joey1can someone help me here?02:23
trebuchetDoes Xubuntu ship any default GUI app to change my capslock key into a control key/02:23
trebuchetjoey1: What's up?02:23
joey1im using wine to load up itunes and  it keeps saying that the file itunes library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes. what do i do?02:23
trebuchetjoey1: I'd check winehq and look at iTunes in the appdb. They have bug reports too, and there is also #winehq where you can ask question - that IRC channel would be better than this one.02:24
trebuchetor .com, I forget02:24
trebuchethaven't used wine02:24
joey1thank you so much02:24
trebuchetSo, I installed Xubuntu because I was lazy, how do I change my modmap for capslock -> ctrl?02:29
ashley__does any one know what can cause a wired network card to become disconnected and how to fix it02:53
ashley__does any one know what can cause a wired network card to become disconnected and how to fix it?03:02
trebuchetashley__: That is a very wide-open question, it could be innumerable things...03:05
ashley__ok i just installed it the other day it was working fine then all of a sudden it would not go to any other website other than xfce.org shut it off and turned it back on and then it told me the network card was disconnected03:07
trebuchetthe xfce.org splashpage is local on your system, it just is presented in the web browser03:09
trebuchetit doesn't mean you have network connectivity03:09
trebuchetis it wireless?03:09
ashley__no it is a wired network card03:16
ashley__my mother board has dual ether net ports03:19
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korst3nHi - I installed xubuntu package and then I was browsing through themes and the system suddenly crashed. Now I can't log into xfce or xfce session it just goes back to the login screen. any ideas?09:04
Sysikorst3n: press ctrl alt f1 and log in there (or your other DE)09:15
korst3nSysi, I can log into gnome as i'm on gnome right now09:16
Sysirm -rf .config/xfce4/xfconf09:16
korst3nSysi, done. should i try now?09:17
Sysiit shhould work now09:18
Sysisettings are removed09:19
korst3nSysi, alright it works now. Thank you.09:21
korst3nby the way is it possible to have the xfce 4.4's bottom panel in 4.6?09:21
Sysiwhat do you mean?09:22
Sysiyou can change items in panels and move them09:22
korst3nhere's a screenshot - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/45/Screenshot-xfce-in-the-moon.png09:23
korst3nthere was that starter panel at the bottom09:23
Sysicreate new/modify panel and items, and set it to "fixed width" or something09:24
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Anom01yHi, how do I encode a simple video for youtube out of jpgs ?15:43
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:48
mohithow to filter google search for linux/ubuntu16:28
mohitany application about it16:29
mohitreply plz16:30
mohitwill anyone help16:30
charlie-tcagone... another person with just 4 minutes to spare that needs help?16:34
Anom01yHi, how do I encode a simple video for youtube out of jpgs ?16:52
Anom01yanyone here know anything about the program Lives ?  I am trying to convert jpgs I have into a slideshow with effects and music for a simple youtube video. Didn't know it would be this difficult16:52
passandoGood afternoon17:46
passandoI do I change the font type of the main name in a window?17:46
TheSheeppassando: applications->settings->window manager->title font17:51
passandoyour're the best17:55
passandoThank you a lot17:55
morgandoes any one know a command to re connect my wired network card17:57
highvoltagemorgan: unfortunately you have to plug it in manually17:58
charlie-tcain a terminal, "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" ?17:58
* charlie-tca thinks highvoltage might just be right :-)17:59
morgantryed that and it still wont com up18:00
morganifconfig for both of my ether net ports 1 and 018:00
highvoltagemorgan: ah, after plugin it in you might want to run something like "sudo dhclient"18:02
morganok done18:03
morganwhat am i looking for now18:03
highvoltageit should show some addresses and stuff if it worked18:04
highvoltagemorgan: this is on xubuntu? don't you have network-manager?18:04
morganyes i do all ready tryed to turn it back on but keeps saying disconnected18:05
morganwhen i do sudo lshw -C network it says that network DISABLED in both eth0-118:06
Sysiright click over panel applet and check that networking is in use18:35
Sysiwhat are modelnames of those cards?18:35
morgancards are Realtek RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller18:37
churlhow do i share a folder in xubuntu?18:37
morganthere are two on the board18:37
churl(everything online says to right click or system -> shared folders) and those options are not there for me18:39
aberhowso why is it that the xfce4-mixer program won't save my settings after a reboot?19:15
Sysipulseaudio erases alsamixer settings19:16
aberhowso what is the best solution then?19:17
Sysii haven't really find solution, removing pulseadio is an option, but palying with lsactl sounds nicer19:18
ron_oI'm trying something I've never tried before.... Using Karmic. Bear with me here.19:42
ron_oI have two root partitions, one for xubuntu that I am using and another for a spare19:42
ron_o/dev/sda6 & /dev/sda7  http://yfrog.com/n3devsdagparted001p19:42
ron_oI'd like to install another OS on it, perhaps xubuntu or perhaps another like linux mint.19:43
ron_o Is there anything I need to know before I try this?19:43
ron_oIs Grub2 a problem?19:43
ron_oyou know, I think I know. It's just like installing two OSs. I am sure grub2 will handle it. I can always make a backup of /root and /boot with a partimage live cd.. ... These types of actions always make me nervous :)20:01
ridinyou should ask #linux or #Ubuntu20:02
ron_oridin, yah.. I just answered my own question. :) Can't go wrong if I backup eveything and don't touch /home.20:03
Sysior wait few minutes :P20:03
Sysiron_o: do you know what bootloaders can do?20:03
Sysiyou can install it in new installation to start of partition and configure old grub, or install new grub to MBR and use that20:04
ron_oI have grub2... and I kind of want to keep /boot separate. I can always install /boot on the new parition. I really would like to share /boot, if I can.20:05
ron_oyah, that would really complicate things, wouldn't it. I think that's what's confusing me.20:06
lifenotfounddoes anybody know what the 10.04 default icon set is called?21:23
SysiElementary Xubuntu21:23
lifenotfoundthanks sysi21:24
morgando any one know how to reanable  a network card?22:16
morganthat has disabled its self22:17
morganneed help with network card22:41
Kangarooocharlie-tca: ping22:51
charlie-tcaKangarooo: pong22:51
Kangarooor u sure bug 607489 is a dublicate of bug 403135 ? couse my bug is about skype wrong colors in programm but that dublicate is about notification area colors22:51
charlie-tcawhat happened? we break the 'bot again?22:53
charlie-tcabug 60748922:53
Kangarooobug #456622:53
KangaroooSkype wrong colors https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/607489 and dub https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/40313522:54
charlie-tcathey are both too dark a menu with too dark a lettering22:54
charlie-tcain the Murrine theme22:54
Kangarooobut wrong colors everywhere in skype. still its dublicate? that murine isnt just(only) about notification area?22:55
charlie-tcaYou wrote it up as in the menus. What do mean by "everywhere in skype" ?22:56
charlie-tcaHave you tried a different theme?22:57
Kangaroooin that bug theres screenshots. i also wanted to post another screenshot - where im selecting many contacts in skype and its not visible(hardy visible) that they r selected.22:57
Kangaroooi have albatros theme22:57
charlie-tcaThat is all the same issue. Still a dup22:58
charlie-tcaTry clearlooks and see what it does. If it is still the same, it is not a dup22:58
Kangaroooim trying other themes now. doesnt change anything22:58
charlie-tcaWhat did clearlooks do for it?22:59
Kangaroooclearlooks? i dont have that theme in window manager in 10.1023:00
charlie-tcaappearance settings23:00
charlie-tcaWindow manager does not change the menu colors, appearance does23:01
Kangaroooah yes forgot about thouse.. that appearance setting icon makes me think its nothing important couse it really stands out of other icons. yes now menu dialogs left click in notification and settings menu in skype programm is now seanable clear. but selecting all still makes not easy to understand that contacts r selected so theres 2 bugs in skype.23:04
charlie-tcaThat means it is a duplicate of the other bug.23:05
Kangarooofor example this is still the same. http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52183171/skype%20select%20all.png23:05
Kangarooothen yes ok . ok then i report new one only about this selection all passw and selecting contacts not seenable23:06
charlie-tcaThat too gets fixed when the theme gets fixed23:07
Kangaroooah yes now i see passw when reopened skype in the same clearlooks theme and also selectin contacts can be seen. ok then all is correct. then only in that dublicate isnt selected that this affects skype. or its not so important since change in murine package will fix that23:10
charlie-tcaNow you got it!23:13
emmahey there23:16
emmais it normal for xubuntu to warn about updating stuff that can't be authenticated?23:17
emmaI just did an install updates thing and it says "warning! you are about to install software that can't be authenticated!"23:17
charlie-tcayup, normal23:18
emmathe packages in there are things like dpkg and yelp and xulrunner23:18
emmacharlie-tca: why would that be the normal behaviour. Why can't it be authenticated?23:18
emmawhy would this happen for a normal system update?23:18
charlie-tcaMaybe the connection went off/on rapidly. Sometimes the certificate expires before it gets renewed23:19
charlie-tcabut it will always warn you when it can not authenticate, so you can decide if it is okay or someone is messing your system up23:20
emmadoes xubuntu use the same repos as ubuntu?23:21
emmait says that it's going to take 44 minutes to install the updates23:24
emmadoes that seem normal?23:24
emma223 MB of updates23:25
Kangaroooemma: u mean 44min to DL updates? speed of DL is network releated. network from DL server to ur comp goes as fast as slowest system (server, ur comp or internet provider allows). since even very very old comp can get real fast net then in this case its internet provider to whose limits uve agreed. hope its possible in ur region to get fast speed with not ridiculous price. google is making some new internet network with mega speed.23:48
Kangarooo*i mean slowest system in the path of this DL23:50
emmaKangarooo: well sure, but i think i have anormal broadband speed. how about 223 mb, is that a lot of update?23:57

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