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PrabhashI applied for Ubuntu membership but Icanot attend to the meeting due I have to be in College in that time what should I do???13:09
czajkowskiPrabhash: which board was it ?13:12
czajkowskican you go to another board as they meet at different times13:13
thorwilPrabhash: i guess you should take your name off the list for that meeting, then. check if you can make it next time. you can join a meeting of another board (not your area), if the schedule fits better, afaik13:13
Prabhashis it essential for participate in selection Meeting13:13
jykaeHow much must one have contribution to Ubuntu to be able to get a membership?13:15
jykaeis working in an official local community, marketing and updating www,wikipages enough13:16
jykaeand being chairman, of course13:17
wersayatana UX meeting?13:17
thorwilPrabhash: it is essential to show up in a membership board meating, as you will be asked a few questions. nothing dramatic with a little preparation13:17
thorwiljykae: there's a thumb rule of at least 6 month sustained effort (and plans for the future)13:18
thorwilhi wers! doesn't look so13:18
wersthorwil, wait.is it just me or is our meeting supposed to be now?13:19
thorwilwers: vish is here just because he's everywhere, i think. but no mpt or ivanka or aday ...13:19
wersthorwil, ooh. so my watch isn't wrong... okay13:19
thorwilwers: since 20 minutes. but this is no surprise, given the past and now guadec, right? ;)13:20
wersthorwil, ooh. right. forgot about it. anyway, brb13:20
vishoh today is thursday..!13:36
* vish wonders why wers cross-posts every thread to ayatana and usability ML ...13:38
thorwilvish: i guess he thinks it's relevant to both and he doesn't mind a wider audience? :)13:39
vishwider audience is great , but its every thread he starts ;p13:40
vishwers: upstream is really not interested in "windicators" yet..13:40
vishwers: csd maybe , but not yet sold on windicators13:40
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chrisccoulsonvish - oh, you're talking about the user who cross-posted the thread titled "The Future of Window Borders, Menu Bars, and More"?14:08
wersvish, hello. i cross-posted because the platform consistency is a gnome issue and windicators is for ayatana14:09
wersvish, sorry I was afk14:09
vishchrisccoulson: yup.. :)14:09
wersand I only cross-post if I think the issue is relevant to both MLs :)14:10
wersif I'm not mistaken, this is just the third time, and my latest post is just a repost of the 2nd one (which many seemed to find to hard to read)14:11
chrisccoulsoni was going to respond to the message. firefox is almost certainly not going to get the visual updates on linux that windows users are getting, which sucks14:11
werschrisccoulson, it will if it's technically possible but those will be optional14:11
werswe'll see what GTK+ 3 has to offer14:12
vishwers: chrisccoulson looks after firefox for Ubuntu :)14:12
wersvish, yep14:12
chrisccoulsonwers - the response from mike beltzner would suggest that FF4.0 will not be getting the menu button in the titlebar on linux:14:12
chrisccoulson"Presently, I do not believe that we'll be able to bring the Firefox Button to Linux, so it will continue to have a menuBar by default, like Windows XP. OSX will continue to use a menuBar as well. "14:13
werschrisccoulson, yep. presently. we'll have to wait for GTK+ 3 stuff14:13
chrisccoulsonwhy? GTK+3 doesn't offer anything that would help that14:13
chrisccoulsonit's basically GTK+2 with a new name and 1 new class ;)14:14
werschrisccoulson, GTK+ guys are working on client side window buttons14:15
vishgood that they atleast postponed gnome 3.0 , there still might be time to get some new ideas.14:15
vishwers: you mean bratsche?14:15
wersvish, I think14:15
vishchrisccoulson: one positive side maybe that a few of the design folks are interested in the menubutton idea , and some of the menu changes FF4/chrome are doing, and postponing might give a chance for a lot of UI changes14:17
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vishpostponing gnome 3..14:18
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* czajkowski hugs robbiew :D16:58
robbiewheh....I wanted to get this out weeks ago...but we were waiting on contracts to be signed16:58
czajkowskirobbiew: Thanks :)16:59
czajkowskillast time I was there I was a kid, I'm still a kid mind you :)16:59
czajkowskirobbiew: mind if I Rt using #tags17:00
czajkowskispread zee word so folks can make plans and book holiday time17:00
robbiewczajkowski: retweet away!17:01
czajkowskisweet, now off to Ubuntu hour witha  big grin on my face17:01
czajkowskihave fun17:01
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stas_hey, anybody from council around?22:59
stas_i wanted to ask if its ok to put #ubuntu-ro on the agenda for 3rd august for reaproval23:00
stas_since we missed previous approval23:00
Seveasczajkowski, ^23:01
stas_thanks Seveas23:02
czajkowskistas_: hey yup it is23:02
stas_ok, ill update the wiki and email the team23:02
czajkowskiplease just add it to there23:02
czajkowskistas_: no problem, thanks23:02

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