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bupeshi all people ,iam from mexico00:53
duanedesignbupes hello01:18
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duanedesignJacob hi02:10
nsahooI am using ubuntu one to keep files in sync between two computers. A folder suddenly appears as Folder.u1conflict in one of the machines. How do I resolve it?02:43
duanedesignPut this here so I remember to ask someone about it in the morning :)   https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+question/11858503:36
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apacheloggeraquarius: ping09:55
aquariusapachelogger, pong09:58
apacheloggeraquarius: interested in a patch that adds kwallet support to desktopcouch? ;)09:58
apacheloggeraquarius: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469236/09:59
aquariuscor, interesting, yes. I'm going to look like a complete whiner now, but can I get you to talk to CardinalFang and mandel rather than me? I believe they were looking at factoring out the authentication stuff into separate modules...09:59
aquariuscor, is that it? that's pretty small ;-)10:00
* apachelogger sort of needs it to get along with ubuntuone-kde ;)10:00
aquariusya, indeed :)10:00
aquariusgood work, fella10:00
aquariusmandel, what happened with the splitting out of authentication stuff in desktopcouch? I know you were thinking about it for Windows as well as KDE10:00
apacheloggerthe patch at hand is pretty non-intrusive, it adds the auth information to both gnome-keyring and kwallet if both python modules are importable10:00
mandelaquarius, apachelogger, morning!10:01
mandelaquarius, apachelogger we actually were looking at using python-keyring to try and hide the actual implementation of keyring since it would make the code cleaner, as I can remember we had some issues because that module did not expose the smae functionallity that we require10:02
mandelCardinalFang, does know more about it, but it is indeed some work we have to do in the very near future10:03
aquariusapachelogger, how are you accessing desktopcouch? desktopcouch.records doesn't know to look in kwallet for the tokens? is there a bit of the patch missing?10:03
mandelapachelogger, I'm looking at your code rigth now10:04
apacheloggeraquarius: as I understand it the tokens are in the config and get thrown at the appropriate keyrings, internally desktopcouch still queries the config and not the keyrings10:05
mandelaquarius, apachelogger I need to got for 15 min (goverment paper work requires me :( ), I'll be back asap and will let you know more info10:05
aquariusactually...hm. I need to check that. In the old days it did. I'm not sure whether that ever got changed (guilty look) ;-)10:06
aquariusand you are correct, heh.10:07
aquariuscouchdb-glib hits the keyring, but realistically people are unlikely to use couchdb-glib in a KDE app, right rodrigo_?10:07
rodrigo_aquarius, well, they can, if they don¡t have a better API10:08
apacheloggeraquarius: couchdb-glib ought to then depend on gnome-keyring though10:08
rodrigo_apachelogger, yes10:08
mandelthere was someone working on a Qt lib If I remember correctly10:08
apacheloggerin which case desktopcouch can store in gnome-keyring10:08
apacheloggermandel: far from finished though10:09
aquariusI thought couchdb-glib does depend on gnome-keyring? rodrigo_, does it not?10:09
rodrigo_it does10:09
aquariusah, good :)10:09
rodrigo_well, desktopcouch-glib does10:09
mandelapachelogger, the issue I have is that we should extra your code to a diff module like python keyring, that is the ncer approach since the module should do the platform checks, otherwhise the code gets clutter10:10
aquariuscool. mandel, let's make sure CardinalFang is aware of apachelogger's patch10:10
mandelaquarius, I'll make sure of that ;)10:10
mandelI'll be back in 15, laters10:11
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apacheloggerthere is a bit of a scope issue IMHO, since a KDE app might very well use desktopcouch with kwallet inside a GNOME environment, desktopcouch essentially needs to throw its tokens at all keyring applications it can get hold of10:12
* rodrigo_ wonders why GNOME/KDE don't share more of these non-GUI, basic services10:13
apacheloggersupposedly that problem goes away on Linux with the fdo secrets storage thingy10:13
rodrigo_yes, that's what I was going to say10:14
aquariusalso, tomorrow the sun will be warmer and the beer will be colder10:14
aquariusI would very much like basic infrastructure like this to be shared10:15
rodrigo_yeah, it doesn't make sense to not have it shared at all10:15
rodrigo_it just puts the problem in 3rd parties that want to support both desktops10:15
aquariusbut as far as I can tell, the opinions of keyring-system-X maintainers are "we are fine with sharing infrastructure, by which we mean that those other heathens can come over here and use our system"10:16
aquariusmaybe the marvellous fdo thing will do it10:16
aquariusbut it's not only not here yet, as far as I can tell it's not even close to here yet, is it? :(10:16
rodrigo_it's not AFAICS10:17
duanedesignmorning all10:23
ryeduanedesign, morning!10:24
duanedesignrye: i was answering LP Ansers yesterday and i came across this one. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+question/11858510:27
ryeduanedesign, that's actually an issue, we should not pretend to be anybody else10:28
ryeFrom: sso-test-8@rtg.in.ua10:28
ryeTo: roman.yepishev@canonical.com10:28
ryeduanedesign, do you mind if I convert it to a bug report?10:29
duanedesignyeah i thought that might oughta be convertd10:29
duanedesignill do it now10:29
duanedesignbug 60999910:32
ubot4Launchpad bug 609999 in ubuntuone-client "Share email rejected because it looks like spam (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60999910:32
ryeduanedesign, confirmed, prioritized and assigned, thank you!10:42
jmlaquarius, I just saw Benoit's email re couchapp & desktopcouch. Does this mean I don't need to use desktopcouch again?10:54
aquariuserm, what are you using it for?10:55
rodrigo_hmm, what does couchapp do? start an instance of couchdb?11:01
duanedesignwho is handling musicstore issues right now?12:00
rodrigo_aquarius, please review this when you have time -> https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/libubuntuone/use-libsyncdaemon/+merge/2931612:20
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ChipacaUbuntu One Desktop+ standup meeting BEGINS. Say "me", yadda yadda.14:08
thisfredyadda yadda14:08
* thisfred ducks14:09
* Chipaca looks at CardinalFang14:10
Chipacavds: rmcbride: mandel: nessita: ping14:10
rodrigo_nessita is off today, afaik14:10
mandelChipaca, pong14:10
Chipacaah, nessita is off14:10
Chipacamandel: say "me"14:11
mandelChipaca, contra, que es el standup, sorry, my head in somewhere else14:11
Chipacathisfred: go!14:11
thisfredDONE: RT and procedure for upgrading couchdb on staging (and then production) filed14:12
thisfredTODO: upgrade staging then production14:12
thisfredBLOCKED: not blocked (depending on LOSA availability though)14:12
Chipacathisfred: yay14:12
thisfredrodrigo_: a vos!14:12
rodrigo_DONE: submitted fixed package for missing python-libproxy in u1-client. Worked on more file syncing bugs/UI enhancements14:13
rodrigo_TODO: more file syncing/UI enhancements. ubuntu-sso14:13
rodrigo_not BLOCKED14:13
rodrigo_CardinalFang, your turn14:13
CardinalFangDONE: Wrapped the weird python-couchdb object that acts like a function and a sliceable list.14:14
CardinalFangTODO: Push to update approved (thanks rodrigo) branch.14:14
CardinalFangBLOCKED: Writing tests to reproduce that bug is hard.  About to give up on it.14:14
CardinalFangvds, you14:14
vdsDONE: review and rebuild the python-couchdb package, reviewed a bunch on win client branches, discussed the new plan with mandel14:15
vdsTODO: check whether the win hudson slave is ready, make sure python-couchdb 0.7 lands in maverick14:15
vdsBLOCKED: nope14:16
vdsalecu: please14:16
alecuDONE: started with tests for the DBus code for sso-client that Chad gave me. Installed maverick in virtualbox and kvm to test previous branch with network manager not installed14:16
alecuTODO: keep working on dbus code. Try qemu14:16
alecuBLOCKED: maverick gnome's won't start right on virtualbox. Kvm fails on maverick14:16
* alecu throws the lighted up TNT stick at mandel14:16
Chipacaooh! ooh! me :)14:16
mandelDONE: Integrated windows service with Spring.Net as an IoC, added extra tests that where missing14:16
mandelTODO: review branch for rodrigo_ , push spring branch for review14:17
mandelBLOCKED: no no14:17
rmcbrideDONE: further work w/ windows test boxen. Previewed contacts picker.14:17
rmcbrideTODO: More of the above14:17
rmcbrideBLOCKED: not really14:17
* mandel wonders how can his spelling be sooo bad O_o14:18
ChipacaDONE: lots of meetings, as you do. lp:~chipaca/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/tweek-tweek14:18
ChipacaTODO: give vds a hand with python-couchdb packaging and the politics therein. Continue crusade against sucky UI elements in U1 (next: make the "music store link" dialog better). Have some more meetings.14:18
ChipacaBLOCKED: no sir!14:18
Chipacawhee. Closing comments?14:19
mandelI hate windows....14:19
Chipacamandel: we all do! :)14:19
rodrigo_I'd appreciate reviews on 2 branches of mine: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntuone-client/check-before-disabling and https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntuone-client/add-contact-on-enter :)14:20
CardinalFangrodrigo_, of my to-do, I'll finish this branch soon.  What should I work on next?14:20
alecuI love windows! I wouldn't see the sun from my office otherwise!14:20
Chipacaalecu: as soon as people have ACKed all the above with at least a "no comments" :)14:20
mandelrodrigo_, I'm doing the first branch :P14:20
rodrigo_CardinalFang, ubuntu-sso, let me see the kanban, and I'll assign you some task from there14:20
alecuoh, you guys mean "software" windows, right?14:20
alecuno comments!14:20
rodrigo_alecu, :)14:20
Chipacathisfred: rodrigo_: CardinalFang: vds: alecu: mandel: rmcbride: excellent work. Got impatient: EOM!14:21
ChipacaMumble is *so* much better :(14:21
rodrigo_mandel, cool14:21
ChipacaCardinalFang: when there's a "chad" in here, is that also you?14:22
mandelChipaca, sorry, I forgot what time it was...14:22
Chipacamandel: windows does that to you. I hope it's not a chronic condition.14:22
rmcbrideMy blackout curtains were slightly too effective this morning14:23
CardinalFangChipaca, in here?  You mean internal IRC?14:23
ChipacaCardinalFang: no, in here14:23
mandelChipaca, if it is not windows, is the xml...god they love that crap, I miss python dicts..14:23
CardinalFangNope, not me.   "[chad] (~chad@cpe-67-246-19-44.nycap.res.rr.com): Chad Stephen Albert"14:23
CardinalFangNew York?14:24
mandelCardinalFang, wait, it my be miller, I've seen him in Fox news ;)14:24
mandelCardinalFang, I need to find that url again :P14:25
rodrigo_Chipaca, where's your music store branch?14:25
Chipacathisfred: rodrigo_: CardinalFang: vds: alecu: mandel: rmcbride: excellent work. EOM!14:25
CardinalFangmandel, shuush.14:25
Chipacaum, no14:25
Chipacastupid cut-n-paste :)14:25
* mandel goes to get some food14:26
* Chipaca 's internet is so flaky he types his sentences out in another window just in case14:26
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rodrigo_Chipaca, ok, testing it14:27
Chipacarodrigo_: I just got some comments from johnlea, so it might need a fix14:29
duanedesignalecu: who should we ping now about music store issues?14:30
alecuhi duanedesign, we should ask pfibiger who is working on that now...14:31
rodrigo_Chipaca, ok, works for me, so let me know when the other fix is in and I'll re-review and approve14:31
duanedesignthank you alecu :)14:32
rodrigo_Chipaca, ah, a different icon for the button sounds good indeed14:33
pfibigerduanedesign: what sort of issue?14:33
duanedesignpfibiger: bug 608974 I just assi....hello :)14:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 608974 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store "purchased music fails to download to ubuntu one account (affects: 1) (heat: 34)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60897414:34
pfibigerduanedesign: thanks! i'll have muffinresearch take a look at it.14:35
aquariusrodrigo_, do I need maverick to test the libsyncdaemon stuff?15:07
rodrigo_aquarius, yes, unless you install u1-client trunk somewhere and make it link with that15:07
* aquarius is still on lucid...15:08
aquarius(guilty look)15:08
apacheloggerverterok_: pingy15:26
verterok_apachelogger: pong15:26
apacheloggerverterok_: I have a present for you, just a sec :)15:26
apacheloggerverterok_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469362/15:27
apacheloggerkwallet enabled syncdaemon patch :)15:28
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apacheloggertries to check if kde session ... if that fails -> gnome-keyring ... tries to import pykde/qt stuff for kwallet ... if that fails -> gnome-keyring ... tries to lookup information in kwallet ... if that yields nothing -> gnome-keyring15:28
verterok_apachelogger: :)15:29
apacheloggerwell, technically not directly gnome-keyring once we have identified a KDE session... in that case it will try to import gnomekeyring and if that fails raise the exception as "fatal"15:30
apacheloggerso it is completel non-invasive to gnome envrionments and also works where in cases where a user is using KDE but not ubuntuone-kde :)15:31
verterok_apachelogger: looks like it should be moved into it's own module, instead of live in main.py15:33
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verterokapachelogger: also, I'ld like to avoid the subprocess call...but not sure if that's possible :)15:33
verterokapachelogger: e.g: using dbus to find out if we are running in KDE or Gnome15:34
verterokapachelogger: but I don't know if that's possible :p15:34
apacheloggernot reliably possible, at least not on KDE15:34
apacheloggerone could try to implement kcheckrunning in python, but I did try to avoid that for the sake of reliablity ^^15:35
verterokapachelogger: we have the same issue with the ubuntu-sso package/client15:35
verterokapachelogger: not yet, but in the case there is a need for a kde client15:35
* apachelogger notes that that package is rewritten in Qt using 8x less RAM :P15:35
ryeverterok, erm, is there a session variable somewhere that tells what session user is running?15:37
verterokrye: no idea :)15:37
verterokrye: googling about it ATM :)15:37
ryeverterok, DESKTOP_SESSION15:38
verterokrye: but that's only set if you use gdm15:38
ryeverterok, gnome in GNOME and kde in KDM15:38
apacheloggerKDE got a similar one15:38
ryeverterok, no, my wife has kdm running15:38
apacheloggerthe daemon gets started via DBUS15:38
verterokapachelogger, rye: KDE_FULL_SESSION and GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID ?15:38
apacheloggerwhich means that it will have a bare minimum env, which means no DESKTOP_SESSION15:39
apacheloggerhence I was opting for kcheckrunning: http://websvn.kde.org/*checkout*/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/ksmserver/kcheckrunning.cpp15:39
ryeapachelogger, but daemon is started within session dbus, right?... maybe15:39
apacheloggerrye: doesnt matter15:39
apacheloggerstuff started via dbus service does not have a user environment15:39
verterokrye: but that's only set if you use gdm e user dbus session, not the system dbus15:40
verteroksry, apachelogger ^15:40
verterokapachelogger: anyway, it looks ok. not sure if we are going to be able to merge that...or if we are completely ditching keyring access from syncdaemon and using ubuntu-sso to get the token...we should ask rodrigo about it :)15:41
* apachelogger is all in favor of using ubuntu-sso really15:42
rodrigo_CardinalFang, ok, 'proxy support for ubuntu-sso-client' card assigned to you15:42
apacheloggerverterok: kcheckrunning is not looking at the environment vars but querying using xlib :)15:42
rodrigo_CardinalFang, I'll assign a couple more that are just bug fixes, ok?15:42
verterokapachelogger: :)15:43
verterokrodrigo_: are we going to use ubuntu-sso-client to get the tokens? or each "component" should still access the keyring directly?15:46
rodrigo_verterok, we should all use ubuntu-sso-client, yes15:46
CardinalFangrodrigo_, okay.15:46
statikhi Chipaca, thisfred, CardinalFang: i've got a bug report with a user requesting couchdb 1.0 packaged for maverick, and still no movement from my sponsor in erlang-packaging team in debian. i'm working on packaging it directly for maverick today, any reason I should hold off on uploading today?15:47
verterokrodrigo_: ok, but thats to get the token from the web and store it in the keyring15:47
verterokrodrigo_: I'm talking about actually getting the token out of the keyring :)15:47
thisfredstatik: no reason, AFAIK. You do include the two bugfix patches right?15:47
rodrigo_verterok, I think we should have ubuntu-sso take it from the keyring15:47
ryeverterok, apachelogger DESKTOP_SESSION='gnome' - in a service started from dbus15:48
statikthisfred, right15:48
rodrigo_verterok, so you just ask it for the tokens, and it will retrieve them from the web if there are none, or from the keyring15:48
ryeverterok, apachelogger via autostart / session dbus, so that would work15:48
CardinalFangstatik, none from me.  CC the DPL or whoever is likely to be at the next Debian-Ubuntu-Coordination blamefest.15:48
verterokrodrigo_: are we going to use encypted dbus magic?15:48
rodrigo_verterok, I'll discuss with nessita tomorrow15:48
verterokrodrigo_: if not, all dbus stuff is plain text15:48
verterokrodrigo_: ah, ok15:48
rodrigo_hmm, good point15:48
verterokrye: k :)15:49
rodrigo_need to reboot15:55
statikthisfred, could you dig up the svn commits that correspond to the auth_cache and del_users patch for couchdb 1.0? I don't think those had bug reports, right?15:56
thisfredNot sure, I didn't file JIRA reports but couch.io might have. I'll look15:57
thisfredstatik: ^15:57
statikthanks thisfred15:57
thisfredstatik: auth_cache: r964108 remove_users: r96372316:02
statikthisfred, perfect thanks!16:10
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mandelCardinalFang, I forgot to mention, did they tell you about this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469236/16:33
statikCardinalFang, thisfred: i'm testing the 1.0 couchdb package on maverick, and the desktopcouch-0.6.6-0ubuntu3 test suite all passes against couchdb1.0, but I get 'authorization required' when I try to login to futon. any ideas?16:35
thisfredstatik: ah, there's an ini setting 1.0 requires16:35
thisfredstatik: that we'll have to add in d-c's .ini I think16:36
thisfredstatik, chad: [httpd] WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="administrator"16:37
thisfredwithout that, it'll tell you you need to login, but won't give you the opportunity to do so...16:38
statikCardinalFang, are you doing a new upstream release of desktopcouch to include this or would you prefer to just distropatch it? ^16:40
* statik doesn't know how many other desktopcouch fixes are queued up for this weeks release16:40
statikoh, looks like that is a problem with couchdb 0.11 as well16:41
thisfredcould be, actually I don't know that I've ever tested 0.11's futon with any of our code16:47
mkarnickiverterok: I'd be grateful if you could have a look at a mail I sent you :) I'll catch you in couple of hours, I know your working now :)16:51
verterokmkarnicki: ok, I'll try to take a look to the issue16:51
mkarnickiverterok: thanks! see you later!16:51
statikthisfred, i see this warning during my build of couchdb 1.0 in a pbuilder, is it something to worry about? "WARNING: Module fdsrv not found16:56
statikWARNING: Module oauth_rsa_sha1 not found16:56
CardinalFangstatik, Hrm, the INI should fix that.17:04
CardinalFangstatik, ken and I talked about it.  I thought he was adding something to   /etc/xdg/desktop-couch/compulsory-auth.ini17:04
CardinalFangstatik, new INI files in ~/.config/.. will have the right configs to make Futon work.17:05
CardinalFangSo, removing will make it work in your case.17:05
statikCardinalFang, is more work needed to make it work automatically for users upgrading from lucid?17:07
CardinalFangstatik, Yes.17:08
statikCardinalFang, thanks. can you make sure that a bug is filed and it gets taken care of?17:09
statikawesome. 1.0 is uploaded now17:10
thisfredstatik: hmm, I'm not sure. I don't recall seeing those. Maybe they are new soft dependencies. My 1.0 build probably had the same warnings then, and it works, but it may be worth asking the couch.io guys17:12
statikthisfred: 1.0 is in maverick now, so if you can hit it hard with some tests (or drum up volunteers) that will be much appreciated17:14
thisfredstatik: I'll try upgrading to mav again this week, and "sidegrade" to do some testing17:15
thisfredcouchdb that is.17:16
thisfredBut the server side upgrade has priority, so if possible I'd like to do that first, and if so, I'd like to test that from a known working system first17:17
mandelalecu, do you have time to read some c# ??17:20
alecumandel, for you, always17:22
mandelalecu, thx, take a look at this: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-windows-installer/integrate_spring/+merge/3096217:23
alecumandel, ouch! that's no C#... that's 7k lines of xml!17:23
mandelalecu, yes... there is some documentation you can ignore17:24
mandelalecu, the important part is this: /src/Canonical.UbuntuOne.ProcessDispatcher/SyncDaemonWindowsService.cs17:25
alecumandel: lib/Spring.Net/Spring.Aop.xml ?17:25
alecumandel, oh, right.17:25
mandelalecu, I use Spring.Net as the IoC, have you used ir?17:25
mandelsorry, I meant used it?17:25
alecumandel, never used Spring in C# nor Java, but I've read about it.17:26
mandelalecu, the idea is that Spring.Net creates the different host for the IPC through factories and injects them to the windows service, the injection happens through the properties17:27
mandelalecu, which means a lot of xml :(17:27
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alecumandel, by IPC you mean "the dbus replacement on windows"?17:29
alecumandel, and what do "different host" mean?17:29
mandelalecu, yes, it allows .Net applications to talk with python through WCF17:29
alecuok, cool.17:29
mandelalecu, different hosts means that there is "host" per functionallity, that is, one for shares, one for configuration etc..17:30
mandelalecu, each of them runs in a thread17:30
mandelalecu, in a single process own by the windows service17:30
alecuoh, great. I was thinking of "host" as computer or server. Now it makes sense.17:30
mandelalecu, I use the word host 'cause WCF is meant for server and client17:31
mandelalecu, but it also provides IPC through diff bindings :P17:32
alecumandel, is it common practice to include each .net dll in the bzr repo?17:35
alecumandel, I'm asking because we had a few headaches when including .jars17:35
alecumandel, mainly because of the time it took to download a repo when there was tons of revision of each .jar for all the java dependencies for funambol.17:37
alecu(anyway: since this is already a project that has been split, I guess it's ok)17:37
mandelalecu, that is a good question, I do not mind not to provides de libs, but so far they are there to stop people from dll hunting ;)17:40
mandelalecu, but I do agree that the branch is gettnig heavy...17:40
mandelalecu, removing can always be done ;)17:40
alecumandel, the problem we had was that *every* revision of the .jars was in the repo: remember that bzr keeps all history, and it downloads it locally when you are branching. So plain remove won't do.17:43
mandelalecu, agg true, I forgot about that... bullocks17:44
mandelmandel, well, there should not be many version of the dlls, or at least that is what I hope17:44
alecumandel, sure: we can always decide to not include the dlls if and when they start changing.17:45
mandelalecu, there are also a number of utilities in there to simplify the work of the losas etc... snice it is probably the only windows project we have in c#...17:46
alecuyup :-)17:46
* mandel goes for a coffee :D18:10
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Laibschdoes Ubuntu One sync process pick of uploading a file from my computer to the cloud where it left off if the connection is connection?18:18
Laibschsort of like "wget -c" for downloads?18:18
statikLaibsch, it doesn't do resumable uploads and downloads currently. we know thats kinda dumb, but have been fixing some other performance problems first, that one is very close to the top of the list though.18:18
LaibschI am on a slow DSL connection with very little upload capacity and it seems like the DSL connection is always cut before the file is fully uploaded18:19
LaibschI see, statik.18:19
LaibschI'll have to think of how to break this into pieces that I can still share with a Windows client, then.18:19
statiki wish i had better news for you, we know how important it is for resumable uploads for people in exactly your situation18:20
Laibschwell, that's OK18:21
LaibschI'll add an FAQ entry to the wiki18:21
Laibschthat should do it for now18:21
alecumandel: why is "var hosts = new[]" defined both on the OnStart and the OnStop ?18:23
alecumandel_afk, ^18:23
alecumandel_afk, I believe it would make more sense to have it defined once, so if new services are added we won't miss stopping them... etc.18:24
Laibschstatik: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ#Can%20the%20Ubuntu%20One%20client%20do%20resumable%20uploads%20and%20downloads?18:33
statikLaibsch, thanks!18:34
Laibschthank YOU18:34
Laibschgood bye18:34
jetsaredimis there a way to sync a single file within a directory18:35
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mkarnickifacundobatista: Hi, could you tell me what is 'With user' on states_connection.svg diagram?18:38
facundobatistamkarnicki, that the user said that it wanted syncdaemon to connect18:39
facundobatistamkarnicki, and "with network" means that network manager (or the appropiate network master in the system) said that a network connection is available18:39
facundobatistamkarnicki, syncdaemon only will try to connect if both in true18:39
mkarnickifacundobatista: 'Not user' is then only before initial U1 setup to connect to the cloud? (or I got something wrong)18:40
facundobatistamkarnicki, you can tell at any moment that you don't want your client to be connected, at that point it goes to "not user"18:40
mkarnickifacundobatista: aha, thanks :) by the way (out of curiosity), how can I tell it not to sync?18:40
facundobatistamkarnicki, do you have a working desktop client at hand?18:40
mkarnickifacundobatista: sure18:41
mkarnickiit's with user and with network currently18:41
facundobatistamkarnicki, do "u1sdtool -s"18:41
facundobatistamkarnicki, then do "u1sdtool -d" and get the status again18:41
mkarnickifacundobatista: aha, neat18:41
mkarnickifacundobatista: how do I turn sync on again?18:41
facundobatistamkarnicki, you can not tell syncdaemon to don't sync, you just can tell it to be disconnected18:41
mkarnicki(I could see man pages but I have you ;P )18:42
facundobatistamkarnicki, "u1sdtool -c" will connect it18:42
mkarnickifacundobatista: (aha I see - about the syncdaemon)18:42
mkarnickifacundobatista: thanks. that clarifies much :)18:42
facundobatistamkarnicki, :)18:42
mkarnickifacundobatista: some ideas can be really good to mimic on Android, not only to have some consistency, but also because you guys have thought of many scenarios for U1 usage, etc.18:43
mkarnickifacundobatista: and since I'll implement network availability detection soon, it's good time for me to ask ;) Thanks.18:44
facundobatistamkarnicki, my pleasure18:45
mandelalecu, yes, it can be defined only once, but then it will be ketp in memory all the time the service is ran, and therefore it will use more memory, is just an array of ref object, but I do not like the idea of the gc not collecting it18:45
mandelalecu, I was talking about the hosts array18:46
alecumandel: what about a method that creates and returns just that array?18:46
alecumandel, yes, I see.18:46
mandelalecu, mmm that is a goo point, that would be nicer indeed18:46
mandelalecu, I've updated the branch with the array comment, it is seriously nicer to use a method rather than doing it manually, I was stupid when I wrote that :P18:52
mkarnickifacundobatista: 'working on metadata' is, for example, comparing hashes of local content and server content, while 'working on content' is up/downloading files, right?18:54
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mandelalecu, I need to go, let me know if you find anyother shit code in the merge proposal, and again, sorry I did not know when I updated Spring.Net that there was going to be soooo much xml added, my code is just around 300 lines :(18:58
alecumandel, oks. Talk to you tomorrow.18:58
facundobatistamkarnicki, all operations are in the meta queue, and upload and download are in the content queue18:58
mandelalecu, ok, laters, and thx again!18:59
mkarnickifacundobatista: got it, thanks :)18:59
facundobatistamkarnicki, "working in metadata" means that the meta queue is working18:59
mkarnickifacundobatista: meta queue is part of syncdaemon, right?18:59
facundobatistamkarnicki, both, yes18:59
mkarnickifacundobatista: ok, great18:59
mkarnickifacundobatista: I'm doing pretty much things live, when the user browses the folders/files, but there'll be few modes of operation of AndroidU1 in the future.19:00
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owen1is ubuntu one works with thunar?19:48
owen1or is it only for nautilus?19:48
beunoowen1, there is no thunar integration19:50
CardinalFangeasy, small review, anyone?  statik, rodrigo_, kenvandine?  ^19:51
owen1beuno: so if i use xubuntu, i need to intsall nautilus before installing ubuntuone?19:51
beunoowen1, I don't think it depends on nautilus19:52
beunodobey or Chipaca would know in more detail19:52
dobeythe ubuntu one client side stuff really only supports gnome at the moment, yes19:53
owen1beuno: so i can use it even with xubuntu? don't i need to right click on a file and 'publish it' isn't it require some sort of a file manager?19:54
beunoowen1, you can use the web interface for that19:54
beunothe desktop integration is done with nautilus, yes19:55
owen1beuno: so after installing it, it create some kind of service (localhost:<port>) that i can access my home and 'publish' files?19:55
beunoowen1, no localhost19:57
owen1beuno: ok. i login and see my home. cool19:57
AJenbohi vds20:03
vdsAJenbo: hello20:03
AJenboim having some issues compiling the ubuntu one windows client20:04
AJenboam i right in thinking that i have to be under windows to compile it?20:04
AJenboalso i am loading the project in monodeveloper, but it is giving me an error for client views20:06
CardinalFangAJenbo, the person to ask left 1h ago.  :(20:06
AJenbodang :(20:06
AJenboif any one see's him can you tell him that i need to talk to him, preferably this week20:07
CardinalFangAJenbo, considering the packaging that goes with it, I suspect it needs some MSFT voodoo that cmake (or whatever) doesn't yet have.20:07
CardinalFangAJenbo, if you're here in 20 hours or so, I'll introduce you.20:08
owen1can i share files i have with non-ubuntu users?20:09
AJenbook, now tell me what you primary weaponry is ;)20:09
AJenboownen1, yes but there isn't any os client for non linux systems20:10
CardinalFangowen1, individual files you can make "public" and give out the URLs,  If you want specific users, then we need to authenticate them somehow.20:10
owen1CardinalFang:ok, so if i have 10 files, i'll have to give 10 urls?20:11
AJenboowen1: you can share files and forlders with otheres but they will have to download the individiual files from the web interface at one.ubuntu.com20:11
owen1AJenbo: and they don't need to login, correct?20:11
CardinalFangowen1, and they don't need to use Ubuntu-the-operating-system.  There's a web interface.  They have to be an "Ubuntu One user", which is what I thought you were asking.20:11
AJenboowen1 if you want to share folders they need there own accound on the site.20:11
owen1CardinalFang: oh. so i can't make my files public to anyone (without the need to create ubuntu one account)?20:12
AJenboowen1: also you should be aware that there is a bug with public files and internet explorer, it might already be fixed tough.20:12
AJenboowen1: yes but then you need to give out an url per file20:12
owen1AJenbo: so if it's individual files, they will be able to get them without login. for folders, they have to use a login.20:12
CardinalFangowen1, you can make files *public*, but the URLs are small and guessable.20:12
CardinalFangowen1, to share with a particular person, they need a (free) account to make sure they are who they say they are.20:13
CardinalFangFor folders, there's no good way to share all of the files, yet.  We have ideas, but they won't be ready in the next two months or so.20:14
owen1got it. thanks20:15
AJenboowen1 i am working on the windows solution, this very week :)20:25
statikAJenbo, you definitely need to be under windows to compile the windows client20:27
statikCardinalFang, do you still need a code review?20:27
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statikah, nm I see it is approved already20:29
owen1AJenbo: so people will be able to install it on windows?20:33
CardinalFangstatik, Nothing needed now.  Thanks.20:34
AJenboowen1 yes20:39
mkarnickiverterok: In case you need me, I'll be around :)20:57
verterokmkarnicki: ok, I wasn't able to take a look to the code yet.20:57
mkarnickiverterok: np, take your time. I'll be waiting :)20:58
mkarnickiverterok: Don't worry, I don't want to push you, I just really need your help :) If you could take a look at the code later some time, I could read what you found out even tomorrow if I'm not still here. Anyway, I'll be around for few more hours.21:00
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jamestaitHello people. :)23:20
mkarnickihi jamestait :)23:21
jamestaitIt's pretty quiet in here atm.23:21
beunojamestait, \o/23:22
mkarnickijamestait: in Europe, its late evening/night. in USA, its after work hours.23:22
* jamestait takes a bow.23:22
beunomkarnicki, jamestait will be joining the web+mobile team in ~3 weeks23:22
* jamestait is in the UK.23:22
beunohe's one of our secret weapons23:23
* mkarnicki *-* looks with jelousy23:23
mkarnickidang that's my dream job23:23
jamestaitI've let the cat out of the bag somewhat on identi.ca but I'm still somewhat careful about shouting about it. :)23:23
mkarnickiI saw the job offer link work no more. So I thought the position is already taken :)23:24
mkarnickibeuno: I saw your blog for the first time today, a friend of mine dropped me a link, related to ubuntuone-android-client post.23:24
jamestaitmkarnicki: From what I gather, several people at work would quite like the job too. :)23:24
mkarnickijamestait: consider yourself lucky :) (however, you must have earned it)23:25
beunomkarnicki, I'm waiting for you to give me a wink to announce the first alpha of your app  ;)23:25
jamestaitAlthough to be frank, I think it's more because they figure working from home means an easy life. ;)23:25
mkarnickijamestait: we've met before some time ago, haven't we. I remember you from somewhere, but I'm not sure where.23:25
jamestaitQuite possibly, but I'm hopeless with names and I don't have a face to go by. :)23:26
beunojamestait, people tend to think that working from home means working less, when in reality it means working harder23:26
mkarnickibeuno: I'm on it. I need verterok to help me out with authentication though (again :/ ). I just finished implementing view biding (stars, filesize, etc. to be done: custom icons for files)23:26
jamestaitbeuno: I certainly found that in my previous job.23:26
beunomkarnicki, jamestait is the developer of the hethera plugin to sync contacts for thunderbird via couchdb23:27
mkarnickiaha, nice :)23:27
jamestaitI haven't had a lot of time to spend on it the last few weeks.23:27
mkarnickiI'm currently a browser-guy, but I used to have thunderbird around.23:27
beunoI can imagine23:27
jamestaitBut now the school holidays are here and all the "new job" stuff is pretty much sorted, I'm back baby!23:28
mkarnickirock on jamestait23:28
jamestaitWell... apart from retrieving as much data as I can from my dad's old laptop before I wipe it and install Ubuntu on it for my wife.23:28
mkarnickiI'm definitely going to continue working on the project and hopefully apply for Ubuntu Developer status in few months (maybe at the end of the year?)23:29
jamestaitWhat's your project mkarnicki?23:29
mkarnickijamestait: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndroidU123:29
beunojamestait, mkarnicki is the awesome guy developing an ubuntu one file sync client for android23:29
jamestaitAh, excellent. :D23:29
mkarnickijamestait: excuse the site. it's a mockup set up just yesterday ;d23:29
beunoI've been using it for a few weeks now23:29
jamestaitWhich reminds me, I really need to check when my handset upgrade is due.23:30
mkarnickibeuno: please, don't say that. pre-pre-alpha is far from usable ;)23:30
beunooh, I've been using it to download things to my phone!23:30
mkarnickibeuno: but I'm really excited to forthcoming alpha release, I really do :)23:30
mkarnickibeuno: haha, lovely \o/ =)23:30
mkarnickiat least that works ;)23:31
mkarnickiI'd love to test what I just wrote, but I can't. I/we broke auth and hopefully verterok will have a look at it soon.23:31
mkarnickiI'm pretty sure it's my fault, but I really think that part of code is robust and I can't find the problem source.23:32
mkarnickianyway, enough about problems :) I'm trying to get myself motivated hah ;)23:32
beunoit's amazing, whether you like it or not!23:33
mkarnickibeuno: why did it take me so long to notice '... the awesome guy developing an ubuntu ...' - thanks :D !23:33
jamestaitThere's your motivation. ;)23:33
mkarnickiThere it is :)!23:33
mkarnickiI'm happy to be working with U1 team, you guys are really friendly and helpful.23:34
jamestaitbeuno: isn't that exactly what I said?23:34
beunowe're thrilled you're doing all this hard work23:34
beunojamestait, I remember similarities23:35
mkarnickibeuno: download progress bar is on my TODO list ;)23:35
beunomkarnicki, that'd be super nice23:35
beunolike the ones in the market23:35
* beuno points jamestait at his other window23:36
jamestait:) Thanks.23:36
mkarnickibeuno: yes, I think it's a good idea to put them in the notification bar, so that user can continue browsing other content in the mean time.23:36
mkarnickibeuno: dropbox has this invasive (currently similar to mine) modal dialog box, but it's not really necessary there.23:37
beunoright, no point23:37
mkarnickiit's hard to believe how patient and helpful verterok is.23:40
beunoit is23:40
mkarnickiI enjoyed watching last stand up meeting of Ubuntu Desktop+ team23:44
mkarnickiIt's like a live report of ongoing work, isn't it :)23:44
beunoyeah, I like that they're doing those in public now23:45
jamestaitAh, I haven't seen that.23:47
mkarnickijamestait: everybody wrote what they did, what they had TODO, and if their work was blocked by anything, and called out another person to do so :)23:47
mkarnickione by one23:48
jamestaitSounds like Scrum. :)23:48
mkarnickibeuno: I need icons for my app. I'll probably need some artwork, too. You think Ubuntu Artwork Team could help? Maybe I should stick with some public domain / GPL icons for time being.23:53
beunomkarnicki, yes, I may be able to get you some bling if you tell me exactly what you need23:54
mkarnickibling bling :D23:54
mkarnicki1 sec23:54
beunosizes, what the icon needs to represent, etc23:54
beunobonus points if it's in an email  ;)23:54
mkarnickihehe, sure thing23:55
mkarnickibeuno: perhaps before I start playing with eye-candy, http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/ would do23:55
mkarnickiyou know, so that we get the codebase first, eye-candy second.23:55
mkarnickiwhat do you think?23:56
beunomkarnicki, sure, that's what we're using for files in the web ui23:56
beunoChipaca is a big famfamfam fan23:56
mkarnickiok then, I'll use those for filetypes. that's even better, we'll have more consistency23:56
mkarnickifor more eye-candy, I'll know who I can write to :)23:57
* mkarnicki omg forgot about two sandwitches laying next to him for 2 hours23:59

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