akgranernuboon2age_, ping15:55
akgranerLet's take a look at one section and narrow down the articles you are gathering15:56
akgranerthat way you can focus on one section of the newsletter15:57
akgranerand do great things with one section for now16:05
akgraneralso everyone I posted this yesterday - http://akgraner.com/?p=62716:06
akgranerI know we have a meeting next week - I'll try to get all my RSS Feeds listed to the wiki so people can use them and know where they can start looking16:07
akgraneralso if you have feeds to add please do :-)16:07
akgranerFor those in the channel who are looking for a section to possible collaborate with someone on - take a list at the post and links on the post and lets see how we can get more done during the week - I will commit to 2 hours be day on just the newsletter.  If a couple other people could do say 4 hours a week on various sections between reading feeds, gathering articles and or writing summaries no one would have to do much on the weekends -16:09
akgranerJust some food for thought...16:09
nuboon2age_akgraner: its not exactly a focus on one section (which as i described on ietherpad is very difficult to do because the feed i get from -- Google news is very broad), and its not really a summary, but you might still like my experiment on this week's http://ietherpad.com/UWN-Ideas .  Please check it out and provide feedback as to whether it works better for you.17:34

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