lfaraonecaroline_: hiya.04:23
* Ankurkhuran-8153 is checking sugar-irc-activity12:23
* Ankurkhuran-8153 says it is working :)12:24
ManusheelAnkurkhuran-8153 : Great.12:24
=== Ankurkhuran-8153 is now known as ankurirc
ankurankurirc,  hi12:24
ankurircankur:  hi12:25
Manusheelankurirc: You can send it for review.12:25
ankurManusheel,  hi sir12:25
ankurthe workaround by james seem to work12:25
ankurwill send him a mail as well :)12:25
Manusheelankur: Great.12:25
Manusheelankur: Neat. We have e-toys left now.12:26
ankuryes sir, will work on that in evening12:26
Manusheelankur: Sure.12:26
ankuri have made all the necessary changes in that12:26
ManusheelSounds like a plan.12:26
Manusheelankur: Yes? Please continue.12:27
ankurit runs but when it starts in sugar , it gives a warning12:27
ankurwhich i dont think is normal12:27
Manusheelankur: Ok. That is something to worry about.12:28
ankurbut removing that and after it works12:28
ManusheelLet us get back on this warning at debian olpc mailing list.12:28
Manusheelankur: Ok.12:28
ankurso , need to work on that side by side , but i would like to make sure that it is not any packagin fault12:28
ankurso will ask luke to review12:28
Manusheelankur: Sure.12:28
ankuror may be you can send him a mail if possible12:28
Manusheelankur: Explain him both cases.12:29
ankurthen i will post this on mailing list12:29
ankurI am sure , that we will be able to sort it out12:29
Manusheelankur: Sure. Mailing list will be good. Explain him the situation taking both cases - when you remove warning vs when you don't remove it.12:29
ankursir . i dont get to remove warning, what i meant was to ignore warning12:30
ankuri meant close warning window12:30
Manusheelankur: Ok.12:30
Manusheelankur: Sure. That is fine.12:30
ankursir, i will be going to sleep , was tired as of now :)12:31
Manusheelankur: Sure. Take rest.12:31
ManusheelTalk to you sometime today evening.12:31
ankuras i had a hectic day in morning12:31
ankursure sir :)12:31
Manusheelankur: Sure. Please do your academia on a daily basis.12:32
Manusheelankur: Let me know if you need help.12:32
ankurManusheel,  sure sir , keeping balance. I will confirm about the meeting by today evening.I had some prior commitments , but will try to work around a situation.12:33
Manusheelankur: Neat. Yes, that would be great.12:34
ankurManusheel sir , will ask you , a great mentor and a person who did wonderful work while in same stage ours :)12:34
ankurwell , i think i should leave12:34
ankurthank you12:34
ankurthanks for support :)12:34
Manusheelankur: Whom?12:34
ankursir you12:35
Manusheelankur: Ok :-)12:35
Manusheelankur: Appreciate your kind regards.12:35
* lfaraone waves.14:17
Manusheellfaraone: Good morning.14:17
kandarpklfaraone: Hi15:24
lfaraonehey kandarpk15:26
kandarpklfaraone: how do I add the request to sync memorize into ubuntu ?15:26
kandarpklfaraone: I won't require to submit the .debian.tar.gz patch now, I think15:27
lfaraonekandarpk: that's correct. the program you want to use is 'requestsync' from ubuntu-dev-tools. Its manpage explains its usage.15:28
kandarpklfaraone: Ok.15:29
lfaraonekandarpk: since changes have been made in Ubuntu, you'll have to explain as prt of the process why we're dropping the ubuntu changes, because the package is now in debian and the ubuntu changes are irrelevent.15:29
kandarpklfaraone: Ok.15:31
kandarpklfaraone: I'll need to run requestsync inside ubuntu ?15:32
lfaraonekandarpk: yes.15:36
kandarpkdfarning: Hi15:44
dfarninggood morning... We locked ourselves out of our apt last night:(  had to sleep at a friends house and have a locksmith let us in this morning15:45
dfarningkandarpk, very embarassing:)15:45
dfarningkandarpk, how are you guys comming.15:45
kandarpkdfarning: !!15:45
kandarpkdfarning: things are progressing well15:46
dfarningkandarpk, great.  I have not gotten a chance to talk to manu about the tasking.... We are busy working on a learning content project.15:47
kandarpklfaraone: I'll request for sync after sometime. will complete speak right now15:47
kandarpkdfarning: hmmm.15:48
dfarningkandarpk, will be depending more on you for keeping track of USR15:49
kandarpkdfarning: thats some responsibility.15:50
dfarningkandarpk, +1,  that is the problem with doing good work.  You are given more authority and asked to take more responibility:)15:51
kandarpkdfarning: completely agree.15:51
dfarningkandarpk, thanks I have to work on content for a few hours and will check in this evening.15:53
kandarpkdfarning: sure, np.15:53
* dipankar says hello16:21
* lfaraone waves to dipankar 16:21
dipankarhi lfaraone16:22
dipankarlfaraone, I was just going through through your reply for the lintian warnings16:22
lfaraonekandarpk: poll still has an extra COPYING file.16:26
lfaraonekandarpk: W: sugar-poll-activity: extra-license-file usr/share/sugar/activities/Poll.activity/COPYING16:26
kandarpklfaraone: Oh, I'll correct that.16:27
lfaraonekandarpk: I pushed up, so you'll need to pull before making changes.16:27
kandarpklfaraone: Ok.16:28
kandarpklfaraone: I'll make changes in 30 min.16:28
dipankarlfaraone, I am still confused. you sent the page : http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002600.html16:28
kandarpkhaving dinner16:28
dipankarwhich was for testing the version numbers16:28
dipankar*version compatibity16:28
lfaraonedipankar: when and where did I send it?16:28
dipankarlfaraone, Neeraj sent an e-mail last night (IST) on my behalf on the lintian warnings I was getting16:29
dipankaryou replied with the above page16:29
dipankarhere is the paste bin http://paste.ubuntu.com/469901/16:30
lfaraonedipankar: because the instructions in that mail were not followed, you are getting problems with depending on virtual packages.16:31
dipankarlfaraone, Thats weird. I followed the instructions properly, as far as I know16:32
dipankar* also made changes for -0.8616:33
lfaraonedipankar: which package?16:33
lfaraonedipankar: okay, you're missing the DEB_SUGAR_SUPPORTED_BRANCHES (I think it's called such)16:46
lfaraonedipankar: put "DEB_SUGAR_BRANCHES = 0.86 0.88" above the "include" snippet in your rules, since you only support 0.86 and 0.88.16:47
dipankarlfaraone, I am off for dinner16:54
lfaraonedipankar: and I'll be off for the afternoon in a few minutes, see you.16:54
* dipankar is away: Be Right Back16:54
kandarpklfaraone: by what time will you be back ?16:58
lfaraonekandarpk: 9pm EST.16:58
kandarpklfaraone: Ok.16:58
kandarpklfaraone: can you please add some link which I should follow to request for sync in case I get stuck16:59
lfaraonekandarpk: ask in #ubuntu-motu17:04
kandarpklfaraone: Ok. thanks17:04
lfaraonekandarpk: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess explains how to craft one manually. "requestsync" semi-automates the process.17:05
* lfaraone is out, ttl.17:05
kandarpklfaraone: I've updated poll.17:09
* dipankar is back (gone 00:41:33)17:36
* ankur says hi to all :)18:10
* ankur and also says that it's raining so he might get disconnected :( 18:11
neeraj_guptamanusheel sir, I have package hello-mesh activity.. Should I push it on git/collab-maint..?19:44
=== neeraj_gupta is now known as neeraj
manusheellfaraone: Hi Luke.20:09

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