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DanaGSay, why do OEMs stick a smartphone OS on a laptop?  They need Ubuntu!06:48
ojn512MB is a bit on the low end for a regular distro06:56
DanaGah. So they need to add more RAM!07:23
DanaGStill can't seem to find Marvell Dove boards anywhere... are they just not out?07:24
DanaGRetail, I mean.... to where beagleboard is 'retail".07:25
DanaGI also wonder: why in the world are AMOLED displays always made glossy?  AMOLED is bright enough without gloss... adding gloss just makes it hard to see outside!07:31
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ericm_I remember there's a wiki page describing the switches we are using for ARM on Lucid, anyone has that reference?08:44
ericm_gcc switches08:44
hrw-arch=armv7-a -mfpu=vfpv3-d16 like ones?08:45
ericm_hrw, yeah08:45
ericm_hrw, like we decided to use thumb2 in lucid for code density08:45
loolericm_: Correct08:47
ericm_lool, you have that reference, cannot find it on wiki.u.c08:47
hrw-mthumb -mthumb-interwork - first enables Thumb (Thumb2 on arm1156 and cortex), second enables mixing arm and thumb code08:48
hrwhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Thumb2 you mean?08:48
ericm_lool, hrw, and do you know if how we handle ThumbEE in Lucid and Maverick?08:48
hrwno idea08:49
ericm_hrw, I think that's the page I was looking for, thanks man08:49
ericm_hrw, did we use ThumbEE maybe in some libraries?08:52
ericm_for run-time Java acceleration possibly?08:53
loolericm_: I have no idea if we use any thumb EE, openjdk might?08:53
hrwdo not know08:53
loolericm_: we don't in the toolchain08:53
loolericm_: thumb2 != thumbee though08:53
loolwe use thumb2 all over the place08:53
lool-mthumb + -march=armv7 implies thumb208:54
hrwopenjdk has a branch which use java arm extensions/instructions but thats not merged yet iirc08:55
ericm_lool, ok I see - so toolchain won't automatically generate ThumbEE instructions unless explicitly coded in the assembly file right?08:57
ericm_hrw, chances are it still could be merged in the future, and you know how we could handle SoC with ThumbEE and SoC without ThumbEE in this case?08:58
hrw"ThumbEE is a variant of the Thumb-2 instruction set. It is designed as a target for dynamically generated code. This is code compiled on the device either shortly before or during execution from a portable bytecode or other intermediate or native representation. It is particularly suited to languages that employ managed pointers or array types. ThumbEE provides increased code density for the compiled binary compared with the compiled code for th09:02
hrwand jazelle (java thing) is other stuff09:02
loolericm_: I dont think the toolchain uses thumbee indeed09:19
loolericm_: usually it's generated by JITs09:20
ericm_lool, ok09:36
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GrueMasterogra: any luck on the image build issue?16:13
ograthe archive is constantly out of sync :(16:13
GrueMasterYea, I've known that for several cycles now.16:14
GrueMasterHow about the mke2fs issue?16:14
ograi wrote a script that loops until it has one successfull build and then takes an archive snapshot from my package proxy16:14
ograthats running since yesterday afternoon without finishing successfull once16:14
ograi cant move on with the filesystem issue without having at least for a few hours a stable archive16:15
GrueMasterI think it is just a matter of finding the right combination of parameters to mke2fs.16:15
ograwell, we shouldnt need *any* parameters, thats the worrying issue16:15
GrueMasterI was comparing the dumpe2fs output from the 7/20 image and a test fs that I created.  Major differences.  Today I'll look to see if there is a difference when I use mke2fs on a real partition.16:17
GrueMasterI also looked at the source for genext2fs.  It has hard coded inode and block sizes that are different than the defaults for mke2fs.16:19
ograoh, thats intresting16:19
ograbut it should just work still ... and it obviously does for a filesystem you create yourself16:20
rsalveticould be an issue with how the image is created16:20
GrueMasterIn my testing yesterday, I created a blank fs with dd that was 2G, then formatted it with mke2fs using different parameters each time.  I still couldn't copy the 7/20 image contents over without failing.16:21
rsalvetiI mean, you're using dd16:21
rsalvetifor some reason mkfs is not behaving well with it16:21
GrueMasterNah.  dd should just be making a blank file full of zeros.16:22
GrueMasterOther than no chs info, it should be ok.16:22
GrueMasterogra: question on the beagleboard lucid>maverick upgrade.  I'm testing it this week, but is it really an option, considering we never officially released lucid for beagleboard?  (I don't see an image on releases.ubuntu.com with the other armel images)16:31
ograGrueMaster, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/lucid/release/16:32
GrueMasterHmmm.  It never made it to releases.ubuntu.com.  Not sure why.16:32
ograwe only added it as new port while its fully supported in maverick16:33
GrueMasterThought I'd check.16:35
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asacrcn-ee: there?17:53
asacrcn-ee: is there still a ti hosted omap3 kernel tree with all the goodies like powervr module etc.?17:53
asacrcn-ee: afaiui git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tmlind/linux-omap-2.6.git  is not broken as they do omap4 there17:55
asacis there a separate omap3 branch?17:55
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rcn-ee_workasac, just read the irc log, you still looking for the powervr goodness?19:36
asacrcn-ee_work: yes, i wonder where its originating. and whether there is a full omap3 tree still hosted by ti19:36
asaci would assume the latter would have it applied already19:37
rcn-ee_workhey asac, nope no tree yet.. ;)  i saw the gpl license in the SDK and just went for it... no one at TI's complained yet and it beats cross compiling them later.. ;)19:38
rcn-ee_workPatches here: against 2.6.35-rc http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~beagleboard-kernel/%2Bjunk/2.6.35-devel/files/head:/patches/sgx/19:38
rcn-ee_workjust wired them into the kernel myself one saturday. so no ryme or reason for the kconfig settings, but it works.. ;)19:39
asacrcn-ee_work: whats the canonical place for omap3 SDKs? TI folks said there are many SDKs floating around ;)19:39
asaci got mine from what you mentioned on your site ... still TI didnt know who is owning that etc. if you have info about that i would be happy!19:40
rcn-ee_workoh no idea... (here i thought you were working for canonical.. ;) )19:40
asaci am ;)19:40
asacbut even ti doesnt know ;)19:40
rcn-ee_worki should dump a readme in there... I'm leaving it up to TI to submit (and then get denied by the kernel guys)19:40
XorAdepends on the TI department19:40
XorAchances of TI submitting SGX modules is probably less than zero19:41
asacwell. chances of those landing as they are now is probably less than zero too ;)19:42
asacslangasek: 20:38 < rcn-ee_work> Patches here: against 2.6.35-rc http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~beagleboard-kernel/%2Bjunk/2.6.35-devel/files/head:/patches/sgx/19:42
rcn-ee_workexactly, but having them in the tree for ubuntu or for my customers it does help remove an extra recompile step..19:42
asacthose are apparently shipped in the SGX SDK ... which we don't know whats the right place19:42
asacrcn-ee_work: yes, thats why i am asking. i am pushing for getting them in some linaro tree19:43
asacand package19:43
rcn-ee_workI have it synced with the latest, i try not to ship the old sdk for too long..19:43
asacso we don need to pull your .debs etc. all the time19:43
asacrcn-ee_work: i hoped there would be a dirty full omap3 tree with all kind of patches that ti hasnt upstreamed ... would be easiest to just package that up. but seems none such thing exist19:43
rcn-ee_workthe sad part, an x86 is still needed for the final sgx binary (libGL stuff) http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~beagleboard-kernel/%2Bjunk/2.6.35-devel/annotate/head:/create_sgx_package.sh19:44
asacso we need to use our tree and add the patches from gsx there19:44
XorAGFX modules are a different team than the kernel team19:44
prpplagueXorA: what's cookin?19:44
asacXorA: still they could land their stuff in their tree rather than shipping patches etc.19:45
XorAhey prpplague hows the big office in Dallas19:45
prpplagueXorA: still big19:45
XorAasac: heh, try working for TI :-)19:45
asacrcn-ee_work: hmm ... isnt OMAP35x_Graphics_SDK_setuplinux_${SGX_VERSION}.bin just a shell unpack installer thing?19:45
asacor is there really x86 binary code in it that gets run?19:45
rcn-ee_workyeap... it is.. but the *.bin is x86 code.. ;)19:45
dcordes_XorA: :D hey. long time no see19:46
XorAprpplague: post me some BBQ19:46
XorAprpplague: or new toys :-)19:46
asacso they wrote the unpack installer code in C? wowo19:46
rcn-ee_workwith a little help qemu on arm probally could do it?19:46
dcordes_XorA: mmm ti nice19:46
prpplagueXorA: hehe19:46
prpplagueXorA: should have a new round of toys soon19:46
rcn-ee_worktalkign with koen, the next release might be atleast 'wget-able' doubt you could extract it on anything other then x86 thou.19:46
prpplagueXorA: i've been so busy with board bringup i've not had time to work on new products19:46
asacrcn-ee_work: yeah. i think we shouldnt bother too much on the user space pieces. i think they are working to make packages happen - so lets hold our breath ;)19:47
asacprobably not for omap3 though ... or at least with low prio19:47
asacok tanks19:47
XorAthe team is nice is making packages for the driver19:47
XorAthe team is nice is making packages for the drivers19:47
XorAin Nice19:47
prpplagueXorA: zippy and zippy2 are still selling pretty good, and the trainer is slowly starting to pick up in sales19:47
rcn-ee_workI know ubuntu has shipped closed blobs before, so as long as the kernel as the gpl parts, the userspace maybe could be downloaded from ubuntu repo? (like nvida/ati/etc stuff) but that would be something between ubuntu and ti...19:48
XorAprpplague: put zippy support in ubuntu yet?19:49
rcn-ee_worki thought asac was working on the zippy stuff too.. (he was looking at my tree)19:49
prpplagueXorA: not i19:50
prpplaguezippy2 support might be a better choice for ubuntu19:50
prpplaguesince the zippy2 uses the same chipset as the 4430sdp and blaze19:50
rcn-ee_workthe only difference is the spi driver, so it's pretty easy to support both..19:50
* prpplague wonders if the ubuntu-arm folks have ordered some zippy boards19:51
XorAprpplague: but you gave me a zippy :-D19:52
prpplagueXorA: indeed19:52
prpplagueXorA: i'll bring some other boards if i can when i come in october19:52
XorAprpplague: you gouing to ELC-E19:52
rsalvetiprpplague: yep, I got one here19:53
XorAprpplague: the annoying thing is I think I might end up at UDS which is the same week19:53
rsalvetididn't have time yet, but I'm planning to push the zippy 2 patches forward19:53
prpplagueXorA: doh19:53
prpplaguersalveti: ahh19:53
rsalvetiat least to be supported by ubuntu's kernel19:53
prpplagueXorA: http://www.embeddedlinuxconference.com/elc_europe10/sessions.html#Anders19:53
XorAprpplague: heh19:54
XorAprpplague: you is famous19:54
prpplagueXorA: hehe, well we will have to see if anyone actually shows up for the presentation19:54
dcordes_prpplague: that's the elinux.org tux!19:55
* dcordes_ has never been to UK19:55
dcordes_maybe I will stop by19:55
XorAdcordes_: well we have the best beers :-)19:56
prpplaguedcordes_: elinux.org is sponsored by CELF19:56
* prpplague is an original founder of elinux.org19:57
dcordes_I need to add some information about htc-linux.org in elinux.org19:57
XorAprpplague: you cant be, you dont have a waist length beard, all *linux* guys do19:58
dcordes_XorA: hm beers are best thing at geek events19:58
dcordes_XorA: at fosdem in belgium I drank many delirium tremens19:58
* XorA doesnt drink much beer19:58
dcordes_and other funny beers from strange 0,2l bottles19:58
prpplagueXorA: hehe19:59
dcordes_XorA: do they also listen to metal ?19:59
prpplaguemmmmmm belgian beers19:59
XorAdont know, I listen to a lot of metal :-)19:59
prpplaguersalveti: let me know if you have any questions on the zippy220:01
prpplaguersalveti: (and if you need any other specialized accessory boards)20:01
dcordes_XorA: ^^ you still using HTC phones ?20:01
XorAdcordes_: got a TouchDiamond2 and a Dell Streak these days20:02
dcordes_XorA: ahh rhodium20:02
dcordes_no wait that's htc topaz20:02
dcordes_rhodium is the touch pro 220:02
XorAI see Android is almost 100% on it20:03
dcordes_yes but the kernel is a total mess20:03
dcordes_they are stuck at 2.6.2920:03
XorApretty much all android devices are20:03
dcordes_hardcode everything20:03
dcordes_sorry 2.6.2720:04
XorAandroid was written in LARGE crayons as far as I can see from the code quality20:04
dcordes_but with qualcomm merging msm7 and qsd8 in mainline it will only be a question of time to rebase easily20:04
rsalvetiprpplague: sure, thanks :-)20:06
dcordes_XorA: mhm I'm not a big fan of android either way20:06
prpplaguersalveti: if i can ever find the time, i need to finish up with the showdog, which would be a good item for you ubuntu guys20:06
dcordes_XorA: and regarding kernel I'm trying to keep some order in the chaos at least for the devices I have20:07
dcordes_XorA: still have the kaiser :) ?20:07
rsalvetiprpplague: hm, that would be a nice toy20:08
XorAdcordes_: no, swapped the kaiser for part of my car20:08
rsalvetiprpplague: how is it going?20:09
dcordes_XorA: no reason to keep it when you have same device with better performance20:09
XorAprpplague: get designing that quad omap4 :-)20:10
dcordes_XorA: I somehow can't give mine away20:10
XorAdcordes_: well I wanted a car :-)20:10
dcordes_XorA: lol. with the leo (htc hd2) I got my first linux device w/o keyboard20:10
dcordes_never getting used to the on screen keyboard only situation20:12
prpplaguersalveti: it's pretty much done, i just need to run a few more tests, clean up a few items on the schematic and get the gerbers off to china for pcb production20:12
prpplaguersalveti: just been too busy with board bringup20:12
dcordes_XorA: but there were no other qsd8250 devices available when I got it20:12
rcn-ee_workoh asac, sorry misread one of your questions: TI has told me to always use: http://software-dl.ti.com/dsps/dsps_public_sw/sdo_sb/targetcontent/gfxsdk/latest/index_FDS.html (to get latest)20:13
XorAprpplague: BTW dude, is there a guide to debugging x-load with JTAG anywhere?20:13
prpplagueXorA: i don't think there is20:13
prpplagueXorA: running into problems?20:14
XorAomapzoom3 needs external UART support20:14
asacrcn-ee_work: thanks a bunch20:14
asacrcn-ee_work: how about adding #linaro to your autojoin list ;) ... you are more than welcome there!20:14
prpplagueXorA: for booting? or output?20:15
XorAprpplague: so I can see why it is failing to load u-boot :-)20:15
XorAprpplague: but some form of output would be nice20:15
prpplagueXorA: ahh20:15
rcn-ee_workasac, i will when i get home tonight, too many pc's took me 5mins to get back into this channel at work. .;)20:15
XorAprpplague: beagle x-load is verbose :-)20:15
dcordes_XorA: btw you shouldn't use evil msm7* phone. get one with omap850 :D20:18
XorAhey robbiew20:42
XorAhey robclark20:42
* prpplague throws EHCI PHY chips at robclark and XorA like ninja throwing stars20:44
robbiewXorA: looking for me or robclark?20:44
XorArobbiew: robclark, sorry!20:44
robbiewnp ;)20:44
XorAreturn to sleep :-D20:44
robclarkhey XorA20:44
prpplagueanyone got dual framebuffers up and running on ubuntu?23:05
prpplaguemore accurately dual framebuffers running a desktop23:06
cwillu_at_workgiven a zippy that gives me a second dvi port from the lcd headers, I would :D23:14

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