Sappyshello, what is the best php editor on xubuntu (bluefish and jedit - not for me)?00:45
ephraimcan someone help me with a pcmcia card?03:09
ephraimrather a pcmcia card reader. I want to know how I can view it using the command line03:10
ephraimhi, how can I view a pcmcia card reader using the command line?03:11
ryry46d9is this the question room?04:23
nikolamhm, how about having OO.org templates in thunar, again?08:13
nikolamlike, right lick, new doument and not opening first writer and then painfully navigate to save to the dir.08:14
well_laid_lawnyou can add that in ~/.config/Thunar/uca.xml if you want08:18
well_laid_lawnnikolam: ^^08:19
well_laid_lawnadds an option to the right click menu08:19
nikolampackages with uca.xml are thunar-data and xubuntu-default settings. In /etc/xdg/Thunar/uca.xml and /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/Thunar/uca.xml08:21
well_laid_lawnyou don't already  have a ~/.config/Thunar/uca.xml file?08:23
nikolamlucid/10.04 lts 64bit here08:24
well_laid_lawnxubuntu with Thunar though?08:24
nikolamaha. yes08:25
well_laid_lawnI would copy /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/Thunar/uca.xml to ~/.config/Thunar/uca.xml08:25
well_laid_lawnand hack away :]08:26
nikolamthere must be something about that on xfce.org or something08:27
nikolamBy the way.. every time I start command from command line (starting some gtk app) I get some crazy warning about murrina storm cloud theme etc.08:28
nikolam/usr/share/themes/MurrinaStormCloud/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:53: Murrine configuration option "scrollbar_color" is no longer supported and will be ignored.08:28
Sysinot critical08:28
nikolamI know. but looks annoying. suppose it might be fixed by editing that theme08:29
well_laid_lawnjust an older theme is all - there must have been a gtk update that removed that as an option08:29
knomenikolam, just remove any lines containing scrollbar_color in the gtkrc file08:31
knomenikolam, = fix08:31
nikolamok knome thanks :P08:31
Caeli got an odd issue, out of the box i lose All video display once the 10.04 boots to live or install i have an Nvidia Geforce fx 5200 and an LG W2361V-PF monitor its native resolution is 1920x1080 but yet it still goes out of range. Any idea Why and how i can Actually install an functional version of xubuntu 10.04 ?09:43
Sysiyou can use alternate install disc09:44
well_laid_lawnCael: all I can suggest is an xorg.conf file with the right ranges in it09:45
Caelthing is i have Yet to install.09:45
Caelhappens when i select "Try Ubuntu" or Install.09:45
well_laid_lawnCael: and the burnt cd passed the md5 check?09:46
Caelits been an issue since the beta.09:47
well_laid_lawnCael: using a hdmi cable ?09:49
Caelvga. the FX5200 is too old to have hdmi09:50
Caelthis pc is connected via hdmi (i'm just too lazy to get the servers old monitor out.)09:50
well_laid_lawnCael: can the 5200 do that res?09:51
Caelnot super sure but this monitor does go as low as 800x60009:51
well_laid_lawnk - it should show something then09:51
Caelwhen i tried the beta no matter the monitor it happened09:52
Cael(out of range)09:52
Caelhell our Multi-input tv does the same. (TV, AV x2 componet x2 VGAx1 HDMI x2)09:53
Caeland its a 50inch.09:53
well_laid_lawnpretty new monitors then Cael09:53
well_laid_lawnsounds like the driver might not have been updated for a while then - how you check that i don't know09:54
Sysiidk how nouveau works with older cards09:55
Caeli think it (the card) needs the legacy 175 drivers09:55
well_laid_lawnthose should be on the nvidia site afaik09:55
Caelunless i edit the iso i'm still SOL09:56
Cael(and the alternate cd iso is still downloadin)09:56
well_laid_lawnheh :] - time for a coffee then...09:59
Caelyou read my mind :P09:59
Cael<3 French vanilla w/ irsh cream Creamer.09:59
* well_laid_lawn <-- jealous then :[10:00
Sysii think there's boot option to force using vesa-driver10:00
Caeltoo bad the Legacy drivers dont offer accelerated OpenGL10:01
Caelinstead of using the 2nd pc as a server, i would use it as an XBMC PC (based on ubuntu 9.04)10:02
Cael(though i love my xbox 1 w/ xbmc :3 next best thing to a pc connected to a tv or the AppleTV)10:05
CaelUltraISO refuses to do the checksum verify10:41
Caeldont know why it did before..10:41
scott__im using the open source ati drivers on a radeon 200M11:01
scott__3d runs smoothly11:01
scott__but I get bad artifacts11:01
scott__xubuntu 10.0411:01
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Caelok i got it installed but a new prob arose.12:17
Caeli have a 320GB SATA hd din it via an SATA to IDE adapter.12:18
Caelaftre reboot Grup reporte d"Out of disk" and is in the grub rescuse prompt12:18
Caelthru installation i Did opt for the /home being encrypted12:19
well_laid_lawnit should boot even without /home/you12:21
Caelany reason its gioving me out of disk?12:22
well_laid_lawnit sounds like it needs a boot option like noapic but what I don't know12:22
well_laid_lawnan option for the sata to pata converter12:23
Caelits a simple one that connects  to the pin port wher ethe Ribbon would normally go.12:24
Caellike this one here http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.70612:26
lozonthere's no way to change the icon of a symbolic link on the desktop, is there?13:17
TheSheepyou can create your own icon theme13:19
TheSheepbut I'd just use a .desktop file instead of a symbolic link13:19
TheSheepthen you can use any icon you like13:19
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Kangarooocharlie-tca: ping17:47
Kangarooois it needed to make affectedd projects invalid when marking that a bug is dublicate of other bug?17:48
xubuntu286What the defference of Ubuntu Kubuntu and Xubuntu is?18:26
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels18:27
charlie-tcaUbuntu uses gnome desktop environment, Kubuntu uses KDE, and Xubuntu uses Xfce18:27
likemindeadXfce is Teh Awesomenessest!!1!18:28
charlie-tcaand it works, too18:29
xubuntu286which one do you like?18:29
likemindeadI've been tinkering a bit and now my Quit icon (on the panel) just logs me out rather than giving me any options... HALP?18:29
charlie-tcaxubuntu286: you are in #xubuntu, most of the people in here will like Xubuntu18:30
charlie-tcaPeople in #kubuntu will prefer Kubuntu, too18:31
charlie-tcalikemindead: do you have a guest logged in?18:33
likemindeadNo, charlie-tca, I have no other users created, it's just me.19:09
charlie-tcaNot ssh'd into anything, no tty logins?19:10
likemindeadI think the problem arose after I did a "sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove" ...19:10
likemindeadNo & no.19:10
likemindeadI'm a fairly non-technical end user. ;-]19:10
charlie-tcaweird... it should not remove that.19:10
likemindeadIt's not too big of a deal, just a minor annoyance. Any idea what I need to reinstall?19:11
charlie-tcabut you know if you go to ctrl+alt+f?? and login. that will cause that to happen19:11
likemindeadI didn't know that, but I haven't done a Ctrl+Alt+Fx in a long time. Not since I ditched GNOME for Xfce. In GNOME, I'd have freezes somewhat regularly. ;-)19:12
likemindeadE: Couldn't find package xfce4-session-logout19:13
charlie-tcalet me go looking again19:16
charlie-tcaooops it is part of xfce4-session19:18
charlie-tcaor you could add "Action buttons" to the panel, and remove the button that is there19:19
likemindeadThat's what I was thinking too. Thanks.19:21
charlie-tcagood luck19:21
bitphazerWhen I start my bluetooth my xubuntu 10.04 returns this "Connection to Bluez failed: Bluez daemon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue. How can I start Bluez daemon? (asus 1000h) Thanks in advance!19:34
xhhi! for some reason the shortcut for changing the keyboard layout in xfce4 does not work after xorg is restarted; could someone please help?21:36
charlie-tcaxh: known bug21:41
xhcharlie-tca: is there a way around it?21:42
charlie-tcaMaybe this is the bug? http://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=520521:45
charlie-tcaI see you are asking in Xfce. I will let them answer then21:47
BashheadHello, anyone on?21:48
xhcharlie-tca: yes, it looks like this is the bug; tho i don't have an xorg.conf - everything is handled by hal21:48
Bashheadi need help connecting xubuntu 10.04 to the internet21:49
charlie-tcano, Bashhead. Everybody here is offline today21:49
Bashheadwell, yesterday it took a while for someone to answer back21:49
charlie-tcaYes, we are all volunteers and sometimes no one knows the answer and sometimes it takes a while to get time to give the answer if you do know it.21:50
knomeyeah, we're actually all offline since we have problems with xubuntu and internet21:50
charlie-tcaAlmost no one is just sitting waiting for a question and has all the answers available to them21:51
cody-somervillegive the guy a break :P21:51
knomecody-somerville, give US a break :P21:51
cody-somervilleBashhead, How are you attempting to connect to the internet?21:51
charlie-tcadid that yesterday, cody-somerville21:52
knome/kb Sysi21:52
BesogonBashhead, What's happened?21:52
knomecody-somerville, charlie-tca: seems like our plan worked and unexpected support liners came up. including you, cody :P21:52
Bashheadthrough a wireless connection from my router21:53
BesogonBashhead, xubuntu connect to any kind of network throug NetworkManager21:54
Besogonmay be you set wrong options to that?21:54
Bashheadi can't find NetworkManger...21:55
Bashheadunless its the icon with two computers21:55
knomeBashhead, that's it.21:55
Bashheadso, i add a wireless connection?21:56
BesogonBashhead, NM should detect your WiFi21:56
Bashheadbut it didnt....21:57
Besogonif it works of cource21:57
Bashheadthe only thing that is filled in NM is wired which is "Auto eth0"21:57
Besogonyes that is21:58
BesogonYou can rename that21:58
Besogonbut You should know options for your Wifi21:58
Besogone.g. password21:58
Bashheadi do21:59
knomeif no wireless networks show up even some should, it's probably something with the wireless driver.21:59
Bashheadis there a way to update or get a new driver?22:00
BesogonBashhead, try "iwlist scanning' in console22:01
BesogonWhat model of the Wifi-card do you ave?22:02
xhmake sure the wifi is turned on; and that the RFKill flag is enabled22:03
BesogonIf you use wifi-card both for Windows and Linux then Windows can turn it off and linux can't use it. So you should boot in windows and turn the Wifi-card on before you shut down22:05
xh`rfkill list` will show if wifi is enabled both in hardware and software; often it is just a matter of pressing Fn key + <some Fxx key> so that wireless led lights up22:06
Bashheadi installed xubuntu over windows22:11
Bashheadwhen i rfkill list22:11
Bashheadsoft blocked:no and Hard blocked:yes22:11
Bashheadhard block:no*22:11
Besogonso you see your problem22:12
Besogon Hard blocked:yes22:13
xhpress the blue Fn key and find the right (usually in blue text) among the Fxx keys - it should have some kind of antenna22:13
xhe.g. on my netbook it is Fn + F11 - on your machine will probably be something different22:14
BashheadBesogon, that was a mistype22:14
Bashheadxh, ive got an actual button for wireless, but when i press it, it doesnt do anything22:15
Bashheadit stays the same color(orange)22:15
xhBashhead: and when it works (ie. in windows) it is green?22:16
xhBashhead: try pressing it several times - the number might matter :)22:16
Besogonso you have problems with driver22:16
Bashheadpossibly... how would i go about fixing that22:17
BesogonFirst of all you should know the Wifi-hardware22:18
Besogontype 'sudo lshw'22:18
BesogonAnd find your vendor and all you can get for Wifi-vard22:18
PudabudigadaHi all22:19
PudabudigadaHow do I change my set time?22:19
Besogonmay be command 'date' will help22:20
Bashheadam i looking for the network controller?22:20
xhBashhead: i'd try booting some other live distro like the latest gnome- or kde-based ubuntu or mint, just to see if any of them detects your card; or just google the exact model for compatibility with linux22:20
Bashhead*-network DISABLED22:21
PudabudigadaI meant to modify what time it is22:21
Pudabudigadaon my computer, of course.22:21
Besogondate - print or set the system date and time22:21
Bashheadi found the vendor and product info22:21
Besogonlook man page22:21
charlie-tcaPudabudigada: try right-click the clock, left-click properties22:22
BesogonBashhead, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported22:23
xh<Pudabudigada>: the best way is e.g. `sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com`22:23
PudabudigadaThat just brings up appearence settings for the applet, I want to know how to modify the system clock (temporal clock, not any busses or proc)22:24
BashheadBCM4312 doesnt show up22:24
Pudabudigadaxh: I want to modify it manually, for example, if I don't have web access for some reason.22:26
BesogonBashhead, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63397122:27
BesogonBashhead, look carefuly it should help22:28
Bashheadalot of these help pages and tutorails say to type sudo apt................22:32
PudabudigadaDon't be scared by a command line, they are better than gui for some things22:33
Bashheaddo you think i should use a different version of ubuntu?22:35
Bashheadie 9.10?22:35
Bashheadhow about Wicd22:45
well_laid_lawnBashhead: a newer version will have a newer kernel which would have more drivers in it but who knows if yours'll be in it22:47
Bashheadhow would i go about installing Wicd22:47
Bashheadbecause i read to install Wicd i need to uninstall Network Manager22:47
Bashheadwhen ever i try to type, sudo apt-get install.... it says E: Couldn't find package....22:49
well_laid_lawntry apt-cache search network and case is important in the terminal22:51
well_laid_lawnNetworkmanager is diff then networkmanager22:51
Bashheadwhy is it so difficult to connect to the internet22:54
PudabudigadaWhat do you mean by 'difficult'22:57
Bashheadshouldn't it be straight forward...?23:00
Bashheadfresh install and connecting to the internet shouldnt be hard...yet it is for ubuntu23:01
knomeBashhead, i'm sorry, but you seem to have a wireless card that has problems with ubuntu.23:01
well_laid_lawnit is more likely that the manufacturer of the wifi card hasn't released a linux driver or much detail on the cards specs23:01
Bashheadmaybe im not look correctly...?23:04
Bashheadwhat can i tell you about my card so you could try looking?23:04
mmfbHow do you add a shortcut icon to the top panel?23:05
well_laid_lawnsudo lshw -c Network Bashhead23:05
well_laid_lawnmmfb: right click the panel23:06
BashheadEthernet interface, Network controller and Wireless interface23:07
well_laid_lawn!paste | Bashhead23:07
ubottuBashhead: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:07
well_laid_lawncan you paste what that command returned Bashhead ?23:07
Bashheadi installed ubuntu on my laptop and right now im on my desktop23:08
mmfbwell_laid_lawn: That's apparently just TOO obvious. There isn't a way to add a shortcut to a program from there. The only option is to add shortcuts to things like the "Battery Monitor" or the "CPU Graph".23:08
well_laid_lawnmmfb: there's no   add to panel   option?23:08
Sysimmfb: add launcher23:09
mmfbwell_laid_lawn: No, just "Add New Items...".23:09
well_laid_lawnmmfb: one of the new items should be a launcher23:10
mmfbI know it's possible because I put Thunderbird up there a long time ago, but for some reason nothing I try works. I've even tried creating a new launcher and then dragging it up there, but nothing.23:10
mmfbwell_laid_lawn: Haha... Damn. Now I feel pretty stupid.23:10
Bashheadproduct: BCM4312 802.11b/g23:10
mmfbwell_laid_lawn: Thanks!23:11
Bashheadvendor: Broadcom Corporation23:11
well_laid_lawnnp :] mmfb23:11
well_laid_lawnBashhead: k - I'll have a google :]23:11
well_laid_lawnBashhead: seems that broadcom has given very little linux support - best solution I found was to buy a usb wifi dongle...23:15
Bashheadim in luck i have a wifi dongle :P23:18
Bashheadnow i have one more problem23:19
Bashheadlets say i want to install conky23:19
Bashheadim supposed to type sudo apt-get install conky into terminal23:19
Bashheadeverything is fine till the end of the terminal message23:20
BashheadE: Couldn't find package conky23:20
Bashheadfor that matter, it cant find any package23:20
KangaroooBashhead: most wifi usb dogles work. before install use sudo apt-get update23:20
PudabudigadaIs it in your repo?23:20
Bashheadkanagroo, its downloading the packages, thanks23:21
Kangarooothen install conky Bashhead after lists are updated23:22
Bashheadeverything seems fine sofar.23:24
Bashheadhow do i run conky after installing?23:31
well_laid_lawnalt+f2 and type conky23:31
well_laid_lawnyou'll need a conkyrc file to change it tho23:32

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