mkarnickiHi guys. Could you please verify that wiki.ubuntu.com is accessible via an Android phone?02:06
mkarnickiSince http redirects to https on wiki.ubuntu.com02:07
mkarnickithere's some sort of certificate problem.02:07
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mkarnickiHi guys. Have you checked an issue I reported yesterday/early today? wiki.ubuntu.com is *not* available from Android phones, there's a certificate problem.15:04
mkarnickiAnd since http redirects to https automatically, there's no way to view a wiki site from an Android powered device.15:04
mkarnickiIf anybody notices what I just wrote, it'd be nice to know if it's at least the proper place to report that problem.15:05
mkarnickiHow can I make a wiki header a anchor? As a workaround, I put the anchor just above it ;d , see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndroidU1/changelog22:21
zkriessemkarnicki: What do you mean?22:44
mkarnickizkriesse: phone call brb22:44
mkarnickizkriesse: hey, sorry, had a phone call22:55
zkriesseIt's cool22:55
mkarnickisay, I have a header22:55
zkriesseno biggie as real life comes first22:55
mkarnicki== 0.2.14pa1 ==22:55
mkarnickiand I'd like to refer to that 'section', header, whatever u call it, with such link22:56
mkarnickinotice how I workaround it with a dot which is an anchor22:56
mkarnickithat #0.2.14pa1 from the url directs to it ;)22:56
zkriesseOk and?22:56
mkarnickibut when I put [[#something]] in the header, it is22:56
mkarnickitranscribed literraly, without an anchor, into the header22:57
mkarnickiso, my question is,22:57
mkarnickiis there an easy way to direct with a single link to a22:57
mkarnickiparticular header?22:57
zkriesseYeah use the link22:57
zkriesseOr refer to the section22:57
zkriesseMind if i edit?22:58
mkarnickisure! :)22:58
mkarnickiI'll be glad to see that22:58

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