LaneyI don't know why they were needed, but I reckon you can go ahead and lose it now00:00
plarsLaney: thanks!00:01
maxbIs there any standard documentation which says which modes of postinst/prerm should execute update-alternatives?00:15
ScottLif a package is available in lucid-proposed for a SRU, how many tests are necessary to considered a SRU verified?01:26
micahgScottL: 1 or 201:27
ScottLmicahg, thanks, then i guess i can change the tag from "verification-required" to "verification-done" :)01:27
micahgScottL: I think the SRU team does that01:27
ScottLmicahg, what triggers them to change it?  do i need a special keyword in my reply to the bug? or another tag?01:28
micahgScottL: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/PerformingSRUVerification01:31
micahgScottL: not really sure, it says SRU verification team tests, but I've tested and had ubuntu-sru update the tag01:32
ScottLmicahg, groovy, thanks!01:33
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hggdhactually, if you test a SRU and confirm it to be working, you can change the tag to verification-done; if the test failed, then mark it verification-failed04:00
ScottLthanks hggdh04:07
dholbachgood morning08:08
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* Laney is amused that aptitude would rather remove half his desktop than not upgrade gtk+11:23
sebnerLaney: that's why clever people use apt-get :P11:26
Laneyclever people read the output11:26
Laneythird solution was what i wanted11:28
sebnerLaney: you upgrading to maverick?11:28
Laneylong ago11:28
sebnerLaney: stable?11:28
Laneynothing broke for me!11:29
ubottuymmv is short for "Your mileage may vary". It means that someone else's experience with compatibility, performance etc. may not necessarily match yours. Also see !wfm11:29
tumbleweedmaverick has been good to me (although the intel driver seems to drink at least half my ram)11:29
sebnertime to upgrade then :P11:30
* geser is surprised sebner isn't using maverick already11:34
sebnergeser: you know, at some point in your life you are happy having a stable LTS system which just works. This time it took longer becoming boring :P11:34
dholbachBlackZ: can you explain how the pyclutter sync worked?11:35
DavieyAnybody fancy sponsoring a sync for a fake-new package?11:35
BlackZdholbach: FTBFS for you?11:35
dholbachBlackZ: no, but I'm interested which way you worked on it11:36
BlackZdholbach: I used the ack-sync script to upload it11:36
LaneyDaviey: if by "sponsor" you mean "ack" then "yes"11:36
dholbachBlackZ: to upload it?11:36
dholbachcan I see the script?11:36
Laneyit's in ubuntu-dev-tools iirc11:37
BlackZdholbach: sure, just a moment11:37
BlackZyes Laney11:37
dholbachnevermind, I see it now11:37
DavieyLaney,  bug #611218, provided justification why the delta from the (fake) old package can be dropped.  Old package dropped, new package has the same name - same contents.11:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 611218 in Ubuntu "Please sync libjibx1.1-java 1.1.6a-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61121811:37
BlackZdholbach: however it uses syncpackage too11:38
dholbachthanks BlackZ11:38
LaneyDaviey: it provides the same binary packages?11:38
DavieyLaney, no11:39
Laneyor at least the rdepends will/have taken it into account11:39
DavieyLaney, now uses version package so $PACKAGE-$VERSION and $PACKAGE is now a meta package11:39
DavieyLaney, well put it this way... it has rdepends.. which are currently unsatsified11:40
Davieyas the original binary was rm'd from the archive11:40
Laneyplease ensure the rdeps are updated to use whatever is appropriate11:40
* Laney test builds11:40
DavieyLaney, old rdepends uses what is now the meta package11:40
Laneyseems like a strange situation11:40
Davieyyus. exactly :)11:40
sebnerLaney: do you have an nvidia cart by change and can confirm 3D works with maverick?11:42
Laneysadly not11:43
sebnerLaney: nvm then :)11:47
sebnergeser: what about you?11:47
Sarvattdepends on your card sebner11:47
Sarvattif its using nouveau_dri.so instead of nouveau-vieux_dri.so it's in maverick, but you have to install libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental yourself11:48
sebnerSarvatt: 8400M GS, nah I'm taking about binary nvidia 3D driver11:48
Sarvattoh yeah it works then, same card here11:49
* sebner needs to play nexuiz xD11:49
Sarvattyou only have a few days of it working though :)11:49
Sarvattxserver 1.9 is about to go in11:50
gesersebner: ATI card and using the free driver11:50
Sarvattnvidia's supposed to release a new beta that works with it any day now11:50
sebnerSarvatt: nvm, thanks for the warning, I just don't upgrade to new xserver then11:50
sebnerpoor geser11:50
DavieyThanks Laney11:57
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ScottLpersia had shown me a link to a FTBFS list that i believe included all the build depends under each item that failed to build, does this ring a bell with anyone?12:40
ScottLit was an all text web page, no color (so it know it's not the one at qawire)12:40
ScottLany way the end goal was to investigate FTBFS packages for ubuntu studio12:41
tumbleweedbdrung: can we not put ack-sync-email.list somewhere out of the way? (i.e. in ~/.ubuntu-dev-tools)13:08
bdrungtumbleweed: feel free to find a nice place and name for it13:08
tumbleweedalso, how about getting ack-sync to use @ubuntu.com addresses for members?13:08
tumbleweedthat might require a few less manual overrides13:08
bdrungtumbleweed: good idea, please go ahead13:08
bdrungtumbleweed: i am going to work on a script that works similarly on merges and all the rest of it13:09
tumbleweedcool, that would be useful13:11
bdrungtumbleweed: how do you like this: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bdrung/sponsoring/13:16
tumbleweedbdrung: I can't see what's different between that and the qa.ubuntu one13:23
bdrungtumbleweed: scroll down13:26
tumbleweedoh I see13:27
tumbleweedI doubt I'd use those statistics much, but they are a good overview13:28
geserbdrung: shouldn't the sum over the components equal the total requests?13:47
bdrunggeser: yes13:49
bdrunggeser: or greater (if SRUs target different components)13:49
geser141 + 54 + 2 = 197 != 19913:50
bdrunggeser: python can't count :P13:52
sebnergeser: I had to fix the dependency hell 2 times but maverick runs now without problems :D13:53
gesersebner: of course you filed bugs, right?13:55
tumbleweedbdrung: things I really want from the sponsor overview: clearer differentiation between main and universe (a fair chunk of sponsors are not core devs), sort by most recent activity (so we can sponsor fairly)13:55
sebnergeser: ohh, and I was just wondering why apport didn't show up :\13:56
bdrungtumbleweed: that'll be an easy task13:56
tumbleweedI originally thought I wanted sort by date sponsors were subscribed, but most recent activity is probably the easiest solution to that13:57
geserbdrung: would it be possible to have a table for each kind of origin? (even if that means that some bugs are listed several times)13:57
geserso one could jump directly to the list/table of bugs one is interested in13:58
bdrunggeser: this should be doable13:58
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micahgdholbach: I didn't know reasons were needed for syncs before FF14:23
vinc-maiI do not know if it is a good time for a review but I have uploaded a package on revu, my first. Can someone take a look at it ? It is a ruby librairy design to help developpers to define global hotkeys. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/libglobalhotkeys-ruby1.814:24
dholbachmicahg: still it makes it a bit easier if you know what's going on14:24
vinc-maiComments will help me.14:24
dholbachmicahg: if it involved a major transition or if it's an unstable branch, we probably shouldn't sync14:24
dholbachmicahg: but if it's "a bug fix release" it certainly makes sense to get it in14:25
dholbachit's just that when I looked at the request I felt like I had no idea what's going on :)14:26
micahgdholbach: k, I'll keep in mind to add that stuff before FF as well :)14:27
micahgbdrung: can you show my how to use syncpackage14:27
dholbachmicahg: and it's no strict requirement - it just makes the decision easier :)14:27
bdrungmicahg: if i want to sync xmms2: syncpackage xmms214:27
micahgdholbach: k, BTW, did you get my note about a UDD issue?14:27
bdrungand the dput the changes file14:27
micahgbdrung: k, what if there's a bug open?14:28
micahgbdrung: also, is the version in lucid u-d-t ok?14:28
bdrungmicahg: do you want to sponsor one?14:28
micahgbdrung: yes :)14:28
micahgfor myself actually14:28
bdrungmicahg: then use ack-sync14:28
micahgah, ok14:28
bdrungmicahg: if i want to sync xmms2 closing lp bug 123456: syncpackage xmms2 -b 12345614:29
dholbachmicahg: yes, but I'm snowed in under mails and work right now - I'll try to get to it as soon as I can - life's a bit nuts over here right now14:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123456 in xine-lib (Ubuntu) "podcast crashes amarok" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12345614:29
micahgdholbach: k, np14:29
micahgbdrung: k, is the version in Lucid u-d-t ok, or do I need to use trunk?14:30
bdrungmicahg: lucid doesn't have syncpackage14:30
bdrungmicahg: use either trunk or the latest version from maverick14:31
micahgbdrung: k, using trunk checkout I get a debian changelog error14:32
bdrungmicahg: paste it14:32
micahgbdrung: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/470702/14:33
bdrungmicahg: you need a newer python-debian version14:33
bdrungmicahg: https://launchpad.net/~bdrung/+archive/backports14:33
micahgbdrung: thanks14:34
bdrungmicahg: yw14:36
vinc-maiI have uploaded a package on revu, my first. Can someone take a look at it ? It is a ruby librairy design to help developpers to define global hotkeys. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/libglobalhotkeys-ruby1.814:49
BlackZvinc-mai: don't repeat please, rather than of do that you could try to get it in debian14:51
bdrungvinc-mai: getting packages into debian first is the preferred way14:53
vinc-maiSorry. I will not flood. I am new at packaging. It seems it is "easier" to upload a package to ubuntu than debian. That is why I have proposed it here. I hope to upload to debian after.14:55
vinc-maiEven if it is more logic to upload to debian!14:55
BlackZvinc-mai: mentors.debian.net14:57
vinc-maiThanks BlackZ for the link.14:59
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coolbhaviBlackZ, thanks for quick sponsoring of FTBFS sync :)15:09
bdrungtumbleweed, geser: more stats: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bdrung/sponsoring/15:14
bdrungtumbleweed: universe ~= unseeded15:15
bdrungtumbleweed: sort by seed15:15
micahgbdrung: nice :)15:19
BlackZdholbach: sorry, I didn't know you wanted to ACK the pyclutter sync request; I uploaded it first of your ACK15:20
dholbachBlackZ: no, you couldn't know - we opened the bug at the same time I guess15:22
bdrungdholbach: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bdrung/sponsoring/15:22
bdrungdholbach: i just have to correct the component counting and then you get the merge request15:23
dholbachbdrung: thanks - I'll try to have a look at it soon15:23
BlackZdholbach: and sorry if before I understood another thing than what you said, I thought you meant the package building :P15:26
BlackZbdrung: how is it going with your script?15:26
bdrungBlackZ: ~60 lines of codes. it checks the attached patches15:26
BlackZbdrung: does it work?15:26
bdrungBlackZ: it can tell you the attached patches. now i am working on downloading the patch and then i need to download the corresponding source15:28
BlackZbdrung: cool!15:29
bdrungdholbach: do you have a good name for the script that i promised to write?15:29
BlackZpatch-checker :P15:29
dholbachbdrung: no, sorry - maybe nigelb does15:30
bdrungnigelb: do you have a good name for the script that i promised to write?15:30
micahgbdrung: I have one suggestion for your script for sponsoring15:31
bdrungmicahg: shoot15:31
bdrungeverything is better than "foo"15:31
micahgbdrung: is it possible to check the series for the packageset to make sure that it's uploadable in that series15:31
micahgbdrung: i.e. mozilla package set can't upload to <=lucid15:31
bdrungmicahg: open a bug report and ask dholbach15:33
bdrungmicahg: oh, moment, i was thinking of sponsor overview.15:34
micahgbdrung: k, where should the bug go?15:34
dholbachthat's part of the sponsoring overview code for >= lucid, but not before15:34
micahgdholbach: ok15:34
bdrungmicahg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sponsoring15:34
dholbachand in this very moment I'm not the best person to be asked, I'm terribly behind on almost everything15:34
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tumbleweedbdrung: yeah, unseeded is mostly universe, but the ~ complicates things15:39
bdrungtumbleweed: do you have an example where it fails15:39
tumbleweednot on hand, no15:39
bdrungtumbleweed: let me know once you stumbled upon one15:40
tumbleweedre sponsor script, my grab-udd-merge does a similar thing for branch sponsorship - but it doesn't go as far as uploading15:40
tumbleweedbdrung: aah, xchat - it is apparently xubuntu, not unseede15:41
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nigelbbdrung: take a patch, apply and upload to ppa17:12
nigelbbdrung: I don't remember what nickname we gave it back then17:12
bdrungnigelb: we didn't have a nick17:15
nigelbbdrung: aha17:16
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ximion_hi there :)17:38
ximionI am the Debian maintainer of the package projectm, which is currently in Debian experimental.17:40
ximionthe package is in the sync queue of Ubuntu Maverick at time.17:40
ximionwe put the package into experimental cause it had some serious bugs like some applications were crashing on startup etc.17:41
ximionwe also didn't know how all dependencies of projectm behave and hadn't finished all transitions yet when the package was uploaded to experimental.17:41
ximionthis is all fixed now, but it might take a long time until a new package is uploaded to unstable.17:42
ximionso, could someone please upload a new "ubuntu-version" of the package?17:43
ximionI uploaded the new version at revu: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/projectm17:43
Laneycan't you upload the new version to experimental?17:43
ximionthis package also solves a package conflict (which happens with the old package from Debian)17:44
ximionLaney: No, I need a mentor to do this :-P17:44
Laneyyour previous sponsor?17:44
Laneysounds like the way to go to me17:45
ximionAnd he is currently at debconf, so he might upload this package soon, but he might not.17:45
Laneythen sync from there into maverick17:45
ximionLaney: Of course, but I don't really know when the package gets published in the official Maverick repositories.17:46
ximionIf it is published, some uses will get problems while upgrading their very old projectm version due to a conflict between projectm-data and libprojectm-data17:46
Laneyhas it been uploaded?17:47
Laneyyou can just cancel the request17:47
Laney(if it hasn't been uploaded, that is)17:48
ximionit is in upload queue, no sync request has been made...17:48
ximionI tried to reach the developer who uploaded it yesterday, but did not received a reply yet.17:49
Laneyah, this is easy17:49
LaneyScottK: Could you please reject projectm? context: ^^^17:49
ximionI'm not sure how fast the uploads get reviewed in ubuntu.17:49
ximionLaney: Also a solution -P17:50
Laneyso if your new one doesn't get sponsored to Debian within, say, a week then ping me again and I will upload for you17:50
ximionLaney: Thanks! It would be nice to have the new version of projectM in Ubuntu Maverick too.17:52
Laneywe'll make it happen17:53
ximionAnd if the GStreamer guys apply the OpenGl-vis patch, Totem will be able to use projectm too.17:53
ximionwe'll see :)17:53
ari-tczewbdrung: could you take this one? bug 61138617:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 611386 in maven-debian-helper (Ubuntu) "Sync maven-debian-helper 1.1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61138617:55
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ScottKLaney and ximion: Rejected.  Please discuss this with bdrung, since it was his upload.18:24
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ximionScottK: I already sent him an email yesterday. I hope a new version of the projectm package can be uploaded soon.18:27
Laneythanks ScottK18:30
ScottKYou're welcome.18:30
ari-tczewScottK: got a time?18:33
ScottKari-tczew: Not really.18:33
ari-tczewScottK: ok so I'll back to you in august/september18:33
ScottKToday is bad and I'll be offline most of the weekend.  If you're around late tomorrow your time, there's a good chance I'll be available.18:34
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ari-tczewplease take a look on bug 595499 thanks19:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 595499 in gnu-efi (Ubuntu) "Please merge gnu-efi 3.0i-3(main) from debian unstable(main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59549919:37
bdrungari-tczew: bug 611386 already sponsored by someone else19:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 611386 in maven-debian-helper (Ubuntu) "Sync maven-debian-helper 1.1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61138619:57
bdrungximion: i saw you took the right way.19:59
ximionbdrug: I was not really sure how to do...20:00
bdrungximion: we should have a version of projectm uploaded to maverick before feature freeze.20:00
bdrungximion: you gave me a nice name :D20:01
ari-tczewbdrung: I know about it20:01
ximionbdrung: sorry :-P You might want to upload my fixed version of projectM: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/projectm20:02
bdrungximion: my initial thought was: better something in the archive than nothing20:02
ximionthis version is exactly the same as in Debian, but it contains bugfixes for all projectM issues I know about.20:02
ximionyes, true.20:02
bdrungximion: what are your plans for debian and the timeline?20:02
ximionand projectm is something lots of users were looking for.20:03
ximionI would like to have the new packaging of projectm in unstable asap.20:03
bdrungximion: that contains these changes?20:04
ximionthe old packages in debian are orphaned or really old, some also contaon possible security holes.20:04
ximionbdrug: yes20:04
bdrung^ still not correct ;)20:04
ximionbdrung: My sponsor, siretart, is at Debconf at time. I pinged him on IRC, but even if he answers he might be too buisy to look at this package.20:05
bdrungximion: then let's wait for the package to hit unstable and sync this version then. you can either ping me for syncing or use requestsync20:05
ximionI'll be on holiday for the next two weeks, so I hope someone will upload projectm for me.20:06
Laneydéjà vu!20:07
ximion(I don't know if I'll have an internet connection, so I can't look at this then)20:07
Laneyximion: sirtetart will probably be happy to upload to ubuntu for you if you ask20:07
ximiona sync will be enough.20:08
LaneyI meant that20:08
Laneysaves us forgetting to look at it20:08
ximionunfortunately I don't think the projectm packaging will make it into the next Debian stable release.20:08
ximionLaney: I think he'll do it.20:09
siretartximion: why not?20:09
bdrungsiretart: are you familiar with syncpackage?20:09
ximionsiretart: Are you a Ubuntu developer?20:10
bdrunghe is20:10
ximionthen there's nothing to worry about :)20:10
siretartbdrung: I think I can imagine what it does20:10
ximionsiretart: Will you have time to look at the changes I made before I go on vacation?20:10
ximion(next monday)20:11
siretartI've just looked at them, they seem fine to me, I'm currently building it20:11
ximionI tried to reach upstream for months and didn't receive any message from them. But now, working with them is really great.20:13
ximionAnd I think I understand at least all GUI and Qt related stuff of the projectM code. (the Milkdrop algorithms are still a bit weird for me)20:14
bdrungximion: a good upstream relation is very important20:15
ximionbdrung: I know... ProjectM was - if I ignore the weird GeoGebra case - one of the more difficult upstream relations I had. (But I don't really have a lot of experience there, cause I do not maintain a lot of packages)20:19
siretartximion: did you have a look it the lintian warnings?20:22
siretartximion: possible-missing-colon-in-closes Closes #590706, and debian-changelog-line-too-long line 120:22
ximionsiretart: Whoops...embarrassing. I'll fix this. I did the lintian check before I made changes on the changelog.20:24
ximionsiretart: Changes are committed.20:27
ximionHave you checked if projectM-pulseaudio works? It shoud either run or display a graphical error box instead of crashing.20:28
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* ximion is away for dinner.20:37
ximion\me is back.20:56
ximionsiretart: Is there anything left to change on projectm-packaging?21:05
siretartximion: yes21:08
siretartbut I'm on it21:08
siretartdid you actually test the upgrade?21:08
ximionyes. it forced a partial upgrade where libprojectm-data got removed.21:10
bluefoxicyWait, what21:49
bluefoxicywhy does OpenOffice.org now give me font sizes in percents (110% 115% etc) and offer me typefaces Normal, Cursiva, Nigreta, Nigreta Cursiva21:49
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bdrungScottK: this time you can accept projectm :)22:14
bdrungtumbleweed: can you show me your grab-udd-merge?22:44
QuintasanAnyone knows where sbuild stores downloaded debs (if it stores them at all)?23:24
tumbleweedbdrung: I have a ubuntu-dev-tools branch on lp23:48
bdrungtumbleweed: link23:48
bdrungtumbleweed: you might want to use python-debian for working on debian/changelog23:52
tumbleweedbdrung: thanks, I look. don't know python-debian. I'm sure it could use more bzrlib and less calling-out, too23:54
tumbleweedi'll look23:54

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