abraCadavermind if I make a suggestion?13:02
abraCadaverjust going to come out with it... :) new to the community, not really sure what the feel is here yet, but I've noticed something13:03
abraCadaverrecently started using ubuntu and I started trying to get my friends to use it and nobody wants to, didn't want to myself until I thought it would make a great os for my old laptop / desktop, etc13:03
abraCadaverwhen I mentioned "linux loves old hardware", suddenly everybody got interested13:04
abraCadaverfrom 0 people to four people in one comment13:04
abraCadaverEvery dev has an old laptop or desktop laying in a corner somewhere collecting dust that they don't want to throw out even though they don't use it13:05
abraCadaverI'm wondering if this idea might be a good thing to bring front and center?13:05

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