Sarvattnote to self: get x11-xserver-utils merged before feature freeze01:31
RAOFWhat's shiny and new?01:32
Sarvattbrightness option in xrandr and a bunch of bugfixes01:54
Sarvattbeen putting off the merge because i want to upstream the only patch left first01:57
RAOFOk.  I'll leave that to you, then?01:57
Sarvatthow should i go about sending someone else's patch to xorg-devel? bryceh: any chance you have your 101_xset_spellfix.patch from x11-xserver-utils git formatted? :)02:02
Sarvattif i use git send-email it'd have me as the author I mean02:03
RAOFSarvatt: Not if you commit it with the --author tag02:04
Sarvattmesa has been going through some really rough spots for the past week after being stable for months, bad timing with feature freeze :(02:11
RAOF“It's getting close to release!  Quick!  Land all the development branches!”02:20
RAOFYou know it's time to get your gloves when it's getting hard to type because your fingers are too stiff.02:21
Dr_JakobYeah Kristian decided to open up a whole can of worms with fixing some glx issues.02:22
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kangaroooSarvatt: ping10:49
RAOFI saw that backtrace; it means, roughly “damn, the GPU hung and I've got absolutely no idea what to do about it”10:51
kangaroooRAOF: about mine bug?10:59
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apwdo we support nonmodesetting on i915 in maverick any more ?14:58
tseliotapw: I think RAOF did something for the 8xx series, I'm not really sure about i915 though15:04
apwits becomng hard to use one machine for all testing as you can't do both paths any more it seems15:04
jcristauthe 2.12 intel X driver doesn't do ums15:04
jcristauthere's a branch to bring it back, but i don't think it's landed in m15:05
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tseliotyes, I know it's not easy15:11
tseliotfortunately we still have that in radeon15:11

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