ScottLcrimsun_, TheMuso : if i'm testing an SRU is it/there....00:54
ScottL * bad form to verify my own SRU?00:54
ScottL * a special wording when replying to an SRU?00:54
ScottL * a special tag to add to the SRU?00:54
ScottL * anything else i'm ignorant about replying to an SRU?00:55
TheMusoScottL: 1) no, 2) no, just indicate that you have tested the fix as compared to the previous package behavior, and that you have verified that the fix works etc 3) change verification-needed to verification-done but can't remember whether universe packages need 2 ACKS. If so, and nobody else has ACKed, leave tags alone 4) thats all.00:59
ScottLthanks TheMuso :)01:22
ScottLnow i'm working on the ardour mute SRU and trying to figure out why my patch caused only the i386 build to fail in lucid-proposed01:23
ScottLi was starting with a test build of the source directly from launchpad in a chroot environment and having trouble getting it to build to my surprise01:24
ScottLbuilding the source gives me a control and a nice baseline01:25
ScottLbut then i realized that i had downloaded the source from maverick :/   that explains why a package version wasn't available :P01:25

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