tenachhello xsaiddx00:23
xsaiddxi removed my plymouth and now all my system is broken00:23
xsaiddxi cant get on it00:23
xsaiddxi have only that memory test line and xp00:24
xsaiddxcan you help me00:24
tenachDo you have an Ubuntu LiveCD?00:24
xsaiddxyeh but im using lubuntu00:25
tenachxsaiddx, I would suggest booting from it and then installing plymouth - I think that plymouth is integrated enough that you need to keep it (someone correct me if I'm wrong)00:32
xsaiddxtenach, i can get on my console or anythin00:32
xsaiddxjust that memory test and xp just 2 choises00:32
xsaiddxyou see00:32
tenachCan you insert the cd and boot from that?00:33
xsaiddxthen ?00:34
xsaiddxcusi ve aleady boot with live cd00:34
tenachYou can boot from it and then use it to fix your machine.00:36
tenachAre you on the machine that is having trouble?00:37
xsaiddxyeh but on xp side nwo imihave dual boot fortunatly00:37
xsaiddxtenach, i mean what i can do when go live00:37
xsaiddxany tip you can tell me00:37
xsaiddxcus there00:37
tenachxsaiddx, PM'ed you the link00:38
xsaiddxweak chances to get on internet the wifi its too weak00:38
xsaiddxok tnx a lot00:38
xsaiddxill try00:38
xsaiddxi hop it works00:38
tenachNo problem.00:38
tenachxsaiddx, try also adding the line00:39
tenachapt-get install plymouth00:39
tenachxsaiddx, good luck00:39
phillwhi tenach I've suggested he use http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=35 and replace linux-kernel with plymouth. I'm not guaranteeing it will work, however.00:46
tenachphillw, you already suggested that to him?00:46
phillwhge's on #lubuntu with me now.00:47
tenachAh, okay.00:47
phillwand said he'd been in here, so I thought I'd pop by and tell you what I've just suggested he do.00:47
tenachThank you phillw00:47
phillwI'm still not saying it will work, but in theory it should :-)00:48
phillwwe will know in a while :-)00:48
* tenach nods00:49
phillw"Obviously when you remove core packages that other important packages depend on, it makes a mess of the system."  (Not my words, just from a thread on the forum regarding ripping plymouth out, amongst other things it also takes mountall with it etc :-\00:50
phillwStill. that thread i sent him to, does seem quite popular and no-one has sued me yet :-D00:50
phillwbut, never been used for plymouth... until now00:51
sunny_is enyone here?00:54
phillwhi sunny_00:54
sunny_can i have a bit of help please00:59
zkriessehello sunny_01:00
zkriessesunny_: don't wait to ask if you need help! Ask away right away!01:00
phillwsunny_: Please do not wait to ask questions, simply ask! If anyone knows the answer, they will most likely reply01:00
sunny_i have ubuntu 9.04 and after update i have no sound im new on linux so im not sure what im doing but i tried alot of forums and there soliutions but still nothing, help please01:02
zkriesseOk it's probably due to updating01:03
zkriesseUpdating instead of a full install can cause issues01:03
zkriesseBUT we might be able to fix it regardless01:03
zkriesseSystem specs sunny_ ?01:03
sunny_my pc or soft?01:05
sunny_sry for my english :D01:05
zkriessethe pc itself01:06
sunny_amd athlon 3700 epox en-npa+sli nforce4 geforce 8600gt 2gb ram01:07
iceflatlinegood ($localtime) y'all01:09
phillwsunny_: did you upgrade 9.04, or are you still using 9.04 and just did an update of your system ?01:09
phillwhi iceflatline01:10
iceflatlineany recommendations for a good low-level disk benchmarking tool?01:11
sunny_i just updated system im still on 9.04 i dont like 9.1001:12
phillwtenach: As they say, you learn something new everyday ... Plymouth is an application that runs very early in the boot process (even before the root filesystem is mounted!) - Now, that's scary !!!01:13
tenachYeah, I knew it was something of that sort.. I knew enough to know that not having it was bad.01:13
sunny_my sound chip is snd_intel8x0 i have 6 jacks on integrated audio device01:13
zkriessesunny_: you know that there is a new version now right?01:14
phillwiceflatline: I usually just look for comaprisons on the web, as people love testing drive speeds, however, http://www.linuxinsight.com/how_fast_is_your_disk.html may be the sort of thing you're looking for ?01:16
sunny_ubuntu 9.10?01:16
phillwsunny there is an LTS release out, 10.0401:17
sunny_oh yeah right i know that :D01:17
phillwbut you cannot easily migrate 9.04 --> 10.0401:17
iceflatlinephillw: thanks.01:18
phillwwell, I gues what you call easy. It certainly can be done as I did it01:18
sunny_but that version is slow and cant get my video drivers work so resoliution is really pure01:18
sunny_i had 10.04 its purple screen :D but something was wrong with it i was reading articles that 9.04 is better in somekind of way01:19
phillwsunny_: you may just have needed to use nomodeset, the default is okay for most, but for some it needs altering. 10.04 has better support for more hardware.01:20
phillwbut, that is just my honest opinion.01:20
sunny_i kind like this one but if there is no other way so ill try to go on 10.04 then :D01:22
tenachI had the same reservations but have come to really enjoy 10.0401:23
sunny_so no way to make audio on 9.04?01:25
phillwsunny_: there are few possibilities01:26
sunny_i think my drivers are ok just i need to change jacks on linux itself i think couz on windows all i need is change on realtek, i can see on mixer that sound bars are moving i think thats good but still no sound i was on one of forums that said i need to change it somehow01:29
sunny_is there a app like realvnc on linux?01:35
tenachsunny_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Clients01:36
tenachno problem sunny_01:37
sunny_maybe u know about audio on 9.04?01:37
tenachI used to.01:39
sunny_can u help please? :D01:40
sunny_i want to go on linux to start learning about it but this audio problem stops me from doing it01:41
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xsaiddxi got this on start up http://pastebin.com/kgSrGqe502:13
xsaiddxany idea how to fix it02:14
IdleOnexsaiddx: try asking in #ubuntu02:16
xsaiddxok ubti have lubuntu tho02:17
IdleOneyou could also try in #lubuntu02:18
xsaiddxyeh im on there02:18
zkriessehello bladernr_02:25
xsaiddxzkriesse, can you help me pls i got this on start up http://pastebin.com/kgSrGqe502:26
zkriesseI'm thinking the kernel is having and issue02:27
zkriesse /join #ubuntu-kernel02:27
xsaiddxwell cusi ve done this unlink /sbin/init02:28
IdleOneso do link /sbin/init02:31
IdleOneand reboot02:31
IdleOnesee if it fixes it02:31
xsaiddxnot really with that i had olny the cosole : D02:31
IdleOnebut it booted to console at least02:32
IdleOnebetter then not booting at all02:32
IdleOnefrom there you can then see about getting GUI running02:32
IdleOneonce booted to console, login and run startx see what it tells you02:33
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xsaiddxyeh but on that console it give me this xsaiddx@none02:34
xsaiddxxsaiddx its my pseudo02:34
xsaiddxat none02:34
xsaiddxyou see02:34
IdleOnenot sure why it would show @none02:35
IdleOneunless that is what you set the name as when you installed02:35
xsaiddxits set to xsaiddx02:37
phillwIdleOne: or, of course, removed plymouth and all those packages that depended on it, which is what has happened02:37
IdleOnexsaiddx: you may want to install all those packages you removed02:40
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smeag0lanybody having any experience with xubuntu ?03:22
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ridinsmeag0l, ping04:09
smeag0lridin, pong04:09
ridinyou might wanna ask #xubuntu04:09
ridini can try helping, but i'm also learning about linux04:09
smeag0loh yeah you're right it is 05:01 am here so i am kind of tired should be in bed04:10
ridinit's 8 pm here04:11
pleia2smeag0l: yep, use xubuntu all the time04:13
stlsaintpleia2: pfft...xubuntu shubuntu04:13
ridinlubuntu kubuntu xubuntu goobuntu eeebuntu bunubtunubtuntu ubuntu04:14
* stlsaint is seriously considering a netbook o_O04:14
* pleia2 hugs her netbook04:14
smeag0lwhat would you recommend hardware reqirement ? pleia204:14
ridini forgot ubuntu netbook edition04:15
stlsaintpleia2: what do you use your netbook for?04:15
pleia2smeag0l: the minimum sys reqs on the xubuntu site are accurate, but you'll want more ram to do things like run flash well04:15
smeag0li got 512 MB on a Pentium III 533 MHz04:16
pleia2stlsaint: I have a desktop for normal work and lots of image editing, but the netbook is used for everything I used to use a laptop for - travel & presentations, sitting on the couch in the evening and blogging, IRCing and reading stuff like I'm doing now04:17
pleia2smeag0l: it won't be fast, but with 512M of ram it won't be horrible04:17
* pleia2 has it running on 700mhz w/ 384M ram, ram is the limiting factor04:17
ridinif you want maximum ram saving04:17
stlsainthrm, well i use my lappy for everything from converting media to surfing and everything in between! can a netbook handle a large work load?04:18
ridinuse lubuntu04:18
stlsaintpleia2: ^^04:18
pleia2lubuntu certainly is a slimmer option04:18
pleia2stlsaint: not really, most netbooks are only around 1.6ghz, maybe a gig of ram04:18
pleia2you don't want to do a lot of large work load stuff on one04:19
pleia2sometimes I ssh -X across my network to run big apps on my desktop via my netbook, it works surprisingly well even over wifi :)04:19
dyowikihow will i boot ubuntu to my iBook dual usb05:03
zkriesseHello Dextralus06:44
zkriesseHelo BGL-[d]06:51
svakshai was removing 'flashplugin-nonfree' but am repeatedly getting dpkg: error processing msttcorefonts (--configure): subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1. Any ideas? TIA08:53
tenachIs the MSN protocol down for anyone else?11:05
tenachIt is not connecting in Pidgin or Empathy.11:05
duanedesignwhat is the command to install a deb?11:59
duanedesigndpkg -i foo.deb12:01
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paultagheyya bobo12313:13
paultagbobo123: don't mind this13:13
bobo123I tried some linux-games and found xwelltris, but can't make it run in fullscreen.13:14
paultagbobo123: anything we can help with?13:14
paultagbobo123: Humm, OK. Sec, let me research that package13:14
paultagbobo123: have you tried the simple thing? Calt + enter?13:14
paultagalt *13:14
bobo123in the webpage from the original programmer it says that i should write xwelltris --full to make it go fullscreen (normally you want to run games in fullscreen so it should be default in imho, or at least have a key or setting but......) well it doesn't work. still no fullscreen with -full13:15
paultagbobo123: have you tried alt + enter?13:16
bobo123no ctrl-enter don't work either. or any other I can think of, F, F1113:16
paultaglet me install it. It uses libsdl, so it can do it13:16
bobo123(yeah I ment alt-enter)13:16
paultagbobo123: I'm not seeing anything. File a bug with debian, if you don't mind :)13:18
bobo123btw, the package (in synaptic) says it is 1.0.1-14 (=the latest version I believe), the man xwelltris says 1.0.1, but when I run the game itself says 'VERSION 1.0.0 2002-03-11' in its menuscreen. but perperhaps just noone change its graphics.13:20
paultagthat's correct bobo12313:20
paultagbobo123: when Debian packages stuff in, the last dash is the Debian modifier13:20
paultagbobo123: so that means it's the 14'th debian upload of 1.0.113:21
bobo123if someone can make it run fullscreen then they should edit the games graphics to say 1.0.1 instead 1.0.0 too I guess13:21
paultagbobo123: you should really file a bug report on that13:23
bobo123(and change the adress to it's webpage too, it still says som soviet union webserer that doesn't exist anymore, the new one is xnc.jinr.ru)13:23
paultagbobo123: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?repeatmerged=no&src=xwelltris13:23
bobo123ok I do that13:23
paultagbobo123: they are not the soviet union anymore13:23
paultagbobo123: it's russia13:23
bobo123I wonder if the su topdomain even exist anymore :-)13:24
paultagdoubt it :)13:24
bobo123did you try to run it in fullscreen and it didn't work there either?13:24
bobo123so it isn't just for me that it fails with -full I mean13:25
paultagbobo123: yes, it does not go fullscreen with -full, --full, -fullscreen, or --fullscreen13:25
paultagbobo123: common key bindings are also not present13:25
paultagbobo123: so I'd file a bug13:25
kermiachmm...  "'xwelltris -full' - for full screen mode. Note that this option works only with SDL support." Any ideas which "SDL libraries" the author is referring to?13:28
paultagkermiac: it's what it's built on13:29
paultagkermiac: it's a C lib into OpenGL13:29
paultagkermiac: it installs SDL binding with the deb :)13:29
kermiacah, ok. thanks paultag13:29
bobo123if I should write a bugreport, should I run "ubuntu-bug xwelltris" from commandline or operhaps "ubuntu-bug -B debian xwelltris"13:31
kermiacbobo123: you will need to use reportbug - http://wiki.debian.org/reportbug13:34
bobo123hmm.. ubuntu-bug seems to be just an alias for apport-bug and its man-file doesn't say it have that parameter that reportbug mentioned13:34
bobo123reportbug xwelltris just gives ther error '*** ERROR: "Ubuntu" BTS is currently unsupported. Please use "ubuntu-bug" (from the apport package) for reporting bugs in Ubuntu. You can report bugs to Debian by specifying 'bts debian' in your ~/.reportbugrc or by passing the -B debian option on the commandline (see reportbug(1)).'13:35
bobo123isn't normally bugs reported in ubuntu with some webpage?13:37
bobo123oh... it was "reportbug -B debian xwelltris" I was supposed to write I guess... I missundertood the error13:39
philinuxbobo123: you can use this page. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect13:40
kermiacbobo123: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Bugs might also be helpful13:40
kermiacbobo123: philinux https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect is for launchpad, where a triager will just ask for it to be forwarded upstream to debian anyway. Feel free to report it in launchpad, but it would be helpful to report it upstream (to debian) also13:42
philinuxIRC query: my posts come up in light grey, anyway to change this. Using xchat13:42
kermiacphilinux: I don't use xchat & this post is a few years old. Hopefully it helps - http://forum.xchat.org/viewtopic.php?p=15081&sid=c028217c08a726ec7b189f3f488db3d313:47
kermiacphilinux: also this is a little more recent - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30497713:50
* kermiac runs off to bed now13:50
bobo123btw, xwelltris is of course in the package xwelltris but for some programs that is not true, are there a commandline command to tell what package a command is part of?13:51
bobo123good night & sleep well kermiac :-)13:52
kermiacbobo123: look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage (search for xprop WM_CLASS)13:52
kermiacbobo123: or you can use "which"13:53
kermiacok, really going to bed now13:53
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philinuxnighty night13:55
bobo123if I get "Timeout error Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad." should I write the bug again?14:11
philinuxIRC my text colour sorted14:12
hobgoblinanyone in and awake and know what port irc uses?15:06
philinuxIs is awake15:08
philinuxHey I found out how to make my messages show up in bold black instead of the light grey15:09
hobgoblinI'm not - it wasn't irc it was nfs :)15:09
hobgoblinchange the colour in preferences15:09
hobgoblinwish me luck, another go trying to get a bt homehub to allow nfs15:10
philinuxSettings advanced>Text events scroll right down to Your message15:10
philinuxBest of Luck15:11
hobgoblinI'll need it :) of course I could waste some time phoning bt ...15:12
philinuxhobgoblin: Any Luck?15:42
hobgoblinphilinux: none at all - back to the trusty old netgear15:49
philinuxIs that a router?15:49
hobgoblinphilinux: yep15:52
philinuxso whats the NFS setup entail15:52
hobgoblinnfs server on the server, client on the client - a file on the server telling what to serve and some lines is fstab to mount the stuff15:54
hobgoblinI might try phoning bt for the laugh15:54
philinuxRighto, except it wont work with the BT homehub router15:55
philinuxAh, firewall stuff15:55
hobgoblinthe nfs server is set to a WIDE range of IP addresses15:55
philinuxmust be some settings different on it to the netgear then15:56
philinuxhobgoblin: http://imagebin.org/10741416:00
hobgoblinconfusing me - I have seen that16:03
philinuxMy messages are in black bold instead of the wishy washy grey16:03
philinuxMuch easier to see16:04
philinuxIt was really buggin me.16:04
hobgoblinI never bother about what I have said - I can usually remember :D16:04
philinuxNot in #ubuntu16:04
philinuxRather busy in there16:05
philinuxhobgoblin: Whats the advantage of the BT router?16:06
hobgoblinI never go in ubuntu16:06
hobgoblinphilinux: it's just newer ... I'm not going to bother - though I might try a thread16:07
hobgoblinthen poke dmizer ...16:07
philinuxWhat about the #networking channel, some clued up guys in there16:08
hobgoblinI'll do a thread first - but I am rapidly losing interest - especially given that I was forced to BT and will unforce myslef as soon as I can16:08
philinuxhobgoblin: How long is your contract left to go16:10
hobgoblin8 or 9 months16:11
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hobgoblinphilinux: when the phone contract is up I will force the issue on the b/band one - different contract lengths - not stupid from their pov16:12
philinuxhobgoblin: I'm with talktalk16:12
hobgoblinI was - but moved and would not wait 2 months for b/band - BT set it up in 5 days16:13
philinuxSpeed varies a lot16:15
ShahramWhat programs are there for automatic maintenance (defragment, clutter etc.), safety (firewall, antivirus) that I can use? I have installed a few from Ubuntu software center, but nothing is easy to use or automatic?16:22
geirhaThe filesystem defragments itself automagically16:24
geirhaWell, the ext* filesystems anyway16:24
geirhafirewall is builtin to linux and you control it with the iptables command (which is a bit hard to use). There are some CLI and GUI frontends you can install to make it easier.16:25
Shahramso what are programs such as kleen sweep, Gconf cleaner etc for?16:25
geirhaDunno, never heard of them, though the latter suggests it removes config that is not used anymore from gconf.16:26
geirhaAntivirus you don't need.16:26
geirhaSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus16:26
hobgoblinshahram - the thing is not to bring a windows way of looking at things - it all works differently - have a look at this when you have to sit down for a read - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081216:28
ShahramThank you for the weblinks. Q: there is a program called firestarter and another called firewall configuration which every time have to be started, are these related to the iptables or are they different, firestarter most of the time shows hits on my computer, which I don't exactly understand?16:29
ShahramThere is also a problem with folders and documents, when I try to open folders to find something, the windows lock (they turn grey in color and don't funtion) I have to force quite every time. How can this be fixed?16:32
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geirhaShahram: The greying out of a window is a feature of the compiz window manager (which is the default used if your graphics card does 3d)16:35
geirhaIt greys out a window when the program stops responding.16:35
geirhaWhere is that folder located?16:35
geirhaIf it's on a network share, it may just be that it takes a bit of time for it to read the contents.16:35
geirhaTry waiting it out and see if it comes back.16:36
ShahramThe folders are normally in the system, specially when I install programs and need to check something, but it also happens in the home folder, sometimes waiting give a positive response but it is slow, sometimes it doesn't.16:37
geirhaWhat kind of computer is it?16:37
ShahramPakard Bell laptop. I bought it new last year, its cheap one16:38
geirhaI get that on my netbook, which has an ssd disk. When it's being written to alot, programs that try to read from the disk becomes unresponsive for a while.16:39
ShahramCan anything be done to fix this problem?16:40
philinuxShahram: Turn off compiz16:42
Shahramhow can I do that, and does it effect anything else?16:42
geirhaSystem -> Preferences -> Appearance -> [Visual Effects] -> (*) None16:43
ShahramThank you, I have just done it, I'll see in the next few days what the result is.16:45
philinuxShahram: Just eye candy that's all.16:45
philinuxYou should see the effect straight away16:45
geirhaCompiz is what allows you to make your desktop into a rotating cube and stuff like that, which you might have seen videos of on the net.16:45
philinuxShahram: What are the full specs of the lappy16:46
ShahramNo, I haven't but I'll try to read on it, I don't have good internet connections to watch videos.16:46
geirhaI'm off to catch a bus. Good luck on your Ubuntu journey ;)16:47
ShahramThank you geirtha. I am looking up the specs for philinux.16:48
ShahramPackard Bell laptop (Easy Note MH36) 250 GB Hard Disk - Windows 7 - 32 bit second half of the disk Ubuntu 10.0416:52
Shahram2 G processor - 216:53
Shahram2 G memory16:53
philinuxShahram: Onboard graphics card I guess16:59
ShahramYes, everything as shipped, cheap stuffl, the computer cost $450 new17:00
philinuxWhats it like with compiz turned off17:00
ShahramI don't know - I have to see later17:01
philinuxYou should be able to tell straight away from the performance17:03
ShahramSince I have turned the visual effects off the windows close or minimize with a trail of outlines17:04
philinuxt gconf-editor and enable /apps/metacity/general/reduced_resources. that will disable the minimize animation and some other eye candies.17:06
ShahramI just tried to open a folder in system - user - share - Babiloo - dict, it opened without problem, but it was slow17:06
philinuxThat will get rid of the wireframe17:06
Shahramwhere is gconf-editor17:07
philinuxGood idea to make a note somewhere of any changes you make17:07
philinuxAh you can enable it from system>prefs main menu17:08
philinuxLook under system tools17:08
ShahramI can't find it17:09
philinuxsystem tools in in the accessories17:10
philinuxor run it directly from a terminal gconf-editor17:10
ShahramI found it - system tools configuration editor17:11
ShahramNow the file browser is not respondign17:12
philinuxIs something either using too much processor or ram17:13
ShahramI don't know what that would be I have to check it - I don't remember which program shows that17:14
ShahramThe system monitor shows that CPU is mainly under %50 and memry plus swap on %5017:16
philinuxIs the lappy mainly a bit sluggish?17:16
ShahramNot really, with win 7 it works OK17:17
philinuxIn a terminal what does free -m show17:17
Shahramit is showing %48 memory occupied and 0 swap17:18
philinuxSo it's using 1gig17:18
ShahramYes just under 1 gig17:18
philinuxWhat apps you got running to use that  much17:19
philinuxRun top in the terminal take screen shot and use imagebin to let us have alook17:19
ShahramAt the moment I have two mail clients, two browsers, two firewall apps and a few smaller apps on the panel17:20
philinuxfirewall apps17:20
ShahramI mean Firewall programs, Gufw 10.04.5 and firestarter17:22
philinuxUnless you mean to change anything they don't need to be running17:23
philinuxThey are not the firewall17:23
ShahramI didn't know that Ubuntu was running its own firewall17:23
philinuxIt runs iptables by default. The apps ^ are just gui's to change settings.17:24
philinuxiptables is the firewall and if you're behind a router that has a hardware firewall built in17:25
ShahramOk. I am trying to find the terminal and the snap shot - these things are new for me17:25
philinuxApps Accessories17:25
ShahramOK - I have done that and typed top17:26
philinuxtake a screenshot17:27
Shahramhow do I send it to you17:28
Shahramits being uploaded17:34
JoeMaverickSettQUESTION: "can i install ASP.NET and such tools on Ubuntu?"17:35
Shahramyou can find the snapshot at: http://imagebin.ca/view/YE_1IjB.html17:35
Shahramphilinux you were typing about a router with a hardware firewall built in - I use the internet in a sub standard public place17:42
geirhaJoeMaverickSett: No, Microsoft doesn't bother with making their software available in linux.17:44
geirhaJoeMaverickSett: There's a project called Mono which attempts to write a .net compatible framework, not sure if it has ASP yet though.17:46
geirhaJoeMaverickSett: http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page17:48
Cheri703question about ssh'ing: I am able to use ssh within my lan, but I would like to be able to access my "server" computer when out and about. can anyone direct me to a guide on setting that up?17:51
ShahramThank you for your help - philinux and geirha - I have to go now.17:54
philinuxShahram: nothing wrong in the top image17:56
philinuxlooks fine17:56
ShahramOk thank you for looking at it - I have to go and read a bit and learn more about Ubuntu - thank you for your time17:57
philinuxCould be ubuntu-one causing a lag17:57
ShahramI was not connected to it - it might be that its automatic17:58
philinuxBye then17:58
ShahramBye and thank you17:58
JoeMaverickSettgeirha, thanks, taking a look at that site.17:58
komputesDoes anyone know how to disable the touchpad on Lucid?18:12
DarkwingDuckkomputes: for what reason?18:12
geirhaHave you looked in System -> Preferences -> Mouse ?18:13
DarkwingDuckkomputes: If you want this words for disabling it while typping but allowing it to work any other time.  http://darkwingduck.org/2010/03/temporarily-disable-touchpad-while-typing/18:14
komputesDarkwingDuck: not while typing, just outright off. I do not need it since I have an external mouse I prefer. i brush up against it by accident and would like it disabled.18:15
komputesgeirha: I do not see an option to disable the touchpas in mouse preferences, do you?18:16
DarkwingDuckkomputes: GNOME?18:16
komputesDarkwingDuck: yup18:16
DarkwingDuck:( Okay, sorry, I'm a KDE user18:16
komputesDarkwingDuck: smart move18:17
geirhakomputes: I'm not on a laptop at the moment, just thought it might have an option if there were a touchpad.18:17
komputesgeirha: there are touchpad options but none to turn it off, i don't think it would be safe to have that graphically as users would disable their mouse and then think it was broken :)18:17
geirhakomputes: Haha, good point I guess ;)18:18
komputesDarkwingDuck: there is such an option in KDE?18:18
DarkwingDuckkomputes:  http://www.bhagwad.com/blog/2010/technology/alps-synaptics-touchpad-configuration-in-lucid-lynx-ubuntu-10-04.html18:18
komputesDarkwingDuck: nice find, this blogger looks interesting with his mug18:19
DarkwingDuckkomputes: not sure, my laptop has the old school eraser head mouse :D18:19
DarkwingDuckkomputes: it's cool... I think I'll change my name to GoogleKing LOL18:19
komputesDarkwingDuck: I'm prettu good at googleing myself, did not find this one18:20
* komputes gives DarkwingDuck a gift18:20
komputesDarkwingDuck: http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=001461844748502826593:hh-ikmexth418:20
DarkwingDuckkomputes: Searched "disable ubuntu touchpad in lucid" it was the top one LOL18:21
geirhaSeems you can turn if off with   synclient touchpadoff=118:21
geirhaThat's probably only until next reboot though18:21
komputesgeirha: nope, tried that18:21
DarkwingDuckkomputes: Let me know if that works18:22
geirhaHm. Probably some change in newer releases that makes it inert then :/18:22
komputesDarkwingDuck: well i'm about to try the gconf key in the comments18:22
komputesgeirha: right, udev18:22
DarkwingDuckkomputes: Let me know via query... going AFK18:23
geirhaAh, right. The page DarkwingDuck pasted says it right there, in the first paragraph :)18:24
komputesDarkwingDuck: geirha: this did it: "gconftool -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled false"18:37
geirhaLovely, nice and simple :)18:45
thomas_i'm trying to make my Canon Scanner LIDE 100 work with ubuntu. Just about there but have Simple Scan and need a fix to make it work $sudo cp ~/sane-backends/backend/genesys.conf.in /etc/sane.d/genesys.conf Ater typing this I get: cannot create regular file `/etc/sane.d/genesys.conf': Permission denied---- any suggestions?18:59
geirhaRemove the $ at the start19:00
thomas_sorry i've been typing : cp ~/sane-backends/backend/genesys.conf.in /etc/sane.d/genesys.conf19:01
geirhaAnd you need root privileges to copy the file under /etc, so you need sudo in-front of cp19:01
thomas_still get permission denied19:02
thomas_ok, should i be expecting an output in terminal after that goes through?19:04
thomas_asked for pw, then went back to command line19:04
zkriessethomas_: Did you enter your pw?19:10
thomas_i see the genesys.conf file now in the etc folder, does that mean its fixed with reboot?19:10
thomas_but saw no output19:10
zkriesseEnter your password properly, you won't see it as it's part of the security, and then press the "Enter" key19:11
thomas_done. so exit and reboot?19:13
zkriesseI guess so...I've no idea what your problem is...I was just commenting on your password issue19:13
BGL-[d]gkrellm/gkx86info appears to be reporting this cpus clock speed incorrectly, what is another util to get a 2nd opinion20:32
t0byhack3rI am having problems installing a Epson printer in Ubuntu, can anyone help?20:45
pleia2t0byhack3r: what's the trouble?20:47
t0byhack3rIts an Epson Stylus SX415 but its being recognised as an SX410. I've tried changing it but it still doesn't work properly20:49
pleia2can you be more specific about "doesn't work properly"?20:50
pleia2doesn't a test page? prints things with the wrong formatting?20:50
t0byhack3rSometimes it prints properly. Sometimes it errors and the page prints part way and then stops, the printer says printing but doesn't do anything, the computer says error20:51
pleia2does it do this whether it's identified as a SX415 or a SX410?20:52
t0byhack3rit does it as both20:53
pleia2hmm, http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Epson/Epson-Stylus_SX415 seems to indicate that it works "perfectly"20:54
pleia2there are some recommended drivers listed there20:54
pleia2someone more familiar with the gnome printer tool might have to help you though20:55
t0byhack3rI've tried them. I've also tried using cups/gutenprint20:56
pleia2ah, same problems?20:56
pleia2do you know if this printer behave properly under other OSes?20:57
t0byhack3ryep. i'm worried the various things I've tried are conflicting. Is there any way to 'reset' an ubuntu install without re-installing?20:57
pleia2you can probably purge the cups install itself and reinstall it20:57
pleia2but otherwise, not really20:57
t0byhack3rI've tried un-installing then re-installing cups, it didn't help!20:58
Out-Of-Handhi eberyone. i have been trting for 2 weeks now to install ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop , but been failing .... 1 - i have a good copy of the iso md5sum is correct. i burnt it to cd... and tried a usb bootable... problem im having is :21:16
duanedesignt0byhack3r: http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/openprinting/database/cupsdocumentation21:17
duanedesignive always found that site helpful21:17
Out-Of-Handi install ubuntu, and when it reboots i finaly got it to pass the completing installation .. by doing : ESC > apic workarounds21:17
Out-Of-Handi have to add Apic=off to make my computer boot up and finish the installation ... iu finaly got it to finish... then when i reboot my pc to load ubuntu21:18
Out-Of-Handif i let it get to the option to choose windoze or ubuntu.. i ket it go normally. and it hangs at a black screen with a flashing _21:18
t0byhack3rduanedesign: thanks, I'll try what it suggests21:18
Out-Of-Handwhen i reboot , i get to recoverymode... and a bunch of text comes up ... and it stops at pnp: no plug and play devices found21:19
duanedesignOut-Of-Hand: so it does get to the screen where you select ubuntu or windows?21:20
Out-Of-Handyes, i finally got to install ubuntu. after the duel boot- select windows or ubuntu oi select ubuntu21:21
Out-Of-Handand it wants to boot ... 3 options ... the original normal boot. or recoverymode... or windows  (thats the grub)21:21
Out-Of-Handi have been on here alot (irc) and all over trying to get someone to help... even left post on ubuntu forms ... no reply though .... i have never had thhis issue installing ubuntu before ... so its frustrating21:22
Out-Of-Handafter i select normail mode- black screen comes up with flashing "_" and thats it ... no further action21:23
Out-Of-Handrecovery mode ... it gets me to pnp:no plug and play device found21:24
Out-Of-Handand hangs....21:24
Out-Of-Handi have 3 hdd all Sata  - i unplugged all and tried with just one 500gb and same issue21:26
Out-Of-Handi have only 1 graphics card... intsalled and no other hardware added21:26
Out-Of-Handpleas can anyone help me21:26
duanedesignhave you tried adding thr acpi=off to the kernel line21:27
Out-Of-Handwhere do i add that (normal mode )?21:28
duanedesignif you press 'e' while highlighting the linux option in Grub (the menu where you choose between windows and Ubuntu)21:28
duanedesignscroll down to the kernel line21:28
Out-Of-Handok ... do i add it below the kernel line ... or next to it ?21:29
duanedesignpress e again21:29
duanedesignThen add or subtract whichever boot option you wish21:30
Out-Of-Handif this works... do i alwys have to boot up with this (acpi=off)21:30
Out-Of-Handi tried editing after adding apic=off before and then i ctrl-X  to boot ... it then hangs on "booting command line" or something like that21:32
duanedesignOut-Of-Hand: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Custom%20Menu%20Entries21:34
Out-Of-Handthanks let me check21:34
duanedesigni have not changed boot options in the new grub. That wiki page should help21:34
Out-Of-Handthanks im gonna reboot and try it ...21:35
Out-Of-Handjuist 1 more question21:35
Out-Of-Handwhen i seleft "E" on the normal ubuntu load21:36
Out-Of-Handdo i add that line way at the bottom after everything or does it matter where it goes ?21:36
duanedesigni usually just add it on the end.21:37
Out-Of-Handok thanks /... will be backl soon21:37
Out-Of-Handthanks again21:37
duanedesigni think that wiki page has instructions specifically for grub221:37
phillwpleia2: ping, when you have a coupel of moments to spare could you PM me, thanks.21:59
xsaiddxwhen i boot and select my ubuntu22:21
xsaiddxi got this22:21
xsaiddxtarget doesnt have sbin/init22:25
hobgoblinthat's not nice - it's a bit late for me to be getting into that - I been up for hours, I hope that someone elkse is looking and can help22:27
hobgoblinif not I would have a look on the forums - try searching here - http://crunchbang.org/ubuntu-search-engine/22:29
hobgoblinwill give specific ubuntu results - sorry can't be of more help22:29
Out-Of-Handhello again23:49
Out-Of-Handi have success ... thank you so much !! i have managed to start up ubuntu23:50
Out-Of-Handi had to edit the Grub file23:50
Out-Of-Handwith Acpi=off23:51
Out-Of-Handworks like a charm ")23:51
Out-Of-Handjust a question.,.. i see pidgin was replaced with Empathy,,,, but there is not IRC on the list23:52
phillwOut-Of-Hand: I still use pidgin for IRC, but I am old fashioned, you should have X-Chat on your system. (I still use pidgin :p )23:55
* slidinghorn uses xchat 23:55
phillwOut-Of-Hand: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XChatHowto drs305 wrote that excellent article.23:56
phillwslidinghorn: I've been told it is excellent, far more versatile than pidgin, only it cannot handle AIM, MSN and Yahoo! IM's - so, I use the one size fits all programme :-)23:57
slidinghornphillw, i rarely use instant messaging so it's not much of a hangup for me23:58
phillwI have friends on windows machines who are only used to what they are given, a pita at times but I'm not going to forsake them.23:59
Out-Of-Handyeah i agree ... i hardly use chats ...  back in 2000 i used mirc ... but ... nothing else ... now i have a little free time on my hands .. would be nice to make some friends on IRC23:59

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