czajkowskiright hitting the sack, early start in the morning before the mothership arrives back after a wee holiday and I need to get the house ship shape00:07
czajkowskinn folks00:07
senseczajkowski: Sleep well!00:07
czajkowskinever, but I can try :)00:07
senseczajkowsk: Good luck then!00:08
akgranerdoctormo, ping01:53
akgranerdoctormo, are you or someone else in the MA LoCo Team near Lowell?01:54
akgranerI have a dear Friend of mine - who is a priest at St. Patrick's in Lowell who wants to switch to Ubuntu01:55
akgranerand if I can't make it to LinuxCon then I would like to see if someone else in the area can help him01:55
akgranerHe emailed me to tell me he was reading Ubuntu User Magazine as well as my blogs and he is now ready to make the move - which means if that goes well he will move the rectory to Ubuntu as well01:56
doctormoakgraner: Yes, leftyfb lives in Lowell01:56
akgranerawesome!  Thanks!01:57
akgranerwe lived in Tewksbury for 3 years01:57
doctormonice, contacting now01:57
akgranerand the kids went to St. Patrick's School and I helped out in the rectory and taught CCD and trained the Altar Servers there...among other things01:58
akgranerso the Parish is a pretty special place for me01:58
akgranerdoctormo, thank you!01:58
doctormoakgraner: OK I sent the message, leftfb said to email him details and to talk directly, his nickname at ubuntu.com03:41
akgranerthanks will do03:55
macoakgraner: pm?03:59
doctormojono: Got yourself a bit of a battle there with that gnome contributions thing.05:26
jonodoctormo, heh05:33
doctormojono: You know I felt I could have helped you with the website thing? I take it back, I think I could have been much more useful as a reputation suicide for this flame war. ;-)05:36
jonodoctormo, reputation suicide?05:40
doctormojono: Most of these memes are tar-babies and it's fun to get involved, may clear up a bunch of stuff but we know that the people we need to convince won't be convinced no matter what words are used.05:41
jonodoctormo, I am not interest in winning anything - just expressing my views05:42
jonofrankly, I don't care what the trolls think05:42
jonobut I am also keen to learn05:43
jonothanks doctormo for expressing your views there05:43
jonoI appreciate it :)05:43
doctormojono: How does this sound: gnome is a huge, complex project and so while the majority of the project's components are wonderfully satisfactory the design directory of Ubuntu has required us to branch out and effectly functionality-fork a couple of these modules. We had hoped to get the functionality in these modules pushed into gnome upstream as honestly a fresh start has done a lot of good for indicators and notifiers, especially05:45
doctormo making them kde and gnome compatible.05:45
doctormoUnfortunately either because of technical reasons or on going politics, our developers have been unable to convince the core gnome development fraternaty of the value of these Ubuntu built contributions. Some of us suspect Not Invented Here Syndrome, but more than likely we just have an extra burden of proof on us to prove these extra-ordinarily awesome modules.05:47
doctormoOh before I forget in my sleep, I did want to thank you jono for saying I've been a positive influence on the ayatana project. It's hard to know sometimes if actions are making things worse or better.05:57
dholbachgood morning07:45
sensemorning everyone!07:52
nigelbmorning dholbach, sense :)08:13
dholbachhey nigelb08:13
sensemorning nigelb08:22
jcastromorning everyone!08:31
* jcastro is in the telepathy talk at guadec08:31
nigelbjcastro: w00t w00t08:39
jcastrowoo, encrypted p2p chat is coming!08:40
nigelbjcastro: WOW08:42
duanedesigngood morning08:47
nigelbduanedesign: awfully early morning isn't it?09:13
popeyjcastro: OTR?09:14
duanedesignnigelb: yeah. Wanted to watch some of the streams from guadec09:16
* nigelb waves to randa_ and czajkowski :)09:27
dholbachhey czajkowski, hey randa_09:28
czajkowskihow is everyone?09:28
nigelbsplendid day today except for the rain09:28
randa_hi guys09:28
czajkowskiI know09:29
czajkowskitis lashing here09:29
czajkowskilot of blog posts this morning on GNOME09:45
nigelbczajkowski: heh, lesson learned.  DOn't sleep!09:51
czajkowskinigelb: I know I was wide awake and nothing to read, I wake up 5 posts all on GNOME09:52
nigelbczajkowski: heh.  Its going to be the forever topic for trolls09:54
AlanBellmuch as I like statistics, all this contribution analysis and related rants just makes me want to go install Kubuntu09:55
senseJorge has left for DebConf. The poort guy must be completely broken when that's done. Three weeks of conferences and sprints!09:56
nigelbsense: let him do what he's paid to do for at least 3 weeks  :p10:04
sensenigelb! :P10:06
* popey hugs dholbach 10:08
vishheh , numbers for the week is probably gonna be "16 to 1" !10:09
* dholbach hugs popey back10:10
* czajkowski hugs the crazies in #ubuntu-community-team :)10:24
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
AlanBellthis rant was brought to you by the number 16 and the letter G10:27
senseRanty rant the rant ranter de rant ranting rant ranting rant rants rant rant rant rant rantily.10:37
czajkowskihehe http://twitter.com/nearyd/status/1989858305710:53
czajkowskiI dislike it when one my plans goes not to plan. balls!11:07
nigelbczajkowski: most of my plans don't go according to plan11:07
nigelbthats why I don't plan11:07
nigelbI just jump in and do :D11:07
czajkowskiI do both, but most annoying when things cock up tbh11:08
* czajkowski goes and hatches plan B 11:08
nigelbczajkowski: I agree.11:08
nigelbOh.  Work getting birthday cake for me \o/11:08
nigelbAll the month's birthday's are being celebrated at the end of the month.11:09
nigelbdholbach: my laptop is coming back! \o/11:20
nigelbwith a motherboard change of course, still, she'll be back :)11:21
dholbachnigelb: YOOHOOO!11:21
nigelbI have to pay an arm and a leg (or at least close to) but totally worth it :)11:22
* dholbach → back to home desk and lunch :)12:11
popeyHullo all!12:13
popeyWe're looking for suggestions for topics to discuss on UUPC..12:13
AlanBellhttp://www.dell.co.uk/ubuntu it is back12:30
nigelbpopey: remember you gave a session at a UOW titled "Don't Panic"?12:36
nigelbI feel its a good idea to talk about something like "Don't Panic Tip of the Week" for UUPC.... maybe....12:37
popeyadd it to the pad! :D12:37
nigelbpopey: I just wanted somone to say I wasn't totally bonkers :D12:37
popeynothing is ruled out yet! :)12:38
popeyAlanBell: what the hell font is that in #4?12:38
popeyi like the idea btw nigelb :)12:38
nigelbpopey: :)12:39
nigelbpopey: crowd sourcing segment ideas looks like a good idea :D13:40
* nigelb pokes AlanBell to read the segment docs13:41
AlanBellI can't read the segment docs right now.on my mobile and O2 says I have to be 18 to see them14:04
dholbachdown to inbox 2414:08
dholbachurgh :)14:08
* popey hugs dholbach some more14:08
nigelbAlanBell: lol14:10
nigelbAlanBell: don't worry... a few more years :p14:10
* dholbach hugs popey and czajkowski :-D14:10
jonomorning all!14:47
czajkowskijono: ello ello14:47
paultagmorning jono14:47
jonohey czajkowski paultag14:48
czajkowskidear rain feck off I want to go for a walk15:01
czajkowskidon't forget team reports folks...15:09
paultagI forget every single month15:11
paultagI need to figure out some kinda system, euch15:11
popeyooooooo bold15:12
jonowow, my blog is nice and fiery :-)15:15
czajkowskijono: aye planet is rocking this morning, went to bed dead silence, woke up and lots of jbber jabber15:15
* popey douses jono 15:15
jonowasnt expecting it to spark all this off15:16
jonoMark post is great15:16
czajkowskimarks post was very good15:16
jonohe is spot on I think15:16
czajkowskijono: dave nearys website crashed15:16
popeyits friday today, people clearly have nothing better to do :)15:16
jonopopey, lol15:19
popeyDave Neary sounds like a jolly nice chap though15:20
czajkowskihe is actually15:21
popeyI've never met him15:21
czajkowskioh some comments on marks blog now15:23
czajkowskiwondered how long that would take15:23
jonohe is a lovely chap15:23
nigelbdholbach: poke?15:34
* nigelb hugs pleia2 spontanously15:40
nigelbsysadmin day... spread the love :)15:40
paultagas /me brings server online :)15:41
* nigelb hugs paultag too!15:41
nigelbpaultag: gitosis implemented!15:42
paultagI'm trying to find a new theme for my new blog15:42
nigelbalso jabber server15:42
paultagnigelb: \\o// !!!!!15:42
paultagnigelb: woo, great job!15:42
nigelbmay be I should take a career change to sysadmin :p15:42
paultaghaha no way man15:42
dholbachnigelb: pong15:48
TechnovikingThe updated font looks fantastic in bold now15:49
nigelbpaultag: http://xyzzy.ksplice.com/cyoa/enter15:54
paultagnigelb: hehe, I know an engineer @ ksplice15:57
paultagnigelb: she rocks hardcore. spang@debian15:57
nigelbpaultag: wow15:57
paultagnigelb: I met her downtown last weekend with mako :)15:58
paultagnigelb: haha that page rocks15:59
paultag-- you awaken, stretched out on a couch with an IV in your arm.15:59
nigelbpaultag: hahaha16:00
nigelbpaultag: damn.  spang dented the link.16:00
nigelbpaultag: awesome coincidence :)16:01
paultagcircle of friends16:01
paultagnigelb: I finally got a new domain16:01
paultagnigelb: I'm very happy with it16:01
nigelbpaultag: exactly! circle of friends!16:02
nigelbLinky to new domain?16:02
paultagnigelb: pault.ag16:02
paultagnigelb: it's not up yet, but it's coming!16:02
nigelbpaultag: damn.. I mean WOW16:03
paultagwhatcha think?16:03
nigelbpaultag: see pm ;)16:03
paultagnoted :D16:04
paultagI love it so much16:04
paultageven to nab pault.* is tough16:04
paultagI'm stoked :)16:04
nigelbyeah, its like dholbach's domain16:04
paultaghaha, that's great16:05
paultagthere is no te TLD16:05
paultagor I would have done tagliamon.te16:05
paultagbut me, my dad and my g'dad all have the same name, so it would be tough to do paul.tagliamon.te16:05
paultagI could do paul.r.tagliamon.te16:05
paultagbut that's just very long16:06
nigelbpaultag: long? http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com/16:06
paultagholy christ16:06
nigelbczajkowski: London :/16:07
nigelbheh, lol @ "Own the content management system"16:08
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day16:45
dholbachsee you next week!16:45
pleia2nigelb: thanks :)17:13
* pleia2 hugs17:13
macopaultag: i use a .name address17:32
macopaultag: you could do sr.paul.tagliamonte.name, jr.paul.tagliamonte.name, iii.paul.tagliamonte.name17:33
macoand then youd ony have to buy 1 domain name and just know how dns works ;-)17:33
nigelbmaco: don'y tell me ma.co wouldn't be awesome ;)17:34
nigelbmaco: still can get it if you want to :D17:35
macothough actually, google doesnt spider the TLD, just the lower level domains17:35
macoso itd be spidered as "ma" not "maco"17:35
maco(and daniel.holba.ch is spidered as "daniel holba")17:35
nigelbso what, as long as you get to tell your friends... my site is my name with a dot in between ;)17:36
nigelbczajkowski: omg! I should remember not to click your food links! I want ice cream and m & m now!17:42
pleia2I had krumba.ch for a bit, but my contact who could get .ch domains went away :(18:09
macopleia2: i think you have a new one *points to holba.ch*18:09
pleia2maco: nah, not really worth burdening someone else for it, I have krumbach.us so that's good18:11
macois krumbachus what happens when a german marries a roman?18:11
macohmm wait..your old married name...18:11
doctormoI have martinowens.com I'm happy with that.18:16
doctormoActually I didn't know it was there until another ubuntuero pointed it out.18:17
paultagmaco: hum hha19:35
paultagthat's not a bad idea. We do all have different middle names19:35
paultagso we could always do paul.r/c/a.tagliamonte.name19:35
macokeep in mind .name's are usually registered at the third level19:36
macoso youd be registering a.tagliamonte.name and c.tagliamonte.name and r.tagliamonte.name19:36
paultagmaco: is it only second level?19:36
paultagoh jez19:37
paultagmaco: I'll stick with the one I got today -- pault.ag :D19:37
* pleia2 just renewed simcoec.at and caligulac.at19:37
macosecond is possible nowadays (washt allowed before) but if someone has registered a 3rd you cant grab the 2nd19:37
paultagmaco: Hurmm, yeah. Not many people have Tagliamonte as a last name, though :)19:37
macofair enough19:38
macoso if there's nothing *.tagliamonte.name then you could register the whole tagliamonte.name 2nd level19:38
paultagthat would be nifty19:38
paultagI wish .te was a tld19:39
paultagOh whoh!19:39
paultagte is?!19:39
paultagtel :(19:39
doctormopaultag: For dislexics you new domain looks like this: Pault ageist... I just can't read tag with a dot in it, that's why identi.ca is ""identi-CA"19:58
paultagdoctormo: hehe, I don't mind :)20:03
paultagI just like nifty domains20:03
doctormopaultag: How are you?20:04
paultagdoctormo: well thanks20:04
paultagdoctormo: and yourself?20:04
pleia2doctormo: oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one20:04
doctormopaultag: Excited about DebConf20:04
paultagdoctormo: aye aye20:05
doctormoSome utter insane MIT people are going to cycle down to New York for the event.20:05
pleia2my boss is going up to debconf for a few days20:06
paultagdoctormo: mako and spang?20:06
doctormopaultag: Yea, you knew already :-D20:07
doctormopleia2: Cool, should I meed her/him?20:07
pleia2doctormo: him, maybe :) he runs a business where we *only* work with debian an open source20:07
pleia2we're not making millions, but we have been in business for over a decade20:08
doctormopleia2: Being is business is better than making millions IMO, profit corrupts honest business ;-)20:08
pleia2you two will get along swimmingly20:08
doctormoYou could never mistake me for a capitalist could you :-D20:08
paultagdoctormo: nice :)20:08
duanedesignanyone know how to add vte.terminal widget to Glade widget library?20:09
pleia2it drives my boyfriend a bit crazy how the company is built so much on principle "you can do so much better if you.. <insert non-charitable change here>!"20:09
pleia2yeah, but we're not about $$$, we're about debian20:09
pleia2doing something we believe in and all that20:10
paultagspang has an awesome shirt20:11
paultag"My free software runs your company"20:11
pleia2and your google and your facebook and your amazon...20:12
paultagchown -R us:us ./base20:12
doctormopaultag: chown -R us /bases20:20
doctormopleia2: Your bf is more charity ("be kind and generous") than ethical business ("do the right thing")?20:21
pleia2doctormo: sorry, he's more capitalist than charity and ethical20:22
pleia2we do a lot of work for non-profits, offer a "non-profit discount" which frequently amounts to not charging for a lot of little things20:23
doctormopleia2: you can be an ethical capitalist, I think you must mean he's more central capitalist than distributive capitalist right?20:23
pleia2but it does seem like we go out of our way to be non-capitalist at times, it's perfectly ethical to charge non-profits the full amount20:24
pleia2it's just not charitable20:24
doctormopleia2: I agree, but that has to be weighed up with social concern and what one feels is ones social responsibility to redistribute the wealth of your more able customers to your less able but more needy customers.20:28
macoso who all ubuntu people are going to debconf? anyone know?20:28
macodoctormo, me, cjwatson, shtylman is all i know20:28
macopendulum was going to go but doesnt feel well enough now20:29
doctormoOh no, is she ok maco?20:29
pleia2doctormo: I think that's where the beliefs of my boyfriend and I diverge, social responsibility is not directly tied to business in his mind, it all mushes together in mine20:29
macodoctormo: yeah20:30
doctormopleia2: For me it's simply a function of the operation. If it were possible to operate a business without human beings, then perhaps you would have a case for no social responsibility. But simply because humans are the operators, it is the duty of those involved to ensure they conduct themselves towards their social values and not just use mechanicalism as an excuse and a crutch for bad moral decisions.20:32
AlanBelldid I just /join #deep-conversations?20:33
pleia2doctormo: I tend to agree, but it's certainly does not seem to be the prevailing opinion in this country :) it's a news story when a company is hugely charitable20:33
pleia2AlanBell: haha20:34
doctormopleia2: This is also why I don't particularly find it helpful to excuse Microsoft's employees by suggesting that it's the company that's morally bankrupt.20:34
doctormopleia2: When it's more likely a lack of moral fortitude on the the people involved. in it decisions.20:34
doctormo*unhelpful, not helpful.20:34
doctormoOh wait, no I was right20:34
AlanBellbig organisations don't hold any single point of view20:34
doctormoAlanBell: No, but cultures tend to have a moral location, even if it's a hazy one.20:35
doctormoAlanBell: We put out own personal morals in the pot of those we work with and the result of our interactions is the cultural result.20:35
doctormopleia2: I did actually quit a job because I felt their conduct wasn't moral enough. They were inciting rumor about celebs to increase the traffic to their websites.20:36
pleia2I am not sure I'd go that far, individuals have a hard time making a difference in most large organizations, and a lot of employees are apathetic about change because of it20:37
pleia2it's like voting20:38
pleia2and priority-wise, I don't expect everyone to quit over moral qualms, it's noble that you did, not typical/expected20:39
doctormopleia2: Oh I don't think it's typical and I wasn't there long.20:40
doctormoEither way, everything we say to our boss and our peers effects them ever so slightly. I think a lot of us feel like we're not having any effect because the effect is slight and the results are not visible or obvious.20:41
doctormopleia2: Oh, branding for the us loco site? any thoughts?20:42
pleia2doctormo: none really :\20:43
doctormopleia2: Not fussed about the current graphics?20:43
pleia2if we could just copy the drupal theme to a wordpress theme I'd be happy, but since that's not easy I figured we just redo it20:43
pleia2I think the current flag logo thing can stay20:43
=== jono is now known as Guest43220
czajkowskiGuest43220: ello stop breaking things:p21:47
paultaghey jono_, poke :)22:12
jono_hey paultag22:12
paultagjono_: I'm planning on unplugging this weekend -- do you know when we can start applying for UDS sponsorship?22:12
jono_paultag, next week22:13
paultagjono_: rocken, thanks :)22:13
czajkowskijono_: *hugs* you're very special, glad to see you can mess up and update :p22:14
jono_czajkowski, hehe thanks :)22:14
jono_getting my installation disc sorted now22:14
doctormojono_: What happened?22:15
jono_doctormo, no idea22:20
jono_bunch of packages got removed22:20
pleia2clearly we need ubuntu goggles, so you avoid drunk sudoing22:21
* paultag looks down22:25
paultagI've partitioned my drive drunk before. I've never woken up and said "Oh look! Cool! New partition table!"22:25
AlanBellheard someone say once "you know you had a bit too much when you wake up next to code you don't recognise"22:27
paultagAlanBell: I've woken up and pulled source off git, started going through it, and swearing "Who the hell wrote this?!". I looked at the git commit blame, and it was me at 4 AM :(22:27
doctormoAlanBell: Drunk Perl used to be a competition.22:34
paultagI did not think perl could get worse22:36
paultagclearly i've never seen drunk perl22:36
AlanBellhttp://design.canonical.com/brand/10.%20Ubuntu%20partner%20logos.pdf yay \o/22:45
akgranerOh before I forget all you perl people there is a new perl special brought to you by Linux New Media on Stands now :-)23:28
akgranerthere is also a new Admin special as well that will become a quarterly magazine in the fall as well23:28

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