infosoftHello everyone! :)12:47
nisshhinfosoft: hey dude12:47
infosoftI have a question. Is it known when there will be lucid-e2 "writing freeze"?12:48
nisshhwhat is with people doing that when i go to answer their question!?12:51
humphreybcthey don't like you12:52
humphreybcit's because you're australian12:52
nisshhhumphreybc: is that discrimination against cool people i hear?12:53
humphreybcno, just discrimination.12:53
nisshhwe are way cooler than you NZ's12:53
humphreybcdon't think so12:53
nisshhhumphreybc: someone asking a question and then quitting has happened like 10 times this week in our loco channel12:54
nisshhimpatient little bastards im telling you12:54
infosoftSorry. Konversation application seems to be unstable12:55
nisshhi figured12:56
nisshhjust had a little rant while you were gone :)12:56
infosoftArch Linux + Konversation = Bad idea12:56
nisshhinfosoft: anyway back to your question12:56
nisshhhumphreybc: is there a writing freeze date for e2?12:56
thorwilaustralia makes me think of crocodile dundee, but there's lord of the rings and xena for NZ12:57
nisshhthorwil: ha12:58
nisshhthorwil: thought you were on my side....12:58
nisshhhumphreybc: is that a nah there isnt a date for e2 writing freeze?12:58
nisshhor something else?12:59
infosoftSome of the translators (including me) don't want to loose translations (that happens due to manual fixes/updates) and to waste their time. It would be better to know freeze date :)13:01
nisshhinfosoft: talk to humphreybc about that if your concerned13:03
dutchieinfosoft: if you're a translator and your edition is not done yet, you'd be much better off doing e113:04
infosoftI don't like e1 :D13:04
dutchiewhy not?13:04
nisshhinfosoft: whats wrong with e1?13:04
thorwili suspect it's just e2 > e113:05
infosoftWell, ... our group (except few people) don't know almost anything about LaTex. There's much errors done...13:05
infosoftAnd now all translators are having holidays/gone/etc.13:05
nisshhbut how does that make e1 better?13:05
infosoftSo now I don't need to worry about others grammar/style mistakes and that's why I thought I should translate e2 while others might do something with e1 :D13:07
nisshhinfosoft: e1 is supposed to be being translated because e2 is still being edited13:08
infosoftBut there's much errors made by editors who wrote them.13:09
nisshhwho wrote what?13:09
infosoftEspecially section about Network Manager13:09
infosoftYes, e113:09
nisshhinfosoft: thats exactly why we are releasing e2....13:10
nisshhbut you should still be translating e113:10
nisshhbecause not all translations are released for e1 yet13:11
adahendrahello, all13:40
adahendrai'm hendra, need help how i can contribute to ubuntu-manual , i want to contribute translation into Bahasa,Indonesa13:41
infosoftadahendra: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual13:50
infosoftIn your case: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual/id/+translate13:52
infosoftBut firstly it's recommended to join Ubuntu Indonesian Translators group (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-id)13:53
=== humphreybc is now known as hbc
adahendraok thank you infosoft14:03
infosoftI'm glad I was able to help you :)14:04
dutchiethe new, shorter humphreybc14:19

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