bobo123to have flash-cookies deleted each time I run firefox I changed the command for the firefox-command in the Program menu to     bash -c 'rm -rf ~/.adobe; rm -rf ~/.macromedia; firefox %u'    instead of just    firefox %u      and it seems to work. Are there any bad side effects by doing this, or are there a better way to do this?00:30
stlsaintbobo123: a script to run at logout would do that for ya01:04
bobo123stlsaint: how do I do that?01:05
MasamuneErp... beginner user here, think I've snafu'd my bootloaders, can't boot into anything or from livecd, anyhelp?01:06
stlsaintMasamune: please explain what you did01:06
bobo123stlsaint: ah. you mean a script that runs automaticly (somehow) when I logout from ubuntu?01:07
stlsaintbobo123: sure01:08
Masamunewas reinstalling 10.04 and decided to shift the 'mount point'? The bit that tells your computer which place to boot from, before now I've set it to the :/ and it's worked, this time I put it in HDA7 with the install, installed everything fine but when I restarted it just gave me Error: File Not Found - Grub Rescue>01:08
MasamuneChecked online and I can't boot from Ubuntu 10.04 live cd and I don't have windows install disk01:09
bobo123Masamune: you should be able to boot from the livecd at least, since it doesn't depend on the grub bootloader. booting from cd only depends from bios-settings (some computers wants you to press a key for example F10 to get the bios'es boot-from-what menu)01:09
MasamuneI set bios to boot from cd first, used the boot menu and it didn't work.01:10
MasamuneI tried disabling all other boot devices and it just tells me that it is not a system file or something like that and to replace it with bootable media01:10
bobo123but it tries to read from the cd at least?01:11
MasamuneYeah it tries, I got as far as the blinking dash which lasts for a minute or so then it just drops out.01:11
stlsaintMasamune: are you able to try a usb?01:11
MasamuneNot right now, that will have to be for tomorrow.01:12
MasamuneI'm just wondering what the method will be?01:12
MasamuneI've found stuff online describing how to reinstall the bootloaders where they should be but they have all required me to boot from live CD, I'm not even entirely confident that USB booting will work.01:12
stlsaintMasamune: yes if you are unable to boot from the harddrive, cd, or usb than i cannot currently think of  away to do anything less you do a network boot01:13
stlsaintbut thats for installing mainly01:13
MasamuneI have a USB boot option and Network something but I'm using an old eMac so I don't know if I'll be able to set up a bootable usb.01:15
stlsaintMasamune: this drive have data you need to save on it?01:15
MasamuneIf at all possible yes01:16
bobo123are you sure it doesn't boot from the cd but somehow hangs?01:16
duanedesignif itboots to grub-rescue> you could try the 4 commands listed on that link01:18
MasamuneI should have written down the error message, I remember it being something along the lines of : No bootable media found. or something like that.01:18
MasamuneDuandesgin, I'll have to try that, I tried something similar earlier but it some of the commands could not be found.01:19
MasamuneAlso, it's always booted from that CD before, not sure why it stopped this time, by the looks of things if I could boot to cd I could fix this pretty easily using the stuff that's about online.01:20
MasamuneThanks for the help :D01:21
stlsaintmy network doesnt work under my lucid03:05
yax51hey I cant seem to play dvds...Ive tried movie player, GNOME Mplayer and about to try Mplayer....but nothing has seemed to work...03:08
head_victimyax51: have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs03:09
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yax51Victory!!!! Thanks!03:16
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tenachIs there a way to make Empathy comply with my blocked user lists that are set up on the native protocols? People I've blocked on YIM can message me if I'm using Empathy, but can't if I'm using the chat in their web mail.03:55
tenachIf I installed ubuntu, then xubuntu, can i remove the ubuntu metapackage?06:34
tenachWould that mess things up?06:35
seidosI've never tried it.  Only one way to find out!06:40
seidosbut I'm not going to do it.  I've already tried too much stuff to break this thing.06:40
seidosat least for the time being06:41
seidosI'm kind of comfortable with how well it's working06:41
pedro3005by ubuntu metapackage you mean ubuntu-desktop?06:41
pedro3005I don't think it ever hurts to remove it06:41
pedro3005but I don't know06:41
tenachA friend of mine put Ubuntu on their netbook, then installed the xubuntu packages.06:42
tenachDoesn't want to use the NBR06:42
seidosI've installed the xubuntu-desktop package06:42
seidoswhy doesn't he want to use NBR?06:43
IdleOneyou can safely remove ubuntu-desktop package but if/when upgrading to a new version of ubuntu you will want to install it again, it could cause problems if missing.06:43
ubot2If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »06:44
tenachseidos, doesn't like the NBR interface.06:54
seidostenach, oh06:54
Silver_Fox_Hello nogrill11:36
nogrillfollowing problem: metacity kept on crashing and I got a little impulsive, so i would eventually remove it with all of its dependencies trying to switch to the "mutter" alternative because it was the first the synaptics offered. now i ended up with a not booting gui and a networkless console-mode :( help?11:37
nogrillwhoops... I almost forgot, it's a ubuntu 10.04 system11:41
Silver_Fox_Have you tried sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start ?11:42
nogrillwhat would it do ?(sry, there's only this machine available right now, so i will take notes and the try my look when rebooting it ;) )11:44
Silver_Fox_It restarts gdm11:46
nogrill:( gdm does start but i don't get past it...11:47
nogrilli get no desktop...am just dragged back to the login screen11:51
Silver_Fox_Oh, I misundestood. Sorry11:51
nogrill:) i don't really know how to describe what went wrong entirely because i don't know what the dependencies were... ;) maybe i should have written them down11:53
nogrill:) i got an idea....thx for takin the time.12:07
philinux My Problem: Router resets after one minute from cold switch on. After that it's ok13:57
hobgoblinso any uk people (or anyone who possibly might know) have any idea why a bt homehub fails badly with nfs ?14:54
philinuxHi hobgoblin You asked that yesterday lol15:05
hobgoblinyep - and I will ask again if I get no answer15:05
philinuxTry asking in ##networking15:05
hobgoblinI'd need to set the damn thing up to do that ... they's want information - not sure if I can go without music for that long lol15:06
philinuxWhats going wrong15:08
hobgoblinit fails to read the nfs drives15:09
hobgoblinnot sure tbh - I shall have one more go at the weekend15:09
hobgoblinpossibly it's a firewall in the router doing it15:09
hobgoblinold netgear has no problems with it - and of course phoning BT will be completely pointless15:10
philinuxDid you have to recompile the kernel15:11
hobgoblinwhatever for?15:11
philinuxAh that was the old days lol15:11
Silver_Fox_If in doubt always recommend recompiling kernal15:12
Silver_Fox_Basic rule of thumb15:12
hobgoblinpossibly, been using nfs for a few years without issue15:12
hobgoblinphilinux: ty for the channel anway - I shall set the thing up and get as much info as I can before I go there15:14
philinuxhobgoblin: would upnp work15:15
hobgoblinbelieve I tried that15:15
hobgoblinbut I am sort of fairly sure it is some stupid firewall rule ... and I also need to change the IP addresses it gives15:16
hobgoblinhi swoody15:33
hobgoblincan we help you :)15:33
philinuxhobgoblin: Edification: what does chanserv gives voice mean15:36
Mohan_chmlhobgoblin, we surely can help swoody15:37
hobgoblinjust exactly that, there are some voiced people in here and some not15:37
slidinghornphilinux, it's for members of the Beginners Team15:37
philinuxah ok15:37
* slidinghorn is in beginners team limbo15:38
hobgoblinit used to be that this was the team channel and at one point we made meetings so that only voiced people would be able to talk15:38
* hobgoblin has wandered away from the fold 15:38
* Mohan_chml needs hobgoblin back to the team15:38
hobgoblinseeing if the grass is greenererer15:38
hobgoblinMohan_chml: would like not need ;)15:38
hobgoblinpersonally hobgoblin does not need the obnoxious and pompousness that took over15:39
hobgoblinso will just wander in and help and wander out again15:39
philinuxWhat obnox and pomp?15:39
hobgoblinphilinux: stuff15:40
hobgoblindon't worry :)15:40
philinuxWho are the mods in here ?15:40
hobgoblinthere are a couple of irc ops idling in here - and a few of the voiced members have ops15:41
hobgoblinbut if stuff needs doing then a shout in ubuntu-beginners-team usually wakes someone up15:41
philinuxcan you tell who are irc ops from the sttus icons in right pane?15:42
Mohan_chmlphilinux, why you need ops here??15:42
Mohan_chmlops names*15:42
hobgoblinI just happen to know some of them15:42
philinuxJust learning IRC15:42
philinuxBit green in these parts15:42
philinuxops names*15:43
hobgoblinonly rarely did I ever need to use ops in here when I had it15:43
hobgoblinthere's a permatroll that visits from time to time but mostly it's a good channel15:43
philinuxhob not just in here other channels etc15:43
Mohan_chmlphilinux, you mean you want to know the acces list of a channel??15:44
hobgoblinwell I don't know for sure in a general sense15:44
philinuxJust want to know how has ops in any channel for info. Does it show in the right pane of people singed in15:45
philinuxIt currently says 1 ops 67 total15:46
hobgoblinthat is chanserv15:46
Mohan_chmlphilinux, what client you are using?15:47
hobgoblinin xchat green node is ops - yellow is voiced15:47
hobgoblinthen ^^15:47
philinuxAh ok. I guess some are eligile to take ops15:49
hobgoblinand of course afaik freenode staff can take ops anywhere they want15:49
hobgoblinnhandler would answer that one if he was about15:50
nhandlerNeed me?15:51
nhandlerYou can see who has OP access in a channel with: /msg chanserv access #channel list15:52
hobgoblinI knew you'd know15:52
philinux /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-beginners list15:53
Mohan_chmlphilinux, lol15:53
hobgoblinremove the space philinux15:53
philinuxWhat space. Need more coffee kettle is on15:54
hobgoblinat the beginning15:54
duanedesignin a default install does the category Applications --> Other  have any application launchers?15:56
hobgoblinnot afaik duanedesign15:56
duanedesignahhh, thank you15:56
hobgoblinhang on - I think I am wrong15:56
philinuxYes it has a load15:57
hobgoblinthought so - just remembered I disable a whole bunch of menu stuff #15:57
* duanedesign trying to decide if my app should install in other or accessories15:58
philinuxduanedesign: Which app15:58
hobgoblinwhat is the app15:58
hobgoblinoh that - remind me15:59
duanedesignabout to push a new version15:59
duanedesignwith a shiny new logo and desktop file to install a launcher in the menu.15:59
philinuxduanedesign: I'd go with accessories16:00
hobgoblinaccessories or maybe even system tools16:00
philinuxduanedesign: since terminal lives there16:00
duanedesignhmm tough choice. there are so many apps in Accessories16:00
hobgoblinyou gonna go to a ppa?16:01
philinuxNot as bad as systemprefs16:01
duanedesignhobgoblin: think so. I am going to put it here https://launchpad.net/~clicompanion-devs16:02
hobgoblinduanedesign: hoiw do you run it16:02
philinuxduanedesign: system tools is not active as a menu item in the default install16:02
duanedesignhobgoblin: if you install the deb that is on the page now you have to issue the command clicompanion16:03
hobgoblinduanedesign: I get an error running it16:03
duanedesignhobgoblin: no .clicompanion file16:03
hobgoblinall good now - I would put it in accessories16:05
duanedesignif you put that in $home16:06
duanedesignhobgoblin: ok accessories it is :)16:06
duanedesignthanks. will get that ppa up now16:06
philinuxduanedesign: defo access16:07
duanedesignhttps://launchpad.net/clicompanion  i have the new .deb up16:27
philinuxJust installed and doesn't run16:30
philinuxduanedesign: terminal output http://paste.ubuntu.com/470732/16:31
duanedesignthanks philinux16:36
hobgoblinduanedesign: I get some errors from some of the buttons  - http://ubft.pastebin.com/4ccY6jcu16:36
hobgoblinI removed the old one before I reinstalled it - so you know16:37
philinuxduanedesign: next deb then ! ;)16:37
duanedesignthere is a blank line at the bottom of the .clicompanion file :P16:38
duanedesignthnk you for testing!16:38
hobgoblinthere are 2 df -h's too16:38
hobgoblinmaybe add sudo fdisk -l to the list too :)16:39
hobgoblinand you have sudo lspci and lspci - is sudo lspci not better as sudo lshw16:39
hobgoblinlsusb maybe16:39
hobgoblinI'll shutup now :)16:39
philinuxhobgoblin: floodbot help16:40
duanedesignhobgoblin: no that is helpful. I need a good default setup16:41
philinuxduanedesign: apt-get update && apget upgrade16:41
philinuxmust learn tospell16:41
philinuxwith the sudo would help16:42
hobgoblinmmm I must have the old list then16:42
hobgoblinand a remove the old list makes it not start16:44
duanedesignhobgoblin: ok i put up the new one16:48
* philinux thinks Duane is packaging new deb16:48
hobgoblinnew deb?16:48
philinuxAha he we go again16:49
hobgoblinduanedesign: does the deb not include the basic . file?16:49
duanedesignhobgoblin: yes if you remove the .clicompanion file it should reinstall it16:49
hobgoblinok I can test that too16:49
=== bgs000 is now known as bgs100
hobgoblinduanedesign: cat .clicompanion cat: .clicompanion: No such file or directory16:51
hobgoblinoh it is elsewhere then16:51
duanedesignthat is weird.16:52
duanedesignit is here as well   /etc/clicompanion.d/clicompanion.config16:52
hobgoblinrun remove and quit still give the same errors16:52
duanedesignand the application copies it from there on first run16:52
hobgoblingdebi made no mention of making a file in home16:52
philinuxduanedesign: http://paste.ubuntu.com/470738/16:52
hobgoblinoh ok16:52
philinuxduanedesign: I purged the old one16:53
duanedesignphilinux: you must still have the old .clicompanion file. it wont overwrite it if it already exists16:53
duanedesignphilinux: ok. I wonder if it is not installing over the one in /etc/clicompanion.d/clicompanion.config16:54
philinuxduanedesign: no .clicompanion file in home I dont think it ran enough to create one16:54
hobgoblinduanedesign: it works here - other than the errors above16:55
duanedesignok. so it copied the fiile into your ~/home16:55
duanedesignha ha ~/home16:55
hobgoblinyep it did16:56
philinuxduanedesign: I just purge it and all in etc gone will reinstall16:56
philinuxduanedesign: same errors as before in pastebin16:58
Mjiigi can't connect to other computers on my network with nautilus. it always returns an error. can anyone help me?17:00
hobgoblinduanedesign: I lied the run works - I was just not giving it aamything to run17:00
duanedesignphilinux: can you open ~/.clicompanion and see if it has a blank line at the bottom?17:02
philinuxduanedesign: no file created as it failed to run I guess17:03
duanedesignphilinux: ok i am attempting to reproduce17:03
philinuxIm using 64 bit17:03
hobgoblinduanedesign: do you want me to add a blank line to mine?17:04
hobgoblinduanedesign: I can reproduce it failing and I did17:09
duanedesignphilinux: when you purged the config files did you leave the folder /etc/clicompanion.d17:09
duanedesigni can rm ~/.clicompaninon; rm /etc/clicompanion.d/clicompanion.config  and when it reinstalls it wont copy the file into home17:10
philinuxI did apt-get purge and it removed everything17:10
Mjiigi can't connect to other computers on my network with nautilus. it always returns an error. can anyone help me?17:13
duanedesignhobgoblin: by adding the extra line?17:14
hobgoblinduanedesign: from purge to reinstall  - http://ubft.pastebin.com/B4Yt6PE317:14
hobgoblinduanedesign: yes - by adding a line it failed to start17:14
hobgoblinMjiig: what are you trying to connect to ? windows machines?17:15
Mjiigyes if i click Places>Network it comes up with a windows network option, clicking this returns an error17:15
hobgoblinMjiig: never had much to do with samba - I assume the first time you tried it asked to install what it needed?17:16
Mjiigno, it never asked to install anything and never works17:17
Mjiigif i connect with smb://<ip address> i get onto the network but any other options i click return an error17:18
hobgoblinMjiig: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba have a look there - unfortunately I only ever looked at it for a very short time17:19
Mjiigthanks i'll take a look17:20
philinuxduanedesign: new deb in the wings?17:21
duanedesignphilinux: think so :)17:27
varun_Hi all! I'm using this kind of service for the firs time. Just wanna try how I can seek/offer help if and when needed.17:43
kohlersi got a little problem with an external storage device... the (partitioned) disc is being detected, but won't be mounted because it is "not authorized". what might be wrong?17:43
varun_for a quick read/write access, you can try "gksudo nautilus".17:45
kohlersin terminalthat is?17:46
varun_Yes. For a permanent permission change, you may need to use commands like chmod, but I'm not familier with it.17:46
duanedesignphilinux: i think i got it figured out18:15
philinuxWhat was it18:15
duanedesignphilinux: sudo apt-get purge clicompanion removes everything but the .clicompanion fiile because that gets copied from inside the app, not the installer18:15
duanedesignso it is seeing that .clicompanion file and not copying the new one18:16
philinuxYep but I never got a .clicompanion folder18:16
duanedesignit is just a file18:16
duanedesignif you do the purge and a rm ~/.clicompanion18:16
duanedesignthen install the .deb, cross my fingers, it should work18:16
philinuxstand bye18:17
duanedesigni was getting the same thing. I could not figure it out, lol18:17
philinuxYep running now wohoo18:18
duanedesignoh great!18:18
duanedesignphilinux: thank you so much for testing it18:18
philinuxRuns a treat18:19
duanedesignif you highlight a vommand and clickhelp the man page comes up18:20
duanedesigni piped it through 'most' because people were having trouble figuring out how to close the man page. Most has the 'press Q to close' at the bottom18:21
philinuxduanedesign: Yeah, I was expect to use mouse to scroll but it's cursor up down as usual18:21
duanedesigni noticed that too.18:21
philinuxGood idea most, never heard of ot before18:22
duanedesignphilinux: i stunbled upon it when i started using zsh instead of bash18:22
philinuxduanedesign: you need to get debian certified and have it packaged in ubuntu18:22
duanedesigni got a .zshrc file from bodhi and it was set t open all man pages with most18:23
duanedesignphilinux: i have done one blog post for the 1.0b1 and it was very popular18:23
philinuxI beleive it takes ages to get in to debian packaging18:24
duanedesignwished i would of set up the PPA before i did that. Now a lot of people have an early 'buggy' version18:24
philinuxThis trusted thing I read18:24
hobgoblinduanedesign: you know that running help against any of the sudo commands only gets man sudo18:25
philinuxduanedesign: I wonmder if it's possisble to automate this. http://tuxtweaks.com/2009/12/remove-old-kernels-in-ubuntu/18:26
hobgoblinI'd not like that - could go horribly wrong :)18:28
nhandlerDidn't the functionality of rm -rf / (DO NOT RUN THE COMMAND) change to display a warning or something?18:29
IdleOnenhandler: I would test "the command" but honestly I'm to affraid to18:31
nhandlerIdleOne: Yeah, I was going to do it in TestDrive, but for some reason, testdrive is acting up18:31
IdleOnethen again I do have a separate /home and a clean install wouldn't hurt me so much18:31
hobgoblinnhandler: something along those lines I am sure18:31
philinuxhobgoblin: works a treat18:31
nhandlerAnyone with a VM around to test that rm command ?18:32
IdleOnenhandler: I assume it requires sudo before it runs18:32
nhandlerIdleOne: Yeah18:32
hobgoblinI was just looking and found I've not anymore18:32
IdleOnenhandler: let me know if you find someone with a vm to test, if not I will test later tonight.18:33
hobgoblinIdleOne: I'll do it shortly18:33
nhandlerThanks hobgoblin18:33
IdleOnehobgoblin: ok.18:33
IdleOnenhandler: if it does'nt ask for extra confirmation before running it would be a good feature to add.18:35
IdleOnedoesnt should be proper spelling18:35
hobgoblinas opposed to duznt18:36
zkriessehey IdleOne and hob18:38
IdleOneheya zkriesse18:38
zkriessehello the100BiLL18:41
hobgoblinnhandler IdleOne - just booting xubuntu - what command exactly do you want to see run?18:42
nhandlerhobgoblin: sudo rm -rf /18:43
hobgoblink - 2 secs18:43
hobgoblinor a bit longer for this old thing lol18:43
hobgoblinnhandler IdleOne  in xubuntu you get rm: cannot remove root directory18:44
hobgoblinI vaguely remember seeing something you need to add somewhere to allow it18:45
nhandlerhobgoblin: Alright. If that is a backed up VM, could you try doing sudo rm -rf /*18:45
* nhandler thinks that command actually runs18:45
pedro3005I think you need18:47
pedro3005sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root18:47
hobgoblinnhandler: it's not backed up - but it's not important - and the output is looooooooooooooooonng18:47
nhandlerhobgoblin: Did it run?18:47
nhandlerpedro3005: To run the first command, probably. I think the second command would run though18:48
IdleOneFor officialness sake and for those who read logs: WARNING Do NOT run the above rm command on your system. The command completely deletes everything in your / partition, in essence it destroys your install.18:48
hobgoblinhang on I will pastebin an image18:48
hobgoblingood call IdleOne :)18:48
hobgoblinnhandler: a whole bunch of http://i.imgur.com/LxxFE.png18:49
zkriesseFor officialness sake and for those who read logs: WARNING Do NOT run the above rm command on your system. The command completely deletes everything in your / partition, in essence it destroys your install.18:49
zkriesseFigured I'd make it bold for ya IdleOne18:49
hobgoblinnhandler: something happened - as sudo is borked now18:50
nhandlerzkriesse: It isn't, and the logs won't show it bold either18:50
nhandlerhobgoblin: Yeah, the whole system is probably messed up (like I said it would be)18:50
hobgoblinI only got a warning from the first command - the second just ran18:50
IdleOnezkriesse: I have my client set to strip bold/color but the extra warning in the logs is always good :)18:50
hobgoblinnhandler: yea - good job I run it in the vm - that would have been a d'oh moment :D18:50
nhandlerhobgoblin: Alright thanks for your help. I am reviewing a book, and wanted to double check my understanding of that command18:51
IdleOneone last time.18:51
hobgoblinI will reinstall and run the no preserve one if you like18:51
IdleOneFor officialness sake and for those who read logs: WARNING Do NOT run the above rm command on your system. The command completely deletes everything in your / partition, in essence it destroys your install.18:52
nhandlerIdleOne: No need. I really just wanted to know that the first command wouldn't run18:52
zkriessehello geekerson!18:52
IdleOnenhandler: I know. I am thinking more about a new user who is reading the log and decides to test it themself18:53
nhandlerIdleOne: That comment was meant to be for hobgoblin ;)18:55
hobgoblinaahh :)18:55
hobgoblinokey doke nhandler18:55
IdleOnemaybe we need to open a #ubuntu-test-commands-at-your-own-risk :P18:57
IdleOneor a #ubuntu-you-must-be-crazy-to-try-this18:58
hobgoblinsomeone will still do it and complain18:58
zkriesse+1 hobgoblin18:58
hobgoblinor we would not need knives cut warnings :)18:58
paultagIdleOne: hahaha18:58
paultagIdleOne: I have the perfect command for that channel18:58
IdleOnepaultag: heh18:59
paultagIdleOne: man hdparm18:59
paultagIdleOne: /DANGEROUS18:59
paultagIdleOne: nnnnn....18:59
paultagIdleOne: that's gotta be the most damaging command ever19:02
IdleOneit surely looks dangerous19:02
hobgoblinnhandler: the preserve and no preserve are actually in man rm now19:07
nhandlerhobgoblin: I know :)19:07
hobgoblin:) - just wanted to see what happened did you19:07
nhandlerhobgoblin: Yep. I like to ensure the suggestions I make to others are in fact accurate19:10
hobgoblinI should hope so :)19:11
collinpAccuracy is a good thing.19:11
paultagnot always :)19:12
hobgoblinusually collinp - only usually19:12
paultagyou've clearly never played on the CPU level collinp :)19:12
hobgoblinor been shot at19:12
paultaghobgoblin: or been shot at19:12
collinpNo, I haven't been shot at either.19:12
paultagcollinp: or races19:13
paultagraced *19:13
paultagor programmed :P19:13
hobgoblinduanedesign: and if you by chance happen to exit instead of quit it just sits there19:43
philinuxduanedesign: sudo iwlist needs parameters19:53
philinuxGotta go19:54
duanedesignhobgoblin: exit? you mean the close button?20:04
hobgoblinduanedesign: no - if you happen to exit the thing on autopilot as you would a terminal it just echoes exit and sit's there20:10
duanedesignhobgoblin: thank you. i will file a bug on that20:15
hobgoblinI missed a trick there - I should have filed the bug and then moaned about the dev :D20:15
duanedesignhobgoblin: and the help button man pages for sudo commands runs 'sudo man iwlist'20:17
hobgoblindoes it?20:17
duanedesignthe help button when highlighting a command with sudo.20:17
hobgoblinjust gets me man sudo |most20:18
duanedesignahh, so it..ok20:18
duanedesigni just saw the bug report :)20:18
hobgoblinduanedesign: do you get a warning from the help ps command20:20
duanedesigni wouldnt of seen that one20:21
hobgoblinin fact any of the help for commands where there are more than 1 thing only gets help for the first20:22
duanedesignhmm,lokks like the help needs help20:23
hobgoblinmaybe you could remove the first part from the table and prepend sudo when the command runs20:25
jglaunerHi!  I'm trying to figure out how to get jabber14 to work with jabber-muc on an intranet.  I've searched online and can't find anything that resolves my problem.  Where would be a good place to ask here?  Thanks!21:22

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