czajkowskiUDS-N has been annonced16:58
IdleOne:( Not in a country I can visit17:04
rwwI can, though ☺17:05
rwwwrong side of the country, but still17:05
IdleOnetime zone will make it a lot easier for me to participate remotely17:05
IdleOnewait! maybe if I fly to Cuba and get citizenship, then swim my butt to Florida...17:06
IdleOneI will be granted asylum17:07
IdleOneThe plan is perfect.17:07
macoIdleOne: wait the US isnt a country you can visit as a canadian?17:09
macoIdleOne: didnt you used to live here?17:09
IdleOnemaco: long story, but yes17:10
macodid you get deported back to canuckistan?17:10
IdleOneI did17:10
IdleOnewell not exactly17:11
IdleOnein essence17:11
IdleOnelike I said, long story17:11
macoczajkowski: where'd that person get the info?17:12
macojono hasnt blogged it yet17:12
AlanBellundacovabrutha /is/ the info. Robbie the release manager17:13
AlanBellmaco: and it is right :-)17:13
macoAlanBell: i know its right. someone else at canonical told me it an hour ago17:13
macooh that's robbie's?17:13
rwwI thought Steve Langasek was the release manager :\17:14
AlanBellsomeone else let it slip last week17:14
macotwitter's a funny place to announce something like that17:14
AlanBellrww: oops, he is the platform lead17:14
* IdleOne waits for an official announcement17:15
IdleOnerww: From your statement I assume you plan on going to UDS?17:17
AlanBellrww: robbie sets the dates http://old.nabble.com/UDS-11.04,-11.10-and-12.04-dates-td28811471.html17:20
AlanBellI mean IdleOne:17:20
rwwIdleOne: I'm hoping to, yeah17:22
AlanBellit isn't in hurricane season or anything is it?17:23
macono hurricane season will be over by then17:23
* maco finds it odd that itd be announced on a proprietary platform like twitter instead of an open one17:28
pleia2well, twitter reaches more people17:29
pleia2hmm, orlando, that's better than rumored miami17:30
pleia2I have family there, might actually be possible to do family+uds trip17:30
macothen cross-post!17:30
AlanBellI wonder if it will be at the home of the mouse17:30
macobut twitter certainly doesnt reach a decent portion of the free software community, as a decent portion of us refuse to use it17:31
pleia2AlanBell: haha, I'd totally go then, quit my job17:31
AlanBellI have been to a conference in the Swan and Dolphin resort17:31
pleia2maco: it's really a hassle to maintain two accounts and keep nicks straight on both, for me it's not a matter of "refusing" it's "I can't be bothered"17:31
* AlanBell can't be bothered with Identi.ca either17:32
macobut really, it should be announced on planet ubuntu17:32
rwwI can't be bothered with twitter, so I guess I balance one of you out ;P17:32
maconot spread through the twitter rumour mill17:32
macoreallly... on the Fridg17:33
AlanBellI would have thought they would turn this on as the announcement http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-n/17:33
macoas opposed to the usual "oh well jono said it on his blog" ... cuz i think uds announcements are the main reason i /havent/ setup a filter that strips jono's posts from planet ubuntu before reaching my RSS reader17:33
pleia2yeah, it should be announced all over the place17:36
AlanBellhi czajkowski17:38
czajkowskigreeting from ubuntu hour limerick17:38
AlanBellI should have sent the family over to join you there!17:39
rwwheh, I think we have the same netbook17:39
czajkowskimini 917:39
czajkowskimunster red17:39
rwwah, mini 10v in i think purple17:40
* rww didn't know the mini 9 came in different colors too17:40
pleia2pink <317:42
czajkowskimunster red for rugy17:42
czajkowskiand they dont do yellow/orange in the smaller ons:(17:42
pleia2my mini9 came to our ubuntu hour on tuesday :) http://princessleia.com/images/journalpics/072010/mini9olpcatjulhour.jpg17:43
pleia2lots of fun computers at that hour, it was fun17:44
czajkowskiwhat i found works is a demo17:51
czajkowskiso i  have demod the LD for 10-15 mins17:51
czajkowskiand then we do a q&a17:51
AlanBellczajkowski: any sign of that reviveyourpc.ie person?17:52
czajkowskii'm early17:54
czajkowskidoesnt start till 617:55
james_wmaco: http://identi.ca/notice/4434918018:05
macojames_w: oooh thank you :)18:06

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