czajkowskiwas there an outcome from the last meeting https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/NewBrandLaunchMeeting15:33
lcarlos_cThe page http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#mirrors doesn't list16:32
lcarlos_cmirrors in South America. Could you please check?16:33
stas_czajkowski: a couple of templates for the most popular web software were done so far, though not all of them are in use yet16:34
stas_here's the list https://code.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website16:35
jpdsnewz2000: ↑16:35
newz2000hmm... I don't see any code there, I don't think that page is updated from launchpad any more16:35
czajkowskistas_: thanks16:39
czajkowskiwe're updating ours atm16:39
czajkowskiit'd be nice t have something to go by16:39
stas_czajkowski: talk to jono, he's got some projects that use wordpress theme, and loco.ubuntu.com were also rebranded16:40
czajkowskiebel: ^^^^16:56
czajkowskiebel: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website17:01
newz2000it's dead, www.kubuntu.org20:38
* newz2000 wanted to see it, too20:39
newz2000ooh, i see it!20:39
newz2000nice work kubuntu web team!20:40
newz2000none of whom appear to be hear at the moment ;-)20:41
Turlnewz2000: it says 'Offical' on the title :)20:46
Turlbut apart from that, really nice design :)20:46
newz2000I'd file a bug, I know that they get those notifications20:46
Turlwhere should I fill it?20:47
newz2000good catch btw, I didn't actually read the words20:47
stas_guys tomorrow its sysadmin day20:51
jonostas_, ping?23:07
stas_jono: hey23:08
jonostas_, hey, how do I add the slider again?23:08
jonosorry I keep forgetting23:08
Kangarooohello here bugs about frigde?23:59

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