TakyojiSo, boys and girls05:21
TakyojiI'll be getting a new phone.05:21
tonyyarussooh?  what?05:21
TakyojiI haven't decided on the specific model05:22
TakyojiSpecifically Verizon as a provider05:22
tonyyarussoN900 doesn't work on Verizon kermit (or else I'd probably have one)05:24
kermitchange providers then05:24
tonyyarussoThe other providers have crappy coverage.05:24
Takyojiand I have 5 choices: http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/controller?item=phoneFirst&action=viewPhoneOverviewByDevice&deviceType=3G%20Smartphones#05:25
kermityou must buy it from them?05:26
TakyojiThose are the choices as of Android-based options05:26
TakyojiI'd assume that if you bought the phone directly from a vendor it'd be full price..05:27
Takyojirather than being a deducted upfront cost with a 2-year contract05:27
TakyojiMy only reason for a smartphone would be for SSH and a web browser05:27
Takyojiand perhaps some web development05:28
Takyojiand could use GPS in some cases05:28
tonyyarussoTakyoji: sounds like either the Droid Incredible or Droid X.05:31
tonyyarussoI wouldn't count on any of them for GPS though - I have little confidence phone GPS is any good.05:31
TakyojiGPS is non-essential to me05:33
TakyojiI think I might just choose "LG Ally"05:38
TakyojiMost battery life, cheaper, QWERTY keyword, touchscreen, though just a 600MHz processor in comparison to the others which are 1GHz05:39
tonyyarussoTakyoji: http://blogs.computerworld.com/16608/dell_expands_ubuntu_linux_desktop_offerings06:19
TakyojiSaw it06:22
* tonyyarusso does a tiny "I told you so" dance06:23
tonyyarussoNot that you argued with me or anything, but hey06:24
TakyojiHDMI connection on a friggen smartphone, that's just insane..06:30
tonyyarussosaywhatnow?  That's crazy.06:31
TakyojiYay for the Android SDK06:41
TakyojiIsn't Android purely Java?06:41
TakyojiAhh, C/C++ for the core, Java for the UI06:41
TakyojiSo are most of you skeptical against GNOME 3? :P07:14
tonyyarussoanyone interested in purchasing a ThinkPad with an intermittent hardware issue?07:24
TakyojiWhat model? :P07:32
Takyojialso, what hardware issue? :P07:32
tonyyarussoTakyoji: T4307:33
tonyyarussoI think there's either a slight crack in the motherboard or a solder connection or something like that.07:34
tonyyarussoIt will occasionally become non-responsive, but either whacking it, rocking it back and forth, or pressing gently on the right side of the wrist rest makes it go again.07:34
tonyyarussoI should probably pull it apart to see if it's something obvious first, but it is getting close to time for a new laptop anyway.07:35
tonyyarussoI wonder if the hard drive just got unseated or something07:41
TakyojiI really need to donate to Wikipedia; it's like a crucial part of my life as an information repository07:43
TakyojiDoes VMs in QEMU typically appear a little slow ever?08:00
TakyojiI feel like I'm getting like 10fps as of this Android VM08:00
Takyojithrough the Android Emulator; which is basically QEMU supposedly08:00
* tonyyarusso pulled it apart a bit, put it back together, making sure everything looked clean and tight08:52
tonyyarussoBooted on the first try, so that's a pretty big improvement.08:52
kermithttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tivoization http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/?&fq&fq[]=trove:67908:53
* Takyoji fails to catch what relevance Tivozation has to the second provided URL08:55
tonyyarussoAnd I can type without pausing to press the palmrest to make things appear on the screen - yay!08:55
tonyyarussoAppears to at least be temporarily resolved.08:56
kermitthe second URL is a sourceforge search for GPLv3 projects08:56
kermitunless the link didnt work for you.. try this one http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/?&fq&fq%5B%5D=trove:67908:56
tonyyarussoYou know, I would like using the GPL a lot more if it weren't so *long*.08:56
tonyyarussoI mean, it kind of requires a largish project to feel like it's even worth the bit-space for the text.08:57
tonyyarussoTakyoji: even though it works now, I could see myself selling this in the nearish future if you were interested.08:58
TakyojiGPL v3 has provisions avoiding the possibility of Tivoization, correct?08:59
TakyojiSo I take it the licenses you prefer, are ones that aren't "free software licenses"? :P09:02
tonyyarussohrm?  Why would you say that?09:02
kermithaha like the BSD license?  it has its uses i guess09:02
tonyyarussothe BSD license is a free software license.09:02
tonyyarusso(I actually like the terms of the GPL, just not the verbosity)09:02
Takyojiahh, it's the modified BSD license that's GPL-approved09:03
TakyojiThe original wasn't09:03
tonyyarussowell yeah, the original was dumb, and has been retracted by its author.09:03
TakyojiI'm trying to remember, Apache licensing has something against abusing software patents, correct?09:04
tonyyarussoI think so, yes.09:04
* Takyoji leaves for the night09:12
kermit"patent retalliation"09:12
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