KE1HAteamcoltra, I think that's the directory encyption app. I was having that issue too, I disabled it as it's really annoying. Im not sure of it's a bug or not, but seems to be, you should report the bug and your issue.00:00
mikeruwhiteknight: I personally use EPSON and it works great, but I've heard HP has better linux support00:00
^^Earth^^I keep loosing the frame around my program boxes, someone got a clue whats going on :-)00:00
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the_eshould I just try to install xboxdrv from their PPA?00:01
KE1HAwhiteknight, HP fer sure, as for models, look at which ones support Linux to save yourself further frustration.00:01
UbuntusWhen i try to open chromium tells me this: Your profile could not be opened correctly.00:02
UbuntusSome features may be unavailable.  Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents.00:02
linguinimikeru, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/3dxb4Fje00:02
whiteknightThanx  bunch, I have a brothers printer. not sure if it is still working...is is a possibility?00:02
UbuntusAnd why do i have so much LAG?00:02
mikerulinguini: Wut? Intel?00:02
Mr_Sonomawhiteknight, brother for me has been hit and miss00:02
linguinimikeru, The monitor is a sony, the desktop is an old dell dimension 240000:03
BGL-[a]well that was cute, i just did a fresh install then shutdown the machine and attached it to a kvm switch & diff monitor00:03
mikerui'm sorry, I know not of Intel's GAs. however, many people do, so just ask for help with Intel graphics card00:03
BGL-[a]booted it up and i couldn't login anymore cuz of a graphics problem00:03
BGL-[a]it kept kicking me back out to the login screen until i went into recovery mode and reset the resolution00:03
the_ewell, I got one error done00:04
patholioon the ubuntu forums, is there anyway to reset your password if you cant remember your email you set it up with?00:04
KE1HAwhiteknight, No idea about Brothers Printers. GO to their site and lookup the model, and see if it supports Linux, else, google Linux Support for the model you have.00:04
whiteknightKeiha Thank you00:04
the_ebut I still dont know why I get script.sh: line 11 :/dir is a directory00:04
the_eI know it is!00:04
BGL-[a]if i'd never guessed it was a gfx/res problem there'd been no hope of knowing what the cause was00:04
BGL-[a]i just happened to have a hunch00:04
the_ebut the script I downloaded said to use it00:04
rewatihi how to remove libamd2.2.000:04
mikeruthe_e: It's just telling you it is ;)00:04
the_eso then it worked?00:05
mikeruthe_e: what does the script say00:05
* whiteknight is away: Gotta to get ready for work..Thanks to all00:05
the_ethats all it says00:05
mikeruthe_e: most probably it didn't00:05
mikeruthe_e: pastebin it00:05
linguiniHow can I get better display support (resolution higher than 800x600)?  I'm using an intel graphics card?00:05
cablophad somebody used rabbitvcs?00:06
the_eugh, its pastebin.com00:06
KE1HAlinguini, install the right driver >> Chage the desktop res >> edit xorg.conf or upgrade the Graphics card.00:06
the_enot pastbin00:07
linguiniAlso, when I open "Display Properties" my monitor is listed as "Unknown" and I see a pink tag with "Unknown" on the upper left hand corner of my screen.  I'm not sure if this is because my graphics card or monitor itself.00:07
mikerulinguini: a most stupid solution but still could fix the problem, go to System -> Preferences -> Display00:07
mikeruchange the resolution00:07
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:07
mikerusokka: adios00:07
mikerusokka: habla en ingles o hasle caso a ubottu00:08
cablopmikeru, this is not polite00:08
mikerucablop: sorry00:08
KE1HAthe_e, is Line 7 Correct ?00:08
linguinimikeru, The monitor is listed as unknown, and it won't let me change to a resolution higher than 800x600.00:08
linguiniKE1HA, Thanks, Any idea how I get the right driver..?00:08
the_eI dont know why its like that but it is00:09
cablopand sokka, you can go to #ubuntu-es for help, puedes ir a #ubuntu-es por ayuda00:09
thune3^^Earth^^: it is likely a compiz related issue, you could disalbe compiz or see this thread for all the possible suggestions (post #19 is what worked for the OP): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1112214  "titlebar compiz ubuntu" are the keywords for your issue.00:09
linguiniI apparently have 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE00:09
sokkai dont need help i just was bored and i joined to see what is going on here :P00:09
leechevasomeone can help me please?00:09
cabloplinguini: i think it is more a video driver issue than a monitor isue, my monitor is listed as unknown and gives me 1440x90000:09
mikeruleecheva: HI?00:09
leechevamikeru: hi00:10
mikerucablop: but it is Nvidia, right?00:10
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UkeKunmikeru: it sounds to me like the monitor has a bad EDID more than anything00:10
mikerunvidia drivers will always report unknown, even if they know, and a wrong Hz. you can "Option DisableTwinView True" and it will then fix that, but nvidia's x util won't work anymore00:11
the_ethe script is supposed to start the xboxdrv driver00:11
KE1HAthe_e, seem it's not fiding the source ..._.VL file to me, why I dont know, are you in the right dir when you execute it?00:11
^^Earth^^thune3: Thanks.... :-)00:11
mikerunow, moving on to the real problem00:11
mikerulinguini: look at UkeKun00:11
linguinicablop, Ah, thanks.  That helps some...00:11
UbuntusIs it Ubuntu about to crash!?00:11
mikeruUbuntus: CAN YOU NOT HAZ CAPSLOCK PLZ00:11
leechevacan help me please?00:11
Ubuntusmikeru: Well, i need to take out my stress somehow00:12
teamcoltraKE1HA, yes I am using the directory encryption app too... honestly I feel that privacy outweighs convenience so I will keep it... but there should be a bug report for it00:12
Ubuntusi need to express myself00:12
KE1HAthe_e, it looks like the is the file yes? : boxdrv_for_XBMC_live.v1  the [ optins ] etc etc00:12
mikeruleecheva: well, if you told us what's your problem...00:12
UbuntusSome features may be unavailable.  Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents.00:12
neil_dI am trying to limit the speed of scp (so it doesn't use all the bandwidth) I am using the command .... scp -l 2 ndugan@office:/tmp/wholesale.sql.gz /tmp/wholesale.sql.gz ... but the speed is still 10 - 16 KB/s :( ... what is going on?00:12
mikeruleecheva: asking for help is not going to help00:12
cabloplinguini: yes i have an Nvidia card00:12
the_eKE1HA: ?00:12
KE1HAteamcoltra, yes, I agree, I think it's a bug too.00:13
the_eI c/ped the file and then pasted what I got from terminal00:13
linguiniUkeKun, is there a way to confirm a bad EDID without freezing my system?00:13
leechevaim trying to install kubuntu but when i put isntall my monitor turn off and it say out of range i dont know what to do00:13
mikerucablop: ...00:13
the_e1-11 is the script, 14-19 is the terminal00:13
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KE1HAthe_e, sri, to many irons in the fire here. Ok, it's looking for a file to run, but somehow it's only getting to the dir level.00:13
cablopsorry, i just moved and maybe i lost th thread00:13
the_ebecause there is no file to run, lol00:13
KE1HAI suspect it has to do with the EXPORT=.00:13
mikerudoesn't matter00:13
the_ethe folder contains everything needed for xboxdrv00:14
the_eif there is an easier way to install it, by all means tell me00:14
the_eapparently all I need to do is install xboxdrv00:14
the_ethis is just *an easy* way to do it00:14
the_ewith a half-written guide00:14
cablopmikeru, yup, an nvidia one, but the nvidia driver is not an isue :P00:14
UkeKunlinguini if you have a windows install you can use MonitorInfoView GUI from Nirsoft00:14
the_eI added the PPAs but can't find the package in software center00:14
Mr_Sonomawhat driver do i need to get my via technologies vga card working? display is fine really just no ability to run desktop effects00:14
mikerucablop: of course it isn't. after all, nouveau is still quite behind00:15
djusticequestion: "KERNEL=="loop*", ENV{DKD_PRESENTATION_HIDE}=1" doesnt seem to work.. any hints00:15
cablopi'm using the propietary driver anyway :P00:15
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mikerucablop: I just commented however that adding that specific line in xorg.conf will fix the reporting of the refresh rate and the monitor's name00:16
cablopMr_Sonoma: i think you need to try with the VIA provider... but i barely believe a VIA will support desftop effects, not beyong metacity00:16
=== Nanashi is now known as Vespero
Mr_Sonomacablop, thanks00:17
mikeruWUT WAS THAT?00:17
cablopwhat thing?00:17
raymondtan85hey there00:17
KE1HAlol irc mombo jumbo :-)00:17
raymondtan85testing testing00:17
mikeruDIRTY TRICKS00:17
neil_dI am trying to limit the speed of scp (so it doesn't use all the bandwidth) I am using the command .... scp -l 2 ndugan@office:/tmp/wholesale.sql.gz /tmp/wholesale.sql.gz ... but the speed is still 10 - 16 KB/s :( ... what is going on?00:17
mikeruSCAREZ ME00:17
FloodBot4mikeru: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:18
cablopthey made a change in the matrix, i guess00:18
mikeruooh, that explains the deja vu00:18
the_ehow is it that I added a repository but can't find any of it's packages anywhere?00:18
linguiniUkeKun, I do have windows; I'll make a note of that...00:18
leechevaim trying to install kubuntu but when i put isntall my monitor turn off and it say out of range i dont know what to do?00:18
KE1HAneil_d, http://www.oreillynet.com/linux/cmd/cmd.csp?path=s/scp00:19
linguiniAlso, I think I may be hitting http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-laptop-and-netbook-25/the-dreaded-82845g-intel-integrated-graphics-does-any-linux-work-with-it-802465/00:19
UkeKunlinguini I had a similar problem with a HDTV except it was windows which didn't like the EDID, linux was fine with it00:19
KE1HAneil_d, use the -l flag to:  Limit bandwidth used, specified in kilobits/second.00:19
bobo123the_e: have you reloaded the packageinformation, and you verified what packages that should appear by going there to that repository with a webbrowser?00:20
nwidgerif the 'post-start script' in an upstart job fails, will that kill the 'main process' (the process started by the 'exec' stanza)?00:20
neil_dKE1HA: yes I read the manpage ... but the -l didn't seem to limit the speed.00:20
the_eno, because im working between 2 computers00:20
KE1HAhow big of file are you transferring / ho long does it take? Small files will just blast through, even with limit.00:21
the_ei just did though and no dice00:21
neil_dKE1HA: 6.1MB00:21
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the_ehow do I check a PPA from a webbrowser?\00:22
KE1HAneil_d, so what are you seeing on your bandwidth monitor? Is it maxing out your available BW ?00:22
uRockIf you have a really big file, you can use the split command to break it up, then reassemble it after moving it. Run "man split" in a terminal to find out more.00:23
bobo123to have flash-cookies deleted each time I run firefox I changed the command for the firefox-command in the Program menu to     bash -c 'rm -rf ~/.adobe; rm -rf ~/.macromedia; firefox %u'    instead of just    firefox %u      are there any bad side effects by doing this, or are there a better way to do this?00:23
neil_dKE1HA: found the problem... the rate display of scp needs time to settle... leave it run for a while and the rate comes down.00:23
binniMy ubuntu machine is connected to the internet using a wireless card, can I give a windows machine internet access by connecting the two computers together with a ethernet cable and then do what?00:23
=== MK-BB is now known as MK|BNC
KE1HAneil_d, rr. good, glad you got it sorted.00:24
nwidgeranyone else been having problems with mysql not starting on boot?00:25
the_eim really starting to lose faith in Ubuntu, between driver madness, GNOME wonkiness...its just not worth it00:25
cablopnwidger: which problem specifically, are there multiple reasons for something like that00:25
macokde is the solution to gnome wonkiness00:26
the_eKDE is even uglier00:26
mikerumaco: BLASPHEMY00:26
KE1HAnwidger, yes, i was workign with a fell a little while ago, but he left the channel before he posted his final results.00:26
the_eI don't know why they just dont work on one00:26
crypt-0im moving my installation from one drive to anther, but grub is failing to install00:26
macomikeru: im a kubuntu user :P00:26
macothe_e: ask the gnome people. kde was around first00:26
mikerumaco: /join #kubuntu : )00:26
bobo123the_e: I think you should normally be able to just enter the ppa-address in the webbrowser, for example http://ppa.launchpad.net/durmieu/ppa/ubuntu and ther follow the links to dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/00:26
macomikeru: im in there00:26
macomikeru: im an op in both channels00:27
nwidgerKE1HA: ok, well my problem is that mysql does not start on boot, even though its upstart config file /etc/init/mysql.conf is untouched00:27
mikerumaco: oh, you're an op ? interesting!00:27
nwidgerKE1HA: i dont see any errors in log files00:27
cablopanyway, KDE is weird00:27
macocablop: operator...like a moderator...i can remove people who misbehave00:27
KE1HAthe_e, the divers issues are generic to Ubuntu I can assure you on that one.00:27
nwidgerKE1HA: nothing in /var/log/messages, syslog or daemon.log00:27
the_ebut GNOME issues aren't :-P00:27
crypt-0i have sda1 as boot and sda5 as encrypted root ...all files are intact, i just need to reninstall the MBR grub-install fails00:27
the_elike duplicating items00:27
the_ethe PPA wants me to register00:28
nwidgerKE1HA: and i can start it manually with 'sudo start mysql' post-boot and that works fine.  it just doesnt seem to start on bootup.00:28
cablopif i had to compare gnome and KDE i'll say that gnome is anorexic a kde is bullimic00:28
Blackwood_Livehello, my grub slipped up...I'm dual-booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu and after i leave windows to boot into Ubuntu the GRUB messes up...can somebody help me fix frub00:28
KE1HAnwidger, can you manually start / stop it with init.d ?00:28
mikeruI like both KDE and GNOME... but I prefere GNOME. they have their goods and downsides00:28
mikerucablop: indeed00:28
mikeruXFCE IS WUT?00:28
nwidgerKE1HA: it's been ported over to an upstart job, so the init.d scripts are gone.  it should be started by init from /etc/init/mysql.conf00:28
cablopxfce is a wannabe00:28
the_eXFCE is a sad state of affairs00:28
mikeruwannabe anorexic? that's sad xd00:29
KE1HALOL .. sri you beat me too it. Check that the service is installed properly with update-rc.d00:29
cablopnah, yup00:29
the_eno way to disable double tap clicking?00:29
the_ethat was the one thing that made me switch back to Ubuntu00:29
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels00:29
cablopxfce is just the pure bones witha  little skin on them00:29
nwidgerKE1HA: why would i need scripts to be installed in /etc/init.d if it's supposed to be an upstart job.00:29
mikeruthe_e: like in trackpad?00:29
cablopgnome has more flesh, but no enough organs00:29
macomikeru: anorexic jokes not appreciated...00:29
KE1HAAh, upstart, yuo dont sri. was jsut reading that.00:29
cablopkde is very very cmplex, full of options here and there00:29
mikeruthe_e: why, that's easy enough00:30
the_eand of course, the Internet is not reliable for answers00:30
mikeruSystem -> Preferences -> Mouse00:30
* uRock KDE is crap00:30
the_enot in XFCE00:30
cablopbut, my perfect combination was to run  some KDE apps on top of gnome00:30
the_ethere was no option00:30
cablopthis is the best solution ever00:30
earthling_I'm trying to run ubuntu off a usb drive, it boots up I hear jungle music, but the screen is black, the monitor goes to sleep, how do I fix this?00:30
mikeruthen touchpad, uncheck Enable mouse clicks blahblah00:30
KE1HAnwidger, I dont know why then the upstartjob is not running it.00:30
mikeruthe_e:  you think so, huh?00:30
the_ethat wasn't the double tap though00:30
the_eI mean, I tried it and it didnt work00:30
nwidgerKE1HA: ah okay... well thanks for your help00:30
cablopdo compiz work well with de in 10.04?00:31
KE1HAthe other fella was using rc.d to start on boot.00:31
mikeruthe_e: double tap?00:31
the_eI dont know what else to say :-P00:31
cablopi saw it not enabled by default00:31
the_eyeah I wanted that disabled00:31
the_enot the mouse buttons00:31
KE1HAhowever, was still have the same symptoms your describing.00:31
the_ebut clicking from the pad00:31
the_eon a touch pad00:31
mikeruthe_e: you mean, like double click? well, that disables any click that comes from the pad but keeps your mouse buttons00:31
cablopand i was very scaried about installing KDE and getting a lot of things i won't use00:31
the_eit didn't for me :-X00:31
nwidgerKE1HA: come to any conclusions with him?00:31
mikeruthe_e: trust me, I'm using a macbook, found the tap annoying as hell, disabled it and I'm so happy forevermore00:31
ridinkde is weird00:32
mikeruridin: it is00:32
the_eI jist want my freakin xboxdrv to start!00:32
KE1HAwell, we got to the point of reinstalling MySQL, and updingting rc.,d and he was gone, so it may have fixed it, not sure.00:32
mikeruthe_e: go to the xboxdrv page!00:32
the_eI cant get to the PPA cause Launchpad wants an account00:32
the_eI dont know how to make things00:32
the_eI was NEVER able to do it00:32
mikeruthe_e: you. are. joking.00:32
the_enot once00:32
the_ecause it always says something cant be found00:33
mikeruPPAs do NOT need an account00:33
uRockjust start an account00:33
the_ethen what is the address!?!?00:33
mikeruyou are just looking in the wrong place mr.00:33
KE1HAIt may be worth a troll trough the Ubuntu Bug List, as this is too canny to be a one off.00:33
the_ethe link frmo the site brings me there00:33
mikeruLINK PLZ00:33
mikeruCAN I HAZ IT?00:33
FloodBot4mikeru: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:33
earthling_Hi, I'm trying to run ubuntu off a usb drive, it boots up I hear jungle music, but the screen is black, the monitor goes to sleep, how do I fix this?00:34
ridinkde can't have sound without gnome here00:34
mikeruthe_e: oh my. why are you going to the launchpad page? it even tells you to add it with: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:grumbel/ppa00:34
cablopstart it in safe or vesa mode00:34
the_eI DID!00:34
the_ewhere do I go from there!?00:34
the_eits not anywhere not synaptic noe the software center00:34
mikeruthe_e: ag!00:35
mikeruthe_e: you forgot sudo apt-get update00:35
campeei have a question about top and virtual memory. i run 'swapoff -a' as root to disable swap memory. i then launch firefox and open top. top reports that i have 0k total of swap, 0k in use, and 0k free. top reports that firefox is using 248m of VIRT and 85m of RES. according to the man page, VIRT = SWAP + RES. so where is that swap usage coming from?00:35
the_eI reloaded in synaptic though00:35
mikeruthe_e: try again00:35
magicianlordcampee: top is incorrect00:35
cablopcampee or system is emulating some virt on the real ram00:36
mikeruthe_e: I, however, have a launchpad account, and it seems he/she/it locked the ppa00:36
uRockfor RAM usage run the "free" command00:36
the_egood, cause im stuck downloading the depency packages for the source00:36
mikeruto get moar ram do malloc00:36
the_eI just don't know where to extract the tarball00:36
KE1HAearthling_, http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/00:36
mikeruoh wait00:36
mikeruthat's plain wrong...00:36
campeecablop: really?00:37
earthling_KE1HA, ok looking at it00:37
jpbouzaguys I've installed 246.53 drivers in ubuntu lucid, jokey says the drivers is active but not in use00:37
jpbouzais there a way to override this and make it use it too?00:37
KE1HAit says for CD, but doesnt' matter.00:37
mikerujpbouza: so did I.00:37
the_emikeru: http://drop.io/xboxdrv_for_XBMC_live <-- the readme is where I got all my files from00:37
cablopi think it would00:37
mikerujust ignore it00:37
binnihow do I share my internet with a windows computer who can't connect through the router directly?00:37
the_ethe jaunty.sh is what isnt working00:37
the_eit worked previously for me00:37
mikerujpbouza: ignore jockey. who cares about it?00:37
the_emaybe this would help more00:37
cgchi everyone00:37
mikerubinni: I read about it once. wait a min00:37
jpbouzammm well, but I have no composite effects mikeru00:38
cablopthey're not going to change the way aq wholw system and applications works just cause the swap is off, and maybe if you launched firefox  before  disabling the swap, the firefox need to see it as existing00:38
mikerujpbouza: ah! but that's not jockey's problem00:38
cgcdoes anyone know if theres a way to use an i386 apt source on an amd64 version of ubuntu?00:38
cablopbut that's just a guess, but a feasible one00:38
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
mikerucgc: IMPOSSIBLE00:38
jpbouzamikeru, how did you go back to the official repo drivers??00:38
mikerujpbouza: I HAZ NOT.00:39
cgcmikeru: ok thanks00:39
KE1HAbinni, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9137000:39
letalisCgc: short of a chroot jail, no00:39
mikeruthey work perfectly00:39
mikerucgc: sorrie00:39
xdpirate_Does Ubuntu Live USB creator work with 10.04?00:39
jpbouzamikeru, hehe but then, how did you install 256??00:39
Mr_Sonomaxdpirate_, yes00:40
mikeruI can't help but wonder why has nobody increased compatibility with i386 in amd64. I mean, it is ridiculous to --force-architecture for every single .deb.00:40
xdpirate_Mr_Sonoma: thanks00:40
the_eim gonna cry, I can't even do the readme right00:40
mikerujpbouza: lemme check00:40
the_eI have scons package installed00:40
the_eso why cant I compile with it>00:40
the_eNo SConstruct file found00:40
the_ethis is why I can never make packages because the readmes are wrong00:41
mikerujpbouza: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/06/how-to-install-nvidia-25635-display.html00:41
the_eyou don't tell me where to extract things, you give me the wrong commands00:41
the_eim not a linux expert00:41
jpbouzathanks mikeru I'll check it out now00:41
mikeruthe_e: scons?00:41
the_eyeah, xboxdrv wants scons00:41
the_eat least the newest one00:41
arrrghhhanyone use rtorrent here?  i'm having issues with the watch directory feature and pausing/stopping torrents...00:41
k0shhow to list all my current ip addresses?00:41
mikeruyou just 'cd' to the dir that has a SConstruct file00:41
the_ewhich is?00:42
arrrghhhk0sh, ifconfig00:42
A-NonAny time I enable compiz, the window borders and title bar disappear, and none of the effects work. Any help?00:42
arrrghhhA-Non, are you running xfce?00:42
letalisMikeru: I think it has more to do with the fact that it could cause instability in the package management system.00:42
mikeruthe_e: º-º00:42
k0sharrrghhh: umm but id like to hve them in readymade list00:42
the_eits not like it says go to the extracted folder00:42
A-Nonaarghhh: I am not aware of what XFCE is, so I don't know00:42
arrrghhhk0sh, define readymade... because that's pretty readymade if you ask me.00:42
mikeruletalis: wat r u talking bout?00:42
the_ethe problem with a lot of stuff with Linux is that RTFM doesn't work!00:43
arrrghhhA-Non, are you just running ubuntu from a regular downoad?  did you download any special versions?00:43
the_e(also the internet's information is like 4 years old at this point)00:43
letalisI386 and amd64 together00:43
k0sharrrghhh: like in string ""00:43
mikeruthe_e: OH MY. that is common sense!00:43
Vesperothe_e: With linux it's RTFMP.00:43
mikeruafter all, what do you do when you extract a file?00:43
A-Nonarrrghhh: I installed using the netboot installer, which only installed command line, then I apt-get'd ubuntu-desktop to finish up00:43
mikerulook at its contents.00:43
the_ewith Ubuntu it's RTFM from 8.1000:43
the_ecause no one has any newer information on Google00:43
jpbouzamikeru, unluckily that's the same tutorial I followed...00:43
mikeruletalis: ah... still, it should just warn against it00:44
arrrghhhA-Non, huh.  never done it that way.  i also don't use compiz... what kind of video card?  did you install the "restricted drivers" if they apply?00:44
mikerunot prevent you00:44
mikerujpbouza: it worked fine with me00:44
mikerujpbouza: unluckily you're just unlucky00:44
A-Nonarrrghhh: The disks gave me errors and they wouldn't boot from USB so it was the only way ;) Nvidia FX 5500 card, restricted drivers are installed.00:44
the_eok, another n00b question00:45
the_e./install.sh means /user/install.sh right?00:45
arrrghhhA-Non, how are you enabling compiz?00:45
* mikeru is distracted by too many arrrghhhs00:45
A-Nonarrrghhh: terminal, compiz --replace00:45
k0sharrrghhh: k, i got it with some grepping :)00:45
KE1HAthe_e, no, it means run if from where you PWD says your at.00:45
the_ethen why didn't it come with the file it tells me to run?00:46
the_ethere is no install.sh!00:46
arrrghhhk0sh, ha i was trying to figure out how to grep just for that.  couldn't figure it out...00:46
* linguini installing read-edid00:46
arrrghhhA-Non, have you tried metacity --replace and activating it thru the gui?00:46
PeterDropi know iam gonna make a repeated question, but the last time i install ubuntu take 1 week configure the sound, somebody can help me please00:46
arrrghhhmikeru, you love it.00:46
KE1HAthe_e, thats a question for those that packaged the application.00:46
A-Nonarrrghh, nope, I'll try it out00:46
PeterDropi have not sound at all00:46
the_eI know but I'm still gonna flip s words00:46
nimbioticshello. i recently upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and after typing my password to login i get a window telling me there's a program still runung (power manager) any ideas why am i seeing this? TIA!00:46
the_ecause if I was using Windows or OSX, I'd have a nice little executable for it00:47
the_eI don't even know why I stuck with Ubuntu so long...00:47
the_e(I like the customization I suppose)00:47
magicianlordnimbiotics: try seeing startup applications, and see if power manager was saved to start up twice00:47
A-Nonarrrghhh: doing metacity --replace gives me this little error... is it normal? "Window manager warning: Failed to load theme "Humanoid-OSX-Black": Failed to find a valid file for theme Humanoid-OSX-Black"00:47
=== McPeter is now known as Noob`s
arrrghhhA-Non, huh.  did gnome go do something different other than metacity?00:48
KE1HAthe_e, the problems you decribing are not Ubuntu Problems, there applicaiton buld problems.00:48
mikeruNoob`s: I'd recommend you not to use `00:48
nimbioticsmagicianlord: no, thats not the case :/00:48
magicianlordnimbiotics: ok00:48
A-Nonarrrghhh: I'm not sure what it was supposed to do to compare? I'm pretty new to linux =\00:48
mikeruthe_e: hey... this is a support channel, not a why-ubuntu-sucks channel00:49
mikeruafter all00:49
mikeruwindows sucks moar00:49
FloodBot4mikeru: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:49
arrrghhhA-Non, hrm.  perhaps what i was trying was not correct.  can you perhaps just reboot and try to enable compiz thru the gui?00:49
cablophow can i sewt a variable ermanently in the system?00:49
KE1HAmikeru, Ditto on WinDoze !!!00:49
arrrghhhcablop, uh... what are you trying to set?00:49
A-Nonarrrghhh: How would I enable it through the GUI?00:49
magicianlordso, i'm running a headless system right now. thinking about installin X, but not sure. i like this clean setup00:50
arrrghhhA-Non, it's in the display prefs... sorry i'm not running ubuntu on this lappy right now.00:50
tweakhello. this may be offtopic dunno where to ask but : i got a new pc and its sata only, and i have an ide drive containing my info. do i get an ide controller or some kind of adapter? any ideas?00:50
cabloparrrghhh: the JAVA_HOME env var00:50
mikeruquite stupid how many complain. OH its so difficult and blahblah, yet on windows they can't even do whatever they were trying so they just don't go through the effort.00:50
arrrghhhA-Non, it's called compositing effects or some such thing.00:50
arrrghhhcablop, in your ~.bashrc00:50
KE1HAA-Non, Cpmpiz How To: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion00:50
A-Nonarrrghhh: Desktop effects?00:50
crypt-0i just re-installed grub, but on boot it drops to agrub> prompt ....what should i do?00:51
Oertweak ide > usb 2.000:51
flatoutcan anyone point me in the direction of finding help to view a shared folder on ubuntu 10 server from ubuntu 9 client00:51
cabloparrrghhh: it's not for me, it's for the whole system, cause a service will need it00:51
mikeruNO ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES IN ~/.bashrc plz00:51
mikeruwill cause grief00:51
tweakoer : i dont want to use usb. i want to connect an ide drive to my pc that is sata only00:51
arrrghhhmikeru, where do they go?00:51
arrrghhhanswer the man's question then!00:51
mikeruarrrghhh: ~/.pam_environment00:52
mikeruit is _awesome_00:52
mikeruarrrghhh: bcos ~/.bashrc sucks00:52
mikeruand ubuntu says so00:52
mikeru: - )00:52
arrrghhhyour reasoning skills are astounding.  link please?00:52
FloodBot4mikeru: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:52
Gneamikeru: more headaches if I don't00:52
getpwnamwould the following be a sensible order for a beginner to learn things: unix utilites --> shell scripting --> sed & awk --> perl ?00:53
KE1HAflatout, SSH or samba00:53
KE1HAcrypt-0, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:53
nm5tfanyone know if Zio SM card reader will work under Lucid 10.04 LTS???00:53
mikeruGnea: wut ?00:53
Gneagetpwnam: well, sed and awk are unix utilities, so yeah00:53
mikeruarrrghhh: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables00:53
Gneamikeru: env vars have historically gone in ~/.bashrc, nothing wrong with that.00:53
nimbioticshello. i recently upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and after typing my password to login i get a window telling me there's a program still runung (power manager) any ideas why am i seeing this? TIA!00:53
KE1HAnm5tf, is is USB 2.0 compliant/. if so, the yse the car reader will work.00:54
mikeruGnea: sure haha I don't really care00:54
the_eI got it00:54
Gneamikeru: :)00:54
KE1HAops if so, yes, the card reader will work.00:54
the_esorry for the ulcer mikeru00:54
the_ebut I offer you 17 internets00:54
mikeruhowever for some reason some didn't work there, and .pam_environment fixed all my woes00:54
mikeruthe_e: wut?00:54
cablopi need to export a variable to the whole system, how can i do that? i need to set the JAVA_HOME not for me, but the system itself!00:54
the_ethe reason the script didnt work was because everything i needde was in the live folder00:55
mikerucablop: /etc/profile00:55
datacrusherhello everyone, my ubuntu notebook wont boot, i got a initramfs message, what can i do?00:55
arrrghhhmikeru, he's looking for global.  so the correct answer is /etc/environment.  but you are correct, evidently .bashrc is a bad place to put environment variables.00:55
the_ethe readme wouldnt tell you that00:55
the_ebut I figured it out...00:55
mikerucablop: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables00:55
arrrghhhmikeru, the readme said /etc/profile is NOT recommended.00:55
nm5tfKE1HA: yes according to the info..of course my Olympys MAUSB-10 was also supposed to be supported by ALAUDA, but it has never worked with*NIX, but works great under Windoze00:55
cablopthanls mikeru!!00:55
mikeruarrrghhh: ah! you're completely right! I forgot about it, so I suggested profile since e00:55
mikeruI couldn't remember the path to it00:55
datacrusheri got the following message - BusyBoy v1.13.3 (Ubuntu 1:1.13.3-1ubuntu11) built-in shell (ash)00:55
arrrghhhmikeru, hopefully he reads the doc :D00:55
thune3getpwnam: i would suggest skipping the the sed&awk step. perl can do everyting sed&awk can do.00:56
Gneamikeru: I was just curious what ubuntu doc says that ~/.pam_environment should be used in place of ~/.bashrc00:56
MasamuneJust wondering if anyone could tell me what to do whejn I get Error: File Not Found and Grub Rescu>?00:56
magicianlordhow do you configure nouveau driver after installing it?00:56
akiosomething awful happened to freenode....00:57
xdpirate_How can the usb-creator tool let me use the whole disk for persistent storage? It'll only let me use up to 4 GB yet the usb drive i'm using is 40 gb.. the whole point is to use this to breathe new life to a computer with a botched hdd by running a persistent linux install from an usb drive00:57
mikerunow cablop, if you plan on using pam_environment (I think /etc/environment follows same syntax), it's not JAVA_HOME="path", it's JAVA_HOME DEFAULT="path"00:57
cablopwell mikeru, it's on /etc/environment, the system bashrc and the profile one are not recommended00:57
mikeruweird it is00:57
mikerucablop: indeed it's there00:57
KE1HAMasamune, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:57
mikeruignore that. it's just BLAH=BLAH00:58
MasamuneKE1HA, that requires booting from livecd which I can't do.00:58
horkhorkhorkhow do i fix this - http://pastebin.com/h418ZF8j00:58
mikerupam is BLAH DEFAULT=BLAH and some OVERRIDE= weirdness I dunno how that works but it's not needed00:58
thune3xdpirate_: you can access the underlying usb filesystem through /cdrom to bypass the persistencefile. you could make a directory in cdrom with permissions for your user and put the big file there.00:59
mikeruhorkhorkhork: well, that does not help at all. what was above that?00:59
KE1HAMasamune, if you can't boot the computer from a Live-CD or USB Stick / HDD, then you've got little to no chance of being able to edit yout Grub files.00:59
horkhorkhork"setting up firefox"00:59
crypt-0i just re-installed grub, but on boot it drops to agrub> prompt ....what should i do? its grub201:00
linguiniIt looks like I might be hitting https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xresprobe/+bug/94994 , but I don't understand how that was resolved exactly.01:00
mikeruCOLORS :)01:00
crypt-0KE1HA, u using grub2.01:00
mikeruCOLORS :)01:00
horkhorkhorki had to uninstall/re-install firefox01:00
KE1HAcrypt-0, yes and no. Several boxes yes, several severs and workstations, no.01:00
MasamuneKE1HA, not sure if i can boot from usb, I will have to try that at some point, would I be able to do anything over network? I have an option for something like that01:00
mikeruhorkhorkhork: ah. then there's sumthin messed up with dpkg. make sure you're not using one of those lovely tdpkg that use databases, it screwed my update and i don't know why it also screwed anything related to firefox that was updated or installed. damn firefox's debs!01:01
crypt-0KE1HA, sorry *I* am using grub2.01:01
crypt-0that lin is for grub101:01
KE1HAMasamune, not without an operating system on the target computer. If not CD-Rom, then, a USB stick is your best shot I'd think.01:01
appamajigshould I use ext3 or ext4 for my root and home partitions?01:01
mikerudoesn't everybody use grub2 nowadays,  anyway?01:01
cablopso... how can i know the real java path?01:02
mikeruhorkhorkhork: ...were you?01:02
MasamuneKEIAH, will have to check tomorrow, I think it's actually the bootloader or something/01:02
mikerucablop: did you use environment?01:02
horkhorkhorkall i did was "apt-get install firefox"01:02
mikeruthen logout or reboot01:02
crypt-0appamajig, what are you using the for?01:02
KE1HAcrypt-0, Ahh, good point, TNX, need a Grub2 Link also.01:02
horkhorkhorki shall do that later, thanks01:03
arrrghhhappamajig, depends on the application of your rig.  a production server, i'd say ext3.  home use, ext4 is fine.  ext3 is more stable, ext4 is faster in several different ways.01:03
mikeruhorkhorkhork: sorry I can't help you there. that's what happened in my case, and it was a rather weird one01:03
sundokogood morning all01:03
appamajigcrypt-0: hmm... general programming, media server and normal, personal comp01:03
mikeruext4? FASTER?!01:03
cablopmikeru i'm going for environment, but... i think i'll need to find the correct java i need... there's the openjdk, but...01:03
appamajigarrrghhh: k thanks01:03
cablopbut i think it's not as complete as the sun java is... and cause i need to run a sort of tomcat... then...01:03
crypt-0ext4 is getting stable enough for production01:03
mikeruarrrghhh: ext4 was so unbearably slow that I choose instead ext3 for my macbook. specially with dpkg01:04
appamajigI read about it in some forums and whatnot, but I thought I'd just ask in here and see what the general consensus was... :)01:04
=== Andre_Gondim-afk is now known as Andre_Gondim
cablopext4 is faster but not by itself01:04
arrrghhhmikeru, don't care 'bout your macbook.  ext4 is blazing fast on my server.01:04
the_esorry for the complaining before dudes01:04
mikerucablop: I highly recommend sun's java even if not open src.01:04
the_egot it all to work01:04
appamajigcablop: not by itself?01:04
KE1HAcrypt-0, Is for after windows blasted Grub, but shoud do the trick: http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html01:04
arrrghhhi've just seen people run into bugs with ext4 and nfs.01:04
the_eI'm a XBMC guru at this point, so if anyone needs help01:04
mikeruarrrghhh: don't care about your server, cause my server is slowwwww with ext401:04
arrrghhhwhich, i run nfs... but haven't run into issues haha.01:04
cablopit's faster cause it buffer the writings to disk until the system is idle to write them01:04
cablopor something like that01:04
arrrghhhmikeru, who puts a server on a macbook?  lol.01:04
mikerudo too, nfs + afp01:04
appamajigso ext4 and nfs have problems?01:04
arrrghhhappamajig, i saw a bug on the forums about it, but i run nfs with ext4 no prob.01:05
cablopthe downside is sometimes ext4 writes to the disk that the file is in the disk, but the data is NOT in the disk01:05
mikeruarrrghhh: on my server. after learning from the mistake, I instead choose ext3 for my mb01:05
cablopthat was fixed in the kernel.... but seems like a workaround, not a real fix01:05
arrrghhhmikeru, huh.  dunno.01:05
arrrghhhworks for me01:05
sundokoubuntu weaknesses in the system a long hibernation01:05
crypt-0KE1HA, ive lready dont that01:05
appamajigmikeru: sorry for the newb question... mb? (main boot?)01:05
johntronwhat's the best way to do packet prioritization on ubuntu? i've used PF on freebsd, but can't find something similar for ubuntu. tc seems difficult01:05
KE1HAappamajig, all of them have problems, EXT3 is porbable the most widly used still, wiuth risersf being the most stable, and fastest, however olke boy that came up with is is in hot water.01:05
jason_wthello, i asked a question here yesturday regarding using sudo from a non sudoer account by requesting the password of a sudoer account01:06
cablopanyway i was hearing oracle is going to release a file system that used b+ trees and will provide a tool to go from ext3 to btrfs and back01:06
cablopso i'll stick to ext3 until that day :P01:06
KE1HAcrypt-0, so your Grub is still dumping you to the grup prompt ?01:06
arrrghhhappamajig, if you have any questions on stability, stick with ext3.01:06
jason_wti have solved my problem most of the way, by using runas in te sudoers file, however i get one problem01:06
mikeruappamajig: mb = macbook01:06
crypt-0KE1HA, Yes.01:06
appamajigmikeru: aaah, lol gotcha01:07
arrrghhhor motherboard more generally haha01:07
appamajigok, thanks everyone for the general info01:07
magicianlordshould i install a gui or run headless?01:07
cablopanyway a mac is nowadays just an expensive version of a PC, wrapped up in cute plastic and aluminium and some colors (very few)01:07
KE1HAcrypt-0, and you installed : grub-install /dev/sda [sda being your target partition] after the chroot ?01:08
appamajigI'm gonna go with ext4 for both (I do nightly backups, so if something terrible happens, I'll survive)01:08
jason_wtwhen i run a command in the terminal prefixed wih sudo, it asks for the password of the runas_default user that i specifed; however when i launch something like synaptic from the menu, it prompts for the current user password, not the one of runas user01:08
mikeruKE1HA: I wonder why reiserfs fell into despair. just bcos its creater killed his wife & is in jail doesn't mean the project should've been abandoned. after all, it's open source01:08
sundokomy ubuntu hibernate to long, how to fix this?01:08
jason_wtany way to fix this?01:08
NeverCastDoes anyone know what will change when I hit the Upgrade button01:08
NeverCastto go from Karmic01:08
NeverCastTo Lucid01:08
arrrghhhmagicianlord, i run headless, but it's really dependent on what you're doing with the machine.  are you going to be accessing it physically, or can you manage it remotely?  how powerful is the hardware?  are you concerned about overhead?01:08
KE1HAmikeru, and he sole the technology :-) ...01:08
NeverCastI mean settings wise, no data loss or anything?01:08
appamajigNeverCast: your teeth will be generally whiter (but the edges will be darker)01:09
Myth`Is there a way for me to make a permanent 'alias' command with a couple of switches? I'm trying to mount / unmount a remote disk with sshfs and manually typing the command every time is getting annoying.01:09
magicianlordarrrghhh: i like it for simplicity. the hardware is powerful enough. dual core amd64, 2gb01:09
KE1HAMyth`, edit your bash prodile and add the one you want to it.01:09
arrrghhhmagicianlord, then keep it headless.  i have a powerful *enough* server for a gui, but i have no need for one.   less packages to update :D01:10
NeverCastappamajig, That was very metaphorical.01:10
blendmaster1024_quick quiz! what's the best raw processor for linux?01:10
magicianlordarrrghhh: my point exactly. fewer pkgs to update01:10
arrrghhhwhat about ZFS?01:10
KB1JWQ|Birfdaymikeru: Please troll less.01:10
tensorpuddingZFS won't be coming to the Linux kernel anytime soon, for sure01:10
appamajigNeverCast: I'm sorry, I couldnt help myself... it was lame, I know...01:10
KE1HAMyth`, Here's a noe little How-Too: http://www.mediacollege.com/linux/command/alias.html01:10
mikerudishonor on me! :(01:10
KB1JWQ|Birfdaytensorpudding: Yeah, that's a licensing morass.01:10
tensorpuddingYou can use it with FUSE though.01:11
arrrghhhtensorpudding, well... it's kinda supported.  but definitely not in the kernel, correct.01:11
NeverCastappamajig, Nawh It was alright, Just didn't help with the question :P01:11
Myth`KE1HA: Thanks, I'll have a look now.01:11
NeverCastappamajig, It actually got me thinking before realising it was just off-topic :P01:11
tensorpuddingOr consider switching to FreeBSD, their ZFS support is almost great.01:11
=== ke_ is now known as kekl
KB1JWQ|Birfdaytensorpudding: Yeah, it's slightly old, but 8.1 just came out with a newer version IIRC.01:11
hiexpoi had an issue this am that when i tried to open a specfic folder on my thumb drive it would set all permissions to read only , but i could remove it and reload the drive and as long as i did not open the folder causing that was causing this everything was fine has anyone ever had this happen before ? i believe it was a corrupt file ?01:11
blendmaster1024_mikeru, yes, dishonour on you. see /msg ubottu offtopic and /msg ubottu caps.01:11
appamajigNeverCast in my defense, I did do a little research, and some people said that it worked great, and other people just said they do clean installs, and other people said to do a backup first... *shrug* so who knows :)01:12
mikerudamn Sun! ZFS' license issue was all planned!01:12
KB1JWQ|Birfdayhiexpo: What filesystem was on the thumbdrive?01:12
arrrghhhtensorpudding, i'm trying to actually.  just started tho, still working out all the idiosyncrasies.01:12
tensorpuddingThe only problem is that sysinstall doesn't support it01:12
Sia-any one use ipod shuffle 2 GB silver under ubuntu? if yes wich apps? because gtkpod worked and added music, but i can just hear "please use itunes to sync music to this ipod" any idea?01:12
tensorpuddingI use FreeBSD on my servers.01:12
=== akumor is now known as spectre8790
mikerublendmaster1024_: "quick quiz! what's the best raw processor for linux?" seems soo offtopic...01:12
datacrusheranyone? i got a 10.04 install, worked fine till today i got a blank screen with a initramfs, busybox message01:12
KE1HAMyth`, Just google Linux Alias Command, Bash Profile and there's loads of thigns you cna do.01:12
arrrghhhnot for ZFS, but that's definitely a nice addition.01:12
datacrusherlike this http://img258.imageshack.us/i/sunp0165ns4.jpg/01:12
hiexpoKB1JWQ|Birfday,  i formated it hee on ubuntu fat01:12
NeverCastappamajig, I hear a backup is easy these days, Dump everything into a tar ball :P01:12
blendmaster1024_mikeru, should I have said ubuntu? I was asking what the best app was.01:12
mikerublendmaster1024_: you should ;)01:13
cablopappamajig: what by itself?01:13
Scunizimikeru: if you want raw processing check out "darktable".. they have a repo for ubuntu and is very similar to Lightroom by Adobe.. what camera do you have?01:13
Myth`KE1HA: Got it. Is there a way to pass a flag to the alias? IE sshfsm -mount / -unmount?01:13
appamajigNeverCast: yeah, I do a nightly backup like that of my terrabyte drive to my two 320s01:14
Sia-nobody :)01:14
mikerublendmaster1024_: there's your answer @Scunizi01:14
KE1HAI woudn't do that, I would right a small script to do that. But I think you could do it in the Alais, I've not tried it.01:14
appamajigNeverCast: it creates an incredible amount of confidence :) I'm safe, no matter what :)01:14
cablopi think i'm going to delete the openjdk... it's open, but not for production, not yet01:14
blendmaster1024_Scunizi, that was me, I have the pentax K-x, it uses DNG raw.01:14
NeverCastappamajig, Yeah that's sweet :D01:15
cablopor is there a way to say ubuntu WHICH java i want by default?01:15
NeverCastappamajig, My HDD is the size of my backup drive01:15
Random832I'm trying to set up my brother's system - on kubuntu; wireless isn't working ("b43" module)01:15
hiexpoKB1JWQ|Birfday,  but when i right click on it and properties is says file sys msdos01:15
Scuniziblendmaster1024_: mikeru .. ah wrong nick.. blendmaster1024_ check out darktable.. no repo but they do have a PPA that is updated nightly.  check it out01:15
Random832anyone know how to fix it?01:15
arrrghhhso any rtorrent users in here?01:15
NeverCastappamajig, I can fit the entire contents of my backup, on my laptop01:15
mikerucablop: alternatives01:15
NeverCastappamajig, lol.01:15
Random832it just says the network is down whatever i try to do01:15
gewtI prefer transmission-cli01:15
mikerucablop: aptitude and synaptic take care of that.01:15
cablopalternatives... clic cli, something is moving on my brain01:15
Scuniziblendmaster1024_: I think they use ufraw but am not really sure.. good support for my nikon and canon's though.01:15
arrrghhhgewt, thanks?01:15
cablopalternatives in synaptic?01:15
dahudon-screen notifications sometimes enter a loop where they re-appear as soon as they fade.  How can I fix this?01:16
arrrghhhthere was some seriously lacking issue that i had with transmission.01:16
Scuniziblendmaster1024_: they are also on #darktable but are in England and typically only active in the mornings (Pacific Standard Time)01:16
appamajigNeverCast: I would like to do that... but it would drive me crazy to waste that much space... I thought about getting another terabyte and doing a raid 0, but in the end, I didn't want to spend the money, so I just tar onto the spare drives that were sitting around from an old system :) I'm happy with it01:16
actionparsniphey guys, what file do I need to edit to set modprobe options of a module please01:16
arrrghhhcan't remember it now.  drove me mad after using it for 30 seconds tho.01:16
NeverCastappamajig, It's better than no backup, Which I currently have.01:16
PeterDropanybody wanna help this poor mans, with his sound card :D have no sound :::(01:16
actionparsnipthe module is psmouse01:17
tweakdoes anyone know where in ubuntu i can find which pci or pci-e controllers i have01:17
hporsehi. i'm trying to change my video card driver to radeonhd. the ubuntu help says i have to open the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf. the file does not exist on my system. what shall i do in that case?01:17
hporsehere is the site: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonHD#Configuration01:17
biharii have question but its not related to ubuntu problem01:17
Scunizitweak: sudo lshw will give you more than what you need information wise....01:17
thune3hiexpo: you would likely see a message in dmesg or /var/log/syslog about drive being switched to read only because of errors encountered. Though you might loose some data on an errored filesystem, i would recommend fsck-ing the unmounted partition.01:17
arrrghhhtweak, lspci and lshw i believe.01:17
NeverCastAnyone know of a method in encrypting my entire HDD? With a distro already installed...01:17
appamajigNeverCast: that's how I've done it most of my life, but I've had a couple of crashes that left me in tears01:17
biharii am not able to join #c01:17
NeverCastappamajig, Been there man, Seriously been there01:18
appamajigNeverCast: it hurts to lose about a year's worth of work01:18
arrrghhhNeverCast, truecrypt...01:18
biharii have register my nick also but i cant able to have acess01:18
actionparsniptweak: lspci01:18
NeverCastappamajig, Plus 20gigs of music, 5 years of photos01:18
actionparsnipbihari: you must be registered to join it01:18
KE1HAMyth`, jsut onre final thought, dont name tha alais "mount or umount" .. LOL01:18
ejvgetting this, how do I punch through?: The following packages have been kept back: linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic01:18
NeverCastappamajig, Everyone suggests truecrypt so guess it's the only option lol.01:18
bihariYes i have register01:18
bjegovichow can i play counter stike on linux ? when i try with wine, grafic is too bad, i have 128 mb grafic card01:18
=== Fjoor is now known as Rigd
kowjust make a turecrypt "partition"01:18
actionparsnipbihari: try: /join ##csharp01:19
ejvNeverCast: no it's not the only option, dm_crypt is IMO better.01:19
arrrghhhNeverCast, no, just the best IMHO.01:19
biharibut i wants to learn C01:19
KE1HAejv,  what are your trying to do when you get that message ?>01:19
ejvKE1HA: trying to update01:19
biharinot cSHARP01:19
thune3ejv: apt-get dist-upgrade01:19
ejvdist-upgrade for a kernel update ?01:19
bjegovichow can i play counter stike on linux ? when i try with wine, grafic is too bad, i have 128 mb grafic card01:19
actionparsnipbihari: /join ##c    then01:19
mikeruis pure bull--01:19
bihariI DID01:20
NeverCastejv, arrrghhh, What's the pros/cons of dm_crypt vs truecrypt01:20
KE1HAejv, then keep them, and afterwards clean up old Kernels and Headers01:20
kowbjegovic, get a better gfx card?01:20
actionparsnipbihari: failing that, ask in #freenode01:20
arrrghhhNeverCast, haven't used either.  i'd google it my friend.01:20
bihariCannot join #c (Channel is invite only) << its says01:20
mikerutry ##c01:20
arrrghhhbihari, ##c01:20
bjegovicwhen i am on windows cs work perfect01:20
kowtruecrypt is kinda fishy, ever been to the site?01:20
actionparsnipbjegovic: drop graphical settings lower to suit your hardware01:20
arrrghhhkow, yea, why/01:20
actionparsnipbjegovic: windows has different support so will act differently01:20
ejvNeverCast: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystems#Current Ubuntu Release <---read01:21
bihari* Cannot join ##c (You are banned). coz i have pasted some of my programme there in main channel01:21
bjegovici wanna play it :(01:21
kowit is just, there is no info about who makes/maintains it01:21
KE1HAbjegovic, hence the diffrence between WinDoze & Linux01:21
kowand the source code is always released like a release late01:21
biharii dont know how long they will baned me :(01:21
bjegovicwhat xD01:21
ejvgames suck on linux bjegovic, stick with windows for gaming01:21
NeverCastejv, thanks I'll look over that01:21
kowand people get banned in the forum for asking questions01:21
actionparsnipbjegovic: moan at your video chip brand, if they support linux better then it will run better, also native steam is on the way which should make it run nicer01:21
kowcant wait for steam on linux01:22
tensorpuddingthere a few native games for linux, though i think the better ones have been ported also01:22
bjegovici am going to delete linux and install windows, byee01:22
appamajigbihari: I'm asking them to unban you...01:22
thune3ejv: you can run apt-get in simulate mode first if you are worried about what it is going to do. sudo apt-get -s dist-upgrade01:22
arrrghhhbjegovic, basically what everyone has said.  use windows to play games, unless the game specifically supports linux (which is improving)01:22
ejvbjegovic: or do a dual install... lol01:22
biharithanks you sir appamajig01:22
KE1HAbjegovic, that's an option, but not one worth going after in my opinion.01:22
biharinow i wil use codepad01:22
kowarrrghhh, i agree01:22
arrrghhhwait... he's banned?  why did you get banned bihari01:22
appamajigbihari: they may not do it... but you never know01:22
ejvthans thune301:22
bjegovici just wanna play cs01:23
kowwindows is only useful for games01:23
appamajigbihari: btw I told them that you promise not to spam again...01:23
kowthen use it in windows01:23
biharii have not used codepad.org01:23
arrrghhhbjegovic, so boot windows.01:23
=== pepee_ is now known as pepee
bjegovicok byee01:23
biharii pasted my problem in main room01:23
=== downstream is now known as Guest75603
sanderIs asound used by default in ubuntu 10.04 ?01:23
sundokohibernate ubuntu to long01:23
arrrghhhbihari, you didn't use pastebin?  well there's your problem right there.01:23
KE1HAkow, Ditto, what he said, but Linux is getting there, Playonlinux has come a long way for games.01:23
cablophibernate is failing in my ubuntu :(01:23
sundokohibernate ubuntu to long01:23
bihariYah coz i am new user arrrghhh01:23
kowi have yet to use playonlinux01:24
hiexpothune3,  it was weird it only did this on that one folder  > but if i opened that folder all files on the usb would be switched to read only file system01:24
bihariso i dont know about the codepad01:24
kowis it worth checking out?01:24
appamajigbihari: they asked if you learned the lesson of reading error messages...01:24
arrrghhhbihari, or pastebin?  you're a programmer!?!?!?01:24
bihariNops i am just a student arrrghhh01:24
arrrghhhkow, basically customized WINE stuff.  just like cedega or any of the others.01:24
appamajigbihari: bah, leave him alone, we're all newbs at some point :P01:24
sundokohibernate ubuntu to long, fix please01:24
psilo2Why does aptitude want to remove mysql-server when I ask it to remove libdspam-drv-mysql?  Obviously mysql does not depend on dspam.01:24
biharibut i want to be a programmer01:24
thune3hiexpo: my guess is in line with your initial suspicion, that the filesystem error is with that directory or its contents01:25
appamajigwhoops that wasn't supposed to be directed at you bihari01:25
arrrghhhbihari, you need to do some reading before you jump in chat rooms my friend.01:25
arrrghhhLOTS of reading.01:25
kowarrrghhh, i havent messed around with wine tbh01:25
kowive used it to run a couple .exe's but that is it01:25
arrrghhhkow, really?  i haven't much either, i don't see the point.  it's cool, but buggy.01:25
kowhavent installed anything in it01:25
bihariwell i have some problem with my programe01:25
bihariso i just go there to learn C and rectify my problem01:25
cablopi'm willing to cry/..... there are tooo many things not ready in my ubuntu box!01:26
arrrghhhbihari, well that program didn't just materialize, did it?01:26
webchatwhy does cat /proc/cpuinfo report 2.6ghz under load even though my cpu is overclocked to 3.2ghz?01:26
KE1HAWine has its uses, but I find in most things that I really "Need", I can find an equal and most oftern better native Linux Application.01:26
neil_dI am having trouble with a script... it uses the scp command... with run via a desktop icon using 'sudo <script>' I get the output from scp.... when I run using 'gksudo <script>' (preferred) I get no output from scp... but the file is copied... I would like to see the output... how can I do this?01:26
tensorpuddingThere's some exe's running my system right now, but not in wine01:26
bihariarrrghhh,  dont know sir :-s01:26
carlos_eduardoj #ubuntu-br01:26
arrrghhhwebchat, how are you oc'ing it?01:26
biharilook i have question why its says time out  in 2 line01:27
webchatarrrghhh: fsb increase, it shows 3.2ghz under both bios and cpu-z under windows01:27
webchatso, the value is simply incorrect?01:27
KE1HAneil_d, have the script output its action to a logfile.tst or somethign.01:27
kowis it worth it to upgrade to 10.10, or should i just stay at 10.04?01:27
hiexpothune3, scared me lol it's what i have all my apps and stuff backed up on   > so i went and gotta another one today for a second backup     ppppppppppfffffff01:27
SubCoolhey- im setting up a VPN, Does that make the IP of my box perminate to that IP, or do i have a LAN Ip and a VPN Ip?01:27
webchati guess the os can only change the stepping for power saving, so not an issue01:27
arrrghhhwebchat, perhaps.  i'm not sure what that value reads tbh.01:27
LantiziaAnyone know what the max length a unix username can be?01:27
psilo2SubCool: both.  boxes don't have IPs, interfaces have IPs.01:27
kowLantizia, is it 12?01:27
SubCoolpsilo2, right, but i only have one eth on it01:27
webchatarrrghhh: well, my cpu can't even be set to 2.6ghz under the current fsb01:27
KE1HAkow, if you dont mind testing and bug hunting 10.10 will be ok, but with anythign, if stability and performance are key factors, upgrades are always a risk.01:28
psilo2SubCool: virtual interfaces included01:28
Lantiziakow, I don't know - is it?01:28
arrrghhhwebchat, what is the chip clocked at from the factory?01:28
k0shLantizia: i think pam defines it somwhere01:28
psilo2SubCool: you'll have eth0 (probably LAN) and some vpn interface as well, even if both use the same physical NIC.01:28
SubCoolworks- ok. thanks. thats what i thought, but... alot of what i have learned with networking dosnt work the right way.01:28
webchatarrrghhh: 2.6ghz, so I guess it's reading hardware strings rather than actual clock speed01:28
SubCoolgreat- thanks. just needed a reminder01:28
kowKE1HA, well, im always using alphas, but i really have my desktop configured the way i like it, and im starting school soon, and dont want to mess with ti really01:29
bihariarrrghhh,   i cant see the output on my gcc01:29
webchatarrrghhh: dmesg says [    0.000000] Detected 3218.389 MHz processor.01:29
Lantiziak0sh, where do I look for that?01:29
neil_dKE1HA: but I still won't see the output of scp then.01:29
=== cylence is now known as cylence|away
KE1HAkow, that's the beauty of Virtual Desktops, have the best of both worlds.01:29
arrrghhhwebchat, there you go.01:29
kowKE1HA, true01:29
webchatarrrghhh: then [    1.195928] powernow-k8:    0 : pstate 0 (2600 MHz)01:29
=== spyrosebastos is now known as spyrosebastos_
kowi think im just gonna stay on 10.0401:29
=== spyrosebastos_ is now known as spyrosebastos
kowis there a release date for 10.10?01:30
arrrghhhbihari, first that page isn't loading.  second, this is not a c discussion room.01:30
arrrghhhkow, it's every 6 months, so october.01:30
kowarrrghhh, k01:30
biharii am just 18 yer old . so plz  help me in learning :((01:30
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:30
arrrghhhi think they bumped this one back a couple of weeks from normal from the plan.01:30
arrrghhhbihari, quit making excuses.01:30
biharii am noob :((01:30
kowi was just wondering if there was a date yet, but i doubt it01:31
KE1HAneil_d, it will be in the log file, but not displaied on the screen unless you do something like: tail -f scplogfile.txt  or somethign similar whuile it's happening.01:31
arrrghhhbihari, i started programming at 6 years old.  why are you still making excuses?01:31
arrrghhhkow, there's always a date :D01:31
biharii am not making a excuses sir but :(01:31
webchatbihari: go learn python..01:32
bihari i have curosity to lean c01:32
* kow glares at arrrghhh01:32
psilo2Please, I'm stuck: why does aptitude want to remove mysql-server when I ask it to remove libdspam-drv-mysql?  Obviously mysql does not depend on dspam.  I need to reinstall the dspam package to get default config files.01:32
biharino 1st c then after any programe01:32
KE1HAits a good thing Im not a programmer, my typing is terrible, talk about a Bug Hunt exercise :-)01:32
arrrghhhkow, lol gimmie a sec.01:32
thune3webchat: are you looking at "cpu MHz" entry in /proc/cpuinfo or the "model name"?01:32
nixboxmy sound works with all apps except with firefox on youtube, i have the flash plugin installed, what could be the problem?01:32
arrrghhhbihari, then buy some books, read documentation online, don't go bugging people in a chat room that has nothing to do with C!01:32
webchatcpu MHz01:33
brianlI am running ubuntu, is there a way to install another os on a different partition from an .iso i have, without burning it to a cd?01:33
bihariYes i have book01:33
biharibut i got problem when i run it on GCC01:33
KE1HAbrianl, Safest way is a virtual desktop.01:33
bihariThats why i am here to clearify my problem01:33
arrrghhhbihari, i don't see how that applies to this room....01:33
webchatthune3: I see other people have this issue, the module always assumes fsb of 200mhz apparently01:34
uRockkow, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat-release-schedule.html01:34
mneptokbihari: "run it on GCC?"01:34
brianlKE1HA: there is no way to install from iso without the cd?01:34
kowthanks uRock01:34
* mneptok had no idea you could use a C compiler as an OS01:34
psilo2He is either trolling or completely dense, either way that program's not going to compile anytime soon.  Let's all focus on my issue :)01:34
Lantiziak0sh, well I just tried to make a user called a23456789012345678901234567890123 and it failed01:34
Craig_DemYes. Put it on a USB.01:34
Craig_DemOr use a network boot.01:35
Lantiziak0sh, but a2345678901234567890123456789012 worked - so it must be 3201:35
arrrghhhkow, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat-release-schedule.html01:35
KE1HAbrianl, yes, but you risk your primnary installation, if you willing to take that risk, and are comfortable with doing so, no problem.01:35
arrrghhhkow, i told you it has a date!01:35
kowarrrghhh, looks like uRock beat you to it01:35
little-boy /msg nickserv register password email01:35
arrrghhhoct 28.01:35
arrrghhhkow, der, i was so busy lookin for it i didn't notice.  bwhahaha01:35
brianlKE1HA: okay, so how do i go about installing it from the iso file?01:35
kowso expect it around halloween...01:35
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=== cylence|away is now known as cylence
kowanyone else have massive issues with flash in 64 bit?01:36
nixboxbihari: lol, you never increment i, so of course the while loop will run endlessly :P01:36
arrrghhhkow, they're pretty good about releasing on that day for better or worse... which can cause issues, but it usually doesn't cause show-stopping ones.01:36
arrrghhhkow, 64-bit flash was a very, very recent development from adobe.  you used to have to run 32-bit libraries of your browser to get flash to work...01:37
psilo2nixbox: everyone is (rightly) telling him he's in the wrong channel, don't encourage the guy01:37
KE1HAbrianl, You use the live-CD and setup partitions for multiple distos.01:37
webchatarrrghhh: but it has no gpu acceleration?01:37
webchatat least in my experience01:37
uRocklittle-boy, do that on freenode01:37
little-boy /msg nickserv register 460021  an0nym0us.g33k@yahoo.com01:37
webchatfull-screen 720p flash video stutters..01:37
arrrghhhwebchat, what.01:37
nixboxpsilo2: sorry for that, just gave him a hint, won't do more :P01:37
kowwell i have flash working, its just i cant use the mouse half the time in youtube and other stuff01:37
arrrghhhyea, flash sucks on linux in general, imho.  sorry, it just _does_01:37
little-boyops !01:38
kowi have to use the keyboard shortcuts01:38
KE1HAbrianl, here's setup for doing the pre-partitioning: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/installation-guide/i386/non-debian-partitioning.html01:38
nixboxbihari: join ##c01:38
actionparsniplittle-boy: you may want to register outside any channel to avoid that01:38
kowbut i installed opera today, and it works completely awesome01:38
webchatyep, death to adobe...01:38
webchatbut opera isn't foss!01:38
macolittle-boy: also probably not use an all-numeric password...01:38
webchatit's corporate proprietary evilness!01:38
KE1HAbrianl, if you've already used the entier Hard-Disk, then you'll need to re-partition a portion of the drive to allow for the additional distro's01:38
psilo2opera mini goes through opera proxy servers, no option to bypass them.  That's when I decided Opera is evil.01:39
psilo2I will never use it.01:39
arrrghhhchrome on linux is pretty sweet too :D01:39
brianlKE1HA: Okay, thanks.01:39
actionparsnipwebchat: if it performs the job it is intended to do and better than other tested options, then why not use it?01:39
webchatactionparsnip: what does?01:39
kowchrome doesnt have perfect flash though01:39
arrrghhhpsilo2, yea... but that's why the mobile browsing experience is so good.  sad.01:39
arrrghhhkow, not chrome's problem... again, goes back to flash!01:40
kowim only using opera for youtube and flash things01:40
kowi know01:40
actionparsnipwebchat: if the user sees opera as the ideal choice for their situation s/he should use it as it suits their needs01:40
arrrghhhopera works well for you with flash?  huh.  damn presto engine.01:40
infomomoHey guys, is the search in nautilus still broken. i am having a lot of trouble searching for files using nautilus search01:40
webchatactionparsnip: of course, it was a tongue-in-cheek remark01:40
actionparsnipkow: opera is fine, the fact that it is devloped to run native on linux is a step in the right direction01:40
kowi use chromuim quite often, but i need to find out how to use userscripts01:40
actionparsnipwebchat: i see :)01:40
Craig_DemSince when did any linux anything have perfect flash.01:40
KE1HAarrrghhh, no mater which Browser you pick, there's issues, it's a compromise on what matters most to the user.01:41
arrrghhhCraig_Dem, evidently opera haha.01:41
arrrghhhKE1HA, agreed... did i say something racist?  or browerist?01:41
Craig_DemI use chrome for linux and on my mac.01:41
KE1HAand that's not a Linux Issue, it's a Browser issue.01:41
arrrghhhKE1HA, what, flash?01:41
=== cylence is now known as cylence|away
actionparsnipkow: arora is decent too, and fast. although chrome/ium's pre dns thing is niiice01:41
kowCraig_Dem, flash is running perfectly in opera, for me anyways01:42
lucenutSo I have my ubuntu machine on the local network. I can ping it's IP from the other machines. But I can't access the shared drive on the ubuntu from windows machines.01:42
webchathrm, does anybody else hate when /overly/-insideous foss-endorsing corporations ban you from creating derivatives of their trademark/logo?01:42
KE1HAarrrghhh, No, not at all, just no matter which one I've used in the past, Ive hit problems somwhere, so I pick the one I like best and live with the compromise.01:42
lucenutI went into sharing options on a folder on ubuntu. And it told me it had to install some windows pack...01:42
actionparsniplucenut: have you shared folders? You can't share drives01:42
Mr_Sonomalucenut, have samba installed?01:42
rwwwebchat: Feel free to ask #ubuntu-offtopic ;P01:42
arrrghhhKE1HA, i just end up using them all, sometimes in the same session.  same goes for windoes.01:42
lucenutSo I did that, then it let me check "Share this folder"01:43
ZandreBranHi guys. please, I'm using pbbuilder, it compiles, but the deb just go to the documentation. Please could you help me?01:43
Craig_DemI've never liked opera, I used it for a short time when it was the fastest browser. Bunk just prefer chrome's minimalism.01:43
arrrghhhlucenut, samba?01:43
lucenutI didn't install Samba.01:43
Craig_DemBut I*01:43
KE1HAarrrghhh, rogetr that, same here.01:43
actionparsniplucenut: ok, is the windows machine windows 7?01:43
hiexpodeb file will tell you the problem dependencies01:43
actionparsniplucenut: guess how I knew :)01:43
KE1HAEvening actionparsnip01:43
webchatrww: sorry, I just hate "we love user freedom", "but you're not free to use our brand!"01:43
kowCraig_Dem, opera is way faster for me then chromium, but userscripts are slow to load01:44
lucenutWhen I try to hit \\\ it asks for username/pw.01:44
rwwwebchat: I'm not overly fond of it either, but it's offtopic for this channel.01:44
kowbut that may be my hdd01:44
psilo2arrrghhh: I'm not 100% convinced their proxy servers help THAT much -- and it should still be configurable.  I mean, if the proxies are that great, I could just run my own.01:44
actionparsniplucenut: you must run: sudo smbpasswd -a $USER    set the password to the same as the login password of $USER01:44
lucenutHow did you know?01:44
webchatrww: ok, sorry01:44
lucenutSet what password?01:44
actionparsniplucenut: Win7 operates samba differently for some reason so you must use samba authentication.01:44
arrrghhhpsilo2, i agree it should be configurable.  but on my phone, nothing even comes close to opera.  skyfire is OK, but still not as good (and I think they use the same proxy method as well...)01:44
infomomoAny of you guys experiencing problems with Nautilus SEARCH ???01:44
actionparsniplucenut: the command will make a samba user under the same accountname as your current user01:44
jguzikowskihey guys, this may seem like a silly question..but does ubuntu support yahoo games? like is ther anything ill need to install to play it01:45
psilo2arrrghhh: I only have a blackberry and opera is awful on it (like every other browser) so I can't speak for sure.01:45
actionparsnipjguzikowski: if you have java installed, sure01:45
kowjguzikowski, java01:45
arrrghhhjguzikowski, probably not.  try it out on a live cd.01:45
KE1HAWith Samba, you always have to have at least one User/PW combination to enact shares of any kind.01:45
arrrghhhpsilo2, ah.  i have a winmo phone that i run android on as well, and opera is still the best of all of 'em.01:45
actionparsnipKE1HA: hey dude01:45
kunjiHey everyone, does anyone know how well, if at all, the Mimo 720-F works with linux?  Info here, http://www.mimomonitors.com/products/mimo-720-f-flex-screen-mountable-touchscreen-usb-monitor  There are no official linux drivers for it, so if anyone knows if it works anyways or what needs to be done to make it work, that would be pretty awesome.01:45
jguzikowskiactionparsnip: is java a bitch to install? i think i may have it but not sure01:45
psilo2arrrghhh: I think the bottleneck on mobile is still very much the wireless connection, and not internet latencies, so I must conclude that a caching proxy isn't going to help much at all.01:46
psilo2arrrghhh: I really think they're just after some data mining.01:46
actionparsnipinfomomo: not used it, I use find ni terminal01:46
IdleOne!language | jguzikowski01:46
ubottujguzikowski: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:46
hiexpojava easy01:46
=== mawst is now known as Ignatius
actionparsnipjguzikowski: I'll assume lucid: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-install-sun-java-runtime-environment-jre-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html01:46
arrrghhhpsilo2, PIE (pocket internet exploder) is just absolutely abysmal, and fennec doesn't run on it yet.01:46
jguzikowskiIdleOne, sorry about that01:46
arrrghhhpsilo2, so i really don't have a good comparison.01:46
lucenutWoohoo! That did it. Thanks guys!01:46
infomomoactionparsnip: thx bro01:46
kowjguzikowski, just install restricted extas01:46
KE1HAjguzikowski, online command, or use the package manager, its a snap.01:47
KE1HAoops one line command .. .. ..01:47
jguzikowskiah, package manager <301:47
infomomoactionparsnip: i like using the search option in nautilus01:47
infomomoactionparsnip: but it does not work01:47
psilo2arrrghhh: I guess I will get an android phone soon.  The way the manufacturers are locking them down is really discouraging though.01:47
jguzikowskiThanks for the quick answers guys! :)01:48
arrrghhhpsilo2, yea, XDA always seems to find ways around it tho.  the "unhackable" droid X took about a week to get an SPL for.01:48
KE1HAAndroid Rocks!! much better that the Evil I  .. but that's way off topic :-)  sri01:48
actionparsnipinfomomo: i've heard if you select 'computer' as the search start place, it borks. Try choosing a folder and searching. You can always install beagle or somesuch01:48
zakin i need help to how to se wine01:48
arrrghhhyea.. sorry for the off topic01:48
psilo2arrrghhh: they're pulling an apple: "hey thanks foss movement for the internet and the operating systems! good stuff! now we're going to not learn ANYTHING from them and lock everything down, enjoy!" uigh01:48
infomomoactionparsnip: i will install beagle01:48
actionparsnipKE1HA: +1 for android01:48
arrrghhhi still want some help with rtorrent :D01:48
IdleOne!ot | psilo201:48
ubottupsilo2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:48
kowyou know, this is my first time in this channel, and everyone seems pretty cool guys, just letting you know01:48
actionparsnipjguzikowski: can always use apt-get in cli if you know the package names01:48
webchatKE1HA: but does it have Qt?01:48
arrrghhhpsilo2, it's the manufacturers, not google/android...01:48
arrrghhhbut i will stop with that.01:49
psilo2arrrghhh: right01:49
macoarrrghhh, psilo2: um a bit offtopic folks01:49
arrrghhhi'll join the off-topic room.01:49
IdleOnearrrghhh psilo2 I bet you could find a few people in #ubuntu-offtopic who would be interested in that convo01:49
psilo2I hate to repeat, but I am entirely confused about why aptitude's dependencies are all screwed up.01:49
ikhiderAnyone know how to get Ubuntu to recognize a wifi card? Damn Small Linux can list it on lspci, but not Ubuntu--any ideas?01:49
arrrghhhand still pander for rtorrent help here :D01:49
arrrghhhIdleOne, i get the point, it's done.01:49
psilo2IdleOne: yes we got the message after the first three people said it01:49
psilo2hi5 arrrghhh01:50
KE1HAwebchat, does what have Qt ?01:50
webchatis there a reason systeam tray balloon notifications in qt applications aren't redirected to notify-osd?01:51
webchatare the balloons Qt-specific, or a feature of gnome?01:51
KE1HAwebchat, pass, dont know that one.01:51
IdleOnearrrghhh psilo2 sorry I should of added a smile to the last sentence. I didn't mean it to sound like I was complaining L)01:52
psilo2why would `aptitude purge libdspam-drv-mysql` want to remove mysql-server?01:52
psilo2It's killing me, stopped my progress dead in tracks.01:52
MBG1987I wont to connect to my work pc  in the company from my home pc using VPN the, both using ubuntu, both behind NAT, How to do it?01:52
arrrghhhwebchat, qt and gnome have never really played well together.  just like kde and gtk+.  they work, but not perfectly.01:52
Dr_Willis!virtualbox > Dr_Willis01:52
ubottuDr_Willis, please see my private message01:52
KE1HAMBG1987, you need your work's VPN client config on your remote machine.01:53
arrrghhhMBG1987, the "easiest" would be something like... crap what is it.  starts with an H.01:53
webchatis there a reason systeam tray balloon notifications in qt applications aren't redirected to notify-osd?01:53
ikhiderHow to get a wifi card detected on ubuntu?01:53
webchatikhider: install the correct proprietary firmware01:54
NeverCastikhider, It should just work01:54
NeverCastikhider, what model?01:54
ikhiderwebchat, PLease explain01:54
NeverCastarrrghhh, Hamachi is win01:54
doctorZeusI've been screwing around with Brasero and having various issues, would like to try a new program to see if I have better luck.  Can anyone recommend their preferred cd/dvd burning software other than brasero that comes stock with ubuntu?01:54
arrrghhhMBG1987, hamachi was the word i was lookin for.01:54
KE1HAikhider, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo01:54
ikhiderNeverCast, HP6515b01:54
arrrghhhNeverCast, lol couldn't think of it there for a min.01:54
IdleOnedoctorZeus: gnomebaker01:54
ikhiderKE1HA, webchat :You see, LSPCI does not list it01:54
NeverCastikhider, That's the Laptop make01:54
arrrghhhwebchat, i explained it but you rudely "closed the page"01:54
NeverCastikhider, What's the wifi card01:54
psilo2doctorZeus: they're all just wrappers around cdrecord.  Try to get that working.01:54
NeverCastarrrghhh, Hamachi is awesome if you can get tun working01:55
webchatarrrghhh: apologies, freenode webchat + firefox doesn't seem to be reliable01:55
psilo2doctorZeus: that's likely where the real issue is.01:55
NeverCastarrrghhh, It's been pretty good for me though01:55
arrrghhhwebchat, qt and gnome have never really played well together.  just like kde and gtk+.  they work, but not perfectly.  and no worries.01:55
KE1HAikhider, then that's a problem. Are you sure the WIFI card is operable?01:55
earthling_I have a Nvidia graphics card and am getting the blank screen, how do I enter the "nomodeset" option at the boot menu?01:55
kowdoctorZeus, make sure you dont have burn virtual disc before actual disk turned on01:55
arrrghhhNeverCast, yea i haven't messed with it in a year or so.01:55
ikhiderKE1HA, yes01:55
MBG1987KE1HA Can you please tell me how to configure that or guise me to the same issue links?01:55
webchatarrrghhh: ic, so gtk apps wouldn't use those balloons?01:55
kowthat is what got me all messed up01:55
NeverCastarrrghhh, I would say join my network01:55
NeverCastarrrghhh, but then you will rape my laptop :P01:56
arrrghhhNeverCast, lol wasn't planning on it!01:56
arrrghhheither of those things... yikes!01:56
KE1HAMBG1987,  what issue do you need links for ?01:56
webchatarrrghhh: is there any planned "fix" for better integration?01:56
UbuntusI saw in the Linux web page that there is the Kernel 2.6.35, i have the 2.6.34, how do i update?01:56
doctorZeuspsilo2- I'm on autopilot for the path of least resistance at the moment.. I'd like to try a new program to get me to a vanilla state and if the issue(s) remain I will take a closer look at cdrecord; thanks01:56
KE1HAikhider, if the Card is not being recognized at all, I'd have to research that particular card.01:56
arrrghhhwebchat, uhm... sure?  i'm not sure.  i just know they've never historically played well together.  they're always getting better...01:56
ikhiderKE1HA, Damn Small Linux recognizes it, not ubuntu01:57
arrrghhhUbuntus, it's best to stick with what ubuntu runs.  10.10 will feature that kernel.01:57
Ubuntushm... bummer01:57
macowebchat, arrrghhh: um actually thats changed lately01:57
KE1HAikhider, what card is it?01:57
ikhiderKE1HA, It is a broadcom01:57
webchatarrrghhh: it looks like tray balloon notifications are a Qt creation, gtk apps directly call libnotify01:57
KE1HAModel ?01:57
ikhiderKE1HA, BCM 4312 a/b/g01:57
macowebchat, arrrghhh: ubuntu adopted kde's systray protocol and kde adopted gnome's notification protocol01:57
KE1HAok, hold on.01:58
MBG1987KE1HA did you answer my question above or was somebody else ? :)01:58
arrrghhhmaco, but you can't hardly call it perfect...01:58
webchatmaco: so it's fixed? =-o01:58
KE1HAMBG1987, what was the links you needed, sri I miised it01:58
arrrghhhUbuntus, do you have a need to go to that new kernel?!?01:58
macoarrrghhh, webchat: when you use gnome apps in kde, they get bubbles exactly the same as kde ones. when you use kde i apps in gnome, i believe the same thing happens. throughout 10.04 and 10.10 devel cycles apps' tray stuff has been being converted over to make menus on tray items work the same too01:58
Ubuntuswhen i upgrade to 10.10 do all my problems gonna resolve? like, no sound icon in Gnom panel, dummy sound  output, no eth0 detected...01:58
dooglushi guys.  I recently installed linux on my granny's laptop because she kept getting spyware in windows.  now she has somehow managed to get 'mywebsearch' as her default firefox search01:58
MBG1987KE1HA I want to connect to my work pc  in the company from my home pc using VPN the, both using ubuntu, both behind NAT, How to do it?01:59
dooglushow did that happen?  she won't have meant to do it01:59
laurusdooglus, do you mean you installed the Linux kernel, or the GNU/Linux OS?01:59
doogluslaurus: I installed ubuntu 10.0401:59
dooglusthat's what I mean01:59
laurusAh okay01:59
ikhiderI tried so many distributions--to get Linux working all the way is such a rarity01:59
arrrghhhUbuntus, no, do you think all those things will magically be solved with this new kernel tho?!?01:59
KE1HAMBG1987, yes I answered, you need the clint you comapny uses normally, and get Linux equalevent (if possible), else, no joy Im affraid.02:00
webchatmaco: when I call http://doc.trolltech.com/4.6/qsystemtrayicon.html#showMessage in lucid, I get a balloon like http://doc.trolltech.com/4.6/images/system-tray.png :(02:00
dooglusmy question is, how does the mywebsearch malware trick my granny into installing itself on ubuntu?02:00
ikhiderThere is *always* an issue with Linux--if it is not wifi, it is audio or the graphics card or whatever02:00
laurusDoes anyone here know how to view .idx and .sub files?02:00
macodooglus: if you right click the search thingy on firefox you can change the default02:00
doogluslaurus: I use mplayer-nogui02:00
arrrghhhMBG1987, i also answered, use hamachi unless you want to use the company vpn.02:00
Ubuntusarrrghhh: well, that would be cool02:00
laurusdooglus, no, I mean like, view them as a list or a document02:00
laurusNot inside the movie itself02:00
arrrghhhUbuntus, i'm sure it would.  get to coding, all the source is there!02:00
dooglusmaco: I know how to fix it.  what I don't know is how it sneaked onto the computer.  I'd like to stop it happening again02:00
katoendooglus: perhaps its a firefox 'addon'02:01
KE1HAikhider, you need to use the ndiswrapper approach like I do for my Linksys Wirelss Nics.02:01
macowebchat: ive never seen anything like that in kde... the bubbles attach to the panel in kde 4.4 and 4.5 (earlier versions they could go in the middle of the screen too i think)02:01
doogluslaurus: .sub files are plain text.  you can use any text editor02:01
Ubuntusarrrghhh: i follow some advice from a guy here, about reseting the Gnome panel, and nothing happened02:01
doogluskatoen: there's no addon02:01
laurusdooglus, no, they're images, not plain text02:01
ikhiderKE1HA, If the card is not detected at all by LSPCI, how does one do an ndiswrapper approach?02:01
KE1HAikhider, See if this Helps: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff#Step%201:%20All%20BCM43xx%20-%20Install%20NDISWrapper%20and%20Blacklist%20Native%20Driver02:01
Dr_WillisUbuntus:  you mean the following?02:01
laurus.idx/.sub is vobsub, i.e. ripped from DVD02:01
Dr_Willis!resetpanel  | Ubuntus02:01
webchatmaco: ic, I guess that requires calling kde libs directly.. not cross-platform with windows etc02:01
ubottuUbuntus: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:01
katoendooglus: are you sure its because of malware? couldn't she simply have accidentally changed teh homepage02:01
MBG1987arrrghhh What's hamachi ? can i use openVPN02:01
arrrghhhUbuntus, uh.  ok?02:01
KE1HAI know it's for Fiesty, but the process is the same.02:01
macodooglus: when you visit a site that has its own search engine available, the search menu offers to add it to the list (click on the icon for the current search and see the drop down... there'll be one at the bottom of the list if youre on certain sites... ilke youtube does it i think).  she probably hit it not knowing what it was02:02
macowebchat: yes probably02:02
Dr_WillisUbuntus:  clarify what its not doing. that command does work fine for me and most people02:02
arrrghhhMBG1987, you can use whatever you want.  really depends on what your company allows.  my company, that would not fly.02:02
webchatmaco: so i'm stuck with fugly balloons  if I want to support kde/gnome/windows :(02:02
doogluskatoen: the home page didn't change.  what changed is the 'about:config' setting that tells it where to go when you type random words (not a URL) into the address bar02:02
macowebchat: quassel supports pure-qt and kde02:02
KE1HAYou install ndiswrapper-common and utils, then install the driver.sys / .ini file, then modprobe the driver to the kernel.02:02
doogluskatoen: she didn't change that manaully02:02
macowebchat: its a compile-time option in quassel02:02
webchatmaco: ic, I guess i could do that02:02
arrrghhhwebchat, or just run kde haha :P02:02
macowebchat: also, there IS kde for windows02:02
UbuntusDr_Willis: restoring the sound icon in thnome desktop02:03
arrrghhhmaco, they're doing a native port right?  how's the progress on that?02:03
macoarrrghhh: i dont know. i dont use windows except at work where im not admin02:03
UbuntusBut, whatever, who needs sound anyway.....?02:03
arrrghhhUbuntus, i don't.  ubuntu is a server for me.  everyone has their own needs.02:03
KE1HALOL  sound and video drivers are always testy in Linux. Once that's smoothed out, look out WinDoze.02:04
dooglusmaco: the default search in the search box is still google.  it's the "when you type a bad URL" search that was damaged02:04
macoUbuntus: um if you dont have a sound applet but you do have a notification area, that sounds like pulseaudio's not running. ditto the "dummy sound output" part...02:04
macodooglus: oh. mm dunno then02:04
webchatthe ati catalyst drivers suck, no vsync for desktop :(02:04
arrrghhhdooglus, ah, i had that happen previously with one of my ubuntu systems, and i was baffled as well.  1 sec.02:04
webchatcompiz effects look horrid without vsync..02:04
arrrghhh(my gf managed to get it bungled...)02:04
Ubuntuss there n the terminal too see whats wrong with the system? I am having some LAG.02:05
dooglusarrrghhh: I fixed it.  I just want to stop it happening again02:05
dooglusarrrghhh: I'm surprised that ubuntu lets 'clueless' users mess up their firefox so badly without trying02:05
Ubuntusmaco: yes, i puge the alsa and pulse audio, and then re installed, and still02:05
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arrrghhhdooglus, not ubuntu's fault.  it's a loophole in firefox dude.  install chrome for her, perhaps that's the "fix"...02:06
dooglusarrrghhh: not a bad idea02:06
hiexpoto get bcm4312 working look at this  :) http://dimitar.me/broadcom-wireless-chipset-bcm4311-bcm4312-bcm4321-and-bcm4322-on-ubuntu-karmic/02:06
Jef91What would I need to purchase to use my Ubuntu system as a high def DVR02:06
abhijitGood Morning all :)02:06
=== cylence|away is now known as cylence
dooglusI liked it when I could tell people "switch to ubuntu to avoid all this malware".  seems that's no longer 100% true02:06
abhijitits 6:45 AM here :) First time this much earlier I am online :)02:07
psilo2ikhider: hw manufacturers don't always target linux.  The easiest path is, if you want to run linux, shop for parts that already have good support.  This is good for you, and encourages manufacturers to provide good linux drivers at the same time.02:07
arrrghhhi have all the "major" browsers installed, because every rendering engine produces slightly different results depending on the page.02:07
Ubuntuswhat causes lag?02:07
Ubuntusin the whole system?02:07
arrrghhhdooglus, well you still can.  it just took over a search feature in firefox, much better than a BSOD don't you agree?02:07
Jef91Ubuntus Slow system?02:07
arrrghhhUbuntus, several factors.  unoptimized drivers.  bad hardware.  misbehaving software.02:07
arrrghhhsooo many other things.02:08
j-fishI'm installing ubuntu for the first time,and i think it stuck,the progress bar reached 100% dissappered and now i just see the background picture.shall i keep waiting(its like this for at least 10 minutes)02:08
UbuntusJust ihe drivers, whats a good command in the terminal to update?02:08
macoUbuntus: drivers are part of the kernel02:08
UbuntusYou see, not even the words02:08
arrrghhhj-fish, do you have a hdd light or a CD activity light?02:08
macoUbuntus: some CPUs automatically slow down if they are overheating. check there's no dust in your heatsink/fan?02:08
actionparsnipj-fish: did you MD5 test the iso you downloaded? Did you check the CD for defects?02:08
KE1HAUbuntus, I had a "slow system" after a 10.04 install, was actually the setu CPU speed.02:08
Mr_Sonomaj-fish, i'd wait a bit and see what it does.02:09
UbuntusThats why i want the most recent kernel02:09
arrrghhhUbuntus, that's not going to solve your problems.  likely to just create a ton more.02:09
UbuntusKEIHA: how did you fix it?02:09
j-fishomg,i think i disconnected the disk on key:/02:09
actionparsniparrrghhh: it'll solve some but create different ones02:09
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bjegoviccan i play cs 1.6 via virtualbox ?????02:10
arrrghhhactionparsnip, either way.  it'll probably wreak more havoc being my point.02:10
kowbjegovic, prolly not02:10
Dr_Willisbjegovic:  for games. one normally uses 'wine'02:10
UbuntusWhy distros so unstable?02:10
Dr_WillisUbuntus:  i find it very stable.02:10
j-fishis there anyway to resume the installation or just restarting?02:10
KE1HATook three steps, havce to remove two packages, install utils and set the performance level. Changeds the CPU speed from 800MHZ back to 1.8Ghz wehre is should have been.02:10
arrrghhhbjegovic, please just run windows for games...02:10
katoenbjegovic is a troll02:10
bjegovicok, too bad grafic is when i use wine02:10
arrrghhhUbuntus, i do as well.02:10
Ubuntuswell, you must only use Wordstar02:10
hiexpowhat distro unstable  ?02:10
bjegovici dont have windows02:10
UbuntusI use 3d modeling02:10
macoUbuntus: constantly changing kernel versions is rather opposite of "stable"...02:10
Dr_WillisUbuntus:  if you want a newer kernel . try the next release thats in testing.02:10
Dr_WillisUbuntus:  please lose the attitude.02:11
doctorZeusIdleOne: gnomebaker is awesome.. much, much, much more intuitive and easy to use than brasero that ships with Ubuntu.  thanks02:11
bjegovici dont have windows02:11
arrrghhhbjegovic, then play games that are native to linux.02:11
UbuntusExcusme, i am a little....mad, Ubuntu issues02:11
bjegovici wanna play cs 1,602:11
KE1HAI ahve the three / four steps on my other laptop. WIll be on it tomorrow.02:11
kgillesany one know how to get microsoft media server protocol on latest ubuntu or any other substitute to play media on ubuntu02:11
Dr_Willisbjegovic:  steam is suipposed to be getting released for linux. some time :)02:11
arrrghhhbjegovic, then you must have windows, because that's what it is designed for.02:11
Dr_Willisbjegovic:  you did check the wine appdatabase for that game?02:12
actionparsniparrrghhh: totally, every OS sucks. Just differently :)02:12
arrrghhhDr_Willis, the steam client, or all the games as well?02:12
bjegovicyes i checked02:12
neutralrobotboyi get an error message on ubuntu 10.04 when i try to hibernate. it tells me that there's a bad swap header? is anyone able to help me with this issue?02:12
Dr_Willisarrrghhh:  i doubt if it will be ALL the games..02:12
actionparsnipbjegovic: also ask in #winehq02:12
rewatihi i need to uninstall these gostwares but i am getting error . I am not able to install and uninstall any app on my system these are the errors : http://pastebin.com/R0XkbY2A02:12
arrrghhhDr_Willis, lol well some of the cool ones at least like L4D?02:12
bjegovici asked and thatr is all i have02:12
Dr_Willisarrrghhh:  not ALL the games are released for OS-X yet either.02:12
Dr_Willisarrrghhh:  no idea.  I imagine eventually  many of them will get ported.02:12
katoenbjegovic: you must stop shouting02:12
bjegovicsry for caps02:12
arrrghhhbjegovic, please use windows.02:13
Dr_Willisbjegovic:  we cant really help if the game dosetn work in wine.. we cant make it work.02:13
bjegovici dont have win02:13
arrrghhhDr_Willis, sorry, it's off topic.  no worries, i'll research it.02:13
bjegovicoh my god02:13
hiexpogames maybe this  http://news.softpedia.com/news/CrossOver-9-1-0-and-CrossOver-Games-9-1-0-Available-Now-149589.shtml02:13
kgillesany substitute  for microsoft media server plugi for ubuntu to play media , please help02:13
Dr_Willisarrrghhh:  I would be happy if the major games by valve got ported, that would be a big boost for linux02:13
bjegoviccs is my drog02:13
bjegovicplease help me i cant without it02:13
arrrghhhit would indeed sir.02:13
katoenbjegovic: stop trolling02:13
twobitspriteCan someone list any guides for setting up ubuntu to use a broadcom BCM4311 wireless card... google only gives me forum posts from 200802:13
Dr_Willisbjegovic:  time to grow up? or move to #ubuntu-offtopic then.02:13
xanguakgilles: have you already installed restrcited-extras¿02:14
arrrghhhkgilles, what do you need to do?  play some music?  there's a ton of programs.02:14
katoenbjegovic: stop it02:14
kgillesyes i did02:14
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hiexpotwobitsprite,  one sec02:14
twobitspritehiexpo: thanks :)02:14
bjegovici am craizy without cs 1.602:14
kgillesi need to listen to national radio02:14
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neutralrobotboyis there perhaps some script or utility that can help me debug this issue? or is there some standard procedure for figuring this out? i'm no linux guru and may be missing something obvious.02:14
Dr_Williskgilles:  tjheres a neat program (an adobe air app) called Antenna that works very good as  a world-wide radio. :)02:15
bjegovici wanna play cs... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa02:15
kgillesok Dr_willies. let me try that, cheers02:15
actionparsniprewati: you can move the .postrm file for each package in /var/lib/dpkg/info/  then  run: sudo apt-get auto-remove02:15
bjegovici dont have itt02:15
arrrghhhugh i wish i could kick him.02:15
bjegovickick me in my face02:16
kowwell then it looks like you are sol02:16
arrrghhhbjegovic, well this is #ubuntu, so unless you have something to talk about related to that then please leave!02:16
actionparsniprewati: or run: sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq packagename02:16
KE1HAisnt' there an ops bot call for that?02:16
* arrrghhh kicks bjegovic in the face.02:16
* twobitsprite loves /ignore02:16
actionparsnipbjegovic: the guys ni #winehq will help you02:16
katoenapt-get remove --purge bjegovic02:16
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arrrghhhjust doesn't have the same effect.  if only i could punch someone over standard tcp/ip i'd be loaded.  and twobitsprite is a GENIUS!02:16
rewatiactionparsnip: in above two method which one shud i use02:16
rokyhello everyone02:17
macoarrrghhh: oy, no violence02:17
maco!patience | bjegovic02:17
maco!wine | bjegovic02:17
ubottubjegovic: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:17
ubottubjegovic: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:17
neutralrobotboyhmm... so i guess nobody can point me in the right direction? is more information needed?02:17
wakko10warnerMy XWindows in the latest version of Ubuntu freezes after a few minutes of use forcing me to do a hard reboot. How do I fix this?02:17
wakko10warnerIt was fine about a week ago ...02:17
twobitspritehiexpo: any luck?02:17
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, have you tried rebooting?   this happens every time you try to hibernate?02:17
wakko10warnerThe screen just locks in place , and the keybord stops working.02:18
maconeutralrobotboy: swap is the partition where the overflow from memory goes and where you hibernate. if its not large enough to hold everything thats currently in there + everything thats in ram, hibernate will fail02:18
katoenwakko10warner: did you check logs? can you log on to your system from another computer (install / enable sshd)02:18
arrrghhhwakko10warner, get any kernel updates or anything big \recently?02:18
zahow do i change ownership of a whole directory02:18
wakko10warneryes I always update arrrghhh02:18
KE1HAarrrghhh, I found some info on preceved hibernate bugs today, not yet validated.02:18
arrrghhhwakko10warner, sorry katoen probably had a better suggestion :D  check your logs, pastebin them.02:19
hiexpotwobitsprite,  - http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=broadcom02:19
wakko10warnerwhere would by logs be.02:19
macoza: chown -R user dir/02:19
KE1HAza, with chown02:19
wakko10warnerI will do it.02:19
macowakko10warner: /var/log/02:19
macowakko10warner: you'll want /var/log/apt/term.log i think02:19
katoenwakko10warner: /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:19
actionparsniprewati: i'd use the second one, you need to use the package names which are having issues, in the commands02:20
Mr_Sonoma!hi | BlueJae02:20
ubottuBlueJae: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:20
macowakko10warner: oh... my suggestion was for finding out about your updates....02:20
=== cylence|away is now known as cylence
BlueJaeanyone in here know how i may be able to re-adjust the partition sizes on a dual boot?02:20
nerdy_kidhey im looking for a way to change the extension of all the files inside a folder. (they are all .JPGs and i need them to be lower case .jpg to workaround a bug in a program)02:20
hiexpokatoen,  this is no yo > channel this is ubuntu channel02:20
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh: i have tried rebooting. i think i screwed up somewhere in the install. basically, i installed without a swap partition because i have plenty of ram. i didn't realize at the time that hibernate required a swap partition to work (silly me). i think i then mounted a swap file, which enabled hibernate, but caused the error+crash when i tried to use it. i then repartitioned, putting a swap partition an the end of the drive02:20
neutralrobotboy, but the same error occurs.02:20
arrrghhhBlueJae, i'm assuming you don't have any free space?02:20
abhijit!gparted | BlueJae02:20
ubottuBlueJae: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:20
wakko10warnerhttp://pastebin.ca/1910585 <-- my x0rg.o log02:20
BlueJaei do have space02:21
katoenhiexpo: oh02:21
BlueJaebut i want to give linux more02:21
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, how big is the swap?02:21
BlueJaei was able to minimize the windows partition but not the linux one02:21
arrrghhhBlueJae, raw free space.02:21
twobitspritehiexpo: thanks02:21
BlueJaei used gparted02:21
hiexpo^ yep02:21
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh: the partition is about 6 gigs.02:21
arrrghhhBlueJae, then you should be able to allocate that remaining raw free space to your ubuntu partition.02:21
BlueJaenow the space left from shrinking down the windows partition is just sitting there02:22
Mr_SonomaBlueJae, you can't resize a partition that's mounted. reboot into a livecd session to do it02:22
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, your swap is 6gb?  how much RAM do you have?02:22
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh: about 3gb02:22
BlueJaei'm pretty new with linux02:22
arrrghhhMr_Sonoma, d'oh forgot that critical step lol.02:22
Mr_Sonomaarrrghhh, K.I.S.S.02:22
KE1HAAll yu need to do is shrik of of the larger partitions, freeing up space, then reallocate it to swap or whatever you want / need it ti be.02:22
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, that should be more than enough....02:22
katoenwakko10warner: seems ok to me02:22
BlueJaeso there is no way to do it without a live cd since it's mounted02:22
arrrghhhMr_Sonoma, yea, sometimes i forget the little things that make a big difference.  ah well.02:23
abhijitBlueJae, in gparted right click the partition you want to edit and click on unmount and then you can do some actions on it02:23
wakko10warnerhttp://pastebin.ca/1910587 <-- my user.log02:23
Mr_Sonomaarrrghhh,  your not the only one trust me02:23
wakko10warneranyother log you need. My X windows screen seems to freeze02:23
BlueJaei think when i tried that it said it would erase all the data02:23
KE1HAe.g. swap should = RAM size, or in the case of like 512M, I go with 1GB02:23
picard1421i just did apt-get install dwm.. what do i do to start it? is there a config i have to do or is the apt-get do it al lfor me?02:23
arrrghhhBlueJae, basically yes.  if the OS is running the drive has to be mounted.  if you're expanding a drive that the OS is not running on then you can.02:23
BlueJaei think i'll just have to wait till i get home and can run the live cd02:23
wakko10warnercould it be my video driver, it happened when I updated it.02:23
BlueJaei see02:23
Mr_Sonomaabhijit, wont be able to do that on the partition that housing the OS BlueJae is currently using i don't think.02:23
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh: it's giving me some weird error message about a bad swap header. is there a way to pull up that error message from the console?02:23
katoenwakko10warner: my guess is there's something wrong with the driver (nvidia) try the 'nv' driver instead for the time being02:24
hiexpotry sudo dwm02:24
BlueJaei tried earlier on the plane02:24
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, check your logs.  /var/log/messages or syslog.02:24
neutralrobotboyok. one sec02:24
BlueJaeit'll just have to wait02:24
wakko10warnerI will switch.02:24
BlueJaethanks for the help though02:24
rewatiactionparsnip: thanks it worked02:24
KE1HABlueJae, is you can SSH to the machine, fdisk or cfdisk are simple to use tools.02:24
rewatiactionparsnip: thanks a lot cya02:24
arrrghhhMr_Sonoma, that's why you're here tho, to check mah work :D02:25
actionparsniprewati: that sort of thing is one of the MASSIVE weaknesses in package based systems02:25
hiexpoactionparsnip,  ^ :)02:25
arrrghhhhahaha jk02:25
BlueJaer those shell programs?02:25
thomas_Is there an IRC for LIRC?02:25
BlueJaeor commands?02:25
actionparsniprewati: I suggest you run: sudo apt-get -f install     to make sure all is square02:25
Mr_SonomaBlueJae, be sure you back up anything critical. not saying anything bad will happen but there's always a risk of data loss when resizing partitions02:25
rewatiactionparsnip: ok sure02:25
actionparsniprewati: if you get two 0s then its all good02:25
picard1421how do i add DWM to my xinit thing?02:25
KE1HABlueJae, yes, both command line apps.02:25
rewatiactionparsnip: where can i read all this about package management02:26
arrrghhhthomas_ yes, #lirc... but it doesn't look very active.02:26
actionparsniprewati: online02:26
BlueJaeyeah...for now i think i'll still with the gui.02:26
actionparsniprewati: it happens a lot with flash so I just copied the commands but made it smell right for yours02:26
BlueJaemy external and cd rom is at the house.  i'm on the road right now so i'll just wait02:26
KE1HA:-) ... no worries, if your more comfortable with the GUI's especially hen partitioning, best stick with them.02:26
BlueJaefor use02:27
thomas_Yeah, they're quiet in there. I'm having trouble installing a remote... HP TSGI-IR0102:27
thomas_Well, that's the receiver.02:27
thomas_The remote itself is TSGH-IR01.02:27
BlueJaei've been reading about the terminal commands and all the cool stuff you can do but i'm just not quite there yet02:27
BlueJaeshoot...i only keep windows so i can use netflix02:28
arrrghhhthomas_ you may be able to get help here or in #ubuntu-server... but i don't have any experience with it.  i'd like to play with it tho haha02:28
Mr_SonomaBlueJae, don't be scared. cli is where its at :D02:28
BlueJaethats what i keep reading02:28
KE1HALOL... not really needed now, NetFlix and MegaVid are all onle too :-)02:28
abhijit!enter | BlueJae02:28
ubottuBlueJae: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:28
picard1421ok i have a question about DWM.. i just did a basic install and installed xinit... my question is now i have the DWM windows up.. how do i do commands..02:28
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh: one example is from syslog.1: http://pastebin.com/C1GPdysK02:28
KE1HAoops online ..02:28
picard1421i have not configed anything i just used the defaults with apt-get install dwm?????02:28
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, can you give me more before & after?02:29
AvonGenesisAnyone know how to increase the resolution? Ubuntu only allows me to go up to 1280x1024 but i want to go to my monitor's max at 1440x900.02:29
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh: sure. sorry.02:29
neutralrobotboyone sec.02:29
hiexpopicard1421,  man dwm02:30
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, forget it.  quick google turned up this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104294602:30
hiexpoopen terminal type man dwm02:30
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh:  aha! looking.02:30
picard1421currently on my screen i have the DWM pane at hte top of the screen with the 1 selected..??? and a black screen?02:30
thomas_Shall I repeat my question?02:30
katoenthomas_: do that02:30
BlueJaethanks again guys.  later02:31
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, that was the first link on google when i searched "swap header not found"02:31
rodolfohi, do you know how can i use mi ipod touch on linux??02:31
arrrghhhno offense, just sayin!02:31
thomas_I'm having trouble installing a remote... HP TSGI-IR01 (the receiver) The remote itself is TSGH-IR01.02:31
hiexporodolfo,  google is your friend02:31
katoenthomas_: ok, that doesn't ring any bell02:32
picard1421shift alt q wortks just fine...and shift alt P but nothing else?? where is the config file to change stuff?02:32
nerdy_kidhey im looking for a way to change the extension of all the files inside a folder. (they are all .JPGs and i need them to be lower case .jpg to workaround a bug in a program)02:32
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh: no offense taken. if i've been boneheaded, it's my own fault.02:33
KE1HApicard1421, You may find this useful: http://openmindlifestyle.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/howto-compile-and-configure-dwm-tiling-window-manager-on-ubuntu/02:33
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, lol no worries.   we all have our moments.02:33
rodolfoit says that i can install itunes 7.3 on wine02:33
rodolfobut it don't detects the ipod02:33
arrrghhhrodolfo, yea... but it won't be a very good experience.  have you used songbird, rhythmbox or amarok?02:33
arrrghhhrodolfo, ok?02:34
rodolfobut i cannot acces my songs02:34
katoennerdy_kid: for i in *.JPG; do mv -v "$i" $(basename "$i" .JPG).jpg; done02:34
picard1421KE1HA: dont you need xinit installed before that guide?02:34
arrrghhhrodolfo, you need to be more specific.02:34
nUboon2Agerodolfo: isn't itunes 7.3 way old?  Aren't they up to 9.something now?02:34
rodolfoi cannot access my ipod02:34
picard1421where is the config.h stored???02:34
arrrghhhrodolfo, really?  even on songbird?02:34
nUboon2Agerodolfo: which ipod do you have?02:35
arrrghhhrodolfo, did you try songbird...?02:35
nerdy_kidkatoen ah thanks keep forgeting about basename :-|02:35
rodolfolet me see02:35
arrrghhhso... anyone use rtorrent?02:35
katoenarrrghhh: yes02:36
nUboon2Agerodolfo: i've had to work through issues w/ my ipod nano 5Gen, and i've worked with an iphone, but unfortunately i haven't tried an ipod touch yet.02:36
KE1HApicard1421, Oh, yes I would say so, but Im not a DWM expert, just had tht one bookmarked.02:36
picard1421where is the DWM program stored so i can edit that config file?02:36
arrrghhhkatoen, i'm either retarded or confused or both.  i use a watch directory, but now i can't pause/stop torrents.  i understand that's because i'm binding the file, but how else can i use a watch dir and be able to pause/stop torrents temporarily?02:36
abhijitpgadmin gives this error: pgadmin3: relocation error: pgadmin3: symbol _ZN21wxMemoryFSHandlerBase19AddFileWithMimeTypeERK8wxStringPKvmS2_, version WXU_2.8 not defined in file libwx_baseu-2.8.so.0 with link time reference02:36
BrandyHi Guys02:36
picard1421i just did02:37
picard1421apt-get install dw02:37
BrandyHow Can I Back Up my Ubuntu 10.4 so i can restore if anything02:37
arrrghhh!hi | Brandy02:37
jhamboOkular renders many greek characters incorrectly.  For example, the greek lowercase mu shows up instead as a "proportional to" symbol.  Acrobat reader does not have this problem.  Any idea how to fix this??02:37
ubottuBrandy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:37
picard1421i had to config nothing etc..?02:37
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh: hmm... this details how to make hibernate work with swapfiles. what's probably happening is that i still have an active swapfile somewhere. since i have a swap partition, i don't need that anymore. is there a simple way to just turn off the swapfile altogether?02:37
katoenarrrghhh: hm never used the watch-dir functionality in rtorrent, so i guess i can't hep you there02:37
arrrghhhBrandy, what are you backing up to?02:37
katoenarrrghhh: hopefully someone else can comment on that02:37
arrrghhhkatoen, damnit jim!  :P02:37
katoenarrrghhh: also i'm very lazy :-)02:37
Brandyi just installed ubuntu and have put a few apps and a virtual XP for oficce purposes02:38
arrrghhhneutralrobotboy, i'd follow that guide.02:38
nUboon2Agerodolfo: i've also heard good things about Songbird, but i haven't tried it yet (got things working w/ rhythmbox, so I didn't go on to try Songbird yet)02:38
Brandyand need to back up now the way it is now02:38
arrrghhhkatoen, i am as well, which is why i love the watch-dir feature...02:38
=== hannibal is now known as Guest31271
neutralrobotboyarrrghhh:  okie dokey. thanks!02:38
arrrghhhBrandy, yes but what are you backing up to...?  external hdd?  do you have a server you backup to?02:38
BrandyAn Ipod 80 G02:39
KE1HABrandy, is the VIrtual Box on a windows machine, or Linux ?02:39
Brandya winodws i have to use office02:39
Brandyis a requirement at work02:39
arrrghhhBrandy, that's not a suitable backup device... you can use it, but i wouldn't recommend it.02:39
Brandywhy ?02:39
Brandyit wont fit02:39
w1n5tonI have a problem02:39
KE1HAWell, you can use Office on Linux with Playonlinux & Wine, but I would jsut copy the Virtual Directory to a backup location.02:40
nUboon2Agerodolfo: Amarok looked pretty good also if Songbird doesn't work out.  There are so many to choose from its kinda nice.02:40
Mr_Sonomawhat's your problem w1n5ton ?02:40
arrrghhhKE1HA, i think she wants a complete backup of everything... host & guest OS.02:40
Brandyi did but few apps dont work02:40
random314Brandy: An iPod is not meant for general file-storage, something like a flash drive or a USB hard-drive would be ideal.02:40
Brandyneed full usage of office02:40
w1n5tonI just ran the ubuntu updater and now my whole interface looks wierd02:40
xanguaBrandy: there are also openoffice, lotus office, softmaker office (this is of pay)02:40
katoenw1n5ton: weird how?02:40
picard1421anybody.. how do i / what would i do to config DWM02:41
w1n5tonlike the panels are grey instead of black02:41
KE1HAWell, in that case, need a big drive, but at least fer the Virtual Machine, copy the Virtual DIR to a safe location.02:41
Brandyu dont undesrant is a job obligation02:41
rodolfook thanks02:41
nUboon2Agerandom314: Some people really like Banshee too. so that might be a third choice.02:41
Brandyit is wat runs at my work02:41
actionparsnipBrandy: theres also googledocs and zoho02:41
Mr_SonomaBrandy, usb hard drives are excellent.02:41
Brandytrust me i can use any other at home02:41
arrrghhhBrandy, don't worry about the office tips, ignore them.02:41
Brandybut official at work had to be that one02:41
nUboon2Agerodolfo:  Some people really like Banshee too. so that might be a third choice.02:41
KE1HAsri, didnt mean to confuse the issue :-)02:41
arrrghhhlet's focus on your backups... do you want everything backed up... guest OS and host as well, or just your windows vm?02:41
actionparsniprandom314: and waaay cheaper02:42
Brandyu think i like windows02:42
hiexpoBrandy,  Google  use ipod (type) in Ubuntu  (sys 10.04 etc )02:42
xanguaw1n5ton: have you tried to restart your session or use another theme¿¿02:42
Brandyhad no clue how many times i crash02:42
mrconnertonI have been trying to install 10.04 64-bit on my computer and the installation went well, however when I try and reboot, there is just a blank screen with a blinking underscore. Doesn't get past it.02:42
Brandyloose a lot data02:42
epinky!example | w1n5ton02:42
ubottuw1n5ton: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:42
actionparsnipBrandy: google docs has full docx support02:42
katoenpicard1421: how did you install dwm? source?02:42
rodolfodo you know if it can save songs in the ipod??02:42
w1n5tonIt's not a problem with a program02:42
picard1421katoen: i installed it from apt-get install dwm02:42
Brandywell how to back up02:42
w1n5tonand yeah I rebooted02:42
KE1HAmrconnerton, http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/02:42
Brandyan i worried about save it02:42
arrrghhhrodolfo, all of the programs we mentioned have some ipod integration...02:42
w1n5tonIt's not the theme either02:42
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:42
random314Brandy: If you are running a Windows virtual machine inside of a Linux host then that is fine.  Something to also consider is http://www.codeweavers.com/ Crossover which makes Microsoft Office almost like a native Linux program as far as you use it within Linux.  Crossover is a paid program.02:42
w1n5tonRunning Lucid02:42
epinky!enter | w1n5ton02:43
ubottuw1n5ton: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:43
arrrghhhBrandy, answer my question please.02:43
mrconnertonKE1HA: Thanks a ton! will read!02:43
mrconnertonKE1HA: I promised I googled first ;-)02:43
Brandywhat question pal02:43
Brandysorry this goes so fast02:43
katoenpicard1421: ok, so how does it not work exactly?02:43
K-RichHello all.02:43
KE1HAmrconnerton, no worries, hope it works.02:43
arrrghhhBrandy, that's why i put your name before everything i say :D  do you want to backup your windows vm (the guest os) or everything, the linux host and the win guest?02:44
K-Richi need a cross-platform lan focused im/client, (voice/vid not required but nice) soulution for linux/mac/windows network. any suggestions?02:44
arrrghhhK-Rich, gtalk.02:44
picard1421katoen: any commands i do (alt+ shift+ enter) does nothing.. sswitching betwenn pane 1, 2, 3, 4, impossible without mouse.. etc... no commands work except the quit command02:44
Brandyi can make a machine again02:44
picard1421i guess i need to "redo" the config file02:44
Brandythats no issue02:44
nUboon2Agerodolfo: i think all of them can save songs on the ipod but not all of them can do a sync (such as people are used to doing with iTunes.)  Rythmbox you can drag songs over, but can't do sync, yet (coming in Maverick i understand)02:44
katoenK-Rich: jabber02:44
Brandybut ubuntu is my main concern02:44
arrrghhhBrandy, that's a little trickier.  bit-for-bit copies are not easy.02:44
picard1421where is it located and i will copy in the deault config02:44
w1n5tonWould it help if I gave a screenshot?02:44
Brandyi know02:44
arrrghhhBrandy, unless you have a server to backup to...?02:44
katoenpicard1421: ok02:45
hiexposometimes some searches are weak i use different  search engines there is google there is google ubuntu there is google linux etc02:45
Brandyand i havent finad a  software that does neighter02:45
nUboon2Agerodolfo: can you see your ipod on the places menu?02:45
Brandywhat is a server ?02:45
Brandyforgive my ignorance02:45
arrrghhhBrandy, really?  is english not your first language?  i'm not trying to be rude, i'm being serious.02:45
hiexpoBrandy,  a server is the host02:45
katoenpicard1421: sounds like some package is missing, i don't know. I can't really try to replicate the problem atm02:46
arrrghhhBrandy, there is #ubuntu-es02:46
jeeves_Mosshow can I force a 6.4LTS server to do a dist upgrade?  I've tried "apt-get dist-update" and it claims there is no updates02:46
abhijit!es | Brandy02:46
ubottuBrandy: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:46
epinky!ask | w1n5ton02:46
ubottuw1n5ton: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:46
picard1421katoen: is it somehint i can change the config file??02:46
Brandyok im at the channel02:46
Brandyi try there02:46
katoenpicard1421: possibly, have you checked any documentation that came with dwm? (dpkg -L dwm)02:46
=== coffee is now known as Guest44248
random314Brandy: Confirm this information -> Your host operating system is Linux.  Your guest operating system is Windows.  You want to do a full image backup of the Linux drive?02:47
hiexpoBrandy,  kool02:47
arrrghhhBrandy, i just think you'll have an easier time there.02:47
nUboon2Agerodolfo: if you can't see your ipod on the 'places' menu after you plug it in then that will be the first hurdle to overcome.02:47
Brandylinux is tha master OS02:47
Brandywindows is just a virtual machine02:47
sander__I want to change from the ppa:team-xbmc-svn apt repository to ppa:team-xbmc .. how do I do that?..02:47
picard1421that just lists the /usr/share folders that are in use02:47
w1n5tonhttp://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=160516&d=1276602779 how do I make it look like this again?02:47
=== spyrosebastos is now known as spiros
katoenpicard1421: yes, and any documenation that came with it, along with man pages02:48
rodolfoi see it02:48
rodolfobut as a camera02:48
sander__I tried removing the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/team-xbmc-svn-ppa-lucid.list file.. and do: add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc02:48
picard1421there is nothing .. );02:48
random314You will need a large drive to do a full backup.  Better way: enable folder sharing from the guest Windows into the host Linux by installing VirtualBox guest additions.  Then save the files directly into your Linux filesystem and just back up the data from there.  Only the files you create and work with are the ideal to backup.  They would be tiny compared to a whole disk image and much easier to work with.02:48
sander__But now I can't download anything from the xbmc mirror anymore.02:48
nUboon2Agerodolfo: so when you plug it in, does a dialog box pop up and ask if you want to work with your photos?02:49
Brandya full image02:49
Brandyso i can have what i have now installed02:49
Brandyincluding all i have so far02:50
random314Brandy: Also do consider Codeweavers Crossover Office.  It is tailored especially to get Microsoft Office working almost-native in Linux.  With Crossover you would not need neither Virtual Box or the guest Windows.02:50
=== spiros is now known as spyrosebastos
Brandybut it will work completley ??02:50
Brandyi need all apps to work02:50
actionparsnipBrandy: crossover does cost though02:50
Guest44248hello. I just installed ubuntu and everything works well, except for the fullscreen mode of youtube and other videos on the internet. Can anybody help me? I have a graphics card (nvidia) and it's supported and drivers are installed. The little mode works perfect. Fullscreen of downloaded videos works well.02:50
actionparsnipBrandy: check the crossover compatibility sheet02:51
nUboon2Agerodolfo: exact words: "You have just inserted a medium with digital photos.  Choose what application to launch"02:51
sander__Anyone know how I can make sure I'm using an apt repository right?02:51
random314Brandy: In my experience using Crossover Office it has worked perfectly.  The only thing about Crossover is that it is a paid program.02:51
xanguaGuest44248: that's a common issue with adobe flash plugin, not ubuntu02:51
rodolfobut only when i open the folder02:51
Guest44248xangua: is there some workaround or anything I can do?02:51
Brandyabout how mutch02:51
KE1HAsander__, comment out all but the PPA repo that you want in your source list.02:51
w1n5tonI think it's screwed up because the battery died in the middle of an upgrade02:52
actionparsnipGuest44248: may help: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/fixing-fullscreen-flash-in-ubuntu-1004.html02:52
KE1HAmake sure you add the Ley in System->Administration->Software Sources02:52
rodolfoand it says if i want to open f-spot02:52
KE1HAopps the Key02:52
KE1HAOn the Auth TAB02:52
nUboon2Agerodolfo: okay and in nautilus (on the desktop that is) can you go to and 'open' the iPod as though it were a drive?02:52
Brandyi love linus so far,,i have no problem until now that i want to back up02:52
Brandywhy is that so hard to do ?02:52
hiexpokey is important02:52
Guest44248thanks a lot for this very fast answer. I'll try this out :)02:52
actionparsnipw1n5ton: boot to livecd, chroot to the installed system and run: sudo apt-get -f install02:52
random314Brandy: Crossover Linux: $39.95 Standardm $69.95 Pro. $USD Go to: http://www.codeweavers.com02:53
KE1HABrandy, Just copy the VM directory to a new location. Problem solved, then Burn A DVD or somethign if you really want security02:53
sander__KE1HA, Found http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid/main Packages02:53
w1n5tonIt boots02:53
sander__KE1HA, Found http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Packages02:53
w1n5tonIt it's just acting funny02:53
nUboon2Agerodolfo: for me i can see the iPod by its name under the 'Places' menu.  Can you?02:53
actionparsnipGuest44248: basically you want OverrideGPUValidation = 1   in /etc/adobe/mms.cfg02:53
Brandyjajaja thas funny02:53
sander__KE1HA, I also got: Ign http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/ lucid/main Translation-nb02:53
Brandycan i boot a live vertion of linux02:54
etraskHello, I need to find out the brand and model of mouse embedded in my laptop using Ubuntu02:54
Brandyand create a iso from my hard  disk02:54
arrrghhhBrandy, it's not very simple.02:54
actionparsnipBrandy: you can use partimage to make a disk image02:54
KE1HAsander__, ad the one you want, comment out those your dont, add the Auth Key's as stated earlier.02:54
nUboon2Agerodolfo: Great!  Thats means you're past some of the most difficult challenges already.  So what happens when you open Rythmbox?02:54
arrrghhhBrandy, or clonezilla.  or even better spool up an amahi server - but you need another rig for that!02:54
Brandyis a 160GB drive02:54
Brandyi have no place to put that02:55
Brandyi need a system image02:55
arrrghhhBrandy, exactly.02:55
rodolfolet me see02:55
sander__KE1HA, I've done that.. And the add-apt-repository already added the auto key's02:55
Brandynow is about 20 GB im using02:55
arrrghhhBrandy, we gave some suggestions.02:55
KE1HAIs it causing you issues then ?02:55
random314Brandy: A full disc image backup would take a long time to do and you would have to do it everytime you changed your files.  If you just want a base image then fine but if your looking to back-up your files as you go then a full disk image is not suitable.02:55
arrrghhhBrandy, clonezilla, partimage02:55
anthony_hi guys i have a problem i can mount my external drive can any one help me. i don't know what to do. pls help me. im new to linux.02:55
actionparsnipanthony_: you dont mount drives, you mount partitions02:56
arrrghhhanthony_, soooo it's usb?  you plug it in, what happens?02:56
KE1HAsander__, Here's a simple How-To for repos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine02:56
Brandyi have clonezilla in a multy boot pendrive02:56
arrrghhhactionparsnip, c'mon guy :P02:56
nUboon2Agerodolfo: When i open rhythmbox, on the lefthand side down the page listed under 'Devices' is my ipod.  How about you?02:56
Brandyi try02:56
rodolfono i opened songbird02:56
Brandybut need more time to understand02:56
Brandyim so desparete do do this02:56
rodolfoi have to install rithmbox02:56
Brandyi came for help02:56
actionparsnipanthony_: can you use http://pastie.org   to give the output of:  sudo fdisk -l; mount    thanks02:56
arrrghhhBrandy, it's not very easy.02:56
actionparsniparrrghhh: its a fact02:56
nUboon2Agerodolfo: its on 10.04 by default02:56
arrrghhhactionparsnip, i know, but he's a newb.  go a little easy on him will ya?02:57
nUboon2Agerodolfo: are you on 10.04?02:57
Brandywell i guess i cant back up linux02:57
actionparsniparrrghhh: i was easy, i simply informed of the facts02:57
anthony_i can't mount any of my external partition. can any one help me.02:57
Brandyjust what the system brings02:57
arrrghhhBrandy, that's right.  you just _can't_.02:57
hiexpoanything in life is worth time  !linux02:57
Brandyno good about linux02:57
nUboon2Agerodolfo: which version of Ubuntu are you running?02:57
rodolfoon 9.1402:57
arrrghhhactionparsnip, alrighty, i'll drop it...02:58
Brandyit will be a nice suggestion fot the developers02:58
nUboon2Agerodolfo: you mean 9.04 or 9.10?02:58
epinkyw1n5ton: how does it look now?02:58
random314Brandy: All your files on Linux (the ones not in the Windows guest) are in your /home/USERNAME folder.  That is ideally all you should be backing up.  Everything else is easy to just reinstall if you have to!02:58
|enigma|hi guys I have csv log file but I need to look at those logs, but it is more than 100MB so cat is best but I need to filter from starting number such as 1 or 2, or 3 etc..02:58
actionparsnipanthony_: if you give teh paste, we can advise. run the command, copy the text, paste to the pastebin and hit the paste button. When the page changes, copy the new address in the address bar and paste in here02:58
|enigma|how can I do that02:58
hiexpoRudemeister,  9.1402:58
rkirmiziis there anyway 2 disable services from startup (like apache mysql-server)02:58
Brandyi personally think is the bes suggestion ever for linus systems02:58
arrrghhhBrandy, what make bit-for-bit copies easier?  no body really uses them.02:58
Brandynop inside the machine02:58
hiexpomean oops 9.1002:58
w1n5tonRunning partial upgrade trying to clean it up first02:58
arrrghhhBrandy, that wasn't a complete sentence.02:59
katoen|enigma|: those lines start with numbers?02:59
nUboon2Agerodolfo: okay, that should work.  9.10 has a lot of similarity to 10.04 (not everything, but many things similar)02:59
random314Brandy: Again with Crossover (or WINE for free and more complicated) all your files would be in your /home folder so would be simple to just back up those files.02:59
epinkyw1n5ton: screenshot of phpmyadmin?02:59
Brandywell the files in the windows side are insede the windows side02:59
|enigma|some start with 1,02:59
|enigma|then 2, 3, 4 up to 1002:59
KE1HAarrrghhh, rsync the folder offsite, then do incremental backups, keeping the inital a ful backup.02:59
Brandyi dont know how to see my files from linux side02:59
arrrghhhrodolfo, i may be pokin the fire, but why aren't you running 10.04?  they just releaed .1 :D02:59
actionparsnip!boot | rkirmizi02:59
ubotturkirmizi: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto02:59
nUboon2Agerodolfo: if you go under 'Sound and Video' is Rhythmbox there?02:59
Brandyfrom windows02:59
arrrghhhKE1HA, but that's not bit-for-bit.  what about my MBR?02:59
random314Brandy: Because you're using a virtual machine, all your little files to back up and hidden inside one big file of the virtual machine.  That complicates backing them up.03:00
arrrghhhBrandy, you have you share them.03:00
KE1HAOn the VM it would be, not the Host OS, no.03:00
nUboon2AgeI'm asking about Rhythmbox just because i'm familiar with it and its a default program. rodolfo03:00
arrrghhhKE1HA, oh i thought we were still talking about host&guest.03:00
epinkyw1n5ton: that was the link about? wasn't it?03:00
Brandythats ok i keep working like that VM is just foe work03:00
jguzikowskiIf I want to completely skin gnome, what am I looking for? a gtk+ theme?03:01
rodolfoim installing it03:01
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
KE1HAThe Host needs a diffrent solution, Ghost, Raid, SAN, Etc.03:01
nUboon2Agerodolfo: okay well when you start Songbird do you find your iPod listed?  (i'm not familiar with it so i'm in the dark here)03:01
|enigma|<katoen> any idea03:01
w1n5tonit was just a screenshot of what I want the tabs to look like03:01
Brandyand i save them somewhere else too just in case03:01
arrrghhhKE1HA, agreed :D03:01
w1n5tongonna reboot03:01
linguiniHow can I force a certain Mode/ModeLine to be used when starting X?03:01
nUboon2Agerodolfo: oh, you're installing Rhythmbox now?03:01
linguiniIn particular, X is choosing 1600x1200, which is invalid for my monitor.03:01
actionparsniplinguini: if you set an xorg.conf you can set the leftmost value in xorg.conf03:02
random314Brandy: You can email the critical files to back up to yourself (get a gmail account for lots of storage) AND IF you have the Virtual Box, NOT Virtual Box OSE installed then you can backup your work files to a flash drive too.  Virtual Box OSE doesn't have USB support for flash drives.03:02
arrrghhhBrandy, you can also share files between linux host and windows guest.03:02
actionparsniprandom314: you can share the mounted folder as a folder in vbox to get round though :)03:02
arrrghhhobviously that doesn't secure you againt a hdd failure.03:02
nUboon2Agerodolfo: okay and i'm also installing Songbird...03:02
linguiniactionparsnip, Set the leftmost value?03:02
random314Brandy: Yes, to share files install the "Guest Additions" inside of your Windows guest.03:02
Brandyi manage to use my pendrives in virtualbox03:02
Brandyi have the 3.2.603:03
linguiniactionparsnip, I am trying to write an xorg.conf file because my monitor has a bad EDID (apparently).03:03
anthony_about my problem this is the error  "You are not privileged to mount the volume 'Elements'" pls help me fix this error.03:03
jguzikowskiIf I want to completely skin gnome, what am I looking for? a gtk+ theme? metacity? gnome-look is confusing the hell out of me03:03
rodolfoi finished03:03
arrrghhhBrandy, it's the OSE (open source ed.) is the one that doesn't have usb drivers, or RDP.03:03
random314Brandy: If you can use a pendrive then I'm certain you have the full Virtual Box installed and not Virtual Box OpenSourceEdition03:03
actionparsniplinguini: yes, you will define resolutions in xorg.conf, the leftmost is the default. alternatively you can set an xrandr command to set the res at logon03:03
Brandyand also installed a guest that alloud me to use with out capturing the mouse03:03
actionparsniplinguini: yeah some do03:03
linguiniactionparsnip, leftmost of what?03:03
random314Brandy: Ok, I thought OSE didn't have USB - You know better since your using it!03:03
Brandyit is the opensource one03:03
linguiniactionparsnip, I will paste my current xorg.conf...03:03
actionparsniplinguini: the modes in the display section03:03
actionparsniplinguini: if you wanna03:04
arrrghhhBrandy, not if USB is working on the guest...03:04
nUboon2Agerodolfo: okay when you open RB do you see your iPod listed under 'Devices' on the left?03:04
BrandyOracle VM virtualbox03:04
Brandyif u have that i can tell u how to use pendrives03:04
arrrghhhBrandy, yes, and there's 2 versions.  closed & open source - the closed source ed has additional features like usb and rdp.03:04
Brandyin ur vm03:04
arrrghhhoy ve.03:04
random314Brandy: If a pendrive is working for you, that is a good solution!  Seriously, backing up to a pendrive is a decent way to go about it!03:05
Brandyi manage to use USB on the opensource one,just doing researchs online03:05
actionparsnipBrandy: just use a dropbox, makes life easier03:05
Brandyi know,,thats daily bases for me03:05
anthony_actionparsnip:  about my problem this is the error  "You are not privileged to mount the volume 'Elements'" pls help me fix this error.03:05
itsToddI'm going to be running a stable version of Ubuntu Server on Rackspace Cloud to host a web application of mine. What is the best way to keep up with security patches etc..? Is that something to worry about?03:05
w1n5tonthe partial updater fixed it03:05
Brandydont trust computers no more03:05
random314Brandy: But JUST backing up your work files, not the complete disc image.03:05
nUboon2AgeOn top is Library with several items, then Stores with several items, then Devices, then Playlists03:05
etraskhello how can I get hardware device information in Ubuntu?03:05
sander__KE1HA, I know that stuff about repos.. Here i've done the exact same thing on both my ubuntu desktop 64bit systems: http://pastebin.com/7zkRLKCG03:06
actionparsnipanthony_: can you give a pastebin of the output of the command I gave please03:06
nUboon2AgeOn top is Library with several items, then Stores with several items, then Devices, then Playlists rodolfo03:06
Brandyhow about backup my softwares03:06
sander__KE1HA, still diffrent result.03:06
Brandysi if any i can have them back up03:06
Brandyi have almost all linux distros here live cds03:06
linguiniactionparsnip, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/UYpcWHVh03:06
actionparsnipBrandy: i doubt that very highly03:06
Brandybut softwares not a single one03:06
rkirmiziactionparsnip, thx :D03:06
anthony_i already paste it.03:06
arrrghhhBrandy, we gave you solutions for that!  rsync if you don't want bit-for-bit, partimage, clonezilla etc for if you do!03:06
nUboon2Agerodolfo: are you seeing all that in the upper lefthand side?03:07
rodolfois device menu03:07
KE1HAsander__, what do you mean, diffrent results, what is tha ACTUALLY FAULT OR PROBLEM UR TRYING TO SOLVE THEN ?03:07
random314Brandy: Software is better to just reinstall.  It can be time consuming if you have to install the host OS first THEN install a guest OS BUT your system shouldn't need that very often at all.  Once it's set up you're usually good to just use it indefinitely.03:07
nUboon2Agerodolfo: please go on...03:07
actionparsniplinguini: in the subsections in the screen section you define modes there too03:07
rwwitsTodd: subscribe to https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-security-announce03:07
linguiniactionparsnip, I created the xorg.conf file by doing: Xorg :1 -configure03:07
rodolfooh, no sorry there is not device menu03:07
Brandywell what about a list that runs on terminal with all my softwares03:07
linguiniactionparsnip, (and then editing...)03:07
sander__KE1HA, I'm trying to reinstall the xbmc packages.. since I had an svn apt mirror.. I want to install the packages from the stable mirror03:07
rafiyrwhere does one set global search domains without having to add them to each connection in nm?03:07
=== KB1JWQ|Birfday is now known as KB1JWQ
etraskhello how can I get hardware device information in Ubuntu?03:07
itsToddrww: thank you03:08
Brandyso they can be installed03:08
macoetrask: sudo lshw03:08
nUboon2Agerodolfo: so you see the Library, Stores, Playlists? but no Devices?03:08
anthony_ actionparsnip: this is what popup 'You are not privileged to mount the volume 'Elements'03:08
rodolfothere are other 3 menus03:08
Brandyvia terminal03:08
sander__KE1HA, means.. "downgrading" a package version.03:08
arrrghhhBrandy, listen to random314 he speaks wisdom.  most people don't need bit-for-bit copies because complete hard drive failures are rare, and bit-for-bit copies are freaking annoying.03:08
etraskmaco that didn't give me what I needed, I need to know the brand and model of embedded mousepad on my laptop :(03:08
nUboon2Agerodolfo: okay03:08
KE1HAYeah, that's a whoel diffrent kettle of fish.03:08
sander__KE1HA, from 1:10.08~svn32246-lucid1 to 1:9.11-lucid203:08
actionparsnipanthony_: I can't advise til you give me the output of the commands: sudo fdisk -l; mount    use http://pastie.org to give the output03:08
sander__KE1HA, if thats possible..03:08
nUboon2Agerodolfo: okay, that's interesting/annoying. :/03:09
Brandyi need security on linux03:09
KE1HAAll things are "Possible" thing is, whats required to achieve it.03:09
Brandyso i can feel good about it03:09
actionparsniplinguini: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/BbREXYb003:09
Brandyi dont want to worried03:09
arrrghhhKE1HA, can i make my nissan maxima all wheel drive twin turbo rb26?  sure.  $$$ will get you there.  sorry i had to.03:09
nUboon2Agerodolfo: I'm starting Songbird now to see where it is in there...03:09
actionparsniplinguini: obviously change the resolutions to ones you want to use03:10
arrrghhhBrandy, then backup your essential files, the ones you can't recreate.  software is easily reinstalled.03:10
VS-I uhh... need some help installing :(03:10
KE1HAsander__, I must say, Im not the best expert on downgrading, but will have a nose around and see what I can find.03:10
Brandyok i do that03:10
actionparsnipBrandy: then use sudo as little as possible, default settings are ok03:10
Brandymabe i need a Terrabite03:10
arrrghhhBrandy, then there's nothing to worry about!03:10
jguzikowskianyone know any good gnome themes that have very 'thin' window headers? the defaults of ubuntu are so damn huge it covers up so much of my netbooks screen03:10
anthony_this is the output "Disk /dev/sda: 80.0 GB, 80026361856 bytes03:10
anthony_255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9729 cylinders03:10
anthony_Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes03:10
anthony_Disk identifier: 0x638edad003:10
anthony_   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System03:10
FloodBot3anthony_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:10
anthony_/dev/sda1               1        3824    30716248+   7  HPFS/NTFS03:10
KwikkSilvaCan anyone heklp me with an Ubuntu Remote Desktop resolution problem? Can't get more than 800x600 on 10.0403:11
actionparsnipanthony_: use http://pastie.org to give the output, is what I said twice...03:11
sander__KE1HA, kinda strange that it says: #03:11
sander__Reinstallation of xbmc is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.03:11
Brandyi have full screen on remote desktop03:11
epinkyKwikkSilva: "from" or "to" ?03:11
Brandyon a Acer 5315 Piece of @#$%^ computer03:12
Brandyim sure u can pal03:12
rodolfoit says library, downloads, playlists and favorites03:12
arrrghhhBrandy, that's quite an attitude!03:12
actionparsnipBrandy: bet its better than anything i have03:12
Brandyare u using the sotware the machine brings to do that03:12
KwikkSilvaepinky, I'm trying to get from 800x600 to something higher - monitor can take 1920x108003:12
arrrghhhKwikkSilva, you're using vino... or what?03:13
nUboon2Agerodolfo: i'm checking it out now but i haven't found the 'devices' part yet.03:13
actionparsnipKwikkSilva: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga03:13
KwikkSilvatightvnc viewer03:13
anthony_actionparsnip: i cannot access that website http://pastie.org03:13
epinkyKwikkSilva: I meant the RDP is from or to?03:13
actionparsnipanthony_: try: http://pastebin.ca/03:13
KwikkSilvaactionparsnip, 00:04.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL (rev 27)03:14
etraskis there a simple command to list the brand/model of hardware on my machine?03:14
Brandytry using remote desktop viewer03:14
sander__KE1HA, This did it :-): apt-get --reinstall install xbmc=1:9.11-lucid2 xbmc-bin=1:9.11-lucid2 xbmc-data=1:9.11-lucid2 xbmc-skin-confluence=1:9.11-lucid203:14
etrasklspci and lshw don't help me :-/03:14
Brandythe one the Ubuntu Brings03:14
kosharietrask lspci03:14
=== spyrosebastos is now known as spiros
actionparsnipKwikkSilva: ok then use that to find guides. search for: ubuntu VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL (rev 27)03:15
kosharietrask what particuly are oyu looking for03:15
KwikkSilvaBrandy - i'm coming from Win XP03:15
jguzikowskianyone know any good gnome themes that have very 'thin' window headers? the defaults of ubuntu are so damn huge it covers up so much of my netbooks screen03:15
nUboon2Agerodolfo: i think i figured out what's going on...03:15
KE1HAsander__, what was the result ?03:15
actionparsnipjguzikowski: are you using compiz?03:15
etraskkoshari I need to know the brand/model of the crappy little mousepad embedded in my laptop03:15
jguzikowskiactionparsnip, not really sure..whatever is default on gnome03:15
Taevhey Im having a problem getting a TCL script to work its saying " [Discogs] Failed to load: version conflict for package "http": have 2.5.3, need 2.7.1"03:16
actionparsnipjguzikowski: do you have 3d accelleration enabled?03:16
Brandyin a virtual machine insede linux03:16
arrrghhhKwikkSilva, excuse my ignorance, but does mstsc work with it?03:16
Brandyor just XP03:16
Taevwhat is package http? when i search for http under synaptics it doesn't show anything03:16
VS-I have an operating system-less drive, and when I boot the Ubuntu CD, I get to a prompt... What can I do?03:16
jguzikowskiactionparsnip, i don't think so03:16
kosharietrask try lsusb, it may be a usb device03:16
arrrghhhTaev, there is no http package, what do you need??  apache?03:16
Aliasanybody tried android development>03:16
lexmarkhelphas anyone gotten LEXMARK X5470 Printer to work?03:16
Taevthats what it says03:16
VS-Also, I encounter an "unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon" error.03:17
TaevHTTP Package
sander__KE1HA, obs.. seems like an install error.. I'll try to --purge the package and install it.03:17
actionparsnipjguzikowski: you can install emerald and get a thinner window decorator, if you dont use 3D accelleration you can install openbox and it will be thinner03:17
arrrghhhVS-, sounds lik your bios isn't booting from the cd03:17
arrrghhhTaev, uhm... why?03:17
KE1HAyes, autoclean, purege, clean would be wise.03:17
Taevi have no idea, heres what i get when i try and add the TCL script03:17
Taev" [Discogs] Failed to load: version conflict for package "http": have 2.5.3, need 2.7.1"03:17
jguzikowskiactionparsnip, okay thanks..im not so good with mixing windows managers03:17
KwikkSilvaarrrghhh, nope03:18
abhijit!ptinter | lexmarkhelp03:18
etraskkoshari it lists my normal USB mouse but everything else says Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub03:18
abhijit!ptint | lexmarkhelp03:18
arrrghhhKwikkSilva, ah, it was worth a shot :P  are you sure it's not a limitation in tight or anything like that?03:18
KwikkSilvaBrandy, Ubuntu is running on a Dell 650 Server, XP is running on my laptop03:18
abhijit!print | lexmarkhelp03:18
ubottulexmarkhelp: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:18
arrrghhhTaev, what are you doing?   TCL script?03:18
kosharietrask googling the model may be an alternative,03:18
KwikkSilvaarrrghhh, pretty sure i think its server side - i've read alot of posts03:18
arrrghhhKwikkSilva, well maybe it's a limitation of the server.03:19
nUboon2Agerodolfo: here's something on songbird/ipod compatibility: http://getsatisfaction.com/songbird/topics/sync_songs_to_ipod?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=widget_songbird03:19
mkquist10.4 reinstall, no sound, worked fine before, still works in windows... machine 'sees' the soundcard, but in sound preferences there is no hardware, lspci -v shows the card, but capabilites 'denied access'... any ideas?03:19
Brandy ok03:19
etraskkoshari ... that was simpler than it had to be. Thanks a bunch :P03:19
Taevok i think its talking about a http package for the source tcl program03:19
Taevthanks anyways guys03:19
actionparsnip!sound | mkquist03:19
ubottumkquist: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.03:19
KwikkSilvaarrrghhh, i'd be surprised - surely it can do better than 800x60003:19
lexmarkhelpI have tried using CUPS, but that doesn't work. When I got to printing, ubuntu detects the printer but deosnt print.03:19
VS-I'm pretty sure it may be related to the "Error: unexpectedly disconected from boot status daemon".03:19
actionparsnipKwikkSilva: it can, it just needs some config03:20
arrrghhhKwikkSilva, lol you never know.  what's the host set to?03:20
mkquistactionparsnip: yeah, already been there, just looking for other thoughts03:20
KwikkSilvaactionparsnip, yeah i had a look around and there was mention of xconf03:20
sander__KE1HA, worked.. after I did apt-get remove --purge03:20
actionparsnipmkquist: run alsamixer in terminal, make sure all is cranked. Just because the chip is seen doesnt mean its configured03:20
KwikkSilvabut people reckoned it screwed their settings03:20
actionparsnipKwikkSilva: then you will need to form an xorg.conf then03:20
KE1HAlexmarkhelp, Lexmark is not well suppirted on any linux distribution, I've found very few sucess cases using their printers on Linux.03:20
=== wgrant_ is now known as wgrnat
nUboon2Agerodolfo: on Rhythmbox i think there's a library that needs to be installed for RB to work with it.  I'm not sure if it works on 9.10/Karmic... let me check...03:21
=== wgrnat is now known as wgrant
Brandytri using ImInTouc to view ur destops on XP03:21
lexmarkhelpIt worked when I used opensuse03:21
sander__KE1HA, thansk for the help tho.. to clearify the problem.03:21
KE1HAsander__, you should write upa "How-Too" for others wanting to do the same things.03:21
BrandyIm In Touch ups03:21
Brandyit is free03:21
arrrghhhlexmarkhelp, unfortunately KE1HA isn't joking.  i always buy hp printers for that reason.  and if that's the case then why not use opensuse?03:21
rodolfoit says songbird is not compatible since last year03:21
[ZoD]Phantomi have the "mount of root file system failed" how can i restore it?03:21
linguiniactionparsnip, Thanks, seems to work!03:21
actionparsnipKwikkSilva: then their files were bad03:21
mrconnertonHow can I run update-grub from a live cd, with the harddrive of the ubuntu installation I want to modify mounted03:22
nUboon2Agerodolfo: i'm not sure but the library might be the one listed under 'ipod' in Synaptic.  Do you have that?03:22
Brandyok guys thenks for all03:22
Brandyi preciate all ur hel03:23
lexmarkhelpOh, I see. I will buy an HP one next.03:23
KE1HAarrrghhh, cuz its an Ugly "Green" .. LOL03:23
[ZoD]Phantomi have the "mount of root file system failed" how can i fix this?03:23
KwikkSilvaactionparsnip, is there a default xorg.conf i can use?03:23
KwikkSilvai found one - but i have no idea idf its going to hose the system03:23
nUboon2Agerodolfo: try installling it and then restart RB and see if that shows your iPod then...03:23
arrrghhhKE1HA, yea but if it works with your printer... haha03:24
actionparsnipKwikkSilva: you can generate one in root recovery mode by running: Xorg --configure    you can then pad it from there03:24
KE1HANot Mine, there all HP's, "Always" .. :-)03:24
Dist`is there a way I can 'restart' the ubuntu desktop without effecting the firefox downloasd I have running?03:24
actionparsnipKwikkSilva: you will need to reboot to get back to desktop03:24
arrrghhhKE1HA, ditto.03:24
actionparsnipDist`: no, cant think of any way03:24
Dist`bah :(03:24
arrrghhhwe use all HP at work, they are fantastic printers.03:24
Dist`my desktop is 'frozen', I can't even open folders through the panel at the top of my screen03:25
inktriis it possible to download packages that exist on my laptop onto my desktop (which does not have internet access)?03:25
rodolfoi restart the computer?03:25
rodolfoor rithmbox?03:25
KE1HADist`, I dont think so, if you kill-X, it's going to gill any apps running onit, however, your download manager should pickup where it left off on resume.03:25
AliasAnyone good with Inkscape?03:25
VS-Also, arrrghhhm, it does boot, it just gets to this prompt with sudo, etc.03:26
KwikkSilvaactionparsnip, i have no way of getting a monitor to thsi machine tonight so maybe i should hold off messing with it03:26
KwikkSilvaneed monitor for recoevery mode right?03:26
Dist`KE1HA unfortunately some of my downloads I have running are from websites that implement a 'queue'ing system where by if the download stops, you have to queue again and are given a new download link, which screws up resuming03:26
Dist`i guess my only option is to wait untill downloads finish and do a restart03:26
guille1983hey I tried to load the installer and it failed, it says it will load a default desktop session but it asks for a user and password. What is the default user/password ?03:26
KE1HABummer, know how that is, ya gotta get back in line, that sux.03:27
Dist`bit of a shame, in windows you can just kill explorer and start it again03:27
arrrghhhinktri, get debs?  i think there's a way.  can't remember.  google.03:27
actionparsnipKwikkSilva: no worries dude, smoe cards dont pick up automagicaqlly and canonical seem to thing udev can find all but it doesnt, an xorg.conf file is often needed but lucid doesn't ship with one by default03:27
Dist`oh well, thanks anyway03:27
nUboon2Agerodolfo: install the ipod package and then restart Rhythmbox.  i don't think you'll need to restart computer, but if it doesn't work immediately try rebooting.03:27
nUboon2Agerodolfo: then if that doesn't work i found an alternative method:    http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/easy-way-to-sync-your-iphone-with.html03:28
KE1HAAlias, dont know about Inkscape, but another good Vector Graphics package in Blender :-)03:28
perlsyntaxHow do i check to see what sound baster sound card i have?03:28
RandyRKellyHello help03:28
[ZoD]Phantomhow do i start x from a shell?03:28
arrrghhhor /etc/init.d/gdm start03:29
RandyRKellyHow do I connect to.wireless03:29
perlsyntaxdoes anyone know how to look up my sound card i got??03:29
KE1HAperlsyntax, yank the chip and look on the package :-) ... kjust kidding, LSPCI should say.03:29
arrrghhhRandyRKelly, depends on your card, can you pastebin lsusb and lspci?03:29
perlsyntaxyou mean lspci03:29
arrrghhhsorry that's startx03:29
RandyRKellyNew to Ubuntu03:29
KE1HArrr yes, sri03:29
arrrghhhisn't that what i said?03:29
[ZoD]Phantomarrrghhh im at root@user-desktop03:29
arrrghhhdid you try either of those?03:30
actionparsnipperlsyntax: sudo lshw -C sound03:30
KE1HAI put mine in CAPS as Im not to smart that way :-)03:30
[ZoD]Phantomarrrghhh and i tried xstart and nothing no command found03:30
arrrghhh[ZoD]Phantom, sorry startx03:30
nUboon2Agerodolfo: and that way says they tested with Karmic/9.10 so that should work.  There are many programs to work w/ music and ipod, but of  course its challenging to work with iPod because Apple keeps changing things with their firmware, etc. that makes it hard to keep compatibility working (as the post re: Songbird said.  Finally Songbird stopped trying it looks like).  But i'm sure there'll be several different programs that will03:30
actionparsnipRandyRKelly: run: sudo lshw -C network     what is the product line in your wireless device03:30
actionparsniprodolfo: nUboon2Age http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/03/sync-iphone-and-ipod-touch-in-ubuntu.html03:31
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, have a go at: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:31
KE1HAthen startx03:31
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA im having a main problem first:03:31
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA i have the "mount of root file system failed" how can i fix this?03:32
KE1HAbut save your xorg.conf to xorg.conf.bak or somethign first.03:32
picard1421hey guys is there a good guide on setting up an openVPN connection to tunnel ALLL data through a VPN?03:32
picard1421basically if its not going through the VPN then no data goes through at all? what would be the procedure for setting that up03:32
Guest98392What is the best IRC chat program for linux?03:32
RandyRKellyWell give me a min03:32
arrrghhhGuest98392, i like xchat.03:32
actionparsnipGuest98392: there is no best IRC app.03:32
=== jeremy is now known as Guest21090
=== bgs100 is now known as bgs000
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, Hmm, what happened that caused that ?03:32
Corsairsor Konversation03:32
actionparsnipGuest98392: there is no best anything in life03:32
actionparsnip!irc | Guest9839203:33
ubottuGuest98392: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines03:33
uRockchatzilla works decently03:33
Guest21090is dsl based on ubuntu03:33
arrrghhhactionparsnip, lol your comments are awesome.03:33
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA no idea, my cousin uses the pc03:33
actionparsniparrrghhh: it just really baffles me how people can even concieve a universal "best" of anything03:33
abhijit_!openvpn | picard142103:33
ubottupicard1421: OpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!03:33
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, have you looked at your FSTAB  .. ?03:33
arrrghhhactionparsnip, i know.  but i'm constantly googling "best of ..." to see what people *think* is the best.  then i make my own conclusion based on my needs/wants.03:34
KE1HAfixing X-org is secondary at this point.03:34
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA tahts what im looking at but i have no idea what all that means03:34
=== abhijit_ is now known as abhijit
uRockit is better to be fed many options as opposed to none03:34
arrrghhhactionparsnip, but that link you gave him/her was very helpful so i'm not dogging on you at all.03:34
perlsyntaxdoes anyone know if X-FI Xtreme audio is support by ubuntu?03:34
actionparsniparrrghhh: exactly, for some, even living isn't best03:34
KE1HAwhat is the "exact" error yoru getting?03:34
arrrghhhactionparsnip, ouch!  but true enough.03:34
nUboon2Ageactionparsnip: thank you i'll check that out...03:34
actionparsniparrrghhh: didnt detect any dogging dude, its all good03:34
perlsyntaxor is there a howto for it03:35
VS-I'm trying to newly install, and I get to a prompt with "ubuntu@ubuntu:~$"03:35
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1343744 that msg03:35
arrrghhhVS-, that's after you've installed ubuntu?03:35
arrrghhhbooting livecd?03:36
uRockThat is the LiveCD's prompt03:36
actionparsnipperlsyntax: cretaive cards are quite tricky to get going. personally i aviod them like paris hilton avoids talent03:36
VS-I get to it anytime I try to install though.03:36
actionparsnipperlsyntax: not worth the hassle03:36
uRockOnce you install it will be screenname@PCname03:36
perlsyntaxis there a howto03:36
arrrghhhVS-, wait, do you get a prompt to "try or install" basically when the disc boots?03:36
VS-I don't.03:37
tensorpuddingVS-: are you not using the graphical install?03:37
arrrghhhit'll have more options, like test memory03:37
nUboon2AgeGuest98392: I like Konversation for irc.03:37
VS-I can't, it doesn't give me an option to.03:37
arrrghhhVS-, yes, which disc did you download.  server edition or alternate installer perhaps?03:37
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, so was that your problem, or one similar?03:37
tensorpuddingWhich install disk are you using?03:37
VS-Desktop Edition :/03:37
[ZoD]Phantomke1 the very same one, and im not sure how to fix it.03:37
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA the very same one, and im not sure how to fix it.03:37
uRockSounds like a bad image?03:37
tensorpuddingVS-: any errors on boot?03:38
tensorpuddingis this for 10.04?03:38
arrrghhhVS-, could be a bad image like uRock said.  do you get any other errors?  it just drops a prompt?03:38
allgurui know that this is in-relevant a bit , but it's URGENT :( , the site www.noobsnetwork.com is going to be a site for educating 3D and Engineering and Web Design in Video Tutorials , i want to use my old domain www.open-class.org for the site , but this dark theme isn't suitable , what about this light one http://noobsnetwork.com/portal.php?style=1 , you can talk to me to proof that i'm not a spam bot , lol ..03:38
VS-Unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon.03:38
arrrghhhhaha gang troubleshooting.03:38
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, follow that check-disk section and see where that gets you.03:38
VS-Yes, 10.0403:38
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA i got that and i think its fine.03:38
uRock!spam | allguru03:38
arrrghhhVS-, did you do a MD5 checksum before you burned?03:38
arrrghhhVS-, does the disc work in any other computers?03:38
tensorpuddingit seems like it could be possible that the xorg autoconfiguration got botched, i suppose03:38
VS-It does.03:39
mkquistactionparsnip: thanx for that, turns out i hadnt been to all of those pages, sounds up now... =)03:39
KE1HAand did you re-mount the partition and fix the fstab afterwards ?03:39
allguruuRock , no dude :(03:39
allguruuRock: i need help03:39
arrrghhhVS-, there's something it doesn't like about the hardware.  you can try the alternate install disc, but no promises.03:39
allguruuRock: the other rooms are dead .03:39
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA what you mean, how i remount?03:39
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA was it the sudo mount -o etc etc?03:40
allguruok , Bye :( .03:40
KE1HAudo mount -o remount,rw /03:40
VS-So there's nothing I can do with this prompt?03:40
KE1HAsudo .. .. ..03:40
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA just did that, after that what else?03:40
arrrghhhVS-, i mean you can try some things, but if the disc boots on other computers then there's probably some hardware that isn't playing nice.03:40
TaevIm trying to install the http module for TCL, im specifying where its at and I keep getting "checking for Tcl configuration... configure: error: /usr/share/tcltk/tcl8.4/tclConfig.sh directory doesn't contain tclConfig.sh"03:40
actionparsnipmkquist: nice03:40
VS-What can I do?03:41
rodolfoit still dont say devices03:41
KE1HAdo a quick ls -al on the fstab and see who the owner & group is03:41
arrrghhhTaev, what is tcl?03:41
Dev_hmm XChat 2 keeps crashing03:41
Taevhow can ./tcl8.4/tclConfig.sh NOT contain tclConfig.sh03:41
Taevits a scripting language03:41
nUboon2Agerodolfo: you're back.  okay, so i guess its time to try the second method.03:41
lfaraoneIf you don't have plymouth installed, say, on a server, does "splash" in the kernel parameter do antyhing?03:41
nUboon2Agerodolfo: here's something on songbird/ipod compatibility: http://getsatisfaction.com/songbird/topics/sync_songs_to_ipod?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=widget_songbird03:42
nUboon2Agerodolfo: oops, wrong one03:42
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA i did the "ls -al" and i got a list, what am i looking for?03:42
arrrghhhTaev, sounds awful.  probalby outside of the scope of this room, no offense.03:42
nUboon2Agerodolfo: then if that doesn't work i found an alternative method:    http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/easy-way-to-sync-your-iphone-with.html03:42
Dev_actionparsnip, crap - crashed the xorg server03:42
uRockallguru, sorry, my kid wanted ice cream and she is my boss03:42
nUboon2Agerodolfo: which looks like its really the same as the one actionparsnip posted03:43
KE1HAThr Group and Owner., The problem is more than likely a curruption error and will take fdisk to fix it.03:43
bjegovicWHAT DO COMMAND sudo rm -rf /*03:43
nUboon2Agerodolfo: here's actionparsnip's version: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/03/sync-iphone-and-ipod-touch-in-ubuntu.html03:43
arrrghhhKE1HA, [ZoD]Phantom have you fsck'd it?03:43
[ZoD]Phantomarrrghhh how do i do that?03:43
arrrghhhbjegovic, remove everything.  you trolled around until someone told you to do it huh03:43
Melodisthello guys, I need help03:43
PeterDrop4 hours trying to get sound on flash, any help here please03:44
abhijit!danger | bjegovic03:44
ubottubjegovic: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!03:44
KE1HAYeah, in a ternimal window, you need to do a few things.03:44
xangua!ops | bjegovic03:44
ubottubjegovic: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!03:44
nUboon2Agebjegovic: i hope you're kidding.  Don't do that.03:44
bjegovicWilliam told me to type that03:44
arrrghhh[ZoD]Phantom, i believe it's just "fsck /dev/disk"03:44
macobjegovic: it deletes everything03:44
DasEi!danger | bjegovic03:44
ubottubjegovic: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!03:44
KE1HAin a terminla sudo fdisk -l  what your looking for is the root partition.03:44
[ZoD]Phantomarrrghhh it says clean etc etc etc03:44
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA is sda103:45
bjegovici didnt typed that xD03:45
KE1HAok, is it ext3 or 4?03:45
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA ext303:45
nUboon2Agebjegovic: glad to hear that!03:45
KE1HAok, then: sudo fsck.ext4 /dev/sda103:45
KE1HAopps sri, ext 303:45
Melodistmy boyfriend is trying to install twin terminal window manager, but he seems to be missing GNU bash03:45
KE1HANot 403:45
Melodisthow can he install it?03:45
[ZoD]Phantomlet me see03:45
bjegovicfor me too :P03:45
Melodistwhat package does it belong to or whatever?03:46
bjegovicsome person from here told me that03:46
rodolfowhen i try to add the repository it says command not found03:46
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, do:  sudo fsck.ext3 /dev/sda103:46
bjegovicWilliam_Shaftner told me on private to do that03:46
lfaraoneMelodist: if you're using Ubuntu, you have to have bash installed. It won't boot without it, I'm pretty sure.03:46
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA i did, and it said clean etc etc03:46
abhijitbjegovic, thats why no pm.03:46
macobjegovic: this is why you should get all support *in channel* not through PMs, that way you can be warned as soon as something bad is said03:46
lfaraoneMelodist: does "which bash" tell you anything if you run it in the terminal?03:47
uRockyou'd think that the Intro to unix/linux book would say not to try that command03:47
arrrghhhbjegovic, and perhaps quit trolling about CS 1.6...03:47
DasEiMelodist: i tried terminator before, that did well for me, see :03:47
Melodistso then what other dependencies could he be missing? he already installed build essential, which installs gnu-make, right?03:47
KE1HAOk, so its saying it's a clean partition, puzzling, only think I can think then is fstab is messed abotu somehow.03:47
DasEi!info terminator03:47
ubottuterminator (source: terminator): multiple GNOME terminals in one window. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.93-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 185 kB, installed size 1668 kB03:47
nUboon2Agerodolfo: when you try to add which repository?03:48
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA this is one thing i saw when i did this command: "cat /etc/fstab":03:48
macoMelodist: im also a fan of terminator03:48
KwikkSilva_stupid xchat03:48
KE1HApost the fstab output in pastbin03:48
Melodistim not sure what terminator is03:48
rodolfosudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa03:48
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA uuid ext3 errors=remount-ro03:48
DasEi!info terminator > Melodist03:48
macoMelodist: its a terminal emulator (can replace gnome-terminal) that does tiling stuff too03:49
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA how can i do that if i cant even get into ubuntu? im doing this through a diff pc.03:49
MelodistI see03:49
KwikkSilva_k - forget the xserver - this ones more important anyway03:49
KE1HAdo you have any fstab lines that start with dvpts ?03:49
Melodistso it does the same thing twin does?03:49
macoMelodist: i think so03:49
KwikkSilva_does this post make any sense to snayone - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153501503:49
KwikkSilva_I can;t get my server to be seen on the network03:49
uRockI tried the killer command in a vbox and it denied the command permission03:49
nUboon2Agerodolfo: when i try sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa it works for me03:49
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, Ok, sri, you need to Live-CD Boot and be on the PC to do all this stuff.03:50
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA is there a comand to know what version of ubuntu is on the pc?03:50
macouRock: youd need sudo, and youd have to read the rm manpage to see that the syntax for the killer command has changed a bit to keep people who dont know it changed from destroying others' systems03:50
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, with the Live-CD you should be able to gain Net Acess and IRC from it.03:50
uRocknevermind, the vbox install is now ruined03:50
nUboon2Agerodolfo: looks like we both used the exact same command.03:50
DasEi[ZoD]Phantom: lsb_release -a03:50
macouRock: oh wait, the * was in there. yep just plain with sudo would work there03:51
[ZoD]Phantomok its 9.10 ty03:51
A-NonAny time I enable compiz, the window borders and title bar disappear, and none of the effects work. Any help?03:51
uRockrm does its job well03:51
nUboon2Agerodolfo: just to be sure i tried your command and it worked for me.03:51
rodolfobut why it dont works?03:52
DasEiA-Non: graphics capable and drivers well set ?03:52
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, cat/etc/lsb-release03:52
KE1HAI think :-)03:52
A-NonDasEi: ./compiz-check tells me it should work, drivers installed through hardware drivers menu03:53
nUboon2Ageactionparsnip: need some help here.  rodolfo is trying to add a repository and is getting 'command not found'  for sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa03:53
uRockhow do I move a home made command into one of the $PATH directories?03:53
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, Additnally, I had all sorts of FS issues on 9.xx releases, I have (0) system with that distro on it, all 8.x or 10.x03:54
Benny_132Hey guys i have this 200mb text file, and there is a problem on like line 800,000 what is the best way to open the file at that location to check the line for errors03:54
DasEiA-Non: so maybe a look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log could help, apart from03:54
nUboon2Ageactionparsnip: rodolfo is on Karmic.  any ideas what could be going on?03:54
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, but clearly, there's a probple with the partition or fstab one or the other.03:54
DasEi!ccsm | A-Non03:54
ubottuA-Non: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz03:54
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA wel i want to get my stuff from that pc and save it, and then install a new version03:54
actionparsnipnUboon2Age: check the release, add-apt-repository isn't in Hardy and may not be in Jaunty03:54
A-NonDasEi: I'll take a look in that I guess... I have CCSM installed03:54
uRockBenny_132, cat <name of file>03:54
actionparsnip!info add-apt-repository03:55
ubottuPackage add-apt-repository does not exist in lucid03:55
mnainesI found out how to get Ubuntu to run entirely on a flash drive with persistence and zero hardware dependency, but it requires a flash drive with a minimum of 16GB capacity03:55
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, you can do that from the Live CD.03:55
nUboon2Ageactionparsnip: thing is those instructions were specifically for Karmic (which rodolfo has)03:55
[ZoD]Phantomdoes it matter if i access it with livecd with a diff version?03:55
abhijit!usb | mnaines03:55
ubottumnaines: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:55
KE1HAprovided you have like a USB key or / HDD or somethign.03:55
DasEiactionparsnip: works since ibex03:55
uRockor you can use more <nameoffile>03:55
actionparsniprodolfo: nUboon2Age can you use a pastebin to give the output of: lsb_release -a03:56
mnainesabhijit, I'm not talking about installing Ubuntu from a flash drive, I am talking about installing it TO and running it on a flash drive.03:56
nUboon2Ageactionparsnip: i tried it on Lucid and it worked for me.03:56
actionparsnipDasEi: well it ain working there :)03:56
abhijitmnaines, min requirement is about 4gb space only (apprx)03:56
abhijitmnaines, not of 16 gb03:56
uRockBenny_132, "vi <name of file> then scroll down to that line03:56
guille1983hey I tried to load the installer and it failed, it says it will load a default desktop session but it asks for a user and password. What is the default user/password ?03:57
nUboon2Agerodolfo: do you understand what actionparsnip is asking for?03:57
Ca5âû åáëàíû03:57
mnainesabhijit, yes, but I say minimum 16GB flash drive capacity because you need room for swap space plus updates, customizations, and whatnot03:57
Benny_132uRock:  this file has over 1 million lines could take a while03:57
nUboon2Ageactionparsnip: what is that program that automatically handles pastebin for you?03:57
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA i appreciate your help, ty.03:57
uRockthere is a way to name the line, but I'll have to search my Unix/Linux book03:57
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA livecd is loading03:57
abhijit!en | Ca503:58
ubottuCa5: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat03:58
test34nubooontuL search for pastebin in Synaptic?03:58
mnainesabhijit, you can run Ubuntu entirely on a flash drive with persistence and no hardware dependency, but you need a 16GB flash drive or bigger03:58
abhijitmnaines, okk03:58
Ca5èäè íàõóé ãîâíî03:58
actionparsnipnUboon2Age: try:   sudo apt-get install pastebinit; lsb_release -a | pastebinit03:58
nUboon2Ageactionparsnip: test34 i found it03:58
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, got through the check-disk again when your Live-CD is loaded.03:58
littlebearmnaines: o.o, i ran puppylinux on a 8gb, it only needs 100mb03:58
abhijitso that want a language at all? :(03:58
nUboon2Agerodolfo: try sudo apt-get install pastebinit; lsb_release -a | pastebinit03:59
mnaineslittlebear, I say 16GB because you need room for the swap space, all the updates, whatever customizations you decide to use03:59
littlebearmnaines: true03:59
arrrghhhlittlebear, i've run ubuntu on 10gb but it was NOT easy.03:59
littlebeararrrghhh: 10gb flash drive? woah, that's painful04:00
actionparsniplittlebear: its enough for an ubuntu install dude04:00
littlebeararrrghhh: i noe that archlinux uses 300mb with their netinstall,04:00
arrrghhhlittlebear, lol i was talking about a recovery portion converted into an ubuntu install but ok.04:00
uRockBenny_132, man grep look at the -c arguement04:00
rodolfoit worked04:00
arrrghhhlittlebear, there's a netinstall of ubuntu that uses about the same.04:00
Benny_132uRock: ok thanks man04:00
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, Here's the FS Wont Mount BUG on 9.04: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/468450   .. Probably a like or similar issue on your distro.04:00
mnainesarrrghhh, the problem with running Ubuntu entirely on a flash drive is it is painfully slow, you don't have much room for storing your files and stuff, but if you can tolerate that, you can actually be rest assured that you can use your full ubuntu setup on any machine that can boot from USB04:00
arrrghhhlittlebear, but you don't get gnome or OOO do ya?  ;)04:00
littlebearof course not04:01
neskapow_hey whats up #04:01
littlebeararrrghhh: those are heavy space eaters lol04:01
A-NonNothing in the Xorg.0.log jumps out at me aside from a missing "libwfb.so", could that cause title bars and window borders to disappear while running compiz?04:01
littlebearooo by it self is something like 300 mb i recall04:01
arrrghhhmnaines, woah i didn't realize i was jumping into a case for using a flash drive to run ubuntu off of.04:01
uRockBenny_132, man grep look at the -n04:01
arrrghhhlittlebear, that's my point.  ubuntu-desktop comes with A LOT and needs room to breathe.04:01
arrrghhhyou could run ubuntu off a flash key for a server OS with hdd's for storage, but i've heard of ppl running into issues long-term.04:02
littlebeararrrghhh: yeah, i was stupid enough to think 10 gb was enough, now i only have 2 gb left04:02
arrrghhhha, ouch.04:02
DasEiA-Non: might be, I just located it on my sys, it's : /usr/lib/xorg/modules/libwfb.so04:02
arrrghhhlittlebear, i think it recommends 20gb...?04:02
actionparsniplittlebear: install lubuntu, its a very small ubuntu based system, vying for official status too04:03
arrrghhhlittlebear, correction, 15gb.04:03
DasEiA-Non: looks like a missing module of xorg in first glance04:03
rodolfosorry for the problems, im on my cousin laptop04:03
actionparsniplittlebear: or you could use puppy or damnsmall to make the system super faster04:03
littlebearactionparsnip: yeah, busy with life04:03
nUboon2Agerodolfo: ok what is the URL it gave?04:03
A-NonDasEi: How would I fix that?04:03
mnainesarrrghhh, do you run Ubuntu entirely on a flash drive?04:03
littlebearactionparsnip: that's ram though04:03
arrrghhhmnaines, no.04:03
rodolfobut what i do next??04:03
actionparsniplittlebear: plus lighter in cpu too as well as smaller in HDD usage04:04
littlebearactionparsnip: unless you have your hdd entirely made up of ram, you're speed isn't going anywhere04:04
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, Look at Post #19 on the link I sent you, this may be the smoking-gun for your issue.04:04
arrrghhhmnaines, but i know guys that run ubuntu-server on a usb key.04:04
nUboon2Agerodolfo: tell us what the URL is that pastebinit produced.04:04
mnainesarrrghhh, I tried it once...Painfully slow and no room for any of my files, but I could use it on any machine that could boot from USB04:04
DasEiA-Non: try to backup xorg.conf, reconfigure the server, run a full update/grade, and set up xorg back, case lack of functionality04:04
rodolfoit gave me this04:04
littlebearmnaines: the puppylinux works great from usb, though corruption after awhile04:04
arrrghhhand i run the liveusb key edition or whatever, but i don't use it frequently.  just when i need it.  most guys get flash cards on the mobo - much faster bus that way.04:04
=== brendan__ is now known as BLW
nUboon2Agerodolfo: yes?  Gave which URL?04:05
mnainesarrrghhh, yes, but my intent is portability, being able to use my full-featured copy of Ubuntu on almost any newer machine I come to04:05
DasEiA-Non: need the commands for tthat ?04:05
A-NonDasEi: I know how to back up xorg.conf but I don't know what you mean by the rest of those steps, could you explain that in detail?04:05
rodolfoDistributor ID:Jolicloud  Description:Jolicloud robby (Final Release)  Release:1.0  Codename:robby04:05
A-NonDasEi: Yeah the commands would be helpful04:05
rodolfowhat does it mean?04:06
DasEiA-Non: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_backup04:06
nUboon2Agerodolfo: actionparsnip oh rodolfo's got Jolicloud!04:06
arrrghhhmnaines, yea you can do that.  but like you said it's slow... i do the same thing, but again slow.  if the machine has a TON of ram it does make a difference tho.04:06
rodolfowhats that?04:06
A-NonDasEi: Alright, then what?04:07
actionparsnipnUboon2Age: its not supported here then04:07
DasEiA-Non: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade (maybe note it and run it from init 1, as with x in use, things might be kept back)04:07
mnainesarrrghhh, yes.  As you said, its more useful on servers, and at this time, flash memory is not fast enough to use it for anything more than portable server operating systems04:07
nUboon2Agerodolfo: actionparsnip: Jolicloud is based on Ubuntu, but is a derivative of Ubuntu.  Let's see where to get support for it...04:07
arrrghhhwait, rodolfo isn't running ubuntu?04:07
actionparsnipnUboon2Age: true but many are based on ubuntu but still equally unsupported here04:07
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA ty, well im going to save the documents and reinstall using 10.0404:08
arrrghhhrodolfo, mind if i ask why you even came into this room then?04:08
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, Oh, Ok, well you can get your docs off easily, then jsut start over, but there's a problem with 9.04 & 9.10 with both fstab and sudo-user auth files.04:09
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA ty!04:09
rodolfomy uncle told me to ask here04:09
DasEiA-Non: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:09
actionparsniprodolfo: the official channel for ubuntu is only for support for oficially released ubuntu from canonicals, not its spin offs04:09
nUboon2Agerodolfo: actionparsnip: yes i understand.  I'll try and point rodolfo in the right support direction...04:09
[ZoD]PhantomKE1HA good night and to all.04:09
actionparsniprodolfo: hopefully nUboon2Age can steer you04:09
KE1HA[ZoD]Phantom, After researin and listeing to your feedback, I suspect your /etcsusoers file is missing or currut, which is the liekly reason for the issue if it's not the fstab.04:10
actionparsniprodolfo: if you install the netbook edition which looks pretty much the same you will be supported here04:10
A-NonDasEi: the dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg didn't seem to do anything, is that normal?04:10
KE1HAA-Non, no that's not normal.04:11
DasEiA-Non: sudo service gdm restart (will LOG you OFF!),  the last two commands might be run after doing an sudo init 1, which will bring you to single user mode ( and also drops you off the desk,,     the cmd did, even with no feedback04:11
nUboon2Agerodolfo: it looks like its Karmic based (i'm guessing).  Here's the web site: http://www.jolicloud.com/support04:11
Snake_EaterE ai algum braisileiro aki04:11
nUboon2Agerodolfo: i'm looking over there for support resources...04:11
rwwubottu: br | Snake_Eater04:11
ubottuSnake_Eater: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:11
DasEi!br | Snake_Eater04:11
A-NonDasEi: okay I'll need to load up IRC on the other machine before I do that04:11
DasEicaps, ups04:12
rublindgentlemen (a bold assumption, I know). I'm seeking some assistance. Whenever I leave my eth0 to dhcp, I can't ssh to this machine. If I set it to a static IP it works. Does anyone have any idea of things I could try?04:13
nUboon2Agerodolfo: I found they have an irc channel at #jolicloud .  Also04:13
macorublind: a not-100%-correct one too!04:14
rodolfook tnx04:14
nUboon2Agerodolfo: more community resources listed at http://www.jolicloud.com/community04:14
* maco swishes skirt 04:14
rublindalso, my monitor cuts off the first few letters (I hate this thing), so I don't really know who to reply to. sorry. :x04:14
rublind__co: I took a risk. =p04:15
DasEiA-Non: sudo init 1, then dpkg from gui-choice (same as update/grade) then reconfigure from netroot or root, exit back to init 1 gui, resume boot, start gdm manually04:15
nUboon2Agerodolfo: i'm glad we checked and figured out what we're working with so you can get help from folks who are familar with Jolicloud, Robby edition.  We could have knocked that one around a long time without being able to make progress.04:15
A-NonDasEi: I'm going to switch IRC to the other machine, be right back04:16
rodolfook thanks04:16
nUboon2Agerodolfo: I've heard good things about Jolicloud so hopefully you'll be able to get your ipod working quickly.04:17
rublindsecond question: does anyone know how to make 2wire routers not suck?04:17
FirstgearOnewhich is faster kde or gnome?04:17
Sedatedrublind, i suggest a large heavy hammer04:17
stanley_robertsohi all04:17
arrrghhhrodolfo, slap your uncle for me :D04:17
rublindagreed. but I don't think AT&T will appreciate that.04:17
KE1HArublind, yeah, replace it with Cisco Routers :-)04:17
A-NonDasEi: I was running IRC on the machine I was trying to fix before, so this will be easier04:17
rublinddo you know if the cisco routers are compatible with AT&T's garbage service?04:18
mnainesDoes anyone know of a program for Linux that takes all your settings, custom themes, files and programs, and whatever else and turn it into an ISO so you can reinstall or move to another machine without losing any data?04:18
KE1HArublind, yes.04:18
DasEiA-Non: sudo init 1, then dpkg from gui-choice (same as update/grade) then reconfigure from netroot or root, exit back to init 1 gui, resume boot, start gdm manually04:18
rodolfoyes XD tnx for your help04:18
rublindI need to look into this then... thank you. would you happen to know a model number by any chance?04:18
actionparsnipmnaines: backup the hidden files in $HOME, you can restore them later to restore settings04:18
KE1HArublind, our main fibre channel was on an AT&T link, was pretty stable for acess.04:19
KE1HArublind, Which Cisco Routers ?04:19
rublindthe service isn't that bad (usually, it did go down for no reason once or twice), but I hate this 2wire thing they give me. makes me want to stab myself.04:19
mnainesactionparsnip, I mean like, when someone customizes Ubuntu to their liking then wants to get a new machine but does not want to have to reinstall everything to get their customizations back, is there something that can compile their custom Ubuntu setup into an ISO?04:20
econdudeawesomeAAH! I meant to delete a partition and created a new partition table. It said that it will be implemented on reboot. Can I fix it?04:20
A-NonDasEi: Just did init 1 now04:20
rublindyeah, if you knew off the top of your head. would save me some googling, but no worries either way. :)04:20
KE1HArublind, sri mate, but 2wire is garbage if you need real performace.04:20
DasEiA-Non: get a small gui.. > dpkg...04:20
Sedatedrublind, the 2wire routers i have here in .au have an advanced management page you can get it by browsing to http://<ip>/mdc04:20
KE1HArublind, one moment, need ot SSH to my Workstation.04:20
A-NonDasEi: I get an Ubuntu splash screen with the little dots04:20
actionparsnipmnaines: yep, that'll do it. You can burn them to a CD or USB stick etc for storage. Don't get tied up with ISO files04:20
rodolfoi have a problem with jolicloud IRC04:20
rublindII've tried the mdc things before, but still not the level of control I want...04:21
DasEiA-Non: might take a second04:21
rodolfono one answers04:21
A-NonDasEi: I think it's frozen, the dots aren't moving anymore :(04:21
actionparsniprodolfo: then ask in #freenode04:21
tpadshould i buy an nvidia or ati gpu if i plan on running ubuntu?04:21
econdudeawesomeSo if I use gparted to create a new partition table for a currently mounted drive, is there any way to fix that???04:21
DasEiA-Non: give it a little. else ctrl-alt-delete, when grub is loading, press left shift04:21
actionparsniptpad: nvidia04:22
econdudeawesomeas in, restore the partition table of the drive, or will it be wiped on the next reboot?04:22
tpadshould i buy an nvidia or ati gpu if i plan on running ubuntu?04:22
rodolfook thanks04:22
tensorpuddingnvidia has good binary blob drivers04:22
tpadactionparsnip: would ati work? someone told me there isnt very good support for ati..04:22
arrrghhhrodolfo, is there any reason you can't run ubuntu?04:22
tensorpuddingati has a free driver, but i don't know what the state of it is04:22
tpadim looking at the ati radeon hd 565004:22
DasEiecondudeawesome: very bad idea, and gparted wouldn't even allow on a mounted drive04:22
KE1HArublind, border routers were 3800's04:22
rublindcool, thank you for checking. :)04:23
actionparsniptpad: sure, you can check the ati site for compatible devices, nvidia have supported linux waaay longer than ati04:23
econdudeawesomeDasEi now when I reopen gparted it doesn't bring up the drive04:23
A-NonDasEi: I rebooted tapping left shift pretty much constantly and it just got me to the GDM screen04:23
DasEiA-Non: got the grub menue ?04:23
econdudeawesomeDasEi it was mounted into three partitions and I was trying to delete the middle one... and thought I needed a new partition table. What can I do??04:24
tpadactionparsnip: i know.. and i know ati has drivers.. im just wondering if anyone has experience with the stability of them.04:24
ZykoticK9A-Non, if you are using Grub2 then just hold shift down while booting to get the menu (don't tap)04:24
KE1HArublind, local routers were 2600's with a few 7100 fer the main WAN stuff.04:24
econdudeawesomeDasEi not mounted: divided. Two are currently mounteded04:24
A-NonDasEi: I don't think so, I saw no menus until GDM04:24
A-NonZykoticK9: Alright I'll try holding it down then04:24
actionparsniptpad: i only buy nvidia due to support, millions will agree, millions will disagree04:24
rublindcool, cool. time to go shopping I guess. =p04:24
KE1HArublind, 2600's are Solid bargins, 3800's are over the top even for most small to medium companys.04:24
macotpad: i last used ati 2 years ago and at the time i could get dual screen at high res on 32bit working fine, but on 64bit. i imagine progress has been made, particularly since they opened up all their specs04:24
macotpad: er, but not on 64bit04:25
DasEiecondudeawesome: oo, you set a new partitable on a drive where you still would have needed the other two partis ?04:25
ZykoticK9tpad, if you want 3d on linux (or other open source OSs)  i would go nivida myself04:25
rublind2600's it is then. :)04:25
tpadwell damn.04:25
tpadsee im looking at the envy 14.. and i cant get nvidia in it.04:25
tpadbut i realllly want this laptop. :)04:25
A-NonDasEi: Okay now I've got "GNU GRUB version 1.98-1ubuntu7" menu04:25
DasEiA-Non: it's lucid ?04:25
rublindokay, I need to go futz with my router/networking setup for a bit to figure this out. I'll be back later. Thanks for all the info. :)04:25
A-NonDasEi: Yeah, lucid04:25
macotpad: can i sugget a couple companies that make linux laptops?04:25
DasEifine > 2nd kernel, recovery-mode04:25
DasEiA-Non: ^04:26
coz_tpad,  which intel chipsets for video do they hav?04:26
ZykoticK9tpad, if your shopping for a laptop then nvidia usually costs about 2x as much :|  You get what you pay for though.04:26
KE1HArublind, look for certified Used 2600's, with the fibre module options, lots of ggod deals around. We're way off-topic, so back to Ubuntu Support.04:26
tensorpuddingif you're getting a laptop, go for intel04:26
A-NonDasei: running recovery-mode...04:26
tensorpuddinggraphics, that is04:26
ZykoticK9tpad, i agree with tensorpudding intel over ati.04:26
macotpad: http://zareason.com and http://system76.com  both make fully linux compatible laptops.  i have two laptops from za04:26
tpadtensorpudding: lol now thats incorrect.04:26
econdudeawesomeDasEi yes, that was the plan. But I wasn't thinking and made a new partition table for the whole drive. The computer seems to be working find, but I got the following in the terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/470510/04:27
DasEiecondudeawesome: so, what you need is another sys, and then use testdisk to recover it, that'll be a bit of a hassle then04:27
tpadnvidia may have better support.. but ati is def better than intel.04:27
macotensorpudding: actually... intel has the best support of all04:27
tensorpuddingIntel's free drivers work great.04:27
macotensorpudding: fully open drivers, and yeah, it does work for 3d actually... its long been the easiest way to get 3d on linux04:27
macotensorpudding: erk not you sorry04:27
ZykoticK9maco, if "best support" = "Open source" then yes ;)04:27
econdudeawesomeDasEi that actually won't be a problem to boot up another system on the same rig, coincidentally enough. But can I do it before I shut the computer down with gpart?04:27
macotpad: what i just said to tensorpudding was for you04:27
tonsofpcsso I just tried burning a cd with k3b, k3b hung with 0% and was successfully killed, wodim is still stuck running and the drive is spinning.  Any ideas?04:27
tpadthey may work good. but i am also going for performance. i will be running windows 7 dual boot for gaming as well.04:28
macoZykoticK9: thats what i meant yeah.04:28
DasEiecondudeawesome: wellwell, I told you gparted won't do, if anything is mounted there.. gparteed still open ?04:28
tensorpuddingIf you're going for gaming it's different.04:28
DasEiA-Non: dpgk....04:28
macoZykoticK9: but like... out of the box, you have 3d. none of this fussing around with extra drivers then finding out it breaks on plymouth crap04:28
tpadtensorpudding: i am going for gaming as well.04:29
econdudeawesomeDasEi not gparted, gpart04:29
actionparsnipmaco: the plymouth thing is easy to workaround with fb driver but OOTB yes04:29
A-NonDasEi: the recovery-mode thing seems to hang at "Setting sensors limits, Skip stopping firewall: ufw (not enabled)"04:29
econdudeawesomeDasEi I've closed it and opened it--same options are availabel taht were there immediately following my stupid stupid action04:29
DasEiecondudeawesome: hm , I don't what command you issued actually, so first a reboot and then see what really happened will be way to go then04:29
KE1HAtensorpudding, Browse the Ubuntu Certified Hardware lists for hardware before purchase, saved on allot of frustration.04:30
DasEiA-Non: hmm.. should run through to a simple gui04:30
econdudeawesomeI was running gparted, and used the "create new partition table" on the drive...04:30
DasEiA-Non: try to ctrl-c, if it won't move on04:30
A-NonDasEi: This machine never does what it should D: ... Ctrl+C seems to have no effect04:31
courtnican anyone tell me( in the most undestandable nderstandable terms please) how to run/ get the "desktop-switcher"04:31
VS-arrrghhh, alternate cd works, thanks a lot :D04:31
DasEiecondudeawesome: which, if any of the partis was mounted, shouldn't be possible, again: gparted-gui or parted from terminal ?04:31
econdudeawesomeDasEi gparted-gui04:31
arrrghhhVS-, np.04:32
econdudeawesomeDasEi I invoke it from the terminal04:32
DasEiecondudeawesome: so you might be lucky, just reboot and check the disk again04:32
econdudeawesomeDasEi fair enough I guess, I'll give it a shot. In the meantime I'm running gpart04:32
A-NonDasEi: I rebooted and tried again and now it's got the simple GUI04:33
econdudeawesomeseems straightforward enough: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=221043604:33
econdudeawesomecourtni what do you mean04:33
DasEiA-Non: fine, so dpkgrepair...04:33
econdudeawesomecourtni are you switching between desktop windows, desktop session managers (GNOME, KDE), or login windows, or what?04:33
raghavendranhow to embed kernal in cc04:33
A-NonDasEi: What was the dpkgrepair command exactly?04:34
KE1HAraghavendran, in CC ??04:34
econdudeawesomec0ourtni are you there?04:35
raghavendrancan any one tell me04:35
DasEiA-Non: first we want to run the dpkg-choice from the small menue04:35
raghavendranto do a project04:35
ZykoticK9raghavendran, and what is cc?04:35
KE1HAraghavendran, I dont know what you mean by "cc"04:35
A-NonDasEi: Okay I did that, it finished04:35
raghavendraninterested in foss04:35
econdudeawesomeraghavendran ask your question in one line, be specific04:35
DasEiA-Non: I assume it had inet , and didn't just spill error contacting url ?!04:36
raghavendranfoss projects04:36
A-NonDasEi: It ran completely, no error contacting url :)04:36
=== rajesh is now known as Guest46074
DasEiA-Non: next choice root or netroot04:36
courtniecondudeawesome: on the latest version of ubuntu, the "desktop-switcher" was added back after being taken off in the previous version due to instabilaty, it is supposed to allow ubuntu netbook remix to look like the desktop versoin04:37
=== radar3d|DT is now known as radar3d|Zzz
A-NonDasEi: Okay, I've got the terminal prompt now04:37
DasEiA-Non: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:37
Flannelraghavendran: Your question seems like it might be better suited for #ubuntu-offtopic04:37
jorenhey, has anyone had experience with 10.04 booting sporadically? most of the time, there's just a blinking cursor, no grub or anything, but every once in a while it will boot04:37
DasEiA-Non: will do no output04:37
DasEiA-Non: service gdm stop04:37
econdudeawesomecourtni I could never get that to work exactly right. I followed a script in the ubuntu forums to set up GNOME exactly like the Netbook Remix session04:37
DasEiA-Non: service gdm start04:37
ZykoticK9courtni, i'm under the impression that UNE is actually almost entirely locked down UI wise.  Best of luck.  (i don't think the switcher is an available feature - i could be wrong)04:38
A-NonDasEi: I'm not supposed to get any output from dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg right?04:38
tonsofpcsis there a way to send an eof to an open stream? (I have wodim stuck waiting for data, spinning my cd drive -- 21:43:07  * tonsofpcs tries sfc04:38
econdudeawesomecourtni if you want to switch between desktop, you need to run with GNOME session instead of netboook remix or netbook remix 2d04:38
tonsofpcsis there a way to send an eof to an open stream? (I have wodim stuck waiting for data, spinning my cd drive -- usr/bin/wodim -v gracetime=2 dev=/dev/sr0 speed=48 -dao driveropts=burnfree -eject -data -tsize=318784s - )04:38
econdudeawesomecourtni you can do this at the log in window--when you click on your account the option the change sessions is at the bottom04:38
econdudeawesomecourtni however, you could also use the GNOME session script and then just kill or reinvoke the programs you want to switch between--I think the primary one is called maximus04:39
ZykoticK9econdudeawesome, i don't believe that is an option in UNE, in Gnome yes.04:39
econdudeawesomeZykoticK9 spot on. That's wht I was saying04:40
courtniecondudeawesome: thnx a LOT!c: I can manage that.04:40
A-NonDasEi: service gdm start loaded GDM (obviously) so now I'm logged in, how do I make sure the missing file is there now?04:40
ZykoticK9econdudeawesome, sorry it was just the way you broke your statement up there, i wasn't sure ;)04:40
DasEiA-Non: cd /usr/lib/xorg/modules/04:40
DasEiA-Non: ls libwf*04:41
A-NonDasEi: It's there :)04:41
Mr_Sonomaanyone know a way to set ubuntu to give a shell login option from the log in screen?04:41
econdudeawesomeDasEi--I'm off! Wish me luck!04:42
DasEiA-Non: I assume it's an nvidia card then04:42
DasEiecondudeawesome: yupp04:42
VS-Only WEP is supported?04:42
ZykoticK9Mr_Sonoma, that would be an option to exit from GDM and drop to console mode, that option doesn't exist.  You can disable GDM if you want, but not as a selection in GDM.04:42
A-NonDasEi: Nvidia FX 550004:43
KE1HAMr_Sonoma, you mean drop to a terminal v.s. starting X ?04:43
DasEiA-Non: ic, not the biggest, but enough for small compiz-effects04:43
IzinucsA-Non: DasEi you might have to use the newest binary driver that was just released that is compatible with X.org 1.8 ..04:44
ZykoticK9Mr_Sonoma, if you're actually interested in disabling GDM you can see the two methods i know of at http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/notes/gdm04:44
Mr_SonomaZykoticK9, KE1HA yes, at the log in screen instead of logging into graphical have the option to go cli. hitting cntrl alt f1 just gives a blank screen unless i've already logged into the gui04:44
A-NonDasEi: It gets the job done, and it's PCI, my mobo only has PCI slots, no AGP or PCI-E :(04:44
KE1HAMr_Sonoma, Easiest way ot to log in normally, then do an Init-304:44
DasEiA-Non: saw that ? and also you ran the nvidia-settings , nor ?04:44
KE1HAMr_Sonoma, doing the init-3 will do a quick re-boot without stating X.04:45
A-NonDasEi: I don't understand what you mean there04:45
ZykoticK9!runlevels > KE1HA04:45
ubottuKE1HA, please see my private message04:45
ZykoticK9KE1HA, are you sure about that init3 thing?04:45
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.04:46
KE1HAI just got busted by Ubuttu :-) ... let me look at this a min :-)04:46
Mr_Sonomablah, i had forgotten about the runlevels but that looks to have killed the idea i had forgotten about LOL04:47
ZykoticK9Mr_Sonoma, KE1HA to stop GDM you can use the command "sudo service gdm stop" and you should be left with only console modes.04:48
A-NonDasEi: Compiz still kills my title bars and window borders though :(04:48
DasEiA-Non: is it 32 or 64 ?04:48
ZykoticK9A-Non, that mean compiz is failing!04:48
A-NonDasEi: My system is 32bit04:48
c1rcuiti changed the name of my home directory04:48
c1rcuitand now its all failing04:48
A-NonZykoticK9: How would I stop it from failling?04:49
KE1HAZykoticK9, rr, yes, I know you can start / stop GDM, but I was certian I could do an INIT, but maybe Im crossing wires with another distro here.04:49
c1rcuithow do i reset it back to normal?04:49
actionparsnipc1rcuit: rename it back in root recovery mode04:49
ZykoticK9A-Non, i don't know what the problem is.04:49
c1rcuitso say in the /home directory04:49
c1rcuitthere was /c1rcuit04:49
c1rcuitand i changed it to lets say04:49
ZykoticK9KE1HA, pretty much ANY other distro probably ;)04:49
A-NonZykoticK9: By that do you mean, you wouldn't be able to figure out the problem, or that I need to give you more information?04:49
c1rcuitid just have to change matt back to c1rcuit?04:50
Izinucsc1rcuit: change it back to c1rcuit04:50
DasEiA-Non: http://i8t.de/a9hg0ttb04:50
KE1HAMr_Sonoma, Ok, in the interest of speed here, start / stop GDM is the best options  at the moment.04:50
c1rcuitok ill try04:50
mr_4slk4can i ask a question04:50
Izinucs!ask | mr_4slk404:50
ubottumr_4slk4: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:50
DasEiA-Non: latest driver, d/l it04:50
ZykoticK9A-Non, i have no idea what your issue is, but unless you are using nvidia i can't really be much help04:50
Mr_SonomaZykoticK9, thats a thought, and thanks for the link. let me think about how i wanna do this. I don't always want graphical i spend a lot of time on command line doing my stuff. Woulda been nice to have a way to add the option at the bottom of the log in screen where you can select recovery or what ever04:50
mr_4slk4i'm a newbie in irc04:50
A-NonZykoticK9: I am using nvidia04:50
mr_4slk4what is script04:50
A-NonDasEi: Okay04:50
IzinucsDasEi: A-Non the right driver may be the 96.xx driver not the 195.xx04:51
cntrationalwhen will you guys stop calling "ctrl" "cntrl"04:51
ZykoticK9A-Non, use whatever driver is "Recommended" in hardware drivers would be my recommendation.04:51
Izinucscntrational: tomato - tomato :)04:51
DasEiIzinucs: I just see that, that's xorg 1.704:51
cntrationalIzinucs: hilights04:51
A-NonKykoticK9, Izinucs, DasEi, which driver then?? :P04:52
IzinucsDasEi: what's 10.04 running 1.7 or 1.8?  I think Maverick is 1.804:52
* Mr_Sonoma points out that it used to be cntrl on the old keyboards back in the day04:52
cntrationalwe aren't that old04:52
Random832Izinucs: back in what day?04:52
ZykoticK9A-Non, you also might want to move your current xorg and let nvidia generate a new one.  Move with "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.orig" then "sudo nvidia-xconfig" to generate a new one.  Just a suggestion.04:52
IzinucsA-Non: looking04:52
Random832i'm pretty sure it went straight from "Control" to "Ctrl"04:52
KE1HAZykoticK9, You are indeed correct, Run-Levels, 3 to 5 are the same for Debian system, 2 is a single level user mode, similar to WIndows safemode.: http://www.debianadmin.com/debian-and-ubuntu-linux-run-levels.html04:53
Mr_Sonomathanks fellas04:53
abhijitcan i use yasm to program (virtual) 8086?04:53
A-NonZykoticK9: I'll give that a go, see what happens04:53
macoKE1HA: youre wrong04:53
cntrationalRandom832: well it's cntrl if you remove only the vowels04:53
macoKE1HA: 2-5 are the same. 1 is single user04:53
DasEiIzinucs: Version: 1:7.5+5ubuntu1, so not as 1.8 as said above, for lucid04:53
Random832which isn't really the answer to the question04:53
macoKE1HA: the default runlevel in ubuntu (and i think debian as well) is 204:53
KE1HAmaco, was quoting from Debian Admin, so if it's wrong, I too and mistaken.04:53
Random832actually. the XT had "Ctrl", the VT100 had "Ctrl"04:54
ZykoticK9KE1HA, i'd trust maco if i where you ;)04:54
DatzHi, could someone guide me to a page that explains requirements for repo packages, and how to submit such things.04:54
macoKE1HA: check it out. type "runlevel" in a shell. you should be on 204:54
Random832it's pretty well established, from pretty early on - i know some old mac keyboards had "control"04:54
actionparsnipabhijit: sure, its opensource04:54
DasEiA-Non: which driver is currently shown under recommended ( as in Version), same ?04:54
IzinucsDasEi: A-Non this is what I found http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_173.14.25.html04:54
abhijitactionparsnip, ok04:54
rwwEntertainingly, the top of that debianadmin.com article is wrong and the text is right.04:54
A-NonZykoticK9: Compiz still fails to load04:55
KE1HAmaco, not disputing it, jsut wanted to read about it, is this doc incorrect then? : http://www.debianadmin.com/debian-and-ubuntu-linux-run-levels.html04:55
DasEiIzinucs: same here04:55
A-NonDasEi: Version 173 is recommended,96 is also supported04:55
rwwoh wait no, it's all right and KE1HA just can't read04:55
IzinucsDasEi: and 10.04 is 1.7?04:55
DasEiIzinucs: as apt says, yes04:55
ZykoticK9A-Non, run from terminal "compiz --replace" and see if you get any noticeable error04:55
KE1HAExcuse me, yeah, my comprehension level isn't to high these days.04:55
A-NonZykoticK9: No error, just a lack of title bars and window borders :(04:56
bastidrazorubottu: tell KE1HA about runlevels04:56
ubottuKE1HA, please see my private message04:56
ZykoticK9A-Non, do you have fusion-icon installed?04:56
IzinucsDasEi: don't forget that the stock nvidia drivers that come with ubuntu have to be uninstalled prior to installing the binary..04:56
IzinucsDasEi: also the headers need installing04:56
abhijitanyone yasm user here?04:56
A-NonZykoticK9: Yes I do04:56
actionparsnip!ppa | abhijit04:57
ubottuabhijit: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.04:57
ZykoticK9A-Non, try the reload wm option in there04:57
DasEiA-Non: down ?04:57
actionparsnipabhijit: may have a ppa for you, otherwise you will be sniffing for a deb, failing that you wil be compiling04:57
abhijitactionparsnip, i installed it. but i need someone to talk about how to use it. becuase i have only experience with tasm on xp.04:57
A-NonZykoticK9: It reloads with the same error04:57
abhijitactionparsnip, yasm is there in repo04:57
actionparsnipabhijit: read the man page04:57
A-NonDasEi: I'll give it a download04:57
actionparsnip!info yasm04:57
ubottuyasm (source: yasm): modular assembler with multiple syntaxes support. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.0-1 (lucid), package size 561 kB, installed size 1560 kB04:57
abhijitactionparsnip, reading04:57
ZykoticK9A-Non, what error?  or do you just mean the missing titlebars.04:58
DatzHi, could someone guide me to a page that explains requirements for repo packages, and how to submit something to the repo.04:58
DasEiA-Non: say when ready04:58
actionparsnipabhijit: glad its in the repo for you :)04:58
abhijitactionparsnip, :)04:58
A-NonZykoticK9: I meant the missing title bars sorry :P04:58
DasEiA-Non: can open another window and issue:04:58
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages04:58
rwwubottu: packaging | Datz04:58
ubottuDatz: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports04:58
DasEiA-Non:  sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential04:59
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging04:59
Izinucssudo apt-get remove nvidia*04:59
A-NonDasEi: I'm doing that command now while the drivers download04:59
Datzubottu = quick04:59
j_ayen_greenrunning lucid. all of a sudden gedit won't let me save anything...says 'the text file is busy'04:59
BentFrankNew 10.4 installation.  Manual internet setup.  Edited /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf.  Now what?  What goes in /etc/network/interfaces?04:59
ZykoticK9A-Non, what driver does Hardware Drivers show as in use?  does nvidia-settings work properly?04:59
A-NonDasEi: Apparently I had that already04:59
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports05:00
DasEilzinucs: or just by by jockey05:00
A-NonZykoticK9: Nvidia-settings works correctly, version 173 is in use05:00
KwikkSilvacould anyone help me with a bridging problem05:00
KwikkSilvabetween my wireless and wired network05:00
IzinucsDasEi: I'm not even sure what jockey is.. :/05:00
develhello peeps05:01
IzinucsKwikkSilva: you trying to use your machine to provide internet to others?05:01
ZykoticK9A-Non, is your system up-to-date?  have you rebooted (in event of kernel updates)?  other then that i'm affriad, i have no idea man.  Good luck man.05:01
Izinucs!ics | KwikkSilva05:01
ubottuKwikkSilva: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php05:01
KwikkSilvaIzinucs, thats right - i did manage to get that oart working05:01
KwikkSilvabut the "others" are now not pingable05:01
A-NonZykoticK9: I'm pretty sure I'm updated, I just rebooted a few minutes ago too05:02
DasEilzinucs: jockey-gtk is the gui for hardwaredrivers05:02
IzinucsKwikkSilva: the link ubottu provided might help05:02
IzinucsDasEi: but does removing that eliminate the other nvidia bits provided by ubuntu?05:02
ZykoticK9KwikkSilva, you might want to see this as well (it for 9.10 but most should still apply) http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-easily-share-your-wireless-connection-in-ubuntu-9-10/05:03
KwikkSilvaYes - actually have been thru that part - but i' mleft with a lingering problem that the server which now has access to the network is inacessible05:03
DasEilzinucs: takes them out of x, just the drivers being still on won't harm , got to restart x (which goes by cmdline for the binary itself)05:03
IzinucsDasEi: I've had a horrible time installing the binary on 10.04 but from 6.06 through 9.1 it was pretty simple.. maybe something to do with the new opensource driver being the default.05:03
KwikkSilvaWhen i bridged the server it got a different IP address, like
KwikkSilvaand my netowkr is
bthorntonHey, just did an 'apt-get update' on my Lucid install (which I do regularly) and noticed that version number changed (10.04 --> 10.04.1). Just curious: what specific update constitutes the .1 version change?05:04
IzinucsDasEi: by the way.. You're not highlighting me with my nick.. it's izinucs not lzinucs :)05:04
bthorntondon't think I've ever seen that happen before05:04
DasEiIzinucs: aharr :) was about to plaster my tab, hehe05:05
IzinucsDasEi: it's actually my normal nick backwards.. different machine .. different nick05:05
ZykoticK9What's up with the version number? "lsb_release -d" in terminal is showing "Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS" currently.  But according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule 10.04.1 is suppose to be released on August 12th? bthornton05:07
DanaGHmm, I tried using gnome-appearance-properties on an HD 5570 with 3 heads, and it only showed 2 monitors.  xrandr shows all 3.05:08
FreshPrincewhy is ubuntu 64-bit Not recommended for daily desktop usage ?05:08
mikeruZykotick9: It's LYING05:08
DanaGThis is with open-source driver.05:08
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, i agree with this "bug" https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/58594005:09
=== wzk is now known as wzkOFF
Adman65what do i need to install to have a postgres client only?05:10
A-NonDasEi: Sorry my connection is terrible, drivers finished05:11
DasEiIzinucs: I just wonder about if the 185 would also support an fx 550005:11
mikeruanyone know a cpuz for linbux?05:11
DasEiA-Non: sudo apt-get install pastebintit05:11
abhijitAdman65, sudo apt-get install pgadmin305:12
DasEimikeru: benchmark/stresstest ?05:12
DasEiA-Non: sudo apt-get install pastebinit           **05:12
mikeruDasEi: wut?05:13
Adman65cool ty05:13
DasEiA-Non: pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf_backup05:13
KwikkSilvaSo - i bridged my Solaris Server onto the Internet using my Dell Server, but the Solaris server got an ip of via DHCP from the Dell Server (i think), whilst the rest of the network is on
A-NonDasEi: Yeah I figured there was a typo there, it's installed now05:13
mikeruI'm just trying to get info about two computers05:13
mikeruSysInfo is not that helpful though05:13
KwikkSilvaSo now no one else can ping the Solaris server - which is 'behind' the Dell, on anogther network05:13
A-NonDasEi: http://pastebin.com/0ncgMxAL05:13
KwikkSilvaI'm trying to find out can i make the Saolaris server accessible somehow05:14
DasEimikeru: I know cpuz, but that info will be collected from different corners, as a stresstest there is cpubutn (no parameters there, though)05:14
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, so what u think? should i get the 64-bit iso or not?, thats a joke, why it wouldn't be a good idea to use 64-bit for daily usage?05:14
DasEimikeru: ah, try gnome-device-manager05:14
DasEiA-Non: and your current hardwaredrivers also sho same version as the download being in use ?05:15
mikeruDasEi: what I want to know is about motherboard memory - e.g. CPU-Z tells me its DDR 512MB Single channel frequency etc, while stupid SysInfo tells me Total: 1001 Swap total and thats all05:15
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, i use 64bit for my desktop.  i don't use 64bit on my htpc though, there are some emulators that are still 32bit only.  basically it's possible to use 64bit as well, or better then 32bit BUT it's more difficult to setup, thus "not recommended" or so the argument goes.05:15
A-NonDasEi: I think so yeah.05:15
macoFreshPrince: it says that mostly just to warn off people who dont know what 64bit is, because you can install 32bit on a 32 or 64 bit computer but not vice versa05:16
DasEimikeru: free05:16
macoFreshPrince: other than that... proprietary software can be slightly more annoying on 64bit, but theres 64bit java now, and skype and flash both work, so...05:16
mikeruDasEi: I don't want to know how much memory I have. I want to know which type of memory it is.05:17
mikeruWHICH TYPE05:17
macoFreshPrince: ive used 64bit as my daily for 2 years now05:17
mikerunot how much I have05:17
DasEimikeru: and under /proc you can find detailed infos05:17
FloodBot3mikeru: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:17
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, for 32bit libraries on 64bit Ubuntu check out the script getlibs it almost essential for 32bit compatibility05:17
DanaGhmm, anyone know how to get gnome's display-properties thing to acknowledge the presence of 3 monitors (instead of just two)?05:17
mikeruDasEi: that's exactly what I wanted to know. but is there not any tool for it?05:17
DasEimikeru : also hwinfo --vv05:17
mikeruI mean, raw proc is ugly05:17
DasEimikeru: as said, different corners05:18
mikeruDasEi: I think hwinfo will be enough. thanks05:18
DanaGThis is on a card that CAN do 3 monitors.05:19
mikeruDasEi: nevermind, hwinfo will not help.05:19
FreshPrincemaco, ZykoticK9 , well i think, if u have a 64-bit computer, then u should use ubuntu 64-bit and not the 32-bit05:20
FreshPrincea bit flash problems etc thats solved05:20
FreshPrinceso why not to use it :>05:20
DanaGFlash is not solved for me!05:20
DanaGI can't click on anything in Flash.  Adobe fail.05:20
FreshPrincenot for u05:20
FreshPrincebut for most other users in here05:20
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, i agree - but honestly, if you have less then 4G of memory you're probably best not to bother (unless you're planning on upgrading later ;)05:20
DanaG64-bit does make some number-crunching faster, even given 2 gigs -- more registers to use.05:21
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, i have only 1gb memory, and i think i'm not going to upgrade for the next 5 years :D05:21
ZykoticK9DanaG, you can see if this applies/helps http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/clicking-in-flash-not-working  good luck05:21
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, so, i should use 32-bit if i have less than 4gb?05:21
zfxpHow do i edit my motd file without going back to default?05:21
DanaG Bad Request Error 40005:21
StupendoussteveI would not use 64 bit with 1gb, 64 bit apps tend to use more memory05:21
FreshPrinceStupendoussteve, thats true05:22
A-NonDasEi: Did you look at that pastebin link?05:22
FreshPrincehm ok05:22
FreshPrincethen i'm gonna dowenload the 32-bit05:22
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, it might speed up a couple of things (like encoding) but it's probably not worth the extra effort with only 1GB, 64bit requires more memory to run the same app as 32bit does!05:22
DanaGah yeah, forgot that bit.05:22
=== root is now known as Guest82193
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, ok05:22
DanaGThe only "more memory" would come from pointers being 64-bit instead of 32-bit.05:23
FreshPrincethe reason why i'm back to ubuntu is because i dont want to configure my whole system always on other distros :>05:23
DanaGThe lack of 64-bit Firefox stuff is the bigger issue.05:23
DasEiA-Non: the xorg ? I did05:23
FreshPrincei think ubuntu should be "just working"05:23
FreshPrincewithout any problems05:23
A-NonDasEi: Okay, I didn't notice you say anything past that so I was just making sure it didn't get lost in the channel or something05:23
Guest82193i want go to ubuntu-tw05:23
Mr_SonomaGuest82193, /join #ubuntu-tw05:24
Guest82193thank you05:24
dbergI'm trying to change sessions but the screen goes blank. It's probably related to nvidia drivers. I had to add an edid file in xorg.conf for it work properly. any tips?05:25
DasEiA-Non: sry, was digging launchpad for 185 or higher in view of fx 5500, no, just newer gforces there05:25
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, the "just working" factor or Ubuntu is what brought ME from 5+ years of Gentoo.  Never been happier</ot>05:26
KE1HAMr_Sonoma, did you get what you were looing for earlier? maco was correct abotu the runlevels on UB/DEB.05:26
A-NonDasEi: So driver 173 is as high as it goes for the FX 5500 then?05:26
macoFreshPrince: ive found memory consumption on 64bit to be quite a bit higher than on 32bit. it sorta forced me to upgrade from 2gb to 405:27
DasEiA-Non: as far as I can see yes, next in apt is 185, that' wont do no  more05:27
Mr_SonomaKE1HA, yes. sorta. i've got your work around and that'll work and that'll work for me. but it wasn't really what i was hoping for kinda thing.05:27
A-NonDasEi: Well if the drivers can't be helped, any other ideas why compiz won't load?05:27
DasEiA-Non: so as the 173 seems to be installed and other binary arethere , too, do : ctar-altF105:27
DasEiA-Non: so as the 173 seems to be installed and other binary arethere , too, do : ctrl-alt-F105:28
jguzikowski_how does one change your screen resolution in ubuntu?05:28
ZykoticK9FYI the update in Lucid to 10.04.1 is real, and not as suggested a lie.  The release was moved up.05:28
mikeruDasEi: lshw-gtk is the answer. and it's in the repos (and apparently the cli version is installed by default)05:28
A-NonDasEi: Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn't seem to do anything05:28
KE1HAMr_Sonoma, understand, Im not used to that either, but it is what it is I suppose.05:28
DasEiA-Non: should bring you out of x05:28
mikeruA-Non: black screen? or stays the same?05:29
DasEiA-Non: sudo nvidia-settings (for the first run)05:29
A-Nonmikeru: stays exactly the same05:29
jguzikowski_can anyone just tell me how to change your resolution in gnome?05:29
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
DasEimikeru : lspci is most common, nice gui, too05:29
A-NonDasEi: I'm in nvidia settings05:29
ZykoticK9jguzikowski, System / Preferences / Monitors05:29
Mr_SonomaKE1HA, yea maybe we should make a suggestion that they give that option on the log on screen. seems like it used to be there (atleast on kde) or am i wrong about that?05:29
jguzikowski_ZykoticK9, thank you05:30
mikeruDasEi: iknow, but as I said, I need to know which type of RAM. not which devices are there05:30
mikeruType of RAM05:30
DasEiA-Non: check settings, see if monitor is correctely found, save to xorg05:30
A-NonDasEi: My driver version is 173.14.22, and the downloaded is 173.14.25m I guess the download IS newer, at least by a bit05:30
BentFrankDoes gateway go in /etc/network/interfaces under eth0?05:30
mikeruCOLORS I HAZ DEM05:30
A-NonDasEi: Monitor is correctly found05:30
DasEiA-Non: hm, want to install ? np..05:30
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, i'm also an ex gentoo user, i just want a distro that just works, without to configure things all the time like u said -> gentoo -.- thats because ubuntu is great!05:31
ispothow to redirect the tty to console , on boot time?05:31
A-NonDasEi: How do I install it?05:31
KE1HAMr_Sonoma, not sure. I dont do allot of desktop work, most of my installs are without X, so I use the basics on desktops, and that's about it.05:31
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, ubuntu runs i386? would that run slower then my archlinux which is i686?05:31
mikeruis DIMM SDRAM the same as DDR?05:32
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, the i386 is a lie!  it's i686 really.05:32
IdleOnemikeru: ##hardware05:32
tensorpuddingnot necessarily05:32
tensorpudding^ mikeru05:32
mikerutensorpudding: ohshi05:32
Mr_SonomaKE1HA, i've got a few that have no x but this want was for my home desktop and there i use the GUI 50% of the time. I'm gonna keep googling i can't be the only one that wants that option at log in05:32
DasEia-non: I'm getting tired  (it's 6.30 am here), go back to hardwaredrivers, disable current one(s), back to this cmd-line, stop gdm, then on the d/l : sudo sh nvidiaBlah.run05:32
BentFrankDoes "gateway" go in /etc/network/interfaces under eth0 (typically for home net)?05:32
mikeruI think it is DDR05:32
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, a lie? i'm downlaoding ubuntu.10.04-i386.iso :p05:32
mikerubut it only says DIMM SDRAM05:33
tensorpuddingmikeru: count the notches05:33
ispothello, who knows how to redirect the tty to console , on boot time?05:33
tensorpuddingmikeru: if it has two notches, it is regular SDRAM05:33
DrewsephHello. Don't know if anyone in here would be able to help me with this one or not as its to do with XAMPP, but maybe someone knows xD. As stated, I am running XAMPP to host a web server off my Ubuntu box. Everything is running great, except for the fact that no matter what I do, port 80 cannot seem to be accessed. Forwarded, listen is set to 80, ISP does not block it. Anyone know anything about that? Sorry if I shouldn't of asked that her05:33
A-NonDasEi: That is pretty late/early... I'll run that05:33
FreshPrincemaco, i have 1gb memory about 8 years now on my machine.. and i think i'm not going to upgrade for the next 5 years :D05:33
DasEia-non: then again nvidia-settings as root, then start gdm again05:33
KE1HAMr_Sonoma, Would ne a nice feature fer sure.05:33
mikerutensorpudding: I'm noobish noobish in that stuff. what are the notches :P ?05:33
FreshPrincemaco, to lazy :p05:33
macoFreshPrince: yeah i dont think you want the bigger pointers that 64bit involves then05:33
mikerutensorpudding: you mean, the separations?05:33
FreshPrincemaco, nope :>05:34
tensorpuddingmikeru: in the interface where the pins are, there should be some separations, yeah05:34
mikerutensorpudding: Oh. and DDR is how many notches?05:34
IdleOnemikeru: How is different types of RAM Ubuntu related?05:34
Guest82193Mr_Sonoma,I am not np05:35
mikeruIdleOne: well, I'm trying to change two computers RAM for moar ram in ubuntu05:35
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, check your "uname -a" did u see i686 there?05:35
DasEimikeru: more #hardware , ddr is one , sd-ram has two nothes05:36
IdleOnemikeru: still has nothing to do with Ubuntu support05:36
Sedatedmikeru, ddr is 1 notch, sdram is 2 notches05:36
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, no because i'm running 64 so i see x86_6405:36
mikeru@Sedated @DasEi @tensorpudding thank you.05:36
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, pretty sure it will show up as x86 which will actually be i686, i386 is totally outdated at this point!05:37
mikeru@IdleOne: oh, but I'm asking how to know by software and apparently there's no way, at least in ubuntu05:37
ZykoticK9mikeru, FYI i've tried to find the type of memory info previously... and failed.  I was hoping someone was going to have an answer for ya.05:38
mikeruIdleOne: scroll back up, and see that I was trying to see which type of RAM it was from ubuntu05:38
=== Guest82193 is now known as lovekiller
macomikeru: sudo lshw -c memory05:39
macomikeru: thats not enough detail?05:39
mikeruhmm... lshw-gtk does say SODIMM DDR2for my mac05:39
mikerumaco: it says DIMM SDRAM, which apparently is not DDr05:39
DasEimikeru: so you got it then, ask on in #hardware05:40
ZykoticK9maco, you da man!  (yes i see the irony ;)05:40
macomikeru: mine gets as specific as:  description: SODIMM DDR2 Synchronous 667 MHz (1.5 ns)05:40
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, ok :), u know i like my current distro, but its terrible if nothing works correctly and u have to manually config all the things, and i didnt have the time to do that05:40
mib_mibhi can someone help me debug a cron job problem? I have a current job that i am just testing, added line * *  * * * /usr/bin/ruby /path/to/myjob.rb -- but it doens't seem to run, what am i doing wrong?05:40
mikerumaco:          description: SODIMM DDR2 Synchronous 800 MHz (1.2 ns)05:40
mikerubut that's my mac, the PC (quite ironically considering support for macs) says not much.05:41
macomacs arent pcs? news to me05:41
ZykoticK9FreshPrince, sorry man chatting about this is really offtopic for this channel.  but i certainly agree with your statment.05:41
john38can you hook up SATA and SATA 3.0gb/s to SATA 6gb/s05:41
FreshPrinceZykoticK9, life is to short to compile hours (gentoo) that because i left gentoo and went to archlinux05:42
tensorpuddingPC is an obnoxious term that no longer has any meaning except "a computer which Windows runs on"05:42
FreshPrinceyes offtopic05:42
john38its backward compatible isnt it05:42
mikerumaco: OH I'm so sorry to use wrong terminology. Shame on me. I meant Macs are abnormal PCs that do not use BIOS05:42
DanaGA mac IS a PC made by Apple.05:42
DanaGEFI is a type of BIOS, actually -- at least that's my impression.05:42
DanaGMy EliteBook has UEFI support, though it's broken -- so I have to boot with the "CSM" (Compatibility something-or-other) in old-fashioned BIOS mode.05:43
macotensorpudding: more general than that. a computer thats .. basically not a mainframe, dedicated server, or embedded05:43
SubCoolOk- here is a question. If i were to install VNC, how would i install it so that the services are running before login- or is that not possible, and id have to setup the box to auto log in05:43
john38can you hook up SATA and SATA 3.0gb/s to SATA 6gb/s05:43
john38its backward compatible isnt it05:43
tensorpuddingEFI is not a type of BIOS in the same way that a motorcycle is not a type of bicycle05:43
mikerusorry, lemme change again words. I meant PCs made by Apple have weird issues that other brands of PCs seem not to exhibit05:44
macomikeru: apples are oddly popular among linux folks, so they tend to have pretty darned good linux support05:44
maco(buy hardware from the most proprietary company, then put a free os on it....O_o)05:44
tensorpuddingNow that they use Intel processors they're easy to support05:45
mikerumaco: some do, yet some have horrid. I had to literally compile my own grub-efi to get mine to work05:45
crkapple=expensive for no good reason05:45
john38<<waiting for Imacs with six-core05:45
DanaGGood luck on that.05:45
DanaGYou're better off going with other brands.05:45
mikerumaco: and EFI is not well supported AFAIK. since mine won't run in BIOS mode, I have to use EFI boot.05:46
DanaGtensorpudding: that's a good analogy, that motorcycle one.05:46
john38can you hook up SATA and SATA 3.0gb/s to SATA 6gb/s05:46
john38its backward compatible isnt it05:46
DanaGUEFI support is a goal for Maverick.05:46
mikeruI'd love that05:46
macomikeru: i think grub2 is supposed to work with efi, and refit is the usual thing for making stuff go, but last week i watched someone install ubuntu on his macbook without using refit first, just a normal ubuntu livecd install. uncertain as to whether dual boots can be done this way though05:46
ZykoticK9john38, try asking in ##hardware for a more decisive answer, but i "believe" SATA is forward/backwards compatible (but not the speeds obviously).05:47
mikeruparticularly, I dislike that after starting X all ttys are toast05:47
john38ZykoticK9, ok05:48
john38cant join hardware05:48
ZykoticK9!register | john3805:48
ubottujohn38: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:48
DanaGYeah, should be compatible on SATA.05:48
mikerumaco: the normal procedure for macs is refit with normal ubuntu install. refit will show grub2 in MBR to boot ubuntu.05:48
greezmunkey!register > greezmunkey05:48
ubottugreezmunkey, please see my private message05:48
macomikeru: refit wasnt needed for this person though.  he didnt dual boot though, did a full-disk install for ubuntu. so maybe its only needed for dual boots? this was with 10.0405:49
ZykoticK9greezmunkey, if you want to send yourself a bot message you can use "/msg ubottu WHATYOURLOOKINGFOR" and it won't show up in the channel ;)05:49
mikeruhowever, this macbook in specific (5,2) has a weird bug that will not let it boot that way, unless you disable a core or ACPI, or boot from grub-efi (which is another binary not in the mbr)05:49
mikerumaco: that's why. refit is for ease of dual booting05:49
greezmunkeysorry about that, my bad.05:49
ZykoticK9greezmunkey, no reason to be sorry.  i was just sharing a tip.05:50
picard1421anybody have a good guide for setting up openVPN that changes RSA keyts every 20 mins.. if im using a service do they set that up the changing keys???05:50
mib_mibhow do i enable the cron logs in ubuntu?05:50
greezmunkeyZykoticK9: it's all good! Thank you.05:50
picard1421basically i want to use the VPN to connect to a service.. what do i need to setup on my end.. and also how can i make it so that the computer will not connect to the internet unless its on the VPN?05:50
picard1421(of course make all data also tunnel through taht place too?05:50
mikerumaco: I'm telling you, however, this mac can't use the grub included with ubuntu (grub-pc) because it runs in BIOS mode. it needs grub-efi which (obviously) runs in EFI mode.05:51
thefinn931help! I can't burn an ISO. There just *isn't an option* to do it. Everywhere i look it says to right click and pick write to disk or something but there is no such option. what should i do?05:51
mikerustupid me typed shitdown on a terminal :P05:52
macomikeru: okie doo05:52
mikeruhey, what's the difference between halt and poweroff?05:52
ZykoticK9thefinn931, applications / sound & video / Brasero - does it have an option to burn ISOs?  (i don't currently have it installed to check)05:52
dbergwhen I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 the screen is blank. How can I start it with the option "nomodeset"?05:53
thefinn931it's not there. Maybe i should install it?05:53
jorenmikeru, looks like no difference to me.. judging by the --help05:53
* joren didn't know there was such a thing as poweroff05:53
ZykoticK9thefinn931, what ubuntu version ubuntu/kubuntu/etc are you using?05:54
thefinn931Ubuntu 10.0405:54
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
ZykoticK9thefinn931, personally i use k3b (which requires ALL the KDE libraries) for burning, but gnome-burner or something, is a popular Gnome based burner.05:54
thefinn931thanks ZykoticK905:55
ZykoticK9IdleOne, thanks05:55
mikerujoren: and it's one of those weird commands that are symlinks - both point to reboot05:55
thefinn931i'll try those05:55
[thor]brasero should come with the stock 10.0405:55
ZykoticK9thefinn931, i would recommend against k3b, unless you understand that installing kde libs is a lot do download/update all the time ;)05:56
thefinn931yeah i'm not gonna do that05:56
mikerubut pidof is the weirdest. pidof is a symlink to killall5. if it detects it was invoked as pidof it tells the pid by its process name, yet if invoked as killall5 it kills all programs and logs you out05:56
[thor]thefinn931:  try popping in a blank DVD/CD05:56
manolocomo escuchar Radio en UBUNTU05:56
thefinn931[thor] doing so now...05:56
jorenmikeru, nope, they are all different binaries, which is the really weird thing05:57
thefinn931@[thor]: this came up05:57
ZykoticK9thefinn931, OR try typing "brasero" in terminal or alt+f2, it has an ISO burn option.05:57
homunculusHi there, I'm hoping someone can help me with my issue: I have a DLink PCI wireless adapter (the result of 'lspci' returns: Texas Instruments ACX 111 54mbps Wireless Adapter) As you can see, it is listed and recognized, but in my network options/ network manager there is no wireless interface to be seen, just my loopback and eth0. I am running 10.04, fresh install; I have browsed the forums, but a good portion of what the t05:57
homunculushreads are asking me to do is a little over my head right now. Does anyone know how to get this card to work?05:57
mikerujoren: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14 2010-05-21 21:35 /bin/pidof -> /sbin/killall5*05:57
jorenmikeru, at least as far as poweroff, halt, reboot goes05:58
mikerujoren: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 2010-05-21 21:35 /sbin/poweroff -> reboot*05:58
mikerujoren: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 2010-05-21 21:35 /sbin/halt -> reboot*05:58
picard1421can anyone help?05:58
[thor]thefinn931: does that dropdown include "Burn with Brasero" ?05:58
ZykoticK9homunculus, you have tried right clicking on the network icon and seeing if "enable wireless" changes anything.05:58
thefinn931i dont think so. i just closed it but im checking again05:58
Crowhunterhow do I register my nick05:59
jorenmikeru oh heh, ya, sorry. I'm talking out of my ass.. I just saw them each with a different man page, and different heading on the --help. really strange indeed05:59
homunculusZykoticK9 yes, i've tried clicking and perusing everything network-related. I have even downloaded additional wireless utilites to see if they recognized it, and they do not.05:59
ZykoticK9!register | Crowhunter05:59
ubottuCrowhunter: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:59
ZykoticK9homunculus, ok, i have nothing.  i was just checking the obvious, sorry you're having a tough time.06:00
mikeruAGH. I hate it. everyone's computer is acceptable: it has 1GB DDR2, Nvidia 9400GT 512MB - but stupid celeron 32bits 1.50Ghz06:00
homunculusheh, no worries, thanks for trying anyways :)06:00
mikeruthis other computer: DDR1 512MB, Intel GMA, but Pentium D 64-bit 2-cores 2.66Ghz06:01
mikeruwhat shall I do?06:01
picard1421is there a way to lock a computer in ubuntu unless you "swipe" a magnetic strip card or biometric reader06:01
[thor]mikeru: MAME console :D06:01
macomikeru: upgrade the latter's ram and be happy to have graphics with very good open drivers?06:01
SubCooldid anyone answer me?06:02
macopicard1421: and disable password? not sure. you can definitely use a fingerprint reader with the screen lock though06:02
mikeru[thor] / maco: cannut. I have to give one to my grandma xd06:02
mikeruSubCool: what did you ask?06:02
picard1421maco: im talking without GNome06:02
macopicard1421: yes...?06:02
macopicard1421: the screenlock on gnome screensaver can use a fingerprint reader. ive seen it done06:03
picard1421mac: with no "GUI" its just like the server edition but before it says password.. please put on finger.. or swipe card06:03
SubCoolOk- here is a question. If i were to install VNC, how would i install it so that the services are running before login- or is that not possible, and id have to setup the box to auto log in06:03
macopicard1421: oh. dont know about that. not sure how you have gnome with gui either, but....06:03
macoSubCool: /etc/rc.local might help06:03
=== greezmunkey is now known as josearpillo96
SubCoolwell, i was just wondering if it was possible,06:04
SubCoolmaco, because of security...06:04
jorenpicard1421, I had thinkfinger working a while back06:04
ZykoticK9SubCool, what do you mean "before" login?  I think there is something you can install that will allow VNC to connect to the GDM login screen (but not 100% on that).  If you mean before X starts - not possible.06:04
mib_mibcan someone help me debug a cron problem? I have a cron job running, and i have enabled cron logs, but nothing seems to be happening06:04
mib_mibI see the jobs in /var/log/cron.log06:05
mib_miband i dn't see any errors or anything06:05
macoZykoticK9: are you thinking of xrdcp? thats very insecure and i dont think the new gdm supports it06:05
SubCoolZykoticK9, not necessarily before xstarts, just so that if the box gets rebooted, i can still log in remotely06:05
ZykoticK9maco, no not xrdcp, it's some vnc/gdm package of some sort.06:05
SubCooli made a service from the instruction that will initialize the server after login, but i dont believe before login.06:06
ZykoticK9maco, perhaps i'm wrong, do you know what x11vnc does?06:06
macoZykoticK9: nope06:06
SubCoolx11? wow- they are going everywhere06:06
SubCooli remember them being those stupid crapy video cams06:06
Crowhunternow that my nick is registerd do I have to use password everytime I use irc ?  how do I use password on my nick?06:06
ZykoticK9SubCool, if i where you i'd research x11vnc and find out what it does.  good luck.06:06
picard1421how about with Magnetic swipe?06:07
SubCoolZykoticK9, ty!06:07
macoSubCool: huh? wat about x11 and cams?06:07
xanguaCrowhunter: your irc client should have an option to set your password06:07
picard1421like a Credit Card Reader but obviously not for credit cards.. is there any drivers for that?06:07
=== hasen_ is now known as hasen
greezmunkeyCrowhunter: check this link out: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - I was just looking into the same thing!06:07
macopicard1421: itd depend on the exact one i think, but plenty of hackers use linux to hack things with magstripes, rfid, etc. so im sure such devices exist that are linux compatible06:08
ZykoticK9maco, i think SubCool is combining x11 (xorg) with x11 (remote audio/video/control thing)06:08
macoZykoticK9: oh. didnt know the latter existed06:09
SubCoolMaco lol- ya06:09
SubCoolthey came out like 13 years ago. They were sold in 5 -10 peice sets..06:10
greezmunkeymaco: heh, x11 I think hoped their stuff would catch on, wifi and bluetooth kind of buried them.06:10
SubCoolkinda expensive-06:10
SubCoolgreezmunkey, welll it did help get cams out there. but that system was crap. and the cameras were HUGE.06:10
picard1421just looking for a program that works with any mag reader (ill buy one thats compatible).. buy some mag cards.. and then basically for login Swip your card..06:10
zenlunaticCrowhunter, /msg nickserv help06:10
picard1421program the card for login?06:10
macopicard1421: you might have better luck on ubuntuforums.org ... clearly nobody who's ever needed to do what you're doing is on irc right now06:11
greezmunkeySubCool: yup :) I almost (almost) carried their line in my business. Dodged that bullet though!06:11
SubCoolpicard1421,  lol- nice idea. y not step up to facial recog, or smartcard?06:11
FullFlannelJackeanyone here use daily Chromium PPA builds?  if so, are you having problems with page rendering (especially on forums)?06:11
zenlunaticpicard1421, biometrics are easier06:11
picard1421wel facial recognition would be INSANE06:11
albertolempirai'm trying to listen US radio stations online outside american territory with no success, anybody know a way to get this done? thanks in advance06:11
picard1421is there such tools out there that are reasonably priced?06:11
SubCoolgreezmunkey, i started trying to sell their product until my father bough a 7 piece package for like 600$, found out it was cheaper and easier just to goto the store adn buy web cams06:12
macoalbertolempira: you're looking for a proxy. google can help you find a billion of them06:12
greezmunkeySubCool: nice.06:12
SubCoolgreezmunkey, i wanted to create a video survaience for my car- but the cameras were too big.06:12
SubCoolwasnt each camera the size of a tennis ball or something?06:13
albertolempirawell, i've tried with no success, is it possible to do this with free proxies?06:13
albertolempiramaco well, i've tried with no success, is it possible to do this with free proxies?06:13
BLWcan anyone help me with getting my eyetoy installed in ubuntu 9.04, whenever i go into to cheese it says no camera found, i have had it working on my other computer just fine. i tried also installing the ov51x drivers and when i would get to where you have to sudo modprobe i2c_core and onward it gives me a not found error. also i checked in gnome-device-manger to see if it shows up and it is. thanks06:13
zenlunaticSubCool, maybe learn how to spell first06:14
SubCoolzenlunatic, never06:14
macoalbertolempira: itd all depend on how the software youre using works. if its web based then a web proxy'd be fine. if not, then you need some other proxy06:14
DanaGPentium D: because one P4 didn't heat up the room enough.06:14
macozenlunatic: hey hey be nice06:15
albertolempiramaco any recommended proxy list site or something like that?06:15
DanaGmikeru: you still around? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FoundationsTeam/Specs/MaverickUefiSupport06:15
zenlunaticmaco, just saying if you cant spell how the you gonna setup mobile video surveillance06:15
=== Jesse is now known as Guest44309
macoalbertolempira: nope. what you want to do is questionable in its legality06:15
macozenlunatic: spelling, believe it or not, is not correlated to overall intelligence06:16
greezmunkeyzeltak: g-o-o-g-l-e-s-t-r-e-e-t-s06:16
SubCoolZykoticK9, not to ask a stupid question, but since im good at it. What would i google? x11vnc pre bootscreen?06:16
SubCoolMaco just laziness06:16
ZykoticK9zenlunatic, please drop the spelling rant.  I can't spell either.  should i just leave the channel then?06:16
SubCoolor a crappy keyboard06:16
=== liz is now known as Guest23970
zenlunaticZykoticK9, yes06:17
DanaGgoog le streets?06:17
BentFrankNew 10.4 install.  Need to mount cifs and nfs.  What do I need to apt-get?06:17
zenlunaticmaco, o really where did you read that usa today?06:17
DanaGI'll goog your streets!06:17
macozenlunatic: heck, some people cant spell english words because english is their second or third or fourth language. are they low-intelligence too?06:17
albertolempiramaco wow, i didn't know that. Why is it wrong?06:17
orangeglo how can i format my HDD to ntfs??06:17
zenlunaticmaco good point06:17
ZykoticK9zenlunatic, fine.  CYA everyone.06:17
mikeruDanaG: that would be nice06:17
mikerui hope they really do06:17
DanaGToo bad my EFI is broken... framebuffer claims to be at 0x0.06:18
Crowhunteris there a way to make a shortcut for my wow.exe to my desktop from the world of warcraft folder?  did not install wow in wine it was copied from windows pc to this ubuntu pc06:18
macoalbertolempira: if its only licensed for broadcast in one region, you may be breaching copyright laws06:18
=== root is now known as Guest27148
DanaGHere's what I mean by "broken": http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itpronetworking/thread/fefe7c7b-8c9d-472f-9589-327d32f30b0606:18
Guest27148hi guys06:18
Guest27148please help me getting xen installed on lucid06:19
klb3713hi, everyone!06:19
macozenlunatic: please have a read of the CoC and channel guidelines, linked in the topic06:19
BentFrankNew 10.4 install.  Need to mount cifs and nfs.  What do I need to apt-get?06:19
zenlunaticmaco please dont play wannabe op06:20
albertolempiramaco it's good to know that. I didn't know it. thanks06:20
macozenlunatic: what do you mean "wannabe"?06:20
JustMozzygood morning everyone06:21
zenlunaticmaco okay :D06:21
* maco ^5 IdleOne06:21
mikerumaco is indeed op.06:21
IdleOnezenlunatic: I strongly suggest you adjust your attitude and response to a more Ubuntu one.06:21
macoits just bad form for me +o to be threatening, so i didnt06:21
=== Guest7353 is now known as Cobi
mikeruzenlunatic for human beings06:22
zenlunatichm forgot where i was06:22
greezmunkeyzenlunatic: a bright corner in an otherwise dark and scary Internet...06:22
JustMozzyI am having two issues. the first one is that I am connecting a 2nd monitor to my laptop, however I would like to have 2 desktops rather than an extended one. is that possible?06:22
BLWcan anyone help me with getting my eyetoy installed in ubuntu 9.04, whenever i go into to cheese it says no camera found, i have had it working on my other computer just fine. i tried also installing the ov51x drivers and when i would get to where you have to sudo modprobe i2c_core and onward it gives me a not found error. also i checked in gnome-device-manger to see if it shows up and it is. thanks06:22
ActionParsnipBLW: if you run: lsusb  you will see the 8 character hex id, you can websearch that to find guides06:23
BLWthank you06:23
Swishw/w, sorry :)06:23
picard1421i saw the APP pam face authentication.. is there anyway to get this to work without a GUI?06:23
picard1421is there like anyway to possibly have a GUI login that kills to terminal after login?06:24
dfrankdear All! Hello. I've got a question. There's utility NetworkManager in Ubuntu. I have set up wifi WPA connection, works fine. But i can't find, where's result config? For example, in Slackware i have set up wifi WPA by editing configs in /etc/wpa_supplicant . In ubuntu this directory also exists, but there's no configs in it. Tell me please, where is NetworkManager configs?06:24
So_ConfusedHi... am I in the ubuntu help channel?06:24
macoSo_Confused: yes06:25
SubCoolnope- hell06:25
ActionParsnipdfrank: i think its in gconf someplace, just let gnome do its thing and you'll be fine06:25
SubCoolsorry, please try again06:25
* SubCool "Insert Coin"06:25
dfrankActionParsnip: i don't like gnome, i want to install fluxbox.06:25
BentFrankNew 10.4 install.  Need to mount cifs and nfs.  What do I need to apt-get?06:26
SubCooldfrank,  i fell for inlighenment06:26
pie_how can i set up a logitec quickcam 4k on ubuntu?06:26
macodfrank: gnome keyring06:26
ActionParsnipdfrank: fluxbox stil uses gtk afair06:26
So_ConfusedHoping to find a solution.... I've a HP mini 110-3030 nr with a Atheros AR9285 wireless card. Trying to install drivers or madwifi. I seem to need to make sure no other drivers are accessing the card, but I don't (can't find) any info on how to do this.06:26
macodfrank: i know slack uses wicd, not nm though. you can install wicd on ubuntu if you wish06:27
ActionParsnipSo_Confused: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128650306:27
So_ConfusedRunning 10.04 Lucid Lynx Netbook.06:27
macodfrank: then itd work the same as you're used to on slack. there's also /etc/network/interfaces as a way to configure connections. for that, man 5 interfaces06:27
So_ConfusedAction Parsnip... thanks. Checking that now.06:27
aaron_i have a 3.7g iso that mounting gives me a 135kb txt file...me thinks that is not all thats in there06:28
picard1421is there anyway to only have a GUI login? nothing else GUI?06:28
ActionParsnipSo_Confused: change release names to lucid if you see any06:28
aaron_trying to put contents on flashdrive06:28
dfrankmaco: ok, thanks. i don't want to use any GUI, because i want to know what to do if there's no X on machine :)06:28
ActionParsnippicard1421: why not just use cli login to then stay at cli. it'd be a smoother ride06:29
dfrankmaco: any GUI utility for set up wifi, i mean06:29
So_ConfusedActionParsnip: change release names? As in just change the name of the file? or make sure I download for 10.04?06:29
blackasaurusI just installed 10.04 and xchat-gnome on a $298 acer laptop from walmart with amd 2.2ghz 2gb memory, 250 gb hdd dvd burner, 15.6" hd lcd and windows 7 and everything works flawlessly. :)06:29
macodfrank: i imagine you're used to wpa supplicant's usual commands then. in interfaces you can just prefix them with wpa-06:29
macodfrank: like "wpa-ssid linksys" and "wpa-psk mypassw0rdishere" as two lines in your wireless's stanza06:30
ActionParsnipSo_Confused: no, as you read the guide they mention jaunty. You aren't using jaunty, you are using lucid. so when you see the word jaunty, change it in your head to lucid. do the same with any other release name words you see06:30
macodfrank: then just commen/uncomment as you chane APs and use "ifup $interface"06:30
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benoitcÙÙ/WIN 2306:30
unrealThello there i updated my wubi 12 hours ago now the x window is not working Please help06:31
So_ConfusedActionParsnip: you are refering to the linix-backport-module section?06:32
aaron_if i have the windows7 iso and i mount it i just get a 135 kb text file saying "this is an OS" trying to get contents on a flashdrive.  if i just drop the iso on the FB can i still boot off it?06:32
ActionParsnipSo_Confused: as well as others, yes06:32
So_ConfusedActionParsnip: Ok. Thank you06:33
ActionParsnipaaron_: no you need special softwares06:33
unrealTI am not able to start x-window for my ubuntu06:33
unrealTPLease help06:34
ActionParsnipaaron_: you can use unetbootin or usb-cretor-gtk   not sure about Win7 ISO though. I'd ask in ##windows about that06:34
XuMuKhi there!06:34
ActionParsnipunrealT: run: startx     if/when it fails run:   less /var/log/Xorg.0.log    and read06:34
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thune3So_Confused: there are wireless specific backports package, if you are going that route. see "Getting compat-wireless on Ubuntu" section of http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Download06:36
VS-Can anyone help me? I:m still suffering a06:36
XuMuKwhat was a command options for apt-get for make a list of installed applications, if I want the same after clean re-installing? anybody knows?06:36
VS-unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon error, even after reinstalling.06:36
macoXuMuK: its for dpkg actually06:36
So_Confusedthune3: Thank you. More tutorials the better06:36
VS-Er, installing.06:36
macoXuMuK: dpkg --get-selections > packages.list06:36
macoXuMuK: then on new system, dpkg --set-selections < packages.list06:37
macoXuMuK: then sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade06:37
XuMuKmaco, yeah, sorry, that's it!06:37
bzaks1424After a kernel update from a fresh install of Ubuntu - my boot time extends about 20-30 seconds while the HD is very busy... what's going on and how can I alleviate the issue?06:37
ActionParsnipbzaks1424: reboot, get logged in and stuff then run:  dmesg | less    observer the times on the left, when you get a large gap, that is where your issue is06:38
bzaks1424cool - what's that caused by?06:38
JustMozzymy second problem is that frequently when I am listening to music or playing a game the machine just freezes and draws either a grey, black or striped screen. anyone any ideas on that?06:39
bzaks1424I totally get what you just said - sorry06:39
picard1421would there be a way to setup an install with KDE... and basically have KDE only for login.. once it logs in it kills KDE goes straight to ... command line (like server edition)>???06:39
bzaks1424So would this be the cause: [    3.805604] EXT4-fs (sda5): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode06:40
bzaks1424[   12.357027] udev: starting version 15106:40
bzaks1424picard: sudo aptitude install kde-desktop I believe06:41
bzaks1424or hit ctrl+alt+f706:41
TohuwI am unable to get PulseAudio to detect digital (HDMI or Optic) surround sound. I have tried modifying the pulseaudio conf, but speaker-test -c 6 reveals it is still using a 2 channel output. In pavucontrol's configuration tab, I get only stereo configuration options. Any ideas?06:41
macobzaks1424: picard1421 just wants a dm with no graphical sessions06:43
bzaks1424Ah my bad06:43
picard1421ok basically06:43
picard1421i dont mind having06:43
macopicard1421: kdm DOES give an option where the session is a plain tty06:43
FloodBot3picard1421: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:43
ActionParsnipbzaks1424: thats a good 9 second gap, i'd check your drive is healthy06:43
mikeruI sense KDE > GNOME blasphemy...06:44
macopicard1421: youd need to edit some stuff in /etc to get the graphical sessions out of the list though06:44
picard1421ok this is what i want ....06:44
ActionParsnippicard1421: ease up on the enter key dude, you are scrolling the channel06:44
macomikeru: i dont knowwhethr ubuntu offers that or not.i havent used it in years. im a kubuntu user06:44
bzaks1424ActionParsnip - SmartStatus says healthy06:44
o2oowho could tell me what's the best java source code editor in ubuntu?06:45
ActionParsnipbzaks1424: grab the ultimate boot cd and test the HDD with manufacturers tools06:45
bzaks1424ActionParsnip - is there a better way to check?06:45
mikerumaco: GNOME was just not for you, and KDE was. both have their stuff.06:45
ActionParsnipo2oo: theres no best app for anything06:45
Tohuw!best > o2oo06:45
ubottuo2oo, please see my private message06:45
picard1421i want to have a KDE login... so that it pops up with a KDE based LOGIn a GUI thing that i can customize.. Once I "login" then i want it to basically drop EVERYThing and go back to just ubuntu server edition?06:45
ActionParsnipo2oo: there is no best anything in life06:45
macomikeru: yep, but im saying i know kdm comes configured out of the box with an option to do what picard1421 wants06:45
ActionParsnip!ide | o2oo06:45
ubottuo2oo: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator06:45
macomikeru: last time i used gdm, it didnt06:45
mikeruActionParsnip: I'd say eclipse is.06:45
mikeruo2oo: try eclipse. It's very good, and since it's primary focus is java you'll feel right at home06:46
ActionParsnipmikeru: yes, thats an opinion. or best to you. a universal outright best of anything doesn't exist. Even living isn't best to some people06:46
o2ooyes, I am using it06:46
* mikeru feels suicidal thoughts stem from ActionParsnip06:47
o2ooI am using eclipse. but it seems couldn't edit the source code outside the project06:47
ActionParsnipo2oo: use what you like. You are using an OS which promotes choice then you wander in here so a group of strangers can tell you what to use.... doesn't make sense06:47
tensorpuddingyeah, that's part of the issue of using an IDE06:47
mikeruo2oo: just drop the source file by the open files tabs. it will open it06:47
tensorpuddingyou can still edit the .java files outside of Eclipse though06:48
mikeruand you need no project06:48
picard1421i think you get what im Saying..06:48
mikerui.e. you have foo.java open, and you want to open not-in-project bar.java, you just drag it from nautilus beside the foo.java tab in eclise06:48
picard1421basically just have  KDE login screen and then just DROP KDE all together06:49
mikerupicard1421: you can set it to log to gnome, but it still requires every single KDE library installed, even if you won't use it.06:49
picard1421basically i saw i wanted to use PAM for facical recognition login.. unless you can find a way to do facial recognition without a GUI...??? i mean i would prefer to have no GUI installed but im not sure the best way to get facial recognition without a GUI.. will DWM or X11 be enough not even full KDE?06:49
mikerupicard1421: facial recognition is blasphemous06:50
picard1421wht do u mean?06:50
mikerupicard1421: I've yet to see it :P06:50
ActionParsnippicard1421: why do you want gui login if you are just going to use cli??06:50
picard1421ActionParsnip: well im trying to do facial recognition login.. i dont want a GUI.. at all.. but i cant figure out a way to do facial recognition login without it??06:51
VS-So, no one can help?06:51
mikerupicard1421: ActionParsnip says words of wisdom, listen to him/her06:51
picard1421if there is anyway or any program to use to do it through CLI i would soooooo happy06:51
ActionParsnipmikeru: him ;)06:51
ActionParsnippicard1421: weird stuff, i see you point06:51
picard1421yea lol its somewhat interesting..06:52
ActionParsnippicard1421: i'd just have the user log in to an x session then06:52
picard1421well how about this at least: is there a way to have static images as the login screen..? not a GUI but basically static Image with type username type password06:52
ActionParsnippicard1421: i believe maco knows a thing or 306:53
SubCooldid i miss anything?06:53
picard1421if the username works you get another static image for 5 seconds then goes right to CLI normall and then if it doesnt work then goes to another Static image for 5 weconds... back to login... It does even have to "login" to the terminal... like almost a security barrier before logging in (as stupid as this may sound)06:53
picard1421actionParsnip: what about the X session?06:54
macopicard1421: kdm is still graphical, but it has a way to login so that you just get a tty.  its a default option.  if you just remove the graphical options, the users cant screw around and pick non-tty06:54
So_ConfusedAbout the backports... Am I to install ALL the Lucid backports modules, or just the ones that say 'wireless'?06:55
SubCoolpicard1421, be sure to test it- , i did that once, and it somehow crashed my X-06:55
picard1421tty ?06:55
VS-Argh, how do I fix the "Unexpectedly disconnected from boot system daemon" error?06:55
picard1421i assume that means like CLI?06:55
macopicard1421: yes the thing you get when you ctrl+alt+f106:56
macopicard1421: thats tty1 and the f2 one is tty2 etc06:56
SubCoolbut then u have to manually startx06:56
macoSubCool: picard1421 wants X not to be there at all06:56
SubCoolor have they changed that06:56
SubCoolya- i know06:56
macoSubCool: or at least not after you login06:56
SubCoolya- thats what we r talking about06:56
picard1421what about.... use KDE as a barrier before that..06:56
SubCooluh- ...06:57
picard1421tso like..06:57
mikeruRAINBOW, I HAZ IT06:57
SubCooli cant imaging logging into a gui, and then being pushed back to CLI06:57
picard1421=i know its frustrating06:57
SubCoolsounds like one of my bad days actually06:57
macopicard1421: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_enable_the_fingerprint_reader#kdm_support06:57
picard1421i wish there was no problems like this.. if there were a facial recognition that worked with CLI i would be golden06:57
SubCooli hate mandriva06:57
SubCoolim sure there is- but ... it would be a hassle06:58
picard1421whats KDM?06:58
macopicard1421: the login screen used in kde06:58
macopicard1421: as opposed to gdm, the login screen used in gnome06:58
macopicard1421: dm = display manager06:58
SubCoolacronyms are silly like that06:58
picard1421there is no graphical setup for obviously just server lol06:58
tensorpuddinghooray, force-killed banshee, and now banshee won't start up again06:59
ActionParsnipSubCool: just select text mode as the session after selecting your username06:59
o2oomikeru,  oh yes!! thank you!06:59
ActionParsniptensorpudding: make sure no other banshee processes are running06:59
SubCoolActionParsnip, - that goes to picard142106:59
So_Confusedrunning 10.04 netbook. Trying to get Atheros AR9285 working. Installing the lucid backports, do I install ALL backports for lucid, or just those that say 'wireless'? Should this be the solution or just part 1 of it?06:59
tensorpuddingi just checked, there are a lot of them06:59
macopicard1421: right but if you just install kdm, you can make it work with fingerprint readers and whatnots, and set it up so that it ONLY allows login to CLI/TTY, and then youve got what ou want06:59
SubCoolActionParsnip, i have run across it before when my graphics cards fail- its a nightmare.. i have always dreaded CLI- but im giving in,.06:59
picard1421so i dont need KDE to install KDM??07:00
* mikeru thanks o2oo07:00
ActionParsniptensorpudding: if its really dead then kill pulseaudio  then run: rm -r ~/.pulse*    then press alt+f2 and run: pulseaudio07:00
SubCoolpicard1421, ????07:00
macopicard1421: some of the base libraries, yes, but the apps, no07:00
mikeruhaha, o2oo you're welcome07:00
picard1421ok now we are getting somehwere07:00
tensorpuddingbanshee works now07:00
pie_how can i set up a logitec quickcam 4k on ubuntu?07:00
picard1421so if i run apt-get install kdm07:00
SubCoolvery good :)07:00
macopicard1421: i'd add --no-install-recommends to that07:00
SubCoolsounds like ur piecing a car together. lol-07:01
xanguapie_: have you installed cheese¿07:01
macopicard1421: so it only pulls actual dependencies not the nice-to-have stuff too07:01
ActionParsnippie_: run: lsusb    you will see the 8 character hex id, websearch that for guides07:01
pie_ActionParsnip: thanks07:01
SubCoolpicard1421, just do what me and ActionParsnip were talking about07:01
picard1421apt-get install --no-install-recommends07:01
picard1421apt-get install kdm --no-install-recommends07:01
macopicard1421: yeah should work. but im going to bed now. others can take it from here07:01
SubCoolswim away- swim away!!07:02
picard1421so 240 MB is the lightest package i can have?07:03
Loshkipicard1421: note some apps are fussy about the order so it might be: apt-get install --no-install-recommends kdm07:05
hasenis the dock in unity available as a stand alone07:06
hasenthat can be used in other desktops?07:06
hasenlike xfce, etc?07:06
picard1421with X sessions like in dwm... do i need to install a Gnome or anything.. or will it work?07:07
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joeyyyyhow do i make dhcpd not list any ports
Loshkipicard1421: well, you need *something*. It doesn't have to be Gnome, but Gnome is a good choice...07:08
Doctehisn't that the regular port for dhcp?07:09
picard1421is there anything lighter than Gnome???07:09
red2kicpicard1421: LXDE. XFCE?07:09
red2kicpicard1421: No DE! Make your own!07:09
red2kicpicard1421: Server edition! No need for those pesky X11 stuffs.07:10
ActionParsnipjoeyyyy: use iptables or firestarter to configure iptables07:10
ActionParsnippicard1421: flwm is probably lightest, Fluxbox, openbox are light too07:10
picard1421do thery have GUI login's07:10
ActionParsnippicard1421: the login system is seperate to the DE and WM07:10
Loshkipicard1421: yes, and some are specially designed to be extra light. One of the lightest is said to be fluxbox per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27887207:11
ActionParsnippicard1421: you can use KDM to log into any desktop environmnt you like, a desktop environment doesn't have a dedicated login system07:11
picard1421but for example will programs that work on KDE no work on this.. like for example PAM.. if i wanted to to just like i said literallly run just a login with GUI and thats it?07:12
picard1421but why did KDM take 212 MB to DL?07:12
picard1421seems very heafty.. becuase it needs all the dependencies of good ol KDE?07:12
shawnboyanyone know how to add an album to CDDB?07:12
picard1421evenouthg they are not running07:12
ActionParsnippicard1421: deps and libs07:12
well_laid_lawnall the kde libs come with kdm afaik07:12
ActionParsnippicard1421: its also why servers dont have x servers, its less to run and smaller footprint, leaving greater resources for the stuff it i serving07:13
picard1421but for example if i just login with KDM07:14
Doctehheh be careful if you install two display managers at once, its hard to fix kdm and gdm fighting over an X display07:14
picard1421and set it to go to tty107:14
picard1421or tty in general will all the KDE dependencies not be used.. resource non intensive.. ?07:14
Doctehpicard1421: its a question of "is the thing running" not "is it visible"07:15
Doctehpicard1421: you could just get people to learn to type startx if they want a gui ;)07:15
mariosi want to install ubuntu and then backtrack 4 tools , do you think is possible ?07:15
picard1421its not the fact they need a gui.. doctech, its the fact for face authentication.. and i cant figure out a awy to have like face autentication login then goes directly to CLI..07:16
picard1421like if there was only a face auth tool that worked exclusively in CLI..07:17
Doctehchvt or run a terminal app maximized instead of a wm07:17
ShurathingHello, trying to get wireless working, install lucid backports. Got an error from Synaptic. E: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.32-24-generic_2.6.32-24.17_i386.deb: trying to overwrite '/lib/udev/compat_firmware_24.sh', which is also in package linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.32-24-generic-pae 007:18
picard1421docteh what do you mean07:18
Doctehhave it go from login -> running gnome-terminal or whatever you like in fullscreen07:19
picard1421how do you do that?07:19
princeof179any one knows where i can find the next ubuntu07:20
xanguaprinceof179: the next¿07:20
Loshkipicard1421: face authentication?07:20
xanguamarios: anything is possible07:20
picard1421does DWM have its own GUI login?07:21
Doctehpicard1421: you'd have to read the kdm/gdm docs07:21
princeof179any RC for ubuntu07:21
Loshkipicard1421: using e.g. qt-facetrainer?07:22
picard1421can you do that from CLI???07:22
well_laid_lawn!meercat | princeof17907:22
xangua!ubuntu+1 | princeof17907:22
ubottuprinceof179: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+107:22
well_laid_lawnI spelt it wrong...07:23
Doctehheh i wonder if !isitout will ban me07:23
ubottuYes! Its out!07:23
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mm2000Hi there. For some reason some websites doesnt load for me, the browser never completes the request, often when x% of the page has been loaded. Anyone knows what the problem can be? Its the same for ff and chrome and i have disabled ipv6. ubuntu 10.0407:23
Loshkipicard1421: well, this guy seems to do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOZ8ifKjCIw07:23
picard1421yes that is in KDM07:23
picard1421or KDE07:24
picard1421not even KDM07:24
FloodBot3picard1421: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:24
Guest88931is there a way to keep alive PPPoE over DSL link alive automatically?07:24
Loshkipicard1421: don't hit enter so much so the Floodbot doesn't get you...07:24
=== Guest88931 is now known as HAly
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HAlyis there a way to keep alive PPPoE over DSL link automatically?07:24
Barrelsofp00installed kde, removed kde, and now my cursor is stuck with the kde cursor, how do i get rid of this thing?07:26
Barrelsofp00I've tried changing the theme, with no avail07:27
no--nameBarrelsofp00: right click desktop > change desktop background > theme > customize > pointer07:28
jana_hello there! in gnome at 10.04 i´ve got the following problem: when i pull of the mains plug the power management always tells me that the battery is empty even if it is not! after that the system goes into hiernate state. Does anyone know about that? (this appears only in gnome not in kde)07:28
Barrelsofp00no--name: I've tried, changing it there does nothing, the cursor remains07:29
Barrelsofp00no--name: any other ideas?07:29
no--nameno idea sorry07:30
hstefanhello. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 in my laptop, but I'm stuck with my ethernet controller (SIS191 gigabit), that doesn't work (it even notice that there's an network avaiable). Please help me!07:31
KB1JWQhstefan: There a restricted driver available for it?07:32
KB1JWQI'm not familiar with the hardware offhand. :-)07:32
ActionParsniphstefan: is that what is output in: sudo lshw -C network07:32
hstefanActionParsnip: for checking this, I should be connect to any network?07:33
hstefanKB1JWQ: I dunno... sorry07:33
ActionParsniphstefan: not necessary. The command merely scans the hardware07:33
hstefanproduct: 191 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter07:34
hstefanvender Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]07:34
=== sickness_ is now known as GetDown
ActionParsniphstefan: http://www.howtoforge.com/creating-the-sis191-gigabit-ethernet-driver-on-linux-2.607:34
Shurathingsorry for all the questions. Trying to install lucid backports. I get errors all over the place. eg. dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.32-24-generic_2.6.32-24.17_i386.deb (--unpack):07:35
Shurathing trying to overwrite '/lib/udev/compat_firmware_24.sh', which is also in package linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.32-24-generic-pae 0:2.6.32-24.1707:35
ngirardHi all. One such "ktikz" package is in conflict with others and prevents apt to perform the rest of its operations; but when I try to apt-get remove ktiks, it's reported as non installed. How can I solve this ?07:35
=== pepee_ is now known as pepee
hstefanActionParsnip: oh, looks complicated. But thanks, I'll do my best.07:38
ActionParsnipShurathing: sudo dpkg --force-all -I /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.32-24-generic_2.6.32-24.17_i386.deb07:38
ActionParsnipShurathing: also log a bug for the package07:38
ActionParsniphstefan: you'll need to do it everytime you get a new kernel too so keep the source handy07:39
marioscan i install the ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso on my hp laptop 64 bits ?07:39
ActionParsnipmarios: yes07:39
hstefanalso: if you even wondered about buy any sis hardware part FORGET THE IDEA07:39
mikeruhstefan talks with wisdom. Sis plain sucks07:39
ActionParsnipmarios: 64bit cpus have 32bit emulation in them (except crappy itaniums)07:39
ShurathingActionParsnip: Thank you. Trying that now.07:40
mariosoky thanks i will do it via unetbootin07:40
ActionParsniphstefan: +1 their video cards are fun to setup too and need xorg.conf files07:40
mikeruitaniums are dead07:40
ActionParsnipShurathing: the -I I put is lowercase07:40
tensorpuddingdoesn't hp still make machines with itaniums?07:40
rxdplease point me to a frugal install of ubuntu07:40
ActionParsnipmikeru: you can get them on ebay. They only run 64bit though07:40
hstefanmikeru: the problem is that I can't sell that stupid laptop because  it was a present and I'm not confortable to 'give a shit' for a present... so...07:41
mikeru ActionParsnip: but nobody uses them, because it sucks.07:41
ActionParsnipShurathing: but you get the idea. After that, run: sudo apt-get -f install07:41
mikeru: )07:41
invisibleprisonI got an error saying I was out of drive space. It turned out my .xsession log was in excess of 500G. I deleted it, but now I am out of space again and I can't figure out why. The numbers don't add up.07:41
collabrarxd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:41
hstefanActionParsnip: yeah, I have a SIS671 too. It was a pain to work in better resolution.07:41
hstefanto make it work*07:41
mikeruhstefan: you could say smoke came off  and so you threw it away07:41
ActionParsnipmikeru: I use a lot of cpus which suck (albeit not itaniums)07:41
GetDownHi all, i have a problem with "Java" chat's, i'm using Firefox but i cannot open the chat... it loads the webpage but it ends without joining chat.... is there a problem with FireFox and Java ?07:41
mikeru ActionParsnip: so do I. they are called Celerons.07:42
mikeruugly things07:42
mikeruwonder why did they spread like fire...07:42
hstefanmikeru: nah, it would be dirty.07:42
ActionParsnipGetDown: if you test java on www.java.com do you have java installed07:42
xanguado you use java or openjdk¿ do you have the browser plugin installed¿ GetDown07:42
ShurathingRestarting... wish me luck07:42
ActionParsnipmikeru: try pentium 200mhz mmx07:42
hstefanbut it's not a fully bad idea...07:42
mikeruhstefan: sometimes you have to get your hands dirty..07:42
mikeruActionParsnip: there's a difference between ugly and old07:43
mikeruActionParsnip: when it was released, I bet it wasn't ugly07:43
ActionParsniphstefan: if you check the hcl before purchasing it makes life easier07:43
rxdIts MinimalCD can this be installed using frugal07:43
ActionParsnipmikeru: true but its a decent enough chip for torrents + file server + backup, a celeron would be lovely07:44
invisibleprisonThis is what df reports for that partition: /dev/sda8  747G  709G  4.0K 100% /home. How does that make sense? There's ~40G unaccounted for there, nevermind the fact that only about 50-60G should be used, not 709G07:44
GetDownActionParsnip, xangua  i'm checking sec....07:44
hstefanActionParsnip: yeah, but as I said before, it was a present (from my mother) and she knows shit about hardware.07:44
mikeruActionParsnip: then, use a celeron :-)07:44
collabrarxd: It's a standalone install,... when you said frugal i thought you meant a minimal install,...07:44
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: that would be the journal07:44
collabrarxd: what is frugal?07:45
ActionParsnipmikeru: don't have one and don't have a celeron board07:45
ActionParsnipcollabra: its like a minimal install07:45
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, Do you know why my drive would be showing up as full when it's not?07:45
mikeruactionparsnip: mmm07:45
mikeru: (07:45
rxdcollabra: frugal is when you install ubuntu on an ntfs partition without using the device say /dev/sda1 as your root07:45
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: it is, the space is occupied by the ext3 or ext4 journal07:45
hstefanActionParsnip: ooh, waait. I dunno if that howto you sent me will work. I don't get any error when execute 'modprobe sis190'07:46
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, 650G?07:46
ActionParsniphstefan: oooh exciting. Try: ifconfig07:46
hstefanhumm, what am I searching there?07:46
rxdcollabra: like u have a readonly system...same like running from the CD but instead your initrd.gz filesystem.squashfs on the drive say c:\ubuntu07:47
collabrarxd: oh,... well,... you can download ubuntu 10.04 LTS,... I think it has what's called an install using wubi.exe if you want to put it within windows.07:47
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: 747gb - 709gb = 36gb which is about right for a journal on a partition that size07:47
red2kicAbe: :P07:47
red2kic!hi | Abe07:47
ubottuAbe: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:47
collabrarxd: I'm not sure... maybe someone else could help you.07:48
hstefanActionParsnip: dunno if you saw the last message but: what should I search on ifconfig's output?07:48
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, `sudo du --summarize -h /home 2> /dev/null` reports 56G/home07:48
GetDownok i just installed FireFox Java plugin but it still sux :(07:48
ActionParsniphstefan: if you have a new interface name07:48
rxdcollabra: k thank you07:49
pradeephi everyone07:49
xanguaGetDown: did you restart firefox¿07:49
hstefanwell... you mean 'eth0' stuff or something like that?07:49
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: what does --summarize do?07:49
ActionParsniphstefan: indeed07:49
collabrarxd: np07:49
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: can you pastebin the output of: df -h ,please07:49
hstefanActionParsnip: well, it always been there, so nothing changed...07:49
GetDownyes xangua07:49
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, summarize displays only a total for each argument07:50
GetDownwhen i restart i got a error message "Java console is not supported and will be disable"07:50
ActionParsniphstefan: ok then try: sudo dhclient eth007:50
hstefanActionParsnip: now I need internet connection, right?07:51
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/470569/07:51
hstefanor even a network ;P07:51
ActionParsniphstefan: i'd also run: dmesg | tail ,to check the kernel messages07:51
GetDowni'm trying other java console versions...07:51
GetDownand it's the same :(07:52
hstefanwell... brb.07:52
rxdcollabra: MinimalCD looks good07:52
Shurathingback. ActionParsnip: after restart all errors in tray are gone. Still not seeing any wireless networks. Do I have to uninstall or reinstall any of the backports for Lucid?07:52
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, accidentally left off the headers, do you need those?07:52
LinuxFetushey I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32-bit.  I'm new to Linux.  When I first installed Ubuntu, it would display an Ubuntu Splash/Loader with the word Ubuntu, the logo, and about five dots that would be lighting up underneath... I did something and now it just shows a black screen with a blinking underscore in the upper-left hand corner.  What do I have to do to restore the original boot splash screen?  Thanks in advance!07:53
collabrarxd: right on,... glad to help.07:53
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: yep, the partition is full. If you install bleachbit you can clear temp stuff out nicely. Watch browser settings as it'll clean settings you wanna keep. Also avoid settings that say they will take a long time. Also before running close as many apps as you can to unlock files07:53
ShurathingLike the name LinuxFetus07:53
roved2101oh yes07:54
LinuxFetusShurathing, thank you :)07:54
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, The problem isn't temp files. I only have 56G that SHOULD be showing. I deleted a 500GB .xsession file this morning and I'm wondering if somehow whichever process it was is still writing to the partition, but not to an actual file?07:55
rxdcollabra: Can MinimalCD be installed on the usb stick07:56
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/07:56
hstefanhi. I'm back. ActionParsnip, 'sudo dhclint eth0' gaves me 'DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval [7,9,15,8,14]' and 'dmesg | tail' gave me lots of '[x, y] eth0: autho-negotiating'.07:56
pie_ok so i have my webcams drivers installed and it looks like its working but flash wont recognize th e webcam, any ideas?07:56
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: use that guide until the embedded video. It will force the framebuffer driver until you get to login then your nvidia/ati card will kick in07:57
collabrarxd: not sure,... just a sec.07:57
LinuxFetusActionParsnip, I'm not sure what that means, yet, but I will read and get back to you if I have questions/problems.  Thank you :)07:57
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: could fsck the partition in livecd. May help07:57
ActionParsniphstefan: did the lights on the interface flash?07:58
picard1421how do i install C++ is it apt-get install G++ or is it apt-get install gcc?? what is it ?07:58
picard1421i just want a C+ compiler07:58
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, it probably will, but this isn't the first time this has happened and it's very frustrating.07:58
hstefanActionParsnip: what do you mean?07:58
pie_ActionParsnip: sorry im bithering you so much :P , ok so i have my webcams drivers installed and it looks like its working but flash wont recognize th e webcam, any ideas?07:58
hstefanpicard1421: if you want a compiler you can use g++. sudo apt-get install g++07:59
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, if I kill all of the programs that had a handle on the .xsession file, do you think that could help?07:59
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: it walks you through it. The proprietary driver isn't loaded right away so the display stinks. The frmebuffer driver is quicker and will give a display for the duration of the boot07:59
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: worth a shot07:59
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, only 78 processes07:59
collabrarxd: i found this... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick ..... I'm sure it'll work as long as you know what you're doing... I'm not sure what operating system you are using,... but i'm sure there's a way.07:59
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: there are scripts online to show the largest folders and files on a partition too07:59
rxdcollabra: ok thanks08:00
invisibleprisonActionParsnip, there IS no file. that's the problem. df says /home has 709GB used. du says /home has 56G used.08:00
collabrarxd: np08:01
ActionParsnipinvisibleprison: then fsck the partition is all I can suggest duder08:01
adalalquick question, i have a radeon HD 3200 graphic card, which video driver should i use?08:02
AdvoWorki deleted loads of files yesterday off my deskop, but when i use uploading websites, and browser, on the desktop theres loads of ~files that have been deleted. these arent hidden or visible, but i cant see them on the desktop?08:02
LinuxFetusActionParsnip, It appears that this is making me change my proprietary driver to a generic one (I have a GeForce 6800)... That's going to fix this?08:02
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
Prankymount: mounting /dev on /root/dev failed08:03
adalalAdvoWork: aren't those temporary files anyways?08:03
Prankymount: mounting /dev on /root/dev failed, mount: mounting /sys on /root/sys failed08:03
Prankyno such file or directory08:03
adalalbump, i have a radeon HD 3200 graphic card, which video driver should i use?08:04
hstefanI'd explode all sis factories with a smile in my face.08:05
xerox1after ubdating firefox i have a problem with starting it; problem comes from the profile directory; now i would like to determine, which file / plugin etc causes the problem; starting firefox from console does not give any output; how to do that?08:06
ilovefairuzxerox1: firefox -safe-mode08:06
well_laid_lawnPranky: did you edit something/rebuild something ?08:07
xerox1ilovefairuz: thx man!08:08
Prankywell_laid_lawn: No, actually it was shutdown by powercut and then when power comes it showing this message.08:08
well_laid_lawnPranky: checked in the bios that all hdds etc are fine?08:09
afiefWhat can I do when the ubuntu keyserver is down?08:10
ShurathingMaybe all my half-sighted tinkering botched something. I'd like to re-install 10.04. After that I'll install the backports for Lucid. But do I install ALL backports? Or a specific module? I'm on a HP netbook with a dang Atheros AR9285 Wireless card.08:10
presafief; wait for it to come back online again.08:10
Prankywell_laid_lawn: Yes, I checked. There is only one HDD and it is showing up.08:10
afiefpres, no way to obtain the keys somewhere else and install them manually?08:11
transhello everyone, i want to change login, spalsh screen, plz help08:12
presafief; dunno. I don't use Linux for my pgp keys.08:12
well_laid_lawnShurathing: if you are only using the backports for a driver for the wifi just  install the driver module - search for atheros08:12
afiefpres, thanks08:12
ilovefairuzShurathing: linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic08:12
presafief; I do know it's always down though. People are always whining about it being down.08:12
well_laid_lawnPranky: I would suggest booting into the recovery option and checking the errors there08:12
EgyParadoxwhich is the best calendar application?08:12
presEgyParadox; what's wrong with Evolution's built in cal?08:13
ilovefairuz!best | EgyParadox08:13
ubottuEgyParadox: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:13
Shurathingwell-laid-lawn: Search for Atheros in PackageManager didn't result in anything about driver modules.08:13
afiefpres, it's rather funny isn't it? after all ubuntu is one of the largest linux distros out there08:13
presafief; pgp management is not one of the things I like in Linux. Sorry.08:13
presafief; but yes, funny.08:13
Shurathingilovefairuz: Thank you. I'll try that.. btw, how do I reply correctly in chat? As to highlight the users name?08:14
well_laid_lawnShurathing: see what a search for wireless turns up08:14
well_laid_lawn!tab | Shurathing08:14
ubottuShurathing: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:14
ilovefairuzShurathing: you just did (by prefixing username to your reply)08:14
ActionParsnipShurathing: did you get your packages installed ok?08:15
mikeruFloodBot1 is taking over!08:15
ActionParsnipFloodbot war!08:16
ShurathingActionParsnip: No. I installed all backports. I'm going to do a fresh install and just install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic08:16
ActionParsnipShurathing: ok, can you please log the bug though. It will help others :)08:16
LinuxFetusActionParsnip, I did what the site said and it didn't work; instead of loading a black screen with a blinking underscore in the upper left hand corner, it now is just completely black.08:16
ShurathingFYI, there are 2 back ports.. one ending _generic, other ending _generic-pae08:17
ShurathingActionParsnip: Will log the bug08:17
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: here's the one I used. Had to scan my favourites: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml08:19
Shurathingso I don't use the backport ending in -pae?08:20
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: little more involved but worked like a champ here08:20
LinuxFetusActionParsnip, should I undo what I did earlier?08:20
ActionParsnipShurathing: if you run: uname -a ,and see pae then yes08:20
LinuxFetusActionParsnip, before moving onward with this?08:20
transhow to change login screen08:20
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: most of it is identical, just a few extra steps08:21
ActionParsnipTrans: http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1308:21
LinuxFetusAhhh I think I may have done it incorrectly -- the "GRUB_GFXMODE=1280x1024" step requires uncommenting that line... I missed that before.08:23
ShurathingActionParsnip: Awesome... no pae it is then. Thanks08:23
LinuxFetusActionParsnip,  Ahhh I think I may have done it incorrectly -- the "GRUB_GFXMODE=1280x1024" step requires uncommenting that line... I missed that before.08:23
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: d'oh. Keep going with the guide though08:24
transActionParsnip it changes the wallpaper, i want to change the complete login window08:24
arvind_khadrihi, yesterday there was a person here, who was complaining something about eclipse. Except helios all other versions of eclipse are broken as of now.08:24
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: I have to do it with my lappy with its crappy intel vga08:24
shorttechare there any experts here with kvpnc??\08:25
ActionParsniptrans: afaik its not supported yet, there's an app named epidermis which may help. That's all I know dude. Its on the screen for about 2 seconds so I've not put much effort into studying it08:25
arvind_khadrishorttech, just ask, an expert isn't needed always :)08:25
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transi'll try that08:26
ShurathingRe-installing. bbiab08:26
afiefpres, ended up downloading the key from another keyserver(there are quite a few it turns out) and adding it through apt-key add key.pub08:27
red2kicActionParsnip: They should take that off. :)08:28
leonordtrying to add printer to cups through the localhost interface. after selecting 'HP', a list of only 9 HP printers are listed but without my model which is F380. how to get a more comprehensive list?08:28
ActionParsnipred2kic: take what off?08:28
red2kicActionParsnip: Splash screen.08:28
presafief; fair enough. I did know there were a few different key servers but had no idea what they were.08:28
ActionParsnipleonord: install the hplip package or get the latest script from the hplip site08:29
ActionParsnipred2kic: you mean plymouth?08:29
afiefpres, I used http://keys.gnupg.net/08:29
presafief; that's what I use. But mine is all managed through Windows.08:30
leonordActionParsnip: hplip has been installed. if i get the script from the site, how to get it into hplip?08:30
ActionParsnipred2kic: true but users like pretty pointless splash screens as boot text seems to have been branded as offensive08:30
afiefpres, aha08:30
ActionParsnipleonord: grab the script, mark it as executable then launch it in a terminal as user (not with sudo)08:30
leonordActionParsnip: ok, thks.08:31
ActionParsnipleonord: websearch hplip, you'll find it. Hp loves linux08:31
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grendal_primeok i have a headless machine that i need to have full access to.  I would like to just log into the desktop on that machine.  I dont want to use vnc.  It works but i would really like to just run a remote session basicall.08:31
presafief; sorry I didn't mentioned this server to you. :-(08:32
afiefpres, NP :-) google did mention them08:32
ActionParsnipgrendal_prime: why do you need a fullblown desktop? What activities are you doing?08:32
shorttechI'm wondering if there is a way for me to test my kvpnc connection08:32
grendal_primethe main reason is that this box is for virutalmachines primarily.08:32
ilovefairuzgrendal_prime: ssh08:32
shorttechI dont think its working 100% - I just switched from Mandriva and I had working in Mandria 10 just fine, but cant seem to find the problem with ubuntu08:33
grendal_primei use ssh every day. most of the work i do is on remote nix systems.  this is why i know very little about remote desktops in general08:33
shorttechmaybe its something with my firewall08:33
grendal_primefree nx seems to be pretty reliable and fast.08:33
ActionParsnipgrendal_prime: the vms can be handled on the vm. You can x forward the management x based app if you need it or if the server has a web interface, even better08:34
LinuxFetusActionParsnip, Well it's getting better but there are a couple of problems - it changed the resolution of Grub 2 -- now everything's tiny... I don't like that.  Secondly, the Ubuntu font/logo isn't there.  It's now just "Ubuntu 10.04" with serifs on the font and not the standard logo, if that makes sense.  My Grub is configured slightly differently.  Inside of /etc/grub.d, I have changed 40_custom to have options for the OS's I08:34
LinuxFetus want to select on startup (I don't like the fact that there's a memtest, etc., and that I can't rename them).  I have two choices: "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" and "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS" (that's what I've called them).  I chmod'ed the permissions on "10_linux," "30_os-prober", and "20_memtest86+" to no longer be executable by anyone (chmod ugo-x).  Then I run update-grub and then my boot/grub/grub.lst file or whatever only08:34
LinuxFetushas two menu options -- the two specified in 40_custom.  I don't know if that's pertinent, or not, but I thought I'd let you know just in case.08:34
FloodBot1LinuxFetus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:34
grendal_primeis there a web interface for virtualbox?08:34
ilovefairuzgrendal_prime: you can use ssh X forwarding: ssh -YC user@host08:34
shorttechLinuxFetus, are writing a book?08:34
grendal_primeim not using vmware.08:34
vssunhi how to install https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugis/+archive/ubuntugis-unstable?field.series_filter=lucid this package on a standalone machine?08:35
grendal_primeilovefairuz, ya i do that alot but umm this is on the same network..i dont need to encrypt it..08:35
LinuxFetusshorttech, No... sorry :X  I just wanted to be very specific.08:35
icerootgrendal_prime: #vbox08:35
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: you could have just commented the entries in tehe various files you editted. Memtest is handy but is removable just like any other package08:35
grendal_primeim finding that ssh is a bit slow in this situation.08:35
grendal_primei guess i could use rsh08:36
ilovefairuzgrendal_prime: and so? it's just a proven method of painlessly running remote X applications. -C will compress the data back and forth08:36
ActionParsnipgrendal_prime: what virtualisation technology are you using?08:36
JustMozzyhi guys. I am having a critical issue. I can't install anything anymore :S :S when I run apt-get install I get these errors: http://www.pastebin.ca/1910771 need help urgently08:36
grendal_primeActionParsnip, virtualbox08:36
grendal_primeim currently a vcp but i dont have the money for vmware.08:36
hariomHi, I want to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64bit on my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS i386 machine. My PC processor is 64 bit so I want to use Ubuntu 64 bit version. Unfortunately, the DVD drive is not working. How can I install 64bit version on old 32 bit Ubuntu?08:37
grendal_primepersonally ive found it does not perform as well as virtualbox anyway.08:37
ActionParsnipgrendal_prime: ask in #vbox ,there may be a web gui which is slick08:37
arvind_khadriJustMozzy, your tmp directory has run out of space08:37
LinuxFetusI'm not sure what you mean... As far as I understand, the other files don't explicitly make mention of all of the OS's -- they search the drive for partitions with OS's loaded and display them.  Furthermore, the grub.lst file or whatever says at the top that it isn't to be modified directly.08:37
ilovefairuzgrendal_prime: http://code.google.com/p/vboxweb/08:37
hariomI have internet and local Lan access where I have 64bit iso file08:37
apt415JustMozzy: how do you have your system partitioned?08:38
ActionParsnipJustMozzy: reading. Its taking an age due to the graphical crap around the text08:38
JustMozzyapt415, I have the whole HD automatically partitioned by the ubuntu installation08:38
ilovefairuzhariom: you can't install a 64bit ISO on a 32bit machine08:39
hariomHow to do Ubuntu network install? I want to install ubuntu 64bit on my existing 32 bit ubuntu version.08:39
hariomMachine is 64bit.08:39
hariomI earlier installed 32 bit OS on 64bit machine. But now I want to go with 64bit OS08:39
well_laid_lawn!minimal | hariom08:39
ubottuhariom: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:39
ilovefairuzhariom: then download the 64bit ISO and install as usual08:39
ActionParsnipJustMozzy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128109608:40
hariomilovefairuz: DVD drive is broken. Looking for network install option. How to do that08:40
ActionParsniphariom: if you want to change architecture you must reinstall08:40
ilovefairuz!install | hariom08:40
ubottuhariom: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:40
hariomActionParsnip: Yea, I want to do fresh install08:40
ActionParsniphariom: use a usb stick or sd card etc08:40
frag4nowhi all. I'm going to install wxWidgets compiling it but pkg-config can't find GKT libraries. I looked for in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ directory but there isn't a gtk+.pc file...any ideas?08:41
hariomUSB stick? how? Should I extract ISO and put that in USB stick and make USB as first boot device?08:41
ActionParsniphariom: if you have a 1gb stick you can put the desktop iso on it and install it all offline08:41
Adminio\j #ubuntu-it08:41
ActionParsniphariom: no, it needs software like usb-creator-gtk or the tool on pendrivelinux which is for windows08:42
ilovefairuz!unetbootin | hariom08:42
ubottuhariom: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent08:42
ActionParsniphariom: or you can use unetbootin in either08:42
JustMozzyActionParsnip, that forum post is of little help actually :S08:42
apt415quick question ( maybe ) I just registered a domain name. To associate it with my system do I use bind9?08:43
ActionParsnipJustMozzy: my connection is dog slow. I saw that it was solved and had text from your paste08:43
JustMozzyActionParsnip, no problem ;)08:43
ActionParsnipJustMozzy: you needs guides regarding the cache being small etc08:43
ilovefairuzapt415: you first have to tell the registrar DNS servers to point to your static IP address08:43
pie_anyone experienced with webcamstudio?08:43
ecolitanhow can i test a machine for rustock spam bot?08:43
apt415ah ok thanks08:44
ilovefairuz!anyone | pie_08:44
ubottupie_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:44
leonordmy hp f380 is not on the list of drivers of hplip. where to get the driver?08:44
ActionParsnipJustMozzy: and use the apt::cache-whatever text to help gwet accurate results08:44
mm2000Hi there. For some reason some websites doesnt load for me, the browser never completes the request, often when x% of the page has been loaded. Anyone knows what the problem can be? Its the same for ff and chrome and i have disabled ipv6. ubuntu 10.0408:44
pie_ilovefairuz: hehehe08:44
ActionParsnipleonord: oh boy, look around. There may be a similar model you can tell your system to use the settings of08:45
pie_ilovefairuz: i usually dont do that, late night, i forgot08:45
well_laid_lawnmm2000: allowed java in preferences for firefox?08:45
frag4nowthis is the error: http://dpaste.com/223038/08:45
pie_how do you set the output of webcamstudio? im trying to use it as the input device for flash08:45
pie_*webcam input device08:45
mm2000well_laid_lawn, Nope08:45
well_laid_lawnmm2000: it might be hanging on the adds then08:46
ilovefairuzpie_: right click on the flash element and select "settings" go to last tab and select it as source08:46
picard1421is there a way to setup the password lock on CLI so that after 3 failed attempts..08:46
picard1421the computer wipes itself.. automatically?08:47
mm2000well_laid_lawn, I doubt that, its only for certain pages and the only addons i have are developer kit, firebug, yslow and flashblocker.08:47
picard1421is this possible?08:47
frag4nowsomeone could be so kind to explain me why there is no gtk+.2.0.pc file in pkgconfig dir even if libgtk is installed? thanks08:47
pie_ilovefairuz: i have that set, its that flash isnt getting any video input08:48
ilovefairuzpicard1421: you can wrap the 'login' binary with another that does so08:48
picard1421how would that be done?08:48
DezineIs it possible to have different panel setups for each workspace?08:49
picard1421ok i will try and set that up later.. Thanks!08:50
DezineGuess I could just have them autohide but I was thinking of having a more minimalistic view for one space and regular on another kinda thing08:50
blunderhey is there a 64 bit version of acrobat for lucid?08:50
frag4nowmaybe my question is dumb or wrong?08:50
|DURAN|what antivirus do you recommend for ubuntu? and some firewall?08:50
frag4now|DURAN|: clamav,iptables08:51
ilovefairuzfrag4now: install the -devel equivalent08:51
|DURAN|frag4now, av clamav and firewall iptables?08:51
ilovefairuz|DURAN|: ubunu does not need an antivirus, unless you run an internet-accessible mail server08:52
frag4nowilovefairuz: hmm are you sure i miss that? because to install gkt*-dev i need to install a lot of stuff08:52
DezineGuess it's not possible, guess I could make a feature request. Thanks.08:52
frag4now|DURAN|: google knows08:52
|DURAN|frag4now,  can I call it from synaptic pack manager?08:52
ilovefairuz|DURAN|: and ubuntu ships with a firewall, try sudo apt-get install gufw08:52
|DURAN|ilovefairuz, thanks a lot08:53
mohanohihi ..08:53
|DURAN|frag4now, ok, thanks08:53
mohanohigetting an error!!08:53
mohanohiE:Dynamic MMap ran out of room. Please increase the size of APT::Cache-Limit. Current value: 25165824. (man 5 apt.conf),08:53
ilovefairuzfrag4now: install only the -devel packages of the libs you need08:53
mohanohiin package manager.08:54
ilovefairuzmohanohi: do you have little RAM and/or swap ?08:54
pie_ilovefairuz: in the bottom left corner of webcamstudio it also says no output...08:54
mohanohiswap 3 gb08:54
mohanohiram 2 gb08:54
mohanohihow to increase the cache-limit?08:54
mohanohiis it necessary to increase?08:54
frag4nowilovefairuz: http://dpaste.com/223043/08:55
RemmazeHi guys, im running ubuntu 10.04 on Lenovo x100e, as we all know, there no dvd drive on lenovo x100e, so my question is, is there and applications for me to run a DVD ISO, so that i can the thumbnail while giving out presentation...08:55
LinuxFetusHey did ActionParsnip say when (s)he'll be back?08:55
tanasuk_humm... I added the APT-CacheLimit to my /etv/apt/apt.conf.d/70debconf and set it to 50MB but it when I run apt-get autoclean it still shows me the old value08:55
RemmazeHi guys, im running ubuntu 10.04 on Lenovo x100e, as we all know, there no dvd drive on lenovo x100e, so my question is, is there and applications for me to run a DVD ISO, so that i can play the thumbnail while giving out presentation...08:55
ilovefairuzmohanohi:  edit /etc/apt/apt.conf to modify this option08:56
pie_gah...stupid flash08:56
mohanohiilovefairuz: nothing in the file08:56
LinuxFetusHey this is what my Ubuntu splash screens look like (start up and shutdown, respectively) -- can someone help me ?  http://pastebin.com/JBwi87Zu08:57
ilovefairuzmohanohi: then create new one08:57
tanasuk_ilovefairuz, still no change :S08:57
=== tanasuk_ is now known as JustMozzy
ilovefairuzJustMozzy: mohanohi: try apt-cache clean08:58
R3D_DR6G0Nhello everyone!08:58
ilovefairuzafter editing the file08:58
JustMozzydone that :s08:58
finemannhow does one edit the grub kernel parameters (10.04)?08:58
R3D_DR6G0Nwhy do you want to edit the grub kernel?08:59
SwedeMike!grub2 | finemann08:59
ilovefairuz JustMozzy: mohanohi: sorry, sudo apt-get clean08:59
ubottufinemann: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:59
mohanohiilovefairuz: still erro08:59
Mohan_chmlmohanohi, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1258124 that might help you I think08:59
finemannR3D_DR6G0N, http://linux4tw.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/tips-acer-5740-laptop/08:59
finemannSwedeMike, okay09:00
ilovefairuzMohan_chml: well using debian repositories on ubuntu would be a rather ... bad idea09:01
Hypnus9Hi...I need to know how to change ownership of a file in a terminal09:01
mohanohiilovefairuz: yes.. thats what i did09:01
tuxboxi have usb HD , and it's read sd 5:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk  any help09:01
presHypnus9; chown09:01
mohanohicause i needed a new version of jack software09:01
ilovefairuzHypnus9: chown user:group09:01
red2kicHypnus9: chown $USER:$USER09:01
mohanohiwhere ubuntu is still using old versions09:01
presHypnus9; or sudo chown filename09:01
ilovefairuzmohanohi: you can NOT use standard debian repositories on ubuntu, don't ask for help if you still do this09:02
mohanohiilovefairuz: ok.. i removed debian repository. Problem resolved.. :)09:03
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JustMozzyok, apt-get update finally fixed it09:03
user1_whats a good program for configering my  beliking wireless usb deivce09:03
tuxboxi have usb HD , and it's read sd 5:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk  any help ??09:03
user1_tuxbox what you mean09:04
user1_so you have a usb harddrive at sda09:04
tuxboxubuntu read it as SCSI and it's  USB09:05
tuxboxdo u know what is SCSI  ?09:05
user1_yes a scsi09:05
l1nux_mastersmall computer systems interface09:05
tuxboxit's old hard disks type09:05
tuxboxmy usb hard is tooo slow09:06
tuxboxany one have a good way ?09:06
l1nux_masterswitch to esata09:06
user1_Small Computer System Interface09:06
l1nux_masterbuy an enclosure like $20 on ebay09:07
tuxbox:( there is no driver for usb209:07
ilovefairuztuxbox: USB *is* slow09:07
l1nux_masteranyone know a way for cde on ubuntu?09:07
=== sree is now known as sreR
DASPRiDfor external hard drives, either use esata or sas09:08
tuxboxi need USB2 Driver09:08
SevithI know this is a simple questions but. instead of when i boot my computer up i wanna see what is going on in my system i dont want to see the ubuntu logo how can i do this?09:08
ilovefairuztuxbox: i'm saying that this is how USB devices are, by their nature09:08
Sevithusing grub just remove the quiet line from the boot loader menu list?09:08
JustMozzythanks to all :)09:08
ilovefairuztuxbox: slower than normal internal hard disks, you don't need a driver09:08
MaRk-ISevith: remove "quiet splash" from grub09:09
JustMozzybtw, how can I find out why my machine is often just freezing up while playing games or watching a movie? I think iut might be because of the graphic card driver. my graphic card is ATI Radeon HD09:09
SevithAlso do you people reccomend disabling IPv6?09:09
ilovefairuzSevith: remove quiet splash09:09
l1nux_masteralways disable ip609:09
Zelahow do I delete a direc?09:09
tuxboxhow come guyz it's work  good under windoz  and it's read as partition09:09
user1_how can i set up my wireless deivce09:09
l1nux_masterdelete directory with rm -r09:10
Sevithok Thought so :D09:10
SevithThanks guys :D09:10
user1_whats a good tool to setup wireless09:10
ilovefairuzl1nux_master: what are you talking about?09:10
SevithWhat does the ro mean on the bootloader line?09:11
tuxboxmy usb harddisk is too slow and it's not in USB2 any help ?09:11
Sevithwhat is the ro option?09:11
ilovefairuzl1nux_master: whom are you telling to delete a directory ?09:11
l1nux_masterrm -r remove09:11
l1nux_masterterminal command09:11
Sevithrm -rf / ? ? ?09:11
ilovefairuzl1nux_master: in reponse to who ?09:11
user1_<Zela> how do I delete a direc?09:11
user1_wireless how?09:12
Sevithrmdir <DIR NAME>09:12
MaRk-Ituxbox: that depends on your usb connector09:12
user1_whats thats09:12
troopperiuser1_: whats your wireless card/device?09:12
SevithThats how you delete a dir09:12
user1_usb stick09:12
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user1_a fd750 a belive09:13
tuxboxMaRk-I  IT'S OKIE IN WINDOZ09:13
tuxboxit's something wrong in my system09:13
hrhrhr_when i sudo -s09:13
hrhrhr_i lose my aliases09:13
ilovefairuz!who | l1nux_master09:13
ubottul1nux_master: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:13
user1_tuxbox use windows then for larger files09:13
hrhrhr_wut is goan on09:13
tuxboxi have larger files here and i can't backup it on my HD09:14
tuxboxam facing problem guyz09:14
tuxboxplus i don't have windoz installed here09:14
user1_save it to disk?09:14
user1_install it?09:14
l1nux_masterhow to unarchive 7z from command line?09:14
user1_tar -xzvf pkg09:15
ilovefairuzl1nux_master: p7zip09:15
siewriorekStrange question: ssh failed to access to ubuntu host , ping works, I can access to the ubuntu host from another host, any help?09:16
tuxboxiptables -F09:16
ilovefairuzsiewriorek: what error message do you get?09:16
ilovefairuz!who | tuxbox09:16
ubottutuxbox: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:16
siewriorekI use putty to test the ssh access, it hang09:16
siewriorekiptables has shutdown09:17
l1nux_masteriptables ruins everything09:17
ilovefairuzl1nux_master: iptables is very useful when used properly and please stay on topic09:17
troopperiuser1_: whats says lsusb? Type to console09:18
siewriorekall my hosts are in a local network09:18
l1nux_masterfirewalls are not necessary unless not protected by a firewall09:18
ilovefairuz!ot | l1nux_master09:18
ubottul1nux_master: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:18
l1nux_masterin other words you need a firewall if you are straight facing the internet09:18
well_laid_lawnsiewriorek: using an ip adress or hostname to connect to?09:19
user1_is there a paste bin here09:19
l1nux_masterwhat window manager does everyone use?09:19
siewriorekI've connect to ssh service correctly using another host, strange09:20
user1_but troopperi its not pluged in now09:20
ilovefairuz!paste | user1_09:20
ubottuuser1_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:20
user1_its in a nother box be sheared here coz it would'nt work09:20
troopperiuser1_: thats important to get more information your belkin09:20
chepodo anybody knows how to make this faster when i click on a progwine or anything else y do it take like 5mins to pop up ?anybody09:20
user1_what you need09:20
user1_i know its working  coz i can scan with some command lwfs or somthing thats list all the wireless AP in range09:21
user1_but not connect09:21
well_laid_lawnchepo: slow computer?09:21
ilovefairuzsiewriorek: ipv6 enabled ?09:21
troopperiuser1_: ok09:22
siewriorekjust ipv4 statistic IP setted09:22
chepona it was running nice for the past year09:22
siewriorekno gateway and DNS09:22
l1nux_masterdoes anyone use fluxbox?09:22
ilovefairuzsiewriorek: sudo service ssh reload09:22
skramer_hi, anybody knows if Epson DX scanners conected to USB can be used in network via saned?09:22
ilovefairuz!poll | l1nux_master09:22
ubottul1nux_master: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:22
user1_troopperi its the scerity i think is the truble cant seem to cennect09:22
chepothis just happen like 4 days ago and am not even using alot of memory too09:22
siewriorekI've try several times to restart my network and sshd, it doesn't work09:23
troopperiuser1_: do you use server or desktop version?09:23
ilovefairuzsiewriorek: don't 'restart' ssh, reload it09:23
well_laid_lawnl1nux_master: yep fluxbox ftw!09:23
siewriorekreload? ok, I'll try09:23
well_laid_lawnchepo: must have got an update that cahanged something - the folks in #winehq might know09:24
chepoits not onlu wine do09:25
siewriorekThanks ilovefairuz and other guys09:25
Sevithwell SOB..09:25
chepois this xchat too took along time09:26
SevithWhats the off topic chan ubuntu-offtopic ?09:26
erUSULSevith: yes09:26
ilovefairuz!language | Sevith09:26
ubottuSevith: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:26
troopperiuser1_: http://www.linux-usb.org/usbnet/09:26
icerootSevith: #ubuntu-offtopic09:26
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tembaHello, anyone can help me maybe. i try to install some things via cpan. but i need to tell cpan to use the proxy in our lan, how can i do that ?09:27
well_laid_lawnchepo: open a terminal and start an app from there to get any errors09:27
erUSULtemba: maybe it onours http_proxy env variable? see the cpan man page09:27
shurathingBack. Fresh install of 10.04 on HP netbook with Atheros AR9285 wireless card. Installed lucid backport. I can see the wireless networks, but I cannot connect.09:28
skramer_the device is an EPSON Stylus DX-5050, printing works (local & LAN), scanner works local. But so far, no other client in the LAN can see the scanner :-(  Any hints?09:29
chepoa give me something to open09:29
thj都是哪里的人 ?09:29
blunderyou can say that again09:29
well_laid_lawnchepo:    nautilus09:29
chepoit works good09:30