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bdmurrayIs there anybody reviewing now?16:33
jelmerbdmurray: I don't think there is an on call reviewer at the moment, though I can do a review if you have something non-huge.16:38
bdmurrayjelmer: I think it counts as non-huge - https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/launchpad/bug-605340/+merge/3122116:39
jelmerbdmurray: That's fine, I'll review.16:42
bdmurrayjelmer: great, thanks!16:42
jelmerbdmurray: Is there any particular reason you're setting the event_creator attribute? It doesn't appear to be used somewhere.16:53
bdmurrayjelmer: its used to add the header for X-Launchpad-Bug-Modifier in bugnotificationbuilder16:56
jelmerbdmurray: That's done from the argument to the constructor, not using the attribute.16:59
bdmurrayjelmer: are you referring to setting it to None?17:02
jelmerbdmurray: No, to line 46 of your patch. You set self.event_creator to event_creator (the argument) there but don't use the attribute afterwards as far as I can tell.17:03
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bdmurrayjelmer: got it now - thanks. I was on a call.17:31
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mwhudsongary_poster: hey, want to review some of my vostok-* branches? :-)21:33
mwhudsonyou've seen most of it before i think21:34
gary_postermwhudson: :-) I'm happy to do it tomorrow if you like.  booked today21:34
mwhudsongary_poster: ok, no real hurry21:34
mwhudsongary_poster: happy to chase someone else if you can think of someone to review this sort of thing21:34
mwhudsoni guess thumper knows the code after battling to write test_traverse...21:35
gary_posterok cool, mwhudson.  send me a note with the branches and I'll look at em.  Well, benji would be a good choice once he is a reviewer, but no help yet.  yeah, thumper might be good, or sinzui.21:35
mwhudsongary_poster: ok21:36
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rockstarthumper, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rockstar/launchpad/recipe-no-signer/+merge/3133923:56
* thumper looks23:57
rockstarthumper, no diff yet.  :(23:57
rockstarI can has RabbitMQ?23:57
thumperyes you can23:57
thumperone day23:58
rockstarOh, if only that one day could have been yesterday.23:58

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