Elenchusuario: what?00:48
ZDRuXHey guys i have a quick question.. is Kubunt some sort of an "official" KDE Ubuntu, or is it its own seperate distro?00:50
ElenchIt's an official part of Ubuntu00:50
leechevaim trying to install kubuntu but when i put isntall my monitor turn off and it say out of range i dont know what to do?00:50
ZDRuXah ok, thank you ;)00:50
ElenchIt's the same distro with different default packages as i understand it00:51
ElenchCertainly you can get all the same stuff00:51
ZDRuXElench: i had the same problem with SUSE, the resolution was bigger than my monitor could support and it kept going into standby mode after it said the resolution wasn't "optimal"00:53
ZDRuXIf you can figure out how to force the install to use a small resolution maybe it`ll fix your problem00:53
ElenchThat will often happen if the resolution or scan rate are impossible for your monitor i think, but i'm no expert00:54
ElenchZDRuX: why did you highlight me for that?00:54
ZDRuXwrong person00:54
ZDRuXsorry :)00:54
ElenchAh, fair enough then00:54
tweakquestion: i bought a new pc and it has no IDE hookups only SATA. how would i go about installing my IDE hard drive in it anyone know? is it as easy as installing an ide controller or?00:56
ErtainHello everyone.  When I connect my removable hard drive in Kubuntu the OS doesn't mount the drive.  It does see that something USB-related has been connected to the computer, but that's it.00:57
TeslaTonyErtain: You'l probably have to mount it manually...give me a se to find the command, or do a google search for "usb drive mount linux"01:02
ErtainWhat's interesting, TeslaTony, is that the usual devices are not created (e.g. /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, etc.).01:05
TeslaTonyErtain: Try http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-tutorials-howtos-reference-material/15776-how-mount-usb-flash-drives-linux.html I'd recommend replacing all the "su" commands with "sudo"01:05
TeslaTonyMy system mounts everything that way, but it doesn't necessarily show it in a file browser, instead labelling "74gb volume" etc01:06
jinzougenHello, I just turned my desktop on for the first time in a while and am trying to get it up-to-date. There are package dependency issues though with aptitude and I don't know what to do. I says that kdebase-runtime is broken... any help available?01:06
jinzougenI'm running jaunty amd6401:07
ErtainKubuntu doesn't recognize it nor anything.01:07
TeslaTonyjinzougen: Try re-installing kdebase-runtime and see what happens01:07
jinzougenTeslaTony,  you mean with aptitude?01:08
TeslaTonyErtain: Kubuntu doesn't recognize your external hard drive?01:08
ErtainIt recognizes it sometimes.01:09
jinzougenIt give me a list of unmet dependencies and suggests I downgrade kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 with a score of 8001:09
ErtainFor example, I do see in dmesg "new high speed USB device".01:09
James147Ertain: kubuntu dosent tend to automount usb drives... but they should show in dolphin or the device notifier... you said its not creating the device files at all?01:10
jinzougenWhat exactly is a dependency conflict anyway? Is that when package A wants version X of something but package B wants version Y of the same thing?01:10
ErtainSadly, no, James147.01:11
James147Ertain: for any usb drive?01:11
ErtainCertain drives do work, such as my 4 gig thumb drive.01:12
ErtainBut as for my SD card reader it won't recognize the cards I put into it.01:12
jinzougenI went ahead with the suggestion and it said there were errors processing a .deb file01:12
James147jinzougen: try running: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade01:13
jinzougenSame error processing the same .deb file James14701:14
jinzougenCan I tell it to re-download that file or something?01:14
James147Ertain: Not to sure about card readers, i have one that seems to create the device files when I plug it in rather then when i insert a card into it01:14
jinzougenThere's a weird %-sign in the filename, maybe that's the problem?01:14
jinzougenLooks like URL escaping.01:14
James147jinzougen: whats the error?01:15
jinzougenErrors were encountered while processing:01:15
jinzougen /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime_4%3a4.2.2-0ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb01:15
jinzougenIs the error01:15
jinzougenE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:15
James147jinzougen: try running: sudo aptitude clean && sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade  :)01:16
ErtainBtw, James147, the drive is working fine.01:16
jinzougenSame error01:17
ErtainCurse those errors.01:17
jinzougenWhat's the deal yo?01:17
James147jinzougen: you said you hadent used it in a while? do you have any important stuff on it at all? As it might be easier to reinstall the latest version if you dont (or can get the stuff off easaly) jaunty is quite old now01:19
James147jinzougen: ofcourse it is probally possibly to fix the issue, it just might be less hassel to reinstall if there is no important stuff on it :)01:20
jinzougenHave to check on the data front01:20
ErtainWhat I'm wondering is why it will recognize the USB part, yet won't even notify the device manager nor even make the device files.01:20
James147Ertain: the card reader? does it create any device files when you plug it in? (or is it built in?)01:21
ErtainWhen I plug in the card reader it does not make any device files., afaik01:23
James147Ertain: :S mine seems to create the files when I plug it in (and not when I plug in a card) I get no notification when I plug in a card01:24
jinzougenJames147, yeah, I probably could just re-install... but I'm curious what the other options are.01:24
ErtainIs there a way for me to restart the device notifier or device sniffer, whatever it's called?01:25
jinzougenCan I tell it to do an OS upgrade without reformatting?01:25
James147jinzougen: not entirly sure, but if you want I can keep suggesting commands till one of them works :D01:25
jinzougenUhm, a few of the more plausible ones maybe :)01:25
jinzougenI just don't see why I can't upgrade to the newest kubuntu without formatting the HD.01:26
James147jinzougen: you can reinstall without formatting (it will delete all system folder (/usr /var /sys /etc  etc...)  but leave things like /home intact01:26
jinzougenYeah that's what I want01:26
jinzougenI have everything of any importance in the home dir01:26
James147jinzougen: I would back up everything important first anyway :) ust incase01:26
jinzougenOk, then what?01:27
jinzougen( actually thought that's what "full-upgrade" meant )01:27
James147Ertain: to restart the device notifier you can restart plasma-desktop or delete and add the widget... but that wont matter you need to sort out being able to manually mount it before it will be able to auto mount it01:27
ErtainDo I restart the hal daemon?01:28
James147jinzougen: full-upgrade upgrades all your packages to the latest verion... it wont upgrade you to a newer version of kuubntu01:28
jinzougenSo how do I do the OS upgrade?01:29
James147Ertain: not sure what handels the devices anymore :S I dont know enough about that low level stuff... I have a felling hal is slowly being replaced but dont know what parts still work...01:29
jinzougenI assume I can do it without downloading and burning a new install disk... right?01:29
jinzougenor do I have to do that?01:29
Ertaincurse those parts.01:29
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James147jinzougen: run "sudo do-release-upgrade" and it should prompt you for an upgrade01:30
MuzerNtbkhow do I add another panel in KNR?01:30
James147jinzougen: note that I tend to find fresh installs sometimes work better :) you might also need to upgrade to karmic then to lucid01:30
James147MuzerNtbk: not sure you can in plasma-netbook, but you can install kubuntu-desktop alongside kubuntu-netbook and use the plasma-desktop workspace with the search and launch activity from plasma-netbook01:31
* James147 takes a breath01:32
jinzougenOk I'll try that then. And I'll put all the really imporant stuff on a flash drive first, just incase.01:32
MuzerNtbkwhy not just have the ability to create panels in plasma-netbook? Would make much more sense01:32
MuzerNtbk(I hate plasma)01:32
James147MuzerNtbk: it isent too hard to configure plasma-desktop to look and act like plasma-netbook01:32
MuzerNtbkit takes time though - all I wanted to do is have a second taskbar-like panel at the bottom01:33
MuzerNtbkshould have been a 30-second job01:33
James147MuzerNtbk: I find plasma-netbook is still in its infancy, they are working out alot of issues with it still... also there sient much need for adding pannels to a netbook, if you want ot do that you might as well use palsma-desktop01:33
MuzerNtbkI suppose.01:35
MuzerNtbkoh, why does plasma-desktop rearrange my taskbar buttons (occasionally on top of each other!) whenever I hide and then reshow the panel (it's on auto-hide and is 3 lines high)?01:35
James147MuzerNtbk: taskbar buttons? you mean the panel widgets? or the task manager icons?01:36
MuzerNtbkthe task manager icons01:38
MuzerNtbkthe icons for each program01:38
MuzerNtbkthat should really be a #kde question, but I just thought I'd ask it while I was here01:38
MuzerNtbk(I originally thought it was a Kubuntu bug, but it also does it in Gentoo, so I'm stumped)01:38
MuzerNtbkdoes nobody actually use a multi-line auto-hide panel or something?01:38
James147MuzerNtbk: i think you can force it to use one row01:39
* James147 goes to check then realises he's using smooth tasks instead...01:40
MuzerNtbkI don't want it to though01:40
MuzerNtbkI want 3 rows, and I would like my buttons not to swap around every time I look at it :P01:41
James147MuzerNtbk: how are they arranged?01:41
MuzerNtbkhow do you mean?01:41
James147MuzerNtbk: you can change the way they are arranged in the settings (i think).. alphabetically, manually,...01:42
cuzntwhat must be on the other computer to controll it with remote desktop?01:42
MuzerNtbkOh. I haven't changed that, so, whatever the default is01:42
MuzerNtbknext time I'm on my desktop I'll try changing it and seeing if it makes a difference01:42
MuzerNtbkperhaps it is alpabetically and it's due to window titles changing (still doesn't explain why sometimes buttons overlap)01:43
James147cuznt: a vnc viewer... the actual application varys with what os is installed01:43
James147cuznt: i think its krfb is teh kde vnc viewer01:44
James147cuznt:  or krdc :S01:45
James147MuzerNtbk: the buttons overlapping sounsd like a bug :p01:47
MuzerNtbkyeah :P01:47
MuzerNtbkI can only click the top one when they do that01:47
MuzerNtbkbut I can see the one underneath due to transparency01:48
MuzerNtbkI never knew the group option existed01:50
MuzerNtbkthat is fantastic01:50
MuzerNtbkallows me to avoid plasma!01:50
MuzerNtbkoh, one last question - is there an easy way to tile windows vertically?01:51
macoMuzerNtbk: kwin only has 1 tiling algorithm right now, but i use xmonad with my kde just fine01:51
macokwin's is spiral-tiling01:51
James147MuzerNtbk: right... or middle mouse button on the maximuze button will maximuse the window vertically or horizontally01:52
MuzerNtbkhmm - so not really.01:52
James147MuzerNtbk: not yet... kde 4.5 has basic support for window tiling.... but it is a new feature01:53
MuzerNtbkI meant tile horizontally01:53
MuzerNtbkalways get those confused01:53
MuzerNtbkjust, that Windows 7 stolen feature, I don't get on with (it messes up dragging maximised windows between monitors), and besides, I prefer horizontal tiling to vertical (horizontal scrolling sucks)01:53
James147MuzerNtbk: quickest way i know of is to right click the maximise button(maximuses horizontally) then drag to position/height01:54
MuzerNtbkright. Thanks anyway - I'm eagerly waiting for KDE4.5 now01:55
MuzerNtbkI find it quite odd though - Windows has had intricate, arbitrary tiling since way back in 95, and usually KDE is way ahead of Windows01:55
MuzerNtbkevidently not in this respect01:55
john_47need help! my networkmanager acting wierd!01:57
James147windows has tiling? (the new kde window tiling mode is a mode where all windows are alyed out in a tiled arrangment, rather then free floating windows)01:57
James147john_47: discribe your problem and you are likly to get better help01:57
john_47it keep disabling itself everytime i turn my pc on01:58
MuzerNtbkJames147, yeah, you can select the windows you wish to tile (up to two via the taskbar, or any number via windows task manager), then select the tile option from the context menu (taskbar) or "Window" menu (task manager)01:58
James147john_47:  "network manager disabled" greyed out on right click?01:58
MuzerNtbkI hear, anyway01:59
john_47yeah! yeah! what happened acctualy?01:59
wastrelhow can i configure a keyboard shortcut to open a new konsole?01:59
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James147john_47: delete or edit "/var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state"  then restart network manager "sudo restart network-manager"02:00
MuzerNtbkthere's a restart command? Never knew that, I've always been using service network-manager restart02:00
MuzerNtbkshould save some time, lol02:00
James147MuzerNtbk: think its the same thing :) its part of the new upstart thinngy02:01
wastrelit's new with upstart i believe02:01
James147MuzerNtbk: started to use it as it means i dont need to type "service" every time :)02:01
James147wastrel: you can add a shortcut to konsole in kmenuedit... then...02:02
* James147 goes off to find out how to enable it02:02
wastreli use /etc/init.d because tab complete02:02
john_47wow! it works! thanks a lot James147!02:02
MuzerNtbkyeah, that's a point02:02
MuzerNtbk*Ubuntu used to have tab-complete *EVERYWHERE*02:02
MuzerNtbkit always seemed to work, no matter what you were doing02:03
MuzerNtbkbut in 10.04, it all stoped working02:03
MuzerNtbkwhat gives?02:03
James147wastrel: i tend to use service when i want tab complete :) (the .d anoys me )02:03
wastrelMuzerNtbk: something about /etc/bash_completion.d02:03
wastrelJames147: works on ubuntu but not on centos/solaris at work :]02:04
MuzerNtbkwastrel, hmm02:04
MuzerNtbkjust, tab completion with sudo doesn't even work now!02:04
MuzerNtbkthere's a tonne of stuff in the directory, and in the file (/etc/bash_completion)02:05
MuzerNtbkdo I need to delete the latter to get it to read the former?02:05
wastreldon't go doing that02:05
James147wastrel: ^^ once you have the shortcut setup in kmenuedit you can enable it by system settings > (somewhere... its changed in kde4.5 and i cant remember where in kde 4.4) > Input actions (or somthing... might be near keyboard settings) > check "Kmenuedit"... or is think only needed in kde 4.5 :S02:06
MuzerNtbkso how do I reenable it all, then?02:06
MuzerNtbkwait, actualy02:06
MuzerNtbkit's all started working02:06
MuzerNtbkhow odd02:06
FloodBotK2MuzerNtbk: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:06
MuzerNtbkI swear it wasn't before02:07
john_47anyone used irssi before? anyone?02:07
wastrelirssi <302:07
MuzerNtbkyeah, a little02:07
James147MuzerNtbk: love it when problems fix them selves :D it alsmost as good as not having any problems to start with02:07
MuzerNtbkmust have been an update, I guess02:07
MuzerNtbk(I've never touched those files - didn't even know they existed!)02:08
MuzerNtbkyeah, that tab completion is awesome02:08
MuzerNtbkI now have to re-retrain myself to use it again :P02:08
john_47can you help me how to use that /list command effectively? i want to search for certain channel...02:09
john_47but i don't know how....02:09
MuzerNtbkmy instinct: pipe it through grep02:10
MuzerNtbkI doubt that's possible though02:10
MuzerNtbkit would be good if it is...02:10
wastrelthere's a service on the server for listing channels02:10
wastrelsince the /list command didn't end up scaling well02:10
MuzerNtbkooh, interesting02:11
john_47what service?02:11
wastrel/msg alis help list02:11
MuzerNtbkyeah, whoever made /list obviously didn't have scaling in mind :P02:11
MuzerNtbkaccepting regexes or globbing in /list would have been nice... ah well, you can't have everything02:11
john_47true indeed...02:11
john_47wget download rate is slow... right?02:15
john_47or maybe mine is messed up...02:15
James147john_47: only if there is a connection problem or you ahve set a download limmmit02:16
MuzerNtbkyeah, wget is usually perfect02:17
john_47i use wget and kget to download... it seems kget is quite faster.....02:17
MuzerNtbkcould be the site is being evil with UA string detection02:17
MuzerNtbkah, kget probably does evil tactics then to trick the site... naughty02:18
MuzerNtbk(I'm guessing)02:18
James147john_47: not sure about wget bit i think kget trys to speed up the downlaods by threadding them (splitting the file up and downlading the parts at the same time)02:18
MuzerNtbkthat's the naughty way :P02:19
MuzerNtbkbad kget!02:19
James147MuzerNtbk: its not naughty...02:19
leechevahey someone can help me whit my problem?02:19
James147MuzerNtbk: its an effective way to speed up downloads..02:19
James147!ask | leecheva02:19
ubottuleecheva: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:19
leechevaim trying to install kubuntu but when i put isntall my monitor turn off and it say out of range i dont know what to do?02:19
john_47yours is crt probably...02:20
MuzerNtbkJames147, but if the server is low on bandwidth, the limiting might be for a reason, and then that would be unfair on people using other services of it where threading isn't suitable02:20
wastrelwhat's the keyboard shortcut for closing windows?02:20
john_47but a lot of people using that in windows02:20
James147MuzerNtbk: then those servers dont support theadding downlaods and kget downloads normally02:20
MuzerNtbkjohn_47, actually it's usually LCDs that do that in my experience02:21
macowastrel:  alt+f4 i think02:21
john_47can you be more specifig leecheva02:22
john_47i mean specific02:22
wastreli can't type alt-f4 currently :/02:22
MuzerNtbkleecheva, probably your LCD can't display the resolution02:22
wastreltil i figure out how to tell os x not to use it ,  i'm running ubuntu in vm02:22
MuzerNtbktry blindly hitting enter twice02:22
leechevai boot my pc from a kubuntu live cd and after i chose try kubuntu whitout.... my monitor turn off and it say out of range02:23
MuzerNtbkor just waiting a while02:23
MuzerNtbkoh, I see02:23
MuzerNtbkthat will be the graphics drivers failing,then02:23
MuzerNtbkmost likely02:23
leechevawhat i have to do? i wanna instal kubuntu XD02:24
john_47or the monitor itself is the problem.... i guest....02:24
leechevai try it on my mom's pc and it works02:24
MuzerNtbkleecheva, I'm guessing it's a combined problem with your monitor, your video card and Kubuntu's video driver. I seem to remember the installer has a safe graphics mode - try that.02:25
leechevahow i turn in safe graphics mode?02:25
MuzerNtbkI think there's an option (I might be wrong) on the same screen that you select "Try Kubuntu without installing" (or whatever it's called)02:26
MuzerNtbkjust after the language select02:26
wastreli don't get keyboard shortcuts in kde02:26
wastrelit's a black art02:26
leechevayeah i was looking for something like that but therr is not02:27
MuzerNtbkhmm, odd02:27
MuzerNtbkthere certainly used to be02:27
MuzerNtbkhave you tried looking in advanced options or something?02:28
MuzerNtbkhmm - I don't know then, sorry02:28
MuzerNtbkperhaps someone else can help02:29
James147think you need to add -vga 711  to teh end of the boot options (is displayed when you enter then advanced options menu and exit it)02:29
James147not sure on the exact line though02:29
leechevaok i will try one more time XD02:31
leechevasomeone speak spanish?02:31
James147leecheva: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Changing%20the%20Boot%20Option%20Configuration%20Line02:32
James147leecheva: its vga=711  :)02:32
leechevaok i will try it02:33
leechevathx a lote02:33
wastrelah i just had to check the kmenu thing in the thing after doing the thing02:34
wastrelok thanks James147 working now <302:34
wastrelnext up is customization02:34
wastrelis there a package with themes and wallpaper choices for kubuntu?02:35
wastreli don't seem to have any wallpapers besides the default one02:35
James147wastrel: there is a package... but there is also the "get new wallpapers" butter02:36
James147button :)02:36
wastrelyeah too many choices i like curated02:36
James147wastrel: kdewallpapers02:37
James147wastrel: possibally (although it might be installed with the above ^^) kdebase-workspace-wallpapers02:37
James147wastrel: plasma-wallpapers-addons  ^^ one of these also add in the ability to have the live wallpapers like "virus" or the globe wallpaper :D02:39
john_47can anyone teach me how to scroll up and down in screen?02:41
wastrelah i understand that can be a bit tricksy02:42
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leechevanothing T_T02:50
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wastrelit seems like kde is designed with like 40" monitors in mind02:53
wastreleverything is VERY BIG on my latpop02:53
cato37hello. about a week ago the game freecol stopped working. i have reinstalled it but the same thing happens, after the end of the first turn it disppears. where do i report this?02:53
James147wastrel: i woudent say so, works very well on my netbook02:53
wastreli feel like fonts, and widgets are just taking up way more space than i'm used to in gnome02:54
James147wastrel: :S i find the fonts quite small at time (9 isent that big...) and the widgets are resizable, i have shrunk my panel down alittle but thats about it02:55
James147cato37: i would suspect you should go to the freecol developers/comunity... not sure where they would be but you could try to find their site if they hve one02:57
cato37James147: heh, thanx. i just realized that they have a website.02:57
meroofficial kde 4.4.2 is more stable than kde 4.4.4 from ppa ??03:00
James147mero: i wouldent think so... 4.4.4 is a later bug fix release so should be more stable03:02
meroso why 4.4.4 are not in "standard" updates ?03:03
James147mero: and what do you mean offical kde 4.4.2? I dont think kubuntu make that many changes from the offical kde release...03:03
James147mero: not sure, but kubuntu don't tend to put newer versions of programs into the main repos (usually only security fixes) but release them seperatly (some times unofically like the kde 4.5 ones)03:05
leechevanothing man =S03:06
wastreli smallenized fonts and some other things03:09
wastrelit is betterish03:09
James147wastrel: what size fonts?03:09
wastrel7's and 8's03:10
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wastrelhulu isn't working in konqueror03:24
PeterDrop4 hours trying to get sound on kubuntu :( any help?03:42
john_47wicd? can it manage broadband connection?03:45
cato37is akonati supposed to be disabled?04:47
macoit should start when you start an app that uses it04:47
macolike kontact04:47
macohowever in 4.4.2 theres a bug where it doesnt start fast enough for kaddressbook's liking04:48
cato37ah. is there a fix?04:48
cato37or a work-around?04:48
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cato37 how do i get akonadi to work?06:26
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harolddongbuy it flowers06:39
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naftilos76hi everyone, when i try to write a new email in kmail everything starts ok but after half a minute or after a random number or seconds or minutes the editor stops responding to keyboard strokes. If i wait for a minute or so it starts responding. After some time it happens again and so on. Is this a known bug?07:02
well_laid_lawnI've not heard anyone mention it naftilos7607:07
naftilos76anyone else?07:13
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:14
well_laid_lawnI thought it would mention where to search for bugs07:14
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funcrushhi all. I wanna use kdialog in cron. but it doesn't work, anybody help me?08:59
well_laid_lawnfuncrush: can you post the command you are using?09:00
funcrushwell_laid_lawn: i wrote a command that /usr/bin/kdialog --passivepopup "aaa" 7 --title "aa" in a test.sh09:02
funcrushwell_laid_lawn: and then, I wrote in crontab, * * * * * cd /home/funcrush/script; /bin/bash test.sh09:02
well_laid_lawnfuncrush: and the script does bring up the dialog?09:03
funcrushwell_laid_lawn: yup. it does work well in terminal09:03
well_laid_lawnfuncrush: why not use a path straight to the script instead of the cd bit?09:06
funcrushwell_laid_lawn: Should I remove the command "cd" in crontab?09:07
well_laid_lawnfuncrush: I don't know about "should" but it raises a question as to why the two commands09:07
well_laid_lawnif there isn't a definite reason for the cd I would just use a straight path/to/script09:08
well_laid_lawnfuncrush: ^^09:08
funcrushwell_laid_lawn: often, I face a problem that run cronjob, it doesn't work well, so I added the cd command09:09
funcrushwell_laid_lawn: anyway thank u for ur helping &&09:10
well_laid_lawnheh np funcrush09:10
well_laid_lawnfuncrush: you're not running the cronjob as root or something?09:11
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baxeicohi, do you have knowledge of a packaged kdevelop 4.0.1 for kubuntu lucid?10:03
DarkSmokewhat  is the way to get k3b to rip audio cds  to mp3s ?10:03
well_laid_lawn!ppa | baxeico10:04
ubottubaxeico: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.10:04
DarkSmokewhat  is the way to get k3b to rip audio cds  to mp3s ? only ogg and wave are available10:06
well_laid_lawnDarkSmoke: you need to install   kubuntu-restricted-extras   afaik10:07
DarkSmokealready installed10:07
well_laid_lawnand restart k3b10:07
DarkSmokestill its not letting me select mp3 from the list10:08
DarkSmokeim trying to rip an original Audio CD, makes any difference?10:08
well_laid_lawnfrom here - http://linuxappfinder.com/blog/howto_enable_mp3_support_for_k3b   - sudo apt-get install libk3b2-mp3   DarkSmoke10:10
DarkSmokethat doesn't exist in the new kubuntu afaik10:11
well_laid_lawnthere's apt-cache search libk3b10:11
DarkSmokeeverything is installed10:12
DarkSmokeother then the development files10:12
well_laid_lawnthat was the best from google...10:13
well_laid_lawnthe rest are older10:14
vbgunz_how can I make sure plasma-desktop starts up with the -graphicssystem raster option?10:47
well_laid_lawnvbgunz_: you can add an alias line in ~/.bashrc  -  alias plasma-desktop='plasma-desktop -graphicssystem raster'10:55
vbgunz_well_laid_lawn: sounds good, im gonna try that10:56
well_laid_lawnluck :]10:56
vbgunz_man, there is such a dramatic improvement with plasmas performance10:58
vbgunz_does kwin have anything like this?10:58
well_laid_lawnman kwin maybe?10:59
vbgunz_I don't have man pages for what comes stock on kubuntu11:00
vbgunz_hmm, kwin isn't called kwin, thats what it is?11:00
well_laid_lawnI can't check atm I'm on an arch/fluxbox system11:02
vbgunz_well_laid_lawn: gonna check11:05
well_laid_lawnI would open a terminal type k and hit the tab button twice11:08
well_laid_lawnkwin will be near the end11:08
baxeicovbgunz_:  kwin --help-all11:09
baxeicoi'm on kubuntu11:09
vbgunzwell_laid_lawn: good stuff, the alias trick worked no problem11:12
vbgunzgonna look into seeing if kwin could do this too11:12
baxeicovbgunz_: just tried kwin --graphicssystem raster11:12
baxeicoI've some graphics glitches11:13
baxeicoi.e. no win decorations11:13
vbgunzbaxeico: hmm, maybe try kwin --replace etc11:13
vbgunzI'll mess with it11:13
baxeicokquitapp kwin && kwin --graphics...11:13
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vbgunzbaxeico: I got no decos either11:14
vbgunzactually I do11:14
vbgunzholy cow though, my window resizing probably went from a chugging 30 fps to 1000. wtf really11:15
vbgunzdamn it sucks having theses issues11:15
glaucousHow do I set 7-zip as default packing and unpacking program?11:17
well_laid_lawnI think windowmaker is a raster based window manager11:17
well_laid_lawnglaucous: if you right click an archive do you get an option to open with?11:18
glaucouswell_laid_lawn, think I need a command, but I don't know exactly what parameters and so on11:19
well_laid_lawnglaucous: a hint on the command might help :]11:21
well_laid_lawnkwins raster option right - sorry doing multiple things atm11:21
vbgunznah, the raster on kwin kills effects11:21
vbgunzI like the effects, plasma is crazy fast. I was hoping kwin could be a little faster at some stuff11:22
well_laid_lawnwhat command then ?11:23
well_laid_lawnhttps://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=66447 - Arch rules :]11:24
vbgunzwell_laid_lawn: I looked at that page just a little while ago, I didn't want to try it though, was hoping for something less hacky11:24
vbgunzlike the alias trick was perfect11:25
vbgunzreal simple11:25
well_laid_lawnit is just adding an itermediate script to add options11:25
well_laid_lawnlike the alias but a couple of lines11:26
vbgunzdamn... its tempting11:27
vbgunzheh, I'll bite and see what happens11:27
vbgunzseems easily undoable11:27
vbgunzhey well_laid_lawn, I'll let you know what blows up11:33
well_laid_lawnheh gotta love an optimist - it WILL blow up!11:35
vbgunzso far so good11:36
glaucouswell_laid_lawn, apparently p7zip doesn't have a GUI, so I installed peazip which is pretty much 7zip.11:38
well_laid_lawnglaucous: you never mentioned gui  - I didn't know there was any thnx :]11:39
glaucouswell_laid_lawn, oh sorry, well that was because I took for granted that p7zip had a GUI, since the Windows version have it by default11:40
well_laid_lawnglaucous: it s hard to get a windows app that doesn't have a gui :]11:41
well_laid_lawnthat's why it is called windows11:41
m_tadeuhi everyone...I'm having some problems with my gsm modem....it doesn't enable the "Mobile Broadband" tab in the netwotk config11:55
ionutit is possible to install bsplayer on linux ??11:56
well_laid_lawnionut: http://forum.bsplayer.com/feature-requests-feedback-suggestions/6378-bsplayer-linux.html11:58
Peace-m_tadeu: ?12:11
Peace-m_tadeu: remember to set nokia suite like connection if it is nokia12:11
m_tadeuPeace-: it's not nokia...it's a huawai E1550...I managed to detect it as a gsm modem already...but it doesn't show up in ifconfig12:13
pupniki suggest you include a temperature monitor in kubuntu12:14
Peace-m_tadeu: i have no idea then12:14
pupnikpossibly as a statusbar widget12:14
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pupnikoh there is one, nm.12:17
tumashi there12:25
tumasanybody here, who got conky running on kubuntu? :)12:27
fairyhi does anyone know of a program i can use to manage my windows mobile in kubuntu12:50
fairyplease i need help seriously!!!!!!12:53
ponchowhats up12:56
Peace-fairy: windows mobile mmmm12:56
Peace-bad story12:56
fairywhy peace12:56
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fairyanyone know of a software to manage windows mobile in Kubuntu 10.0413:03
fairyslinker:do you mean i can use evolution?13:06
slinker1yeah not really a kde app :) but i think it will work with multisync13:07
slinker1also will need multisync its in the repos13:08
fairyok thanks13:14
fairyi heard of syncce know of it?13:20
slinker1it's not in repos though will have to add another source13:23
fairymmmm what source13:24
slinker1http://www.synce.org/moin/SynceWithUbuntu kind of dated though13:26
fairyok i'll try it13:26
fairybut can i use the command line?13:26
slinker1evolution and multisync works fine here at least i havent heard from teh guy i set up two years or so ago :)13:26
slinker1and he's a whiny butt i would have heard13:27
fairyhow do i format hard drives and pendrives in Kubuntu13:39
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marcin_Hallo everybody14:44
thomasfustonAloha, i got a problem with the hibernate modus on my Asus Laptop, it doesnt wake up15:05
donaldbrascoHi, I'm running Kubuntu 10.04 and all of a sudden (coming out of suspend) my network manager is not working anymore.  I've tried a few fixes from forums, but no luck so far.15:13
donaldbrascoanyone able to help?15:13
James147donaldbrasco: "network manager disabled" greyed out on right click?15:14
James147donaldbrasco: "network manager disabled" greyed out on right click?15:17
donaldbrascojames147: actually, it's not even present at the moment15:18
James147donaldbrasco: edit or delete "/var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state"  then restart network-manager "sudo restart network-manager"... if knetworkmanager isent present then run it again "knetworkmanager"15:19
donaldbrascojames147: I just ran nm-applet and it connected no problem15:20
* James147 thinks this problem is becomming alittle too common :S15:20
da-baymanhello, is there any way i can find out what kernels i have on my wubi installation, by using a livecd?15:20
James147da-bayman: probally, but it would be easier to boot the system :) ... my guess would be mounting the windows partition, mounting the wubi system file chroot into the system then i would use aptitude to search for the kernal packages15:22
da-baymanJames147: and how do i mount windows and wubi?15:23
donaldbrascojames147: hmm - strange things afoot ... knetworkmanager not installed will not install due to error - see http://paste.ubuntu.com/470714/15:26
donaldbrascoalready tried editing/removing NetworkManager.state and restarting network, didn't work15:27
tumasu tried apt update?15:28
James147donaldbrasco: yeah, try running "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install -f"  << that should fix any broken packages15:30
donaldbrascojames 147: need to restart brb, thanks for your help!15:31
James147da-bayman: for mounting a windows partition see: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/mounting-windows-partition-onto-ubuntu-linux/15:32
James147da-bayman: better yet: http://tinyurl.com/38tmnef will tell you how to access a wubi install from a live cd15:35
donaldbrascojames147: I'm back - knetwork manager seems to be working, but won't connect, keeps showing secrets for network dialog repeatedly (credentials are correct)15:39
James147donaldbrasco: wep encryption?15:40
donaldbrascowpa personal15:40
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dhilipHi. ..15:40
dhilipi'm want to do one project for kubuntu and contrbute to the comunity..15:41
James147donaldbrasco: not seen it do that with wpa :S15:41
dhilipbut i dont have any idea for developing.. if anybody have idea to do project, just tell me15:41
Picidhilip: Take a look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate15:42
dhilip@Pici: thank u :)15:43
James147dhilip: or http://www.kubuntu.org/community/contribute  for kubuntu :)15:44
tumasdoes anyone run conky on kubuntu?15:45
James147donaldbrasco: sorry, not sure why it does that with wpa... knetworkmanager has been problematic in the past... although it was better in lucid its still considered less stable then the gnome one... also its mostly just a placeholder untill the network widget is finished (probally next version)15:48
nicolindalciuciothere'is a italian kubuntu chat?15:48
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:49
hawkInote: irc != 'chat'15:49
dhilipits possible for me to involve in ongoing project15:49
donaldbrascojames147: thanks, I'll keep looking - it's been working fine for me for a couple months now, strange that it all of a sudden acted up after suspend15:49
donaldbrascojames147: gonna try updating my system, maybe that will fix the prob15:51
James147donaldbrasco: you could try deleting its settings and see if that helps ~/.kde/share/config/network*  or ~/.kde/share/apps/network*  might help (note that apps/* will probally contain the keys if they are stored in plain text and not kwallet)15:52
James147dhilip: you can get involved with kde directly http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started15:56
donaldbrascojames147: thanks for all your help - it seems to be working perfectly after a system update and restart16:06
James147donaldbrasco:  :)16:06
donaldbrascojames147: did not delete any settings16:06
jimmy51_is there a utility that i can just point at a directory that will recursively scan for MP3's and attempt to fill out their ID3 tags?16:10
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ErtainHello everyone.  When I try to build a Plasmoid (on Lucid Lynx) it gives me the error "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lkephal", even though I have libkephal4 installed.16:29
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phoenix__is there any media player that plays videos without using mplayer as backend18:18
slinker1not sure about dragon player18:19
phoenix__any other18:19
phoenix__i think dragon player uses mplayer18:19
alonsoi need help18:20
alonsohow i can mount a specific partition of a dvd18:21
alonsoit has a iso partition18:21
alonsoand hfs+ partition18:21
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Tallkenwill kubuntu-backports have 4.4.5 eventually ?19:16
Tallkenas in the officially supported by canonical repo19:17
slinker1bound to happen at some point :)19:21
slinker1i have been running the rc2 on several boxen with no ill effects though19:22
Tallken4.5 i doubt will land on backports19:22
Tallkenbut 4.4.5 would make sense to land there19:22
Tallkenand dare i say in ubuntu-updates as well19:22
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AgesoulNabend =)20:36
mkpaamy bluetoothd is missing a passkey-agent (or similar) in kubuntu 10.4, what am i missing / where could i find more information?20:47
mkpaachecked related forums and manuals, but they only refer to passkey-agent20:47
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rork!cz | patryk728521:05
ubottupatryk7285: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.21:05
len_Anyone here using twinview?  I just added an HD TV as a secondary display, and have it working with my primary display.  I can drag apps back and forth just fine.  I problem is I can't seem to control which monitor programs open on.21:17
len_This is a problem if I'm using the TV as a TV or have it turned off and programs are opening up over there.21:18
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kraytornhey if I use Kleansweep in hardy, can I assume it's safe to delete all duplicated files?21:53
kraytornor does linux (hardy) use some as prefetch files to boot up faster?21:54
kraytornI'm actually lookin to get back 4 gig's of HD space that I don't know whats taking up that space : )21:56
well_laid_lawnkraytorn: see how large ~/.thumbnails is and /var/cache/apt/archives21:58
kraytornmy hardy partition is 36 gig's it reads as 33 so I guess the system takes about 3 eh? the swap space is 1.5, but I'm only left with 27 total?, no idea whats taking up my 4 gig's (approx) of space?, (laidlawn) it got to 11 thousand & I stopped it, which is quite alot, thats why I'd nervous about simply deleteing it all! : /22:00
Torchkraytorn: who says it's 36 GiB? what "reads" it as 33 GiB? are you confusing GB and GiB, maybe?22:01
kraytornI made the partition 36, on a 120 gig HD, to have space for another OS, : )22:03
kraytornmaybe linux use's virtual ram?, or wouldn't that be the swap space?22:04
Torchkraytorn: you seem a little confused about all those terms.22:05
Torchkraytorn: my advice would be: don't worry about the missing 3 G(i)B22:05
kraytornya I guess, ok, thx, tho ya wouldn't know anything (files) (screensavers) safe to delete?22:07
Torchkraytorn: it doesn't sound to me like you should delete anything outside your home dir.22:08
kraytornhmmm, only thing I have left is open office extras, but cause it's connected to something it always screws up 2 thing = /  so I won't bother with it : )22:10
kraytorn(disk&filesystems) & (user management) stop showing properly, if I use synaptic on complete removal, guess cause it delete's configurations & everything, oh well, I'll have to live with it hehe ; )22:13
kraytornthx again tho for reading & responding to my rants haha!  (Powered by Linux!)   out....22:14
AhoxHi, is there an KDE 4.5-RC3 planned? I would like to check if a bug I reported against RC2 is fixed22:26
Ahoxwith planned I meant deb packages for kubuntu22:26
ralph__hello all congratiolations on the new site22:35
ralph__only the web forums links are not working...22:36
combygot this error. fresh install You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.22:44
James147comby: when doing what? and did you do what it said?22:45
combyWARNING: Unable to locate/open X configuration file.22:46
combywent sudo nvidia-xconfig22:46
James147comby: thats just a warning :) should be harmless22:47
combytried to reopen got the same error msg22:47
James147comby: you need to restart x (the gui) to do that logout and at the login manager there should be an option to restart the x server under one o fhte menus22:48
combyi was trying to configure my screen top res using hardware drivers shows it is instlle22:48
combyi will try that ty22:48
combyproblem not solved22:51
combywhen i log out there is no restrt x option either22:51
James147comby: then press alt+ctrl+F1 to switch to a vertual terminal and type "sudo restart kdm" then alt+crtl+F7 (or 8) if the gui dosent apear22:55
James147comby: or reboot22:55
combyi rebooted22:55
p_mashohow do i switch off the "large tool tip/popup" that appears on the task bar when hovering, eg over the application launcher, Volume 100% etc..23:05
baxeicop_masho: unlock widgets (if they are locked), click on the plasma logo at the right of your panel, then right click on the taskbar and uncheck "show tooltips"23:11
baxeicoforgot: you have to click on "task manager settings"23:12
baxeicoafter right clicking on taskbar23:12
James147baxeico: that will just do it for the task manager... not any of the other widgets23:12
p_mashobaxeico: ta.. done that alreay.. need to nuke the tooltips on All the tiems, the "application launcher" system tray etc.. its stealing focus on this laptop...23:16
James147p_masho: as I said, there is an option "Information Tips" set it to "do not show" its in workspace... but i cant remember where workspace is in system settings on 4.4.x23:17
* p_masho this is ridiculous!23:23
baxeicoJames147: it's under General -> Look & Feel > Desktop23:24
baxeicobut i can't see the option you are referring to23:24
James147p_masho: ^^23:24
James147baxeico: hmm23:24
ridinhmmm, what's the default gtk+ theme used in kde23:24
James147might have been an addition to kde 4.5... didnt think that one was though23:24
James147ridin: I think thats the one23:25
ridindang, it needs more of a plasma loo23:25
p_mashoI've unchecked "Enable desktop effects" and the huge application launcher tooltip is still threre. I cannot see any option anywhere to disable it, whether in task setting, o the launcher itself etc.. its pretty simple what I want "Turn off the tooltips on anything on the taskbar"23:27
Torchp_masho: for 4.5 it's in the task manager settings23:28
Torchp_masho: wouldn't surprise me if it was also there in 4.423:28
p_mashogot kununtu and kde 4.4.223:28
p_mashoTorch: the task manager does NOT show tooltips, everythin else does..23:28
wizardslovakhello people23:29
James147p_masho: it looks like an oiption added to kde 4.5...23:29
Torchp_masho: then why do you say you want to turn of tool tips on the taskbar?23:29
James147p_masho: if it is that much of a problem to you, you can upgrade to kde 4.5 RC2. I have been useing it for a few weeks now and i find it more stable then 4.4 was23:29
James147Torch: he wants to turn off the tooltip on the panel, not just the task manager23:30
p_mashook "How do i turn off the tooltips on the application launcher and system tray, and all the shortcut icons etc"23:30
TorchJames147: i see.23:30
James147p_masho: if you care about this option enough to upgrade to 4.5 RC2 this is how: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-45-rc-223:32
p_mashoJames147: that means the facility is not available in 4.4? BTW it only annoying on this machine a laptop with a weird taskpad.. so the tooltip seems to steal focus23:34
James147p_masho: I can only remember finding it in 4.5... dosent mean its not in 4.4 but from what baxeico said it dosent look like it23:35
James147p_masho: and I dont have 4.4 anymore to look for it23:36
p_mashoJames147: Torchok.. thanks.. will try 4.5 ..23:37
James147p_masho: personally I like 4.5 allot more then 4.4 :) seems more stable to me, even though it isent out yet :D23:37

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