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cjohnstonkenv[phone]: its been 5 hours since gwibber updated FB01:52
kenv[phone]That is facebook throttling us :(01:52
cjohnstonwhen you get a chance to chat, I have something I want to talk to you about.01:53
cjohnstonI thought that there was supposed to be a chance that fixed the throttling01:53
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kenvandinecjohnston, yeah it'll take time04:52
kenvandinewe need enough users to get the update so the usage goes down04:52
pittiGood morning07:37
pittimvo: guten Morgen07:48
mvohey pitti, good morning07:49
* pitti hugs mvo07:49
and471mvo, hi, to work on the logindialog stuff, do I use the trunk branch or my branch? (have you done more work on in, on top of mine in trunk)?08:35
and471hi mpt, vish08:37
mptGood morning08:37
and471grhh, I just read the whole GNOMe census thing and now I am grumpy :(08:37
mvoand471: I think best is to just merge my changes into your branch and then work from that08:38
and471mvo, ok, will do08:38
didrocksgood morning08:45
and471didrocks, mornin08:45
didrockshey and47108:45
didrocksvish: thanks for the link, I'll have a look at next cheese upload08:54
pittihey didrocks09:01
didrocksgood morning pitti, how are you?09:02
pittiI'm great, thanks. how are you? last guadec day?09:02
seb128hey pitti09:02
* pitti hugs seb12809:02
* seb128 hugs pitti back09:02
didrockspitti: yeah, last guadec day :)09:03
and471mvo, I have some conflicts in appdetailsview_gtk09:13
and471mvo, what is the 'application-request-action' signal?09:13
mvoand471: its when the app wnats to get installed or removed09:14
mvoand471: we handle that in app.py to not have action code in the view itself09:15
and471mvo, ok09:15
and471mvo, is that recent?09:15
mvoand471: yeah, sometimes last week iirc09:16
and471ah ok09:16
and471mvo, is the signal (that I have created) ok 'review-submit-requested' (in terms of phrasing etc.)09:17
mvoand471: yeah, I thnk that is fine09:18
vishhey didrocks and471 :)09:26
and471mvo, http://paste.lisp.org/display/11297409:26
vishdidrocks: np , neat thanks.09:26
vishand471: yay! michael committed the lernid fix ;)09:28
seb128mvo, hey09:28
and471vish, :)09:28
vishand471: pretty soon upstreams are going to get tired of me ;)09:28
and471vish, haha09:28
seb128mvo, is there any way to run something in a package directly after unpack?09:28
seb128ie not wait on the postinst to run09:28
vishand471: i think we would need a debdiff for that to get fixed for the Ubuntu package09:29
and471vish, yeah or wait for a new packaging09:29
and471vish, ask michael if he intends to do a new release in ubuntu anytime soon because if not then we will need to make a debdiff09:30
vishand471: hmm , i dont think he does the packaging , didrocks uploaded it last time09:31
vishand471: lernid hasnt changed much either , since the last upload09:31
and471vish, I shall have a look later today09:32
vishand471: or maybe it has, there have been a few commits since 2/24.. :)09:32
mvoseb128: hi, what is the use-case?09:37
seb128mvo, gtk update09:38
seb128mvo, there is a cache for the pixbuf loaders09:38
seb128but the cache update happens in the postinst and triggers now09:39
mvoseb128: so you want to break the "unpack/configure" cycle for gtk so that its immediatley configured09:39
seb128but it seems some other postinst scripts need the loaders and run before the gtk postinst script09:39
mvoseb128: what about a dpkg trigger? not quite immediate though09:39
seb128well we have a trigger09:39
seb128asac had the issue yesterday09:39
seb128I had similar issues in my log09:39
mvoseb128: so the cache format is no longer compiatible, is that the issue?09:40
seb128gtk-update-icon-cache can be used in other postinsts before gtk update the cache09:40
seb128we used to patch gtk to not use a cache but go read all the files in a dir rather09:40
seb128slomo dropped that in favor of a trigger now09:40
seb128but it seems that's not doing the job09:40
mvoseb128: do you have a bugreport or something to look at? I don't fully understand what breaks, if something else updates the icon cache, that should be fine, no? its a cache etc?09:43
seb128what I understand of the issue is09:43
seb128gdk-pixbuf is unpacked09:43
seb128other things are unpacked09:44
seb128<software> is configured09:44
seb128the software.postinst runs update-gtk-icon-cache09:44
seb128which complains that there is no svg gdk pixdbuf loader installed09:44
seb128that's because it doesn't find the cache which lists the pidbuf loaders09:44
seb128then gdk-pixbuf is configured09:45
seb128which creates the cache09:45
seb128but the update-gtk-icon-cache call in the middle failed to work09:45
seb128mvo, you can ask asac for a debug log09:46
seb128asac, I got your email but the log file is not in your userdir09:47
and471mvo, I seem to have python-debian installed, but 'from debian import deb882' doesn't work - no module named debian09:47
geserand471: which version of python-debian?09:47
and471geser, in the lucid repos09:48
seb128mvo, did you upgrade gtk yet since yesterday?09:48
and471geser, do I need the maverick version?09:48
seb128mvo, could you watch your upgrade log to see if you had warnings about loaders.cache?09:49
geserand471: yes, python-debian 0.1.15 renamed "debian_bundle" to "debian"09:49
and471geser, ah okay, thanks09:49
mvoand471: you need the maverick version, but you can also add09:50
mvohey geser :)09:50
and471mvo, thanks, geser got it sorted :)09:50
mvoand471: you can add "try: import debian except ImportError: import debian_bundle09:50
mvoand471: that is actually a good idea, as I suspect some people will follow development on lucid systems09:51
and471mvo, will do09:51
and471mvo, where did all the fancy hover effects for the categoryview go?09:51
mvothanks and47109:51
mvoand471: a couple of days ago, I like them09:51
and471mvo, sorry maybe you misunderstand, when I09:52
and471used SC before09:52
and471in the catview, there was a hover effect, like a GTK button09:52
and471but now it is not there?09:52
mvoand471: mpt did not like them09:53
mvoand471: I liked them though09:53
and471mvo, ah, yeah me too :(09:53
seb128kenvandine, pitti: hey09:57
seb128kenvandine, pitti: could one of you attend the r-t meeting today for our team?09:58
seb128I will be in the train to the airport at that time09:58
pittiunfortunately not, I have a job interview at 17:0009:58
seb128kenvandine, ^09:58
seb128I guess you are still sleeping but I don't know when I will be online later on09:58
seb128just tell them that most people are at GUADEC and be available for questions if we can09:58
seb128we -> you09:58
asacseb128: the url i gave you doesnt work?10:02
asacseb128: https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~asac/term.log10:03
and471mvo, could you explain what the different login backends (SSO and launchpad) are actually for? I don't really understand :)10:03
mvoand471: its a bit of a historal thing, LP was first, ideally eventually LP will go away10:08
mvoand471: and we use single-sign-on exclusively10:08
and471mvo, ok10:09
and471mvo, how are we going to store the credentials of the SSO?11:21
mvoand471: the gnome-keyring11:39
and471mvo, I am setting it up, so that it should be able to work with remebered passwords and not ask everytime11:44
and471mvo, however I don't have experience with gnome-keyring so I cannot do that backend part11:44
mvoand471: there is a a tests/gnome-keyring.py11:45
mvoand471: should should help you getting started (if you are interessted :)11:45
and471mvo, ah ok, maybe I can then :)11:45
and471mvo, yay reviewing is now hooked up :)11:58
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cjohnstonkenvandine: gotcha16:14
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nigelbmvo: poke?16:21
nigelbmvo: can you take a look at bug 399711? Somone just came into #ubuntu-reviews asking if someone can review it.16:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 399711 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "add-apt-repository ppa:username does not add deb-src entry (affects: 5) (heat: 36)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39971116:22
mvonigelb: sure16:23
mvonigelb: looks fine16:25
nigelbawesome :)16:25
nigelbyou're set as reviewer, so maybe you can accept for now and merge it in later when you get the time :)16:25
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asachmm ... pixbuf the second. firefox trunk doesnt build anymore here ;)16:30
asac                 from /home/asac/Development/upstream/mozilla/mozilla-central/xpcom/base/nsSystemInfo.cpp:45:16:30
asac../../dist/system_wrappers/gdk-pixbuf/gdk-pixbuf.h:3: fatal error: gdk-pixbuf/gdk-pixbuf.h: No such file or directory16:30
asacchrisccoulson: ^^16:30
asacchrisccoulson: ignore it for now ;)16:32
chrisccoulsonasac - micahg saw that yesterday too with other software16:32
asaci wanted to do a clean rebuild to update pkg-config info etc. but failed to do so it seems16:32
asacchrisccoulson: yeah. i already had that with other software, but usually a reconfigure was enough16:32
asaclets see what comes out of the fresh build i am doing now16:32
chrisccoulsoni've not had a chance to look at it yet16:33
asacdont bother. most likely its fine16:33
asacjust a header relocation, which means you need to rerun configure in built trees16:33
asaci will let you know what happens with the fresh rebuild here16:33
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and471mvo, you here?16:43
mvoand471: yes16:43
mvoand471: yes16:44
and471mvo, I have hooked gnome keyring into the login backend so we can remember authorisations16:46
and471mvo, is it okay we store the item in the login keyring?16:46
mvoand471: I think it is16:46
and471mvo, let me rephrase that, is that where you planned to put it?16:47
mvoheh :)16:47
mvoand471: I had/have not fully made up my mind yet, I'm not a keyring expert, but I think its fine, epiphany and friends use it too for this purpose, but its worth double checking that they actually do16:48
and471mvo, yeah I was looking and eveything seems to store it in there, I don't think we want the user to have a separate password just for SC16:48
and471sabdfl, great post :)16:53
sabdflthanks and47116:53
sabdflnow trying to follow my own advice and not get sucked into the vortex16:53
and471it is hard, I read that this morning and wanted to write some flamey blog post, but instead I watched Mock the Week and that calmed me down :D16:54
vishand471: heh , will fizz out soon... ;)17:01
and471I hope so Dr vish :D17:01
and471mvo, the gnome-keyring stuff is fully hooked up now, works perfectly :)17:07
and471mvo, I shall push my fixes, not quite ready for merging tho17:07
mvoand471: sweet17:07
and471mvo, I need to speak with mpt as we can't remember the password - only the auth17:07
and471mvo, so this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=review-single-sign-on.jpg17:07
and471mvo, doesn't really work17:08
and471rephrase - make sense17:08
and471mvo, do you know about the status of the online review service? Is that going to be ready anytime soon?17:09
mvoand471: not for maverick I think, it would be awsome though. its not hard, just takes a person willing to work on the django code17:11
mvomost of it is there17:11
and471mvo, that would be too big a leap for me :)17:11
and471mvo, for the keyring, do we need the secret?17:11
mvowhat secret?17:11
mvosorry, faulty memory :)17:12
and471mvo, ah maybe I have implemented this incorrectly17:12
and471mvo, right so with a keyring item you have an attribute called a 'secret'17:12
and471mvo, and then a set of attributes/details17:12
and471mvo, I have put all the auth stuff into the details, but maybe it should be in the secret17:13
and471is there anyone with some expertise/knowledge on gnome-keyring?17:13
mvoand471: yeah, the secret stuff needs to go there17:13
and471mvo, ah ok17:13
and471mvo, it is unfortunate, as the details are really easy to parse, they just come out as a python dictionary :)17:14
and471mvo, you will see in the keyring stuff, instead of updating values, I have just told it if we already have a keyring in there, to delete it and create a new one17:46
and471mvo, I have found it not to be reliable to update existing one, I just lost pretty much all of my keyrings :)17:47
* pitti pokes mvo18:02
mvoand471: *meh* bad18:21
mvohey pitti - sorry was at dinner18:21
pittimvo: no problem :)18:21
and471mvo, are there some docs for ubuntu sso? I need to find out the name of the person signing in18:34
mvoand471: hold on, I vaguely remember about that18:40
and471mvo, thanks, also I cam across this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client. I just wanted to check there was no duplication of effort here18:47
pittigood night everyone, have a nice weekend!18:48
and471you too18:48
mvoand471: oh, this one. yeah, this is work that we may use. it depends on how far it is and how unbranded18:49
and471mvo, I haven't done all this work for nothing have I?18:49
mvoand471: no, I don't think so. but I hope the two can merge in the long run18:50
and471mvo, oh good :)18:50
mvoand471: but its a good point that you raise, we definitely need to talk18:51
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and471mvo, any luck with the docs?18:51
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