X3mm I chose my team to review it but its not clear the process00:00
thumperX3: approved00:00
wgrantmtaylor: I'm not sure if that's actually linked from anywhere.00:00
mtaylorwgrant: :)00:00
thumperX3: yes, we should make that more clear00:00
thumperX3: it is on my extremely long todo list00:00
wgrantthumper: Fail. bzr-svn config corrupt.00:00
thumperwgrant: losa pinged00:02
[Dmitry]hi all00:02
[Dmitry]Q: Where can I download the server part of version control system bazaar?00:02
wgrantX3: It's a general problem. A sysadmin will fix it shortly, then the import can be retried.00:03
X3ah thanks a bunch00:03
jelmerThere is also a more permanent fix that should land soon.00:04
X3im dizzie this is so... draining00:04
X3its beta so meh00:04
wgrantIt's sadly not perfect yet, no :(00:04
wgrantBut it's getting there.00:04
spmthumper: yo00:08
thumperspm: hi, talking to mbarnett00:08
* spm tries not to feel slighted, but it hurts. it hurts deep.00:11
* X3 didnt know this was a soap00:12
thumperX3: what was a soap?00:14
[Dmitry]Q: Where can I download the server part of version control system bazaar?00:14
thumper[Dmitry]: what do you mean?00:14
[Dmitry]thumper: I want to install in their bazaar. As such I can do this with SVN. Locally00:15
thumper[Dmitry]: bazaar is a DVCS, the application is all you need00:15
thumper[Dmitry]: bzr can talk dumb file protocols like ftp, sftp, http, access over NFS, or use a smart server00:16
[Dmitry]thumper: And how can I create a repository in their local machine?00:16
thumperbzr init-repo <location>00:16
thumperdo you have access to their machine?00:16
[Dmitry]Yes :)00:16
thumperthen log into their machine, and do the init-repo command in the right place00:17
thumperthat is all00:17
thumperthe remote machine should have bzr installed too00:18
thumper[Dmitry]: what exactly are you trying to do?00:18
[Dmitry]bzr installed in my netbook00:18
[Dmitry]Created repositories.00:18
[Dmitry]And what address to write that would make there commit?00:19
thumper[Dmitry]: with distributed version control systems, you make local commits, then push copies of your branches around00:20
thumper[Dmitry]: you don't often commit directly on the remote machine00:20
[Dmitry] I just want to have analog svn only locally, because the code I can not put in public access00:21
thumper[Dmitry]: you don't need a remote server to have bzr branches (unlike svn)00:26
[Dmitry] Yes, it seems I already understood.00:26
[Dmitry] I am just an extension for nautilus wrote that the branch I created in my local repository as read-only00:27
snowdropAt sourceforge there's an easy way for mortals to download /trunk as a tar-package. Is there any such function at Launchpad, using Bazaar? What's the eaisest way for me to allow people to easily get a copy of all the files in /trunk?01:15
micahgsnowdrop: if it's set up, bzr branch lp:projectname01:15
snowdropmicahg: Hehe.. yeah, but common people don't have bzr setup... heck, they dont even have Linux... (not that I know if bzr works in DOS or whatever is on a win-machine..)01:16
micahgsnowdrop: oh, sorry, you said as a tar package :)01:17
micahgsnowdrop: bug 51512801:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 515128 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Launchpad should make tarballs of branches available for download (affected: 1, heat: 1)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51512801:18
snowdropmicahg: Well, to be honest, _any_ package of the standard compressions would do... goal is to simply give people a url, they press it, and suddenly they're downloading the freshly baked /trunk directly from Bazaar.01:18
snowdropmicahg: Ahh.. thanks. Nice to see it's on it's way then =)01:18
spmsnowdrop: they way i deal with it on mine; is the normal tarball i'd create to distribute is made available. a tad different to 'trunk', but may go some way?01:19
micahgsnowdrop: you can mark as affecting you (that's the LP way of "voting" for a bug)01:19
snowdropwhen doing a "bzr push" to LP all i see is "-  48785KB    57KB/s | Fetching revisions:Inserting stream       "  ....it doesn't actually tell which file it's working on uploading, like it did in SVN. Is there a way to taim it?01:27
micahgsnowdrop: does -v help?01:28
snowdropmicahg: Will check on next push... it's working as we write, don't dare kill it = P01:29
maxbsnowdrop: No. bzr doesn't have that sort of display because it doesn't necessary operate file by file01:42
snowdropmaxb: Ah.. oki. Thanks.01:43
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MTecknology*sigh* 4 seconds until build time for a ppa is a long long time..04:13
doctormoMTecknology: 4 seconds? that sounds short04:29
MTecknologydoctormo: ya, but it's the literal time of those 4 seconds that sucks :P04:30
doctormoMTecknology: You could just read 1/100th of a blog entry04:30
MTecknologydoctormo: oh04:31
MTecknologydoctormo: now I'm getting "Started 12 minutes ago" so far no build log - this should have built in <7min - I'm thinking there's some massive build going on that's killing things04:31
doctormoMTecknology: Maybe they're building the Tintanic.04:53
wgrantMTecknology: Quite the opposite: lots of small builds. But still killing things.04:53
wgrantIn a wonderful cascading torrent of pain and slowness.04:54
* micahg sees another python rebuild :)04:54
wgrantYes :(04:54
MTecknologywgrant: oh....04:54
MTecknologythat explains it04:54
MTecknologywho started the python build?04:54
wgrantUbuntu people.04:55
doctormoHow are you wgrant?04:55
micahgbetter than last night where private builds took over the archive builders :)04:55
wgrantNot bad. Yourself?04:55
doctormowgrant: Busy as always, like my new guide? http://doctormo.org/2010/07/26/how-to-ask-for-translations/04:55
wgrantmicahg: Yeah, and that was compounded by a bug which broke everything for several hours.04:56
doctormowgrant: Not that impressed then? Ah well, do you know about launchpad translation services at all?05:18
wgrantdoctormo: Sorry, a bit busy at the moment.05:19
wgrantI know a bit about Translations, but it's my weakest LP area.05:19
wgrantWhat's the issue? You want to throw that document into Rosetta?05:21
doctormoheh, wgrant: Consider this, we have a non software project, the ubuntu learning materials project which will make various svg and docbook based documents for training and classrooms. Should we have a project per material or keep each part in a branch but attached to the same project in launchpad? And does this stop us from using translation services?05:21
wgrantdoctormo: It depends how separate they are. It may be benefical to have an Ubuntu Learning Materials project group, with separate projects inside it for each document.05:23
wgrantHaving them in distinct branches within a single project is probably a bad idea.05:23
doctormoWell each document set would idealy be it's own branch at the very least.05:23
doctormoDoes launchpad not have the concept of sub-projects?05:24
wgrantOnly in that projects can live in a project group.05:24
micahgwgrant: should the entity just logged in be here?05:28
wgrantmicahg: It's been here for a while, AFAICT.05:28
wgrantSo I presume so.05:29
bilalakhtarI need help. I requested the first builds of my recipe 2 days ago. At that time, it said 'Build in 1 hour' but it has not built till now. Now, it is showing Build in 5 hours, and the time is ever-increasing. Can someone score it up ?05:55
spmbleh. left server. he has no builds waiting.06:31
zookoFolks: I want to leave a hyperlink from this ticket: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mingw/+bug/461303 to this ticket: http://sourceforge.net/support/tracker.php?aid=2913876 but also I want to mark it as "fix released" in MingW.07:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 461303 in binutils (Fedora) "generates-bad-code regression (affected: 2, heat: 18)" [Unknown,In progress]07:32
zookoCurrently I can't seem to have both. If I link it to the SF.net ticket then it sets the status to "Unknown"07:33
zookoand if I want to set the status to "Fix released" then I have to remove the hyperlink to the sf.net ticket.07:33
geserthe status of a remote bug watch gets updated automatically08:17
spivWhy can't I mark https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr-builder/merge-subdirs-479705/+merge/14979 as Rejected?  (Superseded would be better, but as I don't want to resubmit to the same target I can understand why that's not available.)08:27
spivNone of the available options (Work in progress, Needs Review, Merged) accurately describes the state of that proposal.08:28
wgrantspiv: Unfortunately only a reviewer can reject a proposal.08:43
wgrantYou cannot withdraw without deleting.08:43
spivwgrant: thanks.  I've expanded my comments on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/611182 accordingly.08:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 611182 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Cannot abandon/supersede merge proposal (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]08:51
StevenKspiv: I have spoken to thumper and abentley about stuff similiar at the Epic, and a change that we all agreed was a good idea was being able to change the target branch (and such like) when you resubmit the MP08:53
spivStevenK: yes, that would fix this case08:57
spivI can imagine others (e.g. abanoning the original branch entirely in favour of a new approach.)08:57
wgrantI think there should be a Withdrawn status.08:58
spivAnd e.g. even deciding the whole idea is a bad one, and withdrawing with no replacement.09:01
spiv"Withdrawn" would be nice, although I can see that proliferation of statuses might be a bad idea.  I'd be happy with reusing Rejected or whatever, so long as it is semantically clear that the proposal is a) finished and b) not accepted.  Everything else is icing.09:03
geserhow long does the build dispatcher currently need to dispatch a build? I see jobs in the queue and idling buildds09:04
wgrantgeser: It could be several minutes between cycles. Depending on how pathological the currently dispatched set is, it has even been seen to reach 15 minutes.09:06
noodles775geser: at the moment it takes a long time to scan all the builders (as uploading the results from completed jobs happens synchronously)... bigjools and jelmer are working on ...09:06
noodles775... it. :)09:06
wgrantBut yes, most of it has been fixed in devel, I believe.09:06
wgrantAnd the other bit should be fixed soon.09:06
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czajkowskimrevell: ping I need to pick your brain11:49
mrevellHey czajkowski, how can I help?11:49
czajkowskimrevell: a guy over here is doing his masters on Ubuntu community and did a small project https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/ProfileOfTheDay  he wants to know if it's possible to see on those profile pages on launchpad was there more traffic after he would post about profile of the day11:52
mrevellczajkowski, Interesting. I should think it's possible but I wouldn't know how. You might want to speak to sinzui (Curtis) when he comes on later. His team look after the people, teams and projects side of LP.11:53
czajkowskimrevell: thanks11:53
czajkowskimrevell: wasn't sure to ask.11:53
X3is this recipe ok?12:07
X3# bzr-builder format 0.2 deb-version {debupstream}+{revno}~ppa112:07
X3nest debian lp:~x3lectric/xbmc/svn-trunk/ubuntu debian12:07
X3its for here https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~x3lectric/xbmc/svn-trunk12:08
X3can anyone just double check details to make sure its ok please12:08
X3im not sure about the lp:xbmc and the nest line12:11
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X3guess it actually be # bzr-builder format 0.2 deb-version {debupstream}+{revno}~ppa112:19
X3but im well very unsure about final line12:20
maxb`bzr help builder` should tell you all you need to know12:20
X3if I understood I wouldnt bother asking12:21
X3nest debian lp:~x3lectric/xbmc/svn-trunk/ubuntu debian12:27
X3this lp:~x3lectric/xbmc/svn-trunk exists but the adding ubuntu doesnt will this get created is it right?12:28
umihi, I have a quiestion about using Bazaar, is it a proper place to ask?12:50
X3idk im still waiting for a decent reply12:51
X3dont ask to ask though12:51
umiok, so there's a branch here https://code.launchpad.net/~helh-saintman/+junk/hannibal, and I need to move it here https://code.launchpad.net/~fullcircle-ru/hannibal/main12:53
umihow do I do it?12:53
umiI tried to do the following:12:54
umibzr branch lp:~helh-saintman/+junk/hannibal12:54
umibzr init lp:~fullcircle-ru/hannibal/main12:54
umibzr push lp:~fullcircle-ru/hannibal/main12:54
umibut it doesn't seem to work12:54
jelmerX3: Hi12:55
jelmerumi: Hi12:55
umihi jelmer12:56
X3umi im not sure but you can try reg a bazar brach and mirror it12:56
jelmerX3: "nest debian lp:~x3lectric/xbmc/svn-trunk/ubuntu debian" won't work, as it refers to a directory within a branch12:56
jelmerX3: if your svn trunk already contains a debian/ directory there is no need for that line12:56
X3no it doesnt i dont think12:57
jelmerX3: Is there a debian directory somewhere that it should be using?12:57
jelmerumi: What doesn't work exactly, do you get an error?12:57
X3jelmer: the svn doesnt have any debian dir12:58
umijelmer: when I tried to do it for the first time I did get an error12:58
umi$ bzr init lp:~fullcircle-ru/hannibal/main12:58
umibzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', '<Fault -1: "Unexpected Zope exception: LaunchpadTimeoutError: Statement: \'SELECT Account.creation_rationale, Account.date_created, Account.date_status_set, Account.displayname, Account.id, Account.openid_identifier, Account.status, Account.status_comment FROM Account, EmailAddress WHERE EmailAddress.account = Account.id AND LOWER(EmailAddress.email) = %s\'\\nParameters:[<storm.variables.Variable object a12:58
umiand after that when I tried to do init or push nothing happens. it asks me for the passphrase for my ssh key and then nothing12:59
jelmerX3: In order to be able to build a source package you need a debian directory, either in the branch you're trying to build or in another branch that you have the recipe merge in.12:59
jelmerumi: That first error is a timeout, and is a serious issue we need to address.13:00
X3ya i know but im not sure how to create that :/13:00
jelmerX3: Do you have experience with python packaging?13:00
X3im very fresh out of box13:01
jelmerumi: It looks like a branch was created, although it's still empty at the moment.13:01
jelmerumi: if you go to the directory that was created by "bzr branch lp:~helh-saintman/+junk/hannibal", you should be able to push to lp:~fullcircle-ru/hannibal/main13:01
umijelmer: that's exactly what I was trying to do13:02
jelmerX3: I would recommend creating a local Debian package based on your trunk first in a separate branch, as that's necessary before creating a recipe anyway.13:02
umibut after that error any "bzr init" or "bzr push" to lp:~fullcircle-ru/hannibal/main just prompts me to enter my ssh passphrase and then absolutely nothing happens13:03
jelmerumi: It doesn't give you any output whatsoever?13:03
X3well there is a ppa with files13:03
jelmerX3: ah, ok13:04
umijelmer: sorry, I should have said that, after a long long long time (after I have already interrupted it with Ctrl+C) it gave some output:13:04
umiWrite failed: Broken pipe13:04
umiConnection to bazaar.launchpad.net closed by remote host.13:04
umiConnection to bazaar.launchpad.net closed by remote host.13:04
X3jelmer but how do i make that recipe work13:05
jelmerumi: It looks like there is an issue creating a connection with the LP ssh server - does connecting to it with sftp work? (sftp bazaar.launchpad.net) ?13:05
umijelmer: let me try13:06
umiworks fine13:07
jelmerX3: Create a clone of your branch that contains the debian/ directory (you should be able to get that from the source packages in the PPA). In the recipe, add a line like "merge packaging lp:~team-xmbc-svn/xmbc/packaging"13:07
X3ah right13:08
jelmerX3: That way the builder will take the latest version from trunk (as present in the first line of the recipe) and then merge in the packaging metadata.13:08
jelmerit will update the changelog when it builds a new snapshot, you don't have to do that manually13:09
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X3thx jelmer13:18
X3im not sure its gonna work lauchpad wont let me edit recipe atm it gives errors says disable redirection but nothing happens13:19
jelmerX3: What are the errors exactly?13:19
X3(Error ID: OOPS-1671EC2661)13:21
X3very helful ubotu /not13:21
X3wants password and wont accept my usr/pass13:22
X3nm im not that rushed13:23
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bpeelcan anyone help me get my package uploaded to my PPA ? I keep getting emails with "Unable to find mash-0.1_0.1.0.orig.tar.gz in upload or distribution" after I do dput13:25
bpeeli tried explicitly upload the source tar ball again with scp and then rerunning dput, but it didn't help13:26
umijelmer: so the sftp works fine13:28
jelmerX3: This is a strange error - apparently the branch no longer exists?13:29
noodles775bpeel: see "Options when building" at https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage13:30
noodles775bpeel: basically, I think you need to do `debuild -S -sa`13:30
bpeeloh cool, thanks noodles77513:30
noodles775no problem.13:30
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umijelmer: do you have any other suggestions? what should I do ?13:58
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MTecknologyCan any random person add a milestone and download to a project?14:06
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jelmerumi: I'm not sure what could be going wrong. Can you perhaps ask a question in the launchpad-code project?14:22
jelmerMTecknology: I think it's just people who are a member of the team that owns the project.14:23
umijelmer: ok, thank you for your help14:23
MTecknologyjelmer: That's what I thought too - but somehow someone that isn't us is adding them14:27
jelmerMTecknology: what project is this?14:28
MTecknologyjelmer: nginx14:30
czajkowskisinzui: you about for a moment ?14:31
sinzuiHi czajkowski14:31
czajkowskisinzui: mrevell said you might be the person to ask14:31
czajkowski11:51 < czajkowski> mrevell: a guy over here is doing his masters on Ubuntu  community and did a small project  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/ProfileOfTheDay  he  wants to know if it's possible to see on those profile  pages on launchpad was there more traffic after he would  post about profile of the day14:31
sinzuiabout page traffic?14:31
sinzuiI have never seen traffic reports for launchpad pages.14:32
czajkowskiaye neither have I14:32
sinzuiI need to ask someone if I can access/see the google analytics for pages14:32
jelmerMTecknology: If you have a download pattern configured launchpad will automatically add milestones and downloads when it sees them appear.14:33
jelmercould that be what it is perhaps?14:34
MTecknologyjelmer: heh.... that would be it indeed..14:36
MTecknologyjelmer: thanks :)14:37
jelmerMTecknology: no worries, glad it's not a security issue :-)14:38
MTecknologyjelmer: nope, it's a feature :)14:38
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sjamaanthumper: here?15:00
ActionParsnipyo yo yo15:36
ActionParsnipqq guys, why does my wiki keep jumping between release themes, one day its in Kubuntu theme, the next its in Edubuntu and others its in plain ol Ubuntu https://wiki.kubuntu.org/ActionParsnip15:37
ActionParsnipor am I asking in the wrong place?15:37
Userx7can somebody help me submit a bug report? I don't see the fields i expect thanks15:52
geserbecause of the domain you access it through: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ActionParsnip vs. https://wiki.kubuntu.org/ActionParsnip vs https://wiki.edubuntu.org/ActionParsnip15:52
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bdrungi am trying to download an attachment via launchpadlib. i have the attachment object. how can i proceed?15:59
james_wbdrung: you read the content and write it to a file on disk15:59
bdrungattachment.data gives an lazr.restfulclient.resource.HostedFile15:59
bdrungjames_w: what attributes does it have? can i read it with attachment.data.read()?16:00
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bdrungok, found it: attachment.data.open()16:26
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mattlhey... i'm sure i'm just missing something obvious... how can i log into launchpad using my own OpenID, rather than a launchpad provided one?16:31
maxbThat feature doesn't exist yet16:34
mattlah, okay. np.16:36
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Kangarooohello in LP bugs any one can make tags.. yes? so why sometimes somebody removes my tags?17:33
beunoKangarooo, anybody can add tags17:34
beunoand anybody can remove them17:34
Kangarooook i can add again my tag to bug my tag was removed but it messes then bug report.. makes a comment about new tag added..17:34
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nhandlerKangarooo: Certain projects have certain guidelines about which tags should get applied to which bugs. If your tag doesn't fit those guidelines, it might get removed again.17:36
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coolbhavihi all17:49
coolbhaviis bugs.launchpad.net down?17:49
coolbhaviI am getting Error ID: OOPS-1671L130017:50
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shadeslayercoolbhavi: seems to be working for me18:00
jelmerhi shadeslayer18:03
shadeslayerjelmer: \o18:03
jelmershadeslayer: You're in luck, I spent some time yesterday night on that KDE repo bug18:03
shadeslayeroh goody :D18:04
shadeslayeris it good to import now? :P18:04
jelmernot yet, but very close18:04
shadeslayerproject neon is stuck till its working again ^_^18:04
shadeslayerjelmer: awesome :D18:04
shadeslayerthanks for looking at it18:04
* shadeslayer pokes his kdelibs build....18:06
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pmatulisre PPA GPG keys, is it normal for a public key to be the same for different PPAs when those PPAs are attributed to the same person?18:31
bigjoolspmatulis: yes18:31
pmatulisbigjools: k18:32
pmatulisis there any way to properly (non-manually) revert to non-PPA packages?  ex: i've installed php5 from a PPA and saw that it dragged in a dependency (also in the PPA).  to revert i can force the earlier php5 version (which itself is not ideal) but what about the dependencies?  do i need to track them down and force them as well?18:38
micahgpmatulis: ppa-purge in maverick?18:39
pmatulismicahg: i've heard about that, but anyway, this is lucid18:39
micahgpmatulis: you can download the .deb from launchpad for it18:40
pmatulismicahg: so that is the only way?18:41
micahgpmatulis: you can use aptitude to try to figure out how to downgrade the packages18:41
pmatulismicahg: ok, so not obvious18:46
shadeslayermicahg: theres ppa-purge? which package? :D18:48
micahgshadeslayer: ppa-purge :P18:49
shadeslayerno such package :P18:49
micahgshadeslayer: in maverick18:49
shadeslayerim on maverick18:49
pmatulis!info ppa-purge18:49
micahgshadeslayer: oh, maybe it's stuck in new18:49
ubot5Package ppa-purge does not exist in lucid18:49
shadeslayermicahg: when was it introduced?18:49
pmatulis!info ppa-purge maverick18:49
ubot5Package ppa-purge does not exist in maverick18:49
shadeslayerah thats why.. :D18:49
X3shadeslayer: hey18:49
shadeslayermicahg: new wont be look at for another week i think18:50
shadeslayerX3: \o18:50
micahgshadeslayer: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ppa-purge/0+bzr46.1/+build/189201318:50
shadeslayerBinary packages awaiting approval in NEW queue: << :P18:50
shadeslayerits a good idea tho18:50
shadeslayerexpunging PPA's18:51
shadeslayerX3: i checked the builds at School today, it said 6 hours.. checking again now18:51
X3its same18:52
shadeslayeralso python seems to be ruling all builders18:52
shadeslayerno its just that python 2.7 just hit buildd18:52
shadeslayerand that will kill the chances of lm-sensors building before monday18:53
shadeslayerX3: https://edge.launchpad.net/builders18:53
shadeslayerand then im going to pwn all the other free builders....18:54
shadeslayerwith kdelibs :P18:54
X3lol at this rate it will be weeks b4 that is done18:57
bigjoolsI rescored the python rebuild earlier, it's behind everything else now18:59
micahgthanks bigjools19:02
shadeslayerbigjools: awesome :D19:03
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corecodehey, something is wrong with my milestone view: https://launchpad.net/lightning-exchange-provider/+milestones23:48

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