michaelh1Using bzrlib, how can I get a list of log entries from revision n to tip?00:10
michaelh1(I'm afraid I got lost in bzrlib/log.py)00:10
mwhudsonmichaelh1: bzr log -r n..00:11
mwhudsonoh bzrlib00:11
michaelh1Yeah, I thought I'd be good :)00:12
mwhudsonmichaelh1: if n is a integer, i.e. you're looking for a mainline rev00:12
mwhudsonstart at tip, walk back along parent_ids[0] counting down the revision number until you get to n00:12
michaelh1mwhudson: how do I access tip from a branch?00:13
michaelh1s/branch/Branch instance/00:13
mwhudsonmichaelh1: last_revision_info() i think00:13
michaelh1Hmm. last_revision_info is a tuple - how do I match that up with parent_ids[]?00:14
mwhudsonmichaelh1: like this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/470870/00:17
michaelh1Ta.  I'll give it a try00:18
michaelh1So --fixes is encoded as a revision property called 'bugs', which is a string with one 'URL fixed' per line?00:26
mwhudsonmichaelh1: yes, something like that00:31
james_wmichaelh1: branch.last_revision() is just the revid part of last_revision_info() fwiw01:53
davidstraussWhere can I get the plugin for fast-export?02:14
davidstraussIs it part of fast-import?02:14
riochhow do I create a new branch? I want to use this branch to develop a feature that may a while, and during that time people may want to try it out.08:08
riochso I basically want a copy of my trunk, but as a new branch, if that makes sense08:08
fullermdThat would be the common case   :)08:11
fullermdbzr branch trunk whatever-you-wanna-call-it08:11
fullermdFor other people to try it out, you'd just have it (or push it) somewhere they can access it.08:13
riochit's hosted on launchpad08:18
riochso if I do all this locally, and then push, I'll have my new branch. Then I push the changes I make to that new branch, et voila!?08:18
fullermdWell, it would only be et voila if LP had a French translation of course, but...08:19
riochfullermd: so what happens when you do the branch command? Couldn't I just push trunk to a new location?08:26
fullermdWhen you `bzr branch trunk foo`, you create a new branch foo that is (at present, anyway) just a duplicate of trunk under another name.08:27
fullermdIt could just remain forever a sometimes-out-of-date copy of trunk of course, but in this case you'd go on and work with it so that it becomes something new based on trunk (presumably with trunk periodically merged in to keep up-to-date).08:28
parthmrioch: the bzr tutorial has a section on launchpad that you might find useful: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.1/en/tutorials/using_bazaar_with_launchpad.html#accessing-code-in-launchpad-using-bazaar08:28
fullermdThen you'd have that foo to push a copy of somewhere for other people to access.08:29
riochso should I first make some changes and then push to a new branch, or should I first push to the new branch and then make changes?08:42
fullermdSix and a half of one, half a baker's dozen of the other.08:43
riochSo make changes first. ok.08:44
riochJust need to find a whisk.08:44
fullermdYou can tear up a spatula with a sharp knife in a pinch.08:44
riochJust need to find a knife.08:48
riochAnd a spatula.08:48
fullermdIf we had some eggs we could have eggs and ham...08:49
riochI crave marmite.08:50
fullermdWell, you're own your own there; bzr can't help you  :p08:51
ronnywhats a good way to ask bzr for the number of revisions in a repo09:32
jpdsronny: bzr revno ?09:32
ronnyjpds: thats not the number of revisions09:33
bialixbzr info -v09:33
bialixhello bzr09:33
ronnyhum, how do i do it with bzrlib, i already god a repository object and a branch object09:34
ronnyi used to count the results of iter_merge_sorted_revisions but since that just started to break i tought i should do it propper now09:35
lifelesstheres a stats method09:35
lifelessI don't recall what it is offhand - check pydoc bzrlib.repository.Repository09:35
lifelessgather_stats or something09:35
ronnylifeless: yup, that works, thanks09:41
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magciusow ow ow11:38
jelmerhi magcius11:38
magciusuggh, so another project on Launchpad decided to change its trunk branch11:39
magciusfor no reason11:39
magciusI'm stuck here with the outdated URL on my branch for about three or four weeks because it doesn't update11:39
magciusnow I have no clue how to get my patches back on trunk, there's no real "pull --rebase" like in git11:39
magciushow do I create a patch?11:40
jelmermagcius: there is bzr rebase11:40
magciusthere is?11:40
jelmermagcius: It's part of the bzr-rewrite plugin.11:41
magciusoh, a plugin11:41
magciusis there any way to do it without it?11:41
magciusThat's the worst endorsement of a system I've ever heard: "it needs community plugins and support to make it actually usable"11:42
magciusI'll stop trolling now. I just want to get this to work.11:42
LeoNerdrebase is evil, try to avoid it11:45
LeoNerdIt rewrites history, so it's very rude to anyone else watching your branch11:45
AnMasterI have a question: how to make bzr *not* ignore *.~[0-9]+~  files?11:45
AnMasteryes I have some rather good reasons for it, trying to version a historical system using that for versioning. But since I have problems setting it up I want to not have to extract a pristine tar ball every time.11:46
bialixAnMaster: new ! syntax in .bzrignore does not help?11:54
GaryvdMmagcius: Rather merge than rebase11:56
AnMasterbialix, hm, didn't know about that. How new is it? As I said historical system. Due to bitrot I'm using an old debian version in a vm to contain it. So I guess I might need to update bzr in the vm first. Since it seems to be bzr 0.9011:57
magciusGaryvdM: harder said than done11:57
bialixAnMaster: it's new in 2.111:57
AnMasterah, do you happen to know if that works with python 2.5 ?11:57
bialix0.90 is archaic, you know11:57
AnMasterbialix, I'm well aware of that it is archaic11:58
bialixAnMaster: another solution is to edit global ignore file11:58
bialixheya GaryvdM11:58
GaryvdMmagcius: ??? A rebase involves doing a merge, just it is not recorded. So if you are getting conflicts with merge, you are also going to get them with rebase.11:59
AnMasterbialix, I don't have any issues with upgrading it as long as I don't need to update half the system to do it, which is quite probable11:59
GaryvdMHi bialix11:59
AnMasteroh well *goes to test if it works*11:59
magciusGaryvdM: uhh11:59
bialixAnMaster: 2.1 is python2.4-python2.6 compatible11:59
AnMasterbialix, ah, no issues then11:59
magciusGaryvdM: ok11:59
bialixGaryvdM: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qbzr/+bug/487115/comments/1212:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 487115 in QBzr "qcommit: qt warning message in the console when files grouped into directory (affected: 1, heat: 4)" [High,Confirmed]12:00
AnMasterbialix, by the way, in case you are curious: The historic system is OpenGenera, related to lisp machines. :)12:00
bialixAnMaster: never heard of12:00
AnMasterstrange, reactions are always "never heard of it" or "wow cool", never in between.12:01
* bialix is mostly windows guy, but don't say anybody12:01
AnMasterbialix, suffice to say, the documentation contains references to ARPANET ;P12:01
GaryvdMbialix: Cool. going to close the bug then.12:01
bialixwow cool12:02
bialixGaryvdM: I found some minor issues with new installer12:02
GaryvdMbialix: What's that?12:04
bialixGaryvdM: qbzr should be dependecy for explorer. now it's not. some other subtle items, I need some time to articulate them12:05
bialixqbzr used to be such dependecy12:05
bialixand maybe we should bundle the latest version of explorer, now there is stable 1.0.212:05
GaryvdMbialix: ok12:06
bialixGaryvdM: nothing serious, really; just things I've noticed12:06
GaryvdMbialix: Just pushing my bzr-windows-installers branch to trunk.12:06
bialixGaryvdM: we should release qbzr 0.19 ASAP12:07
bialixthis Saturday maube?12:07
bialixwhen the Ubuntu freeze?12:08
bialixGaryvdM: freeze at Aug 12; we have 2 weeks12:09
GaryvdMI've been trying to fix some bugs I've missed today. (like bug 537202)12:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 537202 in QBzr "qcommit: ignored files added when non-versioned and select all checked (affected: 2, heat: 2)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53720212:09
GaryvdMI have a test case, and 3 different ways to fix it...12:10
* GaryvdM pushed to lp:bzr-windows-installers12:10
bialixGaryvdM: ok, maybe we should make release next week12:11
GaryvdMbialix: Ian rewrote the .iss generation code, so it is likely that the dependency bug has crept in there.12:11
bialixtomorrow is not the best idea12:11
bialixGaryvdM: yup12:11
bialixGaryvdM: how you're building the installer?12:13
GaryvdMBla - keyboard short cut + dvorak fail12:14
GaryvdMbialix: I'm building on the ec2 server12:14
* GaryvdM not sure if that's what you were asking...12:14
GaryvdMbialix: What are your thoughts on my bzrw patch (https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~garyvdm/bzr/bzrw/+merge/31133)12:15
bialixGaryvdM: sorry, don't look at it yet.12:16
GaryvdMbialix: short story: I've cleaned up Naoki's stderr patch, and I want it to ship with 2.212:18
bialixI will try to look at it on weekend12:23
GaryvdMbialix: Ok - thanks12:24
bialixGaryvdM: ping13:12
GaryvdMbialix: pong13:12
bialixnew PyQt draws qlog graph differently.13:12
bialixis it intended?13:12
GaryvdMNo. Please imagebin screen shot.13:13
GaryvdMbialix: Is it bad?13:13
bialixcircles are smaller, lines are thickier13:14
GaryvdMbialix: Circle sizes are based on the row height.13:16
GaryvdMbialix: Has that changed?13:16
bialixGaryvdM: yes, it's different now13:18
* bialix creating screenshot13:18
bialixGaryvdM: http://imagebin.ca/view/qxZPmviW.html13:22
* GaryvdM looks13:22
GaryvdMbialix: Have you maybe changed you system font sizes?13:23
GaryvdMbialix: Do we maybe want to do a if sys.platform == 'win32': fontsize += 113:24
bialixwait a min, I'll do the picture for the old PyQT13:25
GaryvdMbialix: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/explorer/en/_images/dialog-log3.png13:27
bialixGaryvdM: 4.7 http://imagebin.ca/view/LvTlCj.html13:29
bialix4.4 http://imagebin.ca/view/wjCxOk.html13:29
bialixso it seems pyqt 4.7 uses smaler interval between rows13:30
bialixI don't like it13:31
bialixall the dude wanted13:31
bialixif you look at 4.4 screenshot then you can see it was clear13:32
bialixnow it's smooth and blur and looks dirty13:32
* bialix re-installing 2.1.2 again13:35
GaryvdMbialix: I agree.13:36
* ddaa wishes to wake up one day and find that all software developers have figured out that windows was not a serious operating system13:54
LeoNerdIt's not the developers you need to worry about. It's the managers/etc... who actually buy ity13:58
ddaain this fantasy world, managers would give up on windows after tiring of being ridiculed every day at the coffee machine.13:59
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bialixblah blah blah14:03
ddaadon't take that personally, it's great that people work on windows support, so we can reach through to those lost souls14:10
idnarhow do I "unadd" a file? the help for bzr revert suggests it'll delete the added files14:36
ddaait won't if the file was not committed14:36
beunoidnar, bzr rm FILE --keep14:36
ddaayou can also "bzr rm --keep", but bzr will do the safe thing by default14:36
beunoalthough, yeah, once it's committed, it's going to live in the history for ever and ever14:36
idnarokay, cool14:37
beunounless you uncommit, which you should *not* do if that revision has been sent into the wild14:37
idnaryeah, I just added some stuff too soon14:37
idnarI don't want to commit it along with some other stuff, and it's easier to "unadd" it than to pass the relevant paths to commit all the time14:37
ddaayou could also shelve the problematic file14:38
idnarthat's probably a good idea, I haven't played around with shelve yet14:38
ddaasomething like 'bzr shelve --all my/file; bzr commit ; bzr unshelve'14:38
ddaa--all will bypass the command line interaction and just shelve the changes of all specified files14:39
ddaa(or all changes if no file was specified)14:39
idnarI guess I tend to be fussier about commits than I need to be with bzr14:39
ddaano, fussy commits are good14:39
ddaait helps when people go back inspecting the history14:40
idnarI usually end up working on a couple of things at once in my working directory, and then making a lot of small commits every now and then to break everything up14:40
idnarI'm used to using darcs, where it actually makes a difference wrt to merging; with bzr, it's not as important, but it's still nice to have a clean and sensible change history14:40
ddaamaybe you should be more liberal with creating branches14:40
ddaabzr merge --uncommitted is pretty cool to pick "that change I started there but should really be in a different branch"14:41
idnarit's too much work to create a whole branch just for, say, a 5-line change to some file; although I suppose you could blame that on my dev environment14:41
idnarI think bzr shelve is probably the way to go14:42
idnaris there a way to do a "cherry-picking" commit or shelve? I seem to recall seeing something about that somewhere, but I forget the details14:43
idnaras in cherry-picking changes within files, not separate files14:43
ddaaif you just look about the number of different ways there are in bzr to break up commits, you realize that bzr folks love to be fussy over their commits14:43
ddaashelve does that, it asks for each diff hunk, unless you specify --all14:43
LeoNerdshelve does that.14:43
LeoNerdI -believe- there's a plugin to imlpement  'bzr record'  which works like darcs record, offering interactive per-hunk selection14:44
LeoNerdThough personally I dislike that.14:44
idnarah, that may be what I'm thinking of14:44
LeoNerdThe advantage of shelve; commit; unshelve is that you can compile and test just before commit.14:44
ddaathe bzr way tends to be "commit what's in the tree", so you can do some basic testing before committing14:45
LeoNerdIf you have a per-hunk partial commit it's very easy to accidentally commit files that don't even compile, let alone do what you wanted14:45
idnarddaa: darcs test runs your tests against what was actually recorded, so it's not a problem there14:45
ddaaidnar: I'm not sure what you're trying to say, to run your tests you need a checkout anyway14:45
ddaaand it's better to run them before committing14:45
ddaabut I admit having no idea what darcs record does14:46
ddaais that one of those "what the vcs sees is not what the filesystem sees" (so all bets are off when you try compiling/testing)14:47
idnarwhen you run "darcs record", after you've selected what you want to record, if you have a "test" command set up, then iirc it creates a checkout of the source tree that includes your newly-recorded patch and runs your test on that14:47
idnarif that fails, then the patch won't be recorded14:47
LeoNerdAhyes, a big integrated approach.14:47
LeoNerdThe bzr way is that bzr is the revision control tool and it stays out of your way wrt. testing, etc... More unixy14:48
idnaranyhow, the main thing is that it's automated14:48
idnarif I have to manually create a new branch/checkout/whatever, I'm going to spend 5x as much time on that as I did on the actual change I want to commit, which is silly14:48
idnarso with bzr, I usually don't bother creating a whole new branch for the small things, and I don't bother testing them individually; I'll run the tests after I've changed everything, and then just commit pieces individually14:50
idnarI'm never committing directly to trunk, and I'm not as concerned about "broken" revisions in a branch, as long as the end result is correct14:50
idnarbut ideally each of those chunks would be tested individually, so I guess I need to work on making it easier to break things out like that14:50
jelmeridnar: Any chance you could file a wishlist bug about this?14:50
ddaait's true, it would be nice if there was a "shelve --except FILE ..." option14:51
jelmeridnar: It certainly sounds like a useful feature, if only as a plugin (like a local PQM?)14:51
idnarjelmer: hmm, "this" being the "test after commit" feature?14:52
idnar(well, test before commit, whatever)14:52
jelmeridnar: yeah, the test after commit bit14:52
idnarjelmer: okay, will do14:53
jammorning all14:57
jelmerhey John14:57
GaryvdMHi jam15:12
GaryvdMqannotate is very slow for me due to http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-497715:21
bialixtoday is shelve bug reports today16:15
bialixtoday is shelve bug reports day16:15
idnarjelmer: okay, created lp#61174516:32
jelmeridnar, thanks16:33
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ChrisCauserHello Bazaar mailing list. I was wondering if anyone can help me undo a mistake I've made.17:17
ChrisCauserI have two repositories. The first is a subversion repository with x number of commits. I decided to try out bazaar and now have y commits in a bzr branch The stupid thing is that I did a simple copy of the working copy and initialized the branch so there is no link between these two repos. Does anyone know of a way I can stitch these two back together into a bzr branch so it looks like 1...x...x+y commits? I can't find anything useful on the web,17:17
maxbHmm. that sounds a little painful17:17
maxbIs the history currently in bazaar entirely linear? (no branching or merging?)17:18
ChrisCauserIt's linear all the way17:20
maxbI would propose converting the Subversion history using bzr-svn, and then using 'bzr replay' from the bzr-rewrite plugin to transpose the commits in bzr onto the converted branch17:20
ChrisCausermaxb: Ah, this looks to be very promising17:21
ChrisCauserI'm getting conflict errors, but I think you've set me on the right path. Many thanks maxb for your help17:29
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LukeDI have a repo structure (no-trees) that has a bunch of mainline branches for different projects, some that I'm tracking with bzr-svn, some local libraries. I want to set up a project branch that includes branches of these mainlines as externals. Essentially, when I do a remote checkout of the project, I'd like it to pull checkouts of all the external branches as well... I can't seem to get it to work though. Anyone done this before?18:28
jelmerLukeD: that's the nested branch feature, which has not been implemented yet.18:30
jelmerHowever, there are some plugins that provide similar functionality (with limitations). See the bzr-externals and bzr-scmproj plugins.18:31
LukeDI've been trying with bzr-externals, but haven't had success18:31
LukeDwill look at scmproj18:32
LukeDI feel like bzr-externals probably does what I need, but I'm just not doing it right18:34
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ddaaAFAIK you're on your own21:48
ddaaas long as your bzr commits are just linear21:48
ddaait should be only moderately painful to write a shell script to replay the stuff using "bzr diff" and "bzr patch"21:49
ddaagoing through diff/patch is needed to get over the file-id mismatch21:49
lifelessreplay can handle that if you supply a mapping file21:50
ddaaoh, bzr replay, completely forgot about this one21:50
ddaaI don't see anything about mapping files in its help message, though21:51
lifelessits in the guts21:51
ddaain the guts as in "the option is not document", or as in "there's no UI for it" or as in "some guy coded it once, no idea if it works"21:51
lifelessits used by bzr-svn mapping upgrades21:52
* ddaa is scared21:52
jelmerthe mapping upgrades are done without any mapping files on disk but based on the revision properties/revision ids21:54
jelmersee also "bzr pseudonyms"21:54
jelmerthough Rob is right that all of the infrastructure is present to do this sort of stuff, just not exposed at the ui21:54
lokkjuon windows is there any way around the 255 char limit with the bzr client?23:56
jelmerlokkju: 255 char limit on what exactly?23:58

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