nhandlerdoctormo: I am jealous of you for going to debconf05:16
doctormonhandler: I'm taking a scary chinese bus for $20 and I'm staying on the couch of a friend from the UN. Circumstance!05:17
nhandlerdoctormo: I'd sleep on the streets to get to one of these conferences ;)05:17
doctormonhandler: Where are you? there is still time!05:18
nhandlerdoctormo: I'm in Chicago. My issue is my parents :( I'm keeping my fingers crossed for UDS (it will largely depend on the date/location)05:19
doctormonhandler: You can't still be that young05:22
doctormoOr old fashioned :-D05:22
doctormonhandler: 11.04 UDS - October 25-29 (2010)05:23
nhandlerdoctormo: I'll be 18 this September. But basically, if they don't give the OK and call me out of school, I'll get slapped with a pile of detentions and Fs upon returning05:24
doctormonhandler: Ah, depends if your leaning on your academics, if your concerned about them then I guess you are.05:24
nigelbdoctormo: oh don't take him to the dark side with us :p05:25
doctormoI did so great on my French, Graphics Design and History GCSEs that I got a 'U'05:25
nhandlerdoctormo: I'm not into college just yet ;)05:25
nigelbdoctormo: U?05:25
doctormoyep, it means I couldn't be given a grade because I didn't do the exam. Undefined. The lowest defined grade is 'G' for a GCSE.05:26
doctormonigelb: At least I got a 'D' for English and Science and a 'C' for Maths. We're not big on respecting the national curriculum in our family. It's a joke.05:27
doctormoAt least the English GCSE curriculum is, I think it gets better when you get to MCSEs, A levels and such.05:29
doctormonigelb: What's it like where you are?05:29
nigelbdoctormo: we have state boards and 2 central boards05:36
nigelbI studied in one of the central boards05:36
doctormoAny good?05:37
nigelbthe state boards are more free on marks, central board is tougher05:37
nigelbthey were pretty good I think05:37
nigelbfar too much emphasis on mugging up stuff from the textbook05:37
nigelbI'm not a big fan of gaining knowledge that way05:38
doctormonigelb: Ah we call that "revising from a book", mugging would be someone stopping you in the street to demand valuables by force.05:45
nigelbdoctormo: :D same effect06:07
nigelbthey stop you in the exam hall and demand answers :p06:08
doctormonigelb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLb7tOl-pHc06:09
nigelbdoctormo: gah, at work.  No sound.06:09
doctormonigelb: Store it for later and watch with unction.06:11
* nigelb waves to dpm and kim0 07:21
nigelbgood morning!07:21
dpmhey morning nigelb :)07:21
sensegood morning!07:28
kim0nigelb: dpm sense Morning :)07:32
dpmhey sense, hey kim0 :)07:32
sensehello kim0, dpm!07:34
popeyMorning community!07:35
nigelbwonder what happened to dholbach07:47
nigelbmorning popey07:47
nigelbsense: you're one of guadec organizers?07:47
doctormoMorning popey, have a curry?07:50
sensenigelb: yes, kind of07:52
sensenigelb: Mostly webmaster and on-site volunteer07:52
dholbachgood morning08:08
nigelbsense: w00t!08:17
nigelbdholbach: um, nhandler asked me to tell you - "please add events to calender when you have package training classes"08:18
dholbachnhandler: did you add it already?08:18
dholbachnigelb: did you blog about ugj+cleansweep? :)08:18
nigelbdholbach: OMG! Doing now!08:21
nigelbdholbach: gah, sloppy connection :/08:23
dholbachnigelb: thanks09:33
dholbachhola randa_09:33
randa_hi dholbach09:33
huatsmorning !09:35
huatshey hey miss czajkowski11:20
dholbachhey popey, huats, czajkowski!11:23
huatshello dholbach!11:24
dholbachthat's like half the LoCo Council11:24
huatsit is :)11:24
czajkowskido you need us to do anything while you have us here11:24
dholbachbang the UGJ drum? review the LD needs-decision bugs? :-)11:26
dholbachthe usual :)11:26
czajkowskiwhooo we have our venue for UGJ :D11:26
czajkowskiaye, we are going to do one day real life meet up, and day 2 on irc to help those who can't make it11:26
dholbachthat sounds great11:27
czajkowskiwell we're limited by space so we thought it'd be a good way to help folks. we'll see11:29
popeyi like that way of doing it11:29
czajkowskiit worked out wel the last time, we picked a wiki section to go spring cleaning on irc11:30
czajkowskipeople worked on it, and I reviewed it11:30
popeywe need to do something similar11:32
popeymight hold one at chez popey11:32
dholbachalways the best :)11:33
popeyah, flaw in plan11:33
popeyon holiday11:33
czajkowskidholbach: what bugs need decisions?11:48
dholbachall those tagged with needs-decision11:48
czajkowskiclealry not anle to work LP 1st thing in the morning11:48
* czajkowski gets a bucket of tea to wake up 11:49
* czajkowski hugs dholbach Thank you11:49
* dholbach hugs czajkowski back11:50
czajkowskihuats: care to help11:52
huatsczajkowski, I'll do my best11:52
huatsat least I'll give them a look11:53
huatsdholbach, count me in :)11:53
duanedesign'lo all12:03
duanedesignhas anyone watched any of the live stream from guadec?12:04
czajkowskihmm some of the stuff, needs a decision I've no idea12:09
duanedesignrye:aha, the firefox nightly is playing the guadec stream :)12:43
czajkowskilordie http://www.reviveyourpc.ie/#costs15:10
czajkowskiat that price15:14
AlanBellpretty cheap, I wouldn't do it for that15:14
czajkowskito install Ubuntu EUR 90 seems a lot15:15
popeyits a fair amount of work on some random computer15:15
popeypotentially some hours15:15
AlanBellno, not a lot at all15:15
AlanBellalso is it on-site?15:16
czajkowskitrying to see if they''ll come along to the Ubuntu hour15:16
czajkowskiwe have limerick city council manager coming along tonnight and his desktop is Ubuntu :)15:16
AlanBell"If you are in Limerick city or environs we will call out to you by appointment" €90 seems very cheap15:17
AlanBellhttp://www.youtube.com/user/ReviveYourPC interesting stuff there15:24
czajkowskiI'm curious to know who's behind it15:27
czajkowskiI do like the website though15:28
nhandlerdholbach: No, I didn't add any of the packaging training sessions yet15:52
dholbachnhandler: ok15:52
dholbachnhandler: done15:54
nhandlerThanks a lot dholbach15:54
akgranerI want to thump people on the head!15:56
czajkowskiand good morning to you to akgraner15:56
akgranerczajkowski, :-)  the word throttle is coming to mind today!15:57
czajkowskiI know that feeling all too well15:58
akgranerDoes the word volunteer not mean anything to anyone....15:58
* czajkowski offers akgraner a large bottle of whiskey15:58
akgranerIf I get one more email  - DEMANDING to know why the newsletter went out a day late.  I actually had someone tell me if they get UWN late again they are emailing jono and jane15:58
czajkowskiugh feck off15:59
czajkowskithrottle it is so15:59
macoare you serious?15:59
akgranerok 2 days late15:59
akgranerbut still15:59
czajkowskiakgraner: skype?15:59
macoif i said what im thinking i would be banned from this channel15:59
czajkowskimaco: welcome to most days for me :)15:59
akgranerczajkowski, can't write this second16:00
macoczajkowski: im actually surprised nobody's said anything to you about "feck"16:00
akgranerabout to run to the tag office and drop off my car for inspection16:00
czajkowskimaco: nout wrong with feck, it's very polite16:00
akgranerbut I am so pissed right now  - I just had to share with other like minded people16:00
akgranerMaybe I'll move publishing to Wednesdays from now on! Screw giving up weekends... *sigh*16:01
czajkowskimight be an idea16:01
nhandlerakgraner: I laugh when reading messages like that, because you know that: a) They would never go to anyone and that b) If they did, nothing would happen because you did nothing wrong.16:02
akgranernhandler, I know  - but the fact they would even say that16:02
akgranersorry I just need to vent :-/16:02
akgranerneeded I mean16:02
akgranerI love UWN!  and want it to grow and get better and have more people contribute etc.. so I didn't want to let it fester :-)16:03
akgranerI feel much better now btw....16:04
akgraner(I try to avoid voicing neg stuff - but ugh today was one of those days)16:04
akgranersorry y'all16:04
czajkowskiakgraner: *hugs*16:08
akgranerczajkowski, thanks!16:10
akgranerczajkowski, the interview with Alison Randal is available now16:10
akgranerit's on the Linux Pro site16:10
czajkowskilink ?16:10
akgranerand here is the pne for John Pugh - http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/Online/News/OSCON-2010-Interview-John-Pugh-Canonical16:11
czajkowskiakgraner: your accent is so cute16:12
akgranerwe had to cut a lot b/c I kept saying OEM and not Corporate Services - and then I asked him a 2 part question and halfway through the question he was like wait what was your question again16:12
akgranerwe were laughing so hard16:12
czajkowskiaye listened to the john one16:12
akgranerso now I have to work on on Camera techniques and no more t-shirts  - I need to dress up a bit more16:12
akgranerbut I'll get there16:12
akgraner1st time for things is never pretty or easy is it?16:12
czajkowskiakgraner: you did a great job16:13
akgranerczajkowski, wait - YOU have the accent :-P16:13
czajkowskino Ma'am :p16:13
akgranerOh so I'll be doing a video interview with Pete tomorrow16:15
akgranerthis should be hilarious especially for those who know us both  - I am sure there will be a lot of edits16:16
akgranerLast time I interviewed him on Camera I asked him a question and he said - Why am I talking to you again?16:16
czajkowskiI remember16:17
czajkowskiakgraner: please let it roll including the out takes16:17
akgraneroh god no - I asked him a question for an audio test and he started singing, "You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips"16:18
akgranerand I kept on asking the questions ignoring his song burst and he kept on singing16:18
akgranerIt would have been funny had it not been me...16:18
akgranerI was trying to be serious :-/16:18
akgranerspeaking of Pete he's ready to walk out the door  - bbiab16:20
akgranerczajkowski, I'll let you know what time tomorrow I am recording the interview so you can watch and laugh!16:20
czajkowskiakgraner: have fn16:21
czajkowskijcastro: ello ello16:21
jcastroakgraner: stackexchange is up!16:21
jcastrohi laura16:21
akgranerjcastro, awesome!16:21
czajkowskijcastro: *hugs* I know it's it great!!!!16:21
akgranerI'll email evan and get some comments16:21
czajkowskithat was definately a community effort!16:21
czajkowskihmm we need to get teams ading their events to the LD for global jam http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/195/detail/16:22
jcastroneeds more questions!16:22
AlanBellit isn't letting me log in16:22
czajkowskiAlanBell: SE ?16:23
AlanBellor rather it doesn't think I committed to it so isn't letting me in the beta16:24
jcastroI followed the link in the mail it sent me16:24
czajkowskiAlanBell: did you get an email16:24
czajkowskifor beta testing ?16:25
AlanBellodd, I was one of the first people to commit to it I think, but I can't find it now16:28
AlanBellah, I need to do some openid-fu16:30
AlanBellyay, I am in16:31
jonomornin gall16:34
AlanBellhi jono16:39
czajkowskijono: aloha16:39
jonohey AlanBell czajkowski16:39
dholbachhave a great rest of your day16:48
dholbachI'll call it a day16:49
* dholbach hugs you all16:49
czajkowski<---- Ubuntu hour Gone17:01
doctormojono: have you seen dholbach?17:09
nigelbdoctormo: he's gone for the day I suppose17:13
nigelbuds-n officially announced?17:13
doctormonigelb: Not that I know of, I would love to know where it was being held though.17:14
nigelbdoctormo: czajkowski just tweeted that it will be in orlando17:15
nhandlerdoctormo: Yeah, dholbach left ~25 minutes ago17:15
doctormoAh not too bad then, transport will be a bit of a problem, having no buses or trains. But I remember it's quite nice that time of year down there.17:15
nhandlerDarn. There is no chance of me getting down to Florida 3 times this year17:15
doctormonhandler: Couldn't you just hang around one of those times?17:16
* nigelb should try to come this time17:16
nigelbI wonder what work will say if I ask for a week leave17:16
nhandlerdoctormo: I'm going to Orlando end of February for band, and either winter or spring break to visit the grandparents. But I guess if I get sponsored there is a chance17:17
doctormonhandler: It'll be in October won't it? End of.17:17
nhandlerdoctormo: Yeah17:17
AlanBellnigelb: don't ask for leave, ask to be sent there17:27
nigelbAlanBell: ha, I doubt17:28
AlanBelljono: can we expect some more flesh on the bones of the UDS announcement soon?17:41
czajkowskiwe know date adn location, all we need really, venue shortly i guess17:42
jonoAlanBell, yep17:42
czajkowskijono: when you're free in a bit can you gives a poke please17:42
AlanBellczajkowski: let him finish his UDS blog post first!17:42
jonoczajkowski, sure, let's have our call today as we missed it17:42
jonowhen are you free?17:42
czajkowskijono: you tell me when you are and i'll work around that17:43
czajkowskimuch easier17:43
jonoczajkowski, 7pm your time?17:43
jono1hr 15?17:43
czajkowskijono: sounds good17:43
czajkowskijono: mailed agenda17:55
czajkowskionly way i can work things out in my head sorry17:55
jonothanks czajkowski - no that works well for me17:56
czajkowskijono: ready18:59
jonoczajkowski, sorry call overrunning, can you give me a few?19:00
jonoczajkowski, done, all set?19:08
jonoczajkowski, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/KnowledgeBase#Team%20Resources19:34
popeyhe's got a page for everything :)19:40
jonopopey, :)19:54
czajkowskiso the Limerick city council manager uses and loves Ubuntu and is trying to get his 400 desktop users to migrage21:27
czajkowskihearing the sotries it's really cool21:28
czajkowskiAnyone else this applies to http://nctritech.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/tcpip_punch1.jpg21:34
AlanBellwe really need to talk about your issues with violence as a solution to problems21:35
czajkowskiAlanBell: if you were over here you could make a forutne21:35
czajkowskithe CC are looking for onsite help should have an issue21:36
czajkowskithey can do onsite support within 4 hrs21:36
* AlanBell notes that czajkowski /is/ over there21:36
czajkowskiI'm not technical enough to help with server issues21:37
czajkowskior the queries they'd have21:38
czajkowskiI am the put the person in contact with the necessary person21:38
* popey hugs jono 21:59
popeyjono: want me to remove you as admin from loco-contacts?22:09
czajkowskiI suspect jono is hiding behind his very full inbox22:10
czajkowskipossibly what little hair he has out22:12
jonopopey, please22:17
jonoczajkowski, no kidding22:18
popeyand event planners?22:18
jonotrying to get the new UDS site ready too22:18
jonoI have built a new UDS site :)22:18
popeyis it... wordpress based?22:19
czajkowskijono: whoo22:19
jonopopey, indeed22:19
doctormojono: oooo, can't wait to see it.22:19
popeyjono: do you want me to remove your admin from event-planners?22:19
jonopopey, please22:20
popeyok, done22:20
jonoI have also created a new developer site22:20
jonoboth are 90% done22:20
doctormojono: Did you get the canon designers to give you branding?22:20
czajkowskipopey: what date is the LC meeting again at please?22:20
popeyyay, i just directly contributed to jono getting less email!22:20
jonojust finishing them up22:20
jonodoctormo, I worked with stas to get the new theme ported :)22:20
popeyczajkowski: 6th?22:20
* jono hugs popey22:20
popeygimmie your imap password and I'll clear your inbox ;)22:20
czajkowskipopey: the LoCo council not the CC :)22:21
jonopopey, lol22:21
doctormoI want to start the Jedi Council, sub devision of Jedi ubuntu users.22:22
popeyThese aren't the packages you're looking for.22:22
* popey waves a hand near doctormo 22:22
AlanBelldoctormo: that reminds me, I was going to do something about that22:23
popeyczajkowski: 3rd august22:23
popeyczajkowski: 3 meetings in one night!22:23
doctormoWe really need a galactic council (CC) to hold the trade federation (Canonical) in check. :-P22:23
popeyonly if we get light sabres22:23
czajkowskiI've 222:23
czajkowskipopey: what time?22:23
popeyloco is 17:00 UTC I think22:24
popeyhmm, clash22:24
popeyoh, my bad22:24
popeyignore that22:24
popey19:00 UTC I guess?22:24
popeyload of fail22:25
popeythat says 20:00 UTC22:25
czajkowskidoesn't that clash with EMEA ?22:25
czajkowskibah nm22:25
czajkowskifridge fail22:26
* czajkowski kicks the fridge 22:26
popeyso does that22:26
popeyEMEA takes precidence22:26
popeyits always in that slot :)22:26
czajkowskiaye and I've the LoCO health check before that22:27
popeyshall i move the loco council to 19:00 UTC and mail loco council and loco contacts?22:27
czajkowskiaye as that's a short meeting22:27
popeyright, doing now22:28
czajkowskijono: when we've this all worked out we'll mail you :)22:28
jonothanks czajkowski :)22:32
popeydone czajkowski22:32
popeybtw, its my 10th wedding anniversary this weekend :D22:33
popeygoing to take wifey away, no computers :)22:33
czajkowskiaww nice22:33
czajkowskithat means no tweeting22:33
popeyphotos of food and my beautiful wifey :)22:33
czajkowskipoor Claire22:33
popeyi should probably book something :S22:34
czajkowskididn you tweet this ages ago looking for suggestions..22:34
czajkowskisubtle reminder: those involved in TEAMS/Councils/BOARDs please do your monthly reports!22:35
czajkowskipopey: ours is done :)22:35
doctormohey dinda22:38
dindadoctormo: howdy22:38
doctormodinda: Hows things?22:38
dindadoctormo: actually been meaning to try to contact you; have a few ?? if you have a moment22:38
doctormodinda: Sure, go ahead :-)22:39
sensegood night!23:03
doctormonight sense!23:03
doctormosweet foss licensed dreams!23:03
senseThat was actually a greeting, not a note I was leaving. ;)23:07
czajkowskisense: not making any sense there tonight23:10
senseJust returned from the Collabora Beach Barbecue a bit earlier than most so I can do some stuff I have to do while still getting some sleep. ;)23:11
doctormosense: Working on Ubuntu for me is like a deep sleep, sometimes it go right and sometimes it turns into a nightmare. But always I have no idea why it does either and everythign seems very random.23:12
sensedoctormo: Randomness isn't something an OS should have.23:13
doctormosense: Community.23:14
senseyes, then it is unavoidable23:14
czajkowskisense: did you meet Luis at the Collabora23:14
czajkowskicrazy spaniard23:14
senseczajkowski: I've seen him around at the registration desk (which is where I'm been standing for most of the time, really) and briefly exchanged a few words with him them.23:15
senseNot at the prty, though.23:15
czajkowskisense: please give him a bug hug from me!23:15
senseczajkowski: I'll try to do so!23:16
senseAre people here watching the WebM live streams, by the way? How are they?23:16
senseCan't believe it's only one day of GUADEC and then it is over again. After all those months of preparation with GUADEC being in the future still it will now be past time at last.23:18
doctormosense: Congratulations, will you be at DebConf?23:20
senseOMG, poor Jorge is leaving tomorrow for Debconf already. The guy is having three weeks of sprints and  conferences aafter each other.23:20
sensedoctormo: In New York? :P23:20
doctormojcastro: Will remember beer.23:20
doctormosense: Yes, I'll be getting the bus down, or I might be cycling... we'll see if the org for that comes through :-D23:20
sensedoctormo: I'm tired, not involved in the Debian commmunity and not rich enough to fly to the States for a conference.23:21
czajkowskihah jono http://identi.ca/notice/4435737123:24
jonoczajkowski, ;-)23:25
sensejono: GUADEC is going nicely. I do hear some people complaining over the visibility of (well-known/important/high-profile) Canonical employees, and there was this post of someone who started Canonical bashing again after the GNOME contribution percentages were puhlished, but generally GUADEC is doing grat.23:28
senseThe ten-twelve Ubuntu Desktop CDs from Ubuntu NL are all gone already. :P23:28
jonosense, complaining about the visibility of employees? anyone in particular?23:29
sensejono: The names I heard were Jorge and Ivanka, I think, but it was mostly that people would have wanted to see more people from Canonical around, I guess.23:29
doctormosense: Put the launchpad team on fixing gnome bugs I say! :-P (no not really)23:30
jonosense, were the complaints that they are not mixing with people?23:30
sensejono: Not really about the mixing, just that they weren't 'there', not where people could find them.23:30
doctormosense: I don't think they're national treasures like the whitehouse or the crown jewels.23:31
jonosense, thanks for letting me know, much appreciate23:31
sensejono: I do have a feeling that somehow Canonical/Ubuntu people don't always feel fully appreciated by other GNOME community members, as if they are afraid they will constantly have to defend themselves. That could explain why I saw more RedHat, Fedora, Novell and SuSE shirts and very little Ubuntu/Canonical ones, whereas I know there were some employees.23:33
senseNot to say that the atmosphere is hostile or that there are a lot of unkind people. Most people are great!23:33
doctormosense: hmm, interesting. I was debating if I should go to DebConf with Ubuntu shirts or not. would I get a hostile reaction etc.23:34
jonosense, when you say "saw", within what context?23:34
jonoyou mean in sessions?23:34
senseMostly the general reaction of people in the crowd, I can't say much about the talks because I attended very little.23:35
senseThe "GNOME 3 for your Application" talk just showed the extreme lack of communication/cooperation between Canonical's Ayatana and RedHat's GNOME 3 (That's how I've become to see GNOME 3 the last few days.), nothing negative about Canonical.23:36
jonosense, ok, thanks23:36
jonoto what extend have you heard this?23:36
jono a few folks, or many?23:36
sensejono: There are some people who are not happy with Ubuntu, and are not afraid to tell so. But mostly it is something that is not outspoken in the face of people, but expressed in the way people react to someone, in blogs, in private talks, etc23:38
senseNot very extreme visible, just a bit disdain underneath the skin.23:38
senseIt is not very, very bad, but just makes me a bit sad.23:39
senseI like you guys, I don't like it when people smacktalk about you.23:40
jonosense, yeah, I think it is a small but vocal minority23:40
jonoand much of it complaining with little evidence of issue23:41
sensebut it makes people think twice to show they're from Ubuntu23:41
jonowe can always improve, but ironically, people gave us smack about not doing upstream work and now we do all this work in Ayatana and we still get smack23:41
senseAyatana is not GNOME.23:41
jonothanks sense for letting me know, much appreciated23:41
senseThey want us to do GNOME, but they want GNOME their way only. ;)23:42
jonowhich I think is limited of perspective23:42
senseCanonical has its own ideas, very strong ideas.23:42
jonobtw sense, great work at GUADEC23:42
czajkowskisense: you cannot please everyone, it's unfortunate.23:42
jonosorry I could not stay for the full duration23:42
jonoon the upside, I am releasing UDS soon :)23:42
sensejono: Thanks. A shame indeed you couldn't stay longer.23:42
sensejono: One last word from me:23:42
doctormosense: I agree, gnome and ayatana have their own views and I think a fork of the upper part is likely.23:43
doctormoI can't see Gnome Shell for example becoming an Ubuntu standard.23:43
sensea great example in the difference in spirit is the way people's laptops look. On the UDS, after Unity was announced people immediately started installing it and using it, even though it was very nstable and new.23:43
senseHowever, on GUADEC most people are still running two panel layouts with the monitors, cpufreqs and loads of shortcuts in it23:43
senseNo one is using modern, new, fancy, exciting stuff, like GNOME Shell.23:44
senseEven not after the main talks about it.23:44
sensePeople here are more conservative, I believe.23:44
jonosense, good point23:44
senseSo they react strongly to change.23:44
jonowell the other thing which will cause tension is that I am sure some people are blaming us because the gnome 3.0 has slipped23:45
senseYeah, we should have helped out making it possible, of course... Like RedHat would have allowed Canonical to jump in the GNOME Shell team. Like Canonical allows other companies in the Ayatana design phases. ;)23:45
jonoheh, ironically no one is blocking anyone from joining Ayatana and offering design23:46
jonowe just make it clear it is not a democracy23:46
jonoalthough.....we do need to do a better job of getting people involved23:46
senseThat can get some improvement indeed, but since we're not a democracy it is very hard to do it properly. Takes some time to get it up and running. Probably also coincides with proper design remote collaboration tools.23:47
jonowell design communities are new to us23:47
jonoand we have many lessons to learn23:47
jonothanks to people like doctormo I think we are getting there23:48
senseWe're learning loads here.23:48
doctormojono: It's also not an anything else, I've seen respectable people with evidence ignored for sake of the hard choice on ayatana.23:48
cjohnstonjono: you still going to be down here in September?23:48
doctormoI just read that :-)23:48
jonocjohnston, where?23:48
jonoyep :)23:49
sensecjohnston is probably attending next UDS again. ;)23:49
cjohnstonDo you have the dates?23:49
czajkowskito be fair the design team are great to take on board suggestions in order to get a wider audience with the community. fair duce to them23:49
cjohnstonsense: only if I can get sponsored23:49
czajkowskicjohnston: UDS N (11.04) will be in Orlando, Florida (Oct 25-29).23:49
cjohnstonjono: you dont by chance know the venue do you?23:49
* nhandler has a feeling jono is working on his UDS post based on the pictures he uploaded to flickr (including the community one)23:49
cjohnstonczajkowski: I know.. I must be sponsored23:49
jononhandler, working on the new uds website :)23:50
cjohnston(venue for UDS, your vacation too)23:50
nhandlerjono: Cool23:50
sensejono: Summit will be ready more in advance this time? ;)23:50
doctormoczajkowski: The DX and design teams should really be made distinct, I think a lot of the friction has been between DX and community design.23:50
jonosense, hah, we will see23:50
czajkowskidoctormo: I refer as many do to the design team, being ivankas team23:51
czajkowskisome call it Dx23:51
doctormojono: I feel like we could have helped with the UDS website somewhat, I mean your a busy guy and all that, should you really be making websites?23:51
senseI want sponsoring as well again! :P I'll be a lot more expensive this time though. But I can't attend UDS O anyway since it will be right in the middle of my final exams. I shouldn't even be tempted to participate remotely.23:51
sensejono: Have you tried to follow GUADEC remotely already? We've got WebM streams!23:51
doctormoczajkowski: The DX team isn't ivanka's, the dx team is the one with Ted Gould and a few other familar faces, more coding, less graphical.23:52
jonodoctormo, heh, its all cool, thanks for the offer help23:52
jonosense, :)23:52
jonosense, I havent had a chance to check out guadec yet23:52
senseYou can't be online all the time, of course. There's more in the world.23:53
cjohnstonjono: we need to talk about Sept. sometime.. See what y'alls plan is. :-)23:54
jonocjohnston, cool23:56
cjohnstonbe cool to hang out a little while your here if you arent too busy23:57

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