h00kI keep getting these dang kernel errors regarding my wifi on The Mavericks.00:56
h00kAs I've reported here: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/60520701:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 605207 in linux (Ubuntu) "WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-sta.c:952 iwl_set_tkip_dynamic_key_info+0x161/0x170 [iwlcore]()" [Undecided,New]01:01
h00ker, remove .edge if necessary01:01
Nwallinshead_victim: hey, back02:01
Nwallinslong term, I think i will just install lucid02:01
Nwallinsbut i'm happy to report on any broken stuff, attempt workarounds, etc. in the meantime02:02
Nwallinsmy current hurdle is: minimal iso, can't install from mirror, no kernel modules found02:05
NwallinsFYI, I was able to install a minimal system using alternate install02:30
Nwallinsjust had to select a mode using f4, i think, at the very beginning02:30
Nwallinscmd line install02:30
NwallinsFYI, with both the full install that comes by default with alternate install cd, and the cmd line install, i get an init warning:02:35
Nwallinsureadahead main process (271) terminated with status 502:35
Nwallinsah, seems to be an issue when having a /var partition02:37
Nwallinswhich indeed, i do have02:37
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heyboyHow do I find date of creation of file?04:53
Nwallinsheyboy: ls04:54
heyboysimply ls does not do the job04:55
Nwallinsis this question specific to meerkat?04:55
heyboyNo I just wanted to know when a file was created (not modified)04:56
heyboyMy question is general. I am having ext4 on my system04:57
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heyboyHello, how do I analyze UFW log entries05:34
heyboyany documentation available?05:34
heyboythere are [UFW Block] entries in the logs. what do they mean?05:37
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napsyHello. I can't compile catalyst drivers on ubuntu latest. Is this a known issue?10:22
robin0800new kernel today is crashing plymouth and won't boot10:59
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edgyHi, everytime I restart my pc ssh is running. I checked sysv-rc-conf and all runlevels are unchecked, why is this?15:44
DanaGSay, how do I add indicator-datetime to my gnome-panel?  It doesn't seem to show up in the list of applets.15:55
DanaGAlso, my Firefox-4.0 has zero search engines.15:55
edgyDanaG: how did you install firefox 4.0?15:56
DanaGubuntu-mozilla-daily, I think.15:57
knittlgrml, why is ubuntu-one still running?15:57
DanaGThis also happens on Lucid, as well.15:57
knittlcould also be a buggy nautilus15:59
knittluses one core for ~1 min when opening a folder15:59
knittlevince crashes for me. known bug?16:00
DanaGI once made the mistake of telling ubuntuone to also sync my dropbox dir... and then ended up with tons and tons of u1conflict files, and 100% of one core used for a long long long time.16:00
DanaGIt's also silly that Mozilla people say they won't make tabs-on-top be default "until the theme works with it" -- well, the theme already DOES work with it!16:01
LucidFoxDanaG> Do you have the indicator-datetime package installed?16:02
DanaGah, I thought I did, but it looks like I don't.  Silly me.16:02
LucidFoxyou might also want to install indicator-applet-complete, which combines all indicators in one continuous panel applet16:03
DanaGI do already have that, because that's the only one that doesn't nuke my logout and shutdown menu items.16:04
DanaGCan't install datetime.16:04
DanaGOh, and the Maverick kernel thinks my 3-button touchpad is a ClickPad... so I can't middle-click!16:05
DanaGIt treats the middle button as a left button, in the kernel.16:05
DanaGI went to file a bug, but Launchpad errored out and lost all the text and info I entered, so I said "screw it" and went back to Lucid.16:06
PiciIs Maverick scheduled to use python2.7, or are we sticking with 2.6?16:07
DanaGThis stupid broken middle button is a real show-stopper for me.16:13
knittla lot of my icons are broken … :(16:16
DanaGMy desktop icons all just had their text-previews escape onto my desktop directly, for a while.16:16
DanaGDuring updates, that is.16:16
knittli mean toolbar icons16:17
LucidFoxDanaG> Sounds like a severely broken system to me16:37
LucidFoxgiven all the unmet dependencies16:37
LucidFoxDo you have many PPAs enabled?16:38
kklimondais maverick compiled for i586 or still i386?17:19
DanaGARGH! Every time I update Maverick on sdb, it tramples on the Lucid grub on sda!17:20
napsyHello. I can't compile catalyst drivers due to kernel version mismatch. Is there a fix for this?17:57
kklimondahave you ckecked launchpad for bug reports?17:58
napsynothing in launchpad for my problem18:07
ZykoticK9kklimonda, did you find/get and answer to your i386 question?  i'm just curious.  i assume everything is compiled i686 (but am just guessing).18:08
ZykoticK9kklimonda, "everything" that is labelled i386 ;)18:09
kklimondaZykoticK9: yeah, it's compiled for i686 now from what I can say18:12
ZykoticK9kklimonda, thanks.18:13
edgy$ sudo sysv-rc-conf --list ssh19:23
edgyssh          2:off      3:off   4:off   5:off19:23
edgybut still every restart ssh is started!!!19:23
yofeledgy: ssh has a upstart init script now, sysv-rc-conf does nothing there19:26
edgysysv-rc-conf --list mysql19:26
edgymysql 2:on 3:on 4:on 5:on19:26
edgycontrarily, every restart it's off19:26
yofelsame for mysql19:27
edgyyofel: how can I deal with it please?19:27
yofelsee /etc/init/<service>.conf19:27
edgyyofel: the ssh.conf file contains19:28
edgystart on filesystem19:28
edgystop on runlevel [!2345]19:28
yofeledgy: either edit the 'start on' statement in the file / comment it out. Renaming the file to .conf.diabled should work too I think19:28
edgyyofel: what does start on filesystem means please?19:29
yofelmysql should start by default though if it's installed, I remember someone mentioning that it crashes on start19:29
yofeledgy: "Start once all filesystems are mounted"19:29
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:29
edgyyofel: thanks for the hints but the mysql file shows19:31
edgystart on (net-device-up19:31
edgy          and local-filesystems19:31
edgy          and runlevel[2345])19:31
edgyand still it's not started every reboot19:31
yofelcheck the logs, I remember someone saying a few days ago that mysql tries to start but fails19:31
yofelworks fine when started with 'sudo service mysql start' after boot19:32
sinurgedoes the 64bit ubuntu 10.04 have ia32 bit libs pre installed19:37
yofelnot sure, but I don't think so19:38
yofelideally you shouldn't need them at all19:38
SwedeMikeI'd imagine they're only installed when needed.19:39
sinurgecuz my isp login binary is 32 bit when i tried that on lucid alpha versions it really didnt allow me to do anything19:39
sinurgefinally got the 32 bit version19:39
edgyyofel: thanks for hint, I can't find the problem of mysql in the log but let me rename the ssh and reboot and check, I will be back19:39
sinurgei had posted that on ubuntuforums but got no reply http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1412624 but have downloaded the 10.04 maverick alpha so want to know19:42
yofelodd, if anything it should give an error about a wron ELF class, and not 'no such file or directory' o.O19:46
sinurgesince they wont give me a source i really cannot compile it as well19:47
charlie-tcaSince adobe did away with 64bit flash, you need 32bit libs for it19:48
sinurgeCharlie-tca: i wont bother with flash19:48
duffydackits still available, just not on their page19:48
sinurgewell its time to sleep tomorrow i install maverick19:50
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BUGabundostupid quick question of the day23:05
BUGabundohow to dump a nokia 5130 internal contact list to PC using Ubuntu ?23:05
* charlie-tca doesn't believe BUGabundo would ask a stupid question... ;-)23:06
* BUGabundo hugs charlie-tca23:06
BUGabundomissed you buddy23:06
charlie-tcabeen hiding good, huh?23:06
BUGabundoI've been SOOO much away from this place latelly23:06
BUGabundoWARNING:softwarecenter.db.update:error processing: /usr/share/app-install/desktop/evince.desktop 'catalogedtime'23:10
charlie-tcaoh, very nice!23:13
BUGabundoyou know what's REALLY nice?23:15
BUGabundohow can I have ONLY today found out about this ?23:15
BUGabundo!info guake23:15
ubottuguake (source: guake): A drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-3 (maverick), package size 139 kB, installed size 960 kB23:15
charlie-tcaIs it any good?23:16
BUGabundoits heanvly23:18
BUGabundoits chocolate on marchemelos23:19
charlie-tcahmmm, maybe I have to try it then23:19
charlie-tcathat's kind of scarey23:32
BUGabundocharlie-tca: what is ?23:39
charlie-tcatransparent background and can't resize it. It is all the way across my screen23:40
charlie-tcaoh, and it appears to work in Xubuntu, too23:40
BUGabundoyou can define what % it uses23:43
BUGabundodefualt to 50%23:43
BUGabundoF11 makes it full screen23:43
charlie-tcaI would like to see it about 100 columns, though23:44
charlie-tcaI think I might like it. I guess I will keep it for a while23:46
BUGabundofile a bug :P23:47
charlie-tcaGot to try it for a few days before I do that. It might be really good this way. I can call it up in any workspace real fast, and it did not add any extras to my system.23:54
BUGabundocharlie-tca: wrong account23:57
BUGabundoyou want mi.bugabundo.net, no identi.ca/bugando23:57
charlie-tcawell, crap23:57

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