QuaxirHeydo, anyone still awake here :D?00:13
James147Quaxir: yup00:16
Quaxirgoodie.. Could you help me in an issue with grub after installing Kubuntu?00:18
James147Quaxir: only if you say what the issue is00:19
QuaxirJames147, After installing and rebooting computer grub tried to load but gave error screen: "error: no such device <numbers,letters>" and then console-type line: "grub rescue>"00:21
James147Quaxir: what version of grub? (and kubuntu)?00:22
Quaxirjames147, I'm not 100% sure which version of grub I have :S. Installed it from Kubuntu 10.14 -liveCD00:22
James147Quaxir: then grub 2 :)00:23
QuaxirJames147, ookey :). I booted back to liveCD. or should I get back to "grub rescue"-thing?00:24
James147Quaxir: you could try reinstalling grub from a live cd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20GRUB%20200:24
QuaxirJames147, ookey.. I'll take a look00:25
QuaxirJames147, takes a while..accidentally pressed "ctrl+alt+backspace" =/00:28
James147Quaxir: didn't think that did anything anymore :S00:30
James147Quaxir: no wait thats the other one :)00:30
QuaxirJames147, heh.. I thought so too.00:31
QuaxirJames147, finally getting to liveCD desktop again..00:39
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QuaxirJames147, installed grub and got output: "no errors", rebooted and still that same "error: no such device: 9050cb...097d." =/00:51
QuaxirJames147, was that intended to happen or did I do something wrong :P?00:53
James147Quaxir: can you pastebin the output of "sudo blkid -c /dev/null" with the full device id in the error00:53
QuaxirJames147, sure. I'll boot back to liveCD00:54
QuaxirJames147, http://pastebin.com/hXyDbj3j there it is01:05
QuaxirJames147, was it right one or?01:06
James147Quaxir: Well 8d4820...d8a5 isent the same as 9050cb...097d :S01:07
James147Quaxir: try doing it this way... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD01:08
QuaxirJames147, ookey. I'll take a look01:08
James147Quaxir: spicifically the "update-grub" part... that should regen the list of oses hopefully with the right device ids01:09
James147Quaxir: don't think there is much need to do the install part... but it shouldent hurt01:09
QuaxirJames147, ookey. Well as I'm pretty newcomer with this I'll do it step-by-step so I won't miss anything01:10
QuaxirJames147, that "Now mount the rest of your devices and some other things needed in the chroot", do I need to mount all of my hdd's or just those which are listed? (3 ones below that text)01:12
QuaxirJames147, in case you're looking at that guide :P01:12
James147Quaxir: just what it says01:13
QuaxirJames147, do I have to do anything for "/etc/default/grub" or just open it, save and close?01:15
James147Quaxir: you dont have to (if you havent edited it then you dont need to save it)01:16
QuaxirJames147, after that "update-grub", when it comes to that I should install GRUB2 to MBR with command "grub-install /dev/sda", do I change that sda to that where bootloader is? (sde)01:18
naught101is there a way to make my laptop NOT suspend if certain programs are running?01:19
James147Quaxir: I beleave so yes01:19
QuaxirJames147, I suppose it's time for reboot and see what it says now?01:22
James147Quaxir: and hope for the best :D01:23
QuaxirJames147, *sigh*.. still that same "error: no such device: ..."01:24
James147Quaxir: do you get the grub menu? or stright to the error?01:25
QuaxirJames147, straight to the error. No sign of grub menu01:25
James147Quaxir: try booting while holding the shift key (that should display the menu if its just hidden01:26
QuaxirJames147, when booting and holding shift-key it just flashes "_" and nothing else appears01:29
QuaxirJames147, hm.. now I got "GRUB loading." and then that same error message below it01:31
James147Quaxir: :( try folling the previous guide again... this time during the edit /etc/default/grub stage add the line "GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID="true""  to it (without quotes execpt for the "true" part.. that needs quotes around it)01:32
James147Quaxir: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#/etc/default/grub%20(file) will tell you more about the options you can set in it01:32
James147Quaxir: afraid if that dosnt work I am not sure what else to do :( ... only other thing I would try is to try installing it to /dev/sda if possible (a 10gig partition at the end of the drive should do) or on the disk with windows (if you have windows)... but thoses are just last ditch attempts to get something to work01:34
QuaxirJames147, ok.. I'll try adding that line to /etc/default/grub01:35
QuaxirJames147, I have windows installation on my comp. Hopefully it won't screw up my windows aswell :D01:36
James147Quaxir: it shouldn't if you shrink the drive (best done from windows, you can boot windows by running the recovery disk and reinstalling the bootloader... there should be guids online as to howto do that)01:38
James147Quaxir: one other thing you might want to try is to install grub to the drive with windows on... or what ever drive has the MBR on01:38
James147Quaxir: but I cannot really help beyond that...01:39
QuaxirJames147, now have to ask.. Isn't MBR in automatically on the same hdd/partition as bootloader is?01:39
James147Quaxir: dosent have to be I dont think... but I do not know that much about it01:40
James147Quaxir: either way try it with the option first... only if that fails try other things :)01:40
James147Quaxir: I have to go now, will be on tomorrow if you still need help (although allot earlier :)  ) bye and good luck01:41
QuaxirJames147, ookey. Thanks for your help. :)01:42
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trinkelnao sei04:18
nuwani have problem in installling kubuntu in ubuntu net mix 10.04 because i can't get the file python-kde4_4.4.2-0ubuntu2_i386.deb04:44
nuwanit give a error saying can t fetch this file "python-kde4_4.4.2-0ubuntu2_i386.deb" from apt , synaptic and everything//  itried directly download it and it stope aroudn 44 %...04:45
nicasup everyone05:47
nicaanyone on ?05:47
nicaanyone there?05:51
maconobody here but us chickens05:51
nicahow come no one is chatting?05:52
maconobody's asked a support questin lately?05:52
macothis channel's not as popular as #ubuntu05:52
nicawell i am full of em i am new to ubuntu05:52
macoare you using ubuntu or kubuntu?05:53
nicai am having some problems with video and sound conflict05:53
maco#ubuntu might do better if its hardware related, not kde-specific05:53
macosince it has more people05:53
nicawell i am kubuntu05:54
nicawould that still help me?05:54
macoif its a hardware problem, yes05:54
nicaok thanks05:54
macoif its somethig about the menus and widgets in kubuntu, then here's better05:54
macowell and programs of course05:54
nicahow do i switch channels >.<?05:55
maco/join #ubuntu05:55
macoor the blue # button at the top of quassel05:55
macoitll add another channel on the left hand side05:56
kpkarlI'm using Kubuntu 9.10 /w KDE 4.4.2. Whenever I open a folder checked out from an SVN server, I noticed dolphin will make a connection to that server. How do I turn this off?06:08
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naught101is there a way to make my laptop NOT suspend if certain programs are running?08:02
kasperесть кто08:31
FloodBotK3kasper: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:31
kasperFloodBotK3: ok $)08:31
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fotshey guys, is there a way to do full row select in Dolphin?10:47
kpkarlfots, yes, select the first item, then hold shift and then click the last item10:49
kpkarloh wait, its hold shift, then click the first item, and then also click the last item. Sorry for the mixup10:50
fotskpkarl: thanks wil try now10:56
fotsno worries10:56
kpkarlyour welcome, glad to help10:56
fotsactually mate, i'm not actually trying to select all10:56
fotswhat i'm after is a full row select, e.g. you can click to the right of a name and it selects it10:57
fotslol :)10:57
kpkarlI'm not sure what you mean10:57
fotsa bit hard to explain, sorta like windows10:57
fotsoh lemme see if i can find a screenie10:57
fotsthanks heaps mate :D10:57
quaxirhmm.. just a question, but what is that program/gadget in Kubuntu liveCD which makes that "Desktop screen" to my desktop? I'd like to have that in actual hdd-version aswell :)10:58
fotse.g. http://www.mydigitallife.info/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/hack-windows-seven-rfm-396x300.jpg see how the whole row is selected for explorer.exe?10:59
kpkarloh, click the details button11:00
kpkarlquaxir, do you mean the "show desktop" widget?11:01
quaxirkpkarl, not 100% sure but if I saw it I'd recognize it11:02
fotskpkarl: already done the details view buddy, but when i select a file, it doesn't select the entire row, only the filename itself11:03
fotsdoes that make sense?11:03
fotssorry if i'm unclear?11:03
kpkarlfots, yes it makes sense. But I'm not sure how to make it do that. Sorry11:04
kpkarlquaxir, do you mean this button: http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/4131/kubuntu1004mainmenu.png11:05
fotsno worries mate11:06
quaxirkpkarl, actually I mean that rectangle in upper left corner11:06
fotsthanks for attempting to help me anyway, really appreciate it11:06
kpkarlquaxir, you mean the desktop folder? Do you want it as the desktop, or as a window like that?11:07
quaxirkpkarl, that window itself11:07
kpkarlok, right-click on the desktop. Then click add widgets. the widget you are looking for is called folder view. Just drag it onto your desktop11:08
quaxirkpkarl, oh thank you :). I'm pretty new with Kubuntu (and linuxes aswell :D), had a fight with GRUB last night to get GRUB itself loading11:10
kpkarlquaxir, your welcome. I'm glad to help11:11
AmolAudio problem in KDE11:15
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP311:16
Peace-Amol: ?11:36
quaxirwops, wrong11:46
sobczykhi, I switched from a 2 monitor setup (laptop + external one) to just laptop, now i dont have the main panel visible, is there a way to bring it back?12:03
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sobczykbesides when switching to only laptop I get the view from the other screen (that does not have a bar)12:03
well_laid_lawnsobczyk: is there a file /etc/X11/xorg.conf that mentions two monitors?12:05
sobczykwell_laid_lawn: two monitors one screen12:06
sobczykand I have no idea how to bring back the main bar from the non-visible area12:07
well_laid_lawnif xorg.conf is set for two screens move it to a diff name and let the system autoconfigure for the one monitor12:09
sobczykit seems when I switch to laptop only I get the wrong monitor setup (1680x1050) instead of the laptop native, so some areas are not visible12:09
sobczykshouldn't kde handle that on the fly?12:09
sobczykI disconnect the external and just the external area is switched off?12:09
well_laid_lawnit is more an X thing - if you name two monitors in a config file...12:10
sobczykis there a way to do multiple monitors on proprietary drivers without xorg.conf?12:11
well_laid_lawnhttp://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR12   might give a clue12:12
well_laid_lawnI never bother with two monitors12:12
tumascan anyone help me to find a software for linux, which can automatically search for album covers only by the artist-name and music-title?12:31
tumasi only know of the amarok-plugin, but it takes years if i have to search for every song seperate12:32
tumasno music fans around here? ;)12:37
daedaluztumas: what do you mean by separately?12:47
tumasgot it? ;)12:56
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venkat_4Hi room13:03
venkat_4I have a query..13:04
venkat_4Will gtalk can be installed in Ubuntu?13:04
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tumashttp://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html: only for windows so far13:08
wastrelgoogle hates linux13:08
tumasbut pidgin obviously supports google talk13:09
well_laid_lawngoogle doesn't hate linux - there's   http://www,google.com/linux13:13
PiciAnything that supports custom xmpp servers (jabber) supports google talk13:14
tumasmy recorded radio songs are still looking forward to some album cover art :P help! ;)13:17
avihayvenkat_4: probably not, atleast not directly13:27
avihayyou can try to wine the winxp version13:28
judgenHow do i get dekorator for kde3 in lucid installed? only the kde4 package is installed.13:33
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PiciSleeping: Please disable that here.13:56
mrt12I want to ask a quesiton but I dont know if it is right place13:57
mrt12I have character encoding problem with xml13:58
mrt12how can I solve it13:58
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donaldbrascohey - I'm interested in selling my laptop and desktop pc's (both running lucid) and picking up a nice little netbook.  Anyone have any suggestions as to which model would be the best to pick up?15:56
donaldbrascoI've been researching online, but having a hard time deciding15:56
donaldbrascoI obviously want to run linux on that as well15:57
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James147donaldbrasco: I have found the asus eee pc work really well with kubuntu16:02
donaldbrascojames147: yeah, that one's on my shortlist16:03
slinker1+1 for the eee16:09
aguitelhow restore default desktop folders ?16:13
James147aguitel: can you explain abit more... are you trying to get the folder widget back onto the desktop?16:15
aguitelJames147, yes but it is my /home folder16:16
James147aguitel: if the folder view widget is already on your desktop you can configure the folder it should by right clicking it > folder view settings16:17
aguitelJames147, i will try16:18
aguitelJames147, thanks16:20
solifugusI created a tunnel at localhost port 2222 to go thru a firewall via ssh.. it's works from the commandline but konqueror.. just sits there spinning...16:32
solifugusUsing:  fish://mtedder@localhost:222216:32
solifugusI c.. It's just sitting there spinning no matter where I fish to..16:33
James147solifugus: try it with the sftp:// protocal if you can16:33
solifugusno diff with sftp16:34
solifugusmy konqueror or kioslave must be foo bar'd... iduno..16:36
quaxirHello.. it's me again, but.. does anyone have an idea what's going on with my Kubuntu as it resets my screen resolution back to default every time I reboot?16:55
James147quaxir: what graphics driver are you using?16:58
quaxirjames147, I'm not sure actually. but after installin nvidia-settings (I have nvidia graphics card), I get notice message: "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. etcetc"16:59
James147quaxir: then your using the open source nvidia driver :)... think the proprity ones works better atm... you can install them using jockey-kde ("hardware drivers" in the menu)17:01
quaxirjames147, and remove that nvidia-settings?17:02
James147quaxir: that should enable the drivers as well so you will need to restart x after they are installed (logout and there should be a restart x server option in one of the menus)17:02
James147quaxir: it will jsut be reinstalled with the drivers17:02
quaxirjames147, ookey. I'll try :)17:03
quaxirps. if anyone said anything about that being unavailable to save xorg.conf, I didn't see it because of dc17:38
James147quaxir: didnt see that message ^^17:39
quaxirJames147, oh.. I'll re-send it17:40
James147quaxir: but my guess is that you are not sunning nvidia-settings as root (you need to inorder to save the xorg.conf file17:40
quaxirJames147, Thanks :), resolution problem is fixed. However now I'm  unavailable to change anything in that nvidia-settings -program.  Reports an error because not available to save xorg.conf17:41
quaxirJames147, Thanks :), resolution problem is fixed. However now I'm unavailable to change anything in that nvidia-settings -program. Reports an error because not available to save xorg.conf17:41
James147quaxir: run it as root "kdesudo nvidia-settings"17:41
quaxirJames147, Thanks :). Resolution problem is fixed. However I'm now unavailable to change anything in that nvidia-settings -program. Reports an error because not availabe to save xorg.conf17:42
quaxirSorry everybody about spam =(17:42
* urgen suns his video card for better resolution... does it need sunglasses now?17:43
urgenoh I do17:43
quaxirJames147, even running nvidia-settings with kdesudo17:47
James147quaxir: whats the error message?17:47
quaxirjames147, "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'! "17:48
James147quaxir: rename /etc/X11/xorg.conf (add .bak to the end or somehting) then recreate it using "sudo nvidia-xconfig"  then try nvidia settings again as root17:49
quaxirjames147, ok. Just a sec17:50
quaxirJames147, getting error message: "Bareweord found where operator expected at (eval 1) line 1, near "/etc/X11" (Missing operator before X11?)17:52
James147when running what exatcly?17:53
quaxirJames147, "sudo rename /etc/X11/xorg.conf xorg.conf.bak"17:54
James147quaxir: "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak"  is how i usually do it...17:55
* James147 goes to look up this "rename" command17:55
James147quaxir: if you care at all it look like the rename command is a batch renamer "rename perlexpr [files]" is how you use if where perlexpr is a perl expression such as 's/foo/bar/'17:58
quaxirJames147, oh..sorry, habits from Windows world. Now I managed to rename that file without errors, but saving xorg.conf doesn't.. "Unable to open X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' for writing. "18:00
James147quaxir: recreate xorg.conf using "sudo nvidia-xconfig"18:01
quaxirjames147, still getting error when saving xorg.conf. I seem to miss pkg-config and gtk -modules. + when trying to save my settings it gives just that same error message as earlier18:03
James147quaxir: :s cant remember, but I have a feeling its a non fatal error... try restarting X and see if it works :)  if it dosent rename or delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf recreate it again and restart kdm "sudo restart kdm"18:05
quaxirJames147, ookey. Just a sec18:06
quaxirJames147, restarted X, deleted and recreated xorg.conf but still that same unable to open X config etc18:11
quaxirJames147, what was that kdm somethingsomething I should try?18:12
James147quaxir: that only restart kdm... you shouldent need it atm18:14
quaxirjames147, kk. *sigh*, why this is always so hard :(18:15
James147quaxir: didn't think it was... :S didn't have that many problems when I did mine18:15
quaxirJames147, Could it work if I manually editted changes to xorg.conf?18:17
James147quaxir: probally  agood idea to start from scratch :)  "sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf"... then logout and press Alt+Crtl+F1 to switch to a virtual terminal stop kdm "sudo stop kdm" and recreate the xorg.conf "sudo nvidia-xconfig" then restart kdm "sudo start kdm"18:17
MIH1406are there any extra themes for kubuntu in the official or comunity repos?18:18
James147quaxir: that would work...18:18
James147MIH1406: themes for what par tof kubuntu?18:18
quaxirJames147, I'll try that manual edit now.18:18
James147quaxir: although it would be more hassel (i would try the above first then lookinto manualy editting it)18:19
quaxirJames147, ookey.. I'll try that then :D18:19
MIH1406Style, Window Decoration, Icons, Splash Screen and Login Screen18:20
MIH1406James147: Style, Window Decoration, Icons, Splash Screen and Login Screen18:21
James147MIH1406: don't know of a way to edit them all with one theme... need to get a theem for each of the sepertlly18:21
MIH1406yes I mean that18:21
James147MIH1406: kde can auto download and install themes for those compoents in their respicitive settings18:21
James147MIH1406: although some of them didn't work very well in kde 4.4.x (it was improved on allot in kde 4.5)18:22
picard1421hey guys im looking for the kde4-devel package for ubuntu 10.0418:22
MIH1406James147: Yes, but not for the "widget style"18:22
picard1421i have kubuntu desktop installed is the devel package already installed?18:23
James147picard1421: only if you installed it18:23
picard1421whats the apt-get for the devel package18:23
picard1421for kde4?18:23
picard1421i tired18:23
picard1421sudo apt-get install kde4-devel ..18:24
picard1421did not work..)):18:24
James147picard1421: they normally have -dev  or -devel after the package name18:24
MIH1406What is Oxygen? is it a theme or an engain?18:24
picard1421i tried kde4-dev and kde4-devel18:24
James147MIH1406: a theme18:24
picard1421im doing kde-devel18:25
picard1421hopefully that is the same thing as kde4-devel ???18:25
picard1421i can only hopee )(:18:25
James147picard1421: kde-devel18:25
James147picard1421: it depends on 4.x stuff so it is kde 4 :)18:26
picard1421kk (**:18:26
James147MIH1406: the widget style is a bit weird in the wayt it works...18:26
quaxirJames147, did those fancy things in command line. Should I now try to edit xorg.conf with nvidia-settings?18:27
James147MIH1406: look for a theme you like here: http://kde-look.org/?xcontentmode=9  then you need to figurew out which theme engin it works with :(18:28
James147quaxir: yes18:28
* James147 likes the bespin theme engine :D18:28
MIH1406James147: thank you18:29
quaxirjames147, still no progress. Same errors. http://pastebin.com/6K43dVHy (terminal's output)18:30
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James147quaxir: do you have pkg-config installed?18:31
=== Randy-Away is now known as Randy__
quaxirjames147, yes I have. installed it in the beginning when that unable to save xorg.conf appeared18:34
quaxirjames147, removed it somewhile though :S, thought it hasn't anything effect. But now it's installed18:34
James147quaxir: whats the output of "pkg-config --version"?18:35
quaxirjames147, 0.2218:35
James147quaxir: :S18:35
quaxirjames147, should it be more recent?18:36
James147quaxir: no thats fine... looking at it again it looks like your missing a module named gtk :( ... (grr gtk)18:36
James147quaxir: try installing python-gtk218:37
* James147 should read the entire error message rather then guessing at whats wrong18:38
quaxirjames147, done18:39
James147quaxir: :) now try nvidia-settings as root again... hope it works18:39
picard1421im looking for this.. but this folder does not exist??? Edit /usr/kde/4/share/config/kdm/kdmrc18:43
picard1421search for PluginsLogin18:43
picard1421uncomment the line and add18:43
quaxirjames147, relogging. This time no errors when saving xorg.conf with nvidia-settings :)18:44
picard1421wher is the kdmrc folder located with the plugs info ??18:44
James147picard1421: didnt think kdmrc would be a folder... *rc are usually files... have one at /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc18:46
picard1421kk oen sec18:46
ralph_I've got a problem which involves kmix, ill paste the error message after this. But I can workaround this by after each reboot and login by doing a "sudo service kdm restart". Then all will work fine...18:47
ralph_<unknown program name>(2990)/: Communication problem with  "kmix" , it probably crashed.18:47
ralph_Error message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" : " "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken." "18:47
ralph_Anyone can shed a light on this? Tried various googled stuff but no go there18:48
ralph_Please anyone?18:54
quaxirjames147, now I can move my cursor to another screen but not applications18:54
James147quaxir: dual screen? set as twinview?18:55
quaxirjames147, yes I have dualview and set it to twinview18:56
picard1421ok when i log into KDM there is no place where i can choose to use face authentication.. i modded kde4/kdmrc to load plugsin class,faceauthenticate.. but its still not working????18:56
James147quaxir: :s dont know why you cant drag application to the toher screen... what happens when you try?18:57
quaxirjames147, should I force apply changes (not revers even they're still wrong), log out and reset X18:57
quaxirjames147, my 2nd screen is still black and when I move my cursor to there it's only "X"-sign instead of normal "arrow-type cursor"18:58
quaxirjames147, should I enable "xinerama"-option aswell?18:58
James147quaxir: ahh :) sounds like twinview is working but kde is only using one screen :S try looking in system settings > display18:58
quaxirjames147, ookey :), I'll try18:59
James147quaxir: shouldnt need that with twinview18:59
quaxirjames147, hm. kde's own display manager doesn't even identify that 2nd screen18:59
James147quaxir: twinview is anoying in that it looks like one big screen :( kde should be able to create virtual screen though under the multiple monitors setting in display19:04
quaxirjames147, I'll try to relog if it has any change19:06
picard1421im having a problem using plugins with KDM... im using the default theme but i dont see a menu or anyplace where i can use a plugin with KDM... do i need a different theme for KDM how do i do that etc??19:06
picard1421i followed this guide... http://lifeasiknow-it.blogspot.com/2009/08/pam-face-authentication-musings-how-to.html19:06
quaxirjames147, well now I can move programs between these two displays but kde's display manager shows them as one display (because of twinview?)19:13
James147quaxir: yeah, mine dose the same... although kde should use them as two screens19:14
quaxiryeah, when I fullscreen ex. irssi, I'll get it only for either of these so it basically works19:15
James147quaxir: its just the stupid way nvidia's twinview works... combines the screens into one virtual desktop which kde then has to split them back up into two screens :S19:15
quaxirjames147, Thank you again for a lot of support, time and patience with me :D.19:16
quaxirjames147, raid starting in WoW soon so have to boot to windows. Cya!19:17
|sysop|I have a very stupid question. I run this python program as a non privileged user and it doesnt have the permissions it needs but when I run it as root I get pyhton errors. whats wrong?19:17
James147|sysop|: don't know... need to knwo what the errors are19:18
|sysop|thanks. sure brb19:19
James147|sysop|: and might help to also know what the program is/is ment to do19:19
|sysop|/usr/bin/gdiskdump:339: GtkWarning: Ignoring the separator setting19:20
|sysop|  builder.add_from_file(ui_filename)19:20
|sysop|Traceback (most recent call last):19:20
|sysop|  File "/usr/bin/gdiskdump", line 357, in <module>19:20
FloodBotK3|sysop|: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:20
|sysop|    window = NewGdiskdumpWindow()19:20
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James147|sysop|: can you pastebin the full error, it makes it easier to read19:21
|sysop|sure brb19:21
Don_jrI have just finished doing a dist upgrade in hopes that it would fix my resolution but no luck.19:21
Don_jrfresh install, fresh dist upgrade to 10.04 and my Samsung SyncMaster731b is not recognized and nothing I've changed in the xorg.conf has made any difference.  Any suggestions?19:22
James147Don_jr: would help to know what graphics driver you are using19:23
|sysop|its gdiskdump19:23
Don_jrthe proprietary nvidia drivers, ver. 97, proper drivers for the old mx4000 card I have.  Everything worked fine till I put on this monitor19:23
Don_jrif I put my old CRT monitor on, it configs and works fine, change to this one and I lose all resolutions19:24
|sysop|btw I am running 9.10 on a emac ppc.19:25
James147Don_jr: I would plug it in and run "kdeusdo nvidia-settings" to configure it...19:26
Don_jrJames147 I've run the nvidia-settings it doesn't allow any configuration, just allows me to choose between the 2 low resolutions it's allowing.19:27
James147|sysop|: where did you get that program?19:28
Don_jrhere is my xorg.conf   http://pastebin.com/M1LeEWUk19:34
picard1421i tried installing a theme.. i downloaded the folder and put it in my /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes19:39
picard1421but whwenever i boot it gives me an erro and takes me to CLI???19:39
WaltzingAlongcheck out the x log and kdm log19:39
picard1421is there anything i have to setup19:40
picard1421i literally19:40
picard1421DL'd the folders19:40
picard1421extracted them19:40
FloodBotK3picard1421: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:40
picard1421and just in the kdmrc file ... edited the location to those new folders.. they were kde4 themes19:40
WaltzingAlongno need to make it guess work, look at the logs19:43
picard1421what would i look for19:46
picard1421im not sure what im looking for in the logs.. i tried two different themes.. i just DL'd them from kde-apps.org19:46
WaltzingAlongi do not know why it is not working either. you could switch back to how it was before, see if the error goes away19:47
picard1421where do i type that in19:48
picard1421ea i switched to the old theme19:49
picard1421no problems..19:49
picard1421but that theme does not have the "menu" so i can switch plugins for authentications... basically is there an easy way to install KDM themes etc.. cause this manual way kind of scks19:49
WaltzingAlongpicard1421: and the error that it gives you when using the other themes?19:49
WaltzingAlongpicard1421: through systemsettings / login screen19:50
picard1421ons ec..19:50
picard1421ok i just pressed hte k19:50
Don_jrAny advice or help with my resolution problem yet?  You can see my xorg.conf here  http://pastebin.com/M1LeEWUk   Though no changes I've made to it have seemed to have any effect.19:50
WaltzingAlongDon_jr: and the log /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:52
|sysop|hey James147 sorry was afk19:54
|sysop|I got the deb from the installers website.19:54
|sysop|developers website I mean19:54
Don_jrWaltzingAlong here is the Xorg.0.log   http://pastebin.com/VdUEUb3p19:55
|sysop|ok gotta go do stuff in rl. ttyl.19:56
Don_jrJust noticed it said no monitor set up for the screen, I've changed that, going to restart and see if it helps.  Will be back to let you know.19:58
WaltzingAlongDon_jr: well you can see there no valid modes for those three resolutions19:58
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Don_jrYup, that did it.  Thanks a ton.20:04
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picard1421how do i change KDE theme??22:10
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picard1421air is not working for my plugin.. what do i do to change the KDM theme sorry.. (:22:10
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picard1421im having problmes installing a greeter22:29
picard1421im following htis guide22:29
picard1421for the kdm greeter plugin22:29
picard1421hey.. where do i find the "oxygen" theme for greeter?22:37
picard1421for login?22:37
picard1421looking for oxygen login theme for ubunt?22:49
picard1421ok i see hte desktop theme in desktop theme details but i cannot select this theme!!! why can i only select air.. not oxygen>??Z?Z?Z?22:51
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chxscanning in skanlite is maddenning, it wants to save a separate image for every speck of dirt. how can i just scan a single page?23:37

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