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VolkodavI created /boot partition as sdc2 but the installer fails to install grub there ?01:10
DaekdroomVolkodav, what partition type is it?01:11
Volkodavtried ext3 and 401:11
Volkodavthen installed to MBR to different drive and then get the error on inserting btrfs and also no /sbin/init in the system01:12
VolkodavHmm tried both alpha 2 and daily alternate CD's01:15
VolkodavI just mounted it and home and boot are empty - so the install failed I guess ?01:27
napsyHello. When trying to install catalyst draivers from "Hardware drivers" I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/M7CGYfHK Any fixes?01:50
DanaGSay, is it normal for the search box in unity not to do jack-diddly-squat?  (yes, I am mixing expressions, I think).02:49
DanaGI type in it, and letters appear.  Period.  Nothing else happens.02:49
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Volkodavwhat are the values in /etc/fstab for btrfs for ssd ?04:25
Volkodavlooks like ssd is all it needs really04:45
rippslol, the libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 in maverick breaks almost every package in my system05:10
Volkodavsame here05:12
ZykoticK9Cross post from #ubuntu, but hoping someone closer to the development community might have an insight.  What's up with the version number, in Lucid right now? "lsb_release -d" in terminal is showing "Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS" currently.  But according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule 10.04.1 is suppose to be released on August 12th?05:12
kklimondaZykoticK9: it got bumped in preparation for the point release. one less thing to worry about during release process05:23
ZykoticK9kklimonda, thanks.  That's a lot better answer then the "it's lieing" in #ubuntu.  Take care.05:24
DanaGThat's part of the release process.05:47
DanaGThe "release" is just when they say "these packages as they are now, are the release".05:47
DanaGThe system builds the release automatically.05:47
DanaGSo they have to change the version, then build the "release" on that changed version.05:48
DanaGAt least, that's my impression.05:48
TohuwWhy isn't aptitude included in 10.10?06:47
TohuwMy sloppily researched conclusion had always been that apt-get doesn't handle unused dependencies in some cases when removing packages.06:48
ajmitchafaik it is included, just not on the default install06:48
Tohuwoh, it's in the repos06:48
TohuwI just thought it odd they would preclude it from the default packages.06:49
Tohuweh, every time I try empathy I end up going back to Pidgin. It looks like this will be no exception... empathy is a very lackluster IRC client06:50
DanaGEmpathy is a pathetic, well, anything.06:50
TohuwThe decision to leave Pidgin was a poor one, in my mind.06:51
Tohuwoh hey, removing empathy and empathy-common no longer breaks ubuntu-desktop06:55
Tohuwalso, i'm going to crash in a moment06:55
Volkodavempathy sucks07:03
kklimondaVolkodav: that's great - thanks for sharing your insight with us07:34
Machtinhey guys. is it me or is java gone from the repos?08:25
kklimondano, it's there08:28
void^sun-java was moved to partner repo in lucid08:37
Machtinyep, read that.. was it renamed?08:44
Machtinjava6-runtime <- is it that one then, i guess?08:45
napsyHello. Are the linux-image and linux-headers packages in sync yet?09:34
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Guest79647The Last update broke kernel versions and catalyst modules can't compile09:38
napsyIs there a way to turn on power-saving for opensource radeon drivers?10:53
sepidevWhy everything (GUI Apps) in ubuntu 10.10 works 30% to 50% slower than the normal situation. Is is a X11 bug?11:28
VolkodavAnybody tested the SSD on brtfs with write cache on/off ? I am reading different results11:28
Volkodavtrying to figure what will be a better option for performance/life expextancy11:30
sepidevI need some advices about maverick11:31
sepideveverything(GUI apps) works slower (30% to 40% )than normal situation.11:32
sepidevI think there would be an X11 bug, but i can find a viable solution11:33
Crashbitsepidev: I think there would be a GTK bug11:35
sepidevmaybe... but how can i get rid of it?11:36
sepidevsome gtk themes such as elemetary affect the performance drastically11:36
CrashbitI don't know, I think it's a bug with RGBA (transparency)11:37
sepidevI searched into "Configuration Editor" to find a way to disable RGBA mode, but i found nothing.11:39
Crashbitsepidev: I have the same problem and "gtkperf" shows poor perfomance11:45
sepidevCrashbit: Have you found a way?11:47
kklimondaI don't think there is a simple workaround other than changing a theme11:48
CrashbitI'm searching in launchpad for GTK and RGBA bugs, but I don't see any bug that correspond with what happens12:15
kklimondaone of bugs that you may be affected by is bug 59584512:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 595845 in cairo (Ubuntu) "libcairo2 1.9.10 makes Ubuntu 10.10 slow" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59584512:18
gnomefreak#ubuntu-bugs would be the best place to ask12:19
gnomefreakthey might know more12:19
om26erCrashbit, but that change is not in maverick I think12:32
Crashbitom26er: I don't know, with clearlooks theme, the perfomance is better than ambiance, but transparencies doesn't work correctly12:35
om26erCrashbit, these are the bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=gtk-csd but the change is not in maverick. they are from alpha2 when gtk had csd support12:35
om26erthere is a gtk update which apparently seem to remove way too many things..12:44
om26eranyone else have it?12:44
gnomefreaki didnt see it but let me check to make sure12:45
Sarvattom26er: it's been fixed for a few hours here12:46
gnomefreakgtk2-engines-pixbuf gir1.0-gtk-2.0 were the only ones by the look of it12:46
gnomefreaka few other libgtks as well12:46
gnomefreakSarvatt: do you have the fixed version12:47
Sarvattit was libwmf12:48
Sarvatti think, it stopped trying to remove most of gnome on dist-upgrade once that update came along12:49
gnomefreakwell an hour ago i did dist-upgrade and it didnt want to remove anything, but added a few packages12:50
Sarvattyeah last night up until a few hours ago it was trying to remove most of gnome, guessing om26er's mirror is just lagging12:52
* om26er switches the mirror12:52
gnomefreakgb is one of the best to use12:52
gnomefreaki use it and i get updates when i should :)12:52
Volkodavwhat is that mirror ? mine still wants to remove12:57
gnomefreakdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick main restricted   sorry i forgot to add the gb when i removed us13:00
gnomefreakVolkodav: i recommend using gb depending on wher eyou are13:00
gnomefreakVolkodav: than either use gb.archive (just adding the gb and the .13:01
gnomefreakor just remove us.13:01
* Volkodav fixing13:02
gnomefreakme too :)13:02
gnomefreakit seems partner repo doesnt like gb13:06
gnomefreaknever had issues with it before13:06
VolkodavI'll try some UK13:06
gnomefreakgb is in UK (at lleast i am pretty sure13:07
VolkodavI don't see on the list though13:07
* gnomefreak has a hard time remebering what countries are part of UK13:08
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Lucid, and help keeping the servers' load low!13:08
gnomefreakVolkodav: try one of there on the link(s)13:08
gnomefreakdamn smart got fast13:09
gnomefreakChannels have 30538 new packages.13:09
gnomefreakComputing transaction...13:10
gnomefreakNo interesting upgrades available.  :)13:10
* gnomefreak uses it due to the things it says13:11
Pici!mirrorstatus | also13:12
ubottualso: A list of official repository mirrors and their statuses can be found at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors13:12
* gnomefreak not sure how to word this13:12
gnomefreakmvo: any chance smartpm will get an overhauled gui (i dont like the fact that it gives you the folders with the packages in side.) but maybe that is just me :(13:14
* gnomefreak tries to stick to terminal rather than gui13:14
gnomefreakok we should really rename !mirros or alias it13:16
Picignomefreak: go for it13:17
gnomefreakPici: im thinking13:17
* gnomefreak goes for smoke to think13:17
VolkodavUtah server is up to date13:20
Volkodavall good13:23
Volkodavhmm can't get vlc smplayer or xine-ui installed13:36
Volkodavborked packages and dependencies13:37
gnomefreakxine has depends issues13:42
gnomefreakhas for a few days now13:42
Volkodavsame as the other two13:44
head_victimxine just worked for me13:49
head_victimAnd I installed vlc yesterday or the day before?13:49
gnomefreakit does work now13:50
Volkodavcan not get any of them installed for 2 days now - just checked again13:50
Volkodavmaybe it is on x86_6413:50
gnomefreakyep me niether but i just installed xine-ui13:50
head_victimHmm odd, the mirror I use is saying up to date on launchpad as well so it's not lagging behind13:50
head_victimI am on 64 bit13:51
Volkodav Depends: libxine1 but it is not going to be installed13:51
VolkodavDepends: vlc-nox but it is not going to be installed13:51
Volkodav Recommends: vlc-plugin-pulse but it is not going to be installed13:51
gnomefreaklibxine1 is already the newest version.13:52
gnomefreaklibxine1 set to manually installed.13:52
head_victimYeah both are here as well.13:52
head_victimso gnomefreak are you on 64 as well? Volkodav you are on 32?13:53
gnomefreakyeah vlc is still broken13:54
gnomefreakim on 3213:54
head_victimOdd, I have both installed on 64, going to set up a 32 install as well to confirm13:54
gnomefreakanyone know what format cds use?13:55
Volkodavthat's what it offers13:55
Picignomefreak: iso966013:55
gnomefreakmusic cd? Pici13:55
gnomefreakVolkodav: yeah using apt-get will cause depends issue. aptitude tends to get into trouble sometimes13:57
gnomefreakaptitude does as you tell it to no matter what (you can also choose from different ways to do it)13:59
gnomefreaksmartpm does the same thing sometimes14:00
gnomefreakcoffee run14:00
VolkodavDepends: libmpcdec3 which is a virtual package - that's a show stopper14:01
yofel_Volkodav: what app?14:04
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yofelneeds a rebuild then14:05
yofelmaverick has libmpcdec614:05
Volkodavwell I'll wait then14:05
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gnomefreakanyone else notice F-spot crashing?14:20
VolkodavI use mirage14:20
Volkodavlight and fast14:20
gnomefreaki want f-spot screen saver so i kind of need it14:21
head_victimI can confirm the fault with vlc on 32bit looking for vlc-plugin-pulse, working fine on 6414:49
head_victimxine-ui worked fine though14:49
head_victimI'm new to this alpha stuff should we wait a day or so to see if it's going to be built or file a bug?14:50
Volkodavnah - wait it'll get fixed14:52
head_victimNo worries.14:52
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sinurgedoes anyone know of a good news reader16:35
sinurgeoops sorry wrong forum16:36
charlie-tcasinurge: I like liferea16:39
sinurgethanks charlie-tca but would like something from the terminal16:52
charlie-tcanewsbeuter was good for terminal16:56
charlie-tcaeven allows podcasts16:56
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LucidFoxjust updated to Maverick on my netbook, the Unity UI looks really slick, kudos for that18:14
LucidFoxbut how do I add an application icon to the left navigation bar?18:14
ChogyDanhey guys, is there a way to explore the maverick packages without installing maverick?18:20
Volkodavread about them18:21
Volkodavlook at screenshots18:21
ChogyDanVolkodav: I mean where, how18:21
ChogyDanpackages.ubuntu.com is still down...18:22
ChogyDanah, I see what you are saying18:22
yofelChogyDan: you could query the bot '/msg ubottu info <packagename> maverick'18:27
Volkodavyofel what's up18:27
Volkodavdid you bench your SSD on brtfs with/without cache write18:28
PiciI use rmadison myself.18:28
VolkodavI have a strange feeling close to almost sure that ext4 tuned up for ssd in 10.4 is snappier then 10.10 with brtfs on the same drive18:29
ChogyDanyofel: thanks18:30
Volkodavat least boot almost twice faster18:30
yofelVolkodav: nope, my ssd is still using ext4, I don't really have the time to reinstall currently ./18:32
yofeland pretty much everyone seems to say that btrfs is slow, especially with dpkg18:32
VolkodavI did side by side install on the same drive - maverick has twice larger partiton and still feels slower:-(18:32
yofelI guess it's not so bad with an ssd, but still..18:33
Volkodavit really is18:33
VolkodavI can really tell the difference between 10.4 on ext418:33
dupondjeSomebody else having the problem that Terminal is sometimes getting closed when trying to close another program ?19:22
dupondjeI close for example firefox who is on top19:22
dupondjebug instead of firefox closing, terminal is closing19:22
Chipacadupondje: yes19:29
yofeldupondje: you mean closing from the taskbar or by the window close button?19:30
Chipacaclose button19:30
yofeldoesn't happen here (KDE)19:31
Chipacanot just with the terminal, however; a couple of times the window that is not the topmost one of a stack of maximized windows closes instead of the topmostest one19:31
Chipacaonce, the terminal, but another time it was chromium19:31
Chipacathe terminal asked because I had several tabs open, fortunately19:31
patdk-wkdoesn't happen for me, using gnome19:32
patdk-wkI have 50 packages since yesterday to update though :(19:32
patdk-wkok, updated, rebooted, still can't make that issue happen19:39
DaekdroomNever happened here.19:40
dr3mrohello please I want to participate to ubuntu ... where do I start.. I want to be a developer with python please any one guide me the way thnx20:23
BUGabundoanyone noticed faster boots in this last few days?20:25
yofel!contribute | dupondje20:27
ubottudupondje: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate20:27
yofel!contribute | dr3mro20:27
ubottudr3mro: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate20:27
yofelsry dupondje20:27
patdk-wkBUGabundo, nope, mine is always fast :)20:30
* BUGabundo steals patdk-wk ultra fast SSDs20:31
patdk-wkmy laptop :)20:31
patdk-wkbut I was meaning my esxi :)20:31
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IdleOne!packaging | dr3mro20:34
ubottudr3mro: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports20:34
BUGabundohere are my boot charts20:37
BUGabundothey really show faster boots20:37
dupondjeyofel: windows close button21:49
dupondjeChipaca: you know if there is some bug about it ?21:49
Chipacadupondje: no. Until you asked, I thought it was just me or something :)21:49
dupondjeseems not :P21:51
dupondjebut I have no idea where to file a bug ...21:51
dupondjewhat package ..21:52
Chipacadupondje: do you use compiz?21:52
Chipacadupondje: me netiher. So it's probably metacity.21:53
sepidevwhy most of  meerkat's themes work so slowly? is there a bug in GTK+ or theme engines?22:36
sepidevmost of the meerkat's themes work slowly.why? how can i repair it?22:41
NwallinsHi, I tried to use the alternate install disc to get a minimal install23:35
Nwallinsinstead i got the kitchen sink -- compiz, erlang, python-twisted, etc.23:36
Nwallinsi was never asked for a software selection23:36
Nwallinsalso, I could not set my / to be bootable during manual partitioning23:36
head_victimThere is a minimal installation cd usually, not sure if there's one for meerkat, hang on a tick I'll look23:37
NwallinsI would hit [Enter]   on Bootable: no, the screen would flash23:37
Nwallinsand back to the configure screen, with Bootable still no23:37
Nwallinshead_victim: ok, thx23:37
head_victimNwallins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD23:37
Nwallinshead_victim: nothing for meerkat?23:38
head_victimNwallins: not on that page, but that's the context, looking for a link to the meerkat one if it exists23:38
Nwallinsok, got it23:39
head_victimCool, I was still looking23:40
head_victimJust be aware you have to download more stuff using that install23:40
head_victimIt's basically just the core and then you download the other packages required.23:40
Nwallinsso, the alternate installer is supposed to isntall everything?23:40
Nwallinsyep, what i want23:40
Nwallinsi think exactly what i want is something like debian base system23:40
head_victimNwallins: for what you want it sounds like the minimal would suit better.23:40
head_victimNwallins: well that is similar to the netinstall debian download23:41
head_victimI haven't used the alternate cd in ages sorry so not exactly sure what it does and doesn't offer.23:41
Nwallinsi read you can get a minimal system out of it23:42
Nwallinsi want miminal + xorg + lxde23:42
Nwallinsbut it never asked me for software selection23:42
Nwallinsi look over and it's downloading compiz   o_023:42
head_victimThere may have been an "advanced" button somewhere that would ahve given you the option but yeah, not sure as I haven't actually used it for a while :/23:42
Nwallinsor copying from cd or whatever23:42
Nwallinshead_victim: fyi, no kernel modules found23:53
Nwallinsinstaller no workie23:53
Nwallinsi gotta run, i will be back on in 2 hours, or tomorrow23:54
DinkNwallins, there is a "minimal/base" option for the alternate cd23:54
DinkI think its f4 or f6 forget which and you select minimal23:55
Dinknvm you left23:55
head_victimAh he did indeed23:57

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