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MagicFabThese are good news: http://en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs/enterprise/b/tech-center/archive/2010/07/27/dell-openmanage-6-3-for-ubuntu.aspx00:16
arrrghhhanyone use rtorrent here?  i'm having issues with the watch directory feature & pausing/temporarily stopping torrents...00:37
smosermathiaz, actually most of that is in uec-run-instances, which SpamapS worked on recently. it definitely needs some work, but it is there.00:45
smoserits also, i tihnk, sort of part of mr.awsome00:45
raubvogelTrying to learn how to create a private package repository: which directories does reprepro needs and what do they do (my google-fu has only found how-tos, but not whys)00:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #611101 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "upstart config does not sleep between pings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61110101:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #611102 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "mysqld does not start due to typo in upstart config" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61110201:21
zulim broken?02:10
jeeves_Mosshow can I force a 6.4LTS server to do a dist upgrade?  I've tried "apt-get dist-update" and it claims there is no updates02:45
arrrghhh6.04 isn't supported is it?02:46
jeeves_Mossarrrghhh, I had to install 6.04 in order to get these IBM x335 boxes to play nice with Ubuntu02:47
arrrghhhare you sure it's a good idea to upgrade them then?  lol02:48
jeeves_Mossarrrghhh, they're fresh installs, so if it tanks, I'll just reinstall02:48
arrrghhhthere's emergency broacast boxes that run redhat distro's from 1996 becuase it works.02:48
jeeves_Mossarrrghhh, what's the syntax I need?02:48
arrrghhhif it works, it works.02:48
arrrghhh"sudo do-release-upgrade" what do you mean?02:48
jeeves_Mossarrrghhh, that's what I needed to know.  I was trying "sudo apt-get do-release-upgrade" and it wasn't working.  LOL02:49
arrrghhhoh... crap.  sorry haha.02:49
jeeves_Mossarrrghhh, your syntax didn't work.  it just line feeds02:49
arrrghhhmaybe that was an advent with 8.0402:49
jeeves_Mossother ideas?02:50
arrrghhhaptitude safe-upgrade i think02:50
arrrghhhgo to the "network upgrade for ubuntu servers" section02:52
jeeves_Mossarrrghhh, that's desktop02:52
arrrghhhc'mon now!02:52
arrrghhhi know it says 8.04 -> 10.0402:52
arrrghhhbut do it02:52
arrrghhhapt-get install update-manager-core02:52
arrrghhhedit /ect/update-manager/release-upgrades and set prompt=lts02:53
arrrghhhor to =normal, whatever02:53
arrrghhhand sudo do-release-upgrade --devel-release02:53
jeeves_Mosssudo apt-get install update-manager-core02:53
jeeves_Mosssudo do-release-upgrade02:53
arrrghhhi was going to keep you in LTS trains02:54
arrrghhhbut whatever mang02:54
arrrghhhit's all there in that doc!02:54
jeeves_Moss...and off to hardy we go02:57
arrrghhhhave fun02:57
lfaraoneIf you don't have plymouth installed, does "splash" in the kernel parameter do antyhing?03:42
imyousufI am facing some problem regarding discovering nodes in eucalyptus http://paste.ubuntu.com/470196/04:53
imyousufWhen it is discovering a node it is identifying with its inet6 address and not the inet4 address04:53
imyousufcan someone please help resolve this issue04:54
Adman65i am using the ec2 image, i added a new user via adduser, except I can't connect as that user using its password. Do I have to pass in a pem file when I ssh ?05:17
SpamapSAdman65: its likely that password auth is just turned off for the EC2 images.05:51
smoserDaviey, awake ?05:59
smoserAdman65, password auth in ssh is disabled in ec2 images.06:00
smoserto "fix":06:00
smosersed -i "s/#PasswordAuthentication/PasswordAuthentication/" /etc/ssh/sshd_config06:01
smosersudo sed -i "s/#PasswordAuthentication/PasswordAuthentication/" /etc/ssh/sshd_config06:01
smosersudo restart ssh06:01
imyousufI am facing some problem regarding discovering nodes in eucalyptus (UEC) http://paste.ubuntu.com/470196/06:24
imyousufWhen it is discovering a node it is identifying with its inet6 address and not the inet4 address06:24
twbDo you actually use ipv6 at all?06:25
twbIf not, suggest turning it off at the boot prompt06:25
imyousuftwb: nope06:27
imyousuftwb: by boot prompt do you mean bios?06:27
twbNo, I mean in your bootloader: grub or pxelinux or whatever06:27
imyousufok, I am using grub, can you plz give me a pointer to how I might go about achieving it twb?06:28
twbgrub2 or grub legacy06:29
imyousuftwb:  the one provided with Lucid Lynx06:29
twbIn /etc/default/grub add ipv6.disable=1 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and run "update-grub"06:29
imyousuftwb: currently the value is GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet" changing it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet ipv6.disable=1" and running update-grub06:31
ttxRoAkSoAx: pong07:17
RoAkSoAxttx: I attached a debdiff for rhcs07:41
RoAkSoAxbug #60098407:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 600984 in redhat-cluster "redhat-cluster-suite fails to build from source in maverick" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60098407:41
ttxRoAkSoAx: ok07:42
Davieysmoser, o/07:59
smoserque pasa senor?07:59
Davieysmoser, oh joy, about ftbfs07:59
smoseri've a merge for you to look at for eucalyptus.07:59
smoseronce it bfs, i have some changes that i need.08:00
smoserthey'rre not well tested, thoguh, as i can't install08:00
smoserbut fairly well tested given that slight difficulty08:00
eagles0513875i need some serious help08:01
eagles0513875for some reason my server seems to be stuck in an infinite loop08:01
eagles0513875it boots up gets to the login then shuts down and restarts08:01
smoserif you care to review, Daviey https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu/maverick/eucalyptus/maverick.bug611144/+merge/3124908:02
Davieysmoser, visually, it looks sane08:05
smoserwell, it builds.08:05
Davieysmoser, in lucid or maverick?08:07
smoserin maverick08:08
smoseri hand installed the libjibx into an otherwise clean schroot08:08
smoserthe dpkg-buildpackage08:08
Davieysweet :)08:09
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uvirtbotNew bug: #611177 in samba (main) "samba as pdc, w2k3 as memberserver, winxp domainclients" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61117708:26
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eagles0513875vhey guys i need some big time help i have a server down and its kind of in an infinite boot up and restart loop08:46
eagles0513875im trying to boot onto the live cd and it wont read it for some reason and with out any networking i can login but after logging in it restarts itself08:46
qman__eagles0513875, not much you can do until you get it booted to a live environment, or load the disk in another computer08:54
eagles0513875sigh :(08:54
eagles0513875qman__: woudl a network boot work?08:55
qman__have you tried the "recovery mode" option?08:55
qman__only if you have a server hosting PXE images08:55
eagles0513875qman__: what do i press to get to grub and kernel selection08:55
qman__for grub1, escape, for grub2, hold left shift08:55
eagles0513875hold on08:55
qman__recovery mode boots it into single user, and then gives you a few options besides just dropping to a root shell08:56
eagles0513875i know08:56
eagles0513875i think this loop has something to do with watchdog08:56
eagles0513875im holding shift and im getting no response08:57
eagles0513875its like its ignoring the keyboard08:57
eagles0513875also the cd drive si a bit wonky08:58
eagles0513875its a sata cd rom drive08:59
qman__if so, try playing with the legacy USB keyboard options in the BIOS08:59
qman__or try PS/208:59
qman__make sure it's in "native IDE" mode08:59
qman__some things can handle AHCI, others can't09:00
eagles0513875qman__: what doesnt make sense is this was working just fine yesterday09:00
qman__it's a big mess, so if you don't need to hot plug your drive, just use native IDE09:01
eagles0513875blarg this is a mess09:01
qman__now, hard drives can really benefit from AHCI, but disc drives, not a big deal09:01
eagles0513875man this is getting frustrating09:02
eagles0513875i am wondering if it was the time as the time in the bios was 2 hrs behind09:03
qman__eagles0513875, by default, linux sets the hardware clock to UTC09:03
eagles0513875that didnt do it09:04
eagles0513875and i cant change to legacy usb09:04
SuperPetRalfCan you not trying setting your first boot device to CDROM and then putting in a recovery disk09:04
SuperPetRalfjust to see if you even get usb support?09:04
eagles0513875SuperLag: already have that09:06
eagles0513875setup like that and it still doesnt boot off the live cd09:06
eagles0513875of ubuntu server09:06
SuperPetRalfsorry couldnt scroll back that far09:06
eagles0513875its ok09:06
eagles0513875i am running out of ideas09:07
eagles0513875i think a reinstall might be in order09:07
SuperPetRalfwhat happens when you try to boot it up?09:07
eagles0513875starts up i login and it shutdown and reboots09:07
SuperPetRalfand in single user mode the same?09:08
qman__his keyboard isn't working to interrupt grub and get to single09:08
qman__you're going to have to fix one or the other, the CD or the keyboard, in any case09:08
qman__can't exactly reinstall if you can't boot the live environment09:09
SuperPetRalfah have you tried booting from a USB device?09:09
eagles0513875thing is i dont have a spare usb device on me atm09:09
eagles0513875the one i have is 16 gb of data on it09:09
eagles0513875actually brb09:09
eagles0513875cuz the office was supposed to order some for work09:09
eagles0513875hold on i might not need it09:10
eagles0513875ok nm09:10
eagles0513875i do need it09:10
SuperPetRalfsure could it be  ahrd ware issue if the kb isnt working and its in a boot loop?09:10
eagles0513875it seems like all processes are crashing from what im seeing during shutdown09:10
eagles0513875the server was workign juts fine yesterday09:10
qman__that doesn't rule out a hardware issue09:11
SuperPetRalfhas anything changed? plugged in sumthink09:11
SuperPetRalfDoes it crash ont he same process every time?09:15
SuperPetRalfon the09:15
eagles0513875it seems like its something with udev09:16
eagles0513875im gonna use my pendrive and create a bootable usb09:16
eagles0513875using unetbootin09:16
eagles0513875just have to get all my data off it first09:17
SuperPetRalfSure one other suggestion, when you do remove all the hardware you dont need, including some of the ram and the CD ROM drive if you can09:17
eagles0513875SuperPetRalf: ?09:18
SuperPetRalfJust incase it is a hardware issue, it maybe on the the external devices09:18
SuperPetRalfor an internal device such as a broken pin in the ide cable or faulty RAM09:19
eagles0513875ieverything is sata09:20
eagles0513875from cd drive to hdd drives09:20
eagles0513875i unplugged the network09:20
eagles0513875which helped some09:20
eagles0513875before with it plugged in09:20
eagles0513875it was an instant reboot09:20
eagles0513875without network it at least stays up for a bit then i login and it goes down09:21
eagles0513875i think im getting ddosed or something09:22
SuperPetRalfis it possibly 2 seperate issues, for example you cant use the kb in grub becuase USB support isnt there and there is a corrupt file cousing your system to reboot?09:22
eagles0513875SuperPetRalf: all i did was modify something in the watchdog conf file and restarted watchdog09:23
eagles0513875and after that thats when it was in the infinite loop09:23
eagles0513875prior to that it was fine09:23
SuperPetRalfcan you resotre the old file09:24
eagles0513875i know what i modified09:24
eagles0513875just have to comment out one thing09:24
SuperPetRalfcan you turn it on but not logon09:25
SuperPetRalfthen login remotly with ssh?09:25
eagles0513875i could try that09:25
eagles0513875also take a look at this09:25
eagles0513875http://pastebin.com/ebmPZndP <---does that look like someone trying to hack or dos the network09:25
SuperPetRalfthere all outbound though09:26
eagles0513875not all09:26
SuperPetRalfbut the majority are and I dont htink that could be anough for DOS conditions09:26
qman__only one is inbound09:27
qman__looks like your server's been compromised to me09:27
qman__unless you're legitimately scanning those IPs yourself09:27
eagles0513875im not09:27
eagles0513875im protected by router firewall09:27
eagles0513875only ports i have open and forwarded to the server are 22 and 8009:28
qman__that's more than enough09:28
eagles0513875so i need to get iptables up and running on the server as well as a proxy09:28
qman__you need to fix the hole that they got in with, if they got in09:28
eagles0513875ya its server side i think09:29
qman__leave it off the network, and check for evidence of a break in09:29
eagles0513875thing is i removed the server from the connection via router to the internet09:29
eagles0513875breakin in what sense09:29
SuperPetRalfyeah but the traffic is outbound09:29
SuperPetRalfsuggesting if it is its allready comprimised09:29
qman__unauthorized SSH login, most likely09:29
qman__with a subsequent rooting09:29
eagles0513875qman__: i use an alpha numeric password which isnt easy to crack09:30
qman__doesn't matter09:30
qman__using password authentication at all is risky09:30
SuperPetRalfbrute force, but i still dont think its likly to be that09:30
eagles0513875thing is i cant even check the logs09:30
eagles0513875and most of the attacks are on closed ports09:31
SuperPetRalfwhats the IP address of the server?09:31
qman__those are outbound connections09:31
SuperPetRalf.4 or .7?09:31
eagles0513875none of those09:31
SuperPetRalfthen its not the server09:31
eagles0513875server has a static internal ip09:31
SuperPetRalflook at the addresses09:31
qman__blocking inbound ports has no effect on them09:31
eagles0513875those i believe are wifi addresses09:31
SuperPetRalfahh but all the traffic goes no where near the server so to speak09:32
SuperPetRalflook its all outbound .2.4 and 2.709:32
qman__looks like you had a couple zombies on your wifi then09:32
qman__or someone playing around with nmap09:32
alex88i'm finally got working suexec with fcgid, but it uses a wrapper that contains http://pastebin.com/KCsLN1dR, now, the wrapper must be owned by the user, so he can change it and put whatever command he wants, how can i solve this?09:32
SuperPetRalftry and ssh into your own server09:33
eagles0513875those are wifi ips from .2 to 10009:33
eagles0513875via router dhcp09:33
qman__if your server is on the same subnet, you definitely need to put up a firewall09:33
qman__but that's down the road09:34
qman__if none of those addresses point to your server, then it's irrelevant09:34
SuperPetRalfand there are time log inconsistences too09:34
qman__and this is sounding more like hardware failure by the minute09:34
eagles0513875ssh seems to be down09:34
SuperPetRalfsee no 11 then 12 and you see what i mean09:34
eagles0513875cant ssh in09:35
SuperPetRalfanyway ssh is down just checking are you re plugged in09:35
SuperPetRalfcan you ping?09:35
eagles0513875wait hold on09:35
qman__are you using an onboard NIC?09:36
eagles0513875that was faulty09:37
eagles0513875its a pci nic09:37
eagles0513875i was gonna get a 2nd pci nic09:37
SuperPetRalfno ping reply is that?09:38
eagles0513875put one on the dmz and route the traffic to the other one after content filtering etc09:38
qman__well, that's even more suspect09:38
eagles0513875server is offline atm09:38
eagles0513875qman__: ?09:38
qman__if the onboard was already dead, the motherboard is likely crapping out09:38
eagles0513875qman__: thing is i had taken this server home and installed server just fine using the onboard nic09:38
eagles0513875came to work and it didnt work here09:38
SuperPetRalfyou mean during that time you installed fisrt and powered up now its been moved!?09:39
eagles0513875let me see if i can boot onto a bootable pendrive09:40
eagles0513875SuperPetRalf: yes09:40
eagles0513875i reinstalled with this other nic card i bought09:40
qman__a failing southbridge chip would explain everything09:40
SuperPetRalfhardware, or maybe disloged component09:40
qman__udev crashing, NIC failure09:40
SuperPetRalfim with qman on that09:40
eagles0513875qman__: this has been online for at least 2 three weeks09:40
qman__all hardware fails eventually09:41
qman__when is a matter of chance09:41
SuperPetRalfmost of the time it jsut goes09:41
SuperPetRalfno warning09:41
SuperPetRalfespecailly if youve moved it09:41
eagles0513875thing is this is only a 1 yr old machine09:42
qman__also irrelevant09:42
SuperPetRalfis it on a UPS?09:42
SuperPetRalfis the UPS rated hight enough?09:42
qman__could be the power supply as well, but it's a bit too consistent09:42
qman__when they go, they either usually just pop09:43
qman__or fail under a heavy load09:43
ttxDaviey: around ?09:43
qman__which I guess booting up could case09:43
SuperPetRalfnot if its a 250w USP and 350 PSU09:43
Davieyttx: o/09:44
Davieyttx: Going through my back log, wanted to catch up with you.09:45
ttxDaviey: I had a few questions on the status of euca 2.0 regressions wrt alpha309:45
Davieyttx: I am ontop of hggdh's bugs.09:45
Davieyttx: Well at the moment euca 2.0 FTBFS on maverick09:45
eagles0513875qman__: and SuperPetRalf i have anothe rmachine here at the office i can setup if all else fails09:45
Daviey(archive version)09:45
ttxDaviey: smoser told me. The jibx transition was half done on our side09:45
SuperPetRalfif youve got backups of the old one i would go for it09:45
qman__eagles0513875, run some hardware diagnostics, boot live and put it under a heavy load09:45
ttxDaviey: just wondering why it hits so late09:46
qman__try taking it off the UPS or swapping the power supply, see if it fixes the problem09:46
qman__if it doesn't, it's probably the motherboard09:46
Davieyttx: The old version was only removed from the archive yesterday09:46
eagles0513875qman__: making live usb of kubuntu atm09:46
eagles0513875only iso i have laying around on this laptop atm09:46
ttxDaviey: ok, keep me posted, and don't hasitate to ask me/Dustin for support if needed09:47
Davieyttx: Personally, i'm not convinced it needs a MIR.. but i guess i should - but MIR's currently seem to be operating slowly09:47
ttxMIR ? For jibx ?09:47
Davieyttx: yeah09:48
ttxit's just a package split... so it's should be a formality09:48
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ttxthe apckage was already reviewed, it's just a matter of promoting it09:48
Davieyttx: the new package isn't yet in Ubuntu.. There isn't ANY jibx in Maverick at the moment, i don't think09:48
ttxbut there was one :) Once in main, can return to main.09:49
DavieyYeah.. it was for this, i thought it could bypass a MIR.09:49
ttxDaviey: I'd really much like to have the basic UEC installer work out of the box for A3, like it used to09:49
Davieyttx: Agreed.09:50
ttxI don't care so much about the 10% instance fail rate09:50
Davieyttx: I need to do some investigation to the registration issue.09:50
ttxthat we can fix after09:50
Davieyttx: It seems it's inconsistent.. :/09:50
ttxDaviey: Ideally we need to identify the upstream issues09:50
ttxif any09:50
ttxto push them upstream today09:51
Davieyyeah.. There is a call with them today, so i'll try and make sure as much is ready for that.09:51
ttxinconsistent ? I thought euca_conf --list-nodes always failed09:51
eagles0513875qman__: and SuperPetRalf live usb is working booting into single user mode09:51
eagles0513875what should i run09:51
eagles0513875should i drop down to a root shell with networking ? or a normal root shell SuperPetRalf or qman__09:52
qman__eagles0513875, with the live environment, you really should load the normal full system09:52
qman__GUI and all, and load some heavy application to stress the hardware09:52
Davieyttx: That does seem to, but describe-avaliability-zones verbose, sometimes returns09:53
eagles0513875qman__: normal system is loaded09:53
SuperPetRalfand try editing your watchdog file back to norman09:53
ttxDaviey: registration.log should leave a clear trail of what was detected and called09:53
SuperPetRalfping out see if your nic is working as it should09:53
ttxDaviey: to check of the absence of reg is due to an announce issue or a reg issue09:54
eagles0513875SuperPetRalf: how can i mount the partition of the cd drive cuz on the live usb its only seeing the pendrive partition09:56
SuperPetRalfuse the mount command09:57
SuperPetRalfgo to command line and type man mount09:57
eagles0513875SuperPetRalf: i know how to use it but i cant seem to find the partition listed when doign fdisk -l09:58
SuperPetRalfhas it deteced it?09:59
eagles0513875how can i tell09:59
SuperPetRalflspci it09:59
eagles0513875detected the har ddrive10:00
SuperPetRalfah, qman_ maybe better at this than me10:01
eagles0513875ahhh here we go10:01
SuperPetRalfgo it?10:01
eagles0513875had to drop down to runlevel 110:01
eagles0513875humm but cant mount it as its not listed in the fstab10:01
eagles0513875qman__: any suggestions10:01
eagles0513875besides adding it to the fstab10:02
qman__eagles0513875, use sudo10:04
eagles0513875i did and still wasnt getting listed10:05
qman__sudo mount /dev/sd?? /media/disk10:05
SuperPetRalfisnt a cd "scd"?10:06
SuperPetRalfahh grep it10:06
qman__a CD could be scd or sr, but I don't know why you'd be mounting a CD10:06
SuperPetRalfwell it gives you sumthing to do :) I think eagles needs someting off the cd10:07
qman__my CD used to be hda10:07
qman__changed in an update10:07
eagles0513875how can i get to the etc of the mounted drive10:07
eagles0513875wait there it is10:07
SuperPetRalflol my cd used to be /dev/null10:08
eagles0513875lets see if that fixes it10:09
* eagles0513875 crosses fingers10:09
eagles0513875server is back up SuperPetRalf and qman__10:10
* eagles0513875 makes not to self not to modify watchdog.conf file10:10
SuperPetRalfcongrats mate10:10
eagles0513875now to firewall it for extra protection10:10
eagles0513875!iptables | eagles051387510:10
ubottueagles0513875, please see my private message10:10
qman__yeah, just keep in mind that there's no such thing as a secure wireless network10:12
qman__if you design and configure with that in mind, you won't have any problems10:12
SuperPetRalfsure there is its when you turn it off :)10:12
qman__treat wireless like you treat the internet10:12
eagles0513875i hear ya10:12
eagles0513875its encrypted but cant be too safe10:12
eagles0513875qman__:  and SuperPetRalf would you guys recommend me getting a 2nd nic and putting that on the dmz then routing traffic to the internal nic or no need10:13
eagles0513875or can i still provide content filtering with a single nic interface10:13
eagles0513875i wonder if i coudl get the onboard working10:13
ShadeSeagles0513875: yes, you can.10:13
eagles0513875ok cuz i want to do a lil content filtering for users of the wifi10:14
qman__you shouldn't need multiple NICs anywhere but at your router10:14
jordanlis there a limit to the number of IP addresses that you can associate with a NIC in /etc/network/interfaces?10:14
qman__I would suggest moving your wireless to its own DMZ if you can10:14
eagles0513875qman__: so you wouldnt recommend putting one nic on the dmz and then routing traffic to a nic which isn ton the dmz10:14
qman__but that's not always practical10:14
eagles0513875we want it secure10:14
ShadeSwhen you saccrifice usability for security you're being too secure ;)10:14
eagles0513875lol ShadeS dont get me started with this goverment fiber line we have here at this clinic10:15
eagles0513875way too bloody restricted10:15
qman__eagles0513875, splitting your network in multiple places isn't necessary10:15
qman__you should split it at the router10:15
eagles0513875qman__: ok10:15
jordanli added a second IP to /etc/network/interfaces using an "iface eth0:1 inet static" etc. line10:15
SuperPetRalfsecond that10:15
ShadeS"Those that give up essential useability for security, deserve neither useability or security!" - Benjamin franklin10:15
jordanlwhich works10:15
SuperPetRalfyoud end up over complicating things10:15
jordanlbut adding a third IP using "iface eth0:2 inet static" doesn't seem to work10:15
jordanli can't ping it from the outside10:16
qman__jordanl, IME, if you want to use subinterfaces you have to de-configure the main interface10:16
jordanlactually, i can ping it from something else on the same switch10:16
jordanlbut not from outside that switch10:16
jordanlqman__: de-configure the main interface? what do you mean by that?10:17
qman__jordanl, I have never managed a working configuration where 'eth0' and 'eth0:1' both worked simultaneously, always had to change over to a 'eth0:1', 'eth0:2' setup10:18
jordanli see10:19
jordanlso don't specify anything at all in the file for regular eth0?10:19
qman__just `auto eth0` so it brings the hardware online10:19
jordanlcurrently i have a section for "iface eth0 inet static"10:19
qman__I would simply change the 'eth0' in that line to 'eth0:0'10:19
* eagles0513875 is happy that server is back online10:23
jordanlqman__:  is it possible to make this change without restarting the system?10:24
jordanlcan i just /etc/init.d/networking restart10:25
qman__jordanl, yes10:25
qman__or service networking restart10:25
jordanldidn't quite work as expected10:27
jordanl"ip addr show" still lists an IP for eth010:27
jordanland nothing for eth0:0, in fact, i got an error when it tried to assign an address to eth0:010:27
eagles0513875question qman__  or SuperPetRalf if i am using godaddy's dns and pointing the domain i have with them at the server ip woudl i need to have port 53 open on the server?10:30
qman__eagles0513875, no10:31
eagles0513875qman__: would you suggest changing the port ssh uses?10:31
qman__eagles0513875, no10:31
qman__I would suggest using key-based authentication instead of passwords10:32
eagles0513875ok will do that now gonna need some help with that but let me get the firewall up and running10:32
qman__jordanl, I haven't seen that one before10:32
qman__maybe they've changed some things to make it work10:33
jordanlthat's my conf file10:33
qman__oh, I bet I know what it is10:33
jordanlthe ubuntu server guide made it seem so easy10:33
qman__try removing the IP assigned to eth0 manually10:33
qman__then restarting networking10:34
jordanlip addr del dev eth010:34
jordanllike that?10:34
andyltmWhat is the normal amount of load on a server (dual proc) with 2gb ram and a website that has ~ 20,000 pg views/day?10:35
SuperPetRalfif its a full blown server have you ever conisred sumthink like webmin10:35
qman__I don't know how to do it with the ip command, I always use ifconfig, even though I guess that's the "wrong" way now10:35
SuperPetRalftheres a ip command?10:36
jordanlstill no luck10:36
jordanlvery strange that i can't ping the .160 from the outside10:36
qman__more IOCTL errors?10:36
qman__or just the ping not working10:37
jordanlno, the IOCTL errors went away10:37
jordanland it looks okay in ip show10:37
qman__how smart is the switch?10:37
jordanlthe switch is supposed to be smart10:38
qman__that might be what's breaking it10:39
jordanlyes, it's a cisco10:39
qman__if the switch is programmed to only allow X IPs per MAC10:39
qman__or if it's doing something like STP and just dropping the ball10:39
jordanli've encountered this before10:39
jordanland i *think* rebooting fixed it10:40
imyousufI need some help regarding eucalyptus10:45
jordanli disabled the other secondary IP10:46
jordanlstill not working :(10:46
imyousufI am doing $ sudo service eucalyptus-nc status and getting start/running, but if I do euca-describe-availability-zones verbose the max column shows all 0. When I try sudo euca_conf --no-rsync --discover-nodes it does not discover any nodes :( can someone please help me? output of the commands are http://paste.ubuntu.com/470622/10:48
jordanli'll try to pick up on it tomorrow10:48
jordanlit's late here10:48
jordanlthanks for the help10:48
qman__jordanl, good luck with it10:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #611226 in dovecot (main) "Dovecot-common Install Error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61122611:06
imyousufI am doing service eucalyptus-nc status and getting start/running, but if I do euca-describe-availability-zones verbose the max column shows all 0. When I try euca_conf --no-rsync --discover-nodes it does not discover any nodes :( can someone please help me? output of the commands are http://paste.ubuntu.com/470622/ (re-run)11:06
maxbAnyone who uses schroot here?11:20
maxbAny thoughts on why it might be running its chroot setup-stop scripts *twice* on chroot exit?11:20
alex88is possible to restore database from mysql files? i mean, i have just the filesystem, not standard sql backup11:23
imyousuftwb`: if you have time would you kindly have a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/470622/ ? I set the ipv6 setting after that, discover-nodes does not even discover the node :(11:29
eagles0513875!squid | eagles051387511:29
ubottueagles0513875, please see my private message11:29
eagles0513875is there a wiki page for setting up squid on the ubuntu wiki11:30
twb`imyousuf: I don't provide support for eucalyptus11:30
imyousufoh ok twb`, thanks, can you please point me to someone who does, I have been sitting with this for over a week :(11:30
twb`I can't, sorry.11:33
imyousuftwb`: np, thanks11:33
eagles0513875quick question about iptables11:44
eagles0513875i have port 80 open on the inbound connection how am i able to get a webpage with the outbound port being blocked?11:44
=== jo-erlend_ is now known as jo-erlend
twb`What's the current best practice for doing PPPoE on lucid?12:58
twb`I see that a stock install has pulled in "pppoeconf", which depends on "ppp | pppoe" -- that seems to suggest those packages are interchangable.12:59
ubottuSetting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE12:59
eagles0513875twb`: is that of any help for ya13:00
twb`eagles0513875: well, reading random shit on the internet is plan B.13:00
pmatulisdoesn't look random to me13:00
twb`Plan A is to get a recommendation from a denizen here that I trust to have a clue13:00
twb`(Though that recommendation could be "ubuntu-serverguide's way is the Right Way")13:01
twb`pmatulis: the community part of the wiki can be pretty random :-(13:03
Davieytwb`, If you are happy to follow that, and report how it works out - if it looks good, we can move it to the offical part.13:10
twb`Daviey: fairy nuff.13:10
twb`I can't actually do that TODAY, because manglement hasn't arranged for a spare DSL modem and account to test against.13:11
twb`I should also grovel through the C4 host that's currently doing our PPPoE13:12
eduardo_fI have a shell script that writes stuff in a lofile, I want to execute the script in a way that it is restarted if nothing is written in the logfile for 30 mins, ideas?13:15
twb`That concept is called a "watchdog"13:19
twb`If you go through apt, there's probably a couple of tools to facilitate it13:19
eduardo_fpseudo-code would be smth like this: if (not writing to logfile) then (restart process) unless (process finished)13:22
eduardo_fI guess I want a software watchdog, not the kernel one, I'll look through apt, thnx twb`13:22
twb`eduardo_f: right13:22
uvirtbotNew bug: #611272 in tomcat6 (main) "clean tomcat6 install causes load to go up" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61127213:31
cloakableOf course it does, it's Java >.>13:32
eagles0513875!watchdog | eagles051387514:04
diogo_79guys how can i see what services are running on ubuntu?14:13
pmatulisdiogo_79: you can look at open ports (listening) or processes running14:16
diogo_79what is the command ?14:17
SuperPetRalfwhy not just do a top?14:17
SuperPetRalf$ top14:18
SuperPetRalfnp hope thats what your looking for14:19
tangerine0469i am having trouble installing 10.04 lts on a raid 1 can anyone help?14:20
diogo_79when i do sudo mysql -e to grant privileges to a user gives me access denied dont undersand why if i execute the command with sudo14:20
SuperPetRalfDoesnt MySQL have a different user database to you linux box14:21
nimrod10diogo_79, why do you need to do sudo mysql ?14:21
SuperPetRalfand whats the RAID issue?14:22
nimrod10diogo_79, it should work fine without suda14:22
diogo_79because without sudo gives me access denied14:22
diogo_79where is the command14:22
tangerine0469it asks me if i want to activate the raid and i say yes, then it fails to write the file system to the drive14:22
diogo_79sudo mysql -e "grant all privileges on zabbix.* to zabbix@localhost identified by 'senha';"14:23
diogo_79gives access denied to root14:23
tangerine0469i get to the point of choosing a guided partitioning and i have chosen each of the options seperately and still get no where14:24
SuperPetRalfah afraid im not going to be much use with that sorry, but there should be someone else in the community that can have you tries the ubunut forums?14:26
tangerine0469not yet, i figured i would try this place first14:28
tangerine0469thanks though14:28
nimrod10diogo_79, you should be able to execute the mysql command without sudo access14:45
nimrod10as in mysql -e "grant ...."14:45
diogo_79but gives me access denied14:45
nimrod10then run it with mysql -uyouruser -p -e "command "14:45
thesheff17diaog_79: mysql command has nothing to do with sudo...mysql contains its own username/password in order to manipulate mysql stuff.14:47
nimrod10the user that you give to mysql should be the user you have set up in mysql and NOT a linux user14:47
mathiazttx: howdy!14:49
ttxmathiaz: yo14:50
mathiazttx: is there a blueprint to track sponsoring work as work items?14:50
ttxmathiaz: no14:50
mathiazttx: IIRC there is a blueprint for New,Undecided bugs work14:50
mathiazttx: what do you think about creating a server-maverick-sponsoring blueprint?14:51
ttxmathiaz: as in one work item per week per core-dev/motu person ?14:51
mathiazttx: yes14:51
mathiazttx: modeled after the bug-triagging blueprint14:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #611305 in php5 (main) "No debug symbols for libapache2-mod-php5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61130514:51
mathiazttx: server-maverick-dailytriage14:51
mathiazttx: the intent is the same IMO14:52
ttxI'm not totally convinced by that one tbh14:52
BlackZhey mathiaz14:52
mathiazttx: why?14:52
mathiazttx: it shows up on the work item list and help to burn wi down14:52
Davieyttx / mathiaz: Keep in mind package sets can also sponsor, not just motu/coredev14:52
ttxmathiaz: having plenty of work items that you cannot do anything about until it's time to act on them...14:53
mathiazDaviey: right - I'd suggest the WI to be named: sponsor stuff14:53
ttxmathiaz: a calendar sounds more appropriate14:53
Davieymathiaz, a BIG +114:53
ttxotherwise you'll duplicate your vacation notices14:53
mathiazttx: right - I'd still have to mark it as completed14:54
ttxcompleted ? or dropped ?14:54
mathiazttx: things I've done - so that it shows on the graph14:54
Davieyyeah.. and as it is supposed to be a dedicated thing - it should still show on our WI tracker14:54
ttxAlso at the start of a subcycle you'll end up having 50 WIs with only 10 you can actually work on14:54
ttxwhich will make looking for them a bit counter-productive14:55
Davieyttx, But the %'s increase of comepleted would then match the milestones?14:55
ttxso I wanted to try the dailytriage one for beta and see how well it flies14:55
mathiazttx: ok14:55
mathiazttx: my goal is to have the sponsoring work show up somehow14:56
ttxI think it generates noise and duplication14:56
mathiazttx: it seems that integrating it in the personal page is better then14:56
ttxI can be convinced otherwise though :)14:56
mathiazttx: including a calendar feed on the personal page14:56
DavieyWell we could speak with dholbach about duplicating the 5 a day project to sponsoring stuff14:56
ttxanother way to fix it is to do "sponsor+triage" days (community role days)14:57
Davieyextracting sponsorship information via the LP API isn't complex14:57
mathiazttx: so that things that needs to be done on a specific day show up automatically14:57
ttxthen it does not generate so much additional wi14:57
mathiazDaviey: right - what I'd like to have is a report based on the sponsoring page but filtered for the ubuntu-server team14:58
ttxanother thing I fear is that if 60% of the WIs are actually things that will get burned in all cases, being late in the remaining 40% might not be easy to spot14:58
Davieymathiaz, a TODO list?14:58
mathiazDaviey: yes - it's all about generating TODO lists14:58
mathiazDaviey: which are small enough to not scare people away14:59
ttxin a nutshell, I'm not sure we need work items to show recurrent work that we can skip in case of absence14:59
mathiazDaviey: and getting them small is about providing views14:59
Davieymathiaz, Getting that should be reasonably easy.. limited to packages in the packageset14:59
ttxI prefer work items to be things that need to be completed14:59
Daviey(but should we only be sponosring stuff in our set - or generic)?14:59
ttxrather than a weekly task reminder14:59
mathiazDaviey: start with set, then go on generic14:59
mathiazDaviey: the idea is to provide multiple lists to process by order of priority15:00
mathiazttx: fair enough15:00
mathiazDaviey: for example my sponsoring work consists of:15:00
mathiazDaviey: 1. https://code.launchpad.net/~mathiaz/+activereviews15:01
ttxmathiaz: but that's just me. That's what I mean by "not entirely convinced" and wanting to try out with dailytriage first15:01
mathiazDaviey: 2. https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-server/+activereviews15:01
mathiazDaviey: 3. https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+activereviews15:01
ttxmathiaz: otherwise what's the next step, one work item with every weekly meeting ?15:01
mathiazDaviey: 4. https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+patches15:01
mathiazttx: hm - I don't understand what you mean15:02
mathiazDaviey: process each queue in that order15:02
ttxmathiaz: well, meetings also take time. Having one work item for each of your weekly meeting would account for that15:02
mathiazDaviey: once arrived at the end of one queue, jump to the next one15:03
mathiazDaviey: provided you still have time15:03
ttxmathiaz: if you have one to remember your "sponsoring hour" why not to remember your "weekly meeting" ?15:03
Davieyahh, i see mathiaz - is your process documented?15:03
mathiazDaviey: the other part of that is that sponsoring is time-boxed15:03
Davieyttx, We don't have a problem attending meetings - it's also very obvious if people aren't there15:04
mathiazDaviey: spend 1/2 a day maximum15:04
Davieysponsorship seems to be slipping by, hence dholbach's email15:04
mathiazDaviey: nope - it's in my head - and I'm still experimenting - that's my personal workflow15:04
ttxDaviey: we shouldn't have problems attending sponsoring hours. There is a schedule for them15:04
ttxDaviey: to me sponsoring time is very close to meetign time.15:05
ttxit occurs at a specific time and takes one hour.15:05
ttxI cannot have opther meetings conflicting with it.15:05
=== freeflyi1g is now known as freeflying
mathiazttx: granted - if WI is defined as work to be done ASAP and sponosring/meeting as recurring event at a specific time/day, then meeting/sponosring should go on the calendar15:05
Davieymathiaz, Talking about last week - i really think it is awesome if people share personal workflows - doesn't need to be an "offical" one15:05
mathiazDaviey: agreed - I'm still experimenting with my workflow and improving on it15:06
mathiazDaviey: I plan to blog about it - and/or share with others15:06
Davieymathiaz, personally, i'd really appreciate it15:06
mathiazDaviey: it's just in experimentation mode now - I'd like to wait until I can report that this is working well for me15:06
mathiazttx: how about server-maverick-isotesting15:07
Davieyoh sure15:07
mathiazttx: this is also something that can only happen at a very specific time15:08
ttxmathiaz: rigth.. I like that one because it accounts for work that needs to be done on release week15:08
mathiazttx: so having a WI also helps to calculate the workload?15:08
ttxmathiaz: not the workload. An accurate completion %15:09
ttxif you do 10 WI per week, you should only plan 9 on release week, since one of them is taken by ISO testing :)15:10
mathiazttx: so how is that different from sponsoring work?15:10
ttxadding 1 work item every week doesn't help in that area15:10
mathiazttx: gotcha15:10
ttxagain, I'm open to experiment with it15:10
ttxI just fear to dilute the % work to be done into recurring work that will get done anyway.15:11
* Daviey thinks about some pretty graphs!15:11
mathiazttx: BTW when is the archive frozen for alpha3?15:12
mathiazttx: today Thursday or next Tuesday?15:12
ttxif you have 120 normal WI and 100 recurrent ones... The last 100 will get done anyway. But spotting that you'll be late on the first 120 gets harder15:12
ttxsoft freeze, normally today15:12
mathiazttx: ok15:13
ttxThat's why I asked for papercuts to be fixed before today, btw15:13
nlkohi guys, ive follwoed this tutorial here, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mailman, when i send an email to the new list i get the following error "pipe_transport unset in system_aliases router" in exim4 mainlog...any ideas please?15:13
* ttx pauses15:13
nlkoexim works to send email to system accounts and receives from remote addresses...15:13
nlkobut when i send a email to the new list, i get that error ^15:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #611316 in php5 (main) "Segmentation fault in php5-sybase" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61131615:16
Davieyttx, Are you free for a chat in a few mins?  Currently in a call, and would be useful to talk about some of it.15:22
nlkono ideas?15:24
ttxDaviey: I'm available now15:33
Davieyttx, mumble?15:34
ttxDaviey: I'm on15:34
SpamapSScottK: looks like the kolab patches are on the radar now for PHP15:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #611330 in openssh (main) "ssh hangs after login when using broadcom wifi" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61133015:46
=== 14WAAZ29V is now known as foxbuntu
ScottKSpamapS: Yes.  I've been following the discussion.  Thank you.16:05
SpamapSScottK: Hopefully the Kolab guy can help push it through when he gets back. ;)16:08
mathiazSpamapS: I've looked at the ceph package16:08
ScottKSpamapS: Do we need the configure stuff they mentioned?16:08
mathiazSpamapS: and curbed LP to be able to use a merge proposal to track the discussion16:09
mathiazSpamapS: so you may have received a bunch of uncessary emails while I was experimenting with LP to get it to do what I wanted16:09
smoserunnecessary emails from LP ?16:11
smoserwhat ?16:11
SpamapSmathiaz: I think I got one or two. :)16:17
mathiazSpamapS: let me know when you get to ceph - and I'll explain what I did to get the proposal going16:18
mathiazSpamapS: the *merge* proposal setup16:18
=== sergevn is now known as sergevn|dinner
SpamapSmathiaz: I'm looking at the proposal right now..16:20
mathiazSpamapS: ok - so I've setup a project in LP with an empty-branch, branch it and copied the content of the source package from the PPA16:21
SpamapSmathiaz: http://code.launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/+junk/ceph-packaging  this one at least fixes the lintian report W's and E's16:21
mathiazSpamapS: and then I pushed it to LP to create a merge proposal16:22
SpamapSmathiaz: sage has been selectively pulling changes from that branch into his own packaging16:22
mathiazSpamapS: right - so could you rebase your +junk branch from lp:review-new-branches16:22
SpamapSmathiaz: I don't know how to use rebase16:23
mathiazSpamapS: well - rebase was wrong choice16:23
mathiazSpamapS: basically restart based on lp:review-new-branches16:23
SpamapSlol ok.. and cherry pick diff's in?16:23
mathiazSpamapS: so that we can create a merge proposal and keep the discussion there16:23
mathiazSpamapS: yeah - if you wanna keep the history16:24
mathiazSpamapS: this is a workaround the fact that LP doesn't support commenting on branches16:24
SpamapSmathiaz: I think its appropriate that a merge proposal is where discussion goes16:24
SpamapSmathiaz: but its difficult when there's nothing to merge to.. ;)16:25
mathiazSpamapS: yeah - that's the issue ;)16:25
mathiazSpamapS: if you don't base your branch from an existing branch you can't create a merge proposal16:25
mathiazSpamapS: see bug 56439116:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 564391 in launchpad-code "Enable commenting on a branch the same way as a merge proposal" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56439116:26
mathiazSpamapS: and bug 57510416:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 575104 in launchpad-code "No way to get review on the addition of an official branch" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57510416:27
SpamapSmathiaz: so should I branch lp:~mathiaz/review-new-branches/ceph-new-pkg , or the trunk?16:27
* mathiaz thinks16:28
mathiazSpamapS: you can branch lp:~mathiaz/review-new-branches/ceph-new-pkg and push it to your own LP account16:28
mathiazSpamapS: we'll start over the merge proposal then16:28
SpamapSright, and then propose to merge with yours16:28
SpamapSI don't think you have to start over16:29
mathiazSpamapS: with lp:review-new-branches16:29
mathiazSpamapS: my branch doesn't have anything special16:29
mathiazSpamapS: it's just a copy of the package.16:29
mathiazSpamapS: once we get the merge proposal rolling we'll be able to track fixes in new revisions16:30
SpamapSclint@ubuntu:~/pkg/ceph/bzr$ diff -ur ceph-new-pkg ceph | wc -l16:30
SpamapSMy branch doesn't exactly have a ton of changes. :)16:30
mathiazSpamapS: this whole thing is an experiment for me as well - we'll problem run into some bumps along the way16:31
SpamapSmathiaz: right, we usually don't have this problem because of auto-sync from debian. ;)16:32
SpamapSbzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.16:37
SpamapSI'm trying to remember how to resolve this.. have done so before16:37
ScottKDelegate the task to someone lower in the food chain.16:38
SpamapSScottK: ++16:39
SpamapSOnly amoebas and Cucumbers below me in the food chain16:39
SpamapSmathiaz: ok, pushed, merge proposed, I'm heading out for a few minutes16:46
Yosi123hi all17:06
Yosi123I just spoke to the ppl @ #httpd, and they are telling me that my hostname or host domain can't match the name of my apache2 virtual servers..  and that is the reason I'm getting a wierd error message when restarting apache2...  does this make sense, and if so, is there an easy way to change the host or domain name of the box?17:08
Yosi123I get this message when restarting apache2 "[warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts"17:09
smoserDaviey, working euca ?17:14
Davieysmoser, should be - working libjibx should be in the archive - as of a few mins ago17:15
SpamapSYosi123: your <VirtualHost xxx> sections need xxx to be *:8017:20
smoserDaviey, so there is a libjibx ?17:23
smosernot just a libjibx1.1 ?17:24
smoserdo you need to rebuild euca ?17:24
Davieysmoser, I think it should just work - there is a meta package17:24
Daviey^^ meta package to versioned package17:24
uvirtbotDaviey: Error: "^" is not a valid command.17:24
Davieynot had a chance to confirm yet.. but it should have landed within the hour17:24
webPragmatistcan i patch this manually http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/issues/detail?id=19717:25
Yosi123SpamapS - des this look fine this is my apache2.conf   http://pastebin.ca/191107217:28
webPragmatistis it possible to make dig show all the a records for a domain?17:29
SpamapSwebPragmatist: its a harmless message17:29
webPragmatistSpamapS: that doesn't mean it should be allowed to fill up my logs with garbage17:29
SpamapSwebPragmatist: if its happening a lot, then you can most certainly patch it. ;)17:31
webPragmatistyea it does17:31
SpamapSwebPragmatist: looks like 3.3 came out last week17:31
webPragmatistevery second for a period of times sometimes17:32
webPragmatistanyway my dig question is more important17:33
SpamapSwebPragmatist: looks like the watch file on the mod-wsgi file is a tad broken...17:33
SpamapSwebPragmatist: so the debian maintainer may not know that 3.3 is available17:33
SpamapSwebPragmatist: you can certainly build your own 3.3 package and install it, which is what I'd suggest over manually patching17:33
SpamapSwebPragmatist: unless you have a patch from somebody else that you know will work.17:34
SpamapSwebPragmatist: dig can do an AXFR if the server allows it, but most servers do not.17:34
SpamapSwebPragmatist: AXFR == zone transfer == "show me all your records"17:34
webPragmatistoh right17:34
webPragmatistfor using failover dns17:35
webPragmatistor secondary dns17:35
SpamapStho I tend to agree with Dan Bernstein on this that AXFR is stupid and rsync over ssh is probably a better method.17:35
webPragmatistwell it's not my dns server17:35
SpamapSwhich is why the admin probably doesn't want to show you all the records. ;)17:36
webPragmatistyea… i mean i could setup axfr… but for some reason i was thinking i could look up all the a records17:36
webPragmatistwithout some authoritative access17:36
SpamapSwell some sites still do allow axfr to anybody17:37
webPragmatistwell ours you have to setup and acl17:37
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
dclake_I cant connect to my ldap server I'm a newbie17:47
zulmathiaz: ping17:49
mathiazzul: p/17:49
webPragmatistSpamapS: can i not just replace python with python3 from the repo/17:51
SpamapSwebPragmatist: definitely not17:52
SpamapSwebPragmatist: python3 is not entirely compatible with python217:52
zulmathiaz; do we want smbk5pwd it looks like pulling in heimdal-dev then17:52
mathiazzul: smbk5pwd is not enabled in openldap now IIRC17:52
mathiazzul: are you looking at enabling the overlay?17:53
zulmathiaz: it is17:53
webPragmatistSpamapS:  ah i see17:53
zulmathiaz: in debian it is17:53
mathiazzul: hm - it may have been a change in debian then17:53
mathiazzul: we'd probably have to remove that build dependency then17:54
mathiazzul: or check if it can be build with mit-dev instead17:54
zulmathiaz: k ill remove it17:54
maekIm trying to make a local install source for netboots from a lucid dvd I have mounted. in my apt-mirror config file I have deb file:/media/cdrom lucid main - when I run apt-mirror It says Proceed indexes: [Psh: cannot open file:/media/cdrom//dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz: No such file but that file exists and I can gunzip -c Packages.gz and see all the meta data for packages. any idea?17:55
maekalso when I copied the dvd source and shared it via http as an install source I get the same problem. corrupt maybe? but when I install from the same dvd no problems.17:55
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papertigerswhat version of ubuntu does vmbuilder use when making a VM?18:06
papertigersnvm is that the suite option?18:06
smoserpapertigers, vmbuilder runs on the host18:10
smoseryou can specify the suite, and it will debootstrap a version of that suite.18:10
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caps_lockUEC, Eucalyptus in Static mode, do I set the cloud storage control to use the bridge interface, or the physical interface included in the bridge?18:11
papertigerssmoser: okay sweet, how do you give the vm a name?18:11
smoseri dont know what you mean by name18:12
smoser"bobby" is  a pretty good name18:12
papertigersas in virsh list shows me the vm's18:12
papertigershow do i set that name18:12
smoseri dont know. i know its in the libvirt xml.18:12
smoserbut i dont' know if vmbuilder allows you to set that or not.18:12
papertigerssmoser: foudn it18:13
papertigersin the man18:13
maekmaybe im going about this the wrong way. how do I take a dvd of lucid and convert it into a source I can use for network installs?18:17
SpamapSzul: where is the daily builds PPA for php?18:27
zulSpamapS: not there yet18:28
SpamapSzul: oh? that would be nice. ;)18:30
zulSpamapS: yes yes :)18:30
ChmEarlmaek, cd /var/www; mkdir ubuntu;mount /dev/sdc /mnt/iso;cp -r /mnt/iso/* /var/www/ubuntu18:31
ChmEarlmaek, then http://localhost/ubuntu  and bliss18:31
papertigersdoes anyone know or smoser how to tell the vm disk where to go, example I want it to be on my nfs server18:38
Guest40049 Hi, i have a pc with ubuntu server 10.04, it ran for month (before 10.04 with 8.04) but now the pc halt at the boot start. If i boot with a liveusb it just halt after selecting language and starting the installation. I'm sure the cpu temperature is right and the rams are ok. what can be the problem?18:39
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SpamapSugh.. I hate when people ask and bail in < 10 minutes18:50
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zulSpamapS: welcome to ubuntu ;)19:09
zulSpamapS: can you keep an eye on those imap patches when it goes into php's svn repo?19:14
zulSpamapS: its going to be a while before debian upstream is going to accept them...they havent even though of moving to 5.3.3 yet19:15
SpamapSzul: yeah, I am subscribed to the php bug19:16
zulSpamapS: k....so am i19:16
ivoksjust one? :)19:16
zulwell....yeah...ubuntu-server-bugs gets all of it so I see it anyhow19:17
* zul goes back to fixing php....<meek>yay</meek>19:17
SpamapSzul: the annotations patch is particularly sticky19:18
zulwell if its all imap stuff then its not going into the the proper php package anyways19:18
SpamapSzul: Apparently upstream (uw-imap) won't accept annotation support until rfc5464 is ratified by the ietf19:19
zulSpamapS: meh19:19
SpamapSzul: no movement since 12/2008 .. This seems like Kolab's fight.. not ours.19:21
zulSpamapS: indeed...we just integrate19:21
SpamapSScottK: did you see the update regarding c-client not supporting annotations?19:21
ScottKSpamapS: I saw that.  Is c-client part of php?19:22
DavieySpamapS: well if we can help poke, we should - which is what you have done :)19:22
* ScottK mostly knows about MTAs, not IMAP.19:22
SpamapSScottK: no its the uw-imap client lib for IMAP19:23
ScottKThat patch is on kolab's list.19:23
SpamapSI'm happy to poke whoever you guys think I should poke, but I don't know if I'm sexy enough for the IETF ;)19:24
ScottKSpamapS: What does "ratified" mean?19:25
ScottKThat's not an IETF term.19:25
ScottKIf it's got an RFC number, then it's been published.19:25
SpamapSScottK: meaning instead of just a draft that people are working on, it is published as an official IETF RFC19:26
SpamapSso maybe it got published and nobody told uw-imap ;)19:26
SpamapSindeed it has been published19:27
talciteHey guys. I'm trying to resize a 2.5tb GPT partition into a 5tb one without destroying my data. The filesystem is OCFS2, so parted blows up when I try resize. Is there another tool I can use?19:27
ScottKSpamapS: It's a propsed standard, http://www.rfc-editor.org/categories/rfc-proposed.html, which in IETF terms is pretty standard.19:29
ScottKSpamapS: For comparison, that's as standard as RFC 2821/22.19:30
SpamapSScottK: got a good primer on rfc procedures? i'm pretty ignorant on them19:32
ScottKSpamapS: I saw comments (I think in the Kolab vcs) that uw-imap upstream is pretty dead.  If the patches are "OK" with php upstream except needing polishing for configure time check for c-client, I think it might be ~OK for us to go ahead.19:32
SpamapSScottK: agreed19:32
ScottKSpamapS: Not one that reflects reality (IETF is big on theory).  Bottom line is if "proposed standard" isn't enough for uw-imap, that's just a fancy way of saying "we aren't going to do it."19:33
ScottKSpamapS: The other question this brings up is, "If php needs c-client at build time for this to work, how are we going to build it in php5 without putting uw-imap in Main?"19:34
ScottKThat may be a lot harder.19:34
SpamapSSource: php-imap19:37
ScottKAh.  In Universe.  Cool then.19:38
SpamapSHmm, I wonder if I can make a collectd-plugins package like this php-imap pakage so we don't have to have all of collectd's dependencies in main19:52
ScottKSpamapS: You might also look at clamav and libclamunrar for example.19:56
ScottKSpamapS: What's the next step wrt the php packages?  If I get Kolab to commit to updating the patch to provide configure time checks, is that sufficient?19:57
SpamapSScottK: I think that would go a long way to helping the developers move forward. Getting c-client's upstream to wake up and take the patch would be good too.20:01
SpamapSI'm shocked to hear that uw-imap's development is that dead20:01
SpamapSif so.. then it might make sense to simply fork it and suggest to PHP that they use the kolab-c-client20:02
ScottKI'll let the upstream's sort that out.  I don't feel guilty about patching our uw-imap in the meantime though.20:02
RoyKseems we might abandon our new 16 and 24 core machines in favour of GPUs20:06
RoyKit's bad - what are we to do with that old iron :D20:06
Hellmark[S10e]I'm running a couple servers with fresh installs, and having some issues with tftp-hpa20:08
Hellmark[S10e]it doesn't seem to log anything20:08
Hellmark[S10e]any idea?20:09
ivoksit doesn't log anything20:13
ivokscheck /etc/default/tftpd-hpa20:13
ivoksyou can add options to the daemon20:13
ivoksiirc, -v is for verbose loging20:14
ScottKSpamapS: I sent mail to the Kolab people.  Thanks for your help in this.20:14
ivoksright, -vvvv should do the trick :)20:15
SpamapSScottK: no problem its been fun. :)20:17
ScottKRoyK: You can send it to me if you want.20:18
Hellmark[S10e]invoks was helpful.20:44
Hellmark[S10e]although apparently it is picky about where you place the -vvvv20:45
Hellmark[S10e]have to do it right after the file name on the exec line, or else it gets ignored20:45
lauhi, I want to automatically blacklist / remove a kernel module nf_nat_sip at startup20:49
lauI created /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-mylis.conf20:49
lauremove nf_nat_sip /sbin/modprobe -r nf_nat_sip20:50
lauis that the right way to force the kernel not to load that module ever ?20:50
lau(i am running lucid)20:50
sorenYou probably want "blacklist nf_nat_sip"20:52
sorenWhat you did told modprobe to remove nf_nat_sip every time you remove nf_nat_sip :)20:52
lauhello soren I already tried this one but after a reboot the module was loaded :(20:53
webPragmatistis bind9 required?20:53
sorenFor what?20:54
pwnguinjudgement call question: i have a server running 9.10. is there much benefit from waiting for 10.04.1 vs upgrading now?20:57
SpamapSpwnguin: yes :)20:57
pwnguinand that would be?20:57
SpamapSpwnguin: a number of bugs have been fixed mostly.20:58
pwnguindont i get them from a dist-upgrade anyways?20:59
SpamapSpwnguin: If you have some project that is blocked on moving forward, then yeah you should update, but if you just want the latest crack.. I'm not sure there's a compelling reason to push forward.21:00
pwnguin10.04 is like 3 months old now21:00
SpamapSpwnguin: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-10.04.121:00
SpamapSTake a look at the bugs listed there.21:00
mathiazall the bugs in the list above marked as Fix Released are already in lucid now21:02
mathiazthe one marked as Fix Committed are currently sitting in lucid-proposed21:02
mathiazpwnguin: so if you're not waiting for any bugs *not* marked as Fix Released then you can update to lucid now21:03
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mathiazSpamapS: 10.04.1 is just a reroll of the isos to include the current updates in lucid21:03
mathiazpwnguin: and BTW if you've kept your system already up-to-date then you'll already have all the fixes21:06
SpamapSmathiaz: right, I guess my point is that the .1 release will have a number of bugs fixed, and if any of them might affect you, wait. :)21:06
SpamapSmathiaz: he will?21:07
mathiazSpamapS: well - .1 will have all the fixes included *now* in lucid21:07
mathiazSpamapS: yes - we don't publish new fixes on 10.04.121:07
SpamapSSRU's go back to all releases?21:07
mathiazSpamapS: Point releases are just an iso respin that include all updates published in lucid21:07
SpamapSI guess it makes sense.21:07
mathiazSpamapS: when 10.04.1 is released there aren't any new updates that show up from nowhere21:08
mathiazSpamapS: if you've installed 10.04 and upgrades as security/SRU have been rolled out, your system will be at 10.04.1 automatically21:09
SpamapShe has 9.1021:09
mathiazSpamapS: point releases are really about iso (ie insallation media)21:09
SpamapSI was offering an opinion that may not be shared by all..21:09
mathiazSpamapS: well - upgrades from 9.10 to lucid include SRU and updates IIRC21:10
SpamapSI guess to me, point releases are rallying points for bugs to be fixed by.21:11
SpamapSBut I concede the point that ultimately, you can upgrade at any time and get *at least* the bugs that have been released up until now.21:11
mathiazSpamapS: right.21:11
SpamapSI think we should probably *brace* for the impact of bugs from people rolling out 10.04.121:12
mathiazSpamapS: a point release in Ubuntu LTS is a rallying points for new installation21:12
mathiazSpamapS: what will also happen at 10.04.1 is that upgrades from Hardy the last LTS will be enabled21:12
SpamapSdoes that mean that hardy users who do dist-upgrade will get moved up to lucid?21:13
mathiazSpamapS: not dist-upgrade - via do-release-upgrade/update-manager21:13
mathiazSpamapS: dist-upgrade is not recommended to perform an upgrade in Ubuntu21:14
mathiazSpamapS: and dist-upgrade doesn't know about new releases21:14
mathiazSpamapS: (ie sources.list won't be automatically modified)21:14
SpamapSthats what I thought.. wasn't sure. :)21:14
SpamapShave never used 'do-release-upgrade'21:14
pwnguinmathiaz: thanks. i thought as much but figured theres an angle i havent considered21:15
SpamapSIn Debian land we always had to go into sources.list and change "slink" to "potato" and dist-upgrade. ;)21:15
mathiazSpamapS: right - that's what do-release-upgrade does21:15
pwnguinand a few other things21:16
mathiazSpamapS: it also has code to handle upgrade issues that are not supported by dist-upgrade21:16
mathiazSpamapS: do-release-upgrade (and update-manager) can be thought as "executable release notes"21:16
pwnguintheres a pool of scripts it runs for no obvious place scripts21:16
SpamapSah cool21:18
SpamapSsomewhere during my webops experience I let go of ever upgrading a server again21:19
SpamapScurrent OS not doing what you want? Spin up latest stable OS that does do what you want, update config-mgmt to adapt to any changes, deploy onto new server, deprecate or reuse old server.21:19
mathiazSpamapS: Velcoume 2 Ze Kloud...21:20
SpamapScame up with a server naming scheme that supported it too.... clustername-revname-id ... so  static-b-04 meant static cluster, OS rev b (CentOS 5.3 in this case), number 421:20
SpamapSmathiaz: I was doing this with throw-away 1U's .. but yes.. ze kloud ist der makink it fashter21:21
SpamapSmathiaz: so .. collectd plugins.. what would you say to splitting it into its own source package, much like php-imap does?21:22
SpamapSmathiaz: at issue is the list of MIR-needing libs .. if we can just leave the plugins that need those libs out of main .. *win*21:22
maccam94i'm having trouble with nfs shares that mount at boot causing my system to hang21:31
maccam94they are mounted at /home and /usr/local, and it looks like mountall stops the boot process when they fail to mount21:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #607665 in libaio "Invalid test case on ARM" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60766521:41
pwnguinmathiaz: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.1/+bug/55113021:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 551130 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "[SRU] infinite loop in /etc/init/mysql.conf if mysqld is not running." [High,Fix committed]21:53
pwnguinyou know if that one's due to customization, or does it include default installs?21:53
bogeyd6Can someone recommend a better guide than https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding for ethernet bonding in ubuntu22:03
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doronbahello, anyobody has experience with installing ubuntu 9.10 on vmware esx?22:34
doronbaperformance is rather slow and i wonder if anybody encountred an issue22:35
ChmEarldoronba, I run it paravirtual in Xen 4.0 with good results22:36
doronbaChmEarl , there are probably big enough differences that it wont compare, but did you tweak any setting on it? specifically Apache is running really slow, and cant get why.22:38
ChmEarldoronba, what choices in tasksel? I only run lamp+ubuntu server22:39
lowridahcan you run an pv kernel in esxi?22:41
doronbaChmEarl basic, lamp, openssh22:41
doronbalowridah i dont actually know22:42
lowridahi prefer xen or xenserver since i can run most linuxes in pv22:42
lowridahxenserver is crazy slick22:42
doronbalowridah i should try it, however our production farm is vmware based.22:43
doronbaand generally it rocks, i just cant figure if the problem is lamp based or host based22:43
ScottKSpamapS: I've never had an Ubuntu Server upgrade go bad where I used do-release-upgrade.22:44
ChmEarldoronba, create this file in your www root and run apache bench http://paste.ubuntu.com/470847/22:45
ChmEarldoronba,  $ab -n 2000 http://localhost/test.php22:45
ChmEarldoronba, once it runs redirect results to a file and pastebin.ubuntu.com22:46
doronbaChmEarl http://paste.ubuntu.com/470848/22:48
ChmEarldoronba, I get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/470850/ on a C2D 3.0 Ghz with LVM on Sata22:49
ChmEarldoronba, your document length should be 90kB, not 280b22:50
doronbaChmEarl where does it get this value then?22:51
ChmEarldoronba, if the doc length is 280b, then you are getting 40422:51
doronbaright :)22:52
papertigersdoronba: running in KVM runs fine22:52
doronbasorry one sec22:52
doronbaChmEarl http://paste.ubuntu.com/470853/22:54
ChmEarldoronba, the transfer rate is on par with 100Mb network and # of requests is OK22:55
doronbabut it doesnt engage the network device right?22:57
ChmEarldoronba, but that ran on localhost... across the network will be lower22:57
SpamapSScottK: Yeah, I'm not saying upgrades are bad for servers. I'm saying, in a high churn webops environment, where I've spent a large amount of my time managing servers, upgrades are sort of pointless.22:57
doronbaChmEarl i should test it via network see what kind of result i get22:58
ScottKSpamapS: I think it tends to go better in Ubuntu than other distros.  For most I wouldn't even attempt it.22:58
ChmEarldoronba, next you can run apache bench on another VM22:58
doronbai think once it passes through the NIC all kinds of weird stuff happens22:58
SpamapSScottK: yes, every debian shop I ever managed, (ubuntu server didn't exist back then) would always just upgrade when the stable releases arrived.22:59
ChmEarldoronba, run ab on another VM and point it back to your target VM22:59
doronbaChmEarl, yup trying to set this up22:59
SpamapSScottK: but when you're scaling up and out.. and moores law means leaving a 3 year old server on *costs* you money.. upgrades are pointless.23:00
ScottKRight.  Generally with servers as long as what you have is still supported for security, unless you need something new, staying with what's working is best.23:00
SpamapSScottK: case in point, last company bought a pair of $30kUS servers for MySQL in 2005, and then in 2008, a pair of $30kUS servers for mysql.. that had *6 times the RAM* and CPU's that were 3x faster, and 2x the drive bays.. oh, and that used about 10% less power.23:01
SpamapSBut, if you have a flat load and are more focused around having a stable server that never goes away.. upgrades that go well are as sweet as honey.23:02
ScottKI have a development server that I upgrade every 6 months.  The rest I just run on LTS (I have already upgraded to Lucid though).23:03
SpamapSyeah, traditional shops will upgrade. especially if they do something like install 6 - 9 months before LTS..23:06
SpamapSIf I had been evaluationg Ubuntu Server this time last year, I'd have chosen Karmic, not Hardy23:06
SpamapSfiguring that an upgrade would be smooth and I could get the newer features that it already had.23:07
doronbaChmEarl  http://paste.ubuntu.com/47085523:07
doronbathese are results from a machine on the same lan23:07
doronbaits a jump on Timeper request23:08
ChmEarldoronba,  3.4 MB/s transfer is poor, but thee are no errors23:08
doronbayes, so my hunch is with the negotiation with the switch where the problem is23:09
ChmEarldoronba, for pv to pv VM I get about 28MB/s on a gb network23:09
ChmEarldoronba, apache2 is not the problem if a straight file transfer speed is similar23:10
doronbaChmEarl it is on a gb network, something is wrong with network engotiation, ill look deeper. thank you for all the help23:12
ChmEarldoronba, np23:14
ChmEarldoronba, can you tell what ethernel driver karmic uses? lsmod23:21
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NwallinsHi, I used the alternate install disc for meerkat to get a minimal install23:24
doronbaChmEarl http://paste.ubuntu.com/470859/ results23:24
Nwallinsbut it is installing a bunch of stuff.  i wasn't asked for a software selection23:24
Nwallinsi am getting compiz, erlang, a bunch of stuff i don't want23:24
ChmEarldoronba, pcnet3223:25
Nwallinsis that the way the alternate install disc is supposed to work?23:25
Nwallinsi really just want miminal + xorg + lxde23:26
ChmEarldoronba, sometimes there are other drivers which work better in karmic23:27
doronbaChmEarl nay tips how do i go testing this?23:28
lowridahNwalins:  why not install server+ubuntu-desktop?23:28
ChmEarldoronba, if you can specify a driver in esx, then as long as karmic supports it, try it23:29
wizardslovakhello people23:29
doronbawill give it a try23:29
wizardslovakis there any GUI for managing apache and samba ?23:30
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fluvvellgidday, I'm just doing some maintenance on friends dead pc and thought I'd boot a live  10.04 cd.  It brings up a 10.04 login prompt, username of ubuntu and nothing does not log it in. Anyone seen this before?23:36
lauidentify quiky*23:40
ChmEarldoronba, see post #7 here: http://newyork.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1421399 they got vmxnet3 driver working23:41

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