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cooloneydo you guys know where can i change the login session to une-2d in maverick on panda?05:10
cooloneyi set it as default login, so it log into a defaul une session which does not show anything due to miss 3D supports.05:11
cooloneyso i wanna change it back to une-2d in a terminal, which config file or anything command i need to run?05:11
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philipp2084hi all, I have a BridgCo DM860 in front of me, which is essentially an Media Processor with 3 cores, the system controller is a ARM926EJ. I would like to try and get ubuntu to run on it, but am a little stumped. Where do I get an image from, or how do I built an image that I can download via tftp or similar to the board.11:44
loolphilipp2084: It wont work, your CPU is not supported11:46
XorAyoull have to use debian for that CPU11:46
loolphilipp2084: Debian would11:46
philipp2084Thanks that is a start11:47
loolwel Ubuntu jaunty might work, but it's quite old11:47
philipp2084so where do I find a list of supported CPUs for Ubuntu and for Debian11:47
XorAdebian is armv4t and later11:48
philipp2084Let me just briefly state my aim, you might just turn around and tell me I am barking mad :), or you may just like it.11:48
loolphilipp2084: partial list http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.ports.arm/878011:48
loolphilipp2084: your CPU is armv511:48
philipp2084I am hoping to get a minimal linux distro running on the board and use pulse audio to stream music to multiple of these boards in a multiroom AV system11:49
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hrwphilipp2084: from Debian based only Debian will work11:53
philipp2084lool: thanks for the info let me see if I can find an image of debian and jaunty to see how far I get11:53
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rsalvetiGrueMaster: were you able to test the OTG issue?14:27
rsalvetiogra: did you see my email about the new rootstock release?14:29
ograrsalveti, yes, why did you switch the arch tag from "all" to "any" ?14:29
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rsalvetiogra: just because we can't put qemu as a dependency for arm14:29
ograbeyond that it looks fine14:29
rsalvetiis broken14:29
rsalvetiand we don't use it14:30
rsalvetiat least for arm14:30
ograright, thats something you sort in the deps14:30
ograno need for an all vs any switch14:30
rsalvetiI just used the [!armel]14:30
ograright, thats enough14:30
rsalvetiand that requires you to switch to any14:30
ograswitching the package to arch: any just wastes buildd time14:30
ograin the binary deps ?14:31
ograit shouldnt14:31
rsalvetiogra: yep, at least it did complain about it14:31
ograhmm, k14:31
rsalvetidpkg-gencontrol: error: the Depends field contains an arch-specific dependency but the package is architecture all14:32
ograoh, ok14:33
ografine then14:33
ogradid you make a tarball release on LP ?14:33
rsalvetiogra: yep14:33
rsalvetirelease notes, changelog and stuff14:33
ogragreat, i'll make sure to upload before the release meeting then14:33
hrwogra: http://github.com/haveahennessy/bl-linux-omap/commit/63549ba533720f66be4da77cd63d43d84ef06f79 maybe useful for bbxm14:34
hrwogra: adds options to smsc95xx to set mac address from kernel cmdline14:34
ogrampoirier, lag, ^^^14:35
rsalvetiogra: nice, we can move the work item to done when you upload it14:35
mpoirierogra: morning14:35
ogrampoirier, seen hrw's comment above ?14:35
ograseems to make sense to have that patch (i think the omap4 branch has it already)14:36
mpoirierogra: we can look at it - open a bug pls.14:37
mpoirierone of us will pick it up14:37
ograhrw, would you (since you seem to know details)14:37
hrwogra: I just found it during checking other things. never tried it14:37
hrwand none of my hw uses smsc95xx14:38
hrwso cannot even test it14:38
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GrueMasterrsalveti: Morning.  I tested the OTG kernel patch for Lucid and it worked fine.  Haven't tested on Maverick yet as I'm having image issues since trying to run update last Friday (and I was running lucid>maverick upgrade tests earlier).16:06
rsalvetiGrueMaster: oh, ok16:06
rsalvetijust wanted to know  because I tested a kernel yesterday and the fix doesn't seems to be included16:07
rsalvetigenerated a basic maverick image with rootstock and tested at my old r5 beagle16:08
GrueMasterI'm not sure if the OTG fix was pushed into maverick.16:08
GrueMasterI know there was a test kernel, but beyond that...16:09
rsalvetiyep, that's why I asked :-)16:09
rsalvetinow it's finally time to play with my panda :-)16:09
DanaGah, are those things now available?16:10
rsalvetinot yet, just a few boards around16:11
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rsalvetils -l16:46
rsalvetiargh :-)16:47
GrueMasterls -l returns . & ..17:05
GrueMasterogra_cmpc: This might interest you.  On my babbage, I formatted a 2G SD card using the same cmdline as in livecd.sh, then attempted to copy the contents from the 7/20 image.  It just failed with a disk full error, even though df -h shows 465M available.17:31
rsalvetiogra: GrueMaster: is there any package copying u-boot, mlo and xloader to the first partition for panda?17:32
GrueMasterWhat do you mean?17:33
rsalvetiI know flash-kernel updates the uInitrd and uImage17:33
rsalvetiGrueMaster: for panda we need to have u-boot and xloader load at the first partition17:33
rsalvetidon't we?17:33
GrueMasterI think flash-kernel should also update those, unless they have a post-install script of their own.17:34
rsalvetiyep, I'm trying to find what's the package who copy the files17:34
GrueMasterAre you referring to image-build time?17:34
GrueMasterThat may be handled manually by the livecd script.17:35
rsalvetiGrueMaster: nops, normal use17:35
rsalvetiupdate and etc17:35
GrueMasterNot sure, since this is the first distro to use that.17:35
GrueMaster(lucid used nand on beagle).17:35
GrueMasterAnd I haven't seen any updates yet.17:36
rsalvetiyep, I think this may not be implemented yet17:36
rsalvetigoing to check later, will grab something to eat now17:37
GrueMasterNot sure.17:37
GrueMasterI would actually expect it to be a postinstall script, as it is rarely used.17:38
rsalvetiGrueMaster: yep, makes more sense17:39
rsalvetithe only issue is that the post install needs to mount the partition, copy the file and unmount17:39
rsalvetibut should be enough17:39
GrueMasterSame as flash-kernel.17:39
tripzeroi'm attempting to boot ubuntu 9.04 on an igepv2 board.  I successfully booted to the filesystem but lsmod shows no modules18:23
tripzeroand i have no wifi/bt :(18:23
tripzeroi copied my kernel modules to /lib/modules/[kernel-version]/18:23
tripzerois there some magic i need to do to get my kernel to use them?18:23
cwillu_at_workcan somebody with a beagle or similar verify if inkscape segfaults on startup?19:11
cwillu_at_workah, it's just printing from the command line19:33
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