Chipacadobey: icon_theme.load_icon doesn't, actually, return a usable pixbuf. Not sure why.00:51
dobeywhat is it returning?00:53
Chipacaa pixbuf00:54
dobeyso what is the problem?00:54
Chipacadobey: the pixbuf seems ... I dunno, empty. Looking into it still, but the first thing I did just shows it blank.00:54
Chipaca1 sec00:55
Chipacadobey: this is interactive console; I'll pull it out into something I can show you :)00:56
Chipacadobey: give me a minute00:56
Chipacadobey: but00:56
Chipacadobey: first test was in the rb plugin itself00:56
Chipaca        icon = gtk.IconTheme().lookup_icon("ubuntuone", gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU, 0)00:56
Chipaca        icon = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(icon.get_filename())00:56
Chipaca        icon = gtk.IconTheme().load_icon("ubuntuone", gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU, 0)00:56
* ajmitch is reminded to file a bug agsint against ubuntu-sso-client00:56
Chipacaand the menu came up blank00:56
dobeyChipaca: s/gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU/22/00:59
dobeyerr, actually, i think menu is 1600:59
dobeyso make that 16, not 2200:59
dobeyor maybe it is 2401:00
dobeyi forget01:00
dobeybut you need to pass an actual pixel size there01:00
dobeynot an enum value01:00
dobeyi don't recall atm, if there is a way to convert the enum values to pixel values01:00
Chipacadobey: thanks01:01
dobeylater :)01:01
Chipaca... or maybe not01:02
Chipacadobey: thanks anyway; I'll find it now :)01:02
Chipacagtk.icon_size_lookup(gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU) -> (16, 16)01:04
[Dmitry] How can I make sure that the directory that I synchronize only available to me?01:24
Chipaca[Dmitry]: come again?01:25
Chipaca[Dmitry]: exactly01:25
[Dmitry]If you go through the web it is written who have attained this or that directory?01:26
Chipaca[Dmitry]: yes01:26
Chipaca[Dmitry]: each directory has a "this is shared with:" and a list, and you can stop sharing from the same list01:27
[Dmitry]ok, thx01:28
Chipaca[Dmitry]: on the desktop, you can do u1sdtool --list-shared01:28
[Dmitry]What me need, thanks01:29
Chipaca[Dmitry]: you're welcome01:29
mkarnickiAnyone with Android phone to check if http://wiki.ubuntu.com is availible via Android phone :/ ?01:59
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duanedesignhello omo05:09
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mandelrodrigo_, thx for the approval of the icons :D09:03
rodrigo_mandel, nah, an easy one to review :)09:03
vdsmandel: I approved all your branches09:18
vdsmandel: in a couple of hours I should have done with the rss script too09:18
mandelvds, I've seen it, I'm fixing an issue related with the bzrignore that Tim mentioned09:19
mandelvds, there are duplicated ignores09:20
lalejandHi, I have error lines in the log like this one : 2010-07-29 10:57:12,536 - pyinotify - ERROR - add_watch: cannot watch /home/lalejand/Documents/ODIGI/OdigiImmo/odigiImmoTotal/sources/odigiImmo/generateurWeb/transformers/.svn/text-base (WD=-1), but syncdaemon-exceptions.log stays empty :(09:58
lalejandHi, I have error lines in the log like this one : 2010-07-29 10:57:12,536 - pyinotify - ERROR - add_watch: cannot watch /home/lalejand/Documents/ODIGI/OdigiImmo/odigiImmoTotal/sources/odigiImmo/generateurWeb/transformers/.svn/text-base (WD=-1), but syncdaemon-exceptions.log stays empty :( is it normal ?10:30
duanedes1gnhello lalejand10:30
lalejandduanedes1gn : hi10:31
duanedes1gnlalejand: i am having a bit of computer trouble this morning :(10:36
duanedes1gnactually my server is. I think rye might be a better help.10:37
ryelalejand, hi!10:37
duanedes1gnlalejand: have you ever had trouble with a version control directory before?10:38
duanedes1gn09:30 < lalejand> Hi, I have error lines in the log like this one : 2010-07-29 10:57:12,536 -  pyinotify - ERROR - add_watch: cannot watch10:38
duanedes1gn/home/lalejand/Documents/ODIGI/OdigiImmo/odigiImmoTotal/sources/odigiImmo/generateurWeb/transformers/.svn/text-base (WD=-1), but syncdaemon-exceptions.log stays empty :( is it normal ?10:38
duanedes1gnand good morning10:38
ryelalejand, and directory /home/lalejand/Documents/ODIGI/OdigiImmo/odigiImmoTotal/sources/odigiImmo/generateurWeb/transformers/.svn/text-base  exists, right?10:39
lalejandrye : yes, there are 71 .svn-base files in it10:40
lalejandrye : and I'm the owner of the text-base folder, everything seems to be ok with it10:42
ryelalejand, looking through the code to see where it happens...10:43
lalejandrye : ok10:43
duanedes1gnThis is your bug on the issue lalejand ? bug 60801110:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 608011 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "errors in syncdaemon.log (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60801110:46
* duanedes1gn is off to go debug his server....10:47
duanedes1gnduanedesign: why arent you working? :P10:47
lalejandduanedes1gn : yes, I think it's linked. I had some errors like the one i described here, and I think this makes syncdaemon rescan and rescan and rescan for ever10:49
duanedesignyeah! connected10:49
duanedesignlalejand: ok, thought i would mention it in case it had any clues to the issue10:50
lalejandduanedesign : ok, I added a comment to my bug10:52
ryelalejand, what's the value of /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches ?10:53
ryehm, it looks like inotify is unable to add watch because there are too many watched directories already10:57
ryelalejand, what state is syncdaemon now in?11:04
lalejandrye : sudo: /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches: command not found11:21
lalejandrye : State: LOCAL_RESCAN11:22
ryelalejand, cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches and what distribution are you running?11:23
lalejandrye : sorry. 8192, and Lucid11:24
ryelalejand, hmmm11:24
ryelalejand, could you please try sudo sysctl fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288 ?11:27
ryelalejand, and restart syncdaemon, the limit looks to be low especially when we are talking about watching source dirs with additional svn directories11:27
lalejandrye : u1sdtool -q and then -c ?11:28
ryelalejand, yup11:28
lalejandrye : sudo sysctl fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288 --> fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 52428811:28
ryelalejand, good11:28
lalejandrye : how can I see if everything is going ok now ?11:30
ryelalejand, try tail -f ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log | grep ERROR11:31
ryelalejand, and check what's the status of syncdaemon now - u1sdtool --status11:32
lalejandrye : http://pastebin.com/MXeFhAtt11:34
ryelalejand, local rescan... ok, what's the output of find ~/Documents | wc -l ?11:35
lalejandrye : 12611611:38
ryelalejand, ok, and what's the output of find ~/Documents -type d | wc -l ?11:38
lalejandrye : 3564511:39
ryelalejand, ok, now we know why that inotify error was happening, max amount of watches was 8k, you have 35k of directories11:39
lalejandrye : aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh11:40
lalejandrye : this can explain why sd was rescanning and rescanning again and again ?11:41
lalejandrye : I'll and this info in the launchpad bug report11:41
ryelalejand, the other concern is the number of files in your directories, when syncdaemon is rescanning your system it adds a watch to every directory, after 8192 directories it stopped adding watches and was not able to do anything, now it will be able to do anything but local rescan can take really long time11:42
lalejandrye : one question is that make an increase of the use of my HD space ? because I noticed that since I began to sync with U1, my / partition is running out of space !11:45
ryelalejand, anyway you might need to add fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 524288 to /etc/sysctl.conf11:45
lalejandrye : tail -f ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log | grep ERROR is stuck11:45
ryelalejand, you can Ctrl+C it11:45
ryelalejand, does / partition contain /home ?11:46
lalejandrye : no, these are separated partitions11:46
lalejandrye : you can Ctrl+C it >>> ok, but is it normal that it is stuck ?11:46
lalejandrye : anyway you might need to add fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 524288 to /etc/sysctl.conf >>> ok, why the limit is so low my default ?11:47
ryelalejand, "tail" command will watch the file and output lines as they appear, since no lines appear that satisfy "grep" condition, it just sits there11:51
ryelalejand, ubuntuone does not store any data outside of your /home partition within ~/.cache/ubuntuone and ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/11:51
lalejandrye : ok, and ok11:52
lalejandrye : cat ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log | grep ERROR >>> nothing :))))))11:52
lalejandrye : is_connected: False and is_online: False in status. is it normal (still doing local-rescan)11:55
ryelalejand, 126116 files to scan :(11:56
lalejandrye : ok. Normal I imagine11:56
duanedesignrye: have you watched any of the llive stream from GUADEC?11:57
ryeduanedesign, i am afraid no12:04
duanedesignhmm. trying to the open source codec WebM working12:05
duanedesigntrying to get the*12:05
ryeduanedesign, do you have the special mozilla build?12:13
duanedesignrye: i was trying to use opera12:17
duanedesignrye: maybe i will try the nightly mozilla build12:18
serbanrazvan85i have problem with dowloading paid music from ubuntu music store12:24
serbanrazvan85c u help?12:24
ryeserbanrazvan85, hi, is the music available in https://one.ubuntu.com/files/ ?12:27
serbanrazvan85is with "try downloading again" status on rythembox12:28
serbanrazvan85after i use that link is "qued" stais like that12:29
ryeserbanrazvan85, so it is not "Transferring to your storage", it is queued, right?12:30
ryeserbanrazvan85, ok, let me poke the persons responsible12:30
serbanrazvan85ok 10x!12:31
ryeserbanrazvan85, can I have the email address you used to register with ubuntu sso / launchpad ?12:32
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ryeserbanrazvan85, is that happening for a single album/track or several, could you please quote the title of at least one song that has such issue?12:33
serbanrazvan85several tracks Indian Rose - Henner Hoier & The Rivets and Indian Sunrise - Henner Hoier & The Rivets12:33
duanedesignrye: the firefox nightly is playing the guadec stream :)12:42
ryeserbanrazvan85, is it possible for you to download the script from http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/ubuntuone-account-info and run it in the terminal - it will output the Id that we will need to identify the downloads12:45
ryeserbanrazvan85, cancelling the previous request12:46
ryeserbanrazvan85, the logs are being synced to see what has happened. I will update you once more information is available12:47
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serbanrazvan85rye, is this a sh script?12:51
ryeserbanrazvan85, yes, that's a script but python one, and you no longer need to run that, required infor was found and they are investigating12:51
vdsmandel: lp:~vds/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix_rss ready for review13:21
mandelvds, on my way13:21
mandelvds, didi you propose a merge?13:22
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mandelvds, I'm taking a look at it13:34
* rodrigo_ gets his Chipaca hat13:49
rodrigo_standup in mumble in 10 minutes13:49
dobeyajmitch: ugh. you see, if you're not using networkmanager, you should stop the service from running. it's sort of like "ubuntu assumes the kernel controls the hardware, but i'm actually running it on top of Windows, so it doesn't" :)13:56
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mkarnickiHi guys14:05
bladernr_morning all14:06
bladernr_Can someone remind me of the syntax in the u1 config to turn on debug logging?14:06
bladernr_U1SD frequently chews up vast amounts of RAM, and the last time this happened, it cleared up before I could get any useful logging info...14:07
serbanrazvan85rye, any news?14:08
bladernr_right now, syncdaemon is using up 2.8GB of resident ram14:08
ryeserbanrazvan85, the issue appears to be at the music providers system, the requested files cannot be retrieved by our system14:10
ryebladernr_, you can run ubuntuone-syncdaemon with --debug switch - that will output all the logs to stdout14:11
bladernr_rye:  ok... will that also dump the info to a file that can be parsed afterwards?14:15
ryebladernr_, /usr/lib/ubuntuone/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug > logfile.txt and in another terminal - u1sdtool --connect14:16
bladernr_rye: gotcha.  Thanks14:16
ryeserbanrazvan85, no action required from your side for now14:16
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serbanrazvan85rye, i'll expect an email from your team when everything is ok?14:19
ryeserbanrazvan85, let me file a bug report for you and subscribe you to that bug report14:19
serbanrazvan85rye, let me know when you will do that pls14:22
rodrigo_alecu, nessita: branches are https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntuone-client/upgrade-on-quota-exceeded https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntuone-client/use-a-checkbox-and-an-expander and https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntuone-client/add-contact-on-enter14:24
nessitarodrigo_: ack14:24
nessitaalecu: don't forget my review pliz! :-)14:44
mkarnickiguys, what's the convention to name bugs on lp? say, in a changelog. "bug fixed lp:#123123" ? or lp:123123 ?14:49
dobeymkarnicki: in debian/changelog you mean?14:51
mkarnickidobey: actually it's my app changelog, but I want to use the proper convention14:51
mkarnickidobey: I think there was some "lp:_____" pattern14:51
dobeymkarnicki: we don't maintain project changelogs outside of what "bzr log" has, and bzr uses revision properties for storing bug links14:52
mkarnickidobey: is there a way to say bzr that this commit fixes a bug? there was, right?14:53
dobeyin debian/changelog for things like SRUs, we have entries like "* Fixed a typo in the UI (LP: #443253)" for example14:53
mkarnickiaa, right. that was it14:53
dobeymkarnicki: bzr commit --fixes=lp:$bugnumber14:53
mkarnickilovely, thanks dobey !14:53
mkarnickidobey: can I use multiple --fixes if there are more fixes or it's comma separated or something?14:53
dobeyyou pass the arg multiple times for multiple bugs14:55
mkarnickidobey: just found bzr help bugs. thanks!!14:55
mkarnickidobey: last question, if I may ;) If a problem is listed in 'Known issues' in a particular sofware version, should we remove or leave a bug report relating to such known issue?14:56
mkarnickidobey: (a bug has been filed after publishing known issues in the changelog)14:57
dobeyi guess you should probably remove it, or note that it's been fixed, and which version it was fixed in, and perhaps remove it later14:58
mkarnickiok. since it's in 'Known issues' I guess I'll remove it then.15:00
ryelp accounts != sso accounts?15:46
beunorye, yes-ish16:13
lalejandHi, I was navigating in my synced folders with nautilus, nautilus suddenly crashed, and now I have is see in nautilus that no folder is synced : I have the "sync to U1" option on right click on a synced folder16:25
lalejandu1sdtool --list-folder shows me 2 folders : OK16:26
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lalejandwhy is nautilus doing wrong ?16:26
lalejandHi, I was navigating in my synced folders with nautilus, nautilus suddenly crashed, and now is see in nautilus that no folder is synced : on my already synced folders I have the "sync to U1" option on right click :/16:52
ryelalejand, hi, so you don't have any ubuntuone-related options in nautilus ?16:57
lalejandrye : yes I have. only "sync to U1" as if it wasn't synced16:58
ryelalejand, what's the status of u1sdtool --status ?16:58
ryebut this is clearly nautilus plugin issue16:58
mkarnickibeuno-lunch: Hey beuno. I read your log submission. It looks as if files didn't finish download (but they were downloading). If you do Menu->EXit or «back» button  to leave the app, on app start (onCreate) should reset incomplete downloads.16:58
mkarnickibeuno-lunch: let me know if you can get your files properly :)16:58
lalejandrye : for example --> click right on Documents --> see "sync to U1" option, while u1sdtool --list-folder --> ... subscribed=True path=/home/lalejand/Documents !16:59
ryelalejand, could you please try resetting nautilus - nautilus -q16:59
lalejandrye : but this is clearly nautilus plugin issue >>> yes, what can I do ? I may be dangerous, what would happens if I "re-sync" my folder while it's already synced  !?17:00
ryelalejand, it will simply be rejected - u1sdtool --create-folder=/home/rtg/Documents -> FolderCreateError: UDFs can not be nested (path=/home/rtg/Documents)17:01
ryebut the message is not really great17:01
lalejandrye : resetted nautilus, and relaunched it --> same problem17:01
lalejandrye : Documents appears like it wasn't synced17:02
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ryelalejand, what does ubuntuone-preferences say?17:07
lalejandrye : syncing17:08
lalejandrye : you are talking about the preference window right ?17:11
ryelalejand, yup, have you updated your system recently (i e before nautilus crashed) ?17:11
lalejandrye : today, nothing17:13
ryelalejand, could you please try u1sdtool --info $HOME/Documents ?17:15
ryelalejand, it should output some info about that folder, if that works, there is definitely an issue with ubuntuone-nautilus plugin17:16
lalejandrye : http://pastebin.com/G23vcrx217:17
ryelalejand, you are running lucid, right?17:19
lalejandrye : yes17:21
ryelalejand, when you enter ~/Ubuntu One directory is there a navigation bar saying "Ubuntu One File Sharing" ?17:25
lalejandrye : /home/lalejand/Ubuntu One --> yes, /home/lalejand/Documents --> No17:31
blendmaster1024_is there a max filesize for ubu one?17:35
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lalejandrye : "when you enter ~/Ubuntu One directory is there a navigation bar saying "Ubuntu One File Sharing" ?" >>> /home/lalejand/Ubuntu One --> YES, /home/lalejand/Documents --> NO17:46
ryelalejand, are emblems present in Ubuntu One folders?17:49
ryelalejand, * "Ubuntu One" folder17:49
lalejandrye : on /home/lalejand/Ubuntu One --> YES, /home/lalejand/Documents --> NO17:55
ryerodrigo_, question - after nautilus crash lalejand got ubuntuone-nautilus plugin broken in a way that it does not display menu entries, emblems on UDFs, Ubuntu One folder emblems work fine, list-folders gives correct list of UDFs17:56
ryelalejand, could you please pastebin the contents of ~/.xsession-errors to http://paste.ubuntu.com ?17:56
lalejandrye : cat ~/.xsession-errors gives me something too long, how can I do ?17:57
ryelalejand, you can install pastebinit application from the repository, then it all ends up being simply pastebinit ~/.xsession-errors17:58
lalejandrye : http://pastebin.com/ycxVgktX18:10
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ryelalejand, could you please check whether there is a crash report in /var/crash/_usr_bin_nautilus.*.crash ? xsession-errors contain information that something crashed but no idea what actually happened18:15
* mandel needs to run to forget!18:18
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lalejandrye : _usr_bin_nautilus.1001.crash18:19
ryelalejand, could you please try making it into a bug repot - sudo apport-cli /var/crash/ _usr_bin_nautilus.1001.crash ?18:19
lalejandrye : if I double-click on it, it says that I don't have enough memory18:19
ryelalejand, no, that will be a huge dump probably18:19
ryedoubleclick? hmm18:20
lalejandrye : here is it's content : http://pastebin.com/VUkNLgTg18:21
ryehm, no stack trace18:24
ryelalejand, are emblems present in subdirectories of DOcuments folder?18:25
lalejandrye : no, not a single U1 emblem in any subdirectory or file18:27
ryelalejand, i believe i finally know what has happened,18:33
ryelalejand, could you please do grep MARK  ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log | tail -n 118:33
lalejandrye : 2010-07-29 19:34:10,081 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Main - NOTE - ---- MARK (state: <State: 'QUEUE_MANAGER'  (queues WORKING_ON_BOTH  connection 'With User With Network')>; queues: metadata: 124631; content: 90380; hash: 0, fsm-cache: hit=7709532 miss=487926) ----18:35
ryelalejand, metadata queu is still 124K items and somewhere in that queue there is a request from the nautilus plugin to refresh the list of UDFs, since it is not yet executed, nautilus does not know about that UDF18:36
lalejandrye : in other terms, I have to wait for sync to be totally done for nautilus to show things properly ?18:38
ryelalejand, this is correct18:38
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james_wHi, I just bought something in the music store in banshee and I have a page with links to download, rather than a status page on the download via the file sync that I seem to remember getting last time. Is that a known issue? am I remembering wrong?18:40
lalejandrye : ok. Behavior a bit confusing isn't it ?18:40
ryelalejand, based on the fact it took hours for me to guess the behavior - yes, it is very confusing, I will file the bug report because this does not look quite right18:41
lalejandrye : thanks a lot for your help :) You are a very good bug seeker ;)18:43
ryelalejand, but u1sdtool --list-folders returns immediately, right?18:43
lalejandrye : yes, half a second18:45
lalejandor less18:45
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lalejandrye : I have the debug thing activated. How do I deactivate it ? (ex : 2010-07-29 19:57:43,358 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.QueueManager - DEBUG - In WORKING_ON_BOTH: running META_QUEUE)19:00
ryelalejand, i believe there is a debug switched in ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf - could you please check there?19:00
lalejandrye : level = DEBUG ?19:03
ryelalejand, yes19:03
lalejandrye : just adding # before is ok ?19:04
ryelalejand, yes, but you will need to restart syncdaemon which will then take a while to return to the same state19:04
lalejandrye : I will wait :°19:09
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[J|F]Are there specific problems with using Ubuntu One with lots of tiny files?19:30
beuno[J|F], how many files?19:31
beunoa huge amount of them will make it very slow19:31
beunohuge being maybe 50-100k19:32
[J|F]Oh, but a few thousands of files should be ok?19:32
beunoit takes a while because we haven't enabled bulk operations yet19:33
beunoso you get a roundtrip per file19:33
beunothere are a lot of performance improvements going itno Maverick19:33
beunonot sure which ones relate to the many-files problem19:34
beunofacundobatista would know19:34
[J|F]I kind of wish I could upload a big .tar.gz file and decompress it "on the server".  But I guess that breaks the whole point of Ubuntu One.19:34
beunowell, doing that ia the web ui is something we want to do19:37
beunoon the desktop-side of things, we want the dsktop client to be smart enough to do bluk uploads very quickly  :)19:38
mkarnickibeuno: were you able to get your files with AndroidU1?19:46
beunomkarnicki, have not had a spare minute to play with it yet19:47
mkarnickibeuno: I understand, no problem.19:47
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nilsmaare there any reason why i shouldnt be able to sync firefox bookmarks via ubuntuone from ubuntu to lubuntu?20:09
beunonilsma, couchdb replication is currently disabled20:11
beunoso they wouldn't get across20:11
nilsmai see, thank you for clarifying :)20:11
mkarnickibeuno: I pimped my login, too hehe ;] http://goo.gl/LcZF20:38
james_wHi, I just bought something in the music store in banshee and I have a page with links to download, rather than a status page on the download via the file sync that I seem to remember getting last time. Is that a known issue? am I remembering wrong?20:45
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duanedesignjames_w: hello21:14
james_whi duanedesign21:15
duanedesignjames_w: i am testing bansheee MS locally21:16
duanedesignjames_w: so the page you got wasnt 'Your Downloads'?21:21
james_wduanedesign: it was21:22
duanedesignthat is what i got. My latest purchase on top21:24
james_wyeah, that's a different page from what I got21:25
james_wthat's the one I expected21:25
duanedesignjames_w: did the songs show up  at https://one.ubuntu.com/files  under purchased music?21:25
james_wso it seems likely it was just a bug that hit me. I'll go file one, thanks.21:26
duanedesignjames_w: pfibiger might be able to help you with your music store issue.21:30
duanedesignif you post your bug here after you file it.21:31
mkarnickiduanedesign: did you also mentioned having an Android powered phone :)?21:34
mkarnickiarggs did you *mention21:34
mkarnicki*lol that was supposed to be arghh. I'm making typos21:34
duanedesignmkarnicki: i dont. Dont tell anyone...<whisper>I have an iphone</whisper>21:36
duanedesignmkarnicki:  do you have something to test?21:36
mkarnickiduanedesign: no worries, I may write the same thing for the iFunky when I'm done with Android ;D21:36
mkarnickiduanedesign: yup, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndroidU1/ see the changelog, download availible under QR code21:36
mkarnickiduanedesign: some screens are here http://goo.gl/n2Dv21:37
duanedesigni dont know objective-C but i saw there is a python port pyObjC. i wonder how that is21:38
mkarnickiduanedesign: :O interesting21:39
mkarnickiduanedesign: I don't know either. and 3 months ago I had no clue about Android ;)21:39
duanedesignmkarnicki: that looks awesome!21:39
mkarnickiduanedesign: I know C/C++, and obj-C is with funny [ brackets additions ] :)21:40
mkarnickiduanedesign: thanks ! :)21:40
pauloI can delete bookmarks that are available on my ubuntu one?21:41
jblountpaulo: You can delete them, but you can not from the web interface (yet).21:42
duanedesignpaulo: you would just remove them like a regular bookmark21:42
duanedesignpaulo: and bookmark sync is currently down. You can get the latest on the status of the services at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status21:44
pauloI tried removel by Firefox itself, but when I open the browser again they appear!!21:44
paulothen this may be why the contacts back when I restart firefox?21:46
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duanedesignit should still remove the bookmark from your computer that you deleted it on21:50
duanedesignit just will not remove from your 'other' computers21:50
pauloI just got a computer registered in ubuntu one.21:52
pauloimagine how the service is out when I delete them in firefox actually does not delete the cloud since the service is offline I am correct?21:53
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duanedesignpaulo: correct22:20
duanedesignif you delete them in firefox, it will be deleted from that computer and the CouchDB on that computer. Once the bookmark sync is turned back on then they will be deleted from your other computers22:21
duanedesignpaulo: here are some good guides for setting up the different services https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Tutorials22:22
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cwraighi all,has there been any progress on a mac or windows implementation, i would be happy to test development code on either platform23:52
ajmitchfrom what I was reading on launchpad, there is work being done on a windows implementation23:54
ajmitchI don't know if there's anything testable on it at the moment, all I know is that it exists :)23:54
mkarnickifunkyHat: you around :)?23:57
mkarnickifunkyHat: I'd be happy if you could test drive latest version :) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndroidU1 - you'll find the QR code23:58
funkyHatmkarnicki: yep23:59
mkarnickifunkyHat: cool!23:59

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