rocode_What does Ubuntu Studio use as a network manager?04:56
rocode_Nevermind. Solved my own issue.05:02
scott-workif anyone can help test the amd64 ubuntu studio iso before the end of the week, it would be greatly appreciated :)   http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/424218:12
dodge_hello.. please a little help. i was upgrading to to new distrubution. lost wifi signal, now update manager says im up to date. but im not there is a new distrubution. how to i reset it so it says theres a new upagrade please19:36
dodge_even apt-get dist-upgrade does not find the new distro. im on 8. somthing. any help would be great, thanks :O)19:41
holsteinhey dodge_19:43
* holstein is on the phone.. but if you can hang for a sec :)19:43
dodge_i can wait :O)19:43
holsteindodge_: OK19:45
holsteinso your on 8.0419:46
holsteinand you were upgrading19:46
holsteinand you lost connection19:46
holsteinhow far along were you?19:46
holsteinjust DL'ing pacakges?19:46
dodge_downloading updates only19:46
holsteinthats good19:46
holsteinhave you restared?19:46
holsteindodge_: wait on that19:47
dodge_guess i should restart?19:47
holsteindodge_: have you opened synaptic?19:47
holsteindodge_: nah, wait19:47
dodge_no.. only update manager19:47
holsteinmight not be able to get back in19:47
holsteindodge_: open synaptic19:47
dodge_i'll try19:47
holsteinand lets look at a few things19:47
dodge_opend and reloaded19:48
holsteingo to settings - repositiories19:49
holsteinlook under the updates tab19:49
holsteinand make sure it is set to LTS releases still19:49
holsteinLTS=long term support19:50
holsteinlook under the other software tab19:50
holsteinand see if you see the word 'hardy' there19:50
dodge_shall i change it to LTS?>19:50
holsteinor lucid19:50
holsteindodge_: i would19:51
holsteinbut it doesnt matter really for your situation19:51
holsteinlucid is the next 'normal' release19:51
dodge_third party software?19:51
holsteinand it is an LTS19:51
holsteindodge_: yeah, i forget what it looked like back at hardy19:51
holsteinbut just look around in there19:51
holsteinand make sure you dont see any 'lucid'19:51
dodge_under third party says.. Cdrom with Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid19:52
dodge_or jaunty19:52
holsteindodge_: are you sure your running hardy?19:52
dodge_not realy lol sorry19:53
holsteindodge_: what you dont want to do is19:53
holsteinbe on hardy19:53
dodge_slight newb19:53
holsteinand be upgrading through to lucid19:53
holsteinthat would take DAYS19:53
holsteinyou want to go straight from hardy to lucid19:54
dodge_maybe thats what ive been doing19:54
holsteinyou cant go straight from intrepid to lucid19:54
holsteinyou have to go intrepid to jaunty to karmic to lucid19:54
holsteindodge_: if i were you19:55
dodge_is there a way to just download the latest and fresh install without needing dvds/cd's?19:55
holsteini would backup my DATA19:55
holsteinjust to be safe19:55
holsteinand then19:55
holsteinchange that setting from 'normal releases' to 'lonf term support' releases19:55
holsteinand restart19:55
holsteindodge_: restart AFTER you have your data backedup19:56
dodge_dont have any this was fresh install from old cd.. nothing to loose19:56
holsteinyou might not be able to get back in if your half-way between hardy and intrepid19:56
holsteindodge_: COOL19:56
holsteinin my opinion19:56
holsteinthe fresh install is always prefered19:56
holsteinand quicker19:56
holsteindodge_: can you USB boot that machine?19:57
holsteinyou can use unetbootin to make a bootable lucid USB stick19:57
dodge_can do but no USB stick here :0/19:57
holsteindodge_: hmmm19:57
holsteindodge_: you cant make a CD/DVD either?19:57
dodge_ill try restarting ... thanks for ur help, may b back in a min :P19:58
holsteindodge_: :)19:58
dodge_still says im up-to-date. :O(20:02
asantonihey TheMuso, can we get PortAudio updated to latest SVN before 10.10? Also, we're working on prepping a new Mixxx release by August 1st20:02
holsteindodge_: SO20:07
holsteinyou could..20:07
holsteingo through the updates20:07
holsteinone by one20:07
holsteinif thats your only option20:07
dodge_i could indeed :O) but still says im already up to date20:08
dodge_one by one?20:08
holsteinchange that setting back to 'normal releases'20:08
holsteindodge_: OH20:08
holsteinand it still says that?20:08
dodge_yes.. weird. can u only check once a day? lol20:09
holsteintry running sudo aptitude dist-upgrade20:09
holsteindodge_: thats just how often update manager will check for you20:09
dodge_i did but will try again now since reboot20:09
* holstein phone again... BB20:11
dodge_found a dvd :O) will just download the new one lol20:14
dodge_thanks for the support tho :O)20:17
=== johan is now known as johan\lin
zushow can i get  the blender 2.5?21:58
zusi only see the  2.49B stable? i do want to update21:58
holsteinzus: if you can find a .deb somewheres21:59
holsteinotherwise you got a build it21:59
zusalso if possible  how can i update the  python my 2.49B requires i tried to import paths and  i got an error and it said something about python counsole21:59
zusholstein,  hey bud,21:59
zusthis is agrivating21:59
holsteinyeah, thats the drag of being on the latest stable22:00
holsteinzus: have you checked falktx's PPA ?22:00
holsteini know some newer versions are there22:00
holsteinand he seems to keep the breakage to a minimum22:00
zusfigured i may as well update, since  everything is in the wrong place depending on what tutorial i watch or diferent comands in fact i have a 2.49B tutorial  "R dont rotate i have to right lcick and hold to rotate...22:01
zusfalktx's ppa for  the  Kstudio?22:01
* holstein is really unsure what exactly is in there22:03
zusnot  yet, i got an idea for making  money but i then need to learn blender and gimp ASAP22:03
holsteinsweet :)22:03
zusturning my friends stand up into an animated set,...22:04
zuswith my own music22:04
holsteingreat idea22:04
holsteinis there a #blender ?22:05
zusim not sure22:05
zusis there anything "extra" i need to download for  animations and logos in blender? or  is everything i would need out the box?22:06
zusthis is all i find http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/22:06
holsteinblender is so far over my head22:07
holsteini have no idea22:07
holsteinpipeman might know22:07
holsteinhe's a graphics guy22:07
zusthere is a #blender, just joined22:09
zusholstein,  thanks , i headed out c-ya later.22:50
TheMusoasantoni: I'll see what I can do. Do you have a recomended svn revision, and does Debian have a newer version yet?23:04
asantoniTheMuso: Just checked, Debian is still on a version from 200723:20
asantoniThe PortAudio guys fixed this dreaded deadlock from hell bug 2 months ago that's been plaguing Mixxx for a while23:21
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 2 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/2)23:21
asantoniThanks TheMuso23:24
asantonir1529 seems OK23:25
TheMusoasantoni: Ok, so should I pull \latest SVN then? And np.23:25
asantoniyeah 1529 is latest23:25
asantoniThanks! :)23:25
TheMusoasantoni: No problem, will see about getting tat done this week.23:29
asantoniTheMuso: Do you foresee any problems if we try to get at least a release candidate of our next major release out by August 1st?23:30
asantoniI'll try to get our Debian guy to package it up as usual23:30
TheMusoasantoni: No, feature freeze is August 12th afaik, let me check that.23:30
asantoniok, I'll send Paul Brossier an email just giving him a heads up and CC you on that23:31
TheMusoOk sounds good.23:31
TheMusoYep, August 12th.23:31
asantoniWe were shooting for the 10.04 feature freeze23:32
asantonithat didn't go so well :)23:32

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