mrconnertonI have been trying to install 10.04 64-bit on my computer and the installation went well, however when I try and reboot, there is just a blank screen with a blinking underscore. Doesn't get past it.02:40
CIA-85ubiquity: superm1 * r4140 ubiquity/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Also set the custom title when translating widgets.06:06
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evshtylman: 'twas delicious15:29
shtylmanvery good :)15:30
dmarkeycjwatson: hey there15:35
dmarkeyi want to start making changes to the ubuntu server install CD to make it work on XenServer15:36
dmarkeyi suppose i just raise bugs15:38
evmichaelforrest: the mockups do not have a window title, save the welcome page.  Is this intentional?15:47
evfor what it's worth, I do like that.  Makes things feel less cluttered on the left side of the window.15:47
evand bah to not being in the office today and thus not being able to ask quick questions15:48
evmichaelforrest: also, any thought on where the "OH MY GOD THIS IS TOTALLY ALPHA" message should go?  Its own page?15:50
ev^ http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/danger-danger-danger.png15:50
evsuperm1, shtylman: I'm going to merge maverick-redesign into trunk either tonight if I'm feeling ambitious or end of day tomorrow.15:51
evI'll do my best to unbreak things in the process15:51
michaelforrestev: the lack of window titles started as an idea but can be safely ignored.15:52
evmichaelforrest: so keep the window title?15:52
evfair enough15:52
superm1ev, could you do it the other around first (trunk->redesign) just so can do test builds of redesign?15:53
superm1and then merge redesign->trunk?15:53
michaelforrestthe alpha thing… would be nice to solve in a general way that makes it easy to get data about bugs throughout the process15:53
evsuperm1: oh definitely15:53
michaelforresthowever, for now it's fine where it is15:53
shtylmanev: got it :) how broken is the kubuntu stuff for now?15:54
evmichaelforrest: right-o15:55
evshtylman: uh, I haven't looked at it.  I've tried to not break existing interfaces, but the partitioning page is definitely going to require some work.15:55
shtylmanev: no worries ... I look forward to a better partitioning page :)15:56
shtylmanhave you done away with the summary page as well?15:59
evshtylman: http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/ubiquity-cimi/3-partition-2.png15:59
evshtylman: yup, that one went straight to hell15:59
shtylmanmuch simpler... I like it :)16:01
shtylmandoes the install while continuing setup work now?16:01
shtylmanfrom the screenshots it appears like it is16:01
shtylmanalso... the wording "who are you" ... seems a bit... hmm... confrontational :) maybe I never noticed it before16:02
evyup, I finished that at the sprint16:06
evthe progress bit is slightly broken in that it resets between file copy and plugin install, but it otherwise works16:06
evoh, that's another thing that will need to be done in the kde frontend, but shouldn't require too much work16:06
evscripts/install.py is now scripts/install.py and scripts/plugininstall.py16:06
evto facilitate the parallel work16:07
evwho are you> haha, hadn't thought of that before16:07
ev"Who are you?!  Papers!  Papers!"16:07
superm1sounds like a good joke to include if the installer is ran on april fools day or something :)16:10
evI'm all for being cute in the installer.16:11
evIt's a boring piece of technology, we should have a bit of fun with it16:11
shtylmanyes we should :)16:12
evwe've put the progress message "when you're ready..." between file copy, pages being finished, and the install routines for the pages being run16:12
evso if you apply partitioning then go make a cup of tea, you'll come back to file copying finished, the timezone page up with 'when you're ready...' displayed below16:13
evI really want to replace 'starting up the partitioner' with 'lets-a go!'16:14
evbut yeah, Nintendo smash16:15
CIA-5ubiquity: evand * r4183 maverick-redesign/ (6 files in 5 dirs):16:26
CIA-5ubiquity: * Add get_release() function to misc that returns the release information as a16:26
CIA-5ubiquity:  named tuple.16:26
CIA-5ubiquity: * Deprecate get_release_name().16:26
CIA-5ubiquity: * Bring the welcome page layout closer to the mockup.16:26
shtylman"dell offering more ubuntu choices than ever" :)18:29

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