asantoniTheMuso: I've just got a report that JACK is busted in PortAudio HEAD02:32
asantoniapparently PortAudio r1522 is the last revision where it's working properly02:33
asantoniso if you haven't already packaged PortAudio up, maybe r1522 is the revision to go with02:33
TheMusoasantoni: Thanks, I've it packaged and am testing it, not with jack, but am testing it. Thanks for the heads up.02:34
asantoniNo, thank you!02:34
asantoniMaybe this is a good time for me to rail on PortAudio for never making releases *ugh*02:34
TheMusoYou betcha.02:34
TheMusoasantoni: DO you know anybody who is willing to test these packages? I.e to make sure the revision you state from svn does work with jack?03:09
TheMusoOr has someone tested it?03:09
asantoniTheMuso: bkgood in #mixxx tested it, but I can make a call for testers on our mailing list and get more testers04:42
TheMusoasantoni: Please do.04:42
TheMusoasantoni: I can put packages up somewhere if that helps.04:43
asantoniOk, give me a link and I'll send out an email right away04:43
TheMusoSure, will put them in the ubuntu-audio-dev PPA, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive this is for maverick. Will upload now, and they should be built shortly.04:50
asantoniGreat, thanks... email sent04:53
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agentsoulI installed Ubuntustudio everything was fine, after the updates I couldn't start jack. Audiointerface is a Lexicon Alpha USB Device. Errormessage http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/398701/16:54
agentsoulOne of the updates was a kernel16:54
holsteinhey agentsoul16:54
agentsoulholstein are u from Germany16:54
holsteindid you try booting in using your old kernel?16:55
* holstein is from US16:55
agentsoulOK because we have some Holsteins here in Germ, too16:55
holsteinyeah, its german16:55
agentsoulat the moment I'm reinstalling Ubuntu-Studio to verify the problem16:56
* holstein has a lexicon omega16:56
* holstein doesnt use it anymore though16:56
holsteinagentsoul: when you get it going, and updated16:56
holsteinjust try booting in with both kernels16:57
agentsoulI had one, too but gave it away for an alpha. Omega was to heavy and needed a power source.16:57
agentsoulyes I will try16:57
holsteinagentsoul: dont you have to build some kernel modules to use it?16:57
agentsoulNo, it is supported by ALSA16:58
holsteinshould work then16:58
agentsoulYES (should)16:58
agentsoulis working fine with Pulse16:58
holsteinwhat was the error?16:59
agentsoulI can even open an old project in Adour and listen to it16:59
holsteini see it up there16:59
agentsoulI posted it above16:59
holsteinit might be this simple17:00
holsteincontrol open "hw:0" (No such file or directory)17:00
holsteinin Qjack setup17:00
holsteinyou might need to specify the actual device17:00
holsteinmaybe there was a JACK update in there too17:00
agentsoulOK I hope you are still online in maybe 40minutes. I'm reinstalling the whole thing at the moment and I will check the updates-list.17:02
agentsoulthanks so far17:02
holsteinif im not, i'll be back soon17:02
draperon12Hello every one! I want to know why Ardour will not start up and behave like a good boy. It gives an error message saying It could not start jack. So i install jack control thingie and it says it cannot connect to the server. This is so tiering, its late in the night and I wana make some quiet tunes (for the night). Thanks for the help, im using Ubuntu 10.04 and i cant wait till the meerkat is out17:44
holsteinhey draperon1217:45
draperon12only this much people17:45
holsteinhave you used JACK before?17:45
draperon12never and it tears your mind appart17:46
holsteindo you have about 10 minutes?17:46
draperon12umm, this sounds so professional yeah sure17:46
holsteincheck out this link17:47
agentsoulme too17:47
holsteinits screenshots of jack17:47
holsteinso we know we are looking at the same things17:47
holsteinhey agentsoul17:47
draperon12are you sure you arent a bot17:47
* holstein is not a bot ;)17:47
draperon12Ummm... this is some smart bot17:48
holsteindraperon12: is this your internal sound card?17:48
holsteinthat you want to use?17:48
holsteindraperon12: open a terminal and run uname -a17:48
holsteinyou can paste that back here17:49
holsteinit should be just a line or 217:49
draperon12Linux linux 2.6.32-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 28 13:27:30 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux17:49
holsteindraperon12: in the terminal17:50
holsteintype sudo adduser 'yourusername' audio17:50
holsteinif my user is b0b, i type17:50
holsteinsudo adduser b0b audio17:50
holsteindraperon12: it might say 'user is already a member of the audio group'17:51
draperon12so yourusername = x when x is My login username17:51
holsteinyeah, whatever user your logged in as17:51
holsteinwhen you start the terminal it should say17:52
draperon12I have to put the local name to17:52
holsteinyou can do this in the GUI to if you prefer17:53
holsteini just forget how17:53
holsteinsystem - administraion - users and groups17:53
holsteindraperon12: so your user is added17:54
holsteinthen open 'jack control'17:54
holsteinyou should see http://qjackctl.sourceforge.net/qjackctl-ss1.html17:54
holsteinscreenshot 117:54
holsteindraperon12: your going to click on 'setup'17:54
holsteinand then you should see screenshot 217:55
holsteindraperon12: theres a checkbox on the left17:55
holsteinfor 'realtime'17:55
holsteinUN-check that if its checked17:55
holsteinsample rate, in the middle there17:55
holsteinyou probably want 44100017:56
holsteinset frames/perios17:56
holsteinset frames/period to 51217:56
holsteinand periods/buffer to 317:56
holsteindown the the bottom right17:57
holsteinwhat is the 'latency' ?17:57
draperon12whihc one17:57
draperon12output or input17:57
holsteinthe very bottom right17:57
holsteinon the screenshot17:57
holsteinit says 5.8msec17:57
holsteinthat'll probably work for now17:58
holsteindraperon12: say OK17:58
holsteinand close that17:58
holsteinand you'll be looking at screenshot 1 again17:58
holsteinhit the 'start' button17:58
draperon12pure genius17:59
draperon12Thanks bro17:59
holsteinno errors?17:59
holsteindraperon12: you can tweak if you want17:59
draperon12Lemmy see if ardour would work17:59
holsteinthere are a couple of other kernels17:59
holsteinthe preemt on and the realtime one17:59
holstein             one*17:59
draperon12what is realtime18:00
holsteinrealtime just gets higher priority to audio18:00
holsteindraperon12: you see that 'xrun' count?18:00
holsteinin the screenshot18:00
holsteinthey show up in red18:01
holsteinin screenshot118:01
holsteinits 1 (2)18:01
holsteinabove 'rolling'18:01
holsteinxruns are bad18:01
holsteinand that is one way to deal with it18:01
holsteina more appropriate kernel18:01
holsteintweaking those settings18:02
draperon12i havent updated for a long time18:02
holsteinand periods/buffer18:02
holsteindraperon12: thats OK18:02
holsteindraperon12: if your interested in tweaking more18:02
holsteincheck out18:02
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:02
holsteinthat will tell you how to make GRUB show you the kernels and you can choose one18:03
holsteinat boot18:03
draperon12ubottu: Is holstein a bot?18:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:03
holsteinalso http://www.opensourcemusician.libsyn.com/ and #opensourcemusicians18:03
holsteindraperon12: in the main window, screenshot 118:04
draperon12thanks man18:04
draperon12i know18:04
holsteinyou should hit the 'connect button'18:04
holsteinand you'll be able to 'route'18:04
holstein8th screenshot18:05
holsteinyou can route your physical sound card intputs to tracks you create in ardour18:05
holsteinor route to whatever software and/or hardware18:05
holsteindraperon12: happy recording :)18:06
holsteinagentsoul: did you get sorted out?18:06
agentsoulthere is still silence in my room18:06
draperon12Bye all18:06
holsteindraperon12: laterx18:06
agentsoulI just followed your instructions you gave draperon1218:07
holsteinagentsoul: OH yeah18:07
holsteinfor you18:07
agentsoulAnd by the way the problem showed up from the very beginning18:07
holsteinwe need to find your sound card18:07
holsteinagentsoul: what kernel are you using?18:07
holsteinuname -a18:08
agentsoulPulseaudio is recognizing is correctly18:08
holsteinso make sure that 'realtime' checkbox is UNchecked18:08
holsteinand make sure your user is a memeber of the audio group18:08
agentsoulcheck, is unchecked18:08
holsteinthen, under setup18:09
agentsoullatency is 34.818:09
agentsoulframes 51218:09
holsteinmake sure you are using 'alsa' driver18:09
holsteinshould be that by default18:09
holsteinagentsoul: you see the 'interface' setting18:09
holsteinin the second screenshot18:10
holsteinit says 'interface'18:10
holsteinthen there is a drop down menu18:10
holsteina button with a > on it18:10
holsteinthat button with the > on it is where i find my USB hardware listed18:11
agentsoulthere are 218:11
holstein2 of your lexicons?18:11
agentsoulhw:2 Lexicon alpha and hw:2,0 USB Audio18:11
holsteinJACK might see it as 2 seperate cards18:11
holsteinyou'll have to just try them both though18:11
agentsoulseem to work18:12
holsteinw00t :)18:12
agentsoulat least no error after pressing start18:12
holsteinyeah, thats a good sign18:12
holsteinyou'll have to plug things in, and route them out18:12
holsteinand make sure everything is working18:12
holsteinagentsoul: is that 2 channel 4?18:13
holsteinthe omega has 418:13
agentsouljust 2 mono18:13
agentsoulbut when I start arbour i says "missing data for audio-setup of samplerate" (free translation)18:14
agentsoulardour not arbour18:15
holsteinmaybe ardour is starting with a samplerate the card is not capable of18:15
holsteinyou might have to get into that other checkbox18:16
holstein'force 16bit'18:16
holsteinim not sure about that hardware18:16
holsteini would try and set ardour up to track at 16bit 44.118:16
holsteinand see if it stops complaining18:17
holsteinover in #ardour18:17
holsteinthose guys are 'on it'18:17
holsteinlas is always in there it seems18:17
holsteinthats the main guy, paul davis = las18:18
agentsoulOK I will chekc in ardour. Thanks so far18:18
agentsoulBut Ardour is playing back without any problems, I just created a project and added a wav-file. Plays perfect18:19
holsteinim not sure that that error is a big deal18:20
agentsoulwill ask in ardour and check google first18:20
holsteinas they say, 'if it aint broke'...18:20
draperon12Hi again18:26
draperon12I have another problem now, my mic is not being picked up by ardour18:27
holsteinhey draperon12 :)18:27
holsteinyouve made a 'new mono track' in ardour18:28
draperon12like in audacity18:28
holsteinyou can do that too18:28
holsteinis it a stereo mic?18:28
draperon12Umm actualy ita a webcam that is surounded by a mic18:29
draperon12horrible quality if your wondering18:29
holsteinno worries18:29
holsteinif its not stereo, you dont need to make a stereo track18:29
holsteinthats all18:29
draperon12but i could in audacity18:29
holsteindraperon12: is this a USB webcam?18:30
draperon12no jack18:30
draperon12plugs right into the red hole18:30
holsteindraperon12: in a terminal18:30
holsteinrun alsamixer18:30
holsteinpress F518:31
draperon12i see it18:31
holsteinand just look around in there18:31
holsteinand make sure the levels look 'normal'18:31
draperon12for what18:31
holsteinnot all the way down or whatever18:31
draperon12headphones are turnd to the red area18:31
holsteindraperon12: sometimes these can be mis-labeled too18:31
holsteindraperon12: press F418:32
holsteinthat should be all the 'inputs'18:32
draperon12front mic is muted18:32
draperon12front mi18:32
holsteinthat might be the deal18:32
holsteindraperon12: and you need to 'route' it in JACK18:33
draperon12but there are 3 of them, which one18:33
holsteinroute the mic to the new track18:33
holsteindraperon12: you'll have to experiment to be sure which is which18:33
holsteini would just turn all of them up a bit18:33
holsteinabout half way18:33
holsteinor less, at first18:33
holsteinthen go back to JACK18:34
holsteinand hit 'connections'18:34
holsteinunder the 'audio' tab18:34
holsteinon the left side18:34
holsteinyou should see something like 'alsa in'18:34
holsteinor capture18:35
holsteinsomething with a little '+' sign18:35
holsteinhit the little plus sign18:35
draperon12i see ardour and system18:35
holsteinyeah, 'system' is the one18:35
holsteinthey all get different labels18:36
draperon12playback1 and playback 218:36
holsteinso those are your physical inputs18:36
holsteinyou need to route those to your new stereo track18:36
draperon12i have 2?18:36
holsteinhit the + sign over on the right18:36
holsteinthe one by 'ardour'18:36
holsteinand you'll see something like track 1 in 1 and track 1 in 218:37
holsteinthose are the inputs for your track18:37
draperon12Audio 1/out 118:37
draperon12Audio 1/out 218:37
holsteinjust drag a line between capture_1 and audio_1/in_118:37
draperon12capture 1?18:38
holsteinthere should be 2 panels18:38
holsteinin 'connections'18:38
draperon12my bad you said left pannel18:38
draperon12i thought right18:38
holsteinthe one on the right is the recieving ones18:39
holsteinand the one on the left are the sending ones18:39
draperon12audio 1/in 118:39
holsteinthats the one18:39
holsteinaudio 1/in 1 and in 218:39
draperon12now what18:39
holsteinmake those connect to the capture jacks on the left side18:40
draperon12both of them18:40
holsteinrather, make sure they are connected18:40
holsteinthey might already be connected18:40
draperon12they are18:40
holsteingo back to ardrou18:40
holsteinand 'arm' the new stereo track18:40
holsteinarm = hit the record button on the track18:41
holsteinthen you should see the level move when you tap on the mic18:41
draperon121 sec18:41
draperon12going back to ardour18:41
holsteinyou got signal?18:42
holsteinthe meter is moving?18:42
draperon12it can now creat a track with sound18:42
draperon12but not my voice18:43
draperon12theres some weird noise18:43
holsteinyeah, i bet18:43
holsteinis it a buzz?18:43
holsteinor hum?18:43
draperon12right now18:43
draperon12im hearing a fuzzy noise from my headset18:43
draperon12verry silet18:43
holsteintry recording it18:44
holsteinand playing it back18:44
draperon12i think i need to work on the connect area on jk controll18:44
holsteindraperon12: theres 'patchage' too18:45
holsteinsome folks prefer it18:45
holsteinit another way of routing in JACK18:45
holsteinif you find the connect area 'clunky'18:45
draperon12when i play the area where there is no sound the noise stops18:45
draperon12but when it reaches the area the noise starts18:46
draperon12when i stop playback18:46
draperon12the noise still goes on18:46
holsteinyour going to be hearing the silence from ardour18:47
holsteinthen when you stop18:47
holsteinyou hear what your monitoring18:47
holsteininternal sound cards can be noisy18:47
holsteinbut you should be able to match the quality you were getting using audacity18:48
draperon121 sec18:48
draperon12i connected18:48
agentsoulholstein: OK easy as 1 2 3: I just deleted .ardour2 with all the configs and now it is working fine. Whatever.18:48
holsteinagentsoul: AH18:48
holsteinsome strange config file mucking it up then18:49
draperon12Playback 1 and 2 to audio 1\out 1 and audio 2\out 218:49
holsteindraperon12: that will route your in's to the out's18:50
holsteinif ardour was closed18:50
holsteinyou would be able to hear what is coming through the mic18:50
draperon12leemy close ardour18:50
holsteinwhich is fine18:51
draperon12when i stopped ardour the noise went18:51
holsteindraperon12: i always double check all the routing18:51
holsteinand in ardour18:51
draperon12ardour cant monitor my mic18:52
holsteini hit the button 'auto input'18:52
draperon12its alredy green18:53
holsteinso ardour doesnt monitor my inputs for me18:53
holsteinyeah, i un-green it18:53
holsteini route my monitoring my self18:53
draperon12un clicked it18:54
holsteinfor example18:54
holsteinif im tracking to track one18:54
holsteini route to the track 1's in18:54
holsteinand to my sound cards outputs18:54
holsteinthen i hear it18:54
holsteinand ardour gets it18:54
holsteinbut ardour doesnt need to route it anywhere else18:55
holsteintheres a bunch of ardour outputs18:55
draperon12hey can we do VNC18:55
holsteinand i like that they are all seperate18:55
holsteinthe click is seperate18:55
holsteinif you want to route that our to something effect wise18:56
holsteinOR have an effect on the track while tracking that doesnt go to tape18:56
holsteinits convienient18:56
holsteinBUT fiddly at first18:56
holsteindraperon12: you mean screen sharing?18:56
holsteinif you have it set up on your end18:56
holsteini should do that though18:56
draperon12I can18:56
holsteinso i could do live tutorials18:57
holsteinthats something for the to-do list :)18:57
holsteingreat idea18:57
draperon12did you get it18:58
agentsoulthanks holstein I will start to play around now19:32
agentsoulis there an easy way to get ardour higher than 2.8.6 e.g. 2.8.11 Till 2.8.9 it is not possible to mute single tracks!!! You can't work with that.20:19
holsteinagentsoul: theres a patch coming20:22
holsteinthey thought it was fixed20:22
holsteinBUT you got a couple of options20:22
holsteinyou can build ardour from source20:22
holsteinyou can look around for a .deb for a new version20:22
holsteinor a PPA with a more up-to-date verion in it20:22
holsteinheres a PPA20:23
holsteinall kinds of newer packages in there20:23
agentsoulthanks I really don't want to built it myself20:24
holsteinfalktx is the guy that makes http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/20:24
agentsoulthe .deb had some problems with dependences20:25
holsteini was going to poke around in the kxstudio iso and see if i could find the more upto date .deb for ardour20:25
agentsouland I don't want to mess my system up20:25
holsteinagentsoul: which deb did you try?20:25
holsteini havnet messed around with it much since my last install20:26
agentsoulardour-i686_2.8.11-1_i386.deb and ardour-i686_2.8.9-1_i386.deb20:26
holsteinbut i was just un-routing the tracks in Qjack to mute ;)20:26
agentsoulboth from debian20:26
holsteina lot of dependancies?20:27
holsteinif you add falk's PPA20:27
agentsoulbut they need libjack0 (>= 0.118.0)20:27
holsteinall the dependancies will be resolved20:27
agentsoulbut in my opinion it is installed20:27
holsteinbut, its challenging to un-do this if you have breakage20:27
agentsoulyep, a ppa was what I was looking for20:27
holsteinagentsoul: thats the one to use20:28
holsteinhe keeps it up to date20:28
holsteinand he's on the IRC often20:28
holsteinhe's got the pulse to JACK package working without the realtime kernel20:29
agentsoulkxstudio looks a bit like ubuntu-Studio in KDE20:29
agentsoulon first sight20:29
holsteinyeah, thats kinda what it is20:29
holsteinbut he's really customized quite a few things20:29
holsteinits a great project20:29
* holstein is on the left there :)20:30
holsteini dont have it installed on anything right now though20:30
agentsoulthx again I'll be back soon.20:40
heloi am unable to save my patchbay connections in qjackctl; the button is always dim21:15
holsteinhey helo21:15
holsteinhave you tried using 'patchage' ?21:16
* holstein only uses the 'connections' part of Qjack21:16
holsteinive never gotten into using the patchbay21:16
holsteinhelo: ask over at #opensourcemusicians21:16
helosame here... i didn't know it was possible to save connections at all until yesterday :)21:17
holsteinsomeone there might have more experience with that part of Qjack, if patchage doesnt provide what you need21:17
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