michaelh1Afternoon.  How can I get the messages attached to a bug using launchpadlib?01:54
michaelh1I have a bug.messages_collection_link, but trying a luanchpad.load() on that gives an error01:54
doctormoHey michaelh101:55
doctormoTry for message in bug.messages_collection:01:55
wgrantNot messages_collection. Just messages.01:56
michaelh1Yip, that does it.  I didn't see that in the 1.0 API doc.  What's the best way of finding such things?01:58
wgrantmichaelh1: launchpadlib is magic, and +apidoc doesn't know about the magic.01:58
wgrant*_link and *_collection_link are just URLs.01:58
wgrantlaunchpadlib works this out, and turns them into more normal attributes that retrieve the contents automatically.01:58
michaelh1Ah, so where I was using load(task.bug_link), I should use just task.bug02:00
wgrantmichaelh1: Exactly.02:02
michaelh1Is there a way to speed things up by assuming the cache is good?02:11
michaelh1or other ways of speeding things up when you're writing a new script?02:11
lifelessmichaelh1: there is a post about tuning lp api scripts on the launchpad blog02:32
lifelessmichaelh1: beyond that, its largely in the lp devs hands to make things faster - which we are doing02:32
michaelh1lifeless: it's more that I'm running the same script over and over while developing, so could re-use the same data without fetching02:38
lifelesslplib has a cache in it02:39
lifelessso you should already be avoiding some redudant transfer02:41
michaelh1lifeless: yip, but my data set is read only and (for now) I don't care about upstream changes02:45
michaelh1It's all good.02:45
wgrantLP rejected a PPA upload because I used a bad team name.02:46
wgrantIt has ignored two subsequent uploads to the right name, giving me no response.02:46
wgrantIt is correctly signed -- the changes file is identical to the rejected one.02:46
tgm4883Not sure where I should file this bug against (lauchpad.net or w3m). I filed a bug via the command line which opened up launchpad.net via w3m. I tried to login, multiple links are present on the login page (including cancel), but I have no way to continue. The text where I would expect continue to be a link to submit my credentials appears to just be text, not a link02:51
wgrantspm: Is germanium's process-upload.py somehow unhappy?02:51
wgrantOr its poppy-sftp?02:51
lifelesswgrant: how would I tell ?02:52
lifelesswgrant: spm is awl02:52
lifelesstgm4883: well, both arguably have a problem - I'start with a bug on launchpad-foundations02:52
wgrantlifeless: No idea.02:53
wgrantI guess I'll try cocoplum instead.02:53
tgm4883lifeless, ok, i'll file one there. Thats where I was leaning anyway since the rest of the links appear to be working. Thanks02:53
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DiesAnyone else having problems with "pear"?03:46
magciusLaunchpad is running like hell on my Firefox03:51
magciushttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg is updating very slowly when scrolling03:52
micahgmagcius: nvidia chipset?03:52
magciusmicahg: indeed03:52
magciusI'm running a Firefox nightly and I have a few patches for the xserver03:52
lifelesspng provoked driver bug IIRC03:53
magciuslifeless: hm?03:53
magciusok, what the hell?03:53
micahgmagcius: known issue, I need to upstream it03:53
magciushttps://dev.launchpad.net/ <-- the header background is a solid color png03:53
magciusand it's 1px wide, which is going to cause hell on the browser rendering03:54
magciusany reason you can't use background-color?03:54
magciuslifeless: do you know the cause?03:54
magciuslifeless: I can report it to the team, if you want.03:55
wgrantIt won't cause hell -- it's a very normal technique.03:55
wgrantBut yes, it should be a background colour.03:55
magciuswgrant: 1px wide is still stupid.03:55
lifelesswell, we still support ie603:56
lifelessanyhow, I don't know the cause, I just remember a thread somewhere about linux driver bugs causing this behaviour03:56
lifelessmicahg: do you have a bug # for magcius ?03:56
magciusI don't run Ubuntu.03:56
lifelessmagcius: And ? Its not Ubuntu specific (in fact, I suspect we've fixed it in Ubuntu)03:57
magciuslifeless: hm, how did you fix it? xorg patch?03:57
micahgbug 22323803:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 223238 in firefox-3.0 (Ubuntu) "Extremely slow Ajax/Javascript/CSS performance in Firefox 3 using non-free nvidia-glx-new (affected: 18, heat: 146)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22323803:57
magciusoh what the hell03:58
magciuscan I have a txt dump of that page, comments, attachments?03:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 223238 in firefox-3.0 (Ubuntu) "Extremely slow Ajax/Javascript/CSS performance in Firefox 3 using non-free nvidia-glx-new (affected: 18, heat: 146)" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:58
magciusThis is why I love LP./03:59
magciusExcept for code hosting.03:59
magciusok, there's no patches04:00
magciushttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/14027687/unnamed <-- oh, thanks04:00
micahgis there anyone around why can score up the chromium and mozilla daily builds?06:51
StevenKYes, I can.06:51
micahgStevenK: awesome, do you know where they are?06:51
StevenKNope, I am blissfully unaware06:52
StevenKI'm guessing ubuntu-mozilla-daily somewhere06:52
micahgStevenK: don't bother w/chromium-codecs-ffmpeg as it's broke06:53
micahgStevenK: thanks :)06:53
StevenKYou want all of the chromium builds bumped?06:53
StevenKDoesn't it take hours to build?06:54
micahgStevenK: looks like just i386 needs bumping06:54
micahgand for the daily, I think it's an hour06:55
micahgoh, maybe not06:55
StevenKmicahg: i386 for hardy, jaunty, karmic, lucid and maverick is where I'm going ...06:55
micahgyeah, between 1-2 hrs depending on which builder I think06:55
micahgmaverick build in 1 hr, jaunty in 206:56
micahgon amd6406:56
micahgmaybe it's just the small number of builders...not the python stuff06:58
micahgpython stuff is still 240006:58
micahgStevenK: any idea how long until the PPA bulders come back, i386 is showing 8/1 for build date06:58
StevenKNope, but they're not usually gone all that long06:59
micahgStevenK: well, if we have to be picky about which builds to rescore, I'd say lucid and maverick06:59
StevenKBut yes, you're right, there's 7 amd64 builders and 3 i38606:59
StevenKmicahg: Given there's 3 builders, I'm a little bit retiscent to score up a bunch of stuff that could keep one builder fully occupied for over 24 hours, that's all.07:00
micahgthat should only be about 8 hrs of build time07:00
micahgStevenK: no, just lucid and maverick i386 for mozilla daily and chromium daily07:01
micahgthat should be around 8 hrs07:01
StevenKThat's still 8 hours just for chromium :-)07:01
micahgno, should be 2-407:01
micahgStevenK: just the daily PPA I think07:02
wgrantThere are 3 i386 builders.07:02
wgrantDailies are surely the last things that should be scored up.07:02
* StevenK waves his hands07:02
StevenKI'm doing it because I was asked to, and would rather avoid an argument about the best use of buildd CPU time07:03
wgrantI don't think dailies are the best use.07:03
micahgthese are the most popular dailies07:03
wgrantGiven that they happen... daily.07:03
wgrantAnd take a damn long time to build.07:03
* micahg will reduce the request even further to just xulrunner-2.0 and firefox 4.0 i386 for lucid and maverick for the mozilla stuff which'll take all of 2 hrs to build07:04
StevenKmicahg: That's all of the chromium stuff bumped07:05
micahgStevenK: I hope just 2 builds, right?07:06
StevenKmicahg: 4 builds07:07
StevenKBut I've bumped stuff by mistake that can be fixed07:07
StevenKmicahg: And xulrunner-2.0 firefox-4.0 i386 {lucid,maverick} bumped07:07
micahgStevenK: awesome, thank you :)07:08
magciusmicahg: why aren't you just using the nightlies provided by Mozilla?07:12
micahgmagcius: we use some system libs and our builds come as .debs07:12
magciusmicahg: ok.07:12
magciusmicahg: are there any changes to the source besides the configuration?07:12
magciusmicahg: also, are you using PGO?07:13
micahgmagcius: yes, we remove the binary parts07:13
micahgmagcius: no, not yet since upstream is not doing it yet07:13
magciusmicahg: binary parts? Also, isn't this a violation of the trademark guidelines?07:13
micahgmagcius: we should go to #ubuntu-mozillateam to continue this07:13
magciusmicahg: ok07:13
magciusmicahg: I don't use Ubuntu, though07:14
micahgmagcius: k, but this discussion is OT for this channel :)07:14
magciusmicahg: I agree.07:15
magciusmicahg: does Launchpad have a "Send Upstream" button yet? :P07:16
micahgmagcius: no, but it's in progress I think07:16
magciusis http://packages.ubuntu.com/ obsolete now with http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source having the same data and more? Will it be phased out?07:19
logari81hi, what happened with the i386 ppa builders?07:22
logari81i386  3   679 jobs (three days)07:22
magciuslogari81: the builders are overloaded terribly right now07:29
logari81magcius: but why only i386?07:30
magciuslogari81: because that's the majority of where build jobs go07:30
logari81magcius: is there any way to cancel some jobs? I don't want to contribute to this jam07:33
magciuslogari81: don't worry about it07:33
magciuslogari81: someone here could probably do it though07:33
riochI have a bunch of new translation files that have been sitting in my import queue with the status "Needs review" for some time now.08:40
riochHow can I get these imported?08:40
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tseliotany launchpadders around? I'm having a problem with a private PPA09:41
tseliotI'm seeing the following error: https://pastebin.canonical.com/35210/09:43
tseliotafter I try to upload to that private PPA. Another user is having the same problem09:43
tseliotallenap: ^^09:51
allenaptseliot: I don't know about PPPAs but I'll see if I can find someone who does.09:57
tseliotallenap: thanks09:57
allenapPerhaps if I mention soyuz here I'll cause some IRC clients to go ping :)09:58
bigjoolswas OTP09:59
bigjoolstseliot: it's a bug10:00
bigjoolsprivate team?10:00
bigjoolswe've got private teams using private PPAs elsewhere though, so this is odd10:01
tseliotbigjools: yes, it's a private team10:04
bigjoolstseliot: please file a bug on launchpad-registry, their code has a bug10:05
bigjoolspaste that rejection message10:05
tseliotok, thanks10:06
tseliotI've filed bug #61161710:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 611617 in Launchpad Registry "Uploads to a private team's PPA are rejected (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61161710:12
bigjoolstseliot: was it a private PPA as well?10:12
sorenI have an e-mail in a mailing list's moderation queue which was sent by a subscriber.. How can I tell why it's being held for moderation?10:12
tseliotbigjools: yep10:12
bigjoolstseliot: ok thanks10:12
sorenIt even correctly identifies the sender and sets the Author URL to point to his lp page.10:14
sorenso it's not because he's using an e-mail address unknown to LP, which was my only guess. :-/10:14
sorenHe also says he doesn't actually receive any e-mails from the list.10:15
tseliotbigjools: if you need further information, just let me know :-)10:15
tseliotand thanks for your help10:15
bigjoolstseliot: I need to wait for curtis to comment10:15
wgrantSounds like it's because the private team's email addres is the maintainer.10:16
sorenThere's a private team?10:16
wgrantsoren: I refer to tseliot's issue.10:17
sorenHeh :)10:17
tseliotah, let me check the other packages10:17
czajkowskisoren: content in the email ?10:20
czajkowskisoren: or subject10:20
tseliotwgrant: I've just looked at another package (that was successfully uploaded) and the maintainer's address is not the team's address10:21
sorenczajkowski: Well, he does says "Wow!" in there, but being excited should be allowed :)10:21
wgranttseliot: What about the package that failed to upload?10:21
czajkowskisoren: I'm not gonna argue, just seen it sometimes if a subject is odd or there is unusal content.10:21
tseliotwgrant: it was using the team's address10:22
wgranttseliot: That would probably be it, then.10:22
tseliotyep, let me try here10:22
sorenczajkowski: Yeah.. I don't /think/ that's it. It doesn't look spammy to my eye at all.10:22
wgrantSomeone should probably add that to the bug.10:22
tseliotwgrant: I'll try to upload again and add a note in the bug report10:24
sorenczajkowski: Uh... And now the one in the queue just got accepted (without my doing anything) and another one he sent shot straight through. /me suspects a man behind the curtain laughing at me right now10:24
czajkowskisoren: tis early in the morning, go make yourself a cuppa tea ;)10:25
* soren does so10:31
tseliotwgrant: that did it10:34
wgranttseliot: Excellent. I've already commented on the bug.10:34
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tseliotwgrant, bigjools: thanks for your help10:36
bigjoolstseliot: coolio, glad it works now10:37
bigjoolsso it DTRT, just the error message was kinda funky10:38
wgrantIs it the right thing?10:39
wgrantI guess it does end up in indices...10:39
X3can anyone look at this https://code.launchpad.net/~x3lectric/xbmc/svn-trunk10:46
X3it fails most of the times10:46
wgrantX3: It's that same issue as before...10:48
wgrantLOSA ping: pear's bzr-svn config is corrupt again.10:48
X3wgrant if the issue is that it keeps failing then ya10:48
jelmermthaddon: I'll be landing a fix for that issue tonight.10:48
X3morning btw10:49
jelmerhi William, Tom, X310:49
X3hi jelmer10:49
wgrantMorning jelmer.10:49
mthaddonwgrant, jelmer: ok, I think that should be better now10:50
X3whos buying breakfast?10:50
* jelmer hands X3 a cup of coffee10:50
* X3 takes it and has a sip10:50
wgrantmthaddon: Thanks.10:51
* X3 passes bacon sandwiches around10:51
X3also besides that trunk failing to import, i wanted to ask about ntfs-3g is there a actuall ntfs-3g-2010.5.22 all I see is older versions10:56
X3some bugs I have been fixed in that new version10:57
wgrantX3: 2010.3.6 is the latest version in Ubuntu.10:57
X3current in linux even backport dont work10:57
X3ya that version is still bummed10:58
wgrantX3: The import is going again.10:58
wgrantOn one of the slow machines, sadly.10:58
X3they all slow10:58
wgrantBut some are slower than others.10:59
X320 hours to compile sabnzbdplus backport10:59
wgrantOh, they're different machines.10:59
X3its a bit congested it seems10:59
wgrantThe build farm is a little busy at the moment.10:59
X3is there an easy way to import the new ntfs-3g and have it buid11:00
X3im quite new at packaging and all my attempts fail11:01
X3how do I request a code import if the ntfs-3g project doesnt exist11:30
X3im at the request page and only 3 related projects are up11:30
X3do I have to register the project myself or how can I link it otherwise11:35
vishhi , I'm not able to assign a bug to the docs team [I'm part of the papercuts team,the bug supervisor for papercuts project] , is that also not possible now?12:01
vishError ID: OOPS-1672N68812:02
vishand Error ID: OOPS-1672N67312:02
vishtried several times and it keeps giving Timeout Error..12:03
vishbah , same problem with edge too :(  Error ID: OOPS-1672EB231112:19
pmatuliscan someone confirm that launchpadlib does not have proxy support?12:56
pmatulisadd-apt-repository uses it (i think) and fails in proxy environment12:57
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jpdspmatulis: It doesn't (but I think it's more a Python issue).12:59
pmatulisjpds: alright, thx12:59
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vishhmm ,i kept trying and lp kept giving me timeout errors! but seems to have worked!13:03
vishnow I have a double comment :/13:03
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diwicThree days until my package builds? *moaning*14:31
X3i been waiting for way more then 314:33
bigjoolswhere are you getting three days from?14:44
shadeslayerwe owns the buildd with KDE ... muwhahaha :P14:45
diwicbigjools, https://launchpad.net/~diwic/+archive/ppa/+build/189716214:46
bigjoolsok thanks14:46
bigjoolswe might get some builders back today I hope14:46
diwicbigjools, are they busy building other things?14:47
diwicbigjools, doing archive rebuilds as a result of the new toolchain?14:47
shadeslayerbigjools: same goes for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~team-iquik/+recipe/lmsensors-trunk14:48
bigjoolsno, the rebuilds were scored to the bottom14:48
shadeslayerbtw can you delete the first 2 builds from that14:49
shadeslayersince we want the package to go in experimenting14:49
bigjoolswe've got a backlog because the available build machines has been reduced for 2 days14:49
bigjoolsyou can delete your own builds if theyre not necessary14:49
shadeslayerbigjools: ok14:49
bigjoolsjust delete the source and the build will be ignored14:49
shadeslayerbigjools: its a daily build ^_^14:50
shadeslayerbigjools: delete the recipie? :o14:51
bigjoolsI was asking if it's a recipe build14:52
bigjoolsabentley: is it possible to have more than one outstanding recipe build for the same package/person/ppa ?14:52
abentleybigjools, yes, if the distroseries are different.14:53
bigjoolsabentley: what if they're not?14:54
abentleybigjools, then you should get an error when you request it.14:54
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bigjoolsshadeslayer: you can directly cancel the build request for a recipe14:55
abentleybigjools, I believe only admins can do that.14:56
bigjoolsabentley: oh really?  why the restriction?14:57
abentleybigjools, because it's not a proper cancel.14:57
shadeslayerbrr everything is frozen14:57
bigjoolsoh, the slash and burn approach cancel14:58
abentleybigjools, it's just that horrible DB query, except as python.14:58
shadeslayeroh finally14:58
bigjoolsabentley: right14:58
czajkowskisinzui: any luck regarding yesterdays request?15:04
sinzuiczajkowski, none yet. I am going to send  spam to all launchpad engineers to see if anyone knows if the information exists and how to read it15:04
czajkowskimuch appreciated15:05
shadeslayerjelmer: any news on the kdelibs import? :)15:39
jelmershadeslayer: Not yet, still work in progress. I might have some more time for it tonight or some evening next week.15:49
CepheusHmm, milestones on my project are a bit bugged. Tried to delete the bugged milestone, got OOPS-1672C95216:20
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shadeslayerjelmer: ok .. just wanted to know the status16:52
jelmershadeslayer: I'll make sure to keep the relevant bug up to date - do you have the bug #?16:52
shadeslayerer.. i forgot :P16:52
shadeslayerill look it up16:52
shadeslayerjelmer: bug 57949116:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 579491 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "iter_changes on caching logwalker supports only one prefix (affected: 3, heat: 15)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57949116:57
shadeslayerive subscribed my self now16:57
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cody-somervilleCould I losa please rename the live-helper project to live-build?17:50
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mthaddoncody-somerville: is that a blocked name? if not you should be able to rename yourself17:50
cody-somervillemthaddon, how? there isn't a field in change details17:52
mthaddonare you not the maintainer?17:52
cody-somervillemthaddon, I am, yes.17:52
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mthaddonhmm, I thought maintainers could - in any case, renaming for you17:53
mthaddoncody-somerville: done17:53
cody-somervillemthaddon, thanks. Can you set up an alias too?17:54
cody-somervillemthaddon, live-helper -> live-build17:54
mthaddonok, done17:54
cody-somervilleThank you! :)17:54
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bsaibes_How can I find what is my ID URL18:50
bsaibes_I think I got it, it should be https://launchpad.net/~my-nickname, now I have to remember whether I have provided a nick name or where to add it18:54
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plarsany possible way to re-enable a ppa that has been disabled?22:34
james_wplars: yes, ask a losa I think22:34
plarsjames_w: ok, thanks22:35
wgrantplars: If a PPA has been disabled, you can reenable it yourself.22:37
wgrantIf it's been deleted, it's not really recoverable at the moment.22:37
plarswgrant: yeah, in my case I think I deleted it, but if I try to upload to it, I think it said it was disabled... it's deleted, but still there it seems (confusing)22:38
wgrantplars: At the moment, deleting it just removes the archive from disk. It doesn't yet remove it from the database, although it probably will soon.22:38
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