Cimibratsche: what do I need to do for murrine+rgba?01:07
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Cimi_bratsche: ping08:40
Cimi_davidbarth: ping09:04
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davidbarthCimi: png09:27
davidbarthCimi: hey, what is creating issues in the PPA? gtk itself or the connman or zeitgeist packages?09:27
Cimimy maverick installation is totally destroyed09:33
CimiI have just a terminal :)09:33
Cimiargh I hate that09:36
davidbarthlet me check09:41
CimiI guess I'll need to reinstall everything09:42
Cimidavidbarth: help me :(09:48
davidbarthCimi: you may have to09:53
davidbarthCimi: do you have a lucid machine somewhere for the other changes09:54
davidbarthCimi: i can work with you on the dbusmenu changes for example09:54
Cimidavidbarth: I have a lucid installation09:54
davidbarthwhile you re-install your maverick system09:54
davidbarthok cool09:54
Cimiit's in my netbook :(09:54
Cimimaverick or lucid09:55
Cimifor the dbusmenu change, I've tried patching genericmenuitem_Set_icon09:55
davidbarthoh dual boot09:55
Cimiwith gtk_menu_item_set_image ...09:55
Cimi(something like that)09:55
* davidbarth looks into the code09:56
Cimibut it doesn't display anythink09:56
davidbarthit should be similar to the one ted added for the messaging menu09:58
Cimirestarting to lucid09:58
davidbarththere is this get_hpadding helper09:59
davidbarthCimi: ok, see you in a minute09:59
Cimiin lucid ;)10:01
davidbarthCimi: ok, checked the package; the dependencies are broken or something10:42
davidbarthCimi: let's put that argb on hold until bratsche and kenvandine are back10:43
davidbarthCimi: on dbusmenu, did you see the get_hpadding funciton?10:43
Cimidavidbarth: it's not padding the main issue10:44
Cimiif we don't have the icons10:44
davidbarthCimi: so what's the thing to fix to match the mockups? icon positioning11:04
davidbarthCimi: or the hbox container itself?11:04
davidbarth(looking at your msg-menu patch in the meantime)11:05
davidbarthCimi: i don't have the part of the patch where you adjusted the layout, just the triangle11:10
davidbarthCimi: but actually the triangle could go directly into the genericmenuitem part11:11
Cimidavidbarth: sorry I detached the irc sreen session :)11:17
klattimerdavidbarth: can you make sure you assign the gsd bug to me asap11:17
davidbarthklattimer: hi11:17
Cimidavidbarth: basically, the previous layour in the indicator-mexxage was11:17
davidbarthklattimer: gsd bug? you mean the porting task?11:17
Cimi| triangle (in the space assigned to the menuitem icon) | HBOX with icon and label11:18
Cimiwith my patch is11:18
Cimi| icon | label |11:18
Cimiand triangle is drawn in the meuitem expose event11:19
CimiI thought that if we wanted to align dbusmenuitem on the left we need to move set the menuitem icon to the application icon11:19
Cimiand remove the hbox11:19
davidbarthklattimer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-ubuntu/+bug/599844 is all yours now11:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 599844 in Ayatana Ubuntu "Port the keyboard indicator in gsd to use the app. indicator protocol (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [Medium,Incomplete]11:21
davidbarthCimi: ok11:24
davidbarthCimi: so. in genericmenuitem terms11:27
davidbarththe hbox would be suppressed11:27
davidbarthbut that sounds wrong to me11:28
Ciminot suppressed11:28
Cimijust remove the icon from the hbox11:28
Cimiif you remove the icon from the hbox, the hbox will continue to work and be available11:28
davidbarthCimi: can you send me back the msg-menu mockup btw? it is still not clear whether we cover all cases in this case11:30
davidbarthCimi: because the left column is only supposed to contain checkboxes or radioboxes, but not generic menuitem icons11:31
Cimiin fact11:32
davidbarthCimi: but still, the msg menu design calls for having a small triangle very close to the Broadcast icon for example, and that would take the place of the checkboxes for axample11:32
Cimithat's why I thought to overriding dbusmenu in indicator-messages11:32
Cimidavidbarth: email sent11:33
davidbarthCimi: ok, thanks11:35
davidbarthCimi: so the mockup is wrong, or doesn't match mpt's definition11:35
davidbarthCimi: let's try to secure the rounded counter then, because that can go independently of the rest11:36
davidbarthCimi: can you make a branch with just this change first11:36
davidbarthCimi: upload the branch, and propose it for merging into indicator-messages11:37
Cimitriangle on the left11:37
davidbarthCimi: i'm calling otto to try to re-clarify that with him11:37
Cimiplus rounded counter?11:37
davidbarthCimi: not even the triangle, just the nice rounded corner you added11:37
Cimiwill do but just reading the code11:37
davidbarthCimi: the rounded counter is on an expose handler, right?11:37
CimiI can't test it because of no maverick installation working11:38
davidbarthso to land the triangle rendering, it's just a question of adding more to the handler that will already be in trunk11:38
CimiI'll do in lucid11:38
davidbarthCimi: i'll test it when doing the code review anyway11:38
davidbarthCimi: do you have mpt's wireframe paper with you btw? could you make a snapshot with your phone and send that to me as well?11:39
Cimiit's in the haydn room I guess :D11:39
Cimidavidbarth: done11:57
Cimidavidbarth: another idea12:04
Cimiinstead using cairo to draw the triangle12:04
CimiI could use cairo+expose event to place the icon on the left12:04
Cimiso that the icon can be fully themed with the icon theme12:05
davidbarthCimi: can you ping me to test the menu rendering please?12:22
Cimidavidbarth: ?12:23
davidbarthi didn't get your name rendered next to the rounded counter12:24
Cimidid you restarted the panel?12:25
davidbarthCimi: i did12:26
Cimisomething may be wrong in my patch then12:27
davidbarthCimi: and that new ping was rendered without your name on the line, just the counter, left aligned btw12:27
davidbarthCimi: doing that now12:27
Cimilooks like I removed the label :)12:29
davidbarthCimi: yeah, gtk_label_new12:30
Cimidavidbarth: pushed :)12:31
davidbarthCimi: https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/indicator-messages/right-rounded-numbers/+merge/3126212:31
davidbarthsee comments on argument checks to add too12:31
Cimiit's the first time I write callbacks so I'm completely new on them12:32
davidbarthCimi: great, now it works12:33
Cimidavidbarth: if you could patch and push the right version I can learn ;)12:33
davidbarthwell, they will be evaled at run time only, so don't use g_return_if_fail, but rather simple checks like if (x == NULL) return12:34
davidbarthor better, do some typechecking on gobjects, so that even a dirty pointer can be controled a bit more thoroughly12:34
davidbarthCimi: ok, i'll give that a try12:34
davidbarthCimi: ok, i commented on the code review page with a patch you can add and push12:37
davidbarthCimi: i can't push to this branch directly12:38
Cimidavidbarth: pushed12:41
davidbarthCimi: great12:41
* Cimi eating12:55
* Cimi food finished :D13:24
davidbarthCimi: i should have a call with otto at 3pm (CET) to clarify what we can already land for a313:52
Cimidavidbarth: do you want to setup a conference?13:53
davidbarthCimi: once the time is set, yes, to have you on the call as well13:57
Cimidavidbarth: 3pm is in 2 minutes?13:58
davidbarthCimi: it's postponed for a bit, i'll ping you back on that in particular14:01
davidbarthCimi: hey can you take a look at the updated drawing (on the right)?14:16
davidbarthCimi: the triangle code you have should already do exactly that14:17
Cimidavidbarth: what do you mean?14:17
Cimikind of14:17
davidbarthCimi: maybe the triangle should be enlarged a bit14:17
davidbarthbut mostly, that would work14:17
Cimias I said, we could have two different solutions14:18
davidbarthand not require further re-alignment of either the msg-menu items or dbusmenu at the same time14:18
Cimi1) drawing with cairo14:18
Cimi2) using cairo to place the icon on the left14:18
Cimiwith icon I mean the current triangle icon14:18
davidbarthhow would option 2) work?14:19
davidbarthyou move the current "cursor"14:19
davidbarthand let the icon drawing code render from here?14:19
CimiI draw using cairo14:20
Cimiinstead drawing with the vectorial api14:20
CimiI will get the pixbuf and place it on a surface14:20
Cimithe advantage is that it is themeable14:21
Cimithe downside is that you might have problems with different colors in themes14:21
Cimianother downside is that it won't scale maybe with different font dimensions (or yes, it could scale but not like a pure vectorial code)14:22
davidbarthCimi: the version you have implements option #1 right?14:22
davidbarthCimi: to make it more themeable, you could also retrieve some properties (if you don't already) to at least use some theme colors14:23
davidbarthfor the rest i'm not sure i see which benefits option #2 would bring wrt to themability14:24
Cimidavidbarth: I'm already checking he colors14:24
davidbarthCimi: then that sounds fine to me14:24
Cimiok I'll open a new branch14:24
Cimijust for the triangle14:24
davidbarthCimi: i think the last step is to get some signoff from design on that rendering14:24
davidbarthCimi: right14:24
davidbarthCimi: maybe that'll require some adjustment for the size of the triangle, but apart from that, that should be fine for landing today too14:25
davidbarthCimi: one note: there should be a way to have the triangle have either a normal (gray) color, or an active/highlighted color (green, to go with the green envelope)14:32
davidbarthCimi: are there style properties you'd recommend to use to have that stylable in a way consistent with the rest of the style property hiearchy?14:32
Cimi(davidbarth pushed anyway the first version)14:35
Cimidavidbarth: maybe not, I don't know14:35
Cimiwe can't use selected color14:36
Cimibecause it is already used for the selected menuitem14:36
Cimiplease test the branch, can't test here14:36
Cimiand tell me if the dimension is ok14:36
Cimiotto liked it14:36
davidbarthCimi: ok, doing that now14:43
davidbarthCimi: ok it renders the triangle14:51
davidbarthCimi: the returns must return a FALSE or the compiler cries14:51
davidbarthCimi: the other icon is still thre14:52
davidbarthCimi: and so utlimately it means we need to de-construct what ted did with the hboxes and so on14:52
davidbarthCimi: because they would not be needed anymore, as the triangle is an overlay14:52
davidbarthCimi: let me try the removal of the hbox code, that is tied to the specific menu item14:53
Cimidavidbarth: yeah that's true15:00
CimiI forgot it15:00
Cimidavidbarth: which return must return fals?15:03
Cimidavidbarth: and what about the conference call15:12
davidbarthCimi: no ping yet on the call15:17
davidbarthCimi: i have fiddled a bit with the icon size to bring that closer to otto's design15:17
Cimidavidbarth: ok15:17
davidbarthCimi: no ping yet on the call15:17
davidbarthCimi: i have fiddled a bit with the icon size to bring that closer to otto's design15:17
Cimii received it15:17
davidbarth(in case that didn't pass, ah good)15:18
davidbarthCimi: the horizontal-padding property that is used for the icon + label layout15:18
davidbarthCimi: is that something that can be adjusted as well?15:18
davidbarthCimi: ie, if we were to not add padding to the left side of the icon, that would bring it closer to the left border (and the triangle)15:19
davidbarthand still align with entries with only text or?15:19
Cimione sec15:20
CimiI'm tired, need to re-read it :)15:20
CimiI did not understand15:21
Cimimainly because I don't have the app running so I can't know what's wrong15:21
davidbarthCimi: hmm, sory, not that's not a good idea15:22
davidbarthCimi: we need to add the same padding to both text or icon + text entries, or that won't align of course15:22
Cimidavidbarth: sshot?15:23
* Cimi needs to sleep 10 mins or his mind will blow up15:25
davidbarthCimi: hang on, coming back in ~20min after an internal meeting15:29
davidbarthCimi: (not on design)15:29
Cimidavidbarth: updates?16:08
Cimidavidbarth: received16:13
davidbarthCimi: kenvandine updated the gtk package if you want to try again16:29
davidbarthCimi: see the steps with ken if you want to recover from the past change maybe16:29
kenvandinei think just install ubuntu-desktop should do it16:30
davidbarthCimi: chaotic is saying the changes are ok to go in, i'm adjusting a variable with him and will push the changes bakc for you to resubmit16:30
kenvandinebut i think njpatel found installing fresh was easier16:30
Cimiwill do tomorrow16:37
Cimidavidbarth: ok, i'm here16:37
Cimiwhat about the conference call?16:37
Ciminot needed anymore?16:38
Cimidavidbarth: lol, you don't read me just because you need the nice rounded counter on the right :P16:43
davidbarthCimi: ok sweet, chaotic is happy with the triangle, we adjusted that a bit to accomodate for the gap between them and the icon16:43
davidbarthCimi: sort of yes ;)16:43
davidbarthCimi: on the rounded counters16:43
davidbarthCimi: could you try to have the font 1 or 2 points smaller?16:44
davidbarthi guess it takes a few gtk calls to adjust that16:44
Cimiit should16:44
Cimibut i did not reach it16:44
davidbarthwould you know where to hit in the right spot?16:44
Cimidavidbarth: read lines 567-56916:45
davidbarthCimi: i'm there16:45
Cimisorry 567-56816:45
Cimiit didn't work16:45
davidbarthjust trying to find out where to attack16:45
davidbarthoh, sorry the pango calls16:45
davidbarthCimi: what about something like gtk_widget_modify_style?16:50
Cimifor what?16:50
Cimithe only idea I have in my mind is using cairo_scale16:50
Cimiand try to see if it will work16:51
davidbarthCimi: can you ping me again, please?16:53
Cimidavidbarth: no :P16:55
Cimidavidbarth: does cairo_scale work?16:58
davidbarthCimi: dunno, where?16:58
Cimiin numbers_draw_cb16:58
Cimibefore drawing everything16:59
Cimiyou should try a transformation16:59
davidbarthCimi: oh i see16:59
Cimidavidbarth: like cairo_scale (cr, 0.8, 0.8);17:00
Ciminot sure if we need 1.2 or 0.8 :)17:01
davidbarthCimi: well, i'd rather stabilize the code for the release today and note the optimizations for later next week17:01
davidbarthCimi: during your sprint in London17:01
davidbarthCimi: atm i'm just trying to see if there is an easy way to get the font size different, but that may take a while, so i'll just push back my branch and please re-submit it once received17:02
davidbarthCimi: then i'll roll a few tarballs for the desktop folks to get something better into A3 for now17:02
davidbarthCimi: lp:~dbarth/indicator-messages/style-rehash-for-cimi17:05
davidbarthCimi: just merge back in your existing branch and i'll finish validating the merge proposal17:06
Cimidavidbarth: pushed17:10
davidbarthCimi: merged in, thanks17:21
Cimichaotic: did you take the latest theme?17:31
CimiI have seen you removed the snapshot of the 28 from the shared folder17:31
chaoticI've been looking at it today - it's getting there :)17:35
Cimichaotic: why you removed it?17:36
chaotichmmm weird - didn't mean to remove it - one second17:36
chaoticit's back - I thought I'd copied it, but I had moved it by accident, sorry17:38
Cimichaotic: is the theme ok?17:41
chaoticcimi: it's looking good and I'm looking forward to refining it further next week17:42
Cimichaotic: will it go in alpha3?17:44
chaoticCimi: no17:44
chaoticCimi: we need to do a bit more to it plus we still need to create the radiance equivalent17:44
chaoticCimi: shouldn't take long though17:44
Cimiwe must refine the window borders for example17:45
Cimifor me they look out of place17:45
chaoticCimi: they may change slightly but not much17:46
chaoticCimi: not sure if we should go more with the newer idea I had17:46
chaoticCimi: have to go to a team meeting and I am on holiday tomorrow but I look forward to seeing you next week17:48
Cimichaotic: see you on monday for lunch18:01
Cimichaotic: get food for me :)18:01
CimiI will arrive at 12:30-13 of monday18:01
davidbarthCimi: going out, but let me know if you managed to get the argb package running, we'll continue tomorrow18:54
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