a terminal, type in "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras"02:23
jeraldj800r, okay after I finish install lspci -v | less02:24
jeraldj800r, what is this restricted extras? what are they and what do they do? are these codecs?02:27
jeraldj800r, restricted extras now installing..02:27
j800r!restricted | jerald02:27
ubottujerald: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:27
j800rugh, i expected it to say more than that02:28
jeraldj800r, simple explanation only.. please..02:28
Saturn2888I upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid and now when logging in, I find it takes at least 50 sec just to authenticate me to user and also a long time to authenticate me as root. Why is this?02:28
j800rbasically, with a fresh install with windows, things like mp3, avi formats and other stuffs are supported by default, with ubuntu, you have to install the restricted extras to get mp3, flash, java support etc02:29
aloonfn-Fkey virtual terminal is a blank screen , ive tried searching very hard but can't find out how to remedy this.02:29
j800rSaturn2888, have you installed all updates?02:29
jeraldnow the restricted extras are one of the first thing to install after installing ubuntu lucid.. is that it?02:29
aloonAll I can find is people with the same problem02:30
j800rjerald, yes. after any ubuntu install, not just lucid02:30
test34jerald, if you need it02:30
j800rtest34, don't confuse the guy02:30
j800rif he's come from windows, he DOES need it02:30
aloonjerald do you have Nvidia or ATI graphics driver ?02:31
jeraldj800r,  is restricted extras includes when you update?02:31
j800rno. you install it manually02:31
j800rhow i said to02:31
aloonIf so then you might need to do some reading on installing the driver. I can give you some good links if you need.02:31
flomasteranyone know the command line to open the Gstreamer GUI02:31
j800raloon, how would graphics drivers affect his sound? :\02:32
aloonI meant if he just installed lucid02:32
flomasterI am having some pulse audio / alsa audio problems02:32
ilovefairuzflomaster: there's no "gstreamer" GUI. what are you trying to do ?02:32
jeraldj800r,  I have to install this to my laptop to..02:32
aloonmy video card is my soundcard ... as an example02:32
ilovefairuzflomaster: gnome-volume-applet ?02:32
j800raloon, i do wonder actually. my soundcard is soundmax hd, yet alsa reads it as nvidia02:33
j800rwhich is the same as my graphics card and chipset02:33
Saturn2888j800r: yes02:34
macheteis there anyone else having problems with ubuntu.com?02:35
pieroHow can I probe the memory size in Linux, discarding BIOS information?02:35
aloonany clue about my problem of blank screen when I switch to virtual terminal ?02:35
ZykoticK9Temperatures missing in Conky Ubuntu Lucid Theme.  Screenshot at http://imagebin.org/106774  conkyrc at http://pastebin.com/JFHnjKnw  I assume the problem lies in "CPU: ${goto 868}${execi 4 sensors | grep -A 0 'temp2' | cut -c15-18} ºC" as running "sensors | grep -A 0 'temp2' | cut -c15-18" in a terminal returns nothing.  Output of "sensors" at http://paste.ubuntu.com/469117/ :)02:35
j800rSaturn2888, a lot of people have had problems with upgrade in the past. tbh, i'd recommend backing up your files and running a clean install02:36
jamil_1Hello, any suggestion for recording mouse action for creating macros and playing them afterwards ?02:36
Saturn2888j800r: haha, no. I did notice that there were a boatload of console-kit-daemon --no-daemon which got loaded. Maybe that's the issue? There's gotta be an easier way to find out what's happening after I enter my password correctly02:36
Saturn2888j800r: this is via terminal btw.02:37
ZykoticK9jamil_1, that was a feature i used years ago in like win 3.1 days, don't remember ever seeing a linux implementation.  Good luck man.02:37
Saturn2888j800r: haha sorry, I only use Ubuntu as a server so I forget there is a desktop02:37
j800rah, server edition? afraid i can't help then02:38
=== asig is now known as Guest20850
utilitytrackhello, people02:38
Saturn2888j800r: oh darn.02:38
j800rSaturn2888, join #ubuntu-server02:38
jamil_1ZykoticK9, I came across gnee but it is crashing on runtime02:38
j800rthey may be able to help you more in there02:38
=== asig2 is now known as asig
Saturn2888j800r: good idea! never thought of that02:38
ZykoticK9jamil_1, gnee, i've never hurd of it ;)  good luck man.02:39
Saturn2888j800r: thanks :002:39
=== an is now known as Guest73404
nimbioticsZykoticK9: Thanks for the tip!02:40
Pudgymachete: No problem with the site.02:40
nimbioticsHi guys. I just upgraded to 10.04 on this laptop. All seems allright, except that once i connect my z-merc mouse, OS starts acting weird; accepting mouse input in some areas of the interface but not in others. Please help. TIA!02:40
jeraldj800r,  I still have problems on my audio02:40
jeraldcan't hear a thing..02:40
ZykoticK9nimbiotics, oh tab, ya it's a real pain to type ZykoticK9 so i always send tab when people actually type it out02:41
nsahooI am using ubuntu one to keep files in sync between two computers. A folder suddenly appears as Folder.u1conflict in one of the machines. How do I resolve it?02:41
ZykoticK9nsahoo, you might want to try asking in #ubuntuone02:42
nsahooany help?02:42
nsahoooh .. ok02:42
jeraldI'll try rebooting if my audio goes back to normal..02:43
test34jerald, make sure the sound isnt muted02:43
jeraldtest34,  no everything is not muted.02:43
pickle_how do you edit grub in 10.4?02:44
ZykoticK9!grub2 > pickle_02:45
Dr_Willis!grub2 | pickle_02:45
ubottupickle_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:45
ubottupickle_, please see my private message02:45
mawstDo I need to install the glx driver seperate from the nvidia driver?02:48
mawstI have the nvidia config tool and wrote a new xorg.conf but I still have no glxgear working02:48
pickle_oh boy this is confusing02:48
ilovefairuzpickle_: what are you trying to accomplish ?02:49
pickle_i just need to change the default operating system02:49
corpsegrindrI am getting very slow data transfer speeds on my ubuntu box. going from sdd1 to sda1 im transfering at about 200kbps. would that have anything to do with the OS its self? (sdd1 is 72000rpm sda1 is 59000rpm)02:49
ilovefairuzpickle_: do you have windows?02:49
mawstalso I cannot enable desktop effects.02:49
ilovefairuzpickle_: "The format is sudo grub-set-default X, with X being the menuentry position (starting with 0 as the first entry) "02:51
flomasteranyone know why I don't get sound when running this test   speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c602:51
zerhashhey i just installed ubuntu. when i try to boot up, it says "GRUB" and thats it02:52
zerhashit just freezes there02:52
dydtHi, I just installed a .deb package with alien but can't find where it actually installed the files02:52
ilovefairuzflomaster: check alsamixer, make sure nothing is muted02:52
test34flomaster, my soundcard works fine and still can't play that test02:52
pickle_what file can i look at to check the order02:52
ilovefairuzdydt: dpkg --listfiles packagename02:53
flomasterin XBMC I get sound when playing movies , but no other system sounds02:53
ilovefairuzpickle_: the order that you see at boot02:53
ilovefairuzpickle_: grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg02:53
flomasterI think I need to set alsa as my default sound device but I've no idea how02:53
mawstYeah weird. I have the nvidia splash when I start X but get  glXCreateContext failed when I run glxgears. Load GLX is in the xorg.conf. Odd?02:54
Mr_Sonoma!grub2 > zerhash02:54
ubottuzerhash, please see my private message02:54
ridinVLC version 1.0.6 in Ubuntu 10.04 is out-of-date. We recommend you install VLC 1.1.x manually. If you wish to install VLC 1.0.6 anyway, please refer to the instructions above for Ubuntu 10.10. Note that there will be some bugs; you are on your own.02:54
ridinwhere do i download vlc 1.1?02:54
test34flomaster, click the speaker in the taskbar, sound preference,  output ? do you have more then one sound card?02:55
zerhashya i realize it is grub 202:55
flomastertest34, no I have onboard Nvidia sound on my Zotac Ionitx mobo  I have selected  HDMI audio for my sound02:55
zerhashi also realize that the install should work and it isnt02:56
dydtilovefairuz: thank you02:56
test34ridin: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html02:56
ilovefairuzdydt: you're welcome02:56
bidaboyhi all how to configure my tv-out card?02:56
flomasterI can't find the line of code I typed into transmission but it oped a GUI where I could select what  device "Pulse" or "alsa" controlled certian things I think it was  Gstreamer or some thing but that was hours ago and many reboots later I can't find it now02:56
ridintest34, that's for 1.002:57
nimbioticsHi guys. I just upgraded to 10.04 on my laptop. All seems allright, except that once i connect my z-merc mouse, OS starts acting weird; accepting mouse input in some areas of the interface but not in others. Please help. TIA!02:58
Mr_Sonomazerhash, is it giving you any errors? did you look at the link ubottu gave you? maybe there's something that'll be of help in there.02:58
ilovefairuzzerhash: boot in the livecd, open a terminal, type: sudo fdisk -l02:58
ridintest34, i got it02:58
ilovefairuzzerhash:  and pastebin02:58
ilovefairuz!pastebin | zerhash02:59
ubottuzerhash: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:59
zerhashilovefairuz: there is nothing to pastebin02:59
thune3ridin: you could try the ppa referenced here: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/install-vlc-111-in-ubuntu-ppa.html02:59
zerhashall it says is 'GRUB'02:59
ilovefairuzzerhash: i said boot into the livecd02:59
ilovefairuzand open a terminal02:59
zerhashya im in it02:59
picard1421hey guys i had a question... where is a good place or an IRC channel i can ask about heatskins.. im getting a case that needs a low profile cooler and i needed some advice on which cooler to get.. i got 3 i seem to like.. but i am not sure?02:59
ilovefairuz!terminal | zerhash02:59
ubottuzerhash: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:59
ilovefairuzpicard1421: #hardware03:00
zerhashfdisk has all the entries03:00
picard1421it says i need an invite to join #hardware?03:00
zerhashim guessing i need to redo the grub-install03:00
Mr_Sonoma!hi | meeman201003:00
ubottumeeman2010: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:00
ZykoticK9!register > picard142103:00
ilovefairuzzerhash: type: sudo fdisk -l03:00
ubottupicard1421, please see my private message03:00
ilovefairuzzerhash:  and pastebin03:00
dustinwho do i talk to for help in here, im a little new03:01
ilovefairuz!details | dustin03:01
ubottudustin: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:01
ZykoticK9picard1421, did you use two ## before hardware?03:01
ilovefairuz!ho | zerhash03:02
ilovefairuz!who | zerhash03:02
ubottuzerhash: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:02
zerhashis it just me or does 90% of any convo here go through a bot03:03
bidaboyhow can i configure my tvout card?03:03
ilovefairuzzerhash: there are two disks, which one you installed ubuntu to ?03:03
Mr_Sonomadustin, just ask your question03:03
warrencan not get java working on ubuntu03:03
=== warren is now known as Guest53683
ilovefairuzzerhash: which partition ?03:04
ilovefairuz!pm | dustin03:04
ubottudustin: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:04
zerhashsdb3 is /03:04
mas_how i can install elisa media center in karmic???03:04
zerhash4 is /home03:04
Guest53683can anyingone help03:04
xanguaGuest53683: with what¿03:05
ilovefairuzzerhash: alright, type .. sudo mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt03:05
mawstCan someone help me troubleshoot glx? glxgears gives createcontext error.03:05
picard1421its not working.. w.e.. beyond that i have a very simple question that can probably be answered here... is it better to get memory that is at clock 2000 Mhz but the latency is 10-10-10-30... or ram with clock 1600 and latency 7-7-7-20?03:05
picard1421both are DDR303:06
Mr_Sonoma!hi | rinaldo_the_hack03:06
ubotturinaldo_the_hack: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:06
zerhashya its mounted03:06
ZykoticK9mawst, are you using nvidia?03:06
mawstZykoticK9, yes03:06
mawstI have the nvidia driver installed, and am able to run the config tool.03:06
Guest53683how can i get java to work03:06
ilovefairuzzerhash: which one is your first bootable disk? sda or sdb?03:06
zerhashilovefairuz, she is mounted03:06
ilovefairuzzerhash: i mean the boot order in bios, is sda first or sdb?03:07
ZykoticK9mawst, "sudo mv /etc/xorg.conf /etc/xorg.conf.orig" then "sudo nvidia-xconfig", then try restarting GDM "sudo service gdm restart"03:07
zerhashits b03:07
mawstWill do ZykoticK9 thanks03:08
ilovefairuzzerhash: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sdb03:08
ZykoticK9mawst, sorry it's /etc/X11/03:08
Guest53683can someone help to to get java working please03:08
rinaldo_the_hackcan you help my friend...???03:08
ilovefairuz!details | Guest5368303:08
ubottuGuest53683: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:08
ZykoticK9!java | Guest5368303:09
ubottuGuest53683: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.03:09
hoelkAny XKB wizzards here? i need to completely disable one key (keyboard issues)03:09
ilovefairuz!hi | rinaldo03:09
ubotturinaldo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:09
rinaldohelloo... can you help my friend..??03:09
zerhashilovefairuz, strange, i got an error03:09
slidinghorn!ask | rinaldo03:09
ubotturinaldo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:09
Mr_Sonoma!details | rinaldo03:09
ubotturinaldo: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:09
ilovefairuzzerhash: pastebin everything, command and its output03:10
mawstThanks ZykoticK903:10
IvisHi, please tell me, why flash is laggy on ubuntu when i enter into fullscreen ? It's my problem or developers?03:10
zerhashilovefairuz, http://pastebin.com/iHMuFFr403:10
ZykoticK9mawst, awsome!03:10
ilovefairuzIvis: low-spec hardware ?03:10
Ivisilovefairuz nop03:11
picard1421>its not working.. w.e.. beyond that i have a very simple question that can probably be answered here... is it better to get memory that is at clock 2000 Mhz but the latency is 10-10-10-30... or ram with clock 1600 and latency 7-7-7-20?03:11
test34Ivis, is hardware acceleration enabled?03:11
Ivistest34 yes03:11
test34Ivis, you got a URL ?03:12
Ivistest34 http://youtube.com03:12
test34Ivis, ok I dont know then..03:13
Ivistest34 you don't have any lag when you enter into full ?03:13
ZykoticK9Ivis, fact of the matter is, flash on linux is probably not as good as on Windows or Solaris even :(  You might want to try youtube with html5 at http://www.youtube.com/html5 in chromium.  Good luck.03:13
ilovefairuzzerhash: something abnormal about parition spacing on sdb, you could install on sda and make it the first boot disk in bios03:14
test34ivis, no03:14
=== Songer_ is now known as no
IvisOk thanks for great support :) and have a nice day or night cya ;)03:14
zerhashno lol03:14
zerhashthats my backups03:14
=== no is now known as Songer_
genericis there a way to render x264 with pitivi?03:15
genericOpenmovie editor is broke, and pitivi keeps render brokenvids03:15
ilovefairuzzerhash: it's only the MBR that will be installed, all files will still remain on sdb03:16
ZykoticK9generic, i'm gonna guess that x264 will be an issue of pitivi (probably due to ffmpeg aac license issue), but i have no idea.  good luck man.03:16
zerhashya im not playing with that drive03:16
zerhashits tapped right now03:16
ilovefairuzzerhash: the MBR is very small and won't touch your files on sda03:17
genericwell its also failing to render any other format03:17
genericincluding the natgive ogg shit03:17
ilovefairuzzerhash: change only the second command line and make it sda03:17
ZykoticK9!language > generic03:17
ubottugeneric, please see my private message03:17
dustin i cant play dvds off the drive,it works fine,amlost new,i have vlc player,but still have some problems03:18
Guest53683ok i giveup going back to windows.been trying to get java to work for 3 days now nomore03:18
dustini have, ubuntu 10.04lts03:18
ZykoticK9dustin, even vlc require libdvdcss2 from medibuntu to play commercial dvds03:18
ilovefairuzGuest53683: what exactly is your problem ?03:18
dougskoanyone have any problems with the new lucid kernel saying, no init upon bootup?03:19
dustinto tes java go to these sites03:19
Evolution-Xdoes anyone knows the linux mint help channel03:19
ilovefairuz!mintsupport > Evolution-X03:19
ubottuEvolution-X, please see my private message03:19
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
thomashc1Evolution-X, It's on a different server, irc.spotchat.org channel #linuxmint-help03:20
mcurranDoes anybody know which debian release intrepid ibex (Ubuntu 8.10) was built on?  Was it Lenny or Etch?03:20
dustinevony.com   youtube.com speakeasy.com03:20
enav1mcurran:  use wikipedia man03:20
thomashc1mcurran, All ubuntu releases are built on a snapshot of Debian Sid(unstable)03:20
dustin i cant play dvds off the drive,it works fine,amlost new,i have vlc player,but still have some problems,can i get some help03:21
slidinghorn!google | enav1 google/wikipedia -- same thing03:21
ubottuenav1 google/wikipedia -- same thing: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.03:21
Guest53683when i go to pogo can not play anying gams java does not work03:22
enav1what is the point of that?03:22
thomashc1dustin, Install non-free-codecs from here, see the repository how to: http://medibuntu.org/03:23
dustinnot to confess newbies or ubuntu will never be bigger then trashy vista03:23
enav1dustin: in my opinion already is03:24
Filip0Anyone knows why the screen shuts of when im trying to install ubuntu?03:24
StupendoussteveFilip0: Are you not moving the mouse for a while?03:24
ZykoticK9Filip0, are you still using the server install cd?03:25
Filip0im trying desktop03:25
mcurranyeah, go to screensaver settings and look for power management options and change to a longer time03:25
Filip0mcurran during the install?03:25
StupendoussteveFilip0: If you're installing the desktop and don't move the mouse for a while, the screen will turn off. It should turn on when you move the mouse again, though03:26
enav1is a screen saver or apwer saver03:26
Filip0i get this fucked up picture, then it all goes black03:26
steven_how descriptive03:27
IdleOne!language | Filip003:27
Mr_Sonoma!language | Filip003:27
ubottuFilip0: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:27
StupendoussteveFilip0: Do you get a gui at all?03:27
lucas_hola a todos03:27
slidinghorn!es | lucas_03:28
ubottulucas_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:28
mas_HELLO HELP ME PLEASE, I HAVE ARTOOLKIT, THE COMPILATION WAS PERFECT, BUT WHEN I OPEN SIMPLETEST IN TERMINAL SHOW THIS: gst_parse_launch_full: assertion `pipeline_description != NULL' failed03:28
enav1filip0 give me your video card model03:28
slidinghorn!caps | mas_03:28
ubottumas_: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:28
lucas_hola alguien me recomienda algun dock tengo docky pero queria saber si hay algo mas look03:28
lucas_hee creo q debo ir al español03:29
ilovefairuz!es | lucas_03:29
ubottulucas_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:29
Stupendousstevelucas_: Adios ;)03:29
enav1lucas kairo docks03:29
jpdsilovefairuz: He just said that he was going there...03:29
StupendoussteveIt's more fun to trigger the bot ten times in a row over the same thing03:29
Filip0in the down in the center of the screen is a square of some sort, then a sircle with a man inside. anyone seen anything like it03:29
ilovefairuzmas_: ask in their forum or support channel03:29
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ilovefairuzFilip0: yes it means the installer is booting, leave it for a while03:30
=== M3de is now known as M3d3
=== M3d3 is now known as M3de
hypetechAnybody around who has experience using Ubuntu as a wireless bridge with the connection sharing?  I have it working for one client, but I'm trying to get it to share to multiple clients on a switch if that's possible03:33
ilovefairuzhypetech: yes it's possible03:34
enav1hypetech:  what a about a proxy03:35
ilovefairuzhypetech: http://users.utu.fi/sjsepp/hostapd/hostap.html03:35
enav1hypetech:  i mean if your want to share internet03:35
ilovefairuzhypetech: i use hostapd + dnsmasq03:35
JoeMaverickSettthe latest X Protocol version is 11, revision 7.5. is it?03:36
rwwJoeMaverickSett: yes03:36
colin_I want join ubuntu for chinese,can you tell me,i need type which command03:37
rwwcolin_: /join #ubuntu-cn03:37
JoeMaverickSettrww, mine is showing X Protocol version 11, revision 0. what are the advantages of updating it and how to do so?03:37
colin_thanks rww03:37
rwwJoeMaverickSett: which version of Ubuntu are you using?03:37
JoeMaverickSettLucid 10.0403:38
ilovefairuzJoeMaverickSett: it's been version 11 for 22 years!03:38
JoeMaverickSettrww, to be exact Lucid 10.04.103:39
enav1im exited about the coming soon Compiz release03:39
rwwJoeMaverickSett: Lucid uses Xorg 7.5. Dunno why it's showing 0 (and there wasn't a release #0 any time recently.)03:39
JoeMaverickSettilovefairuz, is it? never knew. :0 been using Ubuntu for only 3 months now.....03:40
JoeMaverickSettrww, my X.Org X server version is 1.7.6, does that count?03:40
shorttechis he Ubuntu help chat??03:42
JoeMaverickSettrww, i don't really know the difference between the X.Org X server version and the protocol version.03:42
JoeMaverickSettshorttech, this is the Ubuntu help chat, yes.03:42
Mr_Sonoma!hi | shorttech03:42
ubottushorttech: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:42
randy_hypetech: yeah, its not particularly difficult to do that.  are you trying to do this: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Image:Standard_bridge_large.jpg ? if so, you shouldn't need hostap03:42
wrektjetthis is going to sound ridiculous and is essentially a n00b q but: im having trouble CD-ing into a folder. its in / - home -marc - pms3 but i cant CD into anything past home.03:43
shorttechMr_Sonoma, great! I just deleted my Mandriva distro03:43
rwwJoeMaverickSett: yeah, there's rather a jumble of version numbers. Considering that upgrading it isn't supported and would probably end up breaking things, I'd recommend just leaving it alone.03:43
shorttechand this is the first time running Ubuntu03:43
hypetechRandy_ that's exactly what I'm trying to do03:43
=== Songer_ is now known as Songer7
JoeMaverickSettrww, alright. thanks for the help.03:43
wiesshundwrektjet>>  having trouble typing that path?  try cd/home and hit tab03:43
=== Songer7 is now known as como
shorttechI have a desktop running multiple screens, but I cant move my mouse between screens03:43
shorttechany thoughts?03:44
=== como is now known as songer7
hypetechrandy_ I'm connecting my laptop to my wireless router as normal, then I'm using the ethernet port on the laptop to share the connection to a computer, and that works fine.  I also want to share to a second computer though, and when I hook the shared ethernet connection from the laptop into a switch, both clients won't work03:44
randy_hypetech: no big deal.  did you assign IP addresses manually?03:47
randy_hypetech: are you doing connection sharing through something like firestarter?03:47
wrektjetwiesshund,thats a helpful tip for the future. i think the problem was i was using the wrong case. it si case sensitive for file names? correct?03:47
shorttechHi guys any idea why I cant move my mouse between monitors???03:47
=== ross is now known as Guest85409
wiesshundwrektjet>>  Everything in linux is case sensitive03:48
hypetechrandy_ I tried that, the connection sharing in ubuntu creates a new 10. network while my router's network is 192., so I assigned manual 10. to both the clients I was trying to connect to the switch but they still wouldn't work at the same time03:48
hypetechI'm just doing sharing through NetworkManager03:48
randy_hypetech: yeah, connection sharing doesn't quite work right in Network Manager... reluctantly.  ok. let me guess, you assigned 192.168.(something).10 to *both* computers03:49
wrektjetwiesshund, right ok thnx. i usually just do e/thing lowercase for some reason i renamed this file in upper. there used to be an option in folder view that would show a text adress for the current folder but that seems to be gone in 10.04. i really liked that though03:49
wiesshundhypetech>> you didnt assign both pc's same addy did you?03:49
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
hypetechrandy_ no.  I mean the connection sharing creates a 10.x.x.x network and no I didn't give them both the same address :p03:49
randy_hypetech: ok ok, you understand of course why i would ask ;) just taking care of the easy stuff first ;)03:50
wiesshundwrektjet>>   ctrl L03:50
hypetechrandy_ no worries :)03:50
randy_hypetech: now, the way i would do it is much simpler than dealing with NetworkManager, even though it *seems* more difficult at first.  we can install and verify, rather quickly, through the command line, whether or not this works, which of course it will.  there are only a few steps to this.03:51
hypetechrandy_ sure I'm willing to give anything a shot03:51
test34Which program could I use to alert me that an unprotected wifi hotspot just became available?03:52
shorttechHi guys, I need some help. I have multiple monitors running but I can't move the mouse between monitors03:52
shorttechcan anyone help???03:52
=== Filip0- is now known as Filip0
wrektjetwiesshund, thnx lots03:53
randy_hypetech: step 1) wireless connectivity (the bridge).  step 2) turn on routing (hella important) step 3) assign a network to the ethernet port.  step 4) assign IP's from that network to devices on the switch plugged into the ethernet port)03:53
wrektjetwiesshund, huge time saver for me. thumbs up03:54
sudoercan anyone tell help me figure out why running a command from commandline works, but when I run it from init.d start, it doesnt work?03:55
phanindrahow to permanently mount the drives in ubuntu03:55
test34phanindra, /etc/fstab03:55
sudoerI use this to start mongodb : http://pastebin.com/akKy9tYJ03:55
shorttechHi guys, I need some help. I have multiple monitors running but I can't move the mouse between monitors03:55
zerhashsweet got grub working03:56
phanindrahow shall i edit /etc/fstab?03:56
randy_hypetech: there are (2) ways we can do this, depending on which one you would prefer.  would you like to (a) extend your network so that you don't have a sub-subnet for the switch or (b) would you like a true wireless bridge that allows DHCP to reach the connection-shared devices?03:56
randy_hypetech: wait, that was the same option worded differently.  the other option is a sub-subnet like you've been trying to do up to this point03:56
hypetechrandy_ whichever is easier, I can manually assign the addresses easily enough if necessary.  I don't need them on a different subnet than the main internal network03:57
randy_hypetech: you should probably pm me, so we can go through this ;)03:58
shorttechHi guys, I need some help. I have multiple monitors running but I can't move the mouse between monitors03:59
phanindrawhat  shall i writw in  /etc/fstab?03:59
MrCartelAnyone run into the problem with firefoxs plugin-container that takes up 90% of your cpu? Usually during flash...04:01
shorttechcan anyone help me ??? Im trying to move my mouse between monitors04:04
enav1shorttech:  are you set up a twinvew display or Xinerama?04:05
wrektjetok im pretty much up and running on 10.04 but i am trying to get the "extras" in visual effects going and i get the message "desktop effects could not be enabled". ive installed the drivers for my nvidia card via sudo apt-get instal;l nvidia-current and doublechecked in System>Admin>hardwre Drvrs and all seems well04:11
gp5stis there a quick way to figure out the week of the year?04:13
kschwangfelderhi all.  I was in here yesterday getting help.  basically, to recap, I have a computer with an asus k8v se deluxe mobo.  for whatever reason, the only way I could get windows xp installer to see the sata hard drive was to tell the bios to treat it as a one disk raid.  so windows xp is installed.  now I want to dual boot with ubuntu 10.04, but the ubuntu installer does not see that drive.  however, when I boot to liveCD ubunt04:14
kschwangfelderu, ubuntu sees the hard drive and lets me partition it.  even after making partitions, though, the installer cannot see the drive.  any suggestions on how to get around this?04:14
rwwgp5st: "date +%U" in the terminal04:14
rwwgp5st: that's with Sunday as the first day of the week. Change the U to V for Monday04:15
rww... and I think %U might be zero-indexed for some reason. "man date" has all the format options.04:16
gp5strww, thank you:)04:16
gp5sti didn't see it in my man page04:16
=== riku_ is now known as ubuntufans
hemant_I am using lucid lynx on macbook pro (dual boot)04:17
=== Omega is now known as KarlMarx
hemant_I cant get the ctrl+alt F1-F6 working04:17
hemant_I just get a blank screen with a blinking cursor, no login prompt.04:17
Jp82191Hello all04:18
hemant_i tried a few solutions that i found after googling for this issue, but nothing really fixed it.04:19
Jp82191Im having a problem with Ubuntu 10.04 not recognizing my dvd drives04:19
shorttechI have multiple monitors but I can't move my mouse between monitors???04:20
abhijit!dualmonitors | shockmount04:20
abhijit!dualmonitor | shockmount04:20
Jp82191lol i think you spelled the guys name wrong04:20
ubottushockmount: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama04:20
Jp82191never mind04:21
abhijitJp82191, :D04:21
abhijitoh no. I stop. I mispeleed everything. :)04:21
enav1shorttech: change the mode to TwenView to solve your problem04:21
shockmountwrong screenname guys04:21
Jp82191Can you help me find out why ubuntu Isn't recognizing my dvd drives?04:21
* abhijit searching place to hide...04:22
LinuxFetusHey I would like to install Ubuntu have an old computer that's an 800 MHz AMD x86-based PC with 256 MB RAM and 30 GB HDD.  I burned a CD-ROM of it, inserted it in, made sure my BIOS was booting from a CD before the HDD.  However, when I started it up, the BIOS said something like: "Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM failed" very briefly before moving to the Windows ME loading screen.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance :)04:22
Jp82191!dualmonitor | shorttech04:22
ubottushorttech: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama04:22
test34shockmount, my screen name is Hanns-G, my nickname is test3404:22
shorttechenav1, If I change to TwenView than everything will be the same in all monitors correct?04:22
mcurranDid you try to use a usb instead04:22
shockmounttest34: ok lol04:22
mcurranmaybe your optical drive has a loose connection or is bad, try checking connections or updating firmware for optical drive04:23
enav1shorttech: that is a display mode that apply to all monitor connected to your computer04:23
wrektjetdoes anyone know a simple way to automount all hdd's on startup?04:23
kschwangfelderanybody?  I have repeatedly googled my problem, so I think the irc chats are my last resort04:23
bobwest51anyone know where i can get  the " ndisgtk " package ?  i dont find it on  the install disk of lucid04:23
enav1shorttech: im using 2 monitors right now with twenview04:23
LinuxFetusmcurran: Was that toward me?04:24
mcurranndiswrapper sucks04:24
Jp82191ok let me shutdown then ill check the connectors04:24
smytheehm, do i need to wait in line? :) i have a question (newbie type of question) :)04:24
mcurranyes LinuxFetus04:24
bobwest51ok  how do it get my linksys  to work , please ?04:24
shorttechenav1, I have 3 monitors, but it should be the same result. Ill give it a shot.04:24
enav1Linux Fetus ??=????   LOL nice name04:24
LinuxFetusty :)04:24
enav1shorttech: nvidia video card???04:25
bobwest51magicjack works but no internet04:25
shorttechenav1, yep04:25
enav1shorttech:  how many video cards04:25
shorttechenav1, 204:25
shorttechenav1, both are nvidia04:25
smythehey guys, i just installed ubuntu and i wanted to install epic, but in the ./configure step it warns me with that I need to download (preferably with apt-get) the ncurses-dev or ncurses-devel04:25
enav1same model i guess04:25
smytheanyone can tell me the command?04:25
LinuxFetusmcurran: I don't have access to the internet on that computer (it's really old and the OS is incredibly broken).  Is there a way to check to see if my CD-RW drive is working properly?  I mean, I can load CDs and stuff from Windows, I believe.04:25
thune3kschwangfelder: the workaround you performed to get XP running, just seems incorrect. Being someone who doesn't know how to install ubuntu on to this "broken" raid array, I personally would look for how to fix the original problem (maybe update bios).04:26
shorttechenav1, nope, unfortunately its not the same model04:26
enav1shorttech: go private04:26
rwwsmythe: sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev04:26
shorttechenav1, how??04:26
LinuxFetusmcurran: Yeah, my brother (the primary user of that computer) tells me that he gets CD's from games working all of the time.  I was just thinking that perhaps my computer is too dated for 10.04.04:26
smytherww thank you let me try that04:26
abhijitLinuxFetus, this page have some results have a look: http://www.google.co.in/search?sourceid=chrome&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&ie=UTF-8&q=Boot+from+ATAPI+CD-ROM+failed+ubuntu04:26
rwwsmythe: though if by "epic" you mean the IRC client, it's in the repositories anyway, so not much point in compiling it.04:27
mcurranDid you try doing the boot menu key at startup, and not just the default boot order, because that sometimes resets on old pc's04:28
LinuxFetusabhijit:  I don't think that post has any replies, correct?  I didn't install it yet, though (I was trying to boot live first).04:28
ownerHello. My Google Foo has failed me. I have a "Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter" and I want to find a way to use it with Ubuntu.04:28
abhijitLinuxFetus, ok04:28
wrektjetok b4 i destroy my fstab can i ask: can i just delete the line regarding /dev/fd0 ? i dont even have a floppy drive.04:28
LinuxFetusmcurran: Do you mean press the F-key that interrupts startup and select which device to boot from?04:28
mcurranI just had a PC that reset the boot order I set in BIOS on every restart, so I had to press F10 and select USB or CDROM04:28
bobwest51mcurran ,  what else  can ido besides ndswrapper?04:29
hemant_I am using lucid lynx on macbook pro (dual boot)04:29
hemant_I cant get the ctrl+alt F1-F6 working04:29
hemant_I just get a blank screen with a blinking cursor, no login prompt.04:29
LinuxFetusmcurran: I'll try that.04:29
mcurranwhat chip are you using?  type lspci | grep 80204:29
LinuxFetusmcurran: Was that chip question directed toward me?04:31
abhijit!who | mcurran04:31
ubottumcurran: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:31
abhijityes this time I right!!!04:31
mcurranyeah, I was going to redo that comment, but couldn't find who was having trouble - It's directed to the ndiswrapper fella04:32
=== Sup|Lobby is now known as Sup|Away
bobwest51well its a  linksys  wu300n pci04:32
bobwest51but i have to reboot back into ubunto  to do that in terminal04:33
bobwest51this will take  lite years04:33
mcurranbebwest51 I need the chip info though, so type this in terminal and paste it here:  lspci | grep 80204:33
sweetpimcurran: its lsmod not lspci04:34
LinuxFetusmcurran: I tried pressing every f-key during the BIOS repeatedly - only DEL would do anything and it takes me to setup.04:34
smytheanyone can help? trying to install epic5-1.0* and although i have downloaed the ncurses-del after it prompted me to do so with a warning right after the ./configure when i did make04:34
bobwest51ok    i will  and come back  .  this will take like 5 mins   brb   thanks04:34
mcurransweepi, no actually it's not.04:34
smytheit prompted an error: cannot find -lperl04:34
sweetpimcurran: your trying to grep mac80211 correct?04:34
rww!info epic5 | smythe04:35
ubottusmythe: epic5 (source: epic5): epic irc client, version 5. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-2 (lucid), package size 554 kB, installed size 1528 kB04:35
rwwany particular reason you're not using the repository package?04:35
abhijithello zkriesse04:35
mcurranno I just want the lscpi output for the wlan0 card, which would be narrowed down with grep '802.11' etc04:35
smytherww  asking me? if yes, i really don't know :) (newbie)04:35
bobwest51i dont know of any other than the directions on the web site04:35
rwwsmythe: just do "sudo apt-get install epic5". It's generally better to use our repository packages than compiling your own.04:36
bobwest51i cant find  nswrapper when i searched  drivers on  install disk04:36
mcurranLike here is my output of that command:  02:07.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)04:36
ownerHello. My Google Foo has failed me. I have a "Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter" and I want to find a way to use it with Ubuntu.04:36
smytherww thank you, lets see now :)04:36
mcurranso I'm using a broadcom chip 431804:36
sweetpimcurran: not all cards report that way04:36
LinuxFetusmcurran: I think the minimum recommendations or whatever were 1.0 GHz... and this is from 2000-ish and is only 800... do you think 10.04 wasn't designed with such old hardware/BIOS/fimware in mind?04:36
bobwest51ok  i be back   gmmie 5 mins04:37
jubobadamn guys04:37
smytherww  i do not see it from the terminal (am i not looking..hard enough? :)04:37
mcurranLinuxFetus:  I've got linux mint running on pentium II's04:37
jubobaI'm so damn high right now04:37
rww!ot | juboba04:37
ubottujuboba: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:37
bobwest51acrtuall ,  im gonna fire up the old laptop , can come in here and boot this back up on ubuntu04:37
jubobais there a marihuana channel?04:37
wrektjetwhats an easy way to see the currently mounted drives thier UUID and their sytem tyopes? thanks04:38
rwwsmythe: don't see what? you type that in the terminal, it installs it, you can run it with the command "epic5"04:38
mcurranjuboba maybe if you spelled it right04:38
smytherww thanks again (as i said, newbie)04:38
LinuxFetusmcurran: What version?   9 is > 650 MB and thus would use up a CD-R and not a CD-RW....04:38
smythehm, but it looks now like it needs a script...04:38
rwwmcurran: that is spelled right ;P04:38
LinuxFetusI think tried DSL and a couple others already but they didn't work.04:39
mcurranI used a USB04:39
rwwsmythe: If you're a newbie, epic probably isn't the easiest IRC client to use...04:39
smytherww hm04:39
smythewhat are you using?04:39
LinuxFetusAnd an obscure distro.  But yeah... do you have Linux Mint 9 on your Pentium II's?  Or an older version?04:39
rwwsmythe: irssi, but you probably want something graphical like xchat04:39
smytherww i have that already... but i think i am doing something else (among many other things) wrong...right now with this bitchx client i have a lot of 'disconnects' after idling..04:40
smytheit jumps servers/networks04:41
smythe'jumps' :)04:41
slinkeeyI have have somethingt hat I run in terminal and then leave up.. is there any way to make it more streamlined so it isn't hanging out in the way?04:41
rwwsmythe: using bitchx isn't a particularly good idea04:41
slinkeeyI know I can switch desktops04:41
smytherww  why?04:41
rwwubottu: bitchx04:41
ubottubitchx (also known as ircii-pana) was dropped from Debian and subsequently Ubuntu (see: http://dy.fi/afb). Consider using irssi or weechat instead.04:41
ActionParsnipyo yo yo04:41
enav1ye ye ye04:41
rwwsmythe: it's not supported any more, and has known security vulnerabilities04:41
smytheoh i see thank you!04:41
rwwSo yeah, if you're looking for command-line IRC clients, I'd recommend irssi or weechat, as the bot says.04:42
rww(sudo apt-get install irssi, or sudo apt-get install weechat)04:42
smytheand apt-get irssi?04:42
randy_smythe: yeah, i'm running irssi, not bad at all04:42
smytheok thanks04:42
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines04:42
ActionParsnipclients listed on that page :)04:42
smytheok let me see, does it have tab?04:43
smythecommand/etc completin?04:43
rwwsmythe: yes04:43
smytheok, thank you again04:43
ActionParsnipcan someone please tell me the default file search tool in Ubuntu?04:45
smythenow...i have two (more serious i think) problems, one is memory use (it looks like it 'takes' up alot of memory and the usage increases gradually04:45
semi-nubok this is a semi-noobish question.  i was trying to remove univerasl access from my top panel and i removed the evolution mail checker thingy instead, and i couldnt get rid of universal access icon. any idea how i can remove universal access icon and get back my mail cheker ><04:45
smytheit peaks to the max (1 gb) and then somehow drops to mid 500mb04:45
smytheand i am not running much (other than the...gnome)04:45
smythewhat's with that? anyone knows?04:45
enav1ActionParsnip: gnome-search-tool04:46
rwwubottu: memory | smythe04:46
ubottusmythe: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html04:46
Kk2if i install nvidia driver from ppa in my ubuntu will come the x64bits version?04:46
smythethank rww04:46
smytheand one last question ( i hope)04:47
smytheit has to do with sound..04:47
smythewhen viewing youtube video or playing sound in general, the video color fades on and off04:47
ActionParsnipenav1: cheers dude04:48
smytheto gray and returns to full color and the sound is almost like buffered...can't increase the volume...it is distorted...04:48
semi-nubhi everyone. im having some problems running conky. when i set it to autostart at boot up it flashes and disappears. is there some kind of wait command i can use or anything to make it work right?04:48
ActionParsnipenav1: is it a seperate app or is it rolled into nautilus?04:48
enav1is a gnome tool suit04:49
enav1i guess is older than nautilus04:49
wrektjetwhat does the entry utf8 mean in fstab?04:49
shorttechenav1, thank you04:49
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: make a small script to make it wait until everything loads, then start it. 10 seconds should be enough04:49
enav1shorttech: hey buddy i thought you destroy your video settings LOL04:49
enav1shorttech: everything works great now?04:50
ActionParsnipwrektjet: its the encoding of the characters in the file names04:50
semi-nubActionParsnip: how would i do that? ><04:50
shorttechenav1, nope... I had to make another change and it worked..04:50
enav1ActionParsnip: i want to lear scripting under Linux i think is cool04:50
enav1shorttech: very good any way im jealous becuase i got only 2 display you got 3  damnit04:51
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: make a script someplace with the command:   sleep 10; conky &      after the usual bash header line:    #!/bin/bash      then add it to your startup items and remove the current conky startup item04:51
shorttechenav1, yep... I have 2, 22 INC and 1, 32 INC04:51
wrektjetActionParsnip, not totally clear what that means. but im guessing i dont want to enter it in my new line for automounting?04:51
ActionParsnipwrektjet: you can add it if you want04:51
enav1shorttech: i got 22" and 18.5"  samgsun04:52
ActionParsnipenav1: it's not hard, start with simple stuff, then build up04:52
wrektjetActionParsnip, aight. saving and rebooting now. fingers crossed04:52
enav1shorttech:  i will show you something insane04:52
ActionParsnipwrektjet: make sure you chmod the script as executable04:53
shorttechenav1, ok...04:53
enav1shorttech: http://is.gd/dINj704:53
enav1shorttech: im so jealous about that guy04:54
shorttechenav1, awesome!!!04:54
enav1awesome is not enough04:54
shorttechenav1, I wonder how he got the 3d to work with multiple screens04:54
semi-nubactionparsnip: like this? http://fpaste.org/LB78/04:54
wrektjetActionParsnip, umm i was editing fstab. so nothing to chmod right?04:54
enav1shorttech: just activate it  that is all04:54
ActionParsnipwrektjet: no, the chod was aimed at semi-nub04:55
shorttechenav1, I was never able to get my 3d to work with multiple screen on Mandriva04:55
shorttechenav1, I havent tried on ubuntu yet04:55
shorttechenav1, this is my first day with ubuntu04:55
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: yes but without the space in #!/bin/bash04:55
enav1i personally feel that mandrive have good video performance but with buggy video image04:55
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: you can't just add spaces because it takes your fancy04:55
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: you also don't need the semicolon04:56
semi-nubactionparsnip: heh im not sure how to make scripts reall04:56
enav1shorttech: ho good... you are wellcome here... this is a big comunity with trolls included :)04:56
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: you will also want an ampersand after conky so the process is backgrounded04:56
semi-nubactionparsnip: so remove semicolon and space and its correct? and an ampersand?04:57
enav1shorttech: let me give your a couple of links to pimp your ride04:57
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: http://fpaste.org/ie9V/04:57
shorttechenav1, thats why I decided to switch - the community for Mandriva its kind small04:57
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: then chmod +x the file so it is e(x)ecutable04:57
semi-nubactionparsnip:ok thank you very much i shall try04:58
ActionParsnipshorttech: its a shame, mandriva is cool04:58
RealEyesj/ #conky04:58
mawstDoes anyone know what I need to do to make Burg give me a normal vga console (no framebuffer because I use real nvidia drivers)? Right now I get video mode not supported until gdm pops up04:58
shorttechActionParsnip, yes Mandriva is cool, I have been using for about 12 months04:58
ActionParsnipshorttech: was my first linux back when it was mandrake04:58
shorttechActionParsnip, the community is really small though and you cant find much help online04:58
shorttechActionParsnip, now I have to learn to use gnome04:59
shorttechActionParsnip, Mandriva was mostly KDE04:59
ActionParsnipshorttech: install kubuntu then, it uses kde04:59
wiesshundgnome is very easy04:59
=== beej666_ is now known as beej666
iqbal__huhuy ubuntu04:59
shorttechActionParsnip, I think I might... I kind want to try gnome05:00
shorttechI never really used it before05:00
ActionParsnipshorttech: its a fine DE. I tend to use LXDE these days05:00
shorttechActionParsnip, how come?05:00
enav1shorttech: get ready    http://is.gd/dIO9m         http://is.gd/dIOat            http://is.gd/dIObZ        those tree link will help your to burn your CPU05:01
shorttechenav1, let me check it out05:01
megamanx1978Hi can someone help me with qjoypad05:02
shorttechenav1, I like the link about the top 100 aps05:02
enav1alternative is useful too... but ubuntuguide is to go pro with linux stuff05:02
enav1qjust take your time05:02
shorttechcan I have multiple panel on different monitors on gnome?05:03
enav1shorttech: all tree monitor are a big display... that mean one big desktop with 3 monitors05:04
enav1every panel is a different desktop05:05
Jp82191Still need help with ubuntu not recognizing my dvd drives. i checked the plugs there all good and they worked perfect when i was running karmic what 6 months ago05:06
semi-nubactionparsnip:that worked perfectly thanks05:07
semi-nubnow if i can just figure out how to remove the universal access icon in the top panel and get my evolution icon back up there :/05:08
enav1Jp82191: try to test your drives on a karmic live cd just to discard drivers problem on  lucid05:08
piotrbare there any alternatives to canonical landscape for managing package updates across a few boxes?05:08
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: no worries dude, compiz was loading over the top so you needed conky to chillout before running05:08
paranoidphreakhi everybody, i'm currently downloading a video off of a website and i'm able to watch the downloaded part but once that downloaded segment is finished i have to relaunch the video file. is there anyway of the system doing this automatic instead of me relaunching the file?05:08
ActionParsnippiotrb: apt-cacher05:09
Jp82191enav1: what do you mean i don't understand05:09
semi-nubactionparsnip: cant get the temperature to work in conky either lol05:09
ActionParsnippiotrb: you can upgrade one box online then the others can simply use the debs it has cached05:09
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: do you have sensors installed etc05:09
wiesshundJp82191>>  he is saying try to boot a 9.10 liveCD05:10
semi-nubactionparsnip: yes i believe so05:10
enav1Jp82191: i mean... turn off your computer put a Karmic CD   run Live CD mode and test your DVD drive just to discard some possibility about drivers issue on Lucid05:10
ActionParsnipsemi-nub: I used to use this, stopped using conky now: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/conky-a-light-weight-system-monitor-for-ubuntu-linux-systems.html05:10
Jp82191kk ill be back05:10
piotrbActionParsnip: I was looking more for something with a web gui I could see my box's packages .. seems like apt-cacher wouldn't work that well across diffrent box configs05:10
ActionParsnippiotrb: it will work with all ubuntu boxes though as the packages are identical (assuming you use all the same releases)05:11
enav1Jp82191: is your DVD stuff works on a karmic live CD that mean you got a driver incompatibility issue on your lucid05:11
wrektjetunsuccessful with fstab edit :(05:11
ActionParsnippiotrb: you can use: dpkg -l > ~/list.txt     to see the packages installed in a text file05:11
Jp82191ok so im going to shutdown and see if i can get the live cd to work05:12
enav1ill be here05:12
Jp82191weird it picks up the cd in the desktop05:12
Jp82191but not the dvd im trying05:13
wiesshundJp82191>>  maybe try a different dvd?05:13
Jp82191Its 2 drives thats why05:13
enav1you need to restart your pc and run the karmic live CD05:13
sweetpiJp82191: maybe its a cdrom drive, and not a dvd drive :)05:13
Jp82191lol both are dvd rw05:14
Jp82191so 1 drive doesn't pick up the live cd05:14
Jp82191the other does05:14
wiesshundperhaps one drive has taken a dirt nap :(05:14
Jp82191wiesshund: i think so too05:15
Jp82191thats some shit05:15
Jp821911 drive works the other seems dead05:15
Jp82191still opens & closes tho05:16
sweetpiJp82191: ide?05:16
Jp82191yea both are ide i checked all the wires already all seem good05:16
sweetpiJp82191: did you check the jumpers?05:16
* Kk2 away: [Inativo por mais de 30 minutos] [desde: 01:17, page: on]05:17
=== Kk2 is now known as Kk2-Away
wrektjetif a HDD has ext/ext4 listing as its file system in properties, do you put that same line (ext3/ext4) in fstab?05:17
Jp82191what would those be?05:17
Random832what's this "properties" of which you speak?05:18
sweetpiJp82191: ya know.. the master/slave/cable select jumper block05:18
wrektjetRandom832, if you go to the hdd/partition in the gui and right click then select properties05:18
ActionParsnipwrektjet: yes, or you can use auto but specifying it is useful05:18
Jp82191One should be master and the other slave?05:18
wiesshundJp82191>>  they worked 6 months ago and you havent physical removed them or anything?05:18
=== urlwallace is now known as wetbrain
sweetpiJp82191: yes, or cable select05:18
wrektjetActionParsnip, so enter the "ext3/ext4"05:19
Jp82191they worked 4 days ago under win 705:19
djGentooI'm having problems with my nvidia driver05:19
ActionParsnipwrektjet: no, it is either ext3 or ext4, not both05:19
sweetpiJp82191: ok, just throwing around ideas05:19
wiesshundJp82191>>  reboot see if you can boot a liveCD off the dead drive05:19
ActionParsnipJp82191: i'd grab the ultimate boot cd and test it using the manufacturers tool05:19
wrektjetActionParsnip, how can i be sure which one it is?05:19
djGentooI installed the official nvidia drivers, and when I start GDM, I get a white screen05:19
bullgard4[screen on a remote computer] My ssh connection showed: "Write failed: Broken pipe." I re-established the ssh connection. '~$ ps aux' shows that the processes screen and irssi still exist. How can I get Irssi again as my display image?05:20
thune3paranoidphreak: i assume you are seeing some artifact from firefox downloading to a .part file and then renaming when done. I normally "copy link location", and use wget or curl from the command line (or another downloader program).05:20
ownerwhat driver do I need to get my cricut to work with Linux05:20
Jp82191let me check the jumpers first then ill try the ultimate boot cd05:20
Random832find ou what type it's actually mounted as05:20
Random832type 'mount' in a terminal05:20
SalmonSamis it possible to hide a conversation window with empathy?05:21
ActionParsnipdjGentoo: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/white-screen-of-death-in-ubuntu-post-nvidia-driver-install-558913/05:21
ActionParsnipdjGentoo: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-850142.html05:21
djGentoohuh, so others are having it05:21
ActionParsnipdjGentoo: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-568105.html05:21
wrektjetah ok05:21
wrektjetthnx Random83205:21
djGentooActionParsnip: I'll check those links and get back to you, thanks05:22
ActionParsnipdjGentoo: appears (pun intended) so05:22
bullgard4SalmonSam: What do you mean by "hide"? You can minimize it. So it will not clutter your display image.05:22
SalmonSamminimize them to the system tray. It's not a big deal , I just get annoyed when I have many windows open and it clutters up my window list.05:24
djGentooActionParsnip: those are different issues- my white screen has blotches of black in it05:24
djGentooit might be a problem with the official driver05:24
djGentooin any case, I'll be back in a bit- I ran dpkg-reconfigure05:25
=== wetbrain is now known as urlwallace
SalmonSamFor example if they message you first a window doesn't pop up with the conversation and you can bring up that window by clicking on the indicator applet and then the conversation05:25
ubuntu456Hi I'm trying to share my file and folders in ubuntu 10.04 but it says "this feature cannot be enabled because the required packages are not installed on your system"05:27
ubuntu456what package should I install ?05:27
ActionParsnipubuntu456: sudo apt-get install samba05:27
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest2013
ubuntu456I installed samba via synaptic but still the same message , maybe I should restart first ?05:28
SalmonSamdoesn't it ask if you want to install "enable this feature" ?05:29
=== david is now known as Guest80056
bullgard4ubuntu456: It does not help to restart.05:30
ubuntu456in synaptic it shows a green rectangle beside the samba05:30
ridinin vlc media player whenever i play music it lags for a few seconds at the beginning and then plays normal for the rest05:31
ubuntu456I go to system -> Preferences -> personal file sharing and I can't activate it it is inactive with the message "this feature cannot be enabled because the required packages are not installed on your system"05:32
ubuntu456it says nothing else05:32
ubuntu456should I install also samba4 ?05:33
SalmonSamWhat happens when you right click on a folder (in nautilus) and click "share this" (or something similar)?05:33
ActionParsnipridin: what version do you have?05:34
ActionParsnipubuntu456: no, just samba05:34
ubuntu456I can share my document folder05:34
Nokkhotrer`raathow can i play .3gp files on ubuntu 10.0405:34
lox_hI AL05:35
ActionParsnipNokkhotrer`raat: i believe it just takes ubuntu-resticted-extras and w32codecs (from medibuntu repo)05:35
ubuntu456but windows does not see that, it sees my computer but not shared folders05:35
Nokkhotrer`raatActionParsnip,  tell me the process05:35
SalmonSamI think nautilus-share is the package that enables the file sharing feature05:35
ActionParsnip!medibuntu | Nokkhotrer`raat:05:35
ubottuNokkhotrer`raat:: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:35
lox_I use xchat for gnome and I am looking to a way to send a comman after connecting a server, I have no connection command field05:35
ridinActionParsnip, vlc 1.1, i have the same problem in the previous version05:35
ActionParsnipridin: does it happen with all players?05:36
ridinActionParsnip, no05:36
ActionParsnipridin: log a bug then05:36
ubuntu456nautilus-share also has green rectangle besides it05:36
ridinActionParsnip, ok where/05:36
ActionParsnip!bug | ridin05:36
ridin!bug | ridin05:36
ubotturidin: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots05:36
ubotturidin, please see my private message05:36
ActionParsnipvlc afaik only runs on one core of any cpu, it installs nice codecs but is a pretty poor player05:37
gen_cornwalliswhat is the best video player in your opinion?05:38
uLinuxgen_cornwallis: VLC05:38
Jordan_U!best | gen_cornwallis05:38
ubottugen_cornwallis: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:38
ubuntu456wait a minute I can click ans share document folder but it does not share it i.e. when I go back to the properties again the checkbox that had been marked automatically becomes unmarked05:38
ridini'm using guayadeque, it's fine but a bit buggy05:38
ActionParsnipgen_cornwallis: gnome-mplayer    mplayer has been around for ages and is very respected05:38
ridinActionParsnip, i did ubuntu-bug vlc but it said it was not a genuine ubuntu pacakge05:39
gen_cornwallismy vlc freezes up then starts to do crazy HDD activity05:39
ActionParsnipridin: because you are using the c-korn ppa version which isnt maintained by canonical05:39
red2kicBecause vlc is under universe05:39
ubuntu456So I guess I have to install another package to activate "Personal File Sharing"05:39
lox_how can I issue an irc command when xchat connects to a freenode ?05:39
ActionParsnipubuntu456: no, just samba, you can then share as you wish05:39
ridinah, okay. i'll get the old version05:40
ridinrather, i'll use a different media player05:40
ActionParsniplox_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=37533705:40
uLinuxCan someone tell how to disable openssh-server from startup on Ubuntu 10.04... I know it's by editing a file but I can't remember which one..05:40
gen_cornwallismy mplayer fails when I try to open the file from double clicking it. but via terminal it opens the file just fine...05:40
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto05:41
uLinuxActionParsnip: it doesn't work that way05:41
ActionParsnipgen_cornwallis: set your default player to gnome-mplayer, or right click the file then select the app05:41
ubuntu456Ok , ActionParsnip , samba has been installed with green rectangle but personal file sharing is still disabled! let me reboot maybe something changed magically05:41
SalmonSamubuntu456, try logging in / logging out. That's what you are asked to do when you click "enable this service" after trying to share a file / folder that way.05:41
gen_cornwallisthats what i did actionparsnip05:41
ActionParsnipuLinux: what doesn't. You will need to qualify "it" for the sentance to make sense05:41
gen_cornwallisits very strange... im googling it right now05:42
ubuntu456aha ok thanks SalmonSam, I try that now05:42
SecretDreamscomo configuro minha webcam ?05:42
uLinuxActionParsnip: I've disable it before by editing a file05:42
ActionParsnipuLinux: what is "it"...?05:42
uLinuxActionParsnip: openssh-server05:42
ActionParsnipuLinux: you could try bum, it may work still05:43
lox_ActionParsnip, I don't have the "connection command" field in irc servers settings ....05:43
wiesshundSecretDreams>>  english please :)05:43
sweetpiuLinux: man update-rc.d05:44
wiesshunduLinux>>  sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop ?05:44
ActionParsniplox_: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/XChat   may help. You may be able to ask in #xchat if it exists05:45
ubuntu456no! even restart didn't solve that "Personal File Sharing" is still disabled!05:46
lox_ActionParsnip, ok, thks05:46
ActionParsnipubuntu456: try: gksudo nautilus      then try in that.05:46
paranoidphreakthune3: thanks for the info!!!, i'll see what i can do05:46
uLinuxwiesshund: I want to disable it from startup... it's easy I just need to edit a file but now I can't remember.. I had the instructions on a file that I lost lol05:47
ActionParsnipuLinux: you could add the stop command in /etc/rc.local05:47
brandonHey all, I'm new to Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop and Win Vista on a laptop. Trying to print from Windows Vista laptop to printer connected to Ubuntu desktop. The Vista laptop found the printer but when I try to print to it, I'm getting Communication error. Please help05:47
wiesshunduLinux>>  see msg window05:47
sweetpiuLinux: i just told you how05:47
ubuntu456ActionParsnip, you mean I type taht in terminal ?05:47
ActionParsnipubuntu456: sure, or an ALT+F2 dialogue05:48
gen_cornwallisgot it now actionparsnip. it works fine with gnome-mplayer but not just mplayer05:48
ruben23hi guys how do i setup a kick start intall with ubuntu netbook edition..? using image to a server.05:48
ActionParsnipgen_cornwallis: use gnome-mplayer is all I can suggest then05:48
SalmonSamubuntu456, nautilus-share might be needed05:48
shawnboyIf I have desktop never moving from wired network & want to manually setup network for dhcp...05:49
shawnboydo I simply make sure the interfaces file says iface eth0 inet dhcp ?05:49
ActionParsnipshawnboy: you will also want:   auto eth005:50
=== BrendenB is now known as Guest55706
shawnboyActionParsnip, ok, yeah. But 1) do I need to manually enter anything into resolv.conf and 2) do I need to somehow disable net manager?05:51
ActionParsnipshawnboy: if you set a static IP you  wont have to wait for DHCP to succeed but you will have to manually set DNS servers (you can use and and they are defined in /etc/resolv.conf). You can then remove network manager and such as they are now no use to you which will make your system use less resources and boot faster05:51
=== nathan is now known as Guest87973
ubuntu456ActionParsnip, gksudo natilus just opened a folder window with desktop in it. I'm very new to linux I'm windows user so sorry if I get you slowly.05:51
=== Guest87973 is now known as brummbaer
rwwshawnboy: dhclient deals with resolv.conf using the information it gets from your dhcp server05:52
ActionParsnipshawnboy: as you wont have to wait for network manager to 1) load and 2) configure stuff05:52
ubuntu456SalmonSam, natilus-share also has green rectangle beside it, I presume it shows it has been installed already05:52
ActionParsniprww: set it to static and you dont have to wait for dhcp. If its never going to move then this is a very viable option05:52
rwwshawnboy: and yes, if you're using /etc/network/interfaces you should remove network manager. It's not supposed to interfere, but it sometimes does.05:52
shawnboyrww, remove, or can I simply disable somehow at first to make sure all works ok?05:53
rwwActionParsnip: waiting for dhcp takes maybe a second or two for me, and it happens in parallel with other bootup stuff. I wouldn't be too concerned.05:53
ridinwhat is a networked first person shooter that has many many players05:53
brandonHey all, I'm new to Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop and Win Vista on a laptop. Trying to print from Windows Vista laptop to printer connected to Ubuntu desktop. The Vista laptop found the printer but when I try to print to it, I'm getting Communication error. Please help05:53
ActionParsniprww: i just like the extra bits like that, seconds here, seconds there. its all good05:53
rwwprobably takes longer to set up than you end up saving in total, actually...05:54
=== KarlMarx is now known as Omega
ActionParsnipshawnboy: if you install a local dns too you can cache resolutions and make DNS take 0ms rather than ~30ms and makes the internet faster05:54
shawnboyActionParsnip, rww, I understand both views. I have my pfsense set to assign same IP via dhcp according to MAC. I like not having to fool with other stuff that way.05:55
* red2kic wasted ~2000ms of his time to type this message.05:55
shawnboyafter setting up interfaces file, how would I 1) only disable net man and 2) remove (apt-get remove ...?)05:56
rwwshawnboy: no idea about 1), but 2) would be "sudo apt-get purge network-manager" (and say yes if it complains that it has to remove network-manager-gnome)05:57
ActionParsnipshawnboy: you can remove it from the bootup, or you can remove it using apt-get / software-centre05:57
shawnboyrww, point well taken, but still at least it's all setup in one place (my pfSense box which controls PS3 and several client PCs) as opposed to each of several clients.05:57
scoopexhow can i get a list of pending security updates on commandline? is there a query using apt-get/aptitude?05:57
ActionParsnipscoopex: how do you mean "pending"05:58
shawnboyWoohoo! Thanks, ActionParsnip and rww .05:58
shawnboygoing to give Lubuntu a spin.05:58
ActionParsniplubuntu is niiiiice05:58
=== oMg-iTz-eX is now known as ExcruciationX
shawnboyActionParsnip, I have old AMD 1.3 Ghz I'm trying Lubuntu on. I hope it's stable enough to play with even though it's "stable beta".05:59
scoopexActionParsnip: update packages which are not apllied to my system....05:59
Nokkhotrer`raathey my .3gp files hangs when i play them with realplayer05:59
Nokkhotrer`raatwhich player is best for playing .3gp files06:00
Nokkhotrer`raattell me06:00
shawnboyActionParsnip, rww , thanks again. I'm out of here for now.06:00
brandonis there another channel to get support or is this the only one?06:00
devini keep having this problem where if i close a program (amarok and fretsonfire at least) i can't open them again until i restart06:01
ActionParsnipshawncm217: there is a Lucid release which is fine and dandy06:01
ActionParsnipscoopex: sudo apt-get upgrade     should tell you what updates are available, you have to press Y to tell the system you are happy to download them06:02
ActionParsnip!irc | brandon06:02
ubottubrandon: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:02
scoopexActionParsnip: i can get a list of open update packages by invoking aptitude search ~U -w 120 -F "%p %v# %V#" ....but how can i distinguish security and functional updaates?06:03
disturbedmimeanybody know if security.ubuntu.com and/or archive.ubuntu.com are down or extremely slow?06:03
rwwdisturbedmime: working fine here06:04
ScaNBusco putas, aca hay ?06:04
disturbedmimeim having issues with several boxen06:04
kschwangfelderI am working to get dual boot xp and ubuntu 10.04 on my system.  Following the recom. of someone earlier, I reinstalled xp onto a sata drive connected to a promise SATA378 controller.  unfortunately, the 10.04 installer still cannot see the hard drive.06:04
ActionParsnipscoopex: thats above my skillset dude, sorry06:04
devinif i close a program (amarok and fretsonfire at least) i can't open them again until i restart and it's 10.0406:05
ActionParsnip!es | ScaN06:05
ubottuScaN: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:05
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: you may need the alternate install disk if there is special drive support needed06:05
ActionParsnipdevin: launch them from a terminal, you will see clues. Alos make sure the processes are still not lingering06:05
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: had that problem when i was trying to install to a raid controller06:05
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: did you ever find a solution?06:06
lox_ActionParsnip, I was using Xchat-gnome witch has no "connection command" field, I had to set the command for freenode using xchat and then xchat-gnome handles it06:06
ScaNActionParsnip, thz06:06
ubuntu456I read in web someone indicated  libpam-smbpass is that also required for "Personal file Sharing -> Share Public Files On NetWork" to be activated ?06:06
ActionParsniplox_: i see, good to know. I use pidgin personally06:06
uLinuxI'm having this problem with sensors: http://pastebin.com/rzYEszmp and I found a solution here http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8485676 is this safe?06:06
ActionParsnipuLinux: sure, wort thing that will happen is you will get no boot and need to use livecd to edit the boot option out06:07
red2kicuLinux: Looks safe to me.06:08
devinActionParsnip, fretsonfire says a bunch of stuff ending in pygame.error: No available audio device even though an hour ago the game played fine06:08
lox_ActionParsnip, xchat-gnome has notification applet support so it is nice too ;)06:08
ActionParsnipuLinux: keep the current boot options though or you will lose plymouth06:08
ActionParsnipdevin: ok then run:  ps -ef | grep -i fret      are there any processes around which smell like FoF (it's an awesome game)06:08
uLinuxhmm never edit the grub with live cd06:08
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: yes, you need the 'alternate' install disk, it contains many drivers on the local cd that the normal installer doesn't have, but you don't get the pretty install interface (anaconda instead)06:09
ActionParsnipuLinux: you'll just mount the partition using the places menu then run: gksudo nautilus    You can then access you partition via it's UUID in /media and edit the file, its that simple06:09
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: although i can't guarantee it will work for you06:09
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: just out of curiosity, the disk is visible in BIOS right?06:10
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: I just ran the alternate cd I have, and it still did not see a hard drive.  do I have to alert it that I need access to these extra drivers, or does this mean that it probably won't work?06:10
kschwangfelderyeah, the bios sees it06:10
kschwangfelderit boots xp just fine06:10
kschwangfelderbut with xp, I had to use a floppy to introduce a driver to see the SATA disk06:11
ActionParsnipkschwangfelder: your fancy controller may need extra modules06:11
uLinuxActionParsnip:  does it mount the partition automatically?06:11
devinActionParsnip,  what was that supposed to do? it just gave me devin 13239 13171 0 22:09 pts/0  00:00:00 grep --color=auto -i fret06:11
Beamin@find the realdeal06:11
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: hmm, i didn't need to do anything other than tell it that i wanted to create a raid interface, are the drives on separate hardware controllers06:11
kschwangfelderActionParsnip: can you elaborate?  how do i get these modules/introduce them during the install?06:12
ActionParsnipdevin: ok then thats the grep running, it lists the processes running containing the word fret (case insensitive)06:12
pipeepI have a friend with a bcm43xx that keeps dropping out06:12
ActionParsnipkschwangfelder: it depends on the controller you use, there is no single answ06:12
pipeepdo you think it would be a good idea for me to suggest she try ndiswrapper?06:12
ActionParsnipuLinux: using the places menu, yes06:12
devinActionParsnip, i should add that system monitor lists amarok as a zombie process after i quit it06:12
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: I am not sure I understand the question.  there are two pairs of sata interfaces.  one is the promise SATA378, and the other is VIA or something like that06:12
ActionParsnipdevin: then kill it off06:12
devinActionParsnip, it can't be killed06:13
ActionParsnipkschwangfelder: run: lspci   it wil say and you can web search for the controller to find guides06:13
ActionParsnipdevin: kill -9 PID06:13
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: ok, so are both hard drives using the same controller or are they on separate controllers? if they are on separate controllers, try moving them to the same controller06:13
devinActionParsnip, where do i put the program in that line?06:14
Nokkhotrer`raati have a problem with totem movie player06:14
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime:  there is only one hard drive06:14
kschwangfelderI partitioned it so that half would be for xp and the other half for ubuntu06:14
Nokkhotrer`raatwhen i hold my mouse to totem task bar i can see the video on player .. other wise not06:14
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: i thought you said you installed XP on a separate sata disk?06:14
pipeepany suggestions on the bcm43xx?06:14
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: no, sorry.  I may have not been clear.  i meant that xp is on the drive where I want to but ubuntu.  sorry if I was not clear06:14
kschwangfelderActionParsnip: from where do I run lspci, is this from the live CD?06:15
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: oic, ok in that case, boot off the live CD, run an 'lspci' or some type of hardware inspection tool, figure out what hard drive controller you have, then determine which kernel module you need to either enable or d/l and install, then start the installer normally06:15
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: after enabling the driver of course...06:16
ActionParsnipkschwangfelder: in a terminal. Press CTRL+ALT+T to fire one up06:17
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: ok, so this is getting into unfamiliar waters, so let me make sure I understand.  I run the liveCD, open a terminal, run lspci, figure out which module I need and get it via apt-get.06:17
ActionParsnipdevin: no, the PID, the PID is the leftmost number in the identifying line06:17
kschwangfelderwill the installer then have access to that module06:17
=== carlos is now known as Guest32373
devinActionParsnip, i have no idea what you are talking about, but anyway, this time when i quit amarok it didn't do the zombie thing, and then when i started fretsonfire it started up with no problem06:17
ActionParsnipkschwangfelder: you'll run lspci, make a note of the controllers ship then get online to search for it and how to make it run under linux06:18
ActionParsnipdevin: the PID is a number given to a process and ALL OSes use them06:18
ActionParsnipdevin: if you run:  ps -ef | head -n 15     you will see the colomn headers, intead of the name, you can use the PID06:19
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: correct, you may also want to check /etc/modules in the fresh install to ensure that the module is loaded, it may also require a grub call06:19
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: its likely that if someone else has run into this, that they have documented it on a wiki so that you can follow along06:19
kschwangfelderActionParsnip/disturbedmime:  okay, I will try this suggestion.  booting liveCD as we speak.06:19
devinActionParsnip, ok so PID is like another way of specifying the program? i don't get it.  so it seems to me the problem is that amarok and fretsonfire are somehow interfering with one another06:19
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: grub is the bootloader, correct?  what do you mean by i might need a grub call?06:20
devinActionParsnip, because fretsonfire doesn't have that audio problem after amarok is quit06:20
ActionParsnipdevin: yes, its the identifiier of the process, computers dont use words, they use numbers. The kernel is always process 0 (or it may be 1) so if you want to manipulate a process you will need its PID (PID stands for [P]rocess [I][D]entifier)06:21
flomasterI tried googling this, but came up empty.  can I assign a Fkey to open an application  like pressing ctrl+F6 will open the app?06:21
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: yes, grub is the bootloader (the program that lets you pick ubuntu or windows)06:21
ActionParsnipdevin: maybe amarok is tying up stuff. Do you use KDE?06:21
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: you probably won't need to mess with grub, and if you do, the package manager should take care of that as part of the install06:21
devinActionParsnip, amarok is KDE but the rest of my system is gnome i think. I'm a noob with ubuntu06:22
wiesshundflomaster>> http://www.captain.at/howto-gnome-custom-hotkey-keyboard-shortcut.php ?06:22
flomasterwiesshund: thanks man06:23
ActionParsnipdevin: that may be a factor then, the kde app may be doing weird things under gnome06:23
devinActionParsnip, i am also having to run it as root so that it has permission to get into my MacOS's music folder06:24
ActionParsnipdevin: oh jesus no06:24
devinActionParsnip, i haven't been able to figure out how to get the permissions changed on the music folder06:24
sweetpiand they wept06:24
ActionParsnipdevin: you set them at mount so that users can get access. running apps unnecessarily as root is a recipe for disaster06:25
devinActionParsnip, set what at mount?06:25
JoshStroblIs a md5sum file required for installing themes via .deb?06:25
ActionParsnipdevin: the access06:25
ActionParsnipJoshStrobl: not really, you can use the md5 to check the data is complete and consistant06:26
JoshStroblOk Thanks :)06:26
JoshStroblDo you know of a way to get make md5sums of all files in a directory? Instead of one by one?06:26
crash-myhi all06:27
devinActionParsnip, right, so how do i do that? i vaguely remember something about that when i was adding an automount entry to the fstab file?06:27
ubuntu456"Personal File Sharing -> Share public Files on network" is still disabled after I installed samba and restarted computer so I guess I need another package but wht is the name ??? (natilus-share also is installed)06:28
sweetpi!info md5deep | JoshStrobl06:28
ubottuJoshStrobl: md5deep (source: md5deep): Recursively compute hashsums or piecewise hashings. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4-3 (lucid), package size 172 kB, installed size 404 kB06:28
ActionParsnip!mount | devin06:29
ubottudevin: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount06:29
bullgard4[screen on a remote computer] My ssh connection showed: "Write failed: Broken pipe." I re-established the ssh connection. '~$ ps aux' shows that the processes screen and irssi still exist. How can I get Irssi again as my display image?06:29
ActionParsnip!samba | ubuntu45606:30
ubottuubuntu456: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:30
devinActionParsnip, let me clarify that i just today added an entry to the fstab file to automatically mount the drive:  /dev/sda2 /mnt/macosx hfsplus user,noauto 0 0 and as far as i can tell the "user" part was supposed to give me permissions but it doesn't, so i'm confused06:32
ActionParsnipdevin: try: /dev/sda2 /mnt/macosx hfsplus user,noauto,uid=1000 0 0          should give your user access06:34
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime/ActionParsnip: i ran lspci, and no surprises, the promise sata378 drivers are the ones it lists for my hard drive.  the weird thing is that in the disk utility, it is aware of the hard disk and would allow me to partition if I wished06:34
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: hmm, then what issue does the installer have?06:34
disturbedmimehooray, found the issue with archive.ubuntu.com, stupid mtu issue with vmware06:35
kschwangfelderthe installer does not see the hard disk.  it shows no available hard disks for install06:35
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: but gparted does?06:35
bockHey i know this is total newb stuff but where can i view installed programs like the cairo dock without being in synaptic06:35
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: yes06:35
kschwangfelderit sees the the ntfs partition for xp and the unallocated part where I want to put ubuntu06:36
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: hmm, haven't run into that, does 'fdisk -l' look like it can see the hard drives?06:36
devinActionParsnip, thanks, i'm going to restart and see if it worked06:37
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: no, it lists no partitions06:37
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: check this out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=726546 looks like it may be that your sata disk isn't in the primary slot, sounds like a bug in the installer06:38
dumb_is_foreverquestion: is there a good recommended disk encryption program for 10.04 LTS?06:38
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: do you mean in terms of teh two available cable connections?06:39
dumb_is_foreverand does ubuntu support usb 3.0?06:39
devinActionParsnip, bad news, my mac partition isn't even showing up at all now06:39
ActionParsnipdevin: you'll need to play with the mounting options. Running stuff like amarok as root is a really bad idea06:40
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: yeah, basically the disk would need to be in sata0 vs sata1 (or sata1 vs sata2)06:40
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: long story short, try changing the cable to the other sata port on the mobo06:40
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: ok, I read the discussion just now.  I am turning off the computer, and I will move to the other slot06:41
devinActionParsnip, why didn't the automount work?06:41
dumb_is_foreverDanielsada: do you know much about ubuntu disk encryption?06:41
devinActionParsnip, and why is it when i tried to mount it through disk utility that it says it's mounted but it's not showing up anywhere?06:42
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: I was connected to the secondary slot.  just switched, let's see what shakes out06:42
DanielSadadumb not much... but i dont really think its that necesary06:42
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: crossin' fingers06:42
bullgard4[screen on a remote computer] My ssh connection showed: "Write failed: Broken pipe." I re-established the ssh connection. '~$ ps aux' shows that the processes screen and irssi still exist. How can I get Irssi back as my display image?06:43
dumb_is_foreverdaniel, pro'ly true. Just wanted a bit more secured laptop in case it's stolen or lost06:43
bastidrazorbullgard4: if only one screen session running type: screen -x    ..if multiple: screen -list   then screen -dr *which screen you see listed*06:44
sweetpidevin: paste the line from fstab06:44
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: no luck.  it still sees nothing when I get to the prepare partitions screen. I had high hopes.06:45
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: damn06:46
DanielSadathat's a good poin06:46
DanielSadabut a strong password on the bios06:46
devinsweetpi /dev/sda2 /mnt/macosx hfsplus user,noauto,uid=1000 0 0 but i tried commenting it out just now and mounting again thru disk utility and it mounted to /media/Macintosh HD so should I change the line to that?06:46
DanielSadaand in the ubuntu sistem06:46
DanielSadawill do that well06:46
bullgard4bastidrazor: '~$ screen -x; There are several suitable screens on: 19890.pts-1.no  (26.07.2010 05:58:16)   (Attached);  16217.pts-1.no  (25.07.2010 20:15:21)   (Detached); Type "screen [-d] -r [pid.]tty.host" to resume one of them.' How can I kill the detached suitable screen?06:46
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: I think a good, hearty 'blimey!' is in order06:47
dumb_is_foreverdaniel so, is the ext4 file system is natively encrypted then?06:47
DanielSadadumb, not by itself06:47
DanielSadabut if you protect the bios06:48
DanielSadato block CD and USB protection06:48
DanielSadaCD and USB boot sorry06:48
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: how about this post, another good idea, i have actually run into this issue before, although it didn't present like this http://www.computing.net/answers/linux/installers-cant-find-hard-drive/30072.html06:48
DanielSadaand put a strong password in your linux06:48
dumb_is_foreverohh ic06:48
dumb_is_foreverthanks for the tip06:48
bastidrazorbullgard4: screen -wipe numbershere.pts-1.no06:48
sweetpidevin: well it all depends where you want it. noauto is what stopped it from mounting at boot btw06:48
DanielSadaand not installing any remote login services06:48
DanielSadabut thats really hard :P06:49
DanielSadaAND put a password on the bios06:49
dumb_is_foreverI'm not even trying that :)06:49
lwizardlif I was wanting to setup a cron job to automatically backup files for a folder. what would be the best guide to learn how to do it06:49
devinsweetpi so should i remove "noauto" or put in "auto" instead?06:49
DanielSadaso you can edit, but only you06:49
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime:  hmm, that sounds interesting.  what is ahci mode?06:50
sweetpidevin: just take out noauto06:50
bastidrazorbullgard4: if you screen -dr numbers.pts-1.no    and connect to one that you want to kill ctrl+a (release) then k06:51
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: its the new sata protocol, there should be an 'ide' mode available which keeps compatibility with older drives06:51
sweetpidevin: and make sure the mount point exists06:51
dumb_is_foreverdaniel, k thanks. I will give it a shot06:51
bastidrazorbullgard4: that will kill that screen session06:51
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime:  at the moment, I am in IDE mode06:51
kschwangfelderthe other option is RAID mode06:51
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: yeah RAID is no bueno, you can try it in AHCI mode just to see if it will show up, although you may need to tweak XP to get it to work in that mode06:52
sweetpidevin: you should unmount it first, then just "mount /mnt/macosx". no need to reboot to test permissions06:52
devinsweetpi it says it's mounted but it's not on the desktop or in places, where is it?06:52
sweetpidevin: you need to have it in /media for it to show up that way06:53
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: wait, I don't actually have AHCI mode.  the two options I get are IDE and RAID.  it could be that I need to update the bios.06:53
devinsweetpi thanks i'll fix that06:53
RealEyesAnyone suggest anything better than Gwibber?06:53
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: yeap, im surprised that it supports RAID and not AHCI, interesting...06:53
DanielSadaRealEyes yeeeah!06:53
disturbedmimeusually its the other way around06:53
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime: it is an older mobo06:53
DanielSadaRealEyes Use TweetDeck06:53
kschwangfeldercirca 2003ish06:54
Am4noRealEyes.I recommend Turpial06:54
DanielSadaRealEyes Is a loooooot beter than gwiber06:54
DanielSadaRealEyes anddd pretty =D06:54
devinsweetpi it won't unmount06:55
sweetpidevin: /dev/sda2 right?06:55
JarheadHi, i need help with a simple thing!06:56
xanguawhat does tweetdeck has that gwibber doesn't DanielSada ¿¿06:56
DanielSadaJarhead, what happend?06:56
devinsweetpi yeah i've been using disk utility to mount and unmount so what's the command line to unmount?06:56
Jarheadi need to do this :  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-openvpn/+bug/112248/comments/2606:57
sweetpidevin: umount /dev/sda206:57
xanguaRealEyes: if you preffer an adobe air client you will find seesmic more useful06:57
Jarheadbut i have no clue of what this all means06:57
Jarheadi'm new to linux06:57
devinsweetpi it says "segmentation fault"06:57
xanguaadobe air is now in parthner repository by the way RealEyes DanielSada06:57
DanielSadaJarhead, what do you want to do?06:57
sweetpidevin: type mount | grep sda206:58
DanielSadaxangua, I'm aware of that.... thanks =D i love air =D06:58
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest89996
kschwangfelderdisturbedmime:  thank you for the patient help.  I am going to try the recommendations of that last link tomorrow.  i have to get some sleep so I can go to work.  have a good evening!06:58
disturbedmimekschwangfelder: no problem, good luck06:58
devinsweetpi /dev/sda2 on /mnt/macosx type hfsplus (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,user=devin)06:59
devinsweetpi and i don't want it to be rw just r06:59
sweetpidevin: close any programs accessing /mnt/macosx07:00
sweetpidevin: then it would be ro07:00
devinsweetpi nothing's accessing it, and how do i change it?07:00
sweetpidevin: in fstab07:00
RealEyeswhere can I get TweetDeck?07:01
sweetpidevin: is disk utility open?07:01
devinsweetpi yes i know it's in fstab, but i don't know exactly what to put in07:01
devinsweetpi i closed disk utility and the terminal is still telling me "segmentation fault"07:01
niohello all07:02
xanguain tweetdeck's web RealEyes07:02
sweetpidevin: well lets not change fstab until we can fix that07:02
RealEyesits for ubuntu?07:02
xanguammm i don't thin that you read what we say to you RealEyes .....well anyways....good luck07:03
sweetpidevin: lsof | grep /mnt/macosx07:03
c00lryguyCan someone help me out? [10.04] Every time I open synaptic, update manager, software center, or ubuntu tweak.. the app will pop up for a split second then close. I have tried restarting and ect07:03
RealEyesxangua, you guys were talking about adobe air...07:03
RealEyesdo i need to get adobe air or tweetdeck? lol07:04
pryordaJul 25 18:38:00 pryorda -- MARK --07:05
pryordagetting that in my messages log07:05
devinsweetpi i figured it out - i saved fstab with the new mount point before unmounting, so i changed it back and it unmounted07:05
xanguaRealEyes: both, tweetdeck is an adobeair app07:05
blinkhi. i was wondering, how can i disable screensaver?07:05
RealEyesalright, i see07:05
sweetpidevin: ok. as for the ro option, just add it where you had noauto07:05
rwwpryorda: it's normal, just the rsyslog daemon indicating that it's still running07:05
nioi am facing a problem Kernel panic-not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel07:06
pryordathats annoying07:06
pryordarww: anyway to disable07:06
alexxvillewhat is the best way to learn the ways of linux as a somewhat beginner and the shell commands (linuxcommand.org) but as an example?07:06
xanguaRealEyes: you first need to the enable parther repository07:06
devinsweetpi so like this: /dev/sda2 /media/macosx hfsplus user,ro,uid=1000 0 007:06
sweetpidevin: yes07:06
xangua!partner | RealEyes07:06
ubottuRealEyes: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »07:06
xanguaonce enabled do: sudo apt-get install adobeair07:07
RealEyesi ran that line and there were no errors07:07
devinsweetpi the thing uid=1000 was supposed to give me permission to get into my music folder, but it didn't work07:08
rwwpryorda: look for "$ModLoad immark" in /etc/rsyslog.conf and put a # in front of it07:08
RealEyestweetdeck's site says that it's installing but, i dont believe its doing anything07:08
pryordarww: sweet07:08
pryordai will check it07:08
rwwpryorda: you'll probably have to restart rsyslogd with "sudo service rsyslog restart" afterwards07:09
pryordarww: #$ModLoad immark  # provides --MARK-- message capability07:09
pryordait was already commented out07:09
sweetpidevin: echo $UID07:09
pryordarww: im not the typical ubuntu user it07:09
devinsweetpi it's 100007:10
sweetpidevin: try umask=022 instead07:10
c00lryguyCan someone help me out? [10.04] Every time I open synaptic, update manager, software center, or ubuntu tweak.. the app will pop up for a split second then close. I have tried restarting and ect07:11
rwwpryorda: odd. Might be turned on somewhere else in there or in /etc/rsyslog.d/ or something, then. I have it commented out and don't get --MARK-- messages, so...07:11
devinsweetpi no change07:11
pryordarww: im thinking that07:11
kenAuto eth0 keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting. What can i do?07:11
sweetpidevin: did you remount it?07:12
pryordagrep -R inmark /etc/*07:12
devinsweetpi the problem has always been that only certain folders are unavailable, so i can get into my ebooks folder just fine, but not my music, pictures, documents, downloads, etc07:12
rwwpryorda: it's immark, not inmark07:12
devinsweetpi root can access them, but not any other user07:13
sweetpidevin: what are the permissions/ownership of those directories?07:13
pryordarww: yeah its only showing one instance07:14
devinsweetpi when I look it "properties," the only difference on the music folder etc is that under "Group," Folder access is "none"07:14
sweetpidevin: ls -al path_to_good_dir; ls -al path_to_bad_dir07:14
pryordarww: what about  lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions\07:15
pryordaseen that one before07:15
rwwpryorda: does "ps -A | grep syslog" show only rsyslogd?07:15
HathadarI have postfix installed however when I try to send mail my mail log states the connection to hotmail and such are timing out.  Google says its because comcast blocks outbound port 25.  How can I change postfix to send mail on another port?07:15
rwwpryorda: that's also normal07:15
pryordarww: what is it about07:15
pryordaim a bsd user and seeing all these *new* things is like um wtf07:16
pryordayou knkow/07:16
Guest46003hi! I have a problem with cups ! can any one help me?07:16
Guest46003I can't print jpg files with cups07:16
pryorda  474 ?        00:00:00 xfslogd/007:16
pryorda  475 ?        00:00:00 xfslogd/107:17
pryorda 1065 ?        00:00:00 klogd07:17
pryorda18923 ?        00:00:00 syslogd07:17
FloodBot1pryorda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:17
pryordarww: thats what shows07:17
rwwpryorda: Disabling http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3041.txt for the loopback device (which is the virtual networking device internal to the computer, and thus doesn't need privacy extensions)07:17
devinsweetpi the good directory starts out with drwxr-xr-x 1 501 dialout   28  2010-03-14 09:05 .07:17
rwwpryorda: yeah, you have some other syslog daemon running that's doing it. Which Ubuntu version are you using?07:17
rwwpryorda: did you install a different syslogd yourself?07:18
pryordai dont think so07:18
devinsweetpi the bad directory says ls: cannot open directory blah blah Permission denied07:18
pryordaim wondering if something added it manually07:18
sweetpidevin: hmm. looks like its picking up bad uid/gid07:18
rwwpryorda: apparently, because none of them are installed on a default Ubuntu 10.0407:19
shuraneI just wanted to make sure: can I install with the alternative disc offline? I didn't see a way to do this with the text/expert-text install.07:19
nioi had a problem which i could not understand during boot the error is Kernel panic-not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel07:19
devinsweetpi sorry did it wrong07:19
niowhat does it means07:19
sweetpidevin: set uid and gid to 1000 in fstab07:19
pryordarww: lol07:19
devinsweetpi it's drwx---r-x 1 501 dialout etc07:19
pryordadpkg --list |grep log07:20
pryordaand sysklog07:20
FloodBot1pryorda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:20
RealEyestweetdeck is not installing lol07:20
rwwpryorda: for syslogd, you'd want to edit /etc/default/syslogd and add "-m 0" to the SYSLOGD variable. I have no idea for the others.07:20
niois this a problem related to initrd or any setting Kernel panic-not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel07:21
rwwpryorda: personally, I'd remove the others and stick with rsyslogd, since it's the default07:21
pryordarww: what version you running07:21
bullgard4bastidrazor: I solved my problem using '~$ exit' followed by '~$ screen -x'.  --  Thank you very much for your help.07:21
rwwpryorda: 10.04 on one computer and Ubuntu Maverick on the other07:21
pryordarsylog is the default07:21
xanguaRealEyes: apps>accesories>tweetdeck07:21
devinsweetpi still no access to the music folder07:21
pryordak im gonna remove sysklog07:21
sweetpidevin: actually im not sure if hfsplus supports overriding the uid/gid07:21
pryordano reason for it to be running07:21
niohii sweetpi07:21
RealEyesxangua it's not there07:22
blinkfor what purpose i could use ubunto one services?07:22
xanguaRealEyes: the you did not install it07:22
nioyou read my problem above can you do something07:22
RealEyeshad to refresh the page lol07:22
devinsweetpi do you think i need to change the permissions from the mac side?07:22
pryordarww: did apt-get remove sysklogd07:22
pryordalets see what happens07:22
gogetablink: move data from something to something else07:22
pryordaalso can you repost the rfc link you gave07:22
jb12hey all07:22
xanguablink: to snyn your data07:23
jb12whats the best way to customize the boot menu in 10.04lts07:23
rwwpryorda: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3041.txt07:23
gogetablink: like a smartphone when you on the go and it runs outts space upload to ubunto one07:23
n00b1I have a quick question about scripting. I want to learn one scripting language and that is python. Would it be easier to learn python, instead of bash script?07:23
gogetablink: lots of uses of online storage07:23
pryordarww: another think07:23
shuranen00b1, almost definitely.07:23
pryordahow do you see if a service is set to auto run with boot07:23
bullgard4What is the main reason to release Ubuntu version 10.04.1 compared with 10.04?07:23
blinkone more thing before i leave.. how can i auto-connect to my wireless network?07:23
blinkeverytime i have to do manually07:24
sweetpidevin: i doubt it, ill keep looking for a way. meanwhile maybe ask in ##linux about the permissions. whatever you do though. dont actually chmod/chown the drive in linux07:24
devinsweetpi do you know why it is that root has access to those folders but other users don't?07:24
gogetablink: well it ask for youur keyring07:24
sweetpinio: i didnt see your question07:24
rwwbullgard4: 10.04.1 is 10.04 plus the updates that have come out since then. LTS point releases like 10.04.1 are released so that people don't have to install all of the updates that come out over the (five year) lifecycle of the LTS.07:24
bullgard4blink: Install NetworkManager. (Ubuntu installs it by default.)07:24
gogetablink: if you gave it no keyring it just connects07:24
devinsweetpi that's why i was running my music programs as root, so they could get to the music07:25
sweetpidevin: yes, because ownership doesnt matter to root07:25
pryordarww: how do you view the auto starting services07:25
rwwpryorda: no idea. Ubuntu switched to upstartd recently, and I haven't looked into how it works.07:25
sweetpidevin: i know. but its really a bad idea. ill try to find you a way. give me a few min07:25
rwwwell, switched fully recently. it's used it in varying amounts for a while.07:25
devinsweetpi ok i'll start asking on the linux channel07:25
gogetablink: normaly ater you configure the network once it gets added to auto connect look in prefs network conenction if you did it wrong the first time or something the wrong key might be in there07:26
gogetablink: deleting it from there will reset that07:26
blinkgogeta: my wireless network has no key07:27
gogetablink: then you gave it a keyring on your fist install and its askin for that07:27
blinkgogeta: plus when the system starts, it just list the wireless network which i have to click on it in order to connect07:27
gogetablink: maybe eing its open its not auto connecting07:28
gogetablink: go to prefs network connection slect your network in wireless hit edit and check connect auto07:29
gogetablink: auto conenct07:29
niosweetpi i had a problem during boot error occurs Kernel panic-not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel07:29
gen_cornwalliswhen you chose to encrypt home folder during ubuntu install what encryption does it use?07:29
rwwgen_cornwallis: ecryptfs07:30
gogetablink: it should just conect to that network when you start up from now on07:31
blinki am using ubuntu 10.4, and i can't see the prefered network box07:32
gogetablink: system>prefs>network connections then hit the wireless tab you will see your network in te list slect it press the edit bution then in the chck box slect connect automaticly07:33
pryordarww: initctl07:33
panashei need help ubuntu 10.407:34
quibbler!ask | panashe07:34
ubottupanashe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:34
panashehow do i shadow my passwrd in ubuntu07:36
isaraXHello, I am new.07:37
ThisDBHi isaraX07:37
isaraXHi ThisDB07:37
isaraXAre you guys from all over the world?07:37
simon1hi isarax07:37
gogetapanashe: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84922907:37
simon1i'm simon from indonesia07:37
isaraXhi all07:37
isaraXI'm from Thailand.07:37
simon1how to accelerate  playmout07:38
isaraXJust got my Ubuntu Machine working.07:38
xander1I am using Ubuntu 10.4(lucid), My pc config is P4 2.04 Ghz with 2Gb RAM. when ever i use firefox or chromium... if i have around 4-5 tabs opened i noticed with facebook i can see that my screen flickers and only blank screen can be seen.07:38
isaraXFrom base system + xubuntu07:38
panashethanks gogeta07:38
gogetaisaraX: well english room but yes but thers other languages avable07:38
xander1it happens if i use any website with lot of images.. I wonder what the issue cud be ?07:39
isaraXwhat about languages, you mean some talk local tongue.07:39
gpaHi there...07:40
gpaI want ask something07:40
gogetaisaraX: no but we have roms for non-english like #ubuntu-es for spanish07:40
rwwisaraX: or #ubuntu-th for thailand07:40
gogetaisaraX: and so on07:40
xander1any help would be appreciated :)07:41
gpaWhy can't i open rapidshare with links2 -enable-javascript option?07:41
isaraXOK got it, I rather stay here if not thai. Anyone can't install openoffice?07:41
ThisDBDoes #ubuntu-en forward here?07:41
isaraXI can't get it working.07:41
gogetaisaraX: open office is installed by defult you aruldy have it07:41
rwwThisDB: yes07:41
BlackDexHello there, i have a problem with installing the new kernel for lucid (2.6.32-24)07:41
BlackDexit produces errors07:41
ThisDBSays invite only07:41
BlackDexthis is the output from apt07:42
rwwThisDB: that's because you're already in here07:42
isaraXThat's what I thought  but nothing on menu. Even in Gnome.07:42
gogetaisaraX: apps>office07:42
EvilPhoenixanyone familiar with iptables and the kernel configs to make something work with iptables able to hop over to #ubuntu-server to help me out with something?07:42
gogetaisaraX: you will see write spredsheet etc those are open office apps07:43
isaraXumm is that with kde?07:43
j800ranyone able to explain why my subwoofer stops working if i switch to 5.1 sound. i have a 5.1 setup and the sub only works if set to stereo :|07:43
gogetaisaraX: oh you have kde07:43
isaraXI see noly gnumeric and abiword07:43
isaraXno I don't have kde07:43
isaraXjust xubuntu gnome and xfce and i don't see openoffice anywhere07:44
gogetaisaraX: ok you can try this open konsole type sudo apt-get install openoffice07:44
rwwisaraX: Xubuntu doesn't use openoffice by default. Install the "openoffice.org" package using your package manager if you want it.07:44
isaraXok thanks07:44
rwwgogeta: you're missing a .org ;)07:44
gogetaisaraX: make that sudo apt-get install openoffice.org07:45
rwwgogeta: and xfce doesn't use konsole07:45
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.07:45
gogetaisaraX: if its xubuntu your looking for xconsole07:45
gogetaor xterm07:45
rwwand xconsole isn't a terminal07:45
isaraXE: Couldn't find package openoffice07:46
rwwisaraX: openoffice.org, not openoffice07:46
gogetashows how mutch i knoe abought xfce07:46
panasheanyone know how to install and configure kismet07:46
isaraXok 2nd try ha ha07:46
rwwgogeta: it's xfce4-terminal, for future reference :)07:46
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ThisDBHow can I do a full install of x on a headless machine fir vncing into07:47
bullgard4rww: Thank you very much for explaining.07:47
ThisDBX and gnome07:47
isaraXnow unpacking and should be working soon.07:47
isaraXoops Errors were encounters while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-common???????_all.deb07:48
isaraXcan I force install?07:49
reverebeerhow can i determine my external IP address from the command line?07:49
isaraXifconfig it is07:49
reverebeero, and im behind a router07:49
gogetareverebeer: whatmyip.com07:49
reverebeerso, ifconfig doesn't say too much there07:49
gogetaraven_: well it does07:50
rwwreverebeer: w3m http://whatismyip.com/07:50
psypher246hi all, please could someone assist, latest kernel update deleted windows from my grub menu and update-grub does not find Windows at all anymore and does not replace it back07:50
rwwifconfig etc. only know about your LAN IP07:50
ThisDBLynx ipchicken.com for command line otherwise xexk it out I. Firefox reverebeer07:50
gogetareverebeer: or log into your roughter and look07:51
reverebeerbut i want command line output...07:51
jamesCan someone take a look at my gparted log?07:51
=== james is now known as Guest13303
reverebeeri guess i could curl the page and regex it07:51
=== Guest13303 is now known as Pimpnasty
isaraXcan't force the installation for openoffice.org-common07:52
isaraXit says can't find package07:52
gogetaisaraX: why would you need to force it everything should work07:52
=== Razia is now known as RainbowEyes
gogetaisaraX: unless xbuntu isnt using the standerd repos07:52
gogetaisaraX: try sudo apt-get update and try again maybe its a newer file and just missing it07:53
rwwthis ^^^07:53
isaraXapparently after your advice it works but partly the unpacking stopped and gave out errors about the openoffice.org-common07:53
isaraXwill do thait immediately07:53
gogetaisaraX: it should grabbed that file07:53
reverebeerbuild from source isaraX, id say.07:54
rwwreverebeer: please don't recommend to people in here to compile from source programs that are in our repository. They'll just end up making a mess, and another one of us will end up having to walk them through fixing it.07:55
gogetarww: lol07:56
reverebeer./configure && make && make install. that's not a mess07:56
Jarhead"no valid vpn secrets" help!07:56
ThisDBrww: I managed to compile unrealircd for myself07:56
ThisDBAnd I don't know much07:56
rwwreverebeer: it is when you want to uninstall it, or need a security update, or it overwrites files that are controlled by the package manager, or they don't have all the dependencies and thus get those and cause all of the above with them.07:56
LinuxPhreakI just got done setting up my vsftp server and I can access it via terminal by issuing ftp where is my IP address but I can't figure out how to configure filezilla access it07:56
Pimpnastycan someone help me with g parted? Here is my error http://pastebin.com/BJe4tmiE07:57
rwwubottu: wfm | reverebeer, Thus07:57
ubottureverebeer, Thus: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/07:57
etraskHello everyone. I was wondering what exactly is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu (or any OS, really, though I'll try to keep it on topic)07:57
PimpnastyI guess not lol07:58
LinuxPhreaketrask: 32 will work on both 32 and 64 bit cpus. 64bit only works on 64 bit cpus. 64bit will run 64bit programs07:58
weive64bit got more RAM07:58
gogetaisaraX: did it finish the install for you07:58
rwwetrask: 64-bit processors use 64 bit registers, which allows 64-bit operating systems to access more memory, whereas 32-bit ones are limited to 4GB of system memory (unless they use hacks like PAE)07:59
LinuxPhreakanyone one know how to setup filezilla to access my vsftp server I setup?07:59
etraskIf I'm not mistaken 64-bit version will let -- ah, I see07:59
uLinuxsolution to disable openssh-server on boot: "sudo nano /etc/init/ssh.conf" and change "start on never"08:00
reverebeerfine. be oblivious to what apt-get does and NOT have working open office.08:00
etraskI suppose asking what a register is would count as a threadjack? :P08:00
PimpnastyLove all the help08:00
ThisDBI was told to always compile from source08:01
ThisDBIf I could08:01
rwwetrask: wikipedia does a good job: "a small amount of storage available on the CPU whose contents can be accessed more quickly than storage available elsewhere". Notably, they're used to store memory locations.08:01
rwwThisDB: this is not particularly good advice on distributions with package management.08:01
ThisDBRww I see.08:01
reverebeerno make install then08:01
etraskRWW am I correct in understanding 64-bit allows 16 general purpose registers where 32-bit has 8?08:02
Pimpnasty<rww> ubottu: wfm | re08:02
Pimpnastyhttp://pastebin.com/BJe4tmiE <<<< GPARTED ERROR08:02
etraskall in all it seems, driver support withstanding, there's no reason NOT to go 64-bit if your hardware supports it08:02
yakubwhen I hit 'F3', I would like it to output the pound sign # ( having bad key issues).  how do i do that ?08:02
rwwetrask: I'm not sure of the numbers, but yeah, 64-bit is the way to go. I've used it for a while on one of my computers, haven't had any problems08:03
reverebeersounds like that works for you rww08:03
rwwreverebeer: Regardless of your opinion, compiling from source is 1) more difficult than using package management, 2) not supported in here.08:04
isaraXwhy can't I get openoffice? terminal keep telling me , missing packages08:04
etraskThank you08:04
reverebeerapt-get build-dep openofficething08:04
rwwisaraX: Did you do "sudo apt-get update" first?08:04
Pimpnastyhttp://pastebin.com/BJe4tmiE <<<< GPARTED ERROR08:05
panashedoes anyone know how to install/compile  tar.files08:06
weiveHey.What does the color of names  mean?08:06
reverebeercan you pastebin your output isarax. "<your apt-get command> > out.txt". paste the contents of out.txt08:06
reverebeerin pastebin!08:06
Pimpnastyhttp://pastebin.com/BJe4tmiE <<<< GPARTED ERROR08:06
reverebeerrww, can you show me where it says we can't discuss compiling here?08:07
ssndoes anyone know how to change the framebuffer/plymouth (whatever it is called) font colour?08:08
ssnbecause with my white plymouth theme, the messages are unreadable08:08
wildbathihi, is there anyone similar application like Microsoft OneNote for ubuntu?08:09
reverebeeryou said the M word08:09
isaraXoh no I think I quit trying to get openoffice....08:09
Pimpnastyhttp://pastebin.com/BJe4tmiE <<<< GPARTED ERROR08:10
reverebeerisaraX, can you please show me the output of your problem?08:10
ActionParsnipYo yo yo08:11
troopperissn: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9374208:11
DanielSadaPimpnasty, you have to edit it from a live CD08:11
DanielSadathe partition08:11
isaraXnow my ubuntu is good for movies and music but not word processing08:11
rwwisaraX: If you'd pastebin the output of your commands as we've asked, we'd be able to help you.08:12
Pimpnastyhttp://pastebin.com/BJe4tmiE <<<< GPARTED ERROR08:12
reverebeerbro, help me help you. lets see some output08:12
ActionParsnipisaraX: install openoffice, or if space is an issue and you only need word processing then install abiword08:12
Pimpnasty<DanielSada>: I launched via cd but It looked like a regular launch08:13
PimpnastyLet me try again08:13
rwwPimpnasty: gparted is being interrupted by the partition being mounted, which stops it from modifying it.08:13
ubuntu456hi, how can I set min password length to 3, ubuntu says it needs at least 6 characters, I read an ubuntu manual and it said that I have to edit /etc/pam.d/common-password , I did but still when I want to change password it says min length should be 6, BTW I'm a windows advance user but ubuntu first time user.08:13
PimpnastyDo I need a seprate install cd?08:13
PimpnastyOr do I just set the option to launch from cd in my bios?08:13
psypher246hi all, please could someone assist, latest kernel update deleted windows from my grub menu and update-grub does not find Windows at all anymore and does not replace it back08:13
ActionParsnipubuntu456: if you run: sudo -i ; passwd foo ,replace foo with your username, can you set the shorter pass?08:14
ActionParsnippsypher246: you should log a bug for that too08:15
DanielSadayou have to go to live CD08:15
psypher246ActionParsnip: so it's a bug?08:15
DanielSadaubuntu live CD08:15
DanielSadaand edit G parted08:15
ActionParsnippsypher246: assuming the config had the windows entry before, it sounds like one.08:15
reverebeerpsypher246 http://www.linuxselfhelp.com/gnu/grub/html_chapter/grub_4.html08:16
psypher246that what i figured, not updating my laptop :) already took ages to fix the windows one08:16
ActionParsnippsypher246: i'd check the grub2 documentation online for help as well as see if others can advise. I'm no good with grub as I single boot all my systems. I have no need for windows08:16
psypher246reverebeer: yeah i fixed it manualy, but not working automatically08:16
psypher246which is bug08:16
panasheneed help on how to use linux ubuntu 10.4 please pple08:17
ActionParsnippsypher246: your grub2 conf should have a windows entry so that it gets added to grub.cfg when update-grub gets executed08:17
DanielSadapanashe, what do you need?08:18
ActionParsnippanashe: you'll need to be a lot more specific08:18
DanielSadapanashe, what's the problem?08:18
ActionParsnip!details | panashe08:18
ubottupanashe: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:18
psypher246ActionParsnip: the update-grub command is supposed to find the OS using the os prober script and add that08:19
psypher246ActionParsnip: it's not finding windows at all08:19
ActionParsnippsypher246: try rerunning the os prober then08:19
psypher246multiple times08:19
ActionParsnip!grub2 | psypher24608:19
ubottupsypher246: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:19
psypher246reinstalled grub, reinstalled windows boot loader08:19
reverebeerso psypher246, you just need to now make an entry that boots it. from the grub command line, you can get to grub.conf (i wanna say /etc/grub). make a backup just incase08:19
psypher246reverebeer: yes i did that08:20
ActionParsnipreverebeer: you don't edit grub.cfg as it is generated08:20
psypher246I can get into windows now are quite a bit of hacking, but the problem is that update-grub os proper script does not find windows and add it in08:20
psypher246ActionParsnip: yeah you not SUPPOSED to08:21
psypher246but i HAD to08:21
psypher246reverebeer: and it's /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:21
jukebox-zero_psypher246, yeah but then you just lose the changes on the next update08:21
ActionParsnippsypher246: then re-edit the grub config files as per the factoid link and run sudo update-grub08:21
panashehow to install or compile tar.files and other programs08:21
psypher246jukebox-zero_: yup, so will log bug08:21
reverebeerpanashe. what's the suffix after the ".tar"08:22
psypher246ActionParsnip: not quite following how I re-edit it?08:22
ActionParsnippanashe: what file do you have?08:22
jukebox-zero_psypher246 What helped me once with a similar but different issue on 9.10 was to grab the grub 2 from the debian repos, seemed less buggy for some reason.08:23
ActionParsnippsypher246: its in the grub link I made ubottu give earlier08:23
psypher246ActionParsnip: now i get that08:23
psypher246ActionParsnip: just not seeing what i need to edit, since i shouldn't be editing it in the 1st place08:23
AleksanderHello. I'm new to Ubuntu 10.4 and I have a problem - I tried to remove indicator applet package (don't need one) and the system crashed down. Since then, it doesn't want to start automatically (I have to startx from console), even though I re-installed the package. Why is that?08:23
psypher246ActionParsnip: yes i had to do it to fix my issue but update-grub should probe and add08:24
ActionParsnippanashe: its rare to use tar files in ubuntu as the repos and ppas have lots of compiled software08:24
ActionParsnippanashe: no, what's the file name?08:24
=== zan_ is now known as Gornjak
ActionParsnippsypher246: then log a bug and fix your grub config up08:24
psypher246ActionParsnip: yup, thanks anyway08:24
panashe Im having problems with an Atheros Airnet Wifi card... it freeze my computer after random periods of use08:25
panashe I have an HAwei K3715 Internet Key and ubuntu still not recognize or configure... Second matter is about a Wi-Fi card i couldn't configure... Someone could help me ?08:26
panasheanyone plzz08:27
TenPhilpanashe: wait I sec and I'll see if I can find something08:27
=== sol is now known as Guest84194
uLinuxhi again08:28
uLinuxim having a problem with splash screen .. it only shows weird stuff .. If I remove "quiet splash" from grub does it fix it?08:29
outofthemadnessanyone know how I might enable something like the old maximumize plugin from ibex in karmic?08:30
TenPhilpanashe: what kind of comp do you have?08:30
ubuntu456My system crashed :(08:30
uLinuxubuntu456: windows?08:31
ubuntu456uLinux, no ubuntu inside VM on Windows 708:31
cotterhi guys im using linux mint and every time i start it takes me to a command line instead of the logon screen wtf08:31
uLinuxoh virtual machine..08:31
ubuntu456uLinux,  it relates to ubuntu because I had no such problem before installing ubuntu on Win 708:32
marc-andrecotter, what did you do before that happend the first time ?08:32
panashehp compaq presario cq6108:32
dustinhow do you take the back ground picture off of this08:32
ubuntu456uLinux, Windows XP works perfectly inside VM08:32
cotternothing its the first time ive used lime08:32
dustinhow in the... did you get that to work?08:33
TenPhilpanashe: Have you tried the madwifi drivers?08:33
panashetenPhil:hp compaq persario CQ61 got it08:33
ubuntu456uLinux, ubuntu gives this message when it boots    "piix4-smbus 0000:00:07.0 :smbus address uninitialized upgrade bios or use force-addr = 0xaddr"08:34
Jordan_U!mint | cotter08:34
ubottucotter: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)08:34
panasheTenPhil: no08:34
jukebox-zero_Honestly, the mint support channel isn't too helpful. been there all day08:34
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=== Piep\|\ is now known as Piep|AServer
rwwthen switch to a distribution that has better support08:35
Jordan_Ujukebox-zero_: That's a disadvantage of using mint, and doesn't change the fact that mint is not supported here.08:35
wrektjeti recently switched from 9.04 to 10.04. im getting the screensaver popping up while im watching a movie which it never did before. is my only option to disable the screensaver?08:35
marc-andrecotter, mint linux has a great irc channel, ask there08:35
jukebox-zero_Jordan_u rww I run Lucid. it was an offhand comment08:35
cotteri cant get into it for some reason08:35
jukebox-zero_!mintsupport | cotter08:35
ubottucotter: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:35
troopperipanashe: do you use ubuntu 10.0408:35
ubuntu456I want to set min password length to 3 , how shoul I do that ?08:36
panashetroopperi: yes i use ubuntu 10.0408:36
troopperipanashe: what is huawei product id when typing lsusb at console08:37
marc-andrefor when is the point release scheduled ?08:37
rwwmarc-andre: 10.04.1? August 12th08:38
SunTzuubuntu456 you want to change length of passwd for bin/login?08:38
marc-andrehuh ? in that case i can wait as well for 10.10 xD08:38
ubuntu456SunTzu, yes08:38
rwwmarc-andre: October 10th is a long way away...08:39
ubuntu456SunTzu, ubuntu says it needs min 6 I want min 308:39
SunTzuubuntu456 do you have file /etc/login.defs ?08:39
panashetroopperi:huawei mobile 4.208:39
* ubuntu456 is checking08:39
thune3wrektjet: what media player is this problem with? ( mabye you could workaround by running "gnome-screensaver-command --inhibit". You ctrl-c it to disable the inhibit)08:40
wrektjetthune3,  its with totem08:41
ubuntu456SunTzu, yes :)08:41
SunTzuubuntu456 read/study/mung that file.08:41
wrektjetthune3 i am using a program called caffeine but its not ideal08:41
colleenI have a thinkpad t60. It has an ATI x1400 graphics card. Ubuntu doesnt detect a proprietary driver to use with it. I am worried if I try to install fglrx that I might brick something. Thoughts?08:42
weivefglrx may not work.08:42
colleenSuggestion on how to get a correct driver installed?08:43
Melodistum, i need some help guys08:43
troopperipanashe: is your system 32 or 64bit08:43
Melodistmy boyfriend wants to have his terminal or something in his computer sort of ask him for a number every set time, like the swan computer thing in lost does08:43
Melodistapparently theres a yahoo widget that does it but hes working on ubuntu now and wants it there too, can anyone help? :x08:44
panashetroopperi: my system is 32bit08:44
sam_sami know its quite offtopic but >>wht are the advantages and application domains of COBOL if its stilll in use ?08:44
rwwubottu: ot | sam_sam08:45
ubottusam_sam: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:45
troopperipanashe: did you get icon to your desktop when adding huawei to usb-port08:45
sam_samno movement in #programming channel  :S08:45
panashetroopperi: no08:46
RealEyescan someone help me do this^^08:46
envyGRealEyes: Drapes?08:47
dustindo what08:47
envyGRealEyes: Yes. Drapes for your wallpapers.08:48
envyG!info drapes | RealEyes08:48
ubottuRealEyes: drapes (source: drapes): a desktop wallpaper management application for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.2-3.2 (lucid), package size 178 kB, installed size 2332 kB08:48
RealEyesDrapes? I'm trying to make the bg change every like ... 30 seconds08:48
RealEyesdoes Drapes do that?08:48
maplebeatsI hate Drapes08:48
dustinis that where you desktop changes your background?08:48
envyGRealEyes: Sure. There also are a package but I can't remember it.08:48
RealEyestry to?08:48
Melodist:X no one knows?08:48
RealEyeshow do i install drapes?08:48
SunTzuubuntu456 ?08:49
RealEyessudo apt-install drapes?08:49
envyGRealEyes: Sure.08:49
dustinif thats what your talkin about yes i do08:49
maplebeatssudo apt-get install drapes08:49
ubuntu456SunTzu, it says that I need to edit pam.d08:49
thune3wrektjet: there is a plugin for totem that is supposed to disable the screensaver. what does this command return "gconftool-2 --all-entries /apps/totem/plugins/screensaver"08:49
troopperipanashe: install these order like this 1st: http://ftp.fi.debian.org/debian/pool/main/u/usb-modeswitch-data/usb-modeswitch-data_20100623-1_all.deb and 2nd: http://ftp.fi.debian.org/debian/pool/main/u/usb-modeswitch/usb-modeswitch_1.1.3-1_i386.deb08:49
troopperipanashe:then restart08:49
SunTzuubuntu456 ok, so do so; grep for "pass"08:50
RealEyesenvyG: how do i configure this?08:50
dustinos?: mine is ubuntu 10.0408:50
panashetrooperi: i will try this08:50
envyGRealEyes: It is a GUI.08:50
Melodistokay, is there something like this for ubuntu?08:51
RealEyesenvyG: Where do i find it?08:51
envyGRealEyes: "sudo apt-get install drapes" and look for it under Menu.08:52
sam_samwhere can i find info about comipling the kernel and then buiding/installing ?08:52
SunTzusam_sam the toplevel README; you can google too08:52
dustinno, i got it at the smiplest place,ubuntu software center08:53
ikoniaSunTzu: why do you want a custom kernel ?08:53
RealEyesim on 10.0408:53
ikoniasam_sam: why do you want a custom kernel08:53
SunTzudustin NO OOPSIES ;)08:53
RealEyeswhere is 'menu'?08:53
SunTzuikonia iduno :)08:53
sam_samjust wanna know how things are done :)08:53
SunTzuikonia reduced complexity08:53
SunTzusam_sam read the README & google08:53
SunTzusam_sam and ./Documentation08:54
dustinlol thats the newbies place to start08:54
sam_samSunTzu: which readme ?08:54
SunTzusam_sam all of them08:54
SunTzusam_sam you're beginning at 0; dont discriminate08:54
ikoniasam_sam: why do you want a custom kernel08:54
helloattach #ubuntu-classroom08:55
SunTzuubuntu456 ?08:55
sam_samikonia:just wanna know how things are done :)08:55
ikonia!kernel | sam_sam08:55
ubottusam_sam: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages08:55
wrektjetquick easy q: restarting x by hitting ctrl alt backspace will keep all programs currently open running or close everything?08:55
ubuntu456SunTzu, there is no min in common-password08:55
sam_samSunTzu: ty , ikonia:ty :)08:56
SunTzuubuntu456 IMHO Pam sucks; did you fix etc/login.defs?08:56
SunTzusam_sam yw08:56
helloattach irc://chat.frenode.net/ubuntu-classroom08:56
SunTzuwrektjet close all xapps08:56
SunTzuubuntu456 i didnt say "common-passwd"  i said grep for "pass" then read the files listed08:57
ubuntu456SunTzu, it said these function transferred to pam.d can I edit login.defs regardless of that statement ?08:57
SunTzuubuntu456 possibly, do so and test08:57
wrektjetlol it seems to not work on 10.0408:58
SunTzuwrektjet wht doesnt work?08:58
wrektjetctrl alt bckspce08:58
ubuntu456SunTzu, I'm a new user so I don't know anything about linux I typed grep pass in terminal but nothing happened and I exited with ctrl X08:58
quentusrexgerman channel?08:58
benson_how'd, i have a question regarding my lubuntu 10.04.. by the way, am i in the right channel to ask this question?08:59
SunTzuwrektjet ok the server might have been told to ignore that keystroke; check your wm for a button/command to restart or quit X08:59
SunTzuubuntu456 ah! do this; grep -il "pass" /etc/pam.d/*08:59
thune3!dontzap | wrektjet08:59
ubottuwrektjet: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap08:59
scoopexActionParsnip: i can get a list of unapplied update-packages by invoking aptitude >search ~U -w 120 -F "%p %v# %V#"< ....but how can i distinguish security and functional updates?08:59
SunTzuubuntu456 il is the chars eye, and, ell09:00
wrektjetthnx its cool i did gdm restart09:00
SunTzuwrektjet ok09:00
envyGscoopex: ActionParsnip is not here?09:00
wrektjetthnx e/thing worked as planned09:01
dustindid you still need help?09:01
RealEyescome into #ubuntu-beginners09:01
dustinjust a sec so i can show you09:01
eliai'm italian where i must go,for speack italian?09:02
mvdkOn a machine with 10.04 here and a weird pulseaudio set up has a very weird X/GNOME issue: When logging in under a normal GNOME session, the screen only gets repainted after a VT switch.  X/GNOME works perfectly if using a failsafe session though.  This was only introduced after some updates on 25/07.  Any ideas?09:02
RealEyesdustin, im getting helps09:02
=== james is now known as Guest23203
eliaqualcuno parla italiano?09:03
gournon capisco :-D09:03
eliadove posso parlare italiano?09:03
eliasu quale canale?09:03
dustinare you sure the way im showing you is foolproof unless your a newbie09:03
rww!it | elia09:03
ubottuelia: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:03
scoopexhow can i get a list of unapplied security-update-packages ? >aptitude search ~U -w 120 -F "%p %v# %V#"< displays all update packages....but how can i distinguish security and functional updates?09:04
pokoGuys i have been searching the net for a fix, i cannot connect my netbook to a wpa2 psk aes encrypted ap anyone know if it is fixable or what i should do ?09:04
RealEyesdustin: this is what i got http://pastebin.com/y2YEjZLD09:05
pokomy ubuntu version is 10.0409:05
rwwscoopex: add ~Alucid-security right after ~U (with no space between them)09:05
gouri'm (arch)linux user and my neighbour is buying new laptop...asking which windoze to put on...i told him i'll give him free OS :-) now, he is mostly interested for internet etc. so i wonder if ubuntu netbook edition may be better option than the desktop one?09:06
SunTzugour give him what works for him; test several dists.  show him much.09:06
SunTzugour make up several live-dvd's09:07
rwwscoopex: assuming you're using 10.04, anyway. Substitute karmic, jaunty, etc. if you're not09:07
SunTzugour so that he can spend a few hours with each without changing hd09:07
gourSunTzu: i believe archlinux is too complicated for him...ubuntu looks like great option... the choice is between netbook & desktop edition?09:07
gourSunTzu: i'm into dl-ing bunch of livedvds...09:08
rwwgour: have him try both. The only significant difference is the interface, so see which he prefers with the LiveUSBs09:08
SunTzugour i'm a Slacker, i duno from dist-jumping myself :)  give him choices and let him play09:08
SunTzugour k09:08
gourSunTzu: ok09:09
SunTzugour that is the essence of LinuxTao :)09:09
Jordan_Ugour: I haven't messed with the netbook edition much but I'd say go with the desktop edition, IIRC the netbook interface is optimized to allow you to do a few things very easily on a small screen (and not much else). Not that there is anything you *can't* do with UNR, but I think it would be awkward.09:09
gourSunTzu: it's...but for total beginner, i consider ubuntu is good choice09:09
eliawith what program can do sites without knowing HTML?09:10
rwwPersonally, I have a netbook and use the desktop edition, but some people like the netbook one, apparently.09:10
eliawith what program can do sites without knowing HTML?09:10
Jordan_Ugour: And be sure to point him to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center at some point.09:10
SunTzugour there's a (in)famous maxim i once read from a blogger years ago; ``when you learn Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix, etal, etc, you learn the one you installed; when you Learn Slackware, you learn Linux.''09:11
helkaluinHi all. In BSD-style init, selected daemons can be initiated in background. Is there a similar implementation in ubuntu's SysV style init? (Or Upstart?)09:11
eliawith what program can do sites without knowing HTML?09:11
rwwubottu: html | elia09:11
ubottuelia: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/09:11
rwwubottu: repeat | elia09:11
ubottuelia: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:11
SunTzugour it's BillGates' fault that beginners know almost nothing in-depth about computers09:11
* gour nods09:12
gourimy evolution went like Debian (30mins) --> SuSE (for some time) --> Gentoo (5yrs) --> Archlinux (3yrs...)09:12
pokodoes anyone know if installing madwifi drivers on ubuntu 10.04 will allow me to connect to a wpa2 psk aes encrypted ap ?09:13
SunTzugour Gates wanted a computer in every car and two in every bedroom; it doesnt help learning. :)09:13
rwwubottu: ot09:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:13
SunTzugour slackware; 3min :) then a lifetime of learning.09:13
ogunaydo you remember whati is the personal information manager name of ubuntu (gnome) ?09:14
SunTzugour repeatedly reinstalling a dist is a good thing.  more practice09:14
rwwogunay: evolution09:15
gourSunTzu: indeed...although i could just do LFS to do the full circle :-)09:15
ogunayrww: oson -sona something like this but...09:15
SunTzurww is that macro-* or micro-evolution? :)09:15
SunTzugour yay :)09:15
gourarch is quite nice...i say "sweet spot" between gentoo & ubuntu09:16
cjaecan I batch encode with avidemux09:16
uLinuxWhy the new kernel ruined the splash screen?09:16
SunTzuruined how?09:16
uLinuxSunTzu: now it shows weird stuff no image...09:16
SunTzuok; duno myself09:17
rwwogunay: I don't know of a PIM named like that, and Ubuntu doesn't ship anything named like that by default..09:17
SunTzuogunay google `linux+pim'09:17
uLinuxalways the same problem on lucid ..09:17
SunTzuogunay google `ubuntu+pim'09:17
rwwubottu: google | SunTzu09:17
ubottuSunTzu: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.09:17
SunTzurww if they dont use it first then they wont learn it. so, your suggestion is potliely rejected.09:18
rwwSunTzu: Considering that your viewpoint has been brought up about ten thousand times and rejected by the channel's operators, I'd suggest you modify that.09:18
SunTzurww what and where did that come from?  i've not been here to garner 10,000 rejections from anyone09:19
SunTzurww consensus doesnt make it right.09:19
rwwSunTzu: If you want to provide and answer and say "I got this by googling X", then fine, but statements like the above are against this channel's guidelines, which you agreed to by joining and using the channel.09:20
SunTzurww i always object to implied agreements.  they are contracts of adhesion which courts abhor.09:20
SunTzurww no channel is a feifdom09:21
AdvoWorkdon't suppose anyone here has installed dreamweaver successfully on 10.04?09:21
pokohow do i revert to ath5k or ath9k       ?09:21
GneaSunTzu: abhor is a choice.09:21
ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.09:22
SunTzuGnea no, contracts/agreements without the time and availablity of negotiation are no choice09:22
uLinuxi want to fix it bot :(09:22
rwwSunTzu: I'm not sure what you mean by "fiefdom", but this channel is owned by freenode, with delegated control to Ubuntu's IRC Council, which established rules, including the one I mentioned. If you're not willing to abide by them, /part.09:22
rww!guidelines | SunTzu, for reference09:22
ubottuSunTzu, for reference: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:22
GneaSunTzu: what contracts/agreement are you referring to?09:22
GneaSunTzu: of this channel? see the guidelines. take the time to read them. if you don't like them, I'm sure your client is familiar with the /part command.09:23
SunTzurww i mean that people need help, hence i am here.  disagreement is no reason to tell me or force me to part.09:23
SunTzuGnea the one that rww mentioned and in general in real life.09:23
GneaSunTzu: quite crying, read the rules, don't repeat your mistakes, things will be fine.09:23
SunTzuGnea i'm defending, not crying; cease the ad hom usage.09:24
SunTzui'm helping those who ask questions.09:24
MitsuoDeshoDeshogreetings, best way to get my current kernel's headers into a folder?09:24
GneaSunTzu: it is you that needs to stop. I suggest you modify your attitude and quick.09:25
* Gnea goes back to trying to get something to work in ubuntu desktop09:25
=== akos is now known as Guest37108
pokoHello, does anyone know how i can upgrade my wireless driver from ath5k to ath 9k ?09:26
delbyhello, i am new to ubuntu. what is the best way to install flash player for firefox on ubuntu 10.4, and will it be updated with the rest of the system with safe-upgrade? thanx09:26
rwwdelby: install the "flashplugin-installer" package, and yes.09:27
Jon80Hi Everyone!09:28
delbyrww: do i need to add lines in sources.list, or can i simply run 'aptitude flashplugin-installer' right after installation of ubuntu?09:28
Jon80I'm new to Ubuntu (and Linux in general), and came across a problem today. I run the latest Netbook release09:28
Jon80When in Netbook Gnome, Screensaver is disabled when watching videos, but not when I choose "Gnome" as desktop enviroment09:29
delbyrww: i meant aptitude install flushplugin-installer.09:29
pokopff f09:30
Jon80I use "Totem" as videoplayer in both Gnome Netbook and Gnome09:30
sinistraddelby, try it first without any edits09:30
rwwdelby: you'd need to do "sudo aptitude update" first. If multiverse isn't enabled by default (I forget whether it is or not), you'd need to uncomment the relevant lines in sources.list before that09:31
delbythanks. will do.09:31
kasunis there any problem if I just delete those package files?09:31
kasunHello, I'm running out of space on my root /. I need to cleanup the disk to get some space. Clearing apt cache would gain a lot of space, right? how can i do it safely?09:32
rwwkasun: sudo apt-get clean09:32
kasunrww, ok, tnx09:32
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ogunaySunTzu: do you use "+" for google search?09:34
SunTzuogunay yes09:34
ogunayok thanks09:34
SunTzumeaning required search term09:34
=== BiTD|Install|Lin is now known as BiTD|Instl|Linux
demoneyehi. I am running my home server on ubuntu 10.04. I would like to host several irc bots on it (for a good purpose). I on on a hostmasked irc server and I have 1 ip (which is from my ISP). As i am new to linux, how do I setup the bots using 1 IP address? Do I need third-party dns service? (freedns.afraid.org perhaps)? I have apache setup09:34
mtjzr3#join ubuntu-my09:35
soreaudemoneye: You should be able to run irc bots from your local server without much (if any) magic09:36
soreaumtjzr3: /j #ubuntu-my09:36
uLinuxwill this sudo update-initramfs -u fix the splash ?09:36
demoneyeumm, the irc server has session limits 2 conns only.09:37
rwwdemoneye: then talk to the irc server admins09:37
demoneyeif I changed my dns, will that do the trick?09:37
dustini need a screen captureing program,for ubuntu 10.0409:38
BlackDalekDoes anyone know of any program for Ubuntu that will crop a the pages in a multi-page PDF file?09:38
oafhi, do you know what is that TCP :
rwwdustin: screenshots or video?09:38
SunTzuoaf google it09:38
soreaudemoneye: What is telling you there is max two connections?09:38
dustinlike to record,fior how to do videos09:38
rwwubottu: screencast | dustin09:39
ubottudustin: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.09:39
soreaudemoneye: it wasn't a yes-or-no question ;)09:39
blinkis there any good regex application for ubuntu? i just downloaded Kiki which is crap09:39
mats990Hi! When i click right click on panel i have only "help" and "about panels". Does anybody know how to add new panel?09:39
froschisoreau: who's on first :)09:39
soreaufroschi: heh09:40
demoneyesomething like.. <bot1> hostmask: *@8BD2ED83.3D4C1575.339A3B20.IP09:40
demoneye<bot2> hostmask: *@77BG3BX7.3D4C1575.339A3B20.IP09:40
ogunayaptitude search gives for output some packages starts with "v" what that "v" means? (these packages has no explanations also)09:40
dustin Istanbul, i have this but it crashes or hangs to much09:40
soreaudemoneye: perhaps you could get better help in #frenode?09:40
oCean_mats990: really? never seen that before. Any idea what happened?09:40
rwwogunay: virtual package, see http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-binary.html#s-virtual_pkg09:41
ogunayrww: thank you so much09:41
soreauogunay: Try grepping the output of dpkg -l?09:41
mats990oCean_ i could make screenshot if you want.. i tried google it but found nothing useful09:41
oCean_mats990: tried to reset the panels completely? gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel09:42
ogunaysoreau: No packages found matching09:42
BlackDalekDoes anyone know how to use Pdfcrop? I can't get it to work. I put in "pdfcrop --papersize a4 sourcefile.pdf croppedfile.pdf" but the resultant file always ends up exactly the same page size but the file size increases. I don't know why.09:42
ShapeShifter499what do I do, my ubuntu system cannot detect when my headset in plunged in or not, I have to manually activate it in "sound preferences", how do I fix this so its automatic?09:42
demoneyeisn't this got something to do with linux? as in, I need to change my dns or make some vhost?09:43
soreauogunay: You have to grep it, like 'dpkg -l|grep <pkgname'>09:43
ogunaysoreau: there isn't any output09:43
rwwdemoneye: no, you can't change your DNS to get around connection limits. Go talk to the ircops of the server you're using.09:43
mats990oCean_ i didnt know about this, but i did it right now and nothing changed :(09:43
BlackDalekIs there any other way to crop the page size of a PDF file other than pdfcrop?09:43
ogunaysoreau: i try it for a virtual package09:43
SjorsShapeShifter499: you could try telling pulseaudio to send the audio to both your normal output and your headphones09:44
soreauogunay: You're probably better off with the suggestion/link rww made09:44
SjorsShapeShifter499: then when the headphone is plugged in it will have sound too (but so will the normal speakers)09:44
demoneyerww, I tried that, they are all acting gayish09:44
SjorsShapeShifter499: normally this all is done in hardware instead of software afaik... I think you can report it as a bug here or there09:44
ShapeShifter499Sjors: than whats the point of headphones09:44
rwwdemoneye: 1) "Gay" is not a pejorative, please don't use it as one. 2) You're out of luck.09:44
SjorsShapeShifter499: good one09:44
oCean_mats990: too bad. Since that's the way to reset "to factory defaults".. Actually i have no clue what could cause this. Any recent changes?09:45
soreaudemoneye: Also,09:45
soreau! work | demoneye09:45
ubottudemoneye: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.09:45
AdvoWorkhow come when doing df -h it shows a certain % free space, yet i delete something, and its not instant before it changes the %09:46
soreaudemoneye: even 'doesnt work' (in all it's vagueness) is better than 'gayish' which is highly undescriptive09:46
mats990oCean_ the problem is i dont know WHEN this happend... i didnt used it lately.. last things i installed is conky and i removed some old kernels, but this shuldnt have something with kernel...09:46
rwwsoreau: considering that the word was applied to people, I assume that either they didn't do what he wanted, or propositioned him. Either way, we can't really help.09:46
demoneyeso my only option is to buy IPs?09:47
soreaurww: I immediately noticed it was the opposite of helpful, regardless of the context or content09:47
rwwdemoneye: If the administrators of the server you're on don't want you connecting with more than two clients, then don't connect with more than two clients.09:48
robertzaccouris Dazzle compatible with Linux?09:48
Phxdroughtof these two password examples which one can be hacked as a dictionary word. (1) marry had a little lamb  (2) marryhadalittlelamb09:49
oCean_mats990: agreed. It must be something in the gnome (-panel) config. But with previous command you reset it w/out result. (btw Those settings are saved in your homedir in ~/.gconf/apps/panel)09:49
rwwubottu: ot | Phxdrought09:49
ubottuPhxdrought: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:49
mats990oCean_: ok, thank you very much.. i'll try to do some googling and try to understand settings in my home to fix it09:50
=== MSG_SALT is now known as MSG
oCean_mats990: Sure. Gnome has config options (somewhat similar to registry) You can see that yourself by starting "gconf-editor" (and in this case browse to apps > panel)09:52
mats990oCean_ hey i fixed it :D09:52
oCean_mats990: wow09:52
demoneyeanother thing. Is it possible I make a vhost on my IP (ISP IP address)?09:52
demoneyevia apache?09:52
mats990oCean_ google is my god :D http://www.watchingthenet.com/restore-panels-in-ubuntu-back-to-their-default-settings.html09:52
robertzaccouris Dazzle video capture device compatible with Linux?09:52
mats990oCean_ there is one line different and it deletes settings folder, as i can see09:53
oCean_mats990: indeed09:53
oCean_mats990: that's what did the trick probably09:53
demoneyeI did one via afraid.org, it points to my IP/apache website09:53
mats990oCean_ to tell you the truth im not happy that i have fixed it couse i dont know what couse probelm, i wish i had backuped that folder first :S09:54
bourkehi, could anyone tell me how to remove that little blue 'reboot required' icon from my tray without having to reboot right now?09:54
demoneyebut when I connect to an IRC server, my iP shows up, I want my hostname.com to show up09:54
dustinhey anyone know of a good screnrecording program for ubuntu 10.0409:54
bourkedustin: gtk-recordmydesktop09:55
oCean_mats990: I see. Maybe next time :s09:55
rwwdemoneye: Do you have access to the rDNS PTR record for your IP address? If not (and if you're using a consumer ISP, you probably don't), you can't.09:55
dustinthat doesnt crash or hang,something professional09:55
mats990oCean_ well i have to go, thanks once again for tring to help me. have a nice day, good bye09:55
bourkedustin: gtk-recordmydesktop has always worked fine for me09:56
rwwbourke: there's a file in /var/run called "restart-required" or something similar. delete it09:56
demoneyerww: I don't think so I have access to that :(09:57
demoneyeI have no*09:57
thune3AdvoWork: what is the scenario. maybe: if you delete a file and some other program has a file open, the file will not show up anymore (ls), but it wont actually get deleted until the program closes it.09:57
bourkerww: got rid of it, but icon still there (tried restarting gnome-panel)09:57
BlackDexHello there, i have a problem with installing the new kernel for lucid (2.6.32-24)09:57
BlackDexit produces errors09:57
BlackDexthis is the output from apt09:57
FloodBot1BlackDex: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:58
rwwbourke: odd. log out and back in, maybe?09:58
bourkerww, will give it a go09:58
bourkerww, thanks09:58
robertzaccourhow do i know if i have usb 2.0?09:59
PureSinehi I want to share  a folder as desktop user and it says "net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error Permission denied You do not have permission to create a usershare. Ask your administrator to grant you permissions to create a share."09:59
TurbolinuxHello everyone. Where must I copy these codes to the sysfs.conf file? The codes are in here: http://redmonk.com/sogrady/2008/12/07/how-to-use-an-att-ericsson-f3507g-card-on-ubuntu-intrepid/. Thank you for your help.09:59
PureSineI added permission to share files over network but still same message10:00
Turbolinux2nd step codes.10:00
mdwhey guys, mega noobish question here ... new to Linux.10:00
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dustin are you the admin?10:00
red2kicmdw: Ask away.10:00
PureSinelinux123, are you addressing me ?10:00
ewookGuest74676: running irc as root is not a good idea.10:01
ewookoops, wrong guest.10:01
robertzaccourhow do i know if i have usb 2.0?10:01
mdwred2kic: I've just installed the libxmlbeans-java package. I need it for a java project. How do I see where it's installed on the system?10:01
linux123I am trying xchat10:01
rwwmdw: "dpkg -S libxmlbeans-java"10:01
mdwrww: thanks :-)10:01
linux36I am trying it too10:01
TurbolinuxCan you help me for my problem? I have to solve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you.10:02
robertzaccourhow do i know if i have usb 2.0?10:02
ewookrobertzaccour: lspci | grep usb10:02
linux__I am trying xchat too10:02
mdwrww: hmm odd10:03
linux36en  ok'10:03
rwwlinux*: Stop that, please.10:03
mdwrww: everything is in /usr/share/doc10:03
oCean_linux__: please stop10:03
robertzaccourewook: ok thanks10:03
linux36kao ++10:03
dustinthat it a hardware lthing you  google the spec to you computer10:03
sam_samA|B o/p of A is send to B or b to A ?10:03
xiaozhihello everyone10:03
SjorsTurbolinux: it says that10:03
linux__farsight 100710:03
ewookrobertzaccour: np. shows you your controllers10:03
oCean_linux36: please stop10:03
SjorsTurbolinux: by running the "sudo nano /etc/sysfs.conf" command, you get an editor10:03
yealli bing ni da ye de10:03
SjorsTurbolinux: in there, you have to paste the text (don't use ctrl+v, check the Edit menu of your terminal after copying it)10:03
SjorsTurbolinux: then make sure the lines are on separate lines in the file10:04
jinsinanmu只用你还哦阿妈 解放卡宋江10:04
rwwlinux*: Please part the clones you've joined to this channel, now.10:04
ewookbut seriously...10:04
rwwGood morning, ikonia :)10:04
sam_samif i type >> A|B o/p of command A is send to B or cmmand B to A ?10:04
rwwsam_sam: A to B10:04
robertzaccourewook: it doesn't show anything10:04
ewookrobertzaccour: skip the grep part10:05
Sjorsdownloading a free-as-in-speech Linux distribution saves you so much money, thus so much work, that you can troll the #ubuntu channel with 10 clones!10:05
Sjorsvictim of our own success! :<10:05
robertzaccourewook: robert@robert-laptop ~ $ lspci | usb10:05
robertzaccourNo command 'usb' found, did you mean:10:05
robertzaccour Command 'sb' from package 'lrzsz' (universe)10:05
robertzaccourusb: command not found10:05
FloodBot1robertzaccour: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:06
TurbolinuxI know but is it right when I copy the codes under ''Examples'' area on this file? I don't want to damage the operating system.10:06
robertzaccourFloodBot1: that was 4 lines in a not very active chat hour10:06
ewookrobertzaccour: sorry, remove all after the pipe :) so just lspci10:06
TurbolinuxSjors: Can you help for my previous post? Thank you.10:07
SjorsTurbolinux: this is kind of advanced stuff for newbies, be cautious10:08
=== fredrick is now known as frendah
SjorsTurbolinux: also - usually, for files like that, it doesn't really matter where you put the lines10:08
TurbolinuxSjors: I am not a newbie but I am not sure.10:08
robertzaccourewook: so just lscpi |?10:08
rwwlinux_: hello10:08
TurbolinuxI understand.10:08
ewookrobertzaccour: no, just lspci10:08
SjorsTurbolinux: as long as they are in the file and don't have a # at the first char of the line10:08
BlackDalekhow do I crop the page size of a pdf file?10:09
SjorsTurbolinux: be sure to read the first comment for important pointers10:10
robertzaccourewook: http://pastebin.com/dWC3UvEy i'm not sure10:10
thune3Turbolinux: the ubuntu setup is to create a ##-------.conf file in /etc/sysctl.d/ using this type of form for setting "block.sda.queue.scheduler = noop", or you could put them (similar form) in /etc/sysctl.conf [ i don't think /etc/sysfs.conf will do anything in ubuntu ]10:10
TurbolinuxSjors: I will do this. Thank you for your again.10:11
robertzaccouras you can see my graphics card is crap though10:11
TurbolinuxThune3: I understand. Thank you.10:11
ewookrobertzaccour: lol. neither am I ... usually you'd get a more explanatory line like : 00:03.3 USB Controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] USB 2.0 Controller10:12
robertzaccourewook: oh ok thanks anyhow10:12
ewookrobertzaccour: if you know your motherboard, check the homepage for it :)10:13
robertzaccourewook: the laptop was new february of last year. would that help?10:13
rwwrobertzaccour: it's probably USB 2, then10:13
ewookrobertzaccour: oh, then it should have it :)10:13
robertzaccouroh ok thanks10:13
ewookrobertzaccour: usb 2.0 have been around a while :)10:13
ewookrobertzaccour: np10:13
gongso good10:14
oCean_gong: hi, do you have a question?10:14
gongthis is the first time i use xchat10:15
redvilanyone here use dvd::rip?10:15
gongi dont10:15
robertzaccourgong: what did you use before xchat?10:15
LcawteHm, anyone know a good program for watching DVD's with? Movie Player gives me permission errors, and I dont want to mess up the dvds by playing with Permissions for Winblows or my DVD player.. and ideas?10:15
gongi am from china10:15
robertzaccourgong: whats qq?10:15
gongjust like msn10:16
weiveqq , widely used in China.10:16
rwwLcawte: I use VLC. You probably also need to install libdvdcss2, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs10:16
dustinvlc player10:16
c00lryguyIs there a way to install ubuntu without alot of the preinstalled packages such as Firefox, the Games, OpenOffice so that I dont have to remove them after each install?10:16
robertzaccouroh ok10:16
robertzaccourgong: xchat is nice huh :)10:16
redvilLcawte: i use movie player as well..just install restricted-extras and libdvdcss 210:17
onilmauryaplz help to rectify the foll error on ubuntu mysql server :ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)10:17
gongi just use it right now10:17
sinistradc00lryguy, you might try ubuntu server install10:17
oCean_robertzaccour, gong this is technical support only. Social chat in #ubuntu-offtopic10:17
redvilanyone here know how to use dvd::rip?10:17
gongi need some time to feel it10:17
oCean_gong: try a social chat channel, not this support channel please10:18
robertzaccouroCean_: quick chatter in a slow moving chat but get the point10:18
c00lryguysinistrad, doesnt that have a bunch of unnecessary packages installed for a desktop install?10:18
rwwsinistrad, c00lryguy: Ubuntu Server is for servers. Generally one would use the alternate CD for minimal installs.10:18
sinistradc00lryguy, you'll need to install a desktop package afterwards if you want a GUI10:18
oCean_gong: this channel is not for chat10:18
gonghow to do that10:18
rwwgong: type /join #ubuntu-offtopic10:18
onilmauryaplz help to rectify the foll error on ubuntu mysql server :ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)10:18
sinistradc00lryguy, go with what rww says. He probably knows10:19
robertzaccourgong: i normally chat in #club-ubuntu its more of an everything chat haha to say the least10:19
Gm4nwhy would the wifi on my dell mini 10v not show networks? it works in other OSes on the same machine. I'm on 10.04 netbook remix10:19
rwwGm4n: you need to install the bcmwl-kernel-source package. If you have internet access through ethernet, just use your favorite package manager. If not, let me know and I'll get you offline instructions.10:20
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD10:20
guest_hi. i created a new user, but he can't use sudo, because "he is not in the sudoers file". another user with working sudo isn't mentioned in /etc/sudoers either. how does it work?10:20
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal10:20
Gm4nrww: is apt-get a reasonable favorite? (I'm a debian user)10:20
c00lryguyI should prolly go with  the minimal one.. sounds likst just what I need10:20
rwwGm4n: Yup. sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source would work fine10:20
TurbolinuxWhat is the name of the package of ''Hardware Information'' software.10:21
rwwc00lryguy: The minimal CD is just the alternate one with no packages on it (you need to download from the internet during installation, which can be a pain if you have odd hardware)10:21
rwwthey have the same installation options10:21
YerushalmiHey folks. When I turn on my computer I get "error: no such device: 5f7dd196-623c-4864-87be-5a219dea81c8" message and a "grub rescue>" prompt. Help!10:21
c00lryguyrww: alright well thanks alot10:21
AdvoWorkwhen i run a few disk commands, df -h shows: 20G   18G  2.3G  89% /   yet df -hi shows: 9.7M    231K    9.4M    3% /  i dont get that? any ideas?10:22
jpdsAdvoWork: -i means inodes, not disk space.10:22
onilmauryaplease help to rectify the following error on Ubuntu mysql server :ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2). error occurred only after bootup10:23
ikoniaonilmaurya: mysql server is not running10:24
aibohi, i have 10.04 and can't connect to ssh with apparmor ON, when I switch it OFF - everything starts working, what I can do?10:24
AdvoWorkjpds, don't get the difference? i had 2.8gb of freespace, did a database(postgresql) restore, and it ran out of space,yet its only like 300mb database10:24
TurbolinuxCan you help me for my need? Thank you.10:25
ikoniaaibo: create an appamor policy to allow ssh10:25
ikoniaTurbolinux: you need to ask a question10:25
aiboikonia, 2 days before it was working without it10:26
Turbolinuxİkonia: I asked my question as a previous post.10:26
ikoniaaibo: maybe you/updates have changed the policy10:26
TurbolinuxIkonia: I asked as a previous post.10:26
ikoniaTurbolinux: please summuserise as your last log shows a lot of chat10:27
rwwikonia: 02:21:22 < Turbolinux> What is the name of the package of ''Hardware Information'' software.10:27
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
ikoniahardware information software ?10:27
rwwI believe the stuff before that was dealt with10:27
Martin_vWI have two keyboard layouts: (1) USA and (2) Germany. Unfortunately, whenever I login, Germany is my default layout, although I want USA and that is higher in the list. Any ideas on how to fix this? Could the login screen keyboard layout (most probably Germany) have something to do with this?10:28
YerushalmiWhen I turn on my computer I get "error: no such device: 5f7dd196-623c-4864-87be-5a219dea81c8" message and a "grub rescue>" prompt. It doesn't boot and I don't know what to do with that prompt. Can anyone help me?10:28
miromiroTurbolinux: hwinfo10:28
TurbolinuxMiromiro: Is it graphical?10:28
miromiroTurbolinux: no10:29
jukebox-zero_yerushalmi. it's a UUID. look for a google to boot from grub rescue, and run sudo update-grub when you get up and running.10:29
TurbolinuxMiromiro: Why did you send a command to me also?10:29
miromiroTurbolinux: n00b to irc - sorry10:29
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: I'm afraid I'm very new to Ubuntu. What's a UUID?10:29
TurbolinuxMiromiro: No problem.10:29
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MegavivHello, I'm trying to fix a flash-player missing sound problem of a friend of mine10:30
jukebox-zero_yerushalmi basically it's an unecessary long name for your harddisk. When grub goes to start your system, it looks for your hard drive using that, but for some reason isn't recognizing it.10:30
MegavivDo you know anything on how to run the command: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libesd.so.0 /usr/lib/libesd.so.1 # Flash expects /tmp/.esd/socket to exist. sudo mkdir -p /tmp/.esd/ sudo touch /tmp/.esd/socket10:30
onilmauryaplease help to rectify the following error on ubuntu mysql server :ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2). mysql worked properly after installation .. but is showing the error upon boot up.10:31
jukebox-zero_what's the pastebin addy?10:31
TurbolinuxI remember there is a graphical hardware information viewer. It's strange.10:31
io!pastebin | jukebox-zero_10:31
ubottujukebox-zero_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:31
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: The hard drive upon which  Ubuntu is installed is actually an SDHC card; I use my internal hard drive as a swap partition.10:31
Megavivas a solution to the problem: "# Flash also looks for /usr/lib/libesd.so.1"10:31
jukebox-zero_yershalmi hmm. i see.10:32
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: Could there be a hardware problem with the card? That's my biggest fear.10:32
YerushalmiSoftware problem would be less... problematic... because then I could just put the card in another computer copy everything I needed and reinstall ubuntu. I don't have anything irreplaceable.10:32
TurbolinuxIkonia: Isn't there any graphical hardware information viewer? I remember there was one software.10:33
MegavivCan anybody reply my issu, please?10:33
oCean_Megaviv: english only in this channel10:33
MegavivI know10:33
MegavivI just tried to test whether Yerushlami also lives in Israel10:33
oCean_onilmaurya: that error means the mysql server is not running. The startup must have failed10:33
ikoniaTurbolinux: there could be, I'm not aware of one of the top of my head10:33
YerushalmiMegaviv: Aha! I do, yes, but your text only came out as random vowels with chupchikim on top.10:34
YerushalmiI guess this computer doesn't support it in the chat. Which is very strange, I must say.10:34
guest_hi. i renamed a user and his encrypted home directory, but he can't decrypt it anymore. any idea on the reason? where are the keys for the encrypted home directories stored?10:34
rwwYerushalmi: Megaviv didn't encode it properly, so most people probably didn't see it10:34
MegavivOK, that makes sense. So, I'll repeat the issue know, in hope you have a fitting solution.10:34
envyGI'm trying to remember the name of Gnome Media Player -- Totem isn't what I'm looking for. Something minimal. I used it once. (I know there is VLC too). ;o10:35
YerushalmienvyG: mplayer?10:35
jukebox-zero_yerushalmi is this a pc or a notebook or a netbook or what?10:36
rwwenvyG: https://launchpad.net/gnome-media-player -> this one?10:36
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: Netbook.10:36
MegavivThat's what Flash claims: # Flash also looks for /usr/lib/libesd.so.1 and as I understood the solution is to run the command: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libesd.so.0 /usr/lib/libesd.so.1 How do I do that, then?10:36
envyGYerushalmi, rww: That's the link.10:36
aiboikonia, now with apparmor switched OFF connection to 22 port being refused.. (10:36
azoriushey I am a noob and it has been a while since I last used irc10:37
MegavivHey! rww, I remember you, you tried helping me a few weeks ago with Ubuntu installation!10:37
demonzenemybro.. how can i join to indonesia?10:37
jukebox-zero_yerushalmi, when you did the install do you remember what the grub install called it vaguely I mean?10:37
rwwenvyG: It looks like it's not in Ubuntu before 10.10, so you'll need to use the PPA link on that page10:37
ikoniaaibo: ok, so look at your ssh process and logs10:37
aiboikonia, it's working10:37
ikoniaaibo: you just said it wasn't10:37
jukebox-zero_yerushalmi like sdc1 or something similar?10:37
azoriusI registered to a chat but I can't write the /msg NickServ IDENTIFY comand corect10:37
rwwdemonzenemy: /join #ubuntu-id10:37
MegavivAny suggestion on how to run the aforementioned "sudo" sommand?10:37
rwwazorius: nickserv help in #freenode10:37
h00kedhi everyone, i need to install fsck 1.1 or higger, on my ubuntu server 10.04, its needed one tcl script in my eggdrop. I trying google for more than two hour, but i cant anything. Can anyone help me, how i can install and run it? thx10:37
aiboikonia, sshd working, but I can't connect to it through network10:37
demonzenemyrww: thx10:38
envyGrww: I'll be safe than sorry. Vlc it is. I think gmp is awesome and minimal -- but shame. SHAME! I tell you. :(10:38
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: Mmm. I'm trying to remember. I'm pretty certain sdb1.10:38
ikoniaaibo: then how do you know it's working ?10:38
ikoniaaibo: if you can't connec tto it......10:38
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: sda is likely my internal hd, I assigned the entire thing as swap, and sdb therefore is my external disk, which I assigned as an ext# of some kind.10:38
ikoniaaibo: ok, so look at the logs, to see if your connections are actually hitting the ssh damon10:38
jukebox-zero_okay, the instructions i'm gonna post are what I remember for harddisks but if your notebook supports booting from SDHC don't see why it wouldn't work.10:38
YerushalmiI'm fairly certain. If it did it sensibly and didn't skip a letter for no reason :p10:39
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: Awesome, thanks10:39
jukebox-zero_http://paste.ubuntu.com/469248/ in your case replace hdX,Y with what you remember.10:39
MegavivDoes anybody have any idea how to run a sudo command, it's for solving some flash player missing sound problem on Win 7 of a friend of mine.10:39
aiboikonia, which logs?10:40
rwwMegaviv: open the terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and put it in there?10:40
jukebox-zero_if anyone more advanced than me wants to take a look at that I'd appreciate it. Rusty on this one.10:40
ikoniaaibo: the sshd security logs and syslog10:40
YerushalmiWhat should go in setprefix and setroot?10:40
YerushalmiMy external hard disk?10:40
Yerushalmii.e. my boot drive?10:40
jukebox-zero_yerushalmi ls should pop up some choices for you. pick the one that looks familar10:41
YerushalmiThe choices were (hd0), (hd0,1), (hd1), and (hd1,1). No sd(a/b/c)10:42
linux_just for you10:42
jukebox-zero_hmm hd0,1 is probably your hard disk. so with it being an sdhc card I'm not sure. Do you have more than one partition on your harddisk?10:42
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: Nope.10:43
jukebox-zero_yerushalmi than I would try hd1,110:43
YerushalmiInterestingly, when typing "set" it gives me "prefix=(hd0,1)/boot/grub" and "root=hd0,1" regardless of what I had typed10:43
demonzenemybro.. i have vivotek ip camera ip7330 but i can not recording. How can i do that?10:44
YerushalmiIn any case, I've tried both (hd0,1) and (hd1,1) for both, and then the next step - ls /boot - gives me the error "unknown filesystem"10:44
azoriushow do I decrease the run lvl in ubuntu?10:45
blitzoi have a question about the appearance preferences in gnome: i am using an image from my camera.  it removes crops about 15% of the image around the outside.  no matter how small i make the image, it still crops, and then expands it to fill my screen.  anybody ever heard of this?10:45
blitzoazorius, ubuntu doesn't use run levels10:46
jukebox-zero_Yerushalmi, honestly I'm a little boggled. Never did like the grub recovery, and I've never attempted to boot from anything other than my primary HD. What I would suggest from here if it were me is to download and burn the super grub boot disk and pick the option that says find any grub.conf file even if mbr is overwritten. it won't fix the problem, but it will let you get to your data.10:46
=== zz_thyri0n is now known as thyri0n
azoriusthe problem is this: my graphic card is not supportet so I have to compile a driver from source code from nividias webpage...and according to their guid I need to decrease my runlvl to 3 or atleast quit X so no graphic drivers are "mountet"10:47
aiboikonia, nothing in syslog/auth.log10:48
azoriusblitzo I am a noob so I have no clue how to fix your image issue10:48
ikoniaaibo: that suggests something is blocking it, either firewall on box or something at a network level10:48
blitzoazorius, that said, i don't really understand what they replaced it with.  it's called upstart.  there's a man page and a website at http://upstart.ubuntu.com/10:48
azoriusok thanks!10:49
`john_I'm using lxpanel, and I can't seem to get it to recognize my exported PATH from .bashrc after I relogin. If I restart lxpanel, it will recognize my PATH. Somebody said I messed up my shell initialization somehow. What exactly is wrong?10:50
blitzoazorius, so you need to start in text mode so you can test the driver10:50
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blitzoazorius, that is the question you need to ask here and i10:50
azoriusyep I need to start in text mode I guess :)10:51
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: I decided to try booting up from my installation USB drive10:51
blitzoazorius, that is the question you need to ask and I'm afraid someone else will have to answer it10:51
mallchinhi guys, what package to install the cvs client only please? :)10:51
=== lit3l is now known as litel
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: When opening up BIOS to tell it to boot from that drive, I found out that for some reason it was set to boot from the internal hard disk10:51
=== gf is now known as gn
aiboikonia, apparmor deinstalled, iptables has no rules10:51
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: Which is bizarre because it wasn't set that way THIS MORNING10:51
=== gn is now known as simey00irc
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: I changed the setting to tell it to boot from the flash drive and voila, it works.10:51
ikoniaaibo: must be network level then10:52
Yerushalmi... I'm quite honestly flabbergasted at this point but, hey, if it works...10:52
blitzoazorius, ask "how to do i boot to text mode so X doesn't start"10:52
ikoniaaibo: not using tcpwrappers are you10:52
azoriushow to do i boot to text mode so X doesn't start?10:52
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: Thanks for all the help, though :) Now we both know how to solve this problem if it comes up again.10:52
Megavivback to rww: in response to your suggestions, I should state two facts: the first is that the problem I'm trying to solve is my friend's who has Win 7 and not any UNIX based OS. Secondly, I tried running this command myself in the cmd of my Win 7, but it didn't even recognize it... I'll retry it, this time differently, according to a new idea popping into my mind, but it doesn't sound promising.10:52
ProstheticSHey guys, this probably isnt the place for it, but i figure someone here would have experience, i've just fresh installed 10.04, its working great, im currently playing around with wine and some steam games. I got alien swarm working first shot, fantastic, im wrapped, however l4d2 , another source game, crashes as soon as i finish loading, so as im entering games, any quick tips anyone can think of that might help10:52
blitzoazorius, you may have to ask several times10:52
jukebox-zero_yerushalmi, heh glad it's fixed.10:53
llutzazorius: add "text" to the grub-cmdline at boottime10:53
=== simey00irc is now known as gj
aiboikonia, hah, when I am trying to connect to localhost using 'ssh localhost' it says openssh-client is not installed, but when i do 'apt-get install openssh-client' it says NEWEST VERSION10:53
blitzollutz tell him how to do that, he is a noob10:53
azorius(afk wife talking to me on phone)10:53
ryeAnybody got Acer laptop/netbook and has problems with wireless card i.e. downloaded files corruption - please ping me.10:54
yessir_turanIs there a Fedora'esque version of ubuntu, that will install everything automatically.. eg. svn and git etc..10:54
Yerushalmijukebox-zero_: That was really weird, I must say. I can't imagine what would cause that. Maybe I somehow accidentally pressed against the flash drive and ejected it just before I booted it up? And for some reason BIOS took that permanently? I'm really confused but just glad it's working. Thanks :)10:54
ikoniaaibo: do "sudo find / -name ssh -print10:54
yessir_turanOr some package that contains all as dummy dependencies..10:54
ProstheticSalso, if , when ubuntu loads, i log in instantly (as in , dont wait long at the login prompt) i get some error about waiting for power management it asks me to lock screen/cancel/log out, no matter which i choose, it basically locks up, i need to reboot at this point10:54
blitzoyessir_turan, what are svn and git10:54
mallchinblitzo: version control systems10:55
the_studentWhat should I write to for mini.iso Network Console with Norwegian language10:55
yessir_turanblitzo: Not just them, but everything.. like thunderbird, and all other stuff.10:55
yessir_turanit seems that fedora has it ALL.10:55
YerushalmiHave a good rest-of-day-or-night, folks.10:55
the_studentCan anyone help me patch isolinux.cfg for Network Console10:56
aiboikonia, no ssh binaries found, how can it be?10:56
ikoniaaibo: uninstall the package, and re-install it10:57
ikoniaaibo: sounds like you've messed up your box10:57
coventryI have a Lenovo T61 running Ubuntu 10.04.  The cursor is no longer responding to activity on the touchpad.  However, touchpad activity results in output from /dev/psaux.  gpointing-device-settings shows that the touchpad is on, and using that application to turn it off and then back on does not fix the problem.  Rebooting has not fixed the problem.  Is there anything else I should try?10:57
aiboikonia, possibly apparmor did it10:57
blitzoyessir_turan, most of that stuff automatically loads.  fedora lets you select which groups of packages you might want, ubuntu just gives yoyu a bunch of stuff and then you have to d/l what extra you want later10:57
ikoniaaibo: appamor doesn't delete binaries10:57
aiboikonia, me too10:57
envyGOkay -- A simple question. How can I get nm-applet notification? Clean non-Desktop installation and I'm stumbled at this moment. I could sworn it worked fine on other machines.10:58
blitzoyessir_turan, but if you know the pkg names you can put them all on one command line10:58
=== petur is now known as Guest62086
blitzoyessir_turan, and yes it is a hassle10:58
Guest62086hi! i want to find all the links in my tree structure, how do i write that commnad?10:58
ProstheticSGuys i have an issue, when ubuntu loads, if i log in instantly (as in , dont wait long at the login prompt) i get some error about waiting for power management it asks me to lock screen/cancel/log out, no matter which i choose, it basically locks up, i need to reboot at this point10:59
Kartagishi. I will have to transfer my hdd to another model of the same brand laptop. what are the odds my ubuntu installation doesn't work on that?10:59
blitzoGuest62086, i think there is an option to find, see the man page10:59
froschiGuest62086: find -type l10:59
oCean_yessir_turan: there are some metapackages in ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MetaPackages, I don't know if there is any containing the packages you require10:59
coventryOh, also, regarding the touchpad issue, the buttons associated with the touchpad don't work now, either.10:59
well_laid_lawnKartagis: with a bit of fine tuning it will be fine I'm sure11:00
Guest62086froschi, THANKS! :)11:00
Kartagiswell_laid_lawn fine tuning how?11:00
ryeKartagis, if that has different video board then it will may require some minor reconfiguration, i did AMD/Ati to Intel/nVidia transition by swapping the drives and had no issues, since all drivers are already installed11:01
Kartagisrye what about the ethernet card?11:01
ryeKartagis, possible items: video card, network assignment (but with network-manager nobody cares today)11:01
devkhadkamy memory limit in php.ini is 110MB but i get PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 21909 bytes) in /usr/share/php/data/propel_generator/lib/build/om/PHP5PeerBuilder.php on line 2084 when i try to run propel-gen om11:01
devkhadkawhat can be wrong with my configuration11:02
well_laid_lawnKartagis: what rye said :]11:02
Kartagisrye well_laid_lawn thanks11:02
ryeKartagis, network-manager will handle that for you11:02
Kartagisrye you mean the driver and all?11:02
the_studentCan anyone help me patch isolinux.cfg for Network Console11:03
demonzenemy#jakarta DALNet11:03
ikoniademonzenemy: pease don't11:03
aiboikonia, now seems to be working ( i did nothing, don't know wtf, just started to work), BUT, when I am trying to do 'ssh localhost' from local machine it says 'You don't exist, go away!' watta hell is going on?11:04
blitzodevkhadka, join ##php11:04
ikoniaaibo: if you have an ssh client on a differnt machine that's different than you not having it on your localhost11:04
gazzzmolywas wondering if anyone could help plz11:04
its-me-againhi i cant convert to mp3 files with winff (ffmpeg) this error shows http://imagebin.ca/view/xhWQHW.html11:04
oCean_gazzzmoly: better just start with your question?11:05
Misteriogazzzmoly: Sure. Ask question and we'll try to do11:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:05
demonzenemyikonia : im sorry.. i mistake typing11:05
rwwubottu: mintsupport | its-me-again11:05
ubottuits-me-again: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:05
gazzzmolyi am a complete noob at linux    i have installed ubuntu   basicaly to get xbmc and firefox to trun on my revo11:05
ryeKartagis, in ubuntu all drivers are already installed (that's why some complains why they get intel drivers updated when they have ati-based video cards) and so all devices will be autodetected provided they are supported. You can try livecd on that machine to see whether there is anything pretending to be not-working11:05
blitzogazzzmoly, what is your question?11:06
gazzzmolyxbmc runs like a dog    i think i need new nvidia drivers   and i have no sound11:06
gazzzmolycould somebody talk me through what to do11:06
its-me-againrww: i know that but this application is a ubuntu one so i can ask help its the same issue.11:06
Misteriogazzzmoly: Did you install private drivers?11:06
ikoniaits-me-again: no mint support here11:07
blitzogazzzmoly, what is xbmc11:07
Lcawtehm.. I'm still having issues with the DVD :|11:07
gazzzmolyxbox media centre11:07
rwwits-me-again: No, you can't. Use your distribution's support channel, please.11:07
=== gaveen_ is now known as gaveen
gazzzmolyi installed the drivers that are propiatory11:07
blitzogazzzmoly, is that a linux application?11:07
its-me-againrww: ok just for you. they sent me here to ask for help as you may have come accross a solution for me11:08
its-me-againshesh man.11:08
ikoniaits-me-again: no they didn't, I'm in that channel and you never joined11:08
mreichelthi there11:08
its-me-againi find the same fixex work on both my ubuntu adn mint os that i use11:08
mreicheltdoes anybody have problems with the iwlagn kernel module? It seems to lag extremely on my side :-/11:09
its-me-againikepanhc: can you see minty9 there11:09
ikoniaits-me-again: stop asking, mint is not supported here. End of discussion11:09
its-me-againikonia: can you see minty9 there11:09
Guest62295Hey all. Has anyone got an acer aspire one? Running Ubuntu 10.04, and has the ENE card reader working?11:09
aiboikonia, i am logged in locally with user root and 'ssh' says 'you don't exist!' wt?11:10
aiboikonia, AND FUCKING SAME 'connection refused' after reboot!!!!!1 wtf???11:11
rwwaibo: Watch your language, please.11:11
LcawteI'm still getting permission errors when trying to play DVD's.. with VLC and Movie Player11:11
begincan you tell me the command to see the memory running in the terminal window11:11
gryllidaoo - do these two symbols look different for you? I seem to be having font problem11:11
rwwbegin: "free -m", it's in megabytes, look on the -/+ buffers/cache: line.11:11
rwwbegin: (top line includes buffers and cache, and their space is yielded to applications if needed, so it doesn't really count as used)11:12
=== Lanta is now known as Lantizia
beginhow about the watch command11:12
papulhi. i am facing a strange problem. on my laptop after booting mousepad and keyboard dont work. i have to close lid and suspend and then i get the keyboard to work. external mouse works too11:13
rwwbegin: "watch free -m" would work, yes11:13
Lcawtedustin: hm?11:13
blitzobegin, ask a complete question11:14
ikoniaaibo: drop the language11:14
ikoniaaibo: what part of "re-install ssh package" have I not made clear to  you, you have removed the binary11:14
Lcawte[11:11] <Lcawte> I'm still getting permission errors when trying to play DVD's.. with VLC and Movie Player < Any idea how to fix this?#11:14
rwwAnyone have any recommendations for a clipboard manager for GNOME? I lose the contents of the clipboard when I close the originating application, and it's annoying me.11:14
BlackDexHello there, i have a problem with installing the new kernel for lucid (2.6.32-24).11:15
rwwand for anyone queuing up !best, I already asked BestBot, she doesn't know ;P11:15
beginActually my problem is that im running a simulation,the memory touches 0 in the middle of the simulation itself.Is there any way to increase the memory11:15
BlackDexIt produces errors, here is the apt output: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/LLw3gQ2P11:15
ProstheticSGuys i have an issue, when ubuntu loads, if i log in instantly (as in , dont wait long at the login prompt) i get some error about waiting for power management it asks me to lock screen/cancel/log out, no matter which i choose, it basically locks up, i need to reboot at this point11:15
gryllidaBlackDex, hi, desribe the problem fully in one line please.11:15
BlackDexCan someone help me with this???11:15
aiboikonia, i reinstalled it, it exists, 'you dont' exist' means user from which i do 'ssh' doesn't exist in syste11:15
VaughnI have acer aspire one 532h. Want to run Ubuntu 10.04 but cannot get the ENE card reader to work. Anybody here have the same machine, and able to get it working?11:15
ikoniaaibo: check the permissions on it11:15
LjLrww: my bot is male ;(11:16
rwwLjL: all of them, or just the one?11:16
ikoniaaibo: please pastebint he exact message11:16
rwwbegin: Are you running out of swap space too?11:16
BlackDexgryllida: Well, during the update i got the following error: "dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of linux-image-generic:11:16
BlackDex linux-image-generic depends on linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic; however:11:16
BlackDex  Package linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic is not configured yet."11:16
aiboikonia, You don't exist. Go away!11:16
aiboikonia, i just can11:16
ikoniaaibo: drop the attitude. If you want help, please post the a pastebin of the exact error message11:17
aiboikonia, sorry, i just can't understand it sometimes starts working, sometimes not, I just do nothing...wtf happening with system?11:17
ikoniaaibo: stop using "wtf" please11:17
rwwikonia: that's an actual error message11:17
rwwikonia: I am not joking.11:17
ikoniaooh I see11:17
LjLrww: you can vote for my bots' gender in bestbot ;(11:17
Lcawte_ugh, I hate webchat11:18
rwwLjL: < BestBot> Maybe rww, but I don't see ambiguous in the repositories.11:18
Lcawte_[11:11] <Lcawte> I'm still getting permission errors when trying to play DVD's.. with VLC and Movie Player < Sorry if I missed an answer to that11:18
coventryaibo: That generally means that your identity is not in the passwd file.11:18
ikoniaaibo: on the box that's being a problem, can you do an "id root" please11:18
dustinhey that means you need codeas11:19
aibocoventry, thank, i knew it11:19
beginno i mean memory11:19
oCean_BlackDex: from you previous pastebin post, I'd say your actual problem is here: etc/kernel/postinst.d/nvidia-common exited with return code 1011:19
aiboikonia, uid, gid, groups = 0 (root)11:19
ikoniaaibo: what username are you trying to connect with (sorry, I thought it was root)11:19
aiboikonia, root11:19
VaughnI have acer aspire one 532h. Want to run Ubuntu 10.04 but cannot get the ENE card reader to work. Anybody here have the same machine, and able to get it working?11:20
BlackDexoCean_: Hmm.. i will look in to that11:20
Lcawte_dustin: yeah?11:20
BlackDexdidn't see that11:20
Lcawte_Memo me if I drop out again11:20
ikoniaaibo: is the target box an ubuntu box ?11:20
dustinhey that means you need codeas11:20
aiboikonia, ubuntu server 10.0411:20
ikoniaaibo: have you unlocked the root account ?11:20
Lcawte_dustin: so.. what do I install?11:21
aiboikonia, i am working on this server about a year (with ubuntu updates, sure), and like 1-2 month ago upgraded to 10.04 and had no problem with it until today11:21
ikoniaaibo: but is the root account unlocked11:22
aiboikonia, sure11:22
ejvVaughn: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-disk-utility/+bug/530277 <--familiar? :)11:22
dustincan we whiper? please i can read well if yalls keep typing , Lcawt is that ok ?11:22
Lcawte_dustin: hm?11:22
oCean_BlackDex: seems to be workaround here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-common/+bug/303795 (post #8) Can't tell if it actually works, don't have nvidia11:22
ProstheticSAnyone able to help me out?11:23
ProstheticSGuys i have an issue, when ubuntu loads, if i log in instantly (as in , dont wait long at the login prompt) i get some error about waiting for power management it asks me to lock screen/cancel/log out, no matter which i choose, it basically locks up, i need to reboot at this point11:23
BlackDexoCean_: Thx.. i will look in to that :)11:23
BlackDexwill let you know if it worked11:23
Lcawte_dustin: pm me if you think its easier11:23
Misterio!pm | Lcawte_11:23
ubottuLcawte_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:23
Lcawte_Misterio: I've asked in channel, but I think dustin has a problem with keeping up (being such an active channel)11:24
ejvsurvival of the fittest here ;)11:24
blinki can read arabic font but cant write it11:25
mreicheltdoes anyone know if it is possible to install a new version of the "iwlagn" kernel module if the current module is lagging?11:25
blinkwhat to do?11:25
dustinhttp://medibuntu.org/ good to find, hard to get stuff  dvd,google earth are a few,without configuring11:25
mreicheltdo I have to install a new kernel for this?11:26
dustinyes i am a slow typer but keyboard is going out,much miss spelling11:26
erryIs it possible to make totem play slower?11:26
froschierry: remove some ram11:27
froschi(and give it to me, i have the opposite problem :)11:27
gazzzmolyhow do i install nvidea drivers on ubuntu   nvidea 25611:27
gazzzmolynvidia 256 drivers11:27
aguitelgazzzmoly, go to system --administration--hardware drivres11:28
the_studenterry: As in running at .5 speed11:28
rwwAnyone have any recommendations for a clipboard manager for GNOME? I lose the contents of the clipboard when I close the application it came from, and it's annoying me.11:28
putrefactoi have a problem with ubuntu. i tried to copy internet to a cd, but don't work, no more free space. help please, i am without internet11:28
erryi want slower than .5, i want to seem how an animation happens in this video11:29
gazzzmolyhow can i tell which drivers i have installed11:29
the_studenterry: Frame by frame?11:29
papulmy laptop keyboard and mousepad isnt working. the first time it worked but the niw it isnt. i have to close the lid and suspend and then i get the keyboard to work. mousepad still doesnt work. what might be the problem?11:29
errythe_student, yeah11:29
putrefactoshould i use dvd insteaf of cd to copy internet to it?11:29
erryvlc seems to be able to go slowe11:29
aguitelgazzzmoly, you enable drivers ?11:29
dreamxHi everyone!11:30
llutz!ot >putrefacto11:30
ubottuputrefacto, please see my private message11:30
the_studenterry: I think maybe VLC11:30
rwwputrefacto: You can't copy the Internet to a CD. I suspect you know this.11:30
gazzzmolypropietary drivers11:30
aguitelgazzzmoly, restart de pc11:30
putrefactollutz: i am using ubuntu, it's not ot. it's a serius problem11:30
llutzdon't feed the troll please11:30
erryok vlc did it11:30
erryi got 0.2511:30
errythat's just fine11:30
FloodBot1erry: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:30
dreamxhey, I'm having some troubles logging in gnome, anyone here that might help?11:30
rwwFloodBot1: too late ;)11:30
gazzzmolydo these drivers support vdpau?11:31
putrefactollutz: my cousin tried copying internet to blu-ray and worked fine. but with a cd is a problem11:31
putrefactomaybe a dvd to basic; google, windows' main page, msn...11:31
gazzzmolyaguitel: i did this approach yesterday    but i cannot get hardware accel to work11:31
aguitelgazzzmoly, i dont know11:32
gazzzmolyaguittel: which version of the drivers will this install11:32
putrefactocp http://* /media/disk/internet     -    ERROR: No enought space to copy all the internet11:32
llutzputrefacto: take your <°))))>< and troll away11:32
aguitelgazzzmoly, this drivers is about you speccific video card11:33
gazzzmolyis there a way of putting over on newer versions11:33
anonimI got a question I'm a BackTrack4 user and i created my other admin system user and when i enter theres always limitations an if i want ot break them i need to enter the root password and i always enter the password but it says that it is wrong i log out log into root with the same password and it works11:33
gazzzmolyi have an ion nvidea11:33
gazzzmolynvidia lol11:33
putrefactoanybody copied all the internet to a cd (700mb) without problems?????11:33
froschiputrefacto: no, it's your cousin's fault. he seems to have uploaded it for backup purposes to google space or what's its name. now obviously you even need *2* blue rays11:33
gazzzmolyalso i have no sound11:34
oCean_putrefacto: please stop11:34
putrefactoforkup: Oh, I'll try11:34
dreamxOk, I wasn't very specific... I can't log in to gnome with my usual username/password, but I CAN log in through ssh with the same username/password combination... I've already tried some of the solutions found on the forum, but those doesn't seem to help11:34
aguitelgazzzmoly, this is the "ubuntu way" ,another way is to find in nvidia.com11:34
gazzzmolyi want these    nvidia vdpau team ppa11:35
gazzzmolydont know how to install tham11:35
ryedreamx, are you being logged out after you try to log in via gdm?11:36
ProstheticSGuys i have an issue, when ubuntu loads, if i log in instantly (as in , dont wait long at the login prompt) i get some error about waiting for power management it asks me to lock screen/cancel/log out, no matter which i choose, it basically locks up, i need to reboot at this point11:36
aguitelgazzzmoly, add to your sorces.list ,update and install in the system ,but first make backup of xorg.conf11:36
ProstheticShas anyone had this issue (Sorry for multi line)11:36
dreamxrye, yes, after I enter my password, the screen goes blank and than I'm back to gdm11:36
rwwProstheticS: the actual error message would help, if you can get it11:36
airtonixgazzzmoly, you really need to read the page.11:37
gazzzmolyit assumes you know linux which i dont11:37
ryedreamx, are you able to log in to ssh and pastebin your ~/.xsession-errors log file - something appears to crash the session11:37
airtonixgazzzmoly, it assumes you can read english.11:37
aguitelgazzzmoly, cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup11:38
airtonixaguitel, stop giving bad advice please11:38
dreamxrye, I'm rebooting the machine, I'll paste .xsession-errors asap11:39
airtonixgazzzmoly, read the section on that page you linked very carefully ... read the section titled "Adding this PPA to your system"11:39
ryedreamx, basically you will need last 10-20 lines11:39
blinkis it possible to disable spell check for specific languages?11:39
mick_Folks, I'm looking for a hand with a VirtualBox problem. Am I in the right place or can anyone point me to the right channel11:39
gryllidamick_, not before seeing the aactul question11:40
airtonixgazzzmoly, are you using a netbook (a hp mini 311 by chance ) ?11:40
dreamxrye, I can't believe it... somehow .profile was corrupted and made everything go nuts11:40
gazzzmolyno a revo11:40
gazzzmolya nettop11:40
dreamxrye, thanks for your help anyway :)11:40
ryedreamx, so you removed .profile and logged in successfully, right?11:40
airtonixgazzzmoly, are you reading that section ?11:41
dreamxrye, yep11:41
mick_gryllida, OK, I've got a Virtual disk of 60Gb however the Actual size is 6.99Gb. I keep getting a warning that I'm running out of disk space even though the dynamically expanding storage should have the possibility of storing another 53Gb11:41
airtonixgazzzmoly, click that link "Read About Installing"11:41
gryllidamick_, what VM is that?11:41
ryedreamx, okay, that's nice to know there is one more place to look for issues. apart from ~/.config, .gconf... etc.. and, you are welcome :)11:42
TheEskimoI'd guess windows xp on VB11:42
mick_It's a Ubuntu Host with a Windows VM11:42
gryllidamick_, is the vm named "windows vm"?11:42
mick_gryllida, It's named Windows XP VM11:43
saphey all. I have a question for ldap, but since #ldap is pretty dead perhabs somehow here can help me out. I got a ldap server running on my 10.04 server. when trying to add a file.ldif I have authentication problems..possibly due to not knowing which password is the right one for what etc. when I use "ldapadd -x -D "cn=admin,dc=ubuntusrv,dc=local" -f file.ldif -W" I always geht insufficient acces (50) or invalid credentials (49)11:43
TheEskimomick_: Does windows see 7 gigs or 60 gigs through mycomputer?11:43
dreamxrye, yes it's nice to know... anyway I think my system has some other problems too, since one of the things I tried was creating a new user (with no .profile of course) and it was giving me problems too11:43
iomick_: They're asking for the virtual machine application, not the actual virtual machine.11:43
ryedreamx, what type of issues?11:43
TheEskimoio: He answered. It is virtual box11:43
mick_TheEskimo, it only sees 7Gb when it's running however VBox reports a virtual disk of 60Gb11:43
gryllidamick_: "Windows Virtual PC"?11:44
karloanybody know program that tell you processor temperature ?11:44
gryllidamick_: "Microsoft Java Virtual Machine"?11:44
llutzkarlo: sensors11:44
rww!lmsensors | karlo11:44
ubottukarlo: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.11:44
airtonixkarlo, sensors applet for the gnome panel11:44
dreamxrye, seemed like permissions weren't set right (I could log in via gdm but some errors like "Cannot update ICEauthority" or "There is a problem with the configuration server")11:44
gazzzmolyairtonix   i get a gpg error11:44
ioTheEskimo: He never said VB?11:44
TheEskimomick_: Is it possible you did not partition it correctly when you installed xp? Maybe it is not all partitioned to ntfs and the remainder is only free space. Can you open windows disk manager and check? (right click my computer, manage)11:44
mick_gryllida, Sorry, I misunderstood your question. I'm using Oracle VirtualBox v3.2.6 r6311211:44
TheEskimoio: Yes he did. Look up11:44
airtonixgazzzmoly, not your fault. gpg server proly overloaded or down at the moment11:45
gazzzmolynow what do i do11:45
mick_TheEskimo, Yeah I was wthinking that. I'm going to run GParted on it now to see if I can resize11:45
ryedreamx, so is there anything left to fix?11:45
airtonixgazzzmoly, well you can continue and install anyway, or wait for gpg key so you can be sure the software you are downloading hasn't changed since it was uploaded to the server11:45
gazzzmolygot the key now what11:45
TheEskimomick_: The correct way to check would be through windows disk manager first. I don't think gparted supports working on whatever format the vbs dynamic images are in11:45
dreamxrye, not at the moment, thanks again for your time11:46
airtonixgazzzmoly, keep rading that page11:46
gryllidamick_: /join #virtualbox11:46
gazzzmolywhats launchpad11:46
airtonixgazzzmoly, that link you clicked on that page should have presented you with a pop up box of information (step by step on how to add a ppa repo and install from it)11:46
gryllidamick_: ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VirtualBox , virtualbox.org )11:46
airtonix!launchpad | gazzzmoly11:47
ubottugazzzmoly: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/11:47
mick_TheEskimo, Gparted is seeing a ntfs drive of 60Gb in size ...11:47
TheEskimomick_: I think you should, as others suggested, /join #virtualbox11:47
gryllidamick_: same as #vbox11:47
mick_gryllida, thanks, I'll check out that channel11:48
TheEskimobest of luck11:48
gazzzmolyhow do i get pipe11:49
otswimhi, how do i share a folder for windows?11:49
airtonixotswim, right click it, select sharing options11:49
airtonixgazzzmoly, why do you need pipe ?11:50
otswimi'm on KDE and 'configure sharing' does nothing :(11:50
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gazzzmolywas that not a command you sent me?11:50
anubishi !11:50
airtonixotswim, we assume you are using ubuntu 10.04 here, join #kubuntu for kde ubuntu help11:51
karlodo I need any anti-virus ? (I think not, but I wanna be sure)11:51
anubiscan anyone tell me if vsftpd support virtual users quota ?:11:51
ManDayI'm looking for a lightweight NCURSES bases audiplayer which supports all current formats, is popular, supports streaming11:51
airtonixgazzzmoly, no.11:51
otswimok, thanks11:51
TheEskimokarlo: In general you only need antivirus if you share lots of files with windows computers for the windows computer's protection. You can use clamav for that11:51
gazzzmolyairtronix i added the repo   now how do install11:52
TheEskimokarlo: But unlesss you are sharing files often, no, you do not need any av11:52
airtonixgazzzmoly, did you run : sudo apt-get update11:52
karlo<TheEskimo> ty11:52
siddhionnot sure what i should do. trying to get transmission to recognize port 51413. should i do this via firewall or router?11:52
gazzzmolyfailed to fetch11:53
TheEskimosiddhion: You need to forward the port on your router11:53
TheEskimosiddhion: See http://portforward.com11:53
DRMacIverI'm having some DNS configuration issues. My DNS servers are being set to the right ones for the network, and dig, nslookup, host, etc. all seem to be using them, but names assigned by the local DNS server are not resolving in other commands: ssh, ping, web browsers, etc. The root issue seems to be that gethostbyname is returning the wrong answer, but I can't figure out why.11:53
gazzzmolyairtronix: yes  i get an error11:53
airtonixgazzzmoly, are you using lucid (because that repo doesn't actually have any packages for lucid)11:53
gazzzmolyairtronix    is that the new version11:53
gazzzmolyairtronix: i think i maybe using lucid11:54
siddhionTheEskimo, ok I am in my router settings. Portforward does not have a guide for my router BTW.11:54
BlackDexoCean_: Thx for that post... It worked like a charm :).11:54
meowbuntuffmpeg does not recognised libmp3lame encoder11:54
siddhioni have added 51413 to the start and end port range11:55
TheEskimosiddhion: Good. Did that resolve the problem?11:55
tuntunI need some help here. 10.04 won't shut down. Its just going to a login screen. I can log back in, but when I select restart or shutdown it just goes to the login screen.11:55
airtonixgazzzmoly, you need to be sure about what version of ubuntu you are using11:55
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blinkanyone here uses Empathy? when I add a new contact to my msn list, the list won't update11:56
gazzzmolyi downloaded last night11:56
siddhionTheEskimo,  actually no. strange11:56
gazzzmolyfrom ubuntu11:56
airtonixgazzzmoly, system > about ubuntu11:56
TheEskimosiddhion: you didn't describe the problem in much detail in the first place. Can you do that now? (also, to verify the port is forwarded correctly you can go to any of a number of sites to test)11:57
tuntunI need some help here. 10.04 won't shut down.11:57
airtonixtuntun, shutdown from the login screen11:57
siddhionTheEskimo, in my router settings under Current Port Forwarding Table under Local IP address I have put the address I get from running 'ifconfig'11:58
tuntunairtonix, tried to, it doesn't do anything.11:58
TheEskimosiddhion: To check if that port is open you can use http://www.canyouseeme.org/11:58
anubisquestion: can i set a disk quota for a particular folder ? for example, i have xxx directory and i want that particular directory to permit 30 MB of data11:58
airtonixtuntun, press ctrl alt delete a few times, wait for it to reboot and then try again11:58
siddhionTheEskimo, i use the 7 digit address next to 'inet addr:'11:58
RudemeisterHi, I'm trying to get lucid on my dell poweredge sc420, it does, however, not boot from the cd??? are there any particulair prereqs for such a dell box to install?11:59
=== zz_severity1 is now known as severity1
TheEskimosiddhion: It should have been in the format of 192.*.*.* or 10.*.*.* I believe.11:59
siddhionTheEskimo, on canyouseeme.org it says my IP address is somethign different then what I get when I do 'ifconfig' in terminal12:00
tuntunairtonix, still not doing anything.12:00
gazzzmolyairtronix:   that just pops up a browser window12:00
TheEskimosiddhion: The difference is your local ip vs your actual ip. Please disregard that. The router wanted your local ip, not that one.12:00
siddhionTheEskimo, also, it says that it can not see my service on my IP address on port 5141312:00
TheEskimosiddhion: In that case the port was not properly forwarded. Can you tell me what model your router is?12:01
gazzzmolyairtronix: sorry     small writeing  big screen lol    i am using 10.412:01
gazzzmolyairtronix: lucid12:01
siddhionTheEskimo, ok then it should be correct because the IP address I gave my router starts with a 19212:01
gazzzmolyairtronix: i added that ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates repo12:02
airtonixgazzzmoly, ok so if you look at that launchpad screen you had open previously and press ctrl + f then type lucid.12:02
siddhionTheEskimo, my router model is a Techniclan WAR-54G  http://www.techniclan.com/WAR-54G_WLAN_broadband_802.11g_AP_Router_QoS,p,88.html12:02
airtonixgazzzmoly, you'll notice that it mentions to read another page.12:02
gazzzmolyairtronix i am using terminal12:02
tuntunHas anyone had 10.04 refuse to shut down?12:02
gazzzmolyairtronix:you ean webpage12:02
airtonixgazzzmoly, yes i mean a webpage.12:03
airtonixgazzzmoly, https://launchpad.net/~nvidia-vdpau/+archive/ppa12:03
airtonixgazzzmoly, read the page12:03
gazzzmolyairtronix:  lol   sorry im a newb     ok  i am there12:03
SaryHello Ubuntu ;)12:03
TheEskimosiddhion: I'm afraid I can't provide more help. I hope someone else can help you.12:04
mick_siddhion, have you tried to go to www.ping.eu and test if the port is open on your router?12:04
gazzzmolyairtronix: you mean click the link for lucid ?12:04
siddhionTheEskimo, ok thanks12:04
inertialjoin cedega12:04
airtonixgazzzmoly, it has a link there yes...12:04
mick_siddhion, basically there's a few steps to routing traffic within your LAN12:04
TheEskimomick_: he already tested that using canyouseeme.org and it was not open.12:04
akin_what is the name of the password wallet program?12:04
gazzzmolyairtronix:    i did that and updated the repo and i typed sudo apt-get update12:04
inertialdoes anyone use cedega? it says it supports X-Com Apocalypse.. I want to try it12:04
xenomorph_hello I need help with kubuntu ... where can I get a C compiler?12:05
airtonixgazzzmoly, no.12:05
siddhionmick_, ok. i am all ears. I am at ping.eu too12:05
akin_I'm trying to add msn account to empathy, but it requires some wallet account pw12:05
airtonixgazzzmoly, stop and read that page : https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates12:05
mick_TheEskimo, sorry, didn't see that!12:05
akin_I mean keyring12:06
gazzzmolyairtronix: i followed that page and added th ppa:ubuntu-x12:06
siddhionmick_, jsut tested my port with Port Check and it comes back closed12:06
mick_siddhion, OK, first of all you need to make sure that your local machine has the port open. I usually use a tool called nmap. You can do nmap that will tell you all the ports open on your local machine12:06
xenomorph_ho bisogno di aiuto12:06
xenomorph_I need help12:07
tuntunI need some help here. 10.04 won't shut down.12:07
mick_siddhion, if you don't have nmap then you can install it by running sudo apt-get install nmap12:07
SaryGuys , in Empathy .. the Arabic language is up side down .. any idea why is that !12:07
mick_siddhion, can you post the results of the nmap scan12:07
siddhionmick_, thanks. installed it and ran command. my results are:12:08
siddhionmick_, Starting Nmap 5.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2010-07-26 13:08 CEST12:08
siddhionInteresting ports on localhost (
siddhionNot shown: 999 closed ports12:08
siddhionPORT    STATE SERVICE12:08
siddhion631/tcp open  ipp12:08
FloodBot1siddhion: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:08
airtonixgazzzmoly, then you need to first remove the other ppa you added (run  sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nvidia-vdpau-ppa-lucid.list )12:08
siddhionsorry for the flood people.12:08
mick_siddhion, install pastebin and paste your results there .... sudo apt-get install pastebinit12:09
mick_siddhion, then you can post the results by going nmap | pastebinit12:09
b4z4nthello how to use kismet?/12:09
gazzzmolyairtronix: done12:09
siddhionmick_,  thank you! here it is in pastebinit format http://pastebin.com/3FTiGF4U12:10
llutzb4z4nt: http://www.kismetwireless.net/documentation.shtml12:10
mick_siddhion, OK, the port isn't open on your local machine12:10
airtonixgazzzmoly, then you need to run : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers12:10
TheEskimosiddhion: You need to specify the port range. You did not actually scan it. notice it only checked 1000 when it is in the 50000s, See too mick_12:11
naxili have a problem on boot12:11
mick_TheEskimo, didn't spot that ... cheers12:11
phahi - I am having problems changing the ulimit on my system - everytime I change it in: limits.conf12:11
airtonixnaxil, be specific, keep it on one line.12:11
naxilis all ok in fstab12:11
siddhionmick_, right. TheEskimo but i put in the START and END port numbers as 51413 in my router port forwarding setting12:11
phaand common-session ... when I unlimit -n12:12
phaalways comes back with 1024 - anyone any idea how I sort this?12:12
gazzzmolyairtronix: i get errors12:12
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:12
phaany help would be greatly appreciated.12:12
TheEskimosiddhion: Yes. That is correct. That is what I am saying. nmap did not scan that port.12:12
naxilmy sistem go on initramfs and !alert dev/uu-id does not exist12:12
mick_siddhion, try nmap -p (port number)
Rudemeisterhi, anyone on: http://pastebin.com/W2GNzuVC12:12
naxilafter 5 min ubuntu start12:12
mick_siddhion, nmap -p 51413 | pastebinit12:13
airtonixgazzzmoly, run : sudo apt-get update12:13
siddhionmick_, thanks. http://pastebin.com/yY4Dahbs12:13
mick_siddhion, OK, that's fine at least we know that your local box is listening on that port. The next step is to configure your router to point all incoming traffic on that post to your local machine.12:14
TheEskimosiddhion: This result shows that it is quite likely that the port is not properly forwarded. Cna you screenshot the router configuration page where you made the change before?12:15
Aogohallo ppl i need small help12:15
blitzototally ot question - joined a channel and whenever i type it says "cannot send to channel" what am i doing wrong?12:15
mick_siddhion, in the terminal do an ifconfig to find the IP address of your PC on the LAN12:15
Aogoi did install the ubuntu unity and i removed12:15
mick_siddhion, as TheEskimo rightly said, it sounds as though the port is not being forwarded properly from your router to your local box12:16
LateBoyWhat's the easiest way to browse the web using Tor on Ubuntu? Is there perhaps a separate web browser I can install that by default is configured to use Tor? Or a package that installs and configures everything needed automatically? (I only need to for web browsing, not chatting, e-mails etc.)12:16
tuntunI need some help here. 10.04 won't shut down. Its just going to a login screen. I can log back in, but when I select restart or shutdown it just goes to the login screen.12:16
Aogobut the clock still not removed and now i got    2 clock interface12:16
sandraraquelnão tou entendendo  nadan  aqui12:16
westernBlitzo, ask on #freenode12:16
Aogohow do i remove the indicator-datetime clock12:16
Aogoany one12:16
sandraraqueloiiiiiiiiiii fala português12:17
siddhionmick_,  TheEskimo  ok trying to get that screenshot to you12:17
dustinhey vlc player is giving jiddery audio,after installing libdvdcss212:18
mick_siddhion, you don't have a firewall installed on your machine do you?12:18
TheEskimomick_: since the port is shown as open locally that no longer is of any issue even if he does12:18
tuntun10.04 refused to shut down. Logged back in and then used 'reboot' from the command line, finally rebooted it, and when it restarted I could shut down normally.12:18
dustinyou need a firewall for ubuntu???12:19
TheEskimodustin: no12:19
mick_TheEskimo, it actually does make a difference, the port could be open but the firewall will block access to it from the outside12:19
siddhionmick_, i do but disablled it because i have NAT router12:19
mick_siddhion, OK, once you're sure that it's fully disabled12:20
papul_hi. my laptop keyboard and touchpad werent working. i found the solution. it was to add i8042.reset in the kernel line of grub.cfg but the problem is that the grub.cfg file get over written on kernel updates. is there any long term solution?12:20
ejvLateBoy: firefox has a tor plugin, do some googling12:20
dustini mean like i got ppl the watch porn  like my bother when im not home, does it help to have it any ways?12:20
ejvLateBoy: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2275/12:20
ejvdustin: let's keep it family friendly in here, thanks.12:21
TheEskimodustin:It only helps if you are hosting web related services.12:21
TheEskimodustin: In general, your router already prevents access to any ports on your computer. Even if that is not the case, the port will not be accessable unless you run a program to specifically open it up. I would not worry.12:22
dustinsorry if i offened but i really need him to  stop, cuz it seems to slow my system down,12:22
caris_mereHow can I increase the number  of loop devices?12:23
siddhionmick_, TheEskimo here is the screen shot of my router port forwarding settings http://picasaweb.google.com/104531327405618516468/PortForwarding#549817378880906361812:23
mick_dustin, if you have access to the router admin page then you could sign up for an OpenDNS account and add those DNS settings into your router bloacking access to any offensive sites12:23
dustinor i must kick him off and i dont want to tell my mom about it or else12:23
TheEskimodustin: If you lock your computer and have a good password that should be enough to keep him from it.12:24
mick_siddhion, can you give me a screenshot of the firewall settings of your router12:24
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siddhionmick_, ok one moment12:24
caris_merepapul_ ask your question12:25
dustinhe "had" his own account12:25
papul_caris_mere, hi. my laptop keyboard and touchpad werent working. i found the solution. it was to add i8042.reset in the kernel line of grub.cfg but the problem is that the grub.cfg file get over written on kernel updates. is there any long term solution?12:25
papul_caris_mere, i have asked it12:25
dustinand thanks yall12:25
meowbuntuhi papul having any luck12:25
caris_merepapul_ can you add changes to /etc/default/grub ?12:26
dustinmm and about that open dns?what is?12:26
papul_caris_mere, what to add12:26
caris_merethat reset line12:26
siddhionmick_, i do not knwo what to pass as an argument for 'ufw show ARG'12:26
mick_papul, check this out ... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47202112:26
papul_caris_mere, where do i have to add it?12:26
papul_in that file12:27
mick_siddhion, what do you mean?12:27
meowbuntucaris_mere: papul needs to turn off the auto detection process in grub2 then he can edit grub.cfg easily. its the autodetction process that is giving him probles ok.. i dont remember how to do that12:27
mick_siddhion, is that coming up when you try to view the firewall settings?12:27
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siddhionmick_, you wanted to see my firewalls information. i found the 'ufw show' command12:27
TheEskimosiddhion: He meant on your router page12:28
mick_siddhion, I meant the firewall config page of your router, it's the option just above the virtual services option!12:28
kerHi! I've installed the realtime kernel, but grub still doesn't show up at boot, so no way to choose it..12:28
TheEskimo(though I am not sure what he is trying for here *shrug)12:28
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TheEskimo ker: Does holding shift help?12:28
siddhionmick_, TheEskimo i see. one moment12:29
phaanyone have any idea what I have to do to change the ulimit properly? I can do a temp setting.... but can't fiugure out how to get it permanent... been looking on forums and trying different ways for about 30mins now... no luck.12:29
lemonade_ubuntu 10.04 LTS +ATI x1400 ,I get a screen mess often when system booting, how to sovle it?12:29
meowbuntupapul: any luck12:29
kerTheEskimo, no12:29
phaI would really appreciate just to be pointed in the right direction - a guide/walkthough someone knows that works.12:29
kerit just boots from the first kernel of the list12:29
jribpha: man limits.conf12:29
papul_after GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" ?12:30
ksbalajiI lost ubuntu while upgrading from 8.04 to 9.10.Power failure! Aptitude asks to do dpkg --configure -a . But, dpkg is unable to work with readonly files (locked?) Help!12:30
lemonade_ubuntu 10.04 LTS +ATI x1400 ,I get a screen mess often when system booting, how to sovle it?12:30
TheEskimoker: Holding shift is supposed to prevent automatic booting. That is odd behavior.12:30
phaI did, and added the following two lines ---- * root soft nolimit 4096 & * root hard nolimit 6557212:30
TheEskimoker: Try esc instead12:30
mick_siddhion, I have a router here that has different firewall rules built in. It doesn't amtter what ports I have forwarded. If I set the firewall rules to High then all port forwarding is stopped regardless of my other settings. I want to make sure that isn't the same for your router (does that answer your question TheEskimo ?)12:30
lemonade_ubuntu 10.04 LTS +ATI x1400 ,I get a screen mess often when system booting, how to solve it?12:31
siddhionmick_, ok. firewall settings http://picasaweb.google.com/104531327405618516468/PortForwarding#549817596970467149012:31
jribpha: you need to read more carefully12:31
lemonade_no answer?12:31
gazzzmolyairtronix: you there12:32
meowbuntupapul: its good to ask for help but dont ask everywhere adn just stick to letting one persion help you or you may do your head in12:32
jribpha: even the existing template commented in /etc/security/limits.conf would tell you those lines are wrong12:32
caris_merepapul_ can you just uninstall update-grub?12:32
papul_ok solved12:34
mick_siddhion, add the port to your port filtering options and then try on www.ping.eu and let me know if the port is open12:34
caris_merepapul_ how?12:34
papul_added to /etc/default/grub12:34
papul_after GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" ?12:34
papul_after GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i8042.reset"12:34
=== sol is now known as Guest13479
caris_mereAnybody know how I could add more loop devices?12:35
lxsysHiiii.... I'm capturing a video4linux stream at /dev/video0 using VLC, but I need to input the audio device. I'm using the line-in on the back of my pc, what should I input for the audio device?12:36
mick_siddhion, How did that go for you? Is it sorted then?12:36
siddhionmick_, not open. here is the screen shot http://picasaweb.google.com/104531327405618516468/PortForwarding#549817762865760377812:37
mick_siddhion, that is because you're scanning your LAN IP address. Go to www.ipchicken and get your WAN IP address then check that for open ports12:38
thornsMy laptop freezes in the middle of suspending the LCD12:38
mick_siddhion, www.ipchicken.com12:38
thornsThe hard disk shows some activity, the keyboard doesn't and the image on the LCD is hashed like it's in the middle of the animation where gnome-screensaver dims the screen12:39
siddhionmick_,  so the WAN IP address is different from my local IP address?12:39
TheEskimosiddhion: or just use http://www.canyouseeme.org/ where the ip address will be correct. You don't need to fill it in there12:39
phathanks jrib.12:39
phamessing around with it just now.12:39
siddhionmick_, ipchicken says my ip is
jribpha: no problem12:40
mick_siddhion, Your computer has a LAN IP address and your Router has a WAN IP address. All traffic that goes to your WAN IP will be routed to the machines that are defined in the router12:40
mick_siddhion, try ro a port test on that IP address and you should see that the port is open12:40
mattycozehey guys i was wondering if you could help me figure out what is wrong with my xorg.conf, my computer is running as though it's not working with the graphic card anymore :(12:42
mick_siddhion, probably not such a good idea to post your IP address to a public forum either!12:42
=== BrendenB is now known as Guest68826
siddhionmick_, i ran a port test in Transmission and it says it is closed. i also went to canyouseeme.org and tested it there. closed too.12:42
siddhionmick_,  can i reset it?12:43
jribsiddhion: ubuntu does not close any ports by default.  If you didn't install some sort of firewall, it's a router issue12:43
timmillwoodHow do I downgrade PHP to 5.2 on Ubuntu 10.04?12:43
jribtimmillwood: why?12:43
skumaramy nvidia chip got burned. i just replace the chip. now my wireless and dvd rom not detected by ubuntu. why?12:43
mattycozei can't get compiz to work either12:44
ascent__how to connect with a Win XP PC on my LAN I m using Lubuntu12:44
siddhionmick_, you can see anyones IP address here in IRC12:44
Achmudashello. i want to help develop ubuntu project. how i can be usefull?12:45
jrib!contribute | Achmudas12:45
ubottuAchmudas: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate12:45
ascent__can anyone suggest me12:46
siddhionjrib, well i have followed mick_ instructions. i went into my router settings and made the appropriate changes.12:46
mick_siddhion, there are only 3 things that I can think are causing this problem 1. Firewall on local machine blocking port access to WAN 2. Router not routing to your local machine properly 3. Program running on different port. Check these over again and make sure that firewalls and routers and program is configured correctly12:46
jribsiddhion: and?12:46
siddhionjrib, so i really do not know what more i can do.12:46
jribsiddhion: what is your goal?12:46
mick_siddhion, I'm off for my lunch. Good luck with your port forwarding12:46
lxsysHiiii.... I'm capturing a video4linux stream at /dev/video0 using VLC, but I need to input the audio device. I'm using the line-in on the back of my pc, what should I input for the audio device?12:47
siddhionjrib,  to open prot 51413 in Transmission12:47
siddhionmick_,  ok thanks.12:47
jribsiddhion: pastebin: sudo iptables -L12:47
Dr_Willisascent__:  if you mean 'access files on the other machines' you can set up samba/windows shares. or use ssh and winscp to get files back and forth12:47
skumara my nvidia chip got burned. i just replace the chip. now my wireless and dvd rom not detected by ubuntu. why? maybe i burned quite lot of things in my laptop.12:48
mattycozehey ppl I need help - for some reason my graphics is incredibly choppy, I have a nvidia card that I recently had to reinstall the drivers for (they decided to uninstall automatically along with compiz), now programs run really choppy and i can't get compiz to work12:48
siddhionjrib, ok here it is http://pastebin.com/AitzfAUA12:48
ascent__dr.willis from where to get it?12:48
jribsiddhion: you have some ufw rules enabled.  Look into them12:49
=== root is now known as Guest13343
Dr_Willisascent__:  get what? samba and shareing is a built in feature of ubuntu.. winscp is a free program you can download for windows...12:49
siddhionjrib how would i do that?12:49
ascent__dr.willis it was easy in ubuntu but in lubuntu I m not able to find it12:49
jribsiddhion: idk, look for ufw documentation12:50
Dr_Willisascent__:  there is the #lubuntu channel, you can always mount windows shares via the proper mount commands if you wanted to.12:50
Dr_Willisascent__:  of if you are getting windows to access things on the linux box. You can make shares  via editing the smb.conf or just use winscp and ssh.12:51
siddhionjrib so are you saying to disable these ufw rules?12:51
jribsiddhion: no.  I said for you to figure out what they do to see if they are responsible.12:51
mattycozewould it be a good idea to revert nvidia proprietary driver from 185 to 17512:51
jribsiddhion: you enabled them at some point....12:51
siddhionjrib, so you are saying that i should google search all these names like 'ufw-before-logging-input ' and 'ufw-after-input  all'?12:53
ksbalajiI lost ubuntu while upgrading from 8.04 to 9.10.Power failure! Aptitude asks to do dpkg --configure -a . But, dpkg is unable to work with readonly files (locked?) -disconnected for sometime now.12:54
jribsiddhion: whatever you want.  I'd start with official documentation12:54
siddhionjrib, this is all nonsensicle stuff. ok12:54
ceacyI've got a problem with my MacBook Pro under Lucid Lynx12:54
jribsiddhion: or you can ask here and wait for someone willing to do it for you.  As I said, these rules aren't enabled by default, this is because of something you either installed or did12:55
ceacysince i've upgraded to Lucid, the dimming keys don't work any more12:55
ceacyI can't reduce the LCD luminosity12:55
siddhionjrib, so what would the output look like if i did not have anything installed or changed?12:55
siddhionjrdnyquist, would there be nothing?12:55
jribsiddhion: you can also try flushing the rules temporarily as a troubleshooting measure12:55
jribsiddhion: no rules is what the output would look like12:56
siddhionjrib, yeah that sounds much simpler. can i just do a 'ufw reset' ?12:56
jribsiddhion: I've never used ufw12:56
ceacyHas anyone experienced the same problem ?12:56
jribsiddhion: sudo iptables -F  will flush the rules12:56
ceacy(i've googled it, but nvidia-bl-dkms is already installed)12:56
ceacy(and pommed too)12:57
ceacyI've tried with mbp-nvidia-bl-dkms instead of nvidia-bl-dkms, but it doesn't change anything12:57
ceacyand the lcd dimming worked under the previous version of Ubuntu, with nvidia-bl-dkms and pommed12:57
siddhionjrib, ok did that and then did a iptables -L. result is here http://pastebin.com/4QPB1uAT12:57
gazzzmolyhow do i turn off desktop effects12:58
jribsiddhion: then you check if port is working...12:58
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=== Misterio_ is now known as Misterio
ceacyany idea ?12:58
DatabaseIs there a specific Ubuntu Server room here?12:58
timmillwoodjrib: because I am getting some errors on php 5.312:58
jribtimmillwood: "some errors"?12:58
siavashservergazzzmoly, right click on desktop and goto the last tab and turnoff the effects by selecting the none12:58
Dr_Willisgazzzmoly:  right click on desktop -> change wallpaper ---> last tab.12:58
jribDatabase: #ubuntu-server, but you can ask here too12:59
siddhionjrib, that did nothing. still closed in Transmission and canyouseeme.org12:59
Databasejrib, thank you12:59
jribsiddhion: then it is a router issue12:59
siddhionjrib, ok12:59
jribsiddhion: how are you determining it is closed in transmission?12:59
sannndoes anyone here know a linux replacement for the everything tool?  http://www.voidtools.com/13:00
siddhionjrib, preferences > network > incoming peers : test button13:00
dhananjayhi all13:00
Dr_WillisI would ask what that tool does.. :) but  the answer will proberly be 'everything' :13:00
jribsannn: tracker and beagle?  Don't know what their current state is13:00
niohi dhananjay13:01
liamsmithuksiddhion, kfind maybe?13:01
* siavashserver has never seen such an active channel :)13:01
siddhionliamsmithuk, what is kfind? a terminal command>13:01
dhananjayI have a qustion, where is the proxy configuration written in ubuntu server?13:02
liamsmithuknope a gui application for searching for files / folders13:02
jribliamsmithuk: I guess you wanted to direct that to sannn13:02
siddhionliamsmithuk, not sure how that is going to help check to see if the port is open13:02
AceKingWhenever I start my PC and start any program, I am missing the minimize, maximize, close buttons. I need to log out and log back in to get them back. Is there any way to fix this?13:03
niohow to mount my custom linux kernel over ram without nfs13:03
liamsmithuksorry, highlight fail :-)13:03
sannnjrib: not the same.. everything does not do meta data crap. I'm looking for locate with a (gtk)gui with realtime updated results (update the results window if I add a new file for example)13:04
DatabaseHowdy. I recently replaced the motherboard in my Ubuntu Server 10.04 install, and now the network isn't working - is there any way to get Ubuntu to redetect and reinstall the correct drivers without having to reinstall the whole OS?13:05
ksbalajiunable to do dpkg --configure -a as a previous run locked the data area. Please help.13:06
siddhionjrib, so any other ideas?13:06
siddhioncould my isp be blocking my port?13:07
erryCan you suggest a wireless adapter that works with 10.04 (and future versiosn preferably) out of the box?13:08
jribsannn: how does tracker not fulfill that requirement exactly?13:08
jribsiddhion: it's your router most likely13:09
=== aatish is now known as darksifer
errywithout ndiswrapper plz13:09
jribsiddhion: disable the firewall in your router and test13:09
erryi want it to just work13:09
sannnjrib: for a start it doesn't even start indexing ;)13:09
naveenmtphi to everyone13:10
jribsannn: so you are saying tracker isn't working for you, not that it does not in theory do what you want?13:10
mattycozehey someone HELP! (i'm going nuts not getting answered)... I want to know why Compiz isn't working anymore; the cmd prompt tells me that it falls back on metacity for some reason... http://pastebin.com/R8MxAHcL13:11
siddhionjrib so there is a firewall in ubuntu and my router? anyways. in my router settings under Firewall > Port Filtering I have enabled 51413 w/ TCP and UDP to be filtered13:11
liamsmithukerry, I have a 'Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter' which works out of the box, I am pretty sure any Atheros wireless adapters work13:11
jribsiddhion: erm, you don't want it filtered13:11
Jinxed-is there any recent documentation on how to setup a trunk line with ubuntu using the vlan package/13:11
Jinxed-for 10.0413:12
siddhionjrib, ok, that is what mick_ said to do.13:12
jribsannn: there's also strigi to add to the tracker and beagle list, but I've never tried it13:12
siddhionjrib, so you are saying to remove the port filtering. ok i will do this.13:13
jribsiddhion: I'm saying to not block the port on your router.  I don't know how your router works13:13
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
siddhionjrib, i dont think anyone does.13:13
sannnjrib: both :) My first idea was to look at tracker but it does not work for me. (beagle and strigi are next on the list). But they all work on the concept of meta data. I want only filenames (think always uptodate locate)13:13
jribsannn: I'm pretty sure you can run a search query in tracker to search only filenames, no?13:14
timmillwoodjrib: nevermind, I was just after a simple answer, not an interrogation.13:14
mattycozewould it be a good idea to revert nvidia proprietary driver from 185 to 175??13:14
siddhionjrib, anyways, in the Firewall page i have 5 tabs: Port Filtering , IP filtering, MAC filtering, URL filtering  and DOS setting.13:14
dom__halo jest ktoś z polski?13:14
Pici!pl | dom__13:15
ubottudom__: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:15
jribtimmillwood: well I'm asking you the questions because it's not "easy" to downgrade software.  So more likely than not, you have some problem for which there is a better solution.  If you don't want to share what the actual problem is, so that we can help you, that's fine.13:15
siddhionjrib, actually the last one is  DoS setting.13:15
jribsiddhion: you have to look at your router documentation for that13:15
jribsiddhion: like I said, an easy way to troubleshoot is to just disable the firewall for a minute and test13:16
timmillwoodjrib: the issue is with Drupal 6 that does not support 5.3, drupal 7 will, but does not have a stable release yet.13:16
siddhionjrib, haha. i never got documentation for this rare no name router. my ISP never gave it.13:16
blinki cant read windows .ini files13:17
siddhionjrib, the ufw firewall in ubuntu is inactive but i guess you mean the firewall in my router.13:17
blinkplus downloaded few codes from ubunto software center and none of them works13:17
sannnjrib: perhaps if the bloody tool would work13:17
jribtimmillwood: interesting, does that mean the drupal6 package is broken?  Have you checked for bug reports against it?13:17
siddhionjrib, i have looked in each of those 5 tabs under firewall and none of them has a disable firewall button.13:17
jribsiddhion: don't know then13:18
timmillwoodjrib: it's not broken, just doesn't support 5.3.13:18
jribtimmillwood: what do you mean by that?  It seems contradictory13:18
timmillwoodjrib: http://drupal.org/node/36060513:19
jribtimmillwood: so how is it not broken?13:20
lxsysHi, I've got a v4l2 capture device, and I want to record video. Audio is on "hw:1,0", what should I use to record the capture thingy to disk???13:20
jribtimmillwood: does the ubuntu package patch around it?13:20
timmillwoodjrib: php is broken. ;)13:20
jribyes, that's a given of course...13:20
mick_siddhion, have you installed gufw to help configuring your firewall. The best way for you to fix this is to understand how port forwarding works. 1. Your router gets traffic on a certain port (51413) and it then looks at the port forwarding rules and says, OK, all traffic on port 51413 goes to IP address on the LAN. The traffic is routed to your PC where the firewall scans is and decides if it allowed through or not. As aresult you have to test 2 th13:22
mick_ings. 1. Port open and unhindered on your local machine (check firewall and transmission to make sure they are configured properly) 2. Check your router configuration13:22
jribI have to stop wasting my time here.  People ask questions and then just leave in the middle of a conversation?  Whatever.13:23
siddhionjrib well i didnt13:23
Aogojrib.. lol13:23
blink.ini files won't open. what to do?13:24
sannnneither did I ;)13:24
SwedeMikeblink: what do you expect to happen when you try to open them?13:24
Aogokeep the good job just advance the too Google :)13:24
Jinxed-How would I add virtual interfaces so I can route between vlans? I already have the vlan package installed13:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:24
ksbalajiany help available here for crashed dpkg upgrade please?13:24
siddhionmick_ ok so there is only one firewall , right? ufw.13:24
monkey_dustksbalaji, type dpkg-reconfigure -a13:25
siddhionmick_, no i have not installed gufw...i think i only have ufw13:25
Aogo"Google is are friend "13:25
Pici!google > Aogo13:25
ubottuAogo, please see my private message13:25
monkey_dustgoogle is friend who knows more about you than you woud like13:25
blinkSwedeMike: I had Wine installed then removed it. Well, I receive this error message.. "Failed to execute child process "wine" (No such file or directory)"13:25
siddhionmick_, ok i am installing gufw13:25
ksbalajimonkey_dust, I tried. It says, the data files are read-only.13:25
mick_siddhion, install gufw and use that to configure your firewall. Better still, uninstall ufw for testing. If it still doesn't work after removing ufw then we know it's not that causing the problem. I reckon if we eliminate each hurdle one by one we will get it sorted13:26
AogoPici what private mess i don't see any  sorry13:26
SwedeMikeblink: so without wine, what do you expect to happen when you open a .ini file?13:26
PiciAogo: This is a support channel, we don't tell users to 'google it' when they ask a question.13:27
Jinxed-Could anyone link me to some recent documentation (prefer 10.04) about how to set up vlan routing on one interface?13:27
Aogooo my bad keep the good job ...13:27
blinkSwedeMike: The same error, though Wine is completely removed. Just lemme make sure it is out of the system.13:28
Aogoi have a question how long well ubuntu linux be free...?13:28
azoriusforever hopefully13:28
mattycozecan someone help me work out what is wrong with my graphics card?13:28
SwedeMikeblink: I don't want to know what error message you get, I want to know what you expect to happen when you open a .ini file without wine being installed.13:28
azoriusis it an intel card?13:28
mattycozeazorius no it's a nvidia card13:29
blinkSwedeMike: error message :\13:29
mattycozeVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G86 [GeForce 8400M GS] (rev a1)13:29
monkey_dustJinxed-, maybe this helps http://www.tolaris.com/2010/02/20/vlans-bridges-and-virtual-machines/13:29
siddhionmick_, ok gufw is installed. how do i uninstall ufw, sudo apt-get purge ufw' or 'sudo apt-get remove ufw' ?13:29
mick_siddhion, don't do anything yet13:29
xanzibI am new to linux and trying to resurrect an old dell inspiron 5100 laptop.13:29
xanzibI cannot get a dvd to play.13:29
xanzibThere is audio but the video is extremely blocky and play eratically.13:29
xanzibSince there is audio and some video  I know the drive address is right.13:29
xanzibThe DVD is the correct region for the player (it always worked under windows)13:29
FloodBot1xanzib: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:29
xanzibI have checked DMA is enabled as well as libdvdread4 installed.13:29
mick_siddhion, open gufw13:29
siddhionmick_, ok13:29
mick_in terminal enter gufw13:29
mick_siddhion, sudo gufw13:30
siddhionmick_, ok its open13:30
mick_siddhion, is it enabled or not?13:31
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:31
siddhionmick_, no should i enable it by cliking the check box?13:31
monkey_dust!hi| dagon13:32
ubottudagon: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:32
mick_siddhion, one second, you have PM13:33
ariel__ubuntu- es ?13:33
amnayIs it possible to turn on wireless radio button software side ?13:33
monkey_dust!es| ariel__13:33
ubottuariel__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:33
amnaywith acpi or smth13:33
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information, installation instructions and getting clients to authenticate via LDAP see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer13:39
=== rxxxxx is now known as bihari
biharii have a samsung set <SGH-B250> i am not able to connect it in my ubuntu through usb ports can any one plzz help me13:42
cixais there a good alternative to using nautilus for ssh bookmarks?13:44
ascent__will mozilla thunderbird work in Lubuntu ??/ I repeate in Lubuntu (not in Ubuntu)13:44
gazzzmolyis elementos a supported distro13:45
Picigazzzmoly: Not in this channel.13:45
gazzzmolyis there a channel13:45
Picigazzzmoly: I don't see one on freenode, check elementos' webpage for their support options.13:47
gazzzmolythere isnt one i assume they dont use irc13:47
ascent__any on can help me  will mozilla thunderbird work in Lubuntu ??/ I repeate in Lubuntu (not in Ubuntu)13:47
gazzzmolykeep getting bootmgr is missing when tring to install from 8gig pendrive13:47
Piciascent__: I don't see why it wouldn't.  lubuntu is just Ubuntu with lxde instead of GNOME by default.13:48
ascent__Dear PICI mozilla firefox is not working in Lubuntu13:49
icerootascent__: sure it is13:49
ascent__I have tried but cud not run firefox13:49
iceroot!doesntwork | ascent__13:50
ubottuascent__: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.13:50
BluesKajHiyas all13:50
icerootascent__: installed firefox from what? what if you run firefox from the shell?13:50
ascent__i have downloaded forefox exe from its site and tried to run it like we do in windows os but everytime new files were opened (May be it was doing unzipping)13:52
spookyascent__: why not try sudo apt-get install firefox from the terminal instead13:52
spooky.exe files only work on Windows machines, not Ubunut/Linux13:53
liamsmithukascent__, does lubuntu not come with firefox pre-installed?13:53
ascent__nop lubuntu has chromium preinstalled13:53
=== emc_ is now known as emc
Databaseascent__, Windows executables don't work under Linux - you'd need to install it from the Software Center. :)13:54
ascent__and what about thunderbird?13:55
* monkey_dust does not even have Wine installed13:55
liamsmithukascent__, that's in software center too13:55
Piciascent__: Use the software repositories to install software.13:55
Pici!software > ascent__13:55
ubottuascent__, please see my private message13:55
BluesKajascent__, open the terminal , sudo apt-get install firefox13:55
kryptykMorning all! Is anyone familiar with the location containing the default icons for the system panels in Lucid?13:55
monkey_dustmorning? 3pm here13:56
kryptyk(am here :)13:56
BluesKajyup 9 here too :)13:56
liamsmithukkyheo, /usr/share/icons maybe?13:57
kyheoliamsmithuk, ??13:57
liamsmithukI mean't kryptyk13:57
gazzzmolyhow do i make a bootable unix install usb in ubuntu13:58
gazzzmolynot unix i mean linux distro from iso13:58
mick_gazzzmoly, try UNetBootin13:58
kryptykliamsmithuk: I will take a peek - thanks13:59
gazzzmolyi cant get t to run13:59
mick_gazzzmoly, use the create startup disk feature in Ubuntu System - Administration14:00
BluesKaj!usb | gazzzmoly14:00
ubottugazzzmoly: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:00
gazzzmolyits not ubuntu i want to install its element os  becauses ubuntu is just to much for me14:00
mick_gazzzmoly, sorry, can't help you14:01
BluesKajtoo much in what way, gazzzmoly ?14:01
gazzzmolyover complicated   all i want is xbmc and firefox14:01
gazzzmolyits for my htpc14:01
ryan_join #seaphor14:02
mick_gazzzmoly, have you looked into MythTV?14:02
gazzzmolyall this dependancy and adding repos etc is just to complicated14:02
gazzzmolyi dont have a tvcard14:02
BlinnyIs there a separate Hardy channel now that Lucid has been released?14:03
PiciBlinny: Nope, you can still ask here.14:03
BluesKajgazzzmoly, I use ubuntu server without xbmc ...xbmc is overly complicated imo , you just ned a decent mnedia player14:03
Databasegazzzmoly, try using the Software Centre.14:03
gazzzmolyits for all the family to run on my revo14:03
chilli0Anyone know what this means? Session error : Data could not be written (Input/output error) (brasero_burn_record brasero-burn.c:2839)14:04
BlinnyOK. I have a recent issue where my /tmp is filling up, but not with files. As such, there is a large discrepancy between 'df' and 'du', with 'df' reporting about 1GB additional space used per day. This is on 64-bit Hardy patched up to early last week.14:04
gazzzmolyi tried installing elementos which is based on ubunto but keep getting bootmgr is missing when trying to boot off pendrive14:04
mick_chilli0, Looks as though there's a problem with your CD Writer14:05
apassihi, how to add applets to netbook desktop's panel?14:05
chilli0mick_, It works fine with other dvd's. ( im copying the cd)14:05
chilli0And I can watch the movie just fine by playing it.14:05
mick_chilli0, what exactly are you trying to do?14:05
chilli0Copy a disk to an iso.14:06
mick_chilli0, copying an iso to disk? Or trying to create an iso from a disc?14:06
chilli0The latter.14:06
mick_chilli0, I don't think Brasero can do that14:07
kryptykliamsmithuk: good call on that file location. Found what I was looking for in there. Thanks!14:07
tntcchilli0: I think K3B can.14:07
liamsmithukkryptyk, no problem14:07
BluesKajgazzzmoly, install ubuntu server and then you just need a decent media player , xbmc is like windows media center , overdone and bloated for most setups14:07
chilli0mick_, Yes it can , I have done it to 3 other disks before this one.14:07
chilli0The option is Disk Copy.14:08
chilli0tntc, So can bras14:08
mick_chilli0, then I'm sorry but I can't help you on this one. Good luck with it though14:08
tntcchilli0: oh, ok.14:08
chilli0Thanks for your time mick_.14:08
tntcchilli0: oh, you mean it won't copy this particular disk?14:09
chilli0tntc, Yes.14:09
mick_chilli0, np just as a matter of interest, have you tried this method .... If you're using Nautilus, it's even easier (because Nautilus has its own burning utility). Put in the CD in your drive, go to Places > Computer, right-click on the mounted CD-ROM, choose "Copy Disc...", and in the Copy Disc dialog box, choose File Image in the "Copy Disc to" dropdown list.14:09
gazzzmolyblueskaj im confused now    xbmc is the reason i bought this revo  so i could have hardware accel  all the fancy stuff of xbmc     it was working good on win 7 but someone said its better on linux14:09
tntcchilli0: you might want to try something like gddrescue.  If the disk has errors, it'll just write zeros14:10
chilli0tntc, I will not be doing that haha. ( It's a movie)14:10
chilli0mick_, That copy disk thingo , is the bras one =P14:11
tntcchilli0: oh, you might need like DVDShrink (A windows app) or something.14:11
Laloni m having difficulty playing .3gp files ..14:11
Lalonmy vlc player can play the file but i cant play the audio14:11
chilli0tntc, I wanna copy the iso ( no quality loss and can re-write ealy_)14:11
the_studentWhere is the cover art for 10.04 Server14:11
Lalonand iv downloaded realplayer but realplayer cannot play it..14:11
Lalonand it has many problem14:11
BluesKajgazzzmoly, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the real question is what are 'your needs' what are you planning to do ,then we can discuss with end point/solution in mind14:11
tntcchilli0: DVDSrhink'll do that.  You just need to turn off compression.  I use it to back up all my DVDs and so I can watch em on my netbook.14:12
Lalonwhich player u use to play .3gp files14:12
Laloni mean the video files14:12
chilli0Oh cool, Ill try the k3b first then that.14:12
oCean_!pm > Rudemeister14:12
ubottuRudemeister, please see my private message14:12
gazzzmolyaccess remote shares manage content stram hd and browse the net14:12
PiciLalon: vlc should be able to play 3gp files.14:12
Lalonpici it can play the video but cant play the audio.. i mean im not gettint he sound form it14:13
tntcchilli0: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/RippingDVDs14:13
chilli0Ive got them all installed =P14:13
tntcchilli0: k9copy looks promising, though ymmv14:13
the_studentWhere is the cover art for 10.04 Server?14:13
tntcthe_student: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing/ I think14:14
monkey_dustfolx, i get no audio form my mp4 video files - i tried several different mediaplayers - hints & tips anyone?14:14
apollohallo , bin neu hier .14:15
oCean_!de | apollo14:15
ubottuapollo: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.14:15
chilli0tntc, I'm trying k3b as we speak. Then ill try k9copy. then the other one you said =P14:15
tntcchilli0: bear in mind DVDShrink is Windows only, and kinda tough to get, since they don't host it in the US.  They're scared of the whole dvdcss situation, especailly since it stores an unencrypted copy and can remove region encoding.14:16
chilli0tntc, Ill be able to get a copy =P14:17
the_studenttntc: Cant find it14:17
BluesKajgazzzmoly, sorry , dunno much about revo, I use wireless mouse and KB to control my media server which runs hdmi video to the tv and spdif (digital pcm ) audio to my HT amp DAC14:17
tntcthe_student: scroll down.  "CD Distribution Materials"14:18
tntcthe_student: they're PDFs14:18
the_studentI see14:19
tntcthe_student: you find it?14:19
the_studentNot yet for 10.04 Server14:20
the_studentGot it14:20
slinker1the_student: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing/#10.04%20LTS%20artwork14:20
rinaldowho using wine here?14:22
=== emc_ is now known as emc
Achmudasme, sometimes14:23
Achmudaswhen need it14:23
spookyI use it to play WoW occasionally14:25
spooky'bout it14:25
terry_Cant play miniclip.com games?14:25
liamsmithukterry_, installed flash?14:25
Achmudasinstall flash ;)14:26
terry_done that14:26
liamsmithukrestarted your browser?14:26
terry_anything else?14:26
liamsmithukwhat browser are you using?14:26
terry_Do I need shockwave player?14:26
=== Kaie is now known as Guest32874
hingerordHave you tried on something else?14:27
spookyThe games are working for me in Chrome w/flash14:27
spookyI didn't do anything funky14:27
terry_Try this link http://www.miniclip.com/games/soccer-five/en/14:27
liamsmithuk"missing plugin"14:27
terry_Can u play it?14:28
slinker1needs shockwave14:28
liamsmithukProbably a shockwave game, I don't think linux has shockwave support?14:28
the_studentAre there any jpeg cover art?14:28
terry_Then I cant play that?14:28
Piciliamsmithuk: Correct, there is no shockwave for linux.14:28
terry_Then I cant play that?14:28
=== i11y is now known as fo3NIX
terry_How to play that game then?14:29
datacrusheris there a report app for gnome such as everest? i just wanna point details about the hardware kit14:29
Intrepdlast time i looked into shockwave, it was windows only14:29
naxilhelp me i have this problem /Dev/uu-id does not exist on boot14:29
naxilplease help me14:29
terry_How to play that game then?14:29
terry_Then I cant play that?14:29
liamsmithukdoesn't look like it :-( sorry can't help you14:30
slinker1give adobe hell?14:30
terry_A good reason to transfer to windows!!!14:30
=== Jackal is now known as Guest10288
liamsmithukbecause of miniclip using shockwave?14:30
liamsmithuknah :-)14:31
spookyterry_: not a good reason14:31
spookyDoesn't shockwave have a standalone player?14:31
bogdanhello. i need to restart, in ubuntu 10.04, the keyboard shortcuts. is there any gconftool command to do it?14:31
spookyWhy not download the game and use wine to run the shockwave player14:31
spookyI'm sure it's easier said that done14:31
perlsyntaxI try ti install gtk2 on cpan and what dev files do i need for it?14:31
spooky...better yet, find another flash soccer game14:31
silasHello all.14:32
terry_There is no option to download the game!!!14:32
spookyHi silas14:32
JoeMaverickSett!hi | silas14:32
ubottusilas: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:32
silasThanks! :-)14:32
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silasQuick question:  where can I find Ubuntu's 10.04 ext4 module to be added in the initrd?  My personalized Ubuntu CD must have support to mount ext4 filesystems at initrd level...14:33
terry_Any mirc version for ubuntu?14:33
LjLterry_: no, but there are plenty of irc clients14:34
LjL!irc > terry_14:34
ubottuterry_, please see my private message14:34
bogdanhello. i need to restart, in ubuntu 10.04, the keyboard shortcuts. is there any gconftool command to do it?14:34
terry_How to join blackcat-games.net on xchat?14:35
terry_How to join blackcat-games.net irc on xchat?14:35
jeraldhello guys.. it's me again.. I just want to know what is that package that is name restricted programs i think.. it is not package with the installation nor update it's an option package..14:35
terry_How to join blackcat-games.net irc on xchat?I need an invite there!!14:35
oCean_terry_: stop offtopic talk please14:35
monkey_dustterry_, what is blackcat-games?14:35
tommi_what was the quakenets full host name?14:35
terry_thats offtopic?14:36
oCean_!ot | terry_14:36
ubottuterry_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!14:36
tommi_terry_: yep14:36
perlsyntaxDoes anyone know what dev file i need for gtk2 to install from cpan?14:36
jeraldwhat is ithat resticted something14:36
jeraldthat you will install after done installing ubuntu on to your system?14:37
perlsyntaxi have prob install it.14:37
Picijerald: ubuntu-restricted-extras14:37
jeraldpici, thanks14:39
perlsyntaxdoes anyone know what headers i need for gtk2 for perl???14:39
perlsyntaxi have prob install it on cpan.14:39
tbsdyhi folks, I'm terribly sorry but I'm a newbie... is there an ubuntu bugs channel?14:39
=== Jackal_ is now known as Guest11510
perlsyntaxDoes anyone know what i need to install gtk2???14:40
jeraldPici, how do I install that restricted-extras using terminal? is it sudo apt-get install ubuntu restricted-extras?14:41
Picijerald: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras14:41
oCean_perlsyntax: yes, we see you14:42
perlsyntaxwhat files do i need for gtk2?14:43
perlsyntaxi try to install it on cpan.14:43
oCean_perlsyntax: there is really no need to repeat that quickly. If no one knows, no one will answer14:43
llutzperlsyntax: libgtk2-perl?14:43
perlsyntaxi mean dev files14:43
jeraldPici, thanks for the code.. I forgot the dash..14:44
llutzperlsyntax: i'm sure there's a perl-irc where you get better answers14:44
perlsyntaxso none know anything in here.14:44
oCean_perlsyntax: on this moment, on that subject.. you might be right!14:45
llutzjust 1511 dumb users14:45
perlsyntaxthen this room is a joke.14:45
oCean_perlsyntax: understood. Find a better one?14:45
tbsdyperlsyntax - wouldn't you be better off in a channel about perl?14:46
oCean_tbsdy: our latest fan already left...14:46
tbsdyso it appears!14:46
Guest11510you talking about dependancies for GTK2?14:47
tbsdyso... at the risk of sounding like perlsyntax... I was wondering if anyone could assist me with a question about a bug I logged on launchpad?14:48
tbsdyBug is here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/61003914:48
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tbsdyI'm sort of wondering if there is an easy way I can report this upstream?14:48
tbsdyanyone have any ideas?14:48
st__you could instruct him to grep package list14:48
=== TheJackal is now known as Guest54421
tbsdyanyone got any ideas?14:49
oCean_tbsdy: well, there is #launchpad ..14:49
tbsdyah... thanks... didn't realise :-)14:49
Picitbsdy: If you need help getting it triaged, you could ask in #ubuntu-mozillateam, but be aware that not every channel is as busy as this one.14:49
tbsdythanks all - much appreciated!14:49
eug-suhi. Is there an antivirus for Ubuntu to check Windows viruses?14:50
Misterioeug-su: Yes, ClamAV14:51
Misterio!info clamav14:51
ubottuclamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.96.1+dfsg-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 313 kB, installed size 576 kB14:51
eug-suMisterio: thanks!14:51
Misterioeug-su: You're welcome :)14:51
ahappydeathis there a way to gain acces to the clipboard from the command line?14:51
Kwpolskaeug-su: are you sure you need one?14:51
=== Guest54421 is now known as Jackal
Kwpolskaahappydeath: the x.org clipboard?14:52
ahappydeathkwpolska: yes14:52
=== Jackal is now known as Guest92483